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2018-10-08 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a creepy ghost story and bank robbery coincidences. 

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This is exactly right. And began and we're goin welcome. This is my favorite murder, the many sewed where we are many we're so tiny on tv we shrink down. Oh you story. If we have a cuban tiny and you send us your hometown, murders things that you found in your parliament stuff your grandparents of death, it kid really be anything. We love stories and that's what we're about to read. You write any or maybe to go for. Should I go oh please do I did last first, then In that case, this is called being locked in.
Hard trunk, is not as much fun as it seems so just starts. I grew up in a late eighty than early Ninetys with numerous siblings unnaturally. My family drove a station wagon. It was a classic blue with wood, paneling, no seatbelts, no car seats. We just rural around the back, as my mom drove around clueless too, how
Our death could be imminent with just the right accident. Anyhow, the station wagon was the only car I was familiar with until my dad but of second hand lay car, so I didn't have to write his bike back and forth work any longer. He bought a bright red nineteen, eighty mercury, Cougar and immediately the or so impressed by the trunk, because station wagons didn't have one year the trade we had never seen such a wondrous contraption we're so curious what it was like to write in the trunk that we began asking to rident everywhere we when we were lightless, we wouldn't take no for an answer. We couldn't spend more than ten minutes together without fighting, but somehow decided to be shoved being shoved together in a pitch. Black trunk sounded like a great idea. Dad said no, but nevertheless we persist as you're finally went. I he agreed that two of us could ride to Walmart in the trunk, while the other shoe could ride in the trunk on the way back home,
Regarding its alarm, I am, I somehow managed to lose my family as they shopped and wandered around Walmart lost alone for hours, at least that's how I felt my five year old mine. I found them at last and they were loading up. The groceries in the parking lot is paid and fuckin laddie, thereby behind us shall find us. I don't know it better than it is clearly they were less concerned about me being missing. Then I was because they went about their business, but I was frantic. I was crying so hard that my dad scoop me up. Hug me tied and then gently place me inside the trunk, rehashing me to watch your hair ass. He closed me and my sister inside a ride. My trunk was everything you can imagine it to be a hot dark bumpy.
My sister gale! You stop touching her as we flopped around back there and, oh, my God did, did they have my elder sisters, their sister? I was grateful. The trip was only ten minutes long when we were letter, the trunk. I remember thinking I'd, never do that again and went about my day playing until thirty minutes later, when the police show up at our door to Questionest. Yes, someone saw my dad plays a crying child in the trunk har derive away after my dad convincing we're all his children, he hadn't scrap snatched any of us. They spoke to each of us to make sure we were being abused. I can remember them asking my three old little brother, it his daddy ever heard him, and he responded quote only one bad
suicide by they're gonna. Take us away what is up for adoption in my dad left hysterically through the whole thing, because he couldn't believe have to kill us at all. Was the place must not have heard meeting that worry them too much again, because they left us with just a warning to never right in the trunk again, and we didn't say sexy and don't ride in a trunk just because it looks done Liane. Oh, my god, I love the idea that the dad's like this is ridiculous is like none, you. Ve picked up a crying child and put them into the treaty are truly could be arrested for child endangerment. For this, like bottom, the Vatican, face it. Nothing is explainable. Imagine these is that happening that guy get arrested immediately. Yes, oh my god. What in the eightys and Ninetys like? That's? Don't do that again? Please don't do that anymore tissue. Scared us there's a woman who had a heart attack the parking lot watching you loaded shy, homely bone chilling, ok
subject line of this one is my summer haunted mice Per hundred summer camp- no, unless time you're saying you wanted a hunted, Wanda Trade, us or its place- and this is left over from the Medford hometown asked for I can Georgia, Stephen Elvis Mimi Daddy Frank, enjoy wow. First off, I love your podcast, can't wait to see you and Medford October. How was it my summer camp is asleep boy camp in Western Massachusetts and the absolute middle of nowhere, we're on a mountain in the woods with the nearest town having a hundred forty people and there is no cell service, and so it adds an extra creepy factor when I list near podcast in the dark in the woods there are a bunch of ghosts on camp, but usually they show up in the off season. When the kids aren't on camp, they keep saying
on camp. That's like when people from these costs they aren't get online yeah when their thing get in my that's rife. Dummies now about the word at ok, there is the kitchen ghost in the directors house in the winter, the people who have lived there going back ten years have said, opens the door walks and and put its groceries away at the same time every day. But when you walk in there now and there, there is also the ghost in the middle girls unit that shakes the bunch beds every five years and will being on the walls, scaring a total shit out of the campers. We also have the ghost called horrible Hannah and she burns down a building on cabin every seven years yet, but the ghost prompted me to write, you was one from this summer in the middle boys unit in the middle of the night, when it was pouring to councillors, SAM and Jack, fake names were woken up by what they thought was one of their very homesick campers crying. They decided to let him cried out a bit and see if he would fall back to sleep until they heard him say help they locked me out. I can't get back it also. Obviously they both hopped out of bed and one of them, went to open the door SAM. Let him in and felt hemp
by him and get into bed and both Jack and SAM heard him say? Thank you. Sam turned on the cabin light to help the camphor get back into bed and there was no camper. There are no, no, no, no! No! No. No. There were also know what footsteps on the ground, despite the fact that have been pouring for hours and all the other campers, including the homesick ampere, were fast asleep and their methods, Jack, told everyone on camp the next day and totally said he would have believed it if it wasn't for him and SAM both having experienced it, it didn't happen again, but everyone on camp can't stop talking about it. Thank you so much for meeting this. Sorry, it so long and thank you so much for being so open about mental health. I've been getting more open over the years about my mental health struggles, but listening to you to talk about yours has helped me continue to talk about it and helps to end the stigma Gillian, an imprint disease. It's just said like Gillian, but spelled with a G
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This is called spooky museum artifact and it is our called actions. If you work in a museum, spanish Cenis, the weird shit that is in your them, that's right, carry out, we love it spooky, ladys and adorable animal companions. Ok, I'm a curator, small history, museum and Central Florida. I recently listened to your many episode re ass for interesting museum artifacts. So I thought a German, my music.
Dedicated a history of the town of Lake Wales, which is your typical Florida, small town based on citrus in cattle, nice and insanity. Any one of my favorite artifacts icon was in a half collapse, derelict building, think cobwebs, broken windows, plywood on doors and graffiti on the wall. You call that Lee City owns stores, random stuff, some of which belongs to the museum about four months ago, is looking through with a volunteer and found a long wicker box, roughly three feet wide by six foot, Long Xxvi long. I couldn't figure out what it was. We loaded on my truck and brought it to the museum Rick clean it whence it cleaned
I found a small metal plaque that said it was made by a company called frigid fluid in Chicago. I look them up and it turns out there a funeral supply company. Ok, rigid, fluid yeah, creepy name yap. It turns out my giant wicker boxes. A car is a wicker coffin wicker. This one was likely produced from nineteen o five nineteen, twenty five. They would be used by the police to bigger bodies at crime, scene or deaths. Since scenes crime or deaths, but ever since they were lightweight who also since medical science at this time, still had some trouble telling. When someone was dead, you could store a body and it while you figure out their debt or not own. The wicker allows air in four path for the possible corpse to breathe but still keeps atlas. Insects are animals who might like to chew on a tasty corpse once at the funeral home, the body would be moved into a proper burial coffin
a funeral home was cleaning out a closet about thirty years ago, found it and thought the museum may like it had been part of why I went to museum. A big heart away, went to history and museums is that I love my Cobb history stories. So I was thrilled to find this. Unfortunately, my boss finds it a bit unsettling so now it's in storage shall I can convince her to let me put out on display. Thank you during my story and remember: museums are full of neat spooky artifacts. Sometimes you just have to keep them behind closed doors, say sexy and don't get murdered. Bartholomew wow wicker cough anchor coffin. Oh there's a thought of this, even if, as high.
Put it up on the answer is so, whose is it looks it's really creeping? Oh, that's. The creeping looks like what I would normally carriers a purse, but in a giant coffins eyes, vintage per. He knows it reminds me of. Is we had this really old family photo album where it was like the black paper on the outside and all the pictures of black and white and let us and there in there there was a picture of a baby that had died. No Europe is not one of those family Wilna. They all used to do thou my luck, but back then, to my monies thirties. They would do if a child died, they would take their picture and that I think that was in the background, because the second I just lingers black, it's not like, looks like it was painted black. It's like Canada, grayish. Not. I think if you're thinking wicker coffin, it's not a picnic. Basque ash is creepy scary. Maritime Dracula. Are you ready for this? One sure subject line? Is my mom and to bank robberies call high everyone. I want a preface this by saying that my mama's totally find this guy etc and preserve gonna ruin progress there yeah letter. However one s, this Avonlea falls under the umbrella of creepy coincidence. This I'll happened within the last year, my mom historic at a church rectory. There are two banks right around it, one on the same side of the street one across one day before work, my mom went into the bank across the street. To do you know, bank stuff, there was only one tell her open and someone behind her and line. She did her banking and left her where, if they all an online,
They said in local, thank God Norm, as is the norm, is restored about fifteen minutes later the Rectory Door Bell Rang, and it was a police officer asking her asking her. If the church or rectory had any security cameras that they might show We have the sidewalk of them her across the street, because it was just raw. She said no, but then
What do you mean? It was just robbed. I was just in their. The officer showed her the bank security footage. You see my mom, you know, and then the man behind our approaches, the teller and slips and a teller. The teller note saying that he's robbing the ban. As again my mom was totally floored, but she wasn't really in the bank. So it's fine. It was just a well what the fuck story now. That's so creevy fast forward a few months, my mama's in the other bang, now doing some banking for my grandmother and she's at one teller, filling out some forms of anti notices that the guy who had been behind her and line who had gone to another teller and is leaving kind of quickly but seems to be dropping money. All over the floor. I she's about to be like hey Messer you're, dropping all of your money, but he's moving too fast and she's distracted by the slip, she's filling out. So the guy power Lots of the door holds that are open for someone coming an oil and puts
something in the handles so that they can and chase. After them, the teller, the man had gone to look up and says we just got robbed. He slid. He had slid the teller, a note saying that he had a gun and wanted money, but the teller had giving given him. Why does they Calo blocks that are just supposed to look like money, there's a diet. Conseil inside and only couple of real twenty dollar bills on the top of laws. He must have noticed, which is what he threw it all down on the ground when the police came and we're questioning everyone in the bank. My mom told the detective, taking her statement about the other Beijing she'd, nearly Bennett and in the middle of the detective said. I think you might want to try on line bank.
They don't they don't think it was the same guy. But now my mom says that if someone gets in line behind her at the big again she's going to turn around and take their picture, happy fall, murdering I'll stay sexy and maybe stick to ongoing baking. If you can best basher amazing, that's so what are the chances I mean so even be in wine is like I can one in a million. I know you know, and I love that she just kind of isn't paying attention to season so you're driving on his money. I've got other shit to deal. I don't we all care and artist even unlovely pets. I got my husband a twenty three me for Christmas, because I was pregnant with our second child and want to see what the European National it he was. He was always obvious, french and scant in scandinavian, fine gift. We moved after Christmas, Bob Bob I lost it than he found it again. It lets say: look at cut you Early may twenty seventeen, he told me he was fascinated to learn that he was mostly irish and you
so excited to see the results. I was sleep, deprived, newborn and went to bed. He woke me up. Around ten p m, with a strange look on his face, telling me that he has two half sisters. My initial thought was: did his dad cheat on his mom or did his holier than their christian mom cheat on his dad Lou? He ended up exchanging phone numbers with one of his half sisters and, as we were talking about this, she called him at home. The wake me up again when he knew more around when I am. He woke me up and told me that the man he knew as his dad was not his dad wholly share. Has his half sister told him that he was CBS Sperm donor at a hospital in the early eighties and that he was one at least nine half siblings, that they knew of what the actual fuck the couple of days he was wondering how he would broach the subject with his mom and dad. He finally just said that he had gotten his dna testing. His mom called a family meeting and admitted that his dad couldn't father kids, my husband,
actually had a strange relationship with his family, especially his sister, actually half sister different donor dad's. Through this revelation, he found out that he went to college with his half sister good thing than ever hooked up, and he found a half brother Idiot absolute that he just absolutely adores his half brother the farmer and of all the donor siblings. My husband is that only perfect match for him if he should ever any to stem cell transplant wow. Once the brother, with cancer found out that my husband was a stem cell match, he and his wife decided to do I ve after trying for ten years to have a baby. They had their own baby girl in April two thousand and eighteen, and he is now in remission me. My girls met their new aunt uncle and baby cousin, and I felt like I had known them for years and was told the feeling was mutual. These are my people. My husband's parents, hate me, forgetting my husband, this tests and exposing their family secret, but that's their problems to deal with it. Not mine, stay sexy. I don't regret. Buying and dna tests at exposes family secrets, thus making your inlaws hate you more than they already did. Anna
Well, why not a lot of issues not family lack the issue. I mean that so intense. I think that's the thing that, like a well, you know it's funny as that that you seen australian, just sisters about us about it's like I love that show everyone watch it on. Netflix is really good, but it similar here, someone finding out. They have a bunch of brothers and sisters that they didn't know they had I'm being like. Oh my god thank Ogden hook it so crazy. Watch the Australian or as it is, we are showing australian show sisters. Netflix, it's fucking, charming a shit. Oh my god. It's crazy! Send us your fuckin story that one might ever murder, Gmail yeah, that's the the dance floor is open to do it. You moss thanks for sending everything and we love getting these. This is like the rest of the week grass and stay sex and don't get murderer, gather Elvis. You want a cookie
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