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2018-11-12 | 🔗

This week’s hometowns include a clown attack and advice from a mobster.

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This is exactly right. Hello and welcome. Welcome yourself. To offer you a guarantee me and to everybody in the meat to admit to the Vienna. So, yes, this is where we read the emails. You sent us that our about your hometown, murders things you fine and walls, ghosts, grim parents and the like Any fuckin anything but by and we are The weeks out from the event you can
telling us about the teeth, the deficits and debt- and I well I've gotten over five hundred between us about it, which, in today's money it is two thousand tweets. That's out story that you can be sure if something was found in the wall and its creepy. About three minutes after that story comes out. That's a mile away the ratio you thinking about us and we love you didn't needed further steps can get a women think about already readily die. Then, let's do ass. He had said sender send us your actual stories. It happened to use yes to my favorite murderer gmail, and we began with a subject like my mom, survived a clown, Karen Georgian Stephen you're, all bad bitches. Yes, Stephen you to kill, I was, I think, you'll be out of Steve. I was about when I was about nine. I was at school and my mom was about to fight a fucking clown so
the pretty regular mourning for my mom she's drinking coffee and getting ready and as she goes to put more cream in her coffee. She sees something out of the corner of her eye, and she turns and seas clown I don't know, no note now, really it was just a guy with a Halloween clown mask on as she drops the Kremer and coffee and run yes on her. Way out of the kitchen he knocked down and she had her head on the hardwood floor. She regained regains her bearings in time to see him raising night and she deflects it with her arm and on her neck a moment later. I in this, then it at that. Time she goes o fuck. I need to fight and hits the guy's straight in the nose with her part, which is fucking classic Self Defense class re fucking poem in the nose break it. I can do their brains
and she drove him offer awesome. She runs to the bedroom, grabs a gun turns around and Cox it right. As he's in the doorway Ali share. Guess apparently, he cut his way through this screen and the open kitchen window from the back yard and climbed in this is never gonna live on a fucking growth making for real the guy didn't get caught until years later, when winter has same thing, that the cops got there in time to catch him. Meanwhile, high school went on locked down and I I thought of it was wise, girl across the room crying we're gonna be ok, as she only told me after I saw the twenty eight in winter door and goes out
I guess you means her. Mom mom only told her after she saw the twenty eight in winter door and she does want to hear how I almost got murdered. Let us thank you also much MAC Holy shit. I mean daddy, I was we would like, and it turned out to be your neighbors pretending to scare who know no real hammer, mom saved it until very recently for her mom mom didn't even tell her when she was in school lockdown that that was like. Oh no, that, because any act came around, we got! You got home, gonna change, screens, fucking bad ass, also just bone chilling. It sounds like happy when you hear but you're in York in your kitchen, like stirring up her coffee, just react, wrap it up to go to work. Return and there's a clown and your Kudu dude and class no did Mezzaluna. I now I reject you and I reject Satan who you representatives right? Let us once called
glowing eyes in the basement window and there's no Indra attack, because this is her l is we got to get to it is episodes fur. Yet I grew up in super small town in northern whiskers, and I was around ten years old and my best friend and I were excited to go to a youth group at her church that night, since her mom is part of the churches band, we had to get their early for them. To rehearse we got there. We were the only kids went down to the basement where the group rooms relocated to play around until it Intel Group started the basement was broken up in a fork quadrants with each ear, their own lights. So we only had the lights on an hour quadrant of the basement and the rest of the rooms were dark. It was also dark outside by this time, so I'm feeling a little creature by being in this old church, there's also a window in that room. That was at ground level, and this is important
so we find about Cuba and we're bouncing back and forth to each other when my friend bounces it while it at me, and I miss the catch. The ball proceeds to bounce off the walls and into the windowsill that is kind of push back into the wall. We follow the ball around the room and when it reaches said window, so we both freeze because in this window we can make out the outline of a head with the biggest glowing white, we both look at each other, the same terrified, taste and start screaming eyes. If we aren't scared enough already, as we start to run up the stairs, we can hear the figure a fucking yelling know how no, why? We are practically tears at this point and we run her mom and explain what we saw a. She didn't believe us at first, of course, but we were both really distress. She finally agreed to investigate. Ass we went outside. We could hear someone still yelling help me. No.
This is what my mom's face turned to. This is when hormones face turned to Anne. Oh shit, look yet not knowing what the fuck are. We behind this old church, my mom decided to call the cops they can investigate good once they arrived. We were behind the church to find not terrifying glowing, I'd creature, but in fact. Or old lady who had fallen off a ladder in her back yard. She had broken her legs so when she saw the basement light turn on, she crawled her way to the ground level window to see how scarier scarier you'd, all lady glasses were reflected in a light coming from the banks which made her look out solely terrifying, I felt so bad afterwards that had taken us. That's not going to get her help, but hey better safe than sorry assess g g M, your favorite rugby player, Shelby Shit shall first of all my favorite girls name, shall be I'm assuming. That is fucking, our scarier, where they were
They really were seeing something I was really. It was yelling help me. It was real. It's a poor old lady. What are you doing on your lady? Why are you on a ladder you're, an old lady, ask your neighbor to how, if your glasses, are this thing I should not get up now. That's the sign Ivan when she's all older army crawl to the basement unknown is like eggs. Furl came in these little kisser screaming at all Like I was like, he's been lying there. All day I, like the light, comes out o o. I so thirsty. I wanted a couple of lemon mounting assertion that was a good money up jobs programme God there so many good ones and Stephen. I, like Stephen, you gave her all the good. Why laid aside really get once again about this.
Subject liners I thought I would have anything to write. Surprise hello, Karen Georgia, Stephen Elvis Mimi Daddy Kitty and my favorite Frank and George. I have a part, hound dogs so as well. So I get it all cases mile, Oh daddy Kitty Donnie kiddies her hashtag on instead of it ok to my story. I have been envious of all the people who have hometown murders I realise that I had a paranormal sorry instead, so the apartment. I grew up in used to be an old coffin factory gray. I mean just like why not by that, when gather all the children, you can't move, and you know what I know you said you were my room migrant. We twelve hundred a month, I'm in a page, thirteen hundred just to live there yet gazelles gray, because what what but great things happening a coffin silent about sleep, a night thinking about the coffins that were made here, conveyor belt of coffins right and all the great
Ok, listen issue My dad would tell stories about how some workers died when early using the equipment. What a deck your dad I mean! That's a lot of love money at seven are so hearing a story about how a woman got her hair stuck scene and got her hair pulled out Calvin all Jesus anyways onto my story. That's not even this area. That is an example of shit. Go to sleep. Can I nine? I dont look further big glowing eyes in the church. Ok onto my story as a child, our bathrooms, across the hall from my and my parents room some one night. I was getting up and walk into the bathroom and there is a large lady with a feather, and I had my way she was blocking bathroom and I really needed a piece. I started shouting at her like any child who didn't what they want to know. My guy you wanted was to go about it. My dad won't to me shouting at her and why
the whole thing the next morning, he asked me what she looked like an eye. Described to a t what the way of the often factory, looked four times and that apartment. I would wake up feeling extremely trapped in my bed, with all sides blocked, inevitably in much love, Sarah! She and she like a lady with a feather in her hat ghost- is just gone. Peace was baby. That's we're married beautifully written beautifully wooden written, so she is a child. Would wake up feel not she was in a coffin. Oh, my God, piece out, Mimi is placed her entire body. On top of my stories. Look it, and this is how this story knees show me we want to do with me. What is it? Ok, this one's cod careers advice from a mobster dear care in Georgia, Stephen Pets and
here I think he'd really appreciate it. If I grew up in Bensonhurst Brooklyn during the reign of the Gambia, no crime family are shared in the late. Eight nineteen eighties and new family moved on to our block. They moved into a kind of run down apartment, but then renovated themselves. That was unheard of her interests. To do so, I can write, we came to hear rumours of the family father, the family that moved in was involved in the mafia like this were common, but in this case it was true
Norman Du Pont was an all round nice guy to his neighbors. He had a remote control start offers suv before they were common in case of car bombs shit. He liked to start as car from the window of a second floor apartment where people were walking by and watch them jump with fright and one day. Ninety ninety three nineteen, eighty four, I was waiting for the bus, totally orthodontist Norman, pulled up to the bus, stop and asked me what where I was going and if I wanted to arrive at my God in yes, you do like those ninety three and it was a big ass. You ve, I was your neighbor yet I know it sounds crazy, but back then the back and that day was ok sure there was a bit awkward because everyone knew my father had just left in. My parents were going through a better divorce. That scenario wasn't coming it. He tried to make conversation. He asked what I wanted to do and I got older. I told you I didn't know I was thirteen or fourteen other time and he said he
come a funeral director, you could make a lot of money working with guys like me. Do you know what I do I couldn't tell of? You is showing off trying to cool or what I played off and giggled. I couldn't wait grow the car. Shortly after he went to jail for murder and was sentenced to life plus twenty five years shit. I saw them off. You take care of his wife and kids with on the lips for a few years after that, but that stopped reading about that time linked below. He had already committed murder that he was convicted of when he it was driving her oh shit, Yanks stay sexy and don't take rides from Hitman M wow Don't tell us not to take rights from then, when you did it you're. The one last point that finger back. It yourself. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make. Looking at home, son, easy and afforded
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I'm not gonna read you the subject: mind cast up dies. I wanted to write you guys to share a story that my parents have recounted to me more full time throughout my life and for years made me pretty uneasy. When I go out for dinner, About she, restaurant, when I was a baby living it up in New Jersey, ah there's a little may be having a good time in New Jersey, lower all the funds I live in. My parents decided to go out for dinner and sit at a habit she table with a baby with a baby
as a body shoves do he began performing by doing knife tricks list in LA now, however, because, according to my dad, he lost control denies any what hurtling towards my little baby body. My dad saved my life by deflecting the knife, with the sight of his hand, which she still has a faint scar. Apparently after this incident, the chef began to cry hysterically and left the body to people.
I think it's like a Benihana beer. Those people are so good at what they do and they do it so masterfully a make like Craig, and I wish it can you imagine one just bursting into tier, killed a baby almost killed a baby slowly. I wouldn't bring I'm sorry, but I would not bring my baby to a fuckin about you save online on judgment to her family that they only did in a couple times, but also what makes you think did that I get pressured into being a her, but she never minded. Retiring. The next day it was it. He had forty years of an unmarked career, and then this can Basi New Jersey. Baby comes out. There was a day of all babies drunk a share of Judea and constantly pointing at the shrimp flipped out pointing at pointing in so much baby, pointing maybe someday
so think about him and hope his because I know I wouldn't be, although this was over twenty years ago, the stories still gets to me and I literally cannot look at our budget table without thinking at the thought of impending doom, say sexy and don't get impaled marry. That was that's the perfect. We. We also ask for pet, like when your parents almost killed two hours. That's those agree on its a great its version of. Can I just euro quickly. This was called my grandmother bitter Nazi yeah. I see language, it's like a good time. Airline hell's, yes, hello, longtime, listener. First time, writer, my grandmother, Wilma, grew up in Germany in World WAR, to some of the families in her community took turns hiding a box in their houses. This box contain valuables that belong to the jewish, fit other jewish families in town whence a Nazi soldiers heard of this. They wanted to put a stop to it. When the soldiers came to my grandmother's door, her dog was barking, biscuit said so fucking, so a fucking Nazi shot and killed her dog
Wilma, who is ten to twelve years old at this time, was so upset she bit the Nazi. Will ye ask her family with punishing. She eventually was able to flee to England before settling Canada. She never smoke spoke much about her childhood, but someone from a community paper interviewed her and published historian a paper. I thought you would like the story about a bad ass, a little girl biting a Nazi Erin. Ga. I saw she also it's just like it if any fucking World WAR to Nazi movie, that you ve seen how oppressive and awful their presence is and they go into these towns and take over lugging turn people against each other and their monsters, and this little girls, just like you for you killed. My dear, I don't give a shit what you do. I held my darling than I do. The only thing I can a bite. You yeah and you surrender Eddie, you god damn Nazi,
and love Wilma. Well, I also love it's that such a great idea, the leg. Then she Great England. She emigrates to Canada, Shiva lives, her private lawyer and then somebody sits her down entered area. Hey. What's gimme some highlight that many stories jail yeah. I got a story for you. I've been a Nazi LE young as a child, and I M here to tell the tale bath and us your stories. We love under the vast God, damn it that was such a good bad yeah, and thank you for listening in writing and we we love it and say sex. I don't get mercenary. Goodbye receive Mimi, will now again yeah Mimi when a cookie only when the cookie do when cookie
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