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2018-04-09 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a Hillside Stranglers connection and a jury coincidence. 

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This is exactly right. Already ready, Gub Gub GO welcomes to my fellow murder them. After we're now calling it the many episode in miniature episode, we're afraid you won't understand what this is so calling it. The many the current any act or not second, millennials no or non millennials. We have plenty of time to say both words entirely hair, it's a great! Actually. We feel we feel very bless that we have this amount of time or passion less, that this is a minute. Europe is a fucking emerging hands smash together in prayer. The Armenian, yes, oh baby angel,
tiny, baby angel and then, of course, that crazy clown face there. Georgia's army now too, oh yeah yeah, I an updated my thing. The zombie I like, oh you know my standard emerging. Is this in the Easter Island head smoking a cigar? That's my favorite up the one to send people. I think it's funny things very me ever big huge Easter Island head, you are you, your persona is smoking me, Sir Ireland, Kathy Ireland that smoking is already readership? Dear you love it. We do it Let us do that. Germany, drivers up, ok, the subjects line of this first email is. Oh, my sister stayed sexy and didn't get murdered by the hillside. History anglers!
I care in Georgia, Stephen in pets. I look forward to each new episode, but the story of the hillside stragglers hit especially close to home. Literally in eighteen. Seventy seven, our family lived one block away from the tenth victim Lauren Wagner on the Mona Avenue in San Fernando Valley. Not only was this where she lived, but also where she was abducted, a few doors down from her house. As you mentioned, a neighbor witnessed it and sadly did nothing to intervene or alert authorities, even though I was only a baby at the time. My sister was sixteen and want to Monroe High School with Lauren. Both were babes with red hair and live down the street from one another. A few days prior to Laurens Abduction, my hot seventy sister in her v W bug was headed to stop and go mini Mart a few blocks from our house when two guys in what tried to pass for an undercover police car with a makeshift siren on the top started, telling her and even watched her in the parking lot ass, she went inside the store. What they didn't see was her boyfriend in the passenger seat reclined and reclined back.
And when she pulled out of the lot the siren went off and the aggressively tried to pull are over her boyfriend Dan took one look at the car and said: do not pull over. Those are fake car holy shit once they realize a guy was in the car they took off and it makes me sick to think they could have what could have happened if he had not been there. Sadly days later, Lauren was not so lucky after reading that one of them had a redhead fetish. I wonder if they thought they had spotted my sister again, but only this time alone. We will never know, and although Lawrence family understandably moved out of the neighborhood shortly after the murder, I could never shake the sadness I felt for them. Every time I walked by their former house and the eerie feeling of the horror that took place only a block away, while my family was probably eating dinner or safely watching some show like soap or mud or Carl Burnett. I am so grateful. My sister fucked politeness put her foot on the gas pedal is here today to tell a story. Thank you
for keeping the memories of these victims alive and being the best car companions I could ever ask for, because of you are no longer mine traffic and I make sure to keep a full gas tank door's locked. So I can say sexy not get murdered. Leslie Karen, my husband rob work with you on late world Zack and says hello. Oh, I know rob I know I just saw him recently that Astro an So thank you for making his long commute unendurable experience Shane, I think Shane. I dont want to read any now that ones at that issue, one from now on I mean that's intends to because that puts her like that jeez at the centre of that entire story we just hold dear and her family is unlike that is really sad like a neighborhood tragedy like that and it could have better sister, I yeah. That's I mean
That's also how Stephen you, you know, you told us, like there's a bunch of emails of people, saying here's, this connection, that we have to the hillside strangler, because they were out doing it for like a year, straightens bananas, it so crisis that they had a redhead fetish, one of them that what a weird little detail that you just don't think about. Yeah yeah assholes. I keep me to look at the crime scene without us, but I keep forgetting with maybe just forget. Maybe I well maybe maybe I'll, do it late tonight and set a town or getting really tonight when I'm in bed open up some windows and have some why the windows and just really did I really role those diagram seen from this study them. The greatest ones, cod, cereal rapists caught by housewife, and I want you to tell me if you think that this is not real. Ok, cause. I we're getting some that we're like wondering. Ok here, yet
I can't believe it intend to send the story of before, but it's fucking amazing that already sounds bakery dear diary. I never thought I'd, be writing and assess the deer. House or arms. I never thought I'd be writing this letter. We spend every Christmas with my grandparents and my favorite part of the holiday sitting around listening to my grannies crazy stories. My grandmother used to be a professional hockey player and for this reason my family moved all around the United States and Canada. During my dad's childhoods, there's no shortage of crazy shit, anyways! rear its new story about the time she or someone she knew nearly escaped death. So here's one of my favorites my family. It was living in New York at the time and all the hockey players and their families were living on the same street. One of the way pregnant and had thrown a baby shower, which my grannie and many other women attended after everyone had left the woman hosting the shower heard a knock at the door. She went.
Insert assuming. That is one of the Ladys who had maybe forgotten something at the house. Instead, she opened the door and came face to face with a man who immediately lunch at her and Poland and put a knife to her throat. He shut door behind them. Inserted, walking backing down the hallway to the bedroom. He told her is gonna rape, her and she be she begged him to stop as they were walking down the hallway they pass. The living room on the mantel was a giant glossy headshot of her husband. Sending them Had been given to all of the wives as a gift, The man immediately stop in his tracks and asked her why she had that thought on her mantle, she told the man and was a picture of her husband surprise: a man immediately drop a knife to assign started apologizing profusely. He told her you. He was just the biggest fan of her husband ass. If please not tell on it just happened. She stood there completely shocked as he fled the scene called nine one. One and police came to a home and notified her that there had been a string of rapes in the area. The man seemed
the same description. A few days later, the woman opened her mailbox and found a letter from the ripest again apologizing for trying to rape her she gave to the police and help them come up with a plan and in ok. The woman's has been at a birthday coming up. The police ass, the team to throw a quote fan party and his honor but this man was most likely local and a fan of the hockey player. They printed off a large photo and encourage fancy sign up silent with well wishes for the player the play that is why I come to the party to identify the rapist, she pointed out ass soon ass she walked in, but the police will from the sign the posters. So they could match the handwriting to the letter he had left in the mailbox turns out. It was a perfect match and they arrested him on the spot. This is such bullshit right. I it because this is provable if that was up, look event. You can look it up.
Ok, this is one of the many stories my grannies told me. In addition to the time the man called her and told her, he was going to murder her and the time my grandpa and a bunch of his teammates caught and had dinner with a peeping Tom as they were waiting for the police to arrive, but that's a story for another time as history: GM love you all Emma, am I'm sorry. I'm telling you you're grammar made this up, but I know I awoke: is it so extreme yeah? I noted its eggs actually like and they ll say travellers when they pull over Peter Lorries daughter and let her go, it's exactly the same thing so that our does that's why I think it's real and then also that's a proof. If we went looked it up, we'd be able to find it. Yes, it's like the actual public police action, you're right Emma interests, I'm so sceptical known. I get it. I mean
Listen now, you tell me if this is real and further. If anything or the real question is the car it's the world, we live in right now. This is this is kind of is that this subject is insane jury duty, coincidence, Lu Lu Coincidence, eleven cents and Assyrians and coincidences exit call to action some would say, there's no such thing as a continent. That wouldn't be me, speak. Sure I care in Georgia, Stephen and assorted creatures minded This story doesn't have much to To it, but it was
a crazy when it happened that I wanted to share. So here we go last summer I was summoned forgery defeat. I do I had already postponed once when I was in college. So of course I got a low number and was called in when I went in every one was divided into groups and sent a different courtrooms in my court room, the prosecutors we're going to select the remainder of the jury for a murder case. We were seated and, as the judge explained, the details of the case, including the victims name, the woman seated next to me became visibly upset when the judge ass. If anyone would be unable to serve for medical reasons or whatever the woman. Next me raised her hand when the bailiff gave her the MIKE she stood up and said. I am an emotion I am emotionally unable to serve. In this case. The victim was my nephew. There was an audible gasped in the room and even the judge and lawyers were clearly shot. The judge, obviously let her leave for the decade for the day
No one can believe this coincidence, both for her to come on this day and be randomly sent into this courtroom. Thanks are listening to my short, but crazy story. Hope you stopped by Buffalo New York, soon ass, a stadium, Katy does she know that he was going to trial? Well, I'm an effect and call out every may I like umbrella. True, this is my episode of maybe just a second it saying nano because that's all random they just they. Put you it's all random numbers and names and the like that. Ok and also its jury selection. It wasn't the court case. That's true! Ok! Here we go that's awful by the way It is often here's this one's cobb, vampire, murder and bad first states how everyone, so. I grew up in New Orleans and, as you know, it's a city with a lot of weird murders. When I was in high school, there is a well publicizing murder of a tourist at a local hotel story,
as that he was out at a cost bar in the french quarter when he was picked up by a few locals humanity, women whose self and the fighters vampires. They all I'm thinking they all went back to his hotel room where they drank champagne in his jacuzzi, bathtub sense, so we're doin smells like bleach already. Until this poor tourists got bludgeon to death, I wonder for you stayed in us for community and I take it. Sorry excuse me, this poor tourist Gub legend to death. They may or may not have been drunk some of his blood. The culprits were culprits were easily caught after being captured on the hotel, obvious video surveillance. That's what. A decade later. When I start trying out online dating my very first in person meeting is with a young man who seems really good on paper. I won't wait in our date. He starts talking about his most recent ex girlfriend, who ends up being one of the women and Bob in the modern world,
where he was totally aware that she was involved and convicted in this weird ass murder when the to the men and then proceeded to have a year's long relationship. Heathen name drop that she was one of the people from the quote: hotel, vampire murder when he was describing her and he talked about the difficulty of dating someone on parole, his murderer ex girlfriend for on the first day was only one of them was only one of the many enormous rider flags present that evening. Luckily, I kept up our mind aiding anyway, and we may has been on the same site about a year later, as this duty am Jessica wow. That's same, I mean. Would your blood just totally run cold of someone was just like yeah literally we're if someone like I drink but merely comment is terrible. I've been to live, terrible, tasting blood mindset. He can't Hammond eight with all kinds of parasites. That's true
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Are you ready for those who want more for me to bleach are not to blame the bunker story of high school theatre, kids trying to murder each other? Oh no! I love it already. I care in Georgia when I was an eighth grade. My entire mid size, Texas Town, lost her markings when an eighteen year old girl got caught, turned a poison a fifteen year old girl at what would be my high school in two years. Both girls were in the theater programme and school, a hobby eighty and not turned to brag, but our high schools Data programme was the kind of this shit. They always one tonnes of words, which I guess is an impressive, because this is suburbia in Central Texas and culture is scant at best about searing and I may or may not have cried at their production of. What's all over the good, because I was a junior anyway. This your girl apparently did not appreciate that soft warm beat her out for the lead and a one act play the programme was competing with.
Because she spiky mountain, do with fucking, bleed and then gave it to the sweet baby fifteen year old angel to drink. Luckily, the girl smelled something bleaching in her do said: fuck politeness and went to the principal who called the cops after that. I guess the poisoner took off because there was a warrant out for her arrest for a week until she eventually turned herself and good riddance on a lighter note, for students in typical teenage boys fashion made up a rap about it later and posted. If its words, of course, everyone in high school went without sober administration, actually ended up banning it from the school, because people wouldn't stop taking hold in high school, so dramatic. So that is, that is the perfect highschool cycle of drama. A grey area happened, someone tries to poison someone, a girl tries to poison a girl, she's matter from doing something better than her, and then
always come in and wrap and make a rap. But luckily we run into. We were up and a time where you couldn't put it on the internet, because it was nothing God shit that think dude. I had to hear that first Beastie boys, album, lay every day in my life, I am one of the rare few. I am not a busy boys Van. I appreciate that at that what they did in their talent this in that, but a such I had two etc, etc. I had to listen to them every time like on the base While Bursley Ass every every event, if she goes on their fuckers, were playing that Fucking BC, boys album and then be I'm still mad that they one best rap group over the food used. It was a ludicrous ear, doesn't work time for current man, those lake- I guess that was late, eighties, MTV music awards. Where nineties, I think so yeah so Jesus early nineties, Stephen important stuff, Dj Stephen,
he's just riding a town, waiter part of this, and I really do I really camels, drawing against the Beazley boy there. I don't. Let's idea he ended his pod gas, I mean I'm so sorry, I guess the student trying to murder another student with a bleach cocktail on school grounds under your watch is not a good luck and I can't find it on Youtube anymore. But suffice it to say it's exactly as obnoxious as you think, a rap featuring for white middle class, teenage deeds love the show been listening since episode, three and love you, ladies, while Episode three, which are only one to set say: sexting, always sniff, your mountain do Torah or Tara, but I think it's too, that's just thanks, so that such a fucking school person to do to put them smell is fucking chemical of all like
Not trying to give anyone ideas, but like he's some window x or something more than that's gonna turn it blew. We haven't blue anyhow allowance. True the true, if it's a base its a bottle of anyone walks up two years like here
Ok, here's a can of soon. I got you that's open! Already, India, you fuckin smash the can on their hair, you slap in out of their hands. You put your finger in their face. The easy, don't approach me again: Georgia, Georgia, you step since in getting their diet, gets lost or whoever, like I care, and that was literally a diet coke. But I understand we're in coming asked me for you. I was wondering when you saw me open across the room up at your end, but I, but I understand you're vulnerabilities. I have to say this in my drinking days some one of my favorite jokes about quota portfolio. Now, will you didn't parties? Yes is fino in the back, then it was mean comedy days, court. I've talked about it. If I was Sassin up somebody in and we are assessing back and forth to each other and they seem to be winning in some way, I would just slap whatever is in their hands and whether it be a plate of food or a full drank. Whenever it was, I wouldn't let them I would let them have like what they did was going to be analyzed. Why Princess Diana
drink slap up, ruin your shirt, wipe we'll make above your face with York. Second, is busy fling of our lying back in submarines, avalanche upside down on the fucking for bag of chips, all the way down on the ground, scattered it a million people is just not a better come back. Then
I think something out of someone's here, it's the best. I mean you have to be ready for then the fight, that's going to happen afterwards, either that there, your friend and they loved, or you have now made an enemy for leisure. It depends on a lot of factors. How drunken they are yet if they think you're, clever and funny re if they agree with you, if there are shame base person, they my sin, basing too that if you shame them it, could you could turn it into something? That's you pick and choose and whose carpet is it? I always did on a patty, ok, great yeah. You have to do it outside, and a third party and innocent hosts can't wreck anybody's carpeting, don't be a jerk. No don't be a dig, be an asshole. I make it natured cheat beer, probably not a Goin glass. I would soon yeah
that's what you want. This is a joke for plastic bags of chips of funny old paper plate with a dumb hot dog on it. Just like that work, and also a really quick reminder, do not break I contact as using half it out of their hands. You smile, you look at them and smile like you won and Slabman dont really see it coming, and I ask you a favor sure. Can I do see a one time but, like I've, smiles Perpich, a thousand percent? Only if it's like the perfect moment, but just don't shame me, it can't be My big and my big party do Campi as I'm coming down the stairs from my big party. I followed the EU can do I love shit like that and I love it when something is like a contained fun person to person, praying you just
You have to know the person and you have to knowing. I would lack my fucking as it's hilarious, because all you loss was hot and a new land and argue man, you're fuckin. A little bit of your dignity in the best way is to say it was also when I was on speed. My favorite thing to do would be. If I was talking on the phone, I can talk on the phone constantly angle, preternatural and often I would call everybody be like tonight we're all gonna meet during dinner at toy numbering and go to the show it bloody blot in her whatever I was always that seventy percent of it as someone started talking me, I got bored, I would just hang just fucking know you. I can't and entertain that fails to make I'm done yet, and so you are to again. If somebody was like hastily You have done it up our interest. Billet click make the next call. Let's just hang up. This pod casts some people. Now says: exit, ok, murdered, Leona Cookie
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