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2018-03-05 | 🔗

This week's hometowns include sand dune sinkholes, suspicious thrift store finds, and a horrifying call-in story about babysitting.

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This is exactly right. Hello, hello and welcome to my favorite murder Men, yes and yes, said it's from many ass, you know manner, So your favorite place, where we He tell you your own stories, but maybe about murder, maybe about razors, maybe about stuff and walls, maybe about singles Navy, a vow, something you found out about your grandpa when he dies mean. It set your grandpa's an alien Rambo is a simple matter. Hey Rear Grandpa is the center of the earth the her. Eight of hot magma, where the Loch Ness monster is passed.
Through a fur on his way from one linked to the other? That's right! That's how they travel. Listen! Look! look and listen to our moroccan rambling bull shit on your way to work Monday morning. This is an organised part. Has it at a single topic? A true cried. If you can't amulet, we take you take us where you we take very seriously. We take it very seriously and we take every topic that exists, Syria, but that it has no Bolshevik, ok, diverse, no bullshit, that's our guaranteed area. This one says: mom had a banker hometown Georgia, parents. Even so my mom had a beggar for me tonight. That's pretty much like a party age that back it's like a party sausage into fits the little one, really long parties sausages you caught up in the thirty peace. That's what I was gonna say Did you mean the many once had stood Tis but like the little ones that you may contain pigs
ah hugger those slots, will listen. Ok is you can also. I can camping guys focus please. So my mom had a better for me to night kept, insisting she's, told me, but no fucking way. I would have forgotten this horrifying job, my mother, Europe and humbled South Dakota. Oh there's not british, and are in a small trailer house with her parents raging alcoholic father, younger brother, berry and little sister Becky one night, my mom says she was out late with friends, smoking dope ass. She recalled yep. Brenda is the Beazley before my mother aims and there's no children, a Brenda, no that's down beside the Brenda's in the Carla's and they d nieces and the sheriff rules that are not
You know what can you met picture a little baby, low, sweet baby now picture its name, Barbara. That allows them to me like that, like when I meet a person named Barbara, like you're, a baby name, Barbara Baby member. Although barber gray, who is our all of our mutual friends, I love her name on her and it suited her perfectly so prefer parts almost like a slickers. Eighty sick come named, her perfectly yeah and now our motion, this that's the height of bullshit, if you, but also if you haven't, listen the lady to Lady podcast right, that's how you're gonna get to know barber gray and her friend. That's why we told you the standards that we planned it. We were Hersey twice and now our executing and we did a great job. Ok, here's the thing! While this email that's ready, She's, the bee's knees smoking pow, their friends comes home late. She
had thought that her brother bury was still out with his friends, while her younger sister was in the front yard. Having a quote camp out sleep over in a tent, she got ready for bad and climbed in the way your bed was placed. She could see directly down her hallway and afterward. She got in bed, She remembers, looking down the hallway and seeing a man crawling down the hallway towards her crawling, not walking, but on his fucking hands and knees ass, the most menacing way to move towards someone. It's it straight out of leg the ring. Yes, it's very because then the next thing that happens as their elbows turn ended all those words and then they go up a was like a like ok I tried to scream, but it was of course, the reaction of I'm too fucking terrorized sign my own got employers, but the intruder heard her squeak and frozen even scarier. She finally found her voice and scream for her dad
from their her dad mother, an brother but brother holding a rifle was going to your brother. No, no! It was not her brother in the hallway gone running down the hall after this guy, he decided to fucking hide behind the tent Oh my god, where the little girls and where my young aunt and her friend or sleeping my uncle, bury lines up a shot. As my mom's dad leaps and says, don't you think I ended up running off. They still have no idea who the man was. Oh, no, I don't. I'm gonna be whimsical and funny, because her brother was really drunken crawling to his bed. Now, that's what I thought was gonna happen. No, if her brother was drunk, he got a shit right back together, grab the rifle in his room. No, no! It wasn't him. I thought that's what hoed go diamond. He came for the rescue, yet he was there, but no there was in full on fucking crawling intruder in their how no horrifying
If this ever gets on your cast, I may should abreks to hear my mom's fucked up story, told by one of your angelic voices, stay fucking, sexy and donkey goddamn murdered Nicole. Well, then, calling cargo should a brick. Please go tell a fucking Deborah close by. Brenda Brenda. We say hi banger, that was as air ocean. Printed in the Miley Cyrus way. There's a male Miley Cyrus weight as a banker and an album to back it up, really know anything around mom culture that might be bangers, plural anyway. Oh kids, these days very thorough, going around being political, smart without the tangled out. Ok, this is called drifted. Carter dress. Everybody perfect
When I was what had been a wheel ass, my mom was an avid thriftier with no college degree and a small child arrays. She started selling thirsted goods on Ebay. Think teenagers on deep up at certain ninety. Ninety nine- I don't know what that means.
Some kind of korean reference, I think deep poverty. Ethiopia is like an advantage: clothing selling, F, o someone in line I was like: where did you get your dress at the meeting green? They said that my forgot about it. Ok, so my beard online store or app, but our mooring obsessed with Ebay and just like this, and it was nothing like a of the time so exciting. The countdown part was the best part o my guy. They didn't have a buy. It now share. No, like you had in the original to hang in, like you define you think this is the lamp from my childhood and then fight against southern suck asshole in wherever the fuck would buy it from right out entity a penny more and that's the reason that you thought you wanted. That thing you actually didn't need or want now We just want day. She found it beautiful nineteen forty stress the problem it had bloodstains and what appeared to be a whole from some from where someone got stab. What
funny enough. She bought the dress, despite its obvious flaws at the time she thought she could cut it could cut the zipper since and sell it since there is a market for them that she eventually got creeped out The dress way why We have found some cool surf at the good. Well since then, like ten thousand dollars cash. What I'm not joking lad. Tell us that story. Did you knew hometown request? Yes, random shit, you found in like crazy places. He found things found things founded that threats or things as us anthrax your things, maybe like anything, found especially money. All piles of money that you just kind of found. Ten thousand dollars cash. You would shit, that's it! That's a drug blazer, the document
now. We can buy that drug blazing always wanted Orange Angola that fuckin smart tweed blazer with thy, although packets such sales a little bit like cigars but secretly the persons a coke dealer, exactly you got it right that we have unfortunately not found another more address. As a kid I didn't think much of the incident, but now murdering Ami wonders at distress was part of some old, tiny, unsolved murder anyway see all in March duty category. see and marched. Judy see emerge Judy do. Why are we just gonna where that dress strange dinner plans to do anything about the lifeless and job? It's how you know, marches marches the month for Karen and I leave her apartment houses and then around the world. Go and then we'll just kind of dine with whoever emails us tat happens. All the time That was a good story. I mean that is the idea that
just give me a floating piece of evidence that these no one got. It lay something some like small town. Jurisdiction was like emptying out the evidence room there like this mentions dresses prologues, I'm just gonna there I'll get well, and then they like this pile of cash, if someone's rob from a bank, will just put in a good we're. Ok This is an. I survived, plus a single story say why Karen's like Hell trifecta, but with two things: I'm trifecta minors. Why do they call that sleek its by facts by tax, hello, Karen Georgia, Stephen an all associated Animal, as I realise that zones legged civic base and I live,
the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, which is located on the southern Tipp of Lake Michigan, a very common pastime when spending a day at the beach is to run up and down the dunes. I'm not entirely sure why that is, as the sand is always hot spots and have you ever tried to climb a sand mountain it sucks. These are known as living dunes because they move anywhere from a few few. Two up of twenty feet per year, one of them more famous dunes, is called Mount Baldi and is over a hundred and twenty feet tall. In July of twenty thirteen six year old Nathan, Wasna was visiting the dunes with his family and went to climb Mount Baldy with his father when all of a sudden he fell into a single, ok, the dune literally swallowed, oh, my God nightmare nightmare. Apparently, all the years of shifting had compromise the integrity of the surface and allowed for a giant as boy swallowing sing call. His father and other beet growers immediately try to dig him, but they could.
See or hear him, and the sand was difficult to displace first responders arrived, introduce shovels to dig, make it out to no avail. After a few hours, they were able to drive and excavator up the do start using that to dig that they had to be extremely careful so as not to hurt Nathan with a giant metal, clogging things. Progress was slow as they would have the excavator move. A foot forward dig around with their arms and shovels than repeat the process. What I'm sure seemed like an eternity one of after when I'm sure seemed like an eternity. One of this first responders felt the top of my head and was able to pull him out here.
Found in a standing position as if he had fallen down a narrow pipe when he was pulled out. He was cold, limp and didn't have a policy which wasn't terribly surprising since he had spent four hours bare and simple at fucking or by, but then, as he was in the back of a lifeguard truck on the way to the ambulance, if first responders that a cut on the top of his head had started plead his heart started. Beating again, he was rushed to a local ozma and then later airlifted to Chicago where it was determined it. He had suffered. No brain Democrats, and, in fact, is only injuries appeared to be that cut on his head or someone Nicht it with a shovel. While they were digging a new and ask John on his cheek. He has no memory of the incident, so he's not even trauma just merits. No one knows how he was able to survive that long buried in the sand. Mount Baldy was closed for a few years afterwards good notion, but they reopened at last summer. The big fence in warning signs around it, saying that if you went inside the fence, you'd be fined,
pretty sure, death threat of getting very who, as inside a sandy, is more of a deterrent than a fine, but ok stay at sea and away from sand dunes. Can that scares me saw my ass, not said this. The sand in Gaza angel saved her. Yes, they did. Also. Can you imagine being this parent of like younger? They search you're just like this we're looking for my body, that is
banana. As that I have to admit, I read the first page of that I did not read the Socio no, and I was like Stephen. You ve got the whole world in your hand. I right now, I'm like what is causing know better than to lead us down the stony path of than the child just die right than derived rights. Stephen you sometimes we like knows a welter of. Sometimes it's just like did printed out that way too. So that made it probably worse, more dramatic grounds like you had to turn. I was not expecting like tilting remained alive. I really wanted him to be an and hidden cave with the Gypsy tractors you're crazy that he doesn't remember it cause like. I wonder if you could just like one another and another plan of existence. His his whole interior was like we're shutting all this down for a week, hold for six hours and we're gonna be right back on mine, the Unita snuck ass good ass, a knock, a mad rush about go ahead and dig into my head.
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episode of drunk history new season that mine is gonna play and its common idea at what time on line he assure anomalies uncommonly central yeah, So it's a special episode, cod drunk mysteries and I how to do a murder. Now, I'm doing that check it out, and it just so happens that a friend of mine, a good friend of mine, as the editor of my episode, which is really cool, He he has a hometown, isn't always I to tell me so he had so his aims, John CASE, and he has a podcast call ghosting around here. Let's go start like true groceries. It's really kit, and so this is his home town, murder or so thanks for not making me look like a fucking idiot, I'm drunk history John, I hope I will say no plus I say: ok here it is everybody's was
a motor splash. I was pretty person of interest story so to land around ninety. Ninety I was twelve and a half ago and I used to be for the UK the street one day, I'm broke my bike, I'm from school, and I noticed a crowd, more people and news, vans and police guard outside of my friends house, which has just outside the neighborhood And my street, and so I find out that between us window and a brick wall surrounded the house somewhat apart the white shark in the grass and left it there, and it turns out that each of them, mom of the kids across the street, I babies, airports and then in the back of the truck wrapped in a bed. She was her dead body. She had been killed by force trauma ever better
while the kid firstly upstairs rather than her bed. She put me back or truck and ensure the now the neighbourhood and parted from my friends house. So everyone suspected her a strange husband, obviously without a house both for years three hours away, because they were going to a big messy divorced and she was asking for the house, the kids and business I own together. It happens. No arrests were made. Still. No rest or Maidstone sought dad moved back into the house onto the sugar of everyone and to make it worse. Yet my parents, one day if I am available to baby said again and without asking me they say yes, because I don't want him to suspect, suspect him of killing his wife, so anyway, another baby sitting at night and are still blood letters on the floor circle by Shaggy and I didn't and look in the bedroom could I did not even one of even mess with that include the kids to bed at night. One of the kid stops Megan says John Adams
I say yes and he says My mom Oh my. Your old, adequate self. I think just said I know: and then, when he sat down stairs a couple hours waiting for a murderer to come on, I turned up. I got out of their ok. You later When I was thirty about, I must tell you that when the murder first happened, a detective came over to our house and ask for a pair of my shoes to compare to the bloody events at the kind seen which, of course she let them have my shoes I found I was pursues the word as exonerated me, but that is the story of became a preaching person of interest
The story is Thursday, sexually Indonesia thermometer living John, is whenever the swedish people you ever make your life so like add that, like him as a twelve year old must have been like an angel baby. Also, I love the answer. I know I know, like I bet that help out little said if I got a better where adulthood saying right, just kind of like a kid going, yeah you're right, it's an acknowledgment of your pain instead of being like dumpy sag, which is like it. We're. Gonna have to change a very very long ago like declaration that we made on this podcast, which is no male babysitters. I die. That's it. I was thinking to cause. That's what I wanted to say. As like John
sweetheart yeah he's. Ok, I promise everyone, he didn't do it at twelve years or how can you mentioned suspecting a twelve year old, like he's one of your saucepan? They have to clear everybody. It's not like. It hasn't happened when he said that we tax about it, and he said it's been. The case has been opened a couple times, but they haven't found any I found anything in, but the father kid stayed in the house for their mother was murdered with the police on the wall and the Father moves like that's so unhealthy for those early horrible. I guess I don't know how they turned out, but its super said. I like it, though I like, I have a first person told railways thought I mean just like some. I you know you're, like like she's, been trying to tell me that story for ever. I mean there's an there's truly nothing but are also that's how it happens. For some. People words like he's an innocent twelve year old when all of a sudden he knows that,
people, murder, each other, like all these things become real and he also gets shoved into a weird adult position and his parents send him back over to a murderers hours because they want to be rude because they don't want to be rude to the murderer nuts. It's crazy! I mean they don't even have the like. He's gonna go to camp that we re, they don't even lies, sure he's available, of course, or not suspicious, if you like, even if it was it, they dived you're, sending him back to the murder house at night alone as a twelve year old kids. Yet like eat the her killer sell on the loose, even if it's the dad- and I can't those kids leave that house and come to a different. How here, why don't they come to Johns how's USA Character, get baby sad and stay there forever I'll call her Mamma? Let's we're gonna have someone so this what we really have to get on the horn, with MRS Hasten, a case in point
here's the thing is it that exact saying that made him the great television editor. Libya's today should visit the things I build us. That's true yeah, I think that's a sinister shed might ever murder Gmail yet keep it up we love all these stories. They do you guys are the best. Ex Ante get murdered, Eigenvalue, Elvis you wanna cookie, the boy
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