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2018-07-16 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a Son of Sam connection and a golf-club wielding nana.

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This is exactly right. Welcome, to the my favorite murder, many sewed and the lights go out. It's a series of a clapping podcast learned, a clap correctly Georgia's going on vacation tomorrow. It's right in real time so here's your minister so yeah. Well, so here's your last look
push of work over you get to go on their king, legally game. Lack of internet cannot stop saying that even now it's Christmas fucking doesn't matter only when we now its end, it feels good does go then ok, saga, hearse do it. This is a mini salaries and us your stories of misfits and made him oh yeah, ok, so real quick next rate in two thousand and seven, he's gonna my relationship and I was of a desktop. It was boring. I hated it. The thing I did all day was red blogs in I fucking loved them and they fired me to start my own blog and start writing and fuckin rests is not history, it's just my life, but they helped me a lot. Then my favorite blogs was the blog ass, the squire
woman, any Larsson Rota, and I just thought she was so fucking hilarious than she is also really open at our mental health issues, and it is really helped me a lot. So now should I fucking friend on Twitter and she fucking message me and told me: she wants to tell us for fucking, hometown murder, and it's just really excited tyrannies. Do its general ass in the blog, assure the but come theory cely happy. Everyone should buy it. It's on top of my seat that machine right now and reading it. So she says. Hey are I love you show and have listened since the beginning.
Fuck. You know that you are the sound, the weird soundtracks my life. Please do not put this letter and between inspiring brave survival stories, because it will make me sound even stupider than I am or do whatever. When I was twenty one, I bought a junkie, ancient washing machine from this guy who scavenge broken appliances and refurbish them. It probably would have been a really good deal if the washing machine didn't break every couple of months, but the repair guy was really nice and when it would crap out he come over our house and fix it forbear money. He seemed nice enough and I lost track of how many times you came to fix the washing machine, not a euphemism. This is important about a year and having a personal, terrible, washing machine butler. The washer broke a final time, but this time it still works, but would make these horrific noises whenever it was on. It sounded like someone getting murdered, low grounds that moved into a blood, curdling scream and then started over again. It was,
super unsettling and once a neighbor came to the door to ask. If I check her male, she was out of town and the washing machine was screaming from the back of the house, and I had to explain that it was not a serial killer, that I was not a serial killer and that my washer was the person screaming. Sure if she believe me, but when I told her to come inside to see she declined, but I'm not sure if it's because she believe me or because she knew this is how you end up chain and sex dungeon fair play to her really the repair guy, but he was in my eye, and so I had to live with the washer. That was that screamed at me like a lunatic. Well, I waited for him to return. My call the turns out that he was not returning my car because someone else had called him to repair a wash. It has a wash her and murdered him Apparently the girl he was dating had a jealous acts, so the murderer called in a fake washer emergency and stabbed him to their own, and then I got freaked out because my wash restarted screaming the same week. He was murdered.
Convinced our washing machine was haunted by the soul of our murdered repairman, a friend who was catholic, stole a big gulp of holy water from her church and we dump it in the rents cycle to try to free his soul, but it didn't work. My husband says: that's because a sandwich from a pipe going bad and not a ghost in the machine, those pretty sure was probably both of those things. So I set a prayer for him and the washing machine and we traded in for a new washer that was less terrifying to this day. That possibly hunted washing machine is why I don't like to do laundry and also I'm really lazy, hugs genuine. Well, I totally thought it was gonna, be the hair, and that was good. Mislead repairman you give beer. Money too, is legs bound to be a murderer and also somebody disposal european demand, but it keeps breaking re like doing here bowing to get into your house that awful successor like it really was a nice repairman in just one in beer, money, murder might listen. You love his life's acts. Turrible around this.
This is, though, time I woke up, took coke had watching measly, hey guys very new listener, but I've been bending episodes for the integrity of my eight hour shifts and absorbing hours of murder each day. Thank you so much when I graduated eyes glowing almost immediately moved out of my parents house and was living with a roommate right outside the bad part of town. My street was relatively calm. In fact, all of the police presence in the neighborhood was caused directly by my next door. Neighbor he was a drug dealer. He and I had very few interaction, saying hi at the mailbox waving if we got home from work at the same time him offering me free coke. If I come to one of his party's, I never took em up on it, not because I want to turn to hunt for your book, because something always seemed a little off with him. I guess
a prism or to renounce I've always been been very careful to lock the doors and windows at night, very good for one night after double checking all the doors I take to sleeping pills and go to bed, and I made a few hours later. I start to wake up, which was weird because when I take sleeping pills, I'm usually can't until more initiative to yeah Jesus. When I woke up I rolled over to check my phone, I looked down on the floor and my neighbors sitting on my king me, sleep, after a minute to process what was going on, I push him out of my room and downstairs to the door, which is still locked. Since I was foggy from the sleeping pills. It took me a solid thirty minutes to remember that I should call the police by the time they arrive. His car is long gone and his driveway
Oh from his driveway, the police arrive and immediately notice that the garage door has been pride open since he was long gone. The officers said they keep an eye out for him and keeping a patrol car station at the house. They never found, and, needless to say, my roommate nigh moved out of that place. The very next day I later found that he had just previously been arrested for sexual assault and had several warrants out for his arrest, as as it turns key fled to Colorado after he broke into my house a few months later, he was in a horrible Carson and broke his pelvis. So even though he hadn't been charged for breaking at my house, I felt like I got a little bit of cosmic justice, I'm so lucky that, for whatever reason my cheap sleeping pills decided not to work that night or God knows what would have happened- remember to lock your doors at night and know that having a garage is basically a death wish. So you know as as DVD Phoebe
Oh no! I don't. I worry about garages now to that's, not it's not true. Yeah, plus you just lock the door to the garage exactly right and put one of those things under the door. Not, but they sell. You know a chair, no one's. It looked like a crutch. It's like a new step it under the door. Not yet there there's plenty of ways to get all oh up in your house, has asked us to get a pebble. Yes, I highly recommend several dogs. Yes, ok, that's too! Ok, the son of SAM trying to kill my aunt shed. We get a lot of le Monde almost got picked up. I TED Bundy is yonder. Those are the first on us and when I read so Seventy is in yunkers no intro o. Does I write a hundred percent, not even a greeting in Yonkers New York, my aunt was almost shot by David Berkowitz. My aunt Patty was blood. Was a blonde beautiful teenager from Yonkers? Oh, I don't know, I like
I love that yunkers is in place and then blonde beautiful teenagers lived there. I imagine Patty was too was the type of person who had to go up in smoke. At the same time, oh my guy that loudly both one day,
during the summer, my aunt and her friends or hang on to stoop my aunt was sitting her friend was standing right next to her. They were just hanging out probably chain smoking when all of a sudden, her friend get shot right in the new cap. Fuck, no one saw anyone or knew why her friend would get shot, not very long after David Berkowitz astounding police gas that he was going to shoot my aunt but missed and hit her friends need that was right next to her head. Shall I only found this out because my dog Zilla a six month old, Mastiff yawned and it sounded like she said hello. I made a son of SAM joke which just like, or I read that I was like. I love you. Yes, she said I made us understand joke. As one does and my dad just plainly said he almost killed out batty This is why I am reading this one, because this, Mc Taylor, is sitting at home with her dad and her fucking
The dog yarn as it sounds like it says, hello and her joke- is about son of SAM with her dad in her that aid like it's just I too, we are and what I want the block listeners, TB and also the dead dead there's. This is clearly not a family story. I heard dad's like oh now that you mention where nobody can talk about some guy, oh yeah. Oh, he was guilty party paddy. I meant to tell you. You know Europe Patty. I lost my shit and had to know everything. Well, I immediately thought of you guys when I heard it thinks, are eating and making my commute a million times better SSC Gm Keller. That's amazing talking. Mastiff would be the best thing ever I mean share. All they want is an order that go in a row, row row row for you to get a husky, apparently they're the ones do huskies other ones yeah. You may speak English and send us your husky sing I say I was out of the IRA. I try and get him to say to them.
Wow this subject. Line of this is surprise party with my friend and a fugitive high. Ladies and gentlemen, I spent my formative years growing up in a suburban part of Austin Texas, known as Westlake Hills in two thousand. I just graduated from high school and my friends and I we're gonna, throw a surprise party at my parents house from my french colleagues who happen to live across the street. For me as part
the party preparation of friend was supposed to take collar out for ice cream and then stopped by my house to see if I was home to hang out all of our cars had car pulled in part way down the street, so he wouldn T familiar cars outside my house about five or six friends, and I were hanging out of my house waiting for the last party guest clay who was arriving late. We were chilling watching tv when a special news report, name on saying that someone had just been stabbed in the parking lot of them. All that happened to be about maybe two miles away from my house. The assailant had fled the scene and police were currently on a man hunt for a guy wearing a great t, shirt and black short, like I went to lock the front door because I'm not a goddamn moron debate, then clay pulled up in his very conspicuous classic car and started to come to the door. I yelled park down the street dumb ass, a surprise at Berkeley, clay, hadn't sugar ray it's the Austin ME clay, got the message and drove off, and I locked the door and go back to the news. We realise about fifteen minutes later that clay hadn't come back yet parking down. The street should have taken five minutes at the most. We joke that the fugitive had found an eminently had been inducted. Then twenty minutes, and we will realise that that
actually have happened and we are being dicks, and so we started to worry about twenty five minutes after leaving to bark is car a very sweaty clavering adorable, and we asked him what the hell happened. He explained that, because he's budget crazy, he decided to park nearly a mile away in an undeveloped part of the subdivision and then run home another sign of back shit, craziness running for fund. Since he had been at work. He had no idea that there was a fugitive stabber on the lose my neighbours. Can it be that you should just ever and that running to my house might not be the best idea. Then
he proceeded to tell us that the weirdest thing- Half- oh, my god when he was running in the completely under developed undeveloped, wooded part of the road. A random do just jumped out of the book, started running away, play being of the absurdly pleasant person that he is said, hi to Hell of creepy Bush dared kind of way of. Instead, hey I'm in spring critical. When we asked him what the guy was wearing without prompting he said, grace shirt and black shorts. Why and that's when we told them tat he had.
Exchange pleasantries with a guy was on the run from the police for stabbing someone half an hour before my once colony arrived. I think he enjoyed the story of Claes brush with death even better than the surprise party. We plan worm later that night. They did catch Mr Stabber and the woman from them all survive with minor injury. He apparently wasn't even good at stabbing I've more stories from my time as a prosecutor was but I'll save those for another email can't wait to see you guys in airline hollowing, say sexy, don't run alone at night. Came a method is no hurry because centurions I thought clay was going to be the murderer re over them and then your friend knock on the door with great sure and black pan exactly and then you're like, but we invited I'm. So should we still coming to the party. Get mouth. Watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal, kid they make
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since Cobb, sometimes things hidden in oils come out on their own blood. High, when my brother and I were younger, we had a lot of pets. My brother had a number of snakes over the years, but only one was actually memorable. The snakes never had names for some reason, but this one was a corn snake that was about twelve inches long. We got it and had a brown gray colouring anyway. One day my brother notices that the snake isn't in its cage. Anymore he's had happened before with other snakes and they would turn up a few days later maybe it's because you are using a k, he was so everyone kind of method, mare meant it off and feared it would turn up or get out of the house. We never see it again. The sounds like the fucking. Definition of the eighty is yes, I corn snake, when our hurry fast forward a few years now and my brother and I am at our- are at home with our seventy something yr old.
Suddenly something old, lady baby sitter were sitting in the living room watching TV, the labelling as a fireplace which covers an entire wall.
Nineteen, seventy ass night from floor to ceiling with Gray Brown, brick colouring of colored, brick sore watching tv, and I get bored I'm starting off into space and noticed the fireplace bricks are moving. I think it's just my imagination says now about it, my daydreaming sands and it's the snake. It's a whole lot, bigger it out like four feet long. He must have been eating good all those years you ve been living on their terrifying. Also, this happens is worse net. You know he can even like. If we're watching tv innocent come on, he he can't yoda away. No says tunnels are so. I casually pointed out like oh there's a snake and the baby sitter loses her shit starts running around saying she's, going to call the fire department or whatever my brother, and I are still like and just checked our feet up and kept watching tv. Babysitter call my moment she comes home, my mom walks in like a boss, ass bitch and robs the snake with their bare hands. This thing is freaking mean now, so it's trying to bite her when she grabs it. Of course, my mom is professional. Snake grabber sushi grab it in the middle of the bodies that are behind the head, so it could twist around and try to bite a lot easier. Now. My mom wrangles this thing into a kitchen pot and puts the lid on it and then they write it could get it could get it.
I can't eat up anyway. She take the lead on the pie and my brother out corn snake bites foreign snake. This tape, the next day we took it or local pet store and sold that fucker for, like five hundred bucks yeah anyway, keep what what you're doing Alexandra may be the best things in the wall story we heads over. It doesn't even really help
I don't know. Sometimes your story knows them. There was so much so that sometimes things hidden and walls come out on their own, like how could Stephen not open that emailed so good, but also the idea that the snake it's out of its aquarium or whatever, hopefully, glass walled container and then just is like I'm staying in this house, there's that football over there I m sure they have corn somewhere in the house. My images like around now and then re some kind of bugs whatever gap, but then just like Gregson Ammo fly bet. It lived in that fucking brick wall for years that they mean like they stared at yeah. I love that snake. I love.
I too have you see. I've sent you that give of the that insane huge snake and the woman catches it like girls in Australia and she's, just like cashmere, it's like their next to a lake, the other hampering racy snake right, Stephen comes out her from the water re. Yes, inch, look up that, like lady catches, snake give unless your vents, who doesn't less mosebach upon us anyway, the eyes like MR. He doesn't like anything about the spot arena as such. Proclaimed light hearted later. If you put light hearted in your email, that's always helpful to you, because then we know how to end on something. Yanks act are in your subject line, so it
this budget line is Gulf wielding grandmother, light hearted freight. I care in Georgia, Stephen and animals. I stumbled upon your show recently and it has made my commute to work and law school so much more enjoyable, I did them. I did make the mistake of listening to your episode about the leaf man, too, close to bedtime and end up sleeping when the lights on, because obviously murders wait until you turn, but otherwise I'm so impressed with your wonderful mix of humor and trudged D. With these dark and fascinating story, I think thanks my hometown isn't about a murder but an attempted robbery. One day, my grandma phone to say that she was in the hospital for a broken arm, which, on its face, seems rather ordinary. However, the story comes out that my grandma woke up in the middle of the night to noise is coming from down the hall. She lives alone and doesn't have any pets if she knew something was naturally, she grabs one of my grandpas old golf clubs, niecks out of her room to investigate and finds a large man rifling through her things in the living room. At this point, most people would call for help, but apparently my bad s grandma thought that she would handle this situation. After all, she had lived through world war. Two in Latvia, perceptually families row is that re fuck yeah. So,
She was forced to flee to the: U S: Ass, a teenager after some of her family were killed. Yoshida she's, not fucking, since T doesn't scare easy. So she looked around her house to make sure the man was alone. Smart pump out Kirk with her golf club raised and started beating the time over the head, while shouting at him in Latvia, he was so startled and probably can cost and dropped witty grab resisted the grandma attack. Very briefly, which has won my grandma's Armas broken my kind then led into the night. He was never caught by the police, but thankfully he also never returned afterwards. My mom gave my grandma lecture about the importance of calling the cop assess risks of attacking intruders without knowing, if their armed or not, and how she could have made an escape. Instead, my grandma promised that she would be more responsible, but when we visited her next, we discovered that she had placed a golf club in every room of Earth Guerrero Anyways year. Awesome so make sure you say sexy and always carry a golf club, Love erika, oh my god, yeah latvian ground mining, take share. She couldn't hit that hard. With that re lake, I mean fund a surprise. The shit out of this two year will probably her and maybe like knocked him a little yeah less but ia, and then also this woman screaming at you in a foreign language. Yeah
wow that again credible. I, like that one yeah, they were all amazement, Gray, Ellison any story. You that's fucking, crazy to send them to us. My favorite rhetoric gmail and stay sexy and don't get murderer than I do want to cookie. Lucky
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