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Hey! Didn’t see you there. It’s a My Favorite Murder minisode. This week Karen and Georgia read your hometown murders that include the spooky 'Bermuda Triangle Of Murder’ in the Wisconsin town of Kenosha, House Hunters: Quadruple Homicide Edition, a prep school Slender Man murder, and more.

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this is exactly right oh hell i don't see their eyes putting my mike i think i'm a rock n roll on your touching the really likewise if you like touching the face of a lover with her hands ass designers mike is my love i kiss you can i can i kiss you can i guess i'm just a girl standing front over mike china tell my mike that i love it has a guy get welcome to everyone to make eva murder many so i regret what do you mean you just cut her talking like this a little been realised that untouched everyone
oh you animal at these self conscious probable i think my normal voice and my end may like talky voice are not the same thing yeah yes i've i find when i listen back to these episodes myself loathing if only growing exponentially and so i have decided to try to stop doing that you yourself are listening yeah it's just too much i don't mean to listen my own recorded voice bullshitting for hours at a time well you're not bullshitting but i also do think as to people who have a lot of self criticism yes and over and over an overcoat what's thing hyper critical yeah that we want apparently post even lieutenant listen i'm like slacken gray indefinitely i'm left to the fund feeling at the end but i do spend a lot of time going
last episode of the full amazon i cleared my throat if fifteen times in a row like a person with the obsessive compulsive disorder so much so that it scared me while i was listening to let your has learned with your throat worthy or brain like it whatever it is that there is something wrong tick yes exactly like a wired math teacher men i just the whole idea of that was me off for the weak the start listening well let's stop report let somebody's i listened carefully that was actually me projecting onto you exec why are you doing your voice like that but really that's me trying talk about my own self consciousness and like noticing things and and think about them too much ass in turning up the x ray vision where it just cite now leave it alone are not listening anymore who gives a shit
i mean location give a shepherd you're wrong but like an or about yourself give a shit knowing that you are wrong and flawed polly problem ok then you think yeah maybe it's just a little bit self obsessed and who gives a shit is that i mean it that way now we really arm it's fine ok yeah what street some hometown murders coronel i have spent years thus to be like here so this is and this is a many so you re send us all your hometown murders which we love to my favorite murder and gmail and this is new started and many episode so we can just read them to you so that you some day will hear your own back at you yeah caring younger first beer because i really like this one because these subject line is canosa bermuda triangle of murder in arusha was constant i've affront my friend bradford it lived somewhere near there or grew up somewhere near there today than it was a place where
certainly when i was a play of yeah wisconsin so listen this high please oh important as it miss thing kicks off with apparent apparent that angle that says i please call me nick if you read aloud do not use last name which is a great reminder neck as i would have gone straight into all of your details i'm new to the bad guys my cousin told me about it and i am totally hooked i live in was concerned and i always felt super where it about being fascinated by geoffrey dahmer now i know i'm a murderer you know that's nice i was raised in connection with concern and i was told the story about this awful area in town canosa murder alley isn't unpaid strip of land running south from sixty four street between twenty twentieth and twenty first avenues two blocks away the downtown business district bustles with activity but rest
residents along the alley live with daily apprehension that is more akin to an excursion through the twilight zone there's something strange out there in that alley coroner thomas dwarfs told the press in february nineteen eighty one sort of a barometer triangle of murder i'd say they should what seems to be going on his unexplainable this is all the quote lieutenant rudy blots that's the best name i've ever heard rudy blots of the canoe police department was equally direct branding the alley agents or something the happenings gonna quote include a string of seven grisly homicides between nineteen sixty seven and nineteen eighty one there savagery baffling locals who remark on canosa relative freedom from violent crime three of these cases have been solved unrelated to one another oh my god they're all and related three of them have been unrelated but the grim geographical coincidence has authority shaking their heads in confusion the first alley murder occurred on february nineteen sixty seven when seventeen year old mary called in burg left her home on sixty four straight to purchase a bottle of pop from the coroner drugstore four days later officers discovered her corpse in the back of a nineteen forty eight hers at the city otto pound a mile from her house fully clothes except for her shoes which were removed and placed near the body mary had been style stabbed twelve times in the neck chest forehead and manage the case remains unsolved
eleven years later on january thirtieth eighteen seventy eight gerald burnett fifty two was found sprawled in snowbank narras home at the mouth of the alley he had been beaten to death with a tire iron killed in what police described as a robbery suspect stephen gauze has been convicted and imprisoned for the crime on may twenty seventh eighteen seventy nine eighty year old herman bosman was found beaten to death in his burning home on the alleys east side authorities speculate that the fire was set to destroy evidence of the murder which remains unsolved at this writing a month later on june twenty third alice also are aged eighteen was unearth in a rose garden on joining the alley a jury convicted the property owner twenty three year old thomas halt of raping the victim in strangling her with their own brazier holt was sentenced to die on january twenty six nineteen eighty one news of a triple murder rock the neighborhoods fragile peace victims alice eaten john ayman and rough fail protrude she were found
dead and etons home adjoining the alley her grandson robert mc roberts was arrested and charged with the slaying science fiction mere coincidence which ever local opposition residents along the alley keep their personal opinions to themselves agreeing only that quote there's something going on out there keep up our gas day sexy don't get murdered neck y see a picture so about that's crazy so crazy you know it's bad news when the cop in the corners like we don't know it's crazy it's a mystery they'll now i like zonia that's freaky and settled we were gonna take care of us it's not it's like its explainable no rather like nobody pan it they're just like we don't bug you know what's going on here that's but i love that line that that's good that's good news when you got in here for sending that nick yes neck well done ok i am is called i wanted to buy this house and tell
a disclosure quadruple home as this is from charlemagne ok just gonna jump right into it i first heard of my hometown murder a few years ago when i was house hunting the town is gaston oregon no bigger than six hundred people and just on the outskirts of this town is a small community couple oral would this is where the house i was in you said it was and where i later found out a quadruple murdered place the parents my parents told me the story and no i didn't not by the house it was nineteen seventy seventh my parents were in their teenage years my die works at the local gas station where one day dozens of bikers came in to fill up they were members of the hell's angels of california i've heard of them a week or so later a quadruple murder took place in laurel would the victims were a young mother margo content and her two six year old twin girls and a family friend gary settler gary sesar fiance
was the first to happen upon the scene she found her fiance still alive lying on the ground holding the telephone gurgling his own blood god he died shortly after she found him and she left to go get help the police arrive and they found gary sisler margo continent twins all dead from gunshot wounds the twins were wearing matching stripe swimsuits and clutching matching teddy where that's horrible lying face down there
each man shot behind the ears why he later found them mario continent and movement of the small town from california bay area to escape her life of working in a brothel run by the hell's aim she had recently testified against health andrew member for crimes involving prostitution rings that's not good that held later angels member otis buck garret was convicted and while in jail he hired a hitman name robert bugger bobby mc clure finding kill margo but above came for looks like it if the kills were successful bug i bob would be initiated into house angels you want to kill two children or do you want to be in housing ngos will i will i need friends and i love motorcycles so i guess i'll kill two children just by just run a city of the month club to grow your beard and listen zizi top theorists loser whoopee was i just said that about a hillside no should even be reading i don't think there is strong these days that i don't think there i'm violent i'm sorry loques i'm sorry for being rude helsinki he was accompanied by a fellow hitman named benjamin psycho silva who made the trip to organ to carry out the murders also the contract was not only to kill margo but to make her watch her two girls shot that jacques gary the family french as happened in the wrong place at the wrong time this case went inside until nineteen eighty four only because by guy bob while imprisoned for him as what bragged fellow inmates of his killings eventually him and back were convicted in given for life sentences say kosovo is not charge because he was already imprisoned on death row for kidnapping raping and killing to college kids in the eighties oh and on a side now i just googled psycho silver and his murder conviction was reversed in two thousand and five o clock work enemy martyred well i can't find any at its after that what the fact may because condition research and follow up on this for a possible my favorite murder theme no could be die he is the killer but conviction reversed yeah so he still out there let's tell everyone that i can't help it saying an opera voice you got off on a technicality and you got off of a technical that's my favorite hometown murder thanks for talking
as for murder charlene shit that's a good one man is there anybody that tries to join the hell's angels name like responsible them that's all i could think they call they call here jim the nice but whispering man
because i'm the kind women male feminism jim the male feminist wants to join our day air motorcycle jim the seminar see this man wants to he'll get your face about social issues nor he makes a mean hot this that's raw back in the seventies nails angels words scary it would be like they were just come to town and everyone because i mean that's all those rules or on some movies are about yeah he's like the loan sheriff and then there's just like fifty motorcycle gang members there to raise hell i just don't think they're like that anymore well then mask came out and you saw the softer side we share and her boyfriend ramble sam not samuel but goes british i don't know anything about that stephen was making a samuel basically enjoying the part of our overall reboot actually issued more
it is not yet one more this from genie and the subject minors and all girls prep school a seven foot killer and loyal dog earl genie you nailed it speaking my language i ladies first of all i love you both and i can tell you tell your voice is a book i think you get a job which i know you get a lot of these so hopefully my subject lime caught your interests because this one's doozy it did a good job i went to an all girls prep school named them and madeira school for school for high school fruit we re they teach you were arrayed videos everybody majored in redundancy relocating we love you that from the moment i got there i heard stories about the fourteen year old girl who was murdered in the woods are naturally i did some research and she's a lifelong marina first and foremost a campus is on three hundred and seventy six acres of land was the main campus using about five percent of it why my portion is basically all woods that here's your movie this is seen one friend fox rolling at all forest girls all girls and amongst
and unlike like a strict teacher who in the end turns out to be the one that saves them all yes like a snake i have made a snake but a lady total everything here ladies napier mrs name
girlfriend ways and over twenty ninth nineteen seventy three fourteen year old natasha natalia ernie mustache parentheses similar was tortured and murdered by twenty three year old john gill race in the woods on camp it now tosh who was a small five at one ninety bound girl was walking from schools chapel to lunch so daytime but never made it to the dining hall later that day her family thought it was strange when she had come home from school and apparent so it was even stay there and i was like you'd go see you go to school in the woods and then come off it wasn't a boarding school it was like it was just for girl later that dear friend without restriction and come home from school her parents called the head mistress her friends etc mrs meant but they didn t annex big old missus snape on her red phone on her desk but didn't make sense
things rarely happen in northern virginia at the time he was the seventies as dinner time came in when they started to worry and called the police who didn't think much of it and kind of road it off right yeah teenager being rebellious they didn't start investigating until several hours later and we all know the typically the first few hours that oppress person is missing are the most critical
the police are in that was in the inner the police arrived on campus it around nine p m she was missing since before lunch and also in the email they found her bike and backpack near the woods but it had rained heavily making it very difficult for dogs to track her sense instead of looking any further they called the search up because that's totally normal mighty charges parents obviously want ready to give up so the following morning around six am cautious father went to the canvas with her beloved golden return really within minutes of arriving telephones deleted it till he found her till evening chill i was so scared yes here scarred golden or to what is worse we have to we have
there is no telling tosh his body was found beaten bruce scraped and make it from the waist down by her father and to allow that lets this is worse people finer her hands are tied so tightly by blanket scraps that they were black from lack of circulation my she was tied to a tree others is awful they also found a gag stuffed in her mouth puncture wounds are back and chest apparently from a screwdriver the wounds along with multiple categories is on her face indicated jude and forced to hinder prolong torture sorrel she bled profusely died from shock exposure and fatigue after being outside and tortured for over ten hours and thirty degree whether so they would have found her yes it looks like a gap holly reports indicated that she had not been raped but that there were open wounds on her ankles from trying to escape
the ties she was just four hundred feet behind the chapel my gun john galbraith was almost seven feet tall far and two hundred pounds now and had been convicted of seven sex related incidents prior to attacking tosh o how many does it take sounds i gate he also previously abducted unmolested another fourteen year old girl from madeira for over two hours originally he was sentenced over fifty years in prison for the last crime but was released with a sentence suspended on the condition that he got a mental institution not even a year later he was given outpatients tell us what the fuck on the twenty ninth of october you return to madeira to prove that he had suppressed his irresistible impulse to attack girls after tosh as murder john galbraith was convicted and sentenced to fifty years touches parents testifies to that means he could get out still no
because he died in december two thousand nine laugh at so recent and she says she's not sure if he died in jail or what but he's gone stay sexy don't get murdered and also make sure your pets know you're sent just in case k by june mimi would you fine she's like after my naps she's like i don't even know where am half the time that was my crazy bummer intense but also awesome and how awful at what s the craziest whether we have been would never have heard of seven feet my father six foot for he is a very large and two hundred pounds is like big bang us not up for someone seventy dollars actually he's like a rate is a big skinny monster in the woods scary one you gonna tell me you didn't want i have another murder story that was yeah it seems
this theme is really painted us into a corner and her whose those pursuing change diameter gas about rainbows or yes it's called the rainbow time with care and in georgia and start like after the pine cancer we dislike about the best things at a member how that is actually a great idea we at the end of its work in a tent we're gonna tell each other one thing that made us really happy this week ok it until it i'm in a cry silently away from my message is called hometown murder by kelly i recently discovered your packets and needless to say obsessed ladys are my murder saw sisters eleven lakewood colorado where i grew up when i was about six years old a little boy you ready for this area was brutally raped and murdered in the green bout worries to spend endless summer days playing swimming catching snakes etc jake midnight
always the same ages me and went to a neighbouring elementary school my brother news older brother they played sports and stop anyways jacob was tagging along with his elder brother and his friends one day down at the green bout a story goes they were giving him a hard time and he was younger you know the deal older brother being a dick and what not leaving him behind as and took off on their bikes a man approached jacob allegedly this dude chin the c h i am and offered to help him get home he took him to the seven eleven on a corner and accordingly surveillance videos of bought him a sloppy before taking him back across the street at the green bout or he raped and stabbed him like a hundred times he stash his body under this fallen tree whereas later discovered a few years after that the family burn the tree however driving by and sing it up and plans of the small crowd gathered around the bend this may never memorialize jake ivan was later vandalized
they never saw the case it remains cold this day wow anyway the still haunts me to this day i have a little boy my own now and i can tell you he will never right is like alone or with friends and tell his like thirty seven ah how fucked up is his brother a year s first sat got eyes those the decisions you make as a kid that you should not be having to make here because you shouldn't be out by yourself no and its good that i it's good the people are her helicopter parents now yes when you're on your own in your aid in your brother six you're gonna make the wrong decision totally always you know i mean unless you it's hit home as it was when we got old lebanon in the later like in the eighties and so like stranger danger don't talk to strangers i don't
if someone says they know your parent they don't know your parents we didn't they didn't know that before like what eighty five or something or mean likes pockets of people knew it but yeah yeah on the whole it was like no just walk around people try to offer you a ride you know just played as it lays ten zero adults are authority figures and you need to say yes sir and yes ma am and do at adults tell you do that's one thing i have to say i am so grateful that my mom my mama to alcoholic parents and then she was an only child so she basically raised herself and so she was super from a very early age major my sister i both understood adult or not authority figure yeah i guess we didn't have to listen to adults and if anyone ever made us feel uncomfortable egg she laid the groundwork of all that stuff super early issues also psychiatric nurse hour she had she like being person who had two like fend for herself essentially in all of life
are you serious and was like that you want me to do that is at an end for adult ever yells at your raises their voice and leave you call me you like that you don't have to take shit from people especially adults yeah i always liked son i think wrote recently somewhere on facebook i'm sorry i'm not giving you any credit or i saw this summer the someone that parents as to their kid there is no reason for an adult to ask a child for help yet so
of a guy comes to ask you to help him find his dog or to help lamb or any other needs there is a chill children do not get asked for help by adults known so don't ever thought of that nor a normal enemies you let me come let me help you let me take you to her oh there were saying this as if a six year old or listening to the airlines are your mommy would never anything ass kids care i found it i know so it's so dark but i like might think of my nephew and unlike you would never be alone no he would know as those times are over it's kind of a beautiful thing at those times are over words like yeah people realize there's plenty of a very sick people in this world and you have to like your kids aren't just to be turned loose into the field but so crazy because you think i like i saw a six year old walking alound on a street i would
get in the fucking car like you re actually walking along but then it grows i dont get a car a lonely would pull a gun on you can they be like ma am it simply isn't done and they represent did i would say that story of when i was driving in silverlake and i was driving it was night time along with part boulevard kind of behind iberian dark could start over their dark yeah knowledge street lights and i saw little kid he probably was like nine years old running up the street and he as i was driving it was kind of slow goes like there's a bunch of stops idea he looked in the car and was looking into the car so i stopped and other when i go are you ok and then he stopped running as oh yeah sorry and then like ran up the driveway but i think he may be thought it was like is framework or i don't know what it was but there was this for second period of time or unlike this child is being pursued and i need to get him images cameron thanks thank you very great person anger upload a photo gave a button knows
i guess throughout his goddamn bite and i want to know that on that code is is your vienna teddy bears jacket is just how do you get past hearsay with those a sharp cheekbone they let you in on an airplane with those weapons of mass destruction missouri ended we ended up and we did what made you happiness we oh oh i think all the messages from people who have had the back and psychiatric problems that i had yet last episode yet or before they ve everyone was so nice and offered so many solutions and were so it was just like this really nice outpouring of people who are core that's very cause very very it made me feel like i was in a community
you are i am very cool people who are like genuinely concerned and want to go and live a cheque for that or i can solve this i've experienced this thing it sucks shares with here is a solution yet not like prevention no at all it was decided i want you to not feel like shit yet was great there is a couple things i read there were contradictory in ramallah know where i was starting a bit rushed out for i don't don't i sit down he now every single one was i wanted to write down like it wishes but there are doctors and people who were writing an error like don't do this to them i say listen november it
here there is a lot of contradictory shed and psychologists did all of it that some are feel better i get really nervous when i see like when some rights em like i'm actually a doctor i'm actually lawyer i like hulu sorry please don't look over here i don't trust doctors lawyers areas namely the shit filling your has is that school can correct we don't want people i give people who are female jobs or board rodya gautier charity events as stand around and your tuxedos be doubted is oil would have whats the best thing to happen here this week are a good thing you know how to be totally honest there was a thing that happened at work that it was just a tiny moment between me and another writer and i felt bad how i reacted in the moment i wished i just been neutral the whole time but i had like a little i someone kind of sad man i saw them back someone is
i consider a good friend and your sources hurts and i'm yeah i can be super at yeah you gotta know well it comes out and it's like i was raised to assess at death come five and most people are barely like a point to and are and are working on the stands earlier the negative were all just these fragile eggs gone so it was a man the past and it wasn't a big deal in one eye but when i woke up the next morning i was like i need to say something i need to do something that i was irresponsible i felt just bad and the next night he apologized to all thus in front of everybody and it was one of the bravest coolest most mature lake
i can't tell you how it went from me going like eyes is bad feeling and maybe i just needed nor my bad feeling too like oh i work with true adultery and fully developed people so he felt guilty about the incident as well yes and so at national level i didn't like just set it at the table where it happened man that as vulnerable as far its vulnerable it's a very strong in its incredibly immature and i just i swear to god like when we left we walked out getting i just said that meant the world like that was amazing and i feel terrible and you know whatever but it was a it's that kind of thing when you see other people act good for her
then it gives you permission down the same thing definitely and i feel like that's that's leadership like that's he did a thing that with such a leadership move that i couldn't i just respect so much words ass it so hard when you do something even if he had never said a word about it no one of us what it was not a big deal it really wasn't a big deal was fully tonal it doesn't matter the thing happen it matters so much it's on a night there's not like a negative reply it's like what's the word here is neutral but he then an elevated to this matter yes we're just to express like i wish i d it or which i just i don't here i love your lives being vulnerable and makes it makes your interactions and your connections with people so much more meaningful and amy
italy apologise if you think you're in the wrong just do it it will feel so much better like that idea and i'm it's a great irony that i'm the one saying this right now is the hardest thing in the world for me but to be able to just drop your story and drop your act and just go i'm really sorry did that are i'm really i you know like to say what you really feel as opposed to standing behind an argument that actually doesn't matter like in ten years you have never remember the argument but you remember how awful ethiopia and it was that kind of like it wasn't just like an apology it was like a moment that elevated all of us nilsen fearful slender hon happy whore you thanks that was kind of private that eight announcing the fear and we happen and i know it's a he's just cause you sent him but an aim and that's just business here i am i share your and our we re not they were not
i think sir we're never pay no more doing right again erika many so go to my favorite murder all over the internet find us and stay saxon don't get murdered you wanna many worthy of the many me i was a no good tonight
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