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2018-01-22 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover your hometown stories from New Orleans, Atlanta, and Nashville including a good dog, foot stompings, a haunted elevator, some Satanic Panic, and more.

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this is exactly right welcome to my fair murder the many sewed or we read you back your shit don't you love where i am so we do the same for many signs and were on tour where we re in the many sides from the states the six states are gonna be in the fall again the upcoming the upcoming it's me technical ex thing were the next we're gonna go to you will read stories from their gas so unlike wet year whistle yeah so lama nor alliance clia mill
will you just always europe cleveland and land were always common to you sir over the look like you're do you want me to go via their first i'm going for it sets up this one is for its from atlantic story from lana hey georgia karen stephen infer babies god dammit i wanted to share with you the night our pup pauper man start do our proper charlie saved us from being murdered while i panicked and apparently changed outfits three times before the police even got there okay so my husband brian and i don t see paranormal activity do and we headed backed her tiny bungalow overlooking the cute shops police station and restaurants in historic nor across georgia sound a normal it's a little suburb right out of atlantis parameter we went to bed fairly early because brian had to fly out early
this morning for work but we were awoken in terror by our springer spaniel going absolutely crazy three a m just the middle of the night paranormal activity now what you are not call springer spaniel it's never darker than at three am i knew the second that i heard his bark that something was really wrong it was like no bark i've ever heard from him or any other dog boy we both immediately jumped up and started running toward the barking our tiny bungalow had a waste high weight it all the way around it with a big wraparound southern style front porch the side door was glass and had the wavy old windowpane entirely starts going nuts attacking the window when we look up there's a man standing there sat staring at us with his arms casually by his side rocking
in four with the most terrifying smile on his face i'm already scared because you know once i dont like sliding last stores because like underground or because you can't all you can see is your affection when the lights are on that's right that's not ok you have that no you i had that ends that was in a movie where we were talking about that so perfect in areas where the light often it's it's someone inside at night with all the with all windows going feel someone is outside but i'm on now i know they can see me and i can see that i'm just gonna live in a box vaults happening ok so brian who was buck ass naked screamed at me to get our gun foolish i was always scared of having guns now so we had a shotgun with no bullets i got the empty gun from the closet and brian still naked cracked it and help held it through the window wildlife found
once canadian i phoned nine one ma as i'm waiting on the operator my husband tells me to have to go back and check the porch he was convened this guy was the disk action and more were coming in the back oh my god now elements as what the fuck you yes ok by this point i am totally out of my mind with panic the dog is still going deserve my husband is naked and holding the empty gum on seem to be some sort of drug doubt zombie but but luckily i didn't see anyone in back by this point the guy now has crossed his arms and is leaning his face again
the window staring at brian through the glass he's that close just smiling giggling and whispering things under his now now he didn't break i contact with brian which somehow made it even more terrifying our home was actively few blocks in a police station you could literally stand on the front porch and see the station so once i was on the phone with and i want to one operator she was like described so i did and she says oh goodness we know that if no one ever you do don't chased him if he runs some it says what the fuck i'm sorry apparently they and tiktok earlier in the night and he had just strolled off from the station and ended up in our house while i on the phone with i want one my husband said he kept seeing me run back and forth in
out of our bedroom each time i ran by i was an indifferent turning up he said i changed at least three times no memory of it whatsoever by the pot by the time the police showed up i had on a summer dress my hair is pulled up lipstick brian was still naked with an unloaded gun the police dragged the zombie criminal off the front porch and arrested him in the front yard they couldn't stop talking about how creepy the guy was which must be super creepy considering what cop see every day but so all my again after brine finally got put on some shorts he asked one policeman what suggestions have better homes safety he said first get a dog and then get a security system and then get again she knows how to use as he pointed at me he looked me dead in the eye and said honey we generally show up to clean up the mess if gotten then he could have killed you and gone in the time
takes us to get here it was our sea air sweet baby hero charlie who alerted us to something being wrong and was brave enough to not let until the police got the bad guy could he kept his mama sexy any didn't let me get murdered good boy i love your show can't wait to see you live in atlanta in january as de gm katy charlie's the boy you guys you i'm a cap person through and through you know that but i fear that as says no there's no substitution for can dog their reliability and the fuckin fervour and the when they were describing the different sounding barking hires a barking george does
front when there's somebody on the front porch that we don't know like and it sounds completely different than her normal bark well i know when they meet and they want to let me out and they just want to talk on the amount and there in this or that but it's not the same these gas will stare at you as someone breaks into value they will watch as like their fascinate absolutely that are up and cause i'm gonna get the fuck out of here only other media and a cry i didn't realize how close he was face to the door and laughing and waste ring terms the whisper ang that's just someone has completely gone their mind has gone yeah for whatever reason i'm also impressed with her husband like took care issues even those dick was yeah you know maybe because of the air maybe starting to feel himself here not literally era
in that kind of thing man of the earth we re not provide money would it be though he then he gets arrested their legs where you live this crimea you're really under this programme sons cobb nashville but stamper light hearted great now that's examining this high friends perfect i am from national to oversee and for many years a man named george mitchell sparked fear and the toes of my hometown female citizens let's take a step back storyteller george her up in a rough part of town at an early age was committing petty theft shoplifting turn into purse snatching and he soon discovered that persons were easier to snatch if he's stamp on the woman's foot first it didn't take many stoppin snatches within a stamp in snatches dampens natchez for george you realize his true passion not stealing our snatching but rather just pure unadulterated stow stomping
oh he's done ceiling verses uselessly going on like the feeling of smashing some of what i am really under as george was arrested over forty times for smashing innocent little piggies with his wooden healed russia's between the seventies and eighties point in the mid eightys the stopping suddenly halted and national women everywhere siding with relief as they dared to unbox their long last open toad sandals you can hear the national stood foot stamper in a document recalled injure as george injury injurious george areas injurious georgians i'm gonna george has ceases cringe earthy ways move to another state and is now a dad and grandfather was so there you have a happy ending for all namely nashville steam male population who enjoy shown a little toe from time to time
to be as i recently ran the marine corps marathon and saved multiple weeks episode so i could listen to nonstop emma them or during my race thanks for letting me through two points twenty six point two miles with murder and me out levin sexiness allison well ouch alison congratulations marathon that's all aren't thing to do and i will never do it i mean i hope never to do and i have never before us today that damn that's my ultimate fear never marathon skydiving never need to what else hundred jumping yeah guess i'm gonna go back to marathon does a double down drivel down on their that american away ok this one this subject line is haunted elevator with this'll surprise celebrity cam cameo lover level and how this high everybody purple
create a lesson times love love everything about it the first line that uniform okay so my hometown in the land of georgia my hometown is atlantic georgia and my hometown murder forwards last ghost story also happens to include the single most bizarre account or my life back an agent andy for my mother remarried into an extremely well the jewish family when she marietta girl my stepped a hit it and stack up mind the family and i come from vastly different backgrounds no if you ladies of watch the shameless but the character mickey moloch of it is a male version of me when i was coming up if you haven't seen the show i was on my way to being a piece of convict garbage no offense to convicted found anywhere on the first sign of hope
he doesn't to my family celebrated at my step grandmothers home she lives in a high rise in an upper wealthy part a bucket and building has elevators you can only use after the front attendant has given you clarence i get a lover fancy my step daddy and he is my usual sidekick at family functions but he wasn't feeling well that night so we didn't attend the party without him i felt out of place and ended up hanging out so sweet her step down once we're slink i know very easy i felt the place and ended up hanging out with one of the concierge staff in the downstairs lobby we were shooting the shit drinkings imbues glove i'd smuggled down from the party when i started hearing it consistent dinging sound coming from the elevator from aside
corner of the lobby it sounded like somebody was pressing the button to open and close the elevator but wasn't getting offer whenever weird reason i looked over and could see the floors opening and closing the doors opening and closing and the lights inside flickering on and off i asked the attend if the elevator was broken any casually is branded responded now insist on it he told me that a few years earlier a bloody man had run screaming into the building after being shot education down the street and have collapsed and died in the elevator now apparently the guy who had been the perpetrator was trying to run from the police but didn't make it very far i had been the perpetrator and was trying to run from please i'll have it didn't make it very far the iter and told me that ever since the death the elevator had behaved strangely no matter how many times they had a hand in the doors open and closed on its own and an active like it had a mind of its own taking tenants to random floors going up going
them all the way back down without opening the door to a shared going up then either way back down without opening the door and generally being pretty creevy i thought the attendant was this point my leg and i told him i thought it was full of shit when applied british voice chimed in behind me saying oh no that's elevators most definitely hunted i refuse to use it i turned and to see who else
this bullshit only to see it was elton fucking john standing there wearing a blue a pair of blue pajamas and one of those stocking cap hat things that you might expect sealed and ethel wait to see what is laughing so art or did you write this as a prank is insane you founded in euro like i have to get us a them here cities cities laughing and whether these life if excited so good you gotta love a celebrity and camus was an epic after a second of me staring at him while i tried to process when i was seeing he gave me a cute little head nod and wandered off down aside hallway that's the story of how i learned that elton john lives in my step grandmothers building that he believes the elevators haunted and that he is sweet ass pajamas cheers amber ps mice that is my personal hero and best friend tell him i wouldn't be half of who i am today he listened
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hello hey georgia karen and semen doesn't bergen care of our pets curlew longer whenever it lying don't listen there's been mean to re guys for awhile my little sister reba turn me under your show after you guys were on anna ferris pod even brothers i'm a guy and sisters are binding of our shared interests and emma them and we are coming together to your new orleans too narrowly and there were different life show the end of january twenty eight team were also crazy cat ladys in love the purkis stephen levin smiley face lafayette is a big catholic have in southern louisiana there was a rumour going around in town in nineteen eighty seven that a satanic call was looking to sacrifice a catholic priest along with a pregnant woman you know last satanist like to do more about my mom was actually pregnant with my kid sister i think it's rita
the train i am river and my twin brother and i were about two years old sewing on was literally barefoot and pregnant chasing too toddlers around the house and waiting on my sister to be born fuck that shit one afternoon when she was late into heard bird trimester she was on the phone with a female friend when my brother and i napped she the strange car slowly driving down our street which was a typical ever quiet neighbourhood the car parked end of the street and a woman exited the vehicle addressed in a strange flash clothing with a wild fiery red hair picturesqueness ran and after her make over in the witches of eastward sure and thank you for the reference and she walked past six other houses up our drive upward driveway to the front door and began knocking thankfully my mom was a full on satanic panic believer if you knew what ever was going on it was fucking weird and she is not going to answer the door she told her and to call the police if they got disconnected and my mom duck down and hid behind a kitchen counter the woman not
and juggled the door here for over five minutes or giving up walking back down the road and leaving in the vehicle she had arrived this day my mama certain this wild ones there to kidnap her per se titanic sacrifice and also throws it a job that if my brother and i had not been napping one of us would likely had given her cover away because we loved when strangers or anyone knocked on the door i guess we'll never now thank you terrain humor and levity to this sometimes dark world of sparking my interest in true crime much love from the occasion country ssc gm corey yeah i left them that's so funny what are they things that could have that now i get avon lady but why would you want by six houses just a girl this house maybe she saw how badly she needed foundation make over yeah she's like girl next as eyebrows it's weird
it's a beautiful it's a beautiful wonder and i just no doesn't necessarily mean anybody was in danger rabbits hammett pakistan and she pleaded safe and she played it say shooting a murderer because even if it wasn't up say ten acknowledge the billy you know we had a say ten cabal or some yang it could just been a weirdo lady it was gonna like bummer i'll have so to say that if your care even if you give you your kids give you away and their crying and screaming the doesn't mean you open the fucking door now you can fuckin below clearly below the person off you can total your door and they hear you and you can look through the people a nope the fuck out of their non answer the door here you know you should do look you can look through the people and then you get caught then
look out the window and start whispering in silence why can't you be the creep don't be scared of decrees outside my diary one of no one ever one succumbing to your house cozier create you know it's really bunny i was what i think i have said this before but i was walking toward one night and i was getting scared i was like around the corner and then i looked inside someone's window and i realized the creator now i'm looking into the windows they ain't no one could see me i get to be the criteria i thought of other too likely event night a moment then like if you hear someone like breaking your house i'd say it's like they're coming for you it's like they hit
anything either re that fuckin dark messy and you know your house better than they do arise or fucking used to this light because your insomniac envenom for four hours so you're you can be a fuckin scary person to that's right and you have run the scenario through your head at least five tirade she'll get up out of that bed and indian like you're all you have you fuckin pepper spray i'm a knife in your fuckin bedside hit i hope i would hope you have very man's a butter knife a kitchen knife or as my dad used to have a full on switchblade in his native land out so that's my favorite i've especially in paris where switchblade thea i can't close mindsets just an open switch from its fisheries are very scary only on the but going back inside the island interact with that
listen just fuck with people x ray and send us your home towns in anything similar to my favorite murder gmail yet every any similar anything you heard today especially if if you ve got a story about meaning elton john we were at go stories are greatly love them if you chose to carry out in the galleries geronimo there they really weigh up there especially if he was wearing his donald duck costume when you met and i can see him having glorious pajamas and us just being like hilarious and leaving it's like look it's me by just gonna say one think of i like the way like what's his name never mind could somebody who says one thing no what's his face when people in the background of arrows for food yeah but it's tom hanks no
i think i'll even bill murray thought alarms photos although as he does it's like yeah you can do i guess you're build murray and rain of s story i mean wants you gets about level your life is so weird anyway eyes so many things you can't do when i do a couple things you can t make it weirder vandams were now fat and go talk to people about the elevator and also days x and don't get murdered goodbye elvis cookie
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