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This week’s hometowns include true love at the morgue and a rigor mortis story.

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This is exactly right. Do you like August, I I guess and dealing by casting it will work on them to my favorite murder, the many sewed. Where is basically european gas? We just tell it to you, but we make a shorter than the other one yeah cause it's not about us, that's right and it's ours. I might end
it's ours, so don't try to take a fuckin cut. Are you ready for the first female of my series of grandparents email with a lover by by charts not onto not intentionally by short sighted purely by shots at first? When is don't trust? Anyone not even young grandma, a hundred hello
since we are now just talking about anything. Tat might be funny that might lead and lessons on trust. I thought I would take this time to tell you about my bad ass. Grandma bobbio Bobby literally makes my eyes water tiers of people dying of other guys, but which I was my best friend and yes, her name is actually Bobby Joe Oklahoma. Young people used to ask if she was upset that we didn't color by a normal grandma name to which she would reply, don't care if they call me shit as long as they call me some, oh, my god, my god with they just don't call me late for dinner, collapsing killed. I love it. I have a story that I will try to make short. That illustrates why Bobby is such a b? A m f
I am out of their father and mother and my total role model when I was a small, you think, I'm not a giant s. Youth smile, you mom, is a small ute. She took me to the park and tried to convince me to go down the slide which might as well have been Mount doomed. My toddler Selden. She found the convinced than convinced me. It would be ok by standing at the bottom, with a promise to catch me with eleven trust. In my favor person I ever came, I fear for her to step out of the way, Ike overcame. I fear only first and out of the way and let me eat an entire faithful of garbage.
After I stop screaming Bobby dusted. Me off, gave me my most important lifeless, and this is a lesson we don't trust anyone, not even your own grandma, who are harsh but really applicable to everyday life. It is, she touched her own grandma. It keeps you and your toes just taught me that we only get one shot at life and they have to constantly be looking out for our star player, which is ourselves I dunno at an early lesson and early lesson of fuck politeness she shape man do. I am and helps me Sd Gm Everyday thanks, Regan, Regan, I arrived, I Regan allow many baby angel, it's the best she's right, sheetrock you'd, like a man, I'm not arguing Bobby Job, but I have time there's like gonna, be five people in, like let's say, live a hundred years, that you should trust the true one
but please, your grandparents okay, there will be other people who use em, see, I think, from someone who trusts No, I'm not one person the end in it hurts and is not healthy, but I will say this and yes, maybe a toddler might have been too young for that lesson. But I will say this it that that eating a faithful under is going to happen at some point and it's like Bobby Joe wanted to be there when it happened to her. So she could be like a right, not pick yourself back up, that's how it goes and I kind of like south upwards. It don't try ever again, no no it's just saying. If you're gonna do something you can't, we expect people to stand there, catching you and and doing about us it like self sufficient. They egg due on, come, come down. Then I guess I'm getting triggered a little because one eye when my sweet baby nephew Joe was like a year and a half I like was like outside the park.
We'll be gray and like I followed him around and like major opening hours a day, and he went over to this slide, which I now know was the big could sign. Yet nobody walked over to it that it was this thing and he got on it and went down it and this fuckin sweet man. Thank God, was at the bottom of the slide and like one handed scooped him up before he fell, face, for it was the big issues like this. Why am I didn't know? There is a difference between slide ray and you're. Just gonna stand on the sidelines go over, but I was like mine, I'm in news like that. I'm gonna go down as unlike yea gray, yeah I didn't know and then halfway down those like. Oh no he's rearing right off of this month. We went over the side you and over the scientists, fuckin lovely man. Thank you, fuck injuries and like it was a little group of parents and they were
looking at me in horror, and they just want I'm the at their up, he laughed with my sister was like it's really hard to break a kid. Yes thinker, you know their teeth, go up from their lips all the way and they get new ones. He has every right. I also that happen to me. One time I took nor to the park when she too, and she was an early walker talkers. Oh, you definitely trust her to live here. Just like, oh, you know, I don't just stupid shit and she did this thing where she ran up this round and I was kind of walking next to her, but I was far enough away where I was like just watching our walk of the ramp. I was actually thinking, maybe taking a picture of her and she got to a certain point on the incline and just fell backwards, and I somehow move like six feet in an instant and caught her by the headline hilted her back up and then she just kept going like that. She's. Like me, in
parents send us emails of stories of wing almost killed your kid. I know my mom dropped, my brother and the very beginning and the like, send US stories, are almost like new parent sending like almost killing your cat. Oh you mean like this. I my mom tripped over my highchair and knocked it over, and I went down face first and cut my head open that that when I still that's, that's gonna write their holy shit. Shit out. She killed me yeah yeah, yeah yeah send us those it's meant a while, but also if it some some kind of would please do not veer into weird child abuse. You know, there's people have been scarred for life because they work for America's funny. Some videos and people send in things you're like this is funny right. We put our kid in a thing and ass. We don't want to hear things. Were your family interprets hating kids in the face differently than other people. You know, let's have some lets us unhealthy, parameter, healthy
accidents its accidents that dear parents would never want. It's none of your leg, lyric material lessened by putting it on a hot car at European and have that kind of your parents did on accident like she says those bunny stories of like I didn't know it. Parenting was like, and then I did this thing and now I get it, but that down. Let me read you a story quainter, I'm here. For Ok see you look like you're about to go again because I've talked so much of this is God my friend was stabbed twenty two times in my dad protected Timothy Mcveigh. Woe Phanfasm ten listener for same writer, tipsy at a bachelor party last weekend. I finally have the nerve to ask my friend if he would mind if I wrote in to you all about his story, so my dear he gave me the green light last summer, my friend Dan was living in a house with some friends and his college town Oregon the two roommates with their varying, though, with their own rooms and him and his girlfriend that was staying over where we're in his room we get
I don't have to read it correctly. You gonna do I gotta hit on very early Tuesday morning, this crazy guy that thing for Danzig, then girlfriend attempted to set the house on fire with everyone in one that I couldn't get the house to set fire think he Oregon rain. He decided to break in Greece the biggest knife he could find in the kitchen and began his attack this cycle? from room to room attacking each other roommates before damn his girlfriend were woken up by the commotion and ran through the hall ass. He was going on when they enter the hallway. They too were attacked. My friends, and everyone was kind of frozen in shock and sure what to do, but him being the bad ass. He is began trying to fight this guy off all in all Dan was stabbed twenty two tiles and send to the icy you. Luckily, he and all involved survived wow Twitter was this organised around our finnish. Maybe sounds really familiar. Excuse me, the piece of
that has happened them had just been released from jail a day earlier on bond for robbery and drug charges and illness has seriously what the fuck I wasn't sure which short sentence, and since I knew and went to high school with Morgan Harrington, I e the murders of Hannah, Graham and Morgan, Ten by Jesse, Matthew, Junior item eleven
and my family as a long list of federal agents and military officials. As you wish, Marshall, my dad was once in charge of protecting Timothy Mcveigh wow at a safe house before his trial. Jesus that's in tax. According to dear old dad Mcveigh was a total military. Wanna, be dish that kept a military type crew cut and always answered with a yes and no sir, as if there were some as if he were some type of soldier can't wait to see on Portland enough. It says dvd, I carried that is so one airy, but you can survive, you can survive and he fought like he basically stopped and kept everyone else alive to he thought and save the day, an Oscar SAM tone what you're times but like made it. So that's Just this right now made touching your hand
Having you one three, four five, just a light: fingernail I don't need another long willing and ale she's isn't kitchen. I I brought this them home, moved, don't move of setting like twenty two, the repetition of it. That's what I was thinking when I watch I survived and people keep talking about like and it ends up. They were stabbed. You know anything over without war. Their language of art is like there's also time between each. So it's like not one to three. It's like one too three for fighting fighting right down the hallway emanate. Punch kick yeah twenty fuckin too. That's Nantes, o YE, good job all involve I'm so glad you're still alive. So now, on a lighter note, true love at the morgue.
Dear Karen Georgia, for babies and see that they gotta do it and it is an act of rebellion. Now I'm a relatively new murdering, oh yeah, we can tell- and I just joined the fan, call yesterday. She wrote that their, but then I acted out my own passion great. I swear this progress is changed. My whole world, with all the stress and anxiety I face on a daily basis. I can always turned to this part cast for sometimes creepy, but hilarious, relieve moors yours and anxiety at Euro a different kind. So valiantly speaking of creepy unholy areas, I thought you would get a kick out of how my parents met It was June. Second, nineteen. Eighty five in Cambridge Massachusetts, my mom, who is a registered nurse, now was working one of her first graveyards it shifts at the hospital. My dad was an orderly at the same hospital. I already love the Somalia working to pay his way through college. It was around one I am on my dad was told to brand deceased female body down to the morgue. According to the law
a mail, is not allowed to bring a dead female body down to them more land back her up. That's that's. It happened so modest. They had to pass a law is that in the in the rule, cause he's gonna fuck her now your your ears, Oh, my God is among its that's, how much happen that they had to pass along this cry anyway. That's good, at least in theory. At least get past happened here, thinking she was being haze at her new job. My mother was told to accompany him on the what seemed like mile walk to the morgue. My dad could sense. My mom's discomfort Jesus and began to try to crack jokes to make, as you'd probably tells did not work once they got into the morgue. My dad
again, trying to be funny started to introduce the body to the other bodies, or after this bit he turned around, and my mother was gone. How am I gonna like if they had never talked again? He would have just been this creepy fucking. Do you would have been the creepy as an absolute? I am nevertheless got killed after about two months of corn, quote platonic breakfast dates and persistent flirting, my mom dumped her loser boyfriend and went on an official date with my dad on August, twenty six nineteen, eighty four thirty one years later there still as happy as Ever- and I couldn't be more blessed- have such awesome parents so shadow to eighty six year old name rejected without your death to emphysema. My parents would have never met, and I wouldn't be here today. I hope you are happily resting Mps Sexy States actually Ladys November, that you can find love and friendship anywhere literally.
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About some bones: my name is Sammy, I'm twenty eight and I live in Polina Montana. Tease Montana. Yes, it is, and I think it's Helena Helena Montana Grey I bought my house just after my twenty second birthday, which is clearly a montana. They cost twenty dollars. My house key and the neighbourhood in which I live was built on an old cemetery than information by Sir Pelleas and that weird, but in our ears, but in our case there still around sixteen hundred bodies buried under our whole. So it was twenty dollars that has spoken ray. The cemetery was established in the mid agent hundred by the catholic church. It was used until nineteen o five when the church open what was then and still is called resurrection. Cemetery doc. Fucking name, a cemetery
I'm a writer reddish asking for it for sure yeah. It's called goes: taunt ghost hunting cemetery, it's it's called zombie central. Yet I'm a good luck! Sleeping like an animal epidemic, it's called walking dead, dream the Helena Montana Chapter, it's about three miles north of my house. Naturally, the old graveside cell into disrepair over the next six years. I love those place. I mean becoming overgrown vandalized and almost indistinguishable from the properties around it. Ok, I want to live near moonless. My friend, Kate, in Portland, hide like her her view outside. Of her front window is just like an old cemetery. Like my dream, that's kind of amazing imaging going to get a glass of water in the middle of the night and just looking outside. I know everyone smaller wake up, because I wake up almost every night at three M, like everyone swallow respond to a text of yours, gas ended at eleven thirty minutes by them ivory. I've always smells early fall asleep. Everyone will get a glass of water and my,
I live on a dead end street like it's kind of far away. It's not near much scare me, I'm the address. They re map this every once in a while I'll go I'll just kind of step out. The front room just cause, I'm like just walking around with a glass of water and there's just somebody standing upright my house. Oh shit and disregard the velvet apologize and he's peers, and what, by its happened twice where one time it was like, I look like a young person walking away, but it was. I was like just standing. There go like it's three in the morning. What're you doing one guy was the edges. Visigoths standing. Do you like memorize with their wearing case the cops into here from You know what I do is I trust that George
yeah she's sensitive areas and there are barking, there's evidence she still asleep. So I'm like I'm antitrust. This is fine. I just scared the ever loving shit out of elvers Elvis's settling back into his spot right. Nobody, like I, mean you're me. I don't fucking touch me again. Don't let me finish this plea that we blew about. They didn't tell him we're ok here, yet nineteen sixty nine, a local high school booster club took it on eight quote cap, cemetery took a catholic cemetery as a project and just fucking removed all the headstone and hold them off according to one of my neighbours, they clean. This play signs are new projects losing deadlock, but anyone who matter to anyone, but they didn't tell anyone where they were taking them real shyster like and then turn the cemetery into a neighborhood park.
Sixty nine. This is the plot of poultry away misleading. Apparently they contact with family members of those with mark graves, advising them to relocate. Their loved ones remains, but less than five percent of them even responded because, like this is air from the very start, Deah tracked him of your great grandpas body, gray, Grandpa
makes several decades ago? How is that my job how's that my job ninety six years later? Another would like this. A club do something this year and the like we're gonna, move all the graves and make everything hunter and give everybody to do list so Mccall Tsars Pence end. Also, then, what your shopping for a new some Syria park in fucking, whereas as Montana, where there's marks everywhere are great, so they just move that so they just mode over that shit and called it Robinson park gazing at there's, been lots of remains and earth buy back home in excavators during utility work, since the eighties I'll attaches to view the articles available in the cities, archives, Instagram, what's up, including one about someone just stumbling upon all those headstones that originally removed and dumped and gravel pit in our North Valley, one of my favorites from nineteen anyone quotes my neighbour richer, heard Richard saying that the cemetery residents are great neighbours whom he has never had any problems with now works at her dad Joe seriously love standing there, those hands on his hands, no I've, never out of brought there have been so quiet. My love, Richard of other. He goes on to mention that his side of the cemetery is where they buried children, sellers, definitely, babies buried on his property. Also,
I quote the park is an asset and much better than a dirty old cemetery. Am I a Catholic and then it says what the FUCK dick anyway, the most recent skeleton was discovered. I may theories about four feet under the tree next door by workers doing utility work, the brand new condos being built real quick. I hate people, but I can't fucking way too casually tell the new residents while pretending to do something in my arm. I'm worried Dick is gonna, be mutual dependence, though, if you will, thanks for all the lapse, Sammy Sammy, I love you getting over your fear, people and hatred of people to tell them as you're doing bullshit yard work about their say, Sammy amen right now. I'm writing a horror films and it's it's called a hunted, condo and you're. The fucking star I mean, can kiss, can you imagine so their building like a development on top of baby cemetery,
Sturbed, baby, cemetery, scary old, Richard next origin alike, is like the two enamored fuckin dead, detailed, literally dying, my guy eleven years only wanted was when might like childhood was to be. But the cemetery like not really about Jerusalem, interesting to have an interesting and creeping. Yes, ok will hear something similar is called hair rollers in Riga, Mortis, Hey Karen Georgia and CO? Loving you
as are the best they purchased in your in one of your earlier podcast. You guys talked about being curious about Regan more to this than I am and thought you might want. My rig immortal story involves my grandma. It's not a story of outward immortal. Setting in my grandma dont worry. This is her story. She told me so ok, my grandma was a politician in this tiny town outside wished. Wichita Kansas here we're doing full on mid way, asked hard core grandma stories and she was super. Well liked in this tiny town, everyone newer and every lady went to her to get their hair done
well, one of her clients were aware. One of a regular clients died natural causes. All good husband really wanted her hair to be set the same way as it always was so shampoos that motherfucker yeah. So he asked my grandma to come to the funeral home to do her hair. She agreed and went to the funeral home. She was putting the hare rulers in her hair when all of a sudden, the muscle start contracting and the body sits straight up from the table. It took my grandma two seconds to run completely out of the general home. My dad always told me that she ran through screen door, but my grandma never told me that I should be studied in rather an actual wall. It was the shape of her body. I who it was a card, but that story as always brought smiles my face. I love to think that sweet christian woman just trying to do here and a dead body sits up on urban anyways. You guys are amazing. They give Roy Tuesdays eggs, you don't get murdered, Casey, L, a credible, and I mean talk about.
I would never stop screaming. I would never resolutely life that girl, who fuckin just couldn't stop screaming, but you the Good NEWS, is she knew the lady it was like. I worked for the Morgan I was just some strangers deadline should be like. If someone sat up, then you really like Elaine what is coming after me, much casinos as like nice, cookies, rail and really good gossip misuse. One last is bright bit of tv shows you once that shampoo sat down re on flat in the back, my Grammy's to have me spray migrants every week fur like since I feel like the last forty years where life went to that. What we called the duty, but it wasn't. A data shopping cover, the shooting bottom and gotta shampoo, sat and in between during the week would make me spread and also pluck out her chin here yeah had been sent the Thelma I'm on it so we started doing unboxing videos, for the fan called. So basically, we get sent these incredible like crafty interesting gifts from
listeners and were opening them camera like. That's all it. As you know, on Bobby I sign its grad leg and then you can see. I wish it. We got because it's really fuckin cool, and this is why we are trying to be little tab. Lady about the last one to the last one we didn't wear make up, because we were just like we're tired. We have to shoot this gang. Who cares? just do it. You know you can get one of those. It looks like it's the national choir, where some unconscious of the gas station with no make of wine and like oh, my God, there such hag, but so this when we got- and we wanted to read the letter- the letter from it, because it so lovely so, ok because, dear friends, two years ago, Dana Marie that's like her. And two years ago, Diana Marie we'd, never write a letter like this or send a box like this anxiety has lied to me. My entire life kinsmen convince me. I had nothing to offer them ideas, weren't valid my hard work in vain and my success. Temporary flukes,
I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it bears repeating. You three have changed my life, Stephen, I think that's. You would not have any random around you're in it and of every twenty. Sixteen. My friend suddenly asked me like true crime stuff, and it just says for emphasis. Yes, please. She told me to check the show out and my bench, the entire available catalogue and just two days, Jesus Fight without twenty sixteen says whether it was only for episode was no handling. I really like those men. Three days later I'll keep finding. My people meant the world to me. They there were huge lessons being taught between the stories. The cases were interesting, but for me it was everything else that really mattered. My dad- and I were always the quote- weird ones who bonded over the first forty eight and forensic files. He passed his copies of seeing kingdom me as soon as I finish them. Why measured, empathetic, inclusive, feminist and animal loving he? The person I felt most I felt most got me in the entire world. I could
way to go home and a few months and introduce him to the pot gas, because you know I'd need to do all the a key stuff for him because dad she couldn't just about it. Of course, in February twenty seventeen he passed away suddenly and among other things, I'm sorry. I never got to share you with him, because I know he would have loved you too. In the Terribly impossibly difficult time since I lost him, I worked very hard to honour his legacy pig upon his reoccurring, monthly donations to plan parenthood, ACL you and Saint Jews living each day, as fully as I can and making a difference. Thank saying thank you and I love you and shining my light, helping us others to do the same. In November. Twenty seventeen a full year did the day that asserted listens. The show I bought myself a single ticket to your show in temper. I was in town to run my first ever run Disney five k in honour of my dad Disney world being another thing we shared a love of
that same morning and capping it off with an M Fm show seemed necessary. It was ask me decision that I tried talking myself out of, but I needed to do it and the stars aligned and I'd miss the Baltimore show, and I could hear my dad's voice telling me not to put off the things that bring me joy. So I went by myself: and I sat next to the sweetest Moreno, who talked me back, who who walk
in fact, in my car, with her boyfriend after the show, ah all caps because active serial killer, that's right. They entail by Mr Deva. There is an active serial killer, there's right so on theme, Yankee Florida. That day no exaggeration was a turning point in my life and doing things I wanted and needed to do and telling anxiety to fuck that how? Ah yes, my dad's birthday is next week and it will be the second one we ve had without him. I know I will. I will be a rack and I have been looking for ways to pay it forward in advance. Maybe I could create a cloud of happiness to pass the empty space, so I wanted to say I love you guys. I love the work you do and the people you elevate. I love. Incredibly transparent nature of your ongoing efforts with your mental health. I love you support and appreciate. I love how important and appreciative you are the community that has sprung up around you. I love you, don't feel I dont feel alone anymore. While I could never
adequately express my gratitude with words, but as an artist, I find it pretty easy to do visually. I hope you love everything. Apologies to Georgian Frank for invading their privacy Thank you for everything. Ssc Gm eleven lie Dana Mary and her, so she makes this art look shit she made for us is like ex level like for the rest of my life. I well fucking cherish this. It seems like it later. Like what are you put on the praying handles would like an altar. Like an Lena like yeah like we're saints, but we all have our pets around us and then the really beautiful some go to add mighty pigeon underscore art uninstall round to see how this us and also watch the Unboxing video join the faculty and watch them boxing videos and see what she sent a ceaseless our minds at such beautiful staff data Marie back in
I can't believe she now she needs. This needs to be her art for the rest of her life. She so talented, like so incredibly talented, will end the cool thing too. Is it that story? We hear that story so much in a vip line when we get to meet people after shows when they say I had two tickets, my friend opt out, I wasn't gonna come, I did it anyway. I can't believe I'm here. I met this person and that person one bat like you, wait in the vip line, and you end up talking to people and now we're friends. We ll actually work in this in industry or whatever the fact yes like people, because their murderous does in their own town, their meaning everybody. Basically in it's like this, it's like it's it's a con for before those people in that town. I see that like eleven, that the citizen, what are they cut? Sip in paint
the like me a drink and paint wine and paint annoying Canaanites there's like a punishment. It's called wine and paint knife, and here I will accept, span that's out of hand, but a lot of people have these, like the organizers, like wine, drink and paint nights in the paint and a thing from its billina from the pot casements like just such a beautiful community. An raise money usually like five hundred was just did they destroyed it and raised like two hundred bucks in they just tweeted it to us a camera
what city it was, you remember steam and the backlog like really incredible limit and they like it's fun and like as someone who, like can't just show up to a thing like you're supposed to talk like the painting parties really cool here, you are to do either the game knight said bars or labelling were replaying, might evermore bingo. It's not just like. You have to try to talk to people and the people that are there like what we get excited about because its people telling us about it, and then we just pass on the words of the people. But it's you dont have to break ice. You don't have to introduce yourself, you not to fucking, do anything because you're walking into a room full of people that are just like yeah in terms of anxiety in terms of wanting to be their despite that what their brain is doing to downright and that's how like we relate to that so much in it and is so exciting, because I can't tell you how often my brain is like stay home lay down you're the only one here who is uncomfortable. Every one thing they can tell your uncomfortable, like that's, not true, in fact its exact opposite. That's why everyone on confidante, Emory sang Lange's, eighty fuckin lied to me ass, a hundred percent- that's all it does inside is a liar and it wants to call him quote: keep you safe. We
just keep you alone and isolate you so that you don't have anything happen to you, because yeah. It's as if something, so we can have new, and so when you can just just testing just, do do sometimes and prove yourself. It's not true, and make some friends long away, aiming where the final payment that can picture or whatever it was in a wooden ville. Washington was the. Let us pay night! Oh yeah resolve Elvis's yeah yeah, thou rights calls this girl. I had themselves at. I want them to send them all to me, and I want this serious blank wall and my fucking apartment. My I don't actually see a blank, or are you calling me knockings, no fighting to look at your lawyer? You you want them to send them all. We should actually take a picture right now. What this laughed looks like in the kind of air
Is that a blank while it is, but I mean so you're saying you want to appear as in seeing as you possibly can look at your house under reserve. It's your own well said Mister stories, your weird shit happens. You must get killed, layer, mom or dad my favorite murder, Gmail, any thanks for all your gifts and thanks for these, your lovely words and the way you guys are there for each other. It makes us look real good and safe sex and tone kept murdered by ETA Ellis. Why cookie? The boy
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