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2018-04-16 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a Drew Peterson connection and a parking lot discovery.

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this is exactly right welcome welcome to my ferber murder the many sides we read your shit you are you ready i'm ready are you ready i money page are totally jacked up for i am jacked up and i'm ready in germany yes i'm jacked up theatre first so we we usually say this is where you send us your hometown stories ministers having your hometown but now we have opened up to oliver
righty of thing the story is just just ton of a good story i like do that of a kind of cool story that you tell someone maybe two beers in concert not much else talk about you send it to dig deep what's that weird thing your uncle found in germany when he was posted over there for irma s duty to actually that kind of stuff yeah nazi gold and that's all as a gold even if you and prepare the nazi gold train is buried we'd love to hear how us so this first one subject line is a murderer as an acting seen partner apparent disease a very ella story he karen georgia stephen an animal friends a few weeks ago my frontal access whose an actress in allay as am i was an esteemed steady class and they had to pick a scene partner to meet outside clouds were her sick cetera as you do know says she didn't really know anyone the class but it briefly met this guy chris so they picked each other's partners they change numbers but one alexis texas
a few days later to rehearse heating back to her and she gave him a few more times and then a week later he finally responded saying i can't do it something came up a few days later she was reading a news article about the young missing actress dear she bonnie when she chose when she saw the girls boyfriend chris spots her acting partner had led the police on a chase across los angeles county in a stolen car than fatally shot himself after the pursuit and air later we found a day as remains and shallow grave outside sacramento and chris is the main suspect in the martyr a k a he did it and then killed himself one pursued oh and it came out that the deuce bag had a finance say outside of outlay sober secondly my friend almost did a scheme of the murderer anna cheater say
maxine don't choose murder as it as acting partners marianna when did he find the train to even texture sorry something's come yet why if people have goes to people for so much less than ass a winner of the timeline like when that tax was sir she were either issues really how name the as you just like guys look we gotta get she ever danny and the deep blue sea together only stirring me over i'm not gonna get a bad gray because you can't get in here like i'm kind of busy right now like i'm having a psychotic break during terrible thing so horrible that's awful about this one's cod so i guess both my parents work with murderers high amethyst humans and animals great well done my friend stacy got me hook them upon cason were driving around the country on tour doing children's theater was is and actors episode was kind of a theme
i've been a murdering since childhood my mom working criminology when i was growing up and she's to sit me down in front of the sex offenders registry databases or sleep at which she held create because she's about ass lions how me that all those were bad people even the woman who looked like a grandma that is may the acts whore fine i love her mom she not only made the sex offenders database shewed bade her daughter study the faces of my that such a good idea because it's like owing they look like men i gotta cassio i think wish her places like that's a little old lady yeah sex offender do not trust so then the next line of the lesson that paragraphs pair of his thanks the trust issues mom only problem it go may day she also taught me about how when she was working in jails in the eightys there was a liquor store down the street and the guards who let inmates who are infringed
crimes and other minor things go there and get bureau whenever well the authors of eleven are well in their verdure grimes now it's not as bad as something they mean these days drug crimes free emma freedom freedom only maria most ok furthermore when they're not there's no violent crimes are only talking during times no violent offences nothing beyond but there are so many just like low key dealers what did you hear that worship races cynthia nixon's quote about like prenatal the air about legalizing pie ray the incredible tied to gag can't say it off hand i could go on and on about my mom's crime stories forever but i'll get to the murder i was talking to my father when he goes remember that do not always remember that guy at work who asked for time off and it turned out it was because he had murdered his wife and i like i'm no i would definitely remember that apparent
this guy he worked with galen murdered his wife and ninety ninety three and then drove her body in the car parks behind a bar in the lab really stage the signor like a robbery my dad remember some claim his wife is abusive but i can't find anything about that in reading about the case so i think he just doesn't want to believe he had worked with a murderer gale was out on appeal when he was working with my dad and had to request the aforementioned time off to go stand trial oh shit he ended i plead guilty went to prison for a few years so there job where they can hold the job for him i now come to the same period of four years later locked up the whole reason my dad broader i was because when they work together galen had claimed to be involved in the creation of dungeons and dragons o dancing googling and i can't find anything to back them up see jean m s std elena
oh i also created dungeon movement it made it bishop what credit because their jealous only two years old and i but i felt the need to create it ok ready for this line absolutely my mama's married you repeat or send and coincidence it's a coincidence that's big stuff so let's see last many sewed episode there is the coincidence letter about a woman who is being they were they were trying pick the jury for i your case and it turned out it was her nephew murder case and she was dismayed and we said send us your fuckin coincidences which i and stephen gave me five coincidence politicians from the sign which i know what it's like he's like the first ever more or less everywhere coincidences and i just went to the last vital immediately yes my favorite gimme them coincidences people say there's no such thing you do so you tell us hello yes my mom was due peterson's first wife might
who older half brothers are his sons thank my mom said sexier i wouldn't be here this is not my hometown so i won't bore you with the details are you fucking joking me for me with the details we bore me all day long i've never done drew petersen know how but i did the drew petersen made for tv movie on malls podcast my mother may i sleep with pod gas to re stephen was there we which offer like over to our eyes that episode the as like three hours the funniest made for tv move it rob low ass drew petersen so not amazing i did an army amish it gets pregnant that's not really what's called you're episode mother mostly with podcast so good but it i call it again our mission
my period oh yeah that's what i called that's malaria almost like yeah listen to molly mcelderry podcast she has does she still do please advise yeah please advise going mother mason was pike us as carbon hate us right now but there's a ton of emphasising that listens desert riyadh she's already recorded ten and are so good and she's so she said good interviewer slash conversation holds is just so dry the and she has a issues of totally unique fascinating personality that i want to talk to you for she accession as in care and then you find out she's the carriest person i've ever met an airline that is not always the way suddenly they ok so like yelling at this person for not telling us more than we can just changes set out a very painters them entirely sorry that's fine folk i guess
this is not my hometown so i won't bore you with the details that you're probably sick of hearing about the waste i want to give a shout out to my brother who has custody of drew's brood he is doing a thing of job on raising considering effectiveness they have to live with wow that's hard amazing ok anyway mrs more to her point my hometown murder happened a ninety ninety four in a western suburb of chicago when i was ten years old i was walking home from us friend who lived about two blocks away from my house i passed a house which we could see from our front window that had ambulances everywhere and police cars pulled up on the lawn that's bad alone really when the put police up as close to the front door as possible something very bad as ever does it mean it's like they're like they don't know they didn't stop on the street yeah urgency that we'll never out of the wagon in their ticket that's a good and duration i got home and nobody knew what was going on turns out
this guy lost it because one of his step kids didn't clean there room so he shot up his family during his wife and step daughter killing his seven year old son so fast for ten years and i'm working in a salon fairly new to doing hair i hadn't your client sit in my chair and get to talking we discover that we lived in the same intersection growing up so i say remember that sad that went crazy and killed a son no she replied with yeah that was my stepped out of my job drops i apologize profusely talk about a foot and mouth situation i was so embarrassed that i don't remember the rest the conversation but she did say she wasn't home when it happened needless to say i never saw her again lesson learned don't talk about murder with a new client you're trying to keep in your chair loran can you imagine having the cat that woman's hair after that this this reminds me of the very few times in the
yeah he meat and meat line well yeah i will say you talked about my aunt you d ass my cousin or something and both of us free and we're just like are you ok you mad at us yes and then neda site and never have they sent any thanks did it well by air which is why i'm telling this cause i'm bragging about us know what i mean like that feeling my nell say my uncle was bob my aunt was so until you like i'm sorry i'm sorry i mean these are peep real people or the thing that people always ask is about but it's like but for them most part it you don't to interact face to face with that but let me she was what everybody else that isn't directly involved are areas which is why this is so exciting lesser terrible right so like can you believe this instead thing happened in our neighbourhood area and and that's flax man
we know that area hersant lauren but failure if you can get through that here can you get a hairdresser she's has like hands of steel now hopefully nothing wrong that woman's world tolerate this one's colleagues a middle school or in a mom lock into a parking lot going it's not a coincidence actually but it's a funny story ok one typical day when i was an elementary school my mom jill who was a firm believer much like karen's quote we aren't the rockefellers grandma and kicking up any change she finds in the ground was dragging around her usual errand or the bank grocery store target etc stir delay we passed a folded a dollar bill in the parking lot and of course their guns jill jogging over to grab it injustice picked it up she could tell but it wasn't just a single bell says she exclaimed look at this i bet those i bet there's multiple dollars in here captain our backing and literally spent the whole time in the grocery store talking about the luck she had mining this money we got back to the car
we got back to the car she handed me the dollar and told me i could open it up and keep what ever was inside very exciting and he knew and i right now when we hear this think oh my god she's gave an honour for her kid five hundred dollars excellent exciting yeah i know excitedly i opened the want of money and inside was not another bill as my mom had predicted but two who die in bags of cocaine ah you lay said again think it's mine i said i think these are drugs as dare had just come to school i was pretty confident in what it was i was hurrying jill who took her first shot of liquor at the age of fifty eight asked are you sure you're just smarty mean pills and cooking knowing like powder oh
but she just lay ground up smarties i beg you bought amount we might as well do it and see let's it's a liquor stick see that as their wrapping candy and dollar bills and throwing it into the park you my jail she snatch the one back for me and spent the car right home talking about the exciting new details to this mr view to alert and along she showed everything to my dad he decided calling the cops was too much of a hassle and flush the bags down the toilet but you still gotta keep the dollar stage olivia it turns out that you know those there's like drug bus where their leg you know there's shipping bathtubs and then it turns out the battle has not porcelain it's made of cocaine that's not real yes they like they unlike drug buzzwords like they just poor cocaine and the mould of other developments in but there has to be some and keeping a cocaine together yeah they
they were lined with you using this event you know what i'm talking about they like breaks it has noted and i wanted to be in the lining of the code of the porcelain mall you break the porcelain and then cooking comes out because you can make cocaine that hard connubial can't you do it with like a jello mould but bathtub should stephen look it up and then he'll explain it only just wanna jello bathtub make visages my dream of a complete and accurate us talking about what we really want of europe you and i are weeds investment now oh no we're clearly drug dealing and were sending out a secret marriage logistic aided meals why i like i do not like but respect rights yes i devil speck drugs the idea that you would think of that idea where you if you if you feel a dollar and threw it out the car window and cocaine inside
the cops are somebody go pick up a dollar to be anybody house jeanette bs anybody would pick up a dollar bill cut that out stephen you just told everyone out of that can deal drugs just let's do this they ever leave the bargain anything stephen or did i dream cocaine our future and they think you're this fellow came after receiving you have four minutes to find that argument is caring try to snort hurt bathtub misses the mark when she was an alcoholic that's why i'm thirty minutes late for everything as i just keep scratching on the battle you ve just been snorting porcelain for years he asked let's go that's where the seizures are coming said that's my neurological dammit ok i already filling lauer withstood get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello fresh america's number one meal kid they make looking at home son easy and afforded
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two thousand five i was living in london putting myself through uni uni by working ass a wages at the heart of our carefully market are like a high school trip to europe where we want to like ten countries in two days go there when we're in london i used to have a hard rock london sure we're getting any one for you also we sit in life for so long that lie there was a nineteen eighty civilian god that was a long time ok i became close friends of the canadian girl who lived with her boyfriend of five years paul when the movie wolf creek came out which is loosely based on my lot ivan alone i asked if she and her man wanted to go to which he replied in a very polite canadian way probably not my boyfriend is the guy that escaped him in real life what the fuck i am and buttons
course i asked her to tell me everything she knew she said that they started dating couple years after the trial and then having to go back and facing lot haunted him to that day of course if sucking gas at night mare monstrous monster he's the he that story that i did when we're in austria was so fucking awful the hunting through it whenever that show us where i had just keeping like and then he walked her out into the media fuckin wilderness manager carving out a guy off and then give it a view that greater i still remember minor remember anything at all remember this remember i mean listen it brought his polynesian so array was worth that poor sucking man hates he hates our guts there's no way he's not like everyone saw gettin a message guys seriously pleasing paul onions love i believe hosting like a new and on instagram they'll be like another really great drawing of pot appalling logo and our postal and be like he has
restraining order again here but i have to posting legal ourselves hand just like him as a concession don't know him as a person we don't have to be in his life please don't try to contact poor fucking paul on its god it's a nightmare tellingly levin yes tell them thank you if you already friends with them tell anything he's a hero give him just a nice rub on the middle back i am sorry that i can't say your name offhand but to ever though person is who made me a key chain listen onion on it with is a famous and i believe it was maybe salt lake city or leave land or members of her i can remember i use every day i that's my teaching now just see now it's because i gave it to me i was like this is so nice thanks and she'd look dementias like its look it's poland it seriously and human and yet it s that's a bloomin human on its employment await okay so sorry he
to come in and have a beer at the bar waiting for her when we were closing up at one m even though it was many years later and it seemed to be something of troubled him enough to still they ve never felt right is still it never felt right to bring it up or ask around luxuriance good colleague sucking lunatic oh my god don't ever do when they are coming girls are being scared miserably others the lesson hey how about this overall life lesson zip zip it until you're fucking best friends you're doing a little bit of a like blood brother ceremony you have to be like in it too when they drive you to the airport type a framework told no got your deep historical cigarettes you haven't you go first ugo fucking first with like some horrible weird terrible bad memory and you lay at all and many dimmer round meaning that home you're either pants
fifth grade and those thirty me like i'm sorry i just met you i don't want to do this with you i don't know nothing but never mind we're yelling so much at emily when she doesn't really deserve but should we just want we just want to be protective of our precious paul onions and anyone that's had an experience like that date and now she goes and tells us business they split up a couple years later though i am still close at the canadian girl i haven't seen him in years and hope he has found some small portion of peace with is expecting i've included a photo from pub drinks i work for you care and i hope this email reaches you now that i finally wrote it s a stadium emily and ella emily that's a museum loans engage with us but we'll just sell you lynette he is its pub drink so it's he standing there were the bitterness and highlight a kind of bitter eyes he
the cutest smile on his face me looks like a very happy man he looks like an edgar right character like an end he'd been anchorite movie he looks like he would be unworthy he's a key looks iq grant would play him in the movie carla you guys he's got a great fucking face gonna he looks happy and gray australian face yet as austrian knows british he's got a great british says he's got the going to face really only super q and then you can use brinish he's so much hotter so much kyoto like yeah because you know he'd speak to you in the low lilting town yeah he's like prior thunder the ethics sings like british arles swinish trial he fucking like he's like we gotta get chips when all the time and yours either by a better you're right we have to get show x you just want to put this out there the heck is maybe he's is finding it
maybe like jennifer maura he is like oh you guys put a positive spin on like this horrible thing that happened to me and i appreciate i'm saying we're gonna be a man and a manchester so if he does feel that way and wants to come to one of our show less please paul if and i swear to god no really normal nobody this is his decision do not tell him or anything but it to him fur believed your friendship sure and when you want to come he can come in to any show in the uk and you can come and hang up accessions men you want to go in the audience because the audience that fuckin fan girl our unique photos with you what are you or you can go your way it's you at your way and that we could include being carried in us on sudan tear if you want it to be that way i doubt he wants it to be our life is going to find a better after the show how it happened at sour cream and ignoring like pa a fair agreement
did you just now i ve just heard me say that like an ever more bitter that's what isn't that they'll be isn't it erin british a pint of bidders i thought was like those herbs that you take the soda water when your stomach is absurd and now i think i think bitters are beer could be this is a lesson we're going to learn on where in england a scream at abba oh i mean hope you live it this is my plea to get them to send me a pint backstage can't get anything bad they expect mme thing i need stephen just real could tell us tell us what the finnish version of bitters me india will the sit here quietly and wait and watch yet the oasis solid pod causing has been in fine the at and find the bathtub but that it has a teacher cannon she drugs over the border let's get it i'm gonna find out that having jody i will find it and then a pint of debtors debtors are
is bear a type of beer your tug of war or by no a bitter is are they like an english bitter better as a beer georgia the cocktail person she knows her shit oh it is it is a type of beer think my betters is that you had better style came from brewers who wanted to differentiate these ales from other mild see i lay delay the wonder does that suck my bidders both hands went out and then both hands gestured and toward her better i did get gesture yes seem like they offer roddy hand sucker gesture so called citizens is at his thing yeah and he goes boom boom of her with his pelvis nights disk it's very pensive it's very late nineties
no it's a way to say sucker review if you're talking to someone is hard of hearing they know immediately what you mean it's important all right that's send us anything so let us anything literally my favorite rent or gmail thanks for listening you guys and says x and don't get murdered again elvis your cookies hey
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