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My Favorite Murder Presents: Bananas - Episode 1: Pigeon Pants with Kristen Schaal

2020-04-28 | 🔗

My Favorite Murder presents the first episode of Bananas where Kristen Schaal (Bob's Burgers, BoJack Horseman) joins Kurt Braunohler and Scotty Landes for the premiere! They discuss stories involving pigeons and pants, human tongues and jars, mysterious mashed potatoes and more!

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right now to the first episode with guests, Christine shawl, and then you can go to the bananas feed directly and you can hear episode to with me Georgia hard Stark, that's out right now and then please subscribe and listen on sticker apple, podcast or wherever you listen and follow the show on Instagram at the bananas podcast enjoy thereby enjoy Eggers. Thankfully Bananas are just quit disclaimer in that this episode was recorded before the world and is so if it seems like we're talkin about going out and touching other human beings now that this was in an earlier more innocent tie. We didn't know how bad it was. Gonna, be christen, shawls our guest, and we actually have a wonderful conversation in a really fun time, something that we want to do in the shows actually pause of, not bring you down, so we hope everybody out there safe and healthy. We hope you have stocked wipes and toilet paper and
food and enjoy this first episode of Bananas Banana today bananas man walking oddly found to have twenty one live, pigeons and pants near that's, that's bananas I'll. Tell you later you're welcome to bananas, the podcast, where you can. You can laugh Chris Deborah whether you could laugh Kristen
this is our rattler, that Scotty Land is our first episode ever and we have with us. Might Edith Cresson shall? But I really just want you to to build up the shell together as a team before you bring me into your, shall not like me so upset you have so many shows I figure you're too busy had to come. I wonder what he'd all your billboard today for my spine saw your name up there on Hollywood Boulevard. That's right, then my name above the title. Yes, but our buildings and the nine year old. That's the first one! That's your first name above title! Isn't it maybe even greater deal congratulation will thank you very much. Thea. Let's go see. Technocracy at least one. We saw minded theatre, yeah, we'll their eyes The premier league are invited to come here. Let's go to the premier this year don't think! There's gotta be y know now. That's a man level,
having a premiere, I mean it. I'm asking of the attack, is getting a premiere alive. It's good! I want us I've seen it. We were what is and what is the name of the movie. So everyone, no idea of my spine comes out March eighteenth windows. This pod cats come on April twenty first gap. Maybe it will still be indeed a problem. I probably will also works these movies. Just last. It's a real, easy landscape now for movies, but that's good. I would like our good will lead Kristen Kristen is known Scotty and I for many many years you and I have been doing show together for fifteen years. I fifteen years on Monday. I know in your way thanks added my birthday is on Saturday as well. What do you want me a bit late, my present any given my blanket but its very difficult to make. I'm still work on me
Can your presidency computer without ever started studies got alcohol in its booze? Well again, good cause. I could I haven't gotten you anything, and then you know if you got me like a level of a gift that I would have to wait until I give you the level of the gift and then you'll have to manage yeah. So yes, it just so I mean like this. This is gonna beat we're gonna get to our strange and wonderful news, but before we do like just so, people know how Kristen knows and I got it. How did you come into our lives? I was working on a tv show called Stella. I was in a sound apartment and an actress they may Andrea arose and said you have to come to the show. It's got hot tub and it was one of your first five hot tubs, maybe that we prefer two. Maybe three old parity people yet, and I sat on the front room- and I thought you guys are so good- actually went up and introduce myself to Kristen and she thought I as a homosexual cause. I was there with another friend and we,
very positive, assume everybody's yeah. Maybe I had assumed everybody straight. I'm never said Emily. Surprise, my fine out their strength, Thought about that I got only after inroads, Coney Island wrote back out to queens. I had a long night of just self reflection, and I said I want to work with these two and then I was working for Red born Kurt was hired. Teach improv to sales, for sites is the weirdest job every year, and so we did- and I was a gear that guy from that show and then I think I just attended. Probably like five years. I told them around and then right sketches that we idea that was nice Yugoslavia, the rider Scotty's around here, the movie MA. I did and many move more movies that are about to come out on the worker harlots juice. Yes like for how many years four years on work Holocaust and you say of Adam Divines best me
yeah I'm assess Mammy has best man at his wedding. I want the best measures where tat he deadly is in a troop of three good buddy boy with Gabby Scottie hasn't back more than lady of when I hear that I am the person they get invited to adding because people just know I'm going to dance and drink and have fun, and I think that I raised like he's coming. I think there's no doubt need any honours. I dont need be in the wedding and maybe an usher. It's just like oh he's coming. He is always the first person to respond to an invite saying I'll be there. I asked this question and he's an device like he won't come unless they make em my best man, but I just think if he doesn't
it be, like insulted tier core yeah Iver of our desire to put some feelers out for black to see if you need to have every right to be right or move on yeah anyway sky. That being said, the reason I am divine doesn't deserve you, of course, you're. Not his best man is that you are a very well wonderful friend, that's nice. Thank you. Ve got is one of those people who can be super busy in years to come. The whole always reach out to hang out forever. I remember when my mom was sick, Scotty Centre, not one not to but three cars, in the mail. There were all very funny and she enjoyed them. That's nice and I also say your monster. I think you did you sent a big thing of food and it was delicious has very helpful. She like ended by everything, is Yokota good needed there
point, while each pending laid on the four we, maybe your if it getting out in it or when she could still eat thou would have been a great. I know that you are a little lay a little boy. You know I do at both the orderly loved the hospice nurses couldn't get enough great choice, watermelon role from Friendly's very funny. I next man dies. I hope you'll be more on the back about granting, oh, my god. No, I am I'm talking about an imaginary mom doesn't exist. Yes, now not can't lose their now. Well God the equally employees up and click the heart out of the park in what is wrong with you. What is wrong with you? Ve current zoonotic Scotty brought, but we have still having gone to what this package is about, but Scotty brought a bottle. Why would you do the otter abroad? Champagne Kristen this too crest in their christian, accurate, do
a first step, as I mean it's just like our reason to get to talk to my friend. I know right and to talk we're news. While he does that, tell you this story about a man walking. Oddly fans have twenty one life pigeons zones pants first and first and foremost takes place. Oh this is in from the LOS Angeles Times the rigour and the it is not. It is not credited to a are so much just be staff at the Associated press. Uncle dairy cow is, of course, in Baltimore police officer stopped a man who was walking oddly down the street with
Jeanne pants and found that he had twenty one live. Homing pigeons stuffed in his clothes Thomas without twenty five was charged. Tuesday was telling thirty homing pigeons valued at three hundred dollars from a neighbor. John styrene he's also charge with stealing forty homing pigeons worth two thousand four hundred dollars late Monday from a different guy. He just going around steel and pigeon is letting a minute pain and putting them in his pants. I have two two connections to this story. One I went to the MAGIC castle once and I saw a magician on the main stage who came out when he was doing his act in everything and, like his big reveal in involved birds, but during the show you could just see pigeons poking out through his Charles, and they like just kept moving around our first, those like what's wrong is this guy on with his body media, and then
finally like, like an a big, would come through like great just where the between two buttons on his like dress, up shirt, and I just started feeling so bad, not only for him, but also for the pigeons and also for magic in general and then find He did his big reveal, unlike literally ten or fifteen pigeons, he kept producing them from different places, but they were all just in his clothes for, like a forty five minute long show like just pack in em and walking around it was it made me feel bad for the oak cheers by the welsh years. We're gonna do a quick cheers, ago. They did it to champagne banana. Their bananas are two thirty pm and what you want to do is drunk sham
and they probably ass, most carbonated of champagne right before your unjust, constantly belts at each other in a small room and surrounded by nice. People who were shy. Favorite time haven't Jane Lerigo air it s because you like, I am abrogated the afternoon and I let you go to bed early, yet parent life and then the other part of the connection I have this story is from living in Baltimore, just the weirdest city. I think across the cross. The country- yes, it's we ve talked about this to cause, I'm from Maryland and one reason: Highschool we're rider bikes through the city and get chase constantly. It's amazing, our parents, let us do it and the things people yell at you were never like, give me money, I'm gonna kill you anything like that. They would say the most confusing things and there's always math involved like they'll. Go: hey man cartographer twelve minutes
and then you'll start run away and then go listen. I need zero dollars and forty five cents. I had to go. Six blocks down the street already have three dollars and sixteen cents. What I need is a send a start listing numbers and it's the most confusing thing. I think you tell me what the guy was like go take a hundred steps or so this guy war. That was when I get mugged Baltimore, but now I remember once we're was- and I don't know why this is a thing, but it is always like math involved. A guy came up to me and was like this is here's the deal I left my car park three blocks away. All remember it is in the trunk of it is a vacuum cleaner that I'm gonna sell for twenty five dollars. However, I need to like take a bus to the place where I can sell things once I sell it. I'll have twenty eight dollars and it like I just kept ratcheting up and we all involved like a like an enterprising amount of capitalism of involved with like selling this vacuum cleaner, but your child. But, as I daughter was sitting in the cards, we couldn't leave the car
even though he had walked three blocks away from the nurse already, and he just need and that's the whole point but you're. Therefore, like ten four minutes before you like what what is what are we doing? It's, like some daring brown stuff. It's like he's doing mental is things to your near, like I guess. I'd rather just give this person five dollars than ever hear another number again for the rest of my life, but also use in the magic ass I went saw they have for those. I don't know it's like the main member club of magicians in the world. Don't think. There's any thing else like no one. In a worse than as a is, is a member as up for debate really, there was one drunk visits were very drunk visit, yeah an and, as you are leaving the daughter of the owners, so I guess she's, the owner, like you're, a member and but I didn't want you ve, asked if you'd never tested pretty sure it's not right. Now is the time I swallowed a quarter to him.
Someone yeah? I did, of course, call magic trick where I threw a quarter of my mouth and then I was like it's God and then Christmas. I did you just swallow that corridor, and I said that said no for a long time and then Europe will, where did it go and then, as I guess, while the quarter and did not win and if not what Eddie reds there was. I tried to oppress a comedian who wished Vernon, sailed out. Friendless say who it was bred, Neely Brand, nearly lengthy and selling the end here, bread nearly who makes very funny things. Find magic like the MAGIC Hassan. When it's really dramatic, I cannot stop laughed. There is one guy and I he is the best at birds relating us back to the store. Eighty comes out just like Morpheus and he's got leather jack id, unlike the thing in his music, very house and Trance, unlike really heavy base music and he just produces.
So many birds and so many different types of birds that I was laughing nonstop. It was like because magic, I guess it's similar to art or How many were you look ahead and you go? I want this visual to happen and I have to manufacture after chick people internet, so he was picture himself pulling these birds out of just various places on his body and in his money like yes, I can figure this out. I just need the birds, and now number one in the world. Is he the number one magician a number on bird guy? I was never what bird magician a man. I love it. There's bird magicians like that's a specific thing. Imagine if there was like bird comedy nearly number one bird comedian, only jokes about birds, not about I hear he could totally. I could hardly I relate I just say now. I have so many are running Jim Gascon kind. It did that with cake, yes and Bacon, our bake it yet
It was his maintain getting on heart ass. It was mostly have had this very find you on your story. I do. This is real story. This is according to W C, he d be, which is out of Florida. So it's funny could we are current, even disk bananas. We were like. We can't just do far larger worries and were discovering that other states are starting to catch up like mission. It's really easy and as always wild necessity is always while this one kind. This is a good one. Play some Florida investigating a gruesome discovery of jars of tongues and across space in a home. I'm sure they just cast. Thank you These are human time, oh my god, and they are owned by a guy named Ronald Bergmann, and he sounds like such a guy who have tongues in his house. Yes,
so using I'm visitor bagman. Yes, vanilla, ok, Ronald like Wrong Ronnie, so he was a researcher. Firstly, Florida and some of the jars date back to the nineteen sixties so they're looking into the tongues cause for basically last two decades has been bringing these tongues home as part of his research, should add the or yes from cadavers. We hope, but he is currently a professor at the university, but they dont know why this guy stashing them in the cross space above been his home. That's why now huh I believe it was twenty like how do I need to learn how to speak in town? Thank you, she's. The one tonne comic. How did they were of? How did they find out about? Did someone here some late, pain. Coming from up above. Thank you once it's just a taste of the Commodores and I don't
the brain, expanding love, em fun when my birds, I don't know, but it's a tenant, look and see what it is, but the skies like a really, I think, he's a stashing, and I think that you just collects him and probably doesn't want to creep out people to come over to his house, but it is very yeah I mean he might just take em all down when these alone and kind of like put em around them. Just be like you know where I got up much of tat is in trouble. That's a great question: is it illegal to take a tongue from ever his personal problem? Right like yours like taken from the university? I, when I got my teeth knocked out, I wanted to keep my t. Tell us about that story. How'd you get him knocked out: Kristen, Eyelike Wine and Ireland. I went up to wine country and I would be safe, rented a bike,
it s right on your face. I didn't put your hand helmet and put your hands out by I've. I broke the file with my face and when I opened my eyes and pull bled three teeth does matter by one keep those feature and the dangers that I couldn't cause. It's like. Basically like a cadaver parted. This legged belong, to the state of the wounded well. Well, I did. Your teeth immediately belong to the state once they hit the pavement at that doesn't seem. Like this? They around like this guy, wanted to keep your fuckin t our hearts began. I am in a jar above his bed, inequalities. That's weird! I dont think that that's true at all that it becomes part of the state aid that is really to induce go you're too somewhere. Now this discussion also. I am aware this point you think so maybe beyond need. Ah you know why
Ebay, Kristen Sharp teeth. Well, you think you could grind up the teeth and use them as bone density for other injuries. Moroseness, none I'm going back to tag so, but I remember when you had that, and then you got three four but before he got like the earlier permanence and had just this thing, where you just remove all three of your front to the best of my aunt by his so funny, it lives, but- and I and I was about to sue Ann, I shot to three two or three episode- the last man on earth before I got my permanent teeth, so I was working with that and I I showed well- and I like, I think we should put this right before you have to get a reality for him and fell, make love she like when one, why thing
you perhaps amount that his life is but didn't make it here didn't see that so I can say to you that it was funny. Could you at first when you show me that I was like Kristen, looks like white trash which I never thought, and then I was hanging out for another half hour. As I know she looks like a four year old. It looked like a k aid without ever so fund a watch you drinking at that time. Like look at his toddler, giving drunk that's the thing it gives you instant, youth, the scale. If I feel myself getting old, I'm gonna get these implant out here. It just gonna removed economics, groom right yeah, you know about at one end homestead fire. The hang over. There is one of the movie if he's missing a tedious over, and it is what his income- oh really that's like legit. I always thought that that was, you know an effect
oh wow, so for all you tv movie is borrowing actor producers, I'm I'm I can take out. My teeth one might have you want a real weird? Look. I'm going to have a twenty cheap got to get their early. The makeup charity think christened you another store. Yes, please let us build a burglar back to the teller. Ton die yeah. So is he under arrest her lake figures under a Russia? So there is instigation and why he has these tongs, but they don't know yet they don't know and when they find out, I mean I thought you were gonna launch into a different cross base. When I have spoken about the pie, I thought for sure, but I mean it. And tell the story. Do you want me to tell a story? I m not the first, when I think you're gonna bring out the head, so people want to listen to this fact. Our rights, or I discovered masturbation. When I
who was twelve years old, of course, is it lay islands lack enough. At least you are the most creative masterpiece. I have heard out in my entire life. You would tell me about our long jerk off trips that you would go on in your bedroom. I was always fascinated: have you really go there's no imaginary juvenile, very much like what I am saying it will and if you have a vibrator, it's just like there's, not a lot of work and Bob yeah. It's just they're, gonna, vibrator, low well yeah, twelve years old and also we then, what do you have a question? I don't have one I'm listening to your story. I'm surprised at you started masturbating earlier than especially Colorado on a farm in girls discover their bodies earlier, you think. So I know I you
Thank you, no sound and then another time that's another store. Anyway. I discovered it's a long story and shorten it as much as I can. And I just governments are right at age, twelve, while EDA Mcdonald's Apple pie and taking Well, that is part of the story, We have asked for this story and now you're going to shame, bottle shale may not body, shame it's! It's! It's eating shape its welfare. I was a classic move on my heart. How did they get hit by you deal as that power, Don a polished off some sweetmeat Cadiz and then retired to the commode, with just a hot steam and hot apple pie, What why wouldn't you just take a minute? Take your poop and then enjoy your pie without the poop views. Common up, mixing with that with the cheery was twelve hours in a rush
Why were you in a rush, for I don't know, but I mean look at the fact that maybe television was starting soon, you now so anyway, and also outside twelve. I didn't know I knew like what sex. I knew that sex was a thing, but I know what it was. You know recently just found my uncle's play boys and cut just the breasts out of every photograph of normal. And then take them to my wall underneath the poster that was a photograph of myself at age? Five, that said, wanted dead or alive, and then I would charge children the neighbourhood a quarter to stare at this sea of disembark breasts are realising early on the breast without women are very disturbing, quieter a quarter yeah you wanted to make. Some might hear me like a kid time. You know those like what are these twelve years old at twelve year olds have access to this it's a corridor, and so then, yes station is evenings pie. I mean, I think people take a shit, now look at their Iphone, but you ate pie. I was eating pies and it was just like a sleeve
pie you now somewhere shape, is somewhere shape and embarrassing enough the whole I get it put it. I was essentially making my body like a reverse human straw, and then I a boner, as you want to do in your dwell in eating insured posters Elinor, while you're taking a poop. I guess so when I was twelve, because I borders just you know that they show up unexpected when you're twelve, just like we haven't sacks now. I am still sticking around her and said. It was like the Eureka moment where I just flip that pie upside down and stepmother, and it was a bit too hot at first I did burn the Tipp. My penis a little bit might have felt too good. I kept going and here's where it gets weird Kristen.
Fourthly, weird for a real, only normal guy, what a hundred percent for the next six months, I thought this was the or who can believe where you could masturbating. So I became obsessed with going to Mcdonald's, outweighs back no marble. I've got to go to Mcdonald's to day, and then I will run upstairs jerk off into these pies and then throw their corpses into the eaves of my attic, where I'm sure they're still there to this day, as I was filled with preserved, I mean so moment- and we saw that house like twenty years ago, so that family has a real, weird raccoon problem. Now rack Hin carry Spain and on that story, let's take a break, never take a break for wet for ads or just muse
will you guys, think you're gonna get add our back Christie. When your story, absolutely I love stories duck this is from the New York posed. This is duck, has traumatized duck has traumatized peanuts.
Removed after nonstop sacks. Ok, I mean this is a UK based Doc, who was forced to have his penis surgically removed after it became infected due to his insatiable sex drive. The ducks name is Dave, ensure Dave's owner Josh Watson of Torquay Tor, Kai Devon Words, Turchi Torquay on another matter no place in the UK has yet I don't care if I thought you said his nymphomaniac pet would meet with his female companion, store, Edith and Fred of between five and ten times a day, even when it wasn't mating season, and we got to the point where his three some partners would wander off during sex and even peck at his packer to ward off unwanted advance, a scar. Ultimately, the horny,
gray ties up a k and keep him D. Arnault he's alive. You just gotta wait! That's the weirdest part is that they just decided to cut this ducks dick off. Instead, it just killing the gap of toys that torture and also their debt like duck sticks are weird there like that. Corkscrew shave, you remember I do remember me. I am watching tax. If I look at it We wonder why I mean let's get into it, but I mean I mean I'd say it's finally also I mean I think that they are said. Like all duck all deck sexes like incredibly inherently violent as well because of the corkscrew shape of the penis sound may be cut. All the duck sticks are found, Oh, he said it not me Peter her. Her eyes are given in the second one process, preferably everything. That's my boss, I had a dark is apparent yet a dog in a dark and at the creators body weight it just like in apart
well knows a house on the other backyard in there, little boy, pardon, lived in Maryland was over there in those other golly is a duck Georgia's idea, we found the egg and we re. We incubator that stuck hatched. We thought it was a small or something like a mile, or so I may like wait. What job as this cause he's your boss, which he owned a chain of bike shops, called bike. Doktor there are probably accelerator more in and he was the main dude he was of regional founder in the franchise them out, and so I was sixteen and I was excited apart. All adults and there is a solid doc and a dog I like best friends in the backyard, how this is great and then I gather like and they hang out, and then I went back their first bring party where's the dock and, like other dog, kill the dock and ate it and others I get. This was coming like we should have seen this coming. It was a problem, but growth rates, I love that guy. I love like go to for finding an egg and then
owing to I'm going to keep this egg hookworm just to find out. What's inside of you like it's fun, he could have just been heating up at an egg that you you could eat, it could have been a dinosaur and there, I think, there's a man motor company in this. I think we should start mailing just order. Randomize, you dont know what it ten dollars and then send you a little blanket little red light will right and you just incubator and they have to raise whatever comes out. Rattlesnake people, people love prices of raw materials Crystal deny us? Where do you want to dance you would have done that if your twelve of Uranus Order- and I again raises the wee wee- wee checks- would leave much Shakespeare, vine and wine late for a length as science experiment score. Maybe you have put it puts kinda. Surprise to shame. Is unreal
prize is a real egg surprised when a look into remember when we used it. When we started had tat, we had animal races up every year. Every show we would raise a different animal. Do you remember the animals that we got cried craft, add crawdads, we had sandworms, yet they were. In fact Rogers. I think we had only a hermit crabs: hermit calves, they're all actors, skeleton yeah- I obviously got any well well ma- am all now, but then I think the sandworms escaped and I think they still live in the theater. There is even a theater. I why don't we go back to the government is Jack. I might be. Who knows? No yeah Scotty give us historic occur This one is kind of dark but kind of amazing. These haven't intact nobody and we're taking it area that the tongue thing was not dark tongues, joyous, okay, so this is from the South China Morning Post
Joel reality, reunites mother, with their daughter bringing tears but also helping her. Let go of a child, she missed so dearly slowed down what so in South Korea rapid. Yes, it's like black mere and I watch the videos. And you too you can watch watches woman interact with her dead daughter who died when she was seven years old, correct, so it what is in company do had as the company do it well like when they back to back back one of those hologram hologram. Her daughter was Tupac, that's that's where we had the craziest reunion ever you got around, so the South Korea document or company made a document called meeting you and it was like the for. Its experimental is like the first time, they're doing this, and they think it's can be the huge rebel sherry thing where people can talk to people that are not only like overseas or far away, but also to dead relatives, and they do it by doing them, they take actual photographs and turn it into their waste
They generate her and use audio recordings, and so it sounds and looks like your child or your parent or whoever passes away when they january them on a computer, yes, and so the video they do what they do with clay. Emaciated such a long time to have a conversation. The Haug I watch was four days, so this daughter was seven years old, passed away from an incurable disease. Just an incurable disease. So you know incurable disease Yeah, you know incurable disease and they like it, the videos, the videos crazy, and so you can talk and it Perhaps a few has agony, I element to and it's just to get its. He loved it, but the conversation was like the mothers like an issue in the dark. MR tunes like where have you been mommy? Do you think about me? It's like. I do all the time and this woman, those wearing a vcr headset standing in a green screen room. The daughter comes out from.
I'm a guy rocks and she just talk to it- the entire. It's crazy tat, a virtual birthday cake for a tenth, oh my god, so this is obviously very troubling a disturbing but also its happening, and it's been so like now. This is going to become an option. It's very black me! Well, what would it did they get a chance to be the mother like? What's our reaction to it, all that she feel closure did she feel good she felt tat. She said it was a real paradise was her quote and that it was like three years later I felt sick, but now I can confidently feel like basing its closure heartily, see this going down the route of in minority report, Tom Cruise very gets high off his little whatever they are like a little
inhalers and then just watches old videos like holographic videos of his son. You could like get like, as I think about it, all the time of my powered feel if one of my children died and it would be like you, you would just I go down to a universe of this living there. I just want to live now. It would be like you can fill. You could totally just lose like. Never leave that via our area, it so upsetting
it was. I brought it up because I know you like surfers ouch and that store, but it's pretty. Why also, as I get better like right now, we have we just what we had were hired a diet data scientists to write an algorithm for us that will write, jokes were doing trying to create first ay. I comedian called joke Tron nor I take him out on stage and we do jokes together, obviously, but the so I've been like looking allowed into a high and like where they are with like predictive tax didn't stuff like that is pretty crazy, like you could have a fax Emily. If someone relatively easy just with the text, it exists now it's the problem, I would say this is a problem. Is it a proud? I mean like that? I think is just gonna. Be something happened yet reality that other thing ideally oculists thing and I did like they did a demo. Creators and writers- and I was there like which one you want to do, and I was like I'll: do, hotter blown in Bali and then I'm looking through under six degrees him in a horrible
Can see other people Larry can't see where the cameras and then I d, like a train ride on the darling limited or whatever it's called
and I was I go now. I don't need to go and do that because it was crazy like walking round me like I'm on this track. It felt so real that I cancel my flight. No, I don T length and it is pretty incredible by not necessarily as directive as I thought, and I think that's what they're discovering too late. There is something about like it's: ok, to go away a little bit through a movie or even three, these nice big as it was anywhere. I know video games, you have more control, and that is the hour. But I don't know I feel like that. Story is interesting, but also in other costs, money to churn out. Oh yeah get barricades. I think that's gonna be a situation for rich, richer people. Yes, and I I think, there's gonna be other. People are good and choose the option of distrust in their own memory,
and moving forward, because I think it was too painful for sought to have. I worry it was our going say yeah. I know it sounds incredibly painful sounds like like living in the past. They just got everything young with a person like. I don't think the Alley Honours, what the person that you are now at the President necessarily deal. So that's not the person I also just it just brings up so many things of like the things that we are going to have to deal with with our children like when their seventeen or sixteen in the Tec that their interacting with this stuff, like issues that we can't even imagine right now for sure- and this would this is like a problem that I wouldn't have been able to imagine that someone just like it's trapped in a vcr reality has of an emotional attachment to a central aim. Now I can it don't now those debts. Can you help me? Have you, girls gone to afford the exterior got sprayed in the face of water. Now got a view that downtown
Embryo Cinema, I went solve the MEG incredible experience. Oh my god, you sit and seats that move left or right up and down their fans. When helicopters take off, you give blown in the face now and then on the armrest. They have a button that says honor water off and the water on. Whenever the shark jumps out or someone dies and moderate sprays you in the face of the water so we're when they do a tracking shot over a beach smell, they promptness of copper tone. Now you gotta go and then when people get in a fist fighter being charm to live by Magadan shapes hunches you in the back and has little like punching things so at its best year. On about but you're getting wind and water spread out, you Jason stay from, gets in a fine you're, getting punch in the back and then the make jobs half of the water. I cannot recommend enough. I went saw a bad boys for
if then it I'm gonna go see. Mice vie with it only go, see the criminal cram pilots. Twenty bucks are trained by box and it is so far my friend Michael took. He didn't know what it was when it was wife when they heard a pint of beer and a glass of red wine can restart it just through their out of the air and sell them. It is the dumbest most fun way too. You have to get legal acts. Download again, our gas it'll be a threshold but also think about the new job tat created where there's a guy who's like ok. This splash is like a five percent ash and then, like a girl like how much splash you get for them visual image. I am now this way we're gonna be lower kidneys, Punch and then shake shake and on one more lower Kim teapot. That's right like has to do that
an entire move, we're gonna blow a Morgana squared we're gonna countrymen like this sounds pretty good. That should be the selling of it felt like Disney. Land meets the moon, yet like them up a three day thing that you sweet MGM, but it just any movie and it does feel or rushed Kurtz point. It feels like the guy that did. It was like the senior in turn, not the now in turn, they just take you through Hell, twenty five dollars, Regal Cinema downtown, let's go one more forming, I got one more Kristen. You want one more. I love. This is right and love this This is right on your allies. Mississippi community left can feed. This is from Fox NEWS. It is by Kathleen Joyce, Mississippi Community left confused after birth, rules of mashed potatoes, mysteriously keep appearing online.
I'm sorry. I learn that. No, I know you love me and I beg you, love mysterious man I didn't know. I did tell me my for everyone, so literally they have just been finding balls is town. This whole town has been finding balls of mashed potato like on their car like the command. The morning I walked outside. East Timor somehow got my car that's. Why knows why? Poland, my windshield, there's another one. There was just side. A inside someone may all box just a thing. Amerika Tito's inside a male about now get real quick. When you say this, the thing had they been eaten. Are they and TAT show they presented with gravy? It was now it was not immediately clear if anyone has eaten the potatoes so now that the potatoes are not eaten it to fret it's a fresh bore, a mashed potatoes equity, someone just like a handout. These management data than his leave
all over town, constantly walking around with a bowl of mashed potatoes and finishing, though, and letting them all. I will tell you about it, please, let's not condescend o absorbed in order. Of course, I mean that just means that you ve deftly walked round with a bowler mashed potatoes finnish domain just but got rid of all MRS be brief. There ok How did the whole story data? It says, let's see and hundreds got would be makes now. I bet you it's probably around the dozen or so too Yeah it's either like those things, are either mental illness or somebody's doing something where they are there doing something that we don't know that wherein there just doing this for reason or in Mississippi, their performance are those that are way ahead of what we're doing, and there like conceptually doing things that we,
love and then at its best. They never reveal themselves that stops at some point, maybe ten years they started again. For a moment I mean really loves zero, mashed potatoes. I love any it's so much better than a serial shudder. My main somebody's, like shit, non payment card. That happens a lot to happen so much. There was one in Denver. Remember that thou and really took off that woman, who would always she'd in Chad on people's lawns and wage out any other day after drinking all day. There is, I, like members, like robbed, lay telling a story alley pulled over and took a shit on a job, and I was like yeah. I need to take. What did you did you, of course, not, because only all eyes. Were I've done it? I've done a happy in the woods. I was in New Jersey in the woods and New Jersey. I ran into the woods and I leaned up against a tree and attorneyship I'd paper towels in my pockets norm a job with I'm always yard, with paper towels, my pocket, why did you have
tell I always paper towels in my pocket at all times, because it just to blow my nose. You know it's like a terrible verse. And of a handkerchief twice as hard its gross like her, I like how dare you dont want like. I need to get clarity impromptu I should have just guy. I should just have a handkerchief, but no, I don't. I have always you're sort of them. Kind of guy can play. We don't have a handkerchief thanking get seeing you at the hanker. I used to have a handkerchief yeah, but they do get gross as well. You know you have to wash your handkerchiefs leftover lotta handkerchiefs of your handkerchief guise of coins, it a life of your chief in New York stuff for laundry to the tenacity, laundry secondary anyway abandoned their out here. When you have in your house, your good actually goes again. You're right, I should get a bunch of very nice. Handkerchief here in this house linen ramp. That's actually was on wicked. That's I began March now allow bananas handkerchiefs decent
you're out of idle daddy got He loves my age, but I give my march away. I don't you know, I'm not a hand in it for the money and then, after the experience, people know about your mother. Think Marilyn Monroe heavily thirty to fifty people that really enjoy this podcast or, very well aware that I get a lot of beer coups ease in sums in our scarves and t shirts, and ever the incense swimsuits yeah does her those foresail, because give the money to plan parenthood sign here very yeah, what more story follow Maryland might flap onto wider on twitter and went home of the tree, smile, buried, brow nowhere and follow acacia down to this, I think, is reliable. This one's, not a stark, is my last talking you're dead, daughter one time according to CNN Newbridge,
Virginia has been charged with at two counts of abduction: reckless driving felony hit and run and kidnapped. Oh wow, which I guess is probably also the abduction. So I won't. The Germans name, because I don't know if he's guilty or not, but John Murray and his wife, I'm scared unlike couple were on a rare date nights there, her dinner. They use ground Tina, Lerigo great We they, u super like we all do to get home, they follow the end. A routine night? They get in this car and a few bucks blocks later their rear end by another driver, their drivers stopped and the car takes off, so their Ober driver start chasing them. This lives dreamed on Facebook. The initial accident happened, the husband that was The date starts filming and in the video, it's all very calm, and there are just like. Oh my gosh, like what we need to do. The wife calls nine one one and then all this
and their driver just takes off. Lock the doors and takes office are speeding after the hidden run so over, the next four and a half minutes they have lived on Facebook, the video of their driver, whether yelling, dot, pull up or topic. Let us out, let us out and then finally goes so the father and mother go. We have four kids, we can't be driving like this totally gets ignored disguised like I cannot let him get away with it, so the uber driver takes a modest, crazy chase. Halfway through this change, other, like pull over public pull over and the wife is on with nine one one and they operators going pull over sir, do not chases person, chases person, they get hit by another. Now so after they get hit, you hear the impact to see the video. The apparently are everybody's relatively ok, they all got bruises, but nobody got seriously hurt that uber driver takes off again and starts chasing the initial driver even after the second accident. So then he's now He'S-
run what now he's leaving the scene of low twice essentially, and so, if you are the first time He is still the scene, Russia that day, but yet they could hear the impact the screaming the nine one one operators is yes, let em out like let him out of the car and eventually the driver, their helium, so much he pulls over and they get out, but it always live stream. Nor facebook allow unseen, have video. I've ever been have ever been an accident in over a taxi. I feel it have a lot of these stories now, like I feel it combines on the road or take a lotta arisen lifts now, like those I'm starting to see more more. When you very telling me that sorry, I thought you didn't premise: fire Commalena geography and either raise new movie spit it is. It is viral bargaining for that it is love birds of prey. I got seven hundred dollars to read that story already spent it. That's the problem artist,
that Basle market yesterday market know like Denmark, I wonder how much food you get a bus might have seven hour. That's probably like a good deal in test wireless nurse- take about, we'll put it on the website. You guys are the new Kilgour, app and hard star in like the small as like an eyelash where an eyelash have you been an accident in an over and now I have never been an accident at the the only the last horrible thing that happened to me in a life with someone tried to play me. Their music in our like our yeah. I'm amused: it should, and I was just like man. I can't say I don't care here, but are a seriously doubt and I just tried to be in my phone and then it was like. I will place a music now's like this is torture. I had one recently like really recently it was an old
gentlemen? He picked me up and from the minute I get in my case, sir. I'm Scotty. How are you is fine, and then he just starts complaining about everything he has political radio on, but like some system in the rail sector and then he like girls and act like a left entries are difficult, turns every fifteen seconds. She's me he's like this street, these double parkers these pedestrians, I'm talking every fifteen seconds I was like this guy is the least happy angriest man. I've ever been his car, so there were kind of cutting through the city and likes somebody. He like wave somebody across the street is a girl, gown GAO screaming. Then we get to this point and there is a law doglike, hello, Jack, restaurants, owner and the dog. Just jumping up to light and he goes dog eat dog high rolls down the window waves at the dog egos hide I high and then the light turns Greenidge,
I was in his intellect is opted. So this whole thing is just pure hell, it's like truly hell on earth and then, when he sees a jumping dog he's just like we got a guy in the where five stars, obviously lifestyle Jude. All too I give everybody five star. Have you ever not given somebody a five star on over never never on five five star. All away can be a terrible random, like five stars I'm alive, I'm a lift boy earlier Burma lift God. How are there no stars on left? There are five stars and lived for something on Ebay and I feel it goober drivers were formerly black car drivers that hate you. The moment you walk out of your house. I just like it gives. There's less conversation and a new, that's interesting! That's interesting! I don't know, I just don't want to talk and I feel like uber drives top class. I don't know it's probably not true. I don't know I was going up to maybe you're old House and Burbank that right when we move
moved out here and the guy picked me up and he had hands on ten into and he looked like the guy. That would cost, but doesn't matter, but he was older cannon nerdy or dude, and he goes sir. I will get you to destinations safely, but I drive the exact speed limit and I got that fund. I don't care, then he cranks up like
The sun, Blue Moon, like the fifty you sort of leverage in and when the road was twenty five miles an hour, he would make it at twenty five or thirty. Five and thirty five would get on the highway or get on five. Whatever that is fifty five or six revive you'll, get it up that level and then exactly there. He would break if you went above it. He would speed up if you didn't and he drove the exact speed limit. The entire world is literally what it's gonna be like. When cars, DR themselves, you essentially were in a driverless, dryly wires. Yeah. I've got our gotta. Think of a guy, I'm thinking, oh, but please proceed, but it was wild man, Kristen five stars by five stars. Kristen, do you have anything that you would like to plug before we before we rap everything up out of place alleys? I hope that everybody and votes blue and also our watches,
I mean if you want to read my spine dvd or if the axe yeah, you can't go wrong. It's fun or the family also may be: oh, a billion TED, oh yeah in August, twenty first I'll be fine. The hot tub shell every night, every Monday night, every modernized, many nine or sell out, but try to come. The other Monday's fifteen year anniversary shows lawyer heavy bill and yet that guy's we have the Bananas Podcast Instagram Account and you d is gaudy- has been filling it out for months, maybe for a full year. So it is chalk with content. You can find some of the stories we talked about today. It's good instagram it. It's called the Bananas podcast
I'll be in blooming, Tin, Indiana June, eighteen, nineteen and twenty June, because this doesn't come until April, lady for Europe Oranges remark in the month of June takes airbags last summer away. Scotty anything coming up nope thanks Karen and Georgia exactly Ray we're gonna, be here now a why we think he can enjoy this. There were under their umbrella? Oh really this is their studio, is theirs doing we're in the studio. Death is the studio that murder billowy guy. Why have their own reached out and said it's got exactly right and they go Scotty. You and Curt. Specifically. Just you too have said
thanks. So you need you, don't need a third, no women involved. You two anyway, and we said we could in agree more and were so glad to have you as a first guest and christian you want. You want to come back first I'll cut all that stuff in the metal workers had lit. It know where she was on the walls, Stephen famously like why Georgia, they murder and George Stephen, is literally the pretty sir of all, those episodes. At least we onward. Replying following addressed again: we're gonna prep, our gas. If I didn't know, as I know, this isn't some rinki. Dank this isn't a back of a U hall truck. This is the big time. This is the pro everyone every just have to have,
yeah great. You can come back but everyone Kristen, ok, you may be- could be our best. We shall could they don't wanna always set, but I did it. This is another excuse, staying out of my friends like hard to their chairs, ten years are the first episode banana, but man. This has been an exactly right production produced and near by Katy Levine theme, song by K, Honnami Our work is done by Travis Millard. So please powerless on Instagram at the Bananas cod asked where we post. So many more stories and make it here and you can share with us your strange news, whereby damning us on Instagram at the bananas, podcast, so listen subscribe and please leave us a review on apple pie. Yes, stitched wherever you get your pie casts
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