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My Favorite Murder presents the first episode of Lady to Lady on Exactly Right Network! What better way to kick it off than with our very own Karen Kilgariff? Join the ladies as they chat about Taco Bell pizza, the anti-Grandpa Joe movement, accidentally sending mortifying emails to people, and more! They also answer a lady problem from a listener who was busted while internet stalking someone online. Listen and subscribe to Lady to Lady on Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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This is exactly right, that's great! I'm brandy, Posey Adams, S Barker Tune into our podcast lady to lady available now on exactly right. Bring three Santa comics in real life, friends and every Wednesday we hope the coolest hang on the internet. It's like a party for your ear holes. Each week we invite some of the funniest comics and right to join us in our adult three house for Games advice. The occasional deeply embarrassing personal revelation that we can't take back because now it's online forever, lady to lady, subscribe now in stature, apple pie or wherever you liked to listen. Guys today were very excited to be sharing the network primary episode of the lady to Lady, the newest. Odd, cast that were added to our exactly right. Family lady to lady is hosted by three Santa comics and real life, best friends, bags, gray, test marker and brandy, Posey and each
big. They invite especial gas to play sleep over games, answer advice and delve into ridiculous tangents upcoming gas include baths telling Emily Ash Bird and so not moves s in the exact premier episode features Karen Kill, Gara Episodes are every Wednesday plus they have three hundred back. Episodes with tons of amazing artists enjoy the exactly right network premier episode here and then head over to lady, the lady for a brand new episode out today subscribed to lady to lady on stature, apple, podcast or wherever you listen. If you like what you hear right, the Ladys a review and follow them on Instagram at Lady to Lady Comedy on Twitter, at lady, the number two lady comedy and on Facebook at lady, the word to Lady Comedy, where I am
I was grey and it's a good day when you find out it isn't your back Sri boy, that's into q and on I'm brandy, Posey, and I can assure you these skeleton gloves are strictly professional, I'm test Barker and if Food It's bad for you. It should tastes good and this lady to lady. Can you keep a cigarette? Neither can we show me.
Oh, my gosh, you guys where we gotta be made it through the road trip. We got all the snacks we have arrived. We are honest fact: they re a passable LEO excited last episode of the pod cas. We did it we're at the very end, one episode on exactly right. That's why we're so excited to be on the network and were so excited to have our first gassed cause of the mind They were murder. Pod cannot care killed. Every bad
You were shipped in children for me now you have Heidi drawer of them subscription Service, the Kyoto as little children. Cheering more me yeah. We checked, we checked thereof. We did the covert test up their noses before recording to earthly single time, rising, cheering crying yeah you're. Just I got your nose and then that means you tested in all their neither cavity guy. If you took their nose away, could you get over it you know, I think I'll, be because all the am I, what do they call those things the droplet?
So all the droplets go further. Without year the nasal spray lead. We only outlet die, trying to figure it out at fair, valid back we're getting at the bottom of things. First sitting through our themes, we decided to bring back on zoom we're playing the theme songs in person again, and it's really fun guys are really just holding the guest hostage while they listen to bad songs that we ve made a kind of its favour part of part casting as when the guest doesn't know when to come in and makes veered noises or says one word of fucks up the intro. I do it every time more, I'm just like waiting. Just something I need to say the thing I don't care if any one said my name before, equipping totally will end the songs and zoom really out another special level, because this also us like all kind of dancing but not looking at the screen, because if we are to make, I thought I'd worry to evaluate each other down the eyes that, because of the lambs words
The answer can I say that as a person who has been to both the silent disco and one of those like seven, a m dance parties that we went to Yahoo, I actually can't believe I've only been to half of that with you we didn't above I've been to both because the silent discovers that a Taco bell influence- or What did it smell like there about you, you know, you know what it's gonna be a combination of beef cheese and you know the glasses and and some kind of like. Geo for men did partly summer had a bad cologne yea. There is a mountain, do blast Cologne, all God. I well my gosh, aha blast. It's the only thing that takes me to talk about, I loved my favorite soda and it was like they ran at this house and silver leg at two like roll out the guerrillas.
Remember that the growers who are now off the menu- I thought the idea you know like a two year project. There was a project manager about the brilliance raw allow like there were so many serious meetings, I'm sure about this party. They had a meaning talk about where there are like. How can we compete with seven eleven? They ve got those rollers. We need to go up again to the rules. We need a food that circular and that can get stuck on as some end of round grill all day long exactly but can have like coagulated. Greece can a showcase by the later above said. Rob I mean
the thing about seven eleven is, I guess you don't get. That is much cause other. When you're gonna fast food place, it's all hidden back their beset eleven there like no we're displaying yeah. I want you to see every inch of this shiny, hot dog. You look at what it or I can look at. Frankly and frankly, I respect their transparency behind I like to know that pizza has been there for hours. Thank you so much. I will start by anyway, because I have depression I want to buy a pizza, their ones and the guy like didn Even tell me not to he just did this little. I shake of the head. Like you, Mustn T knows the cameras on human rights that nowadays decide. I would like someone had a gun to his back to the original. I I cannot be told
anyway. I am a garbage disposal. I like to think that it is going to take me absolutely, but what I was trying to tell you he's the one he's like I keep rubbing. On the front of Ipad like aren't you I am not a real breakthrough that about the only getting line uniform yeah. I really think he was trying to be kind to me and be like as a person who has been here for the past So it was late hours. You don't think I should do this and I was just like this is ages. Em we'll eat this pizza. I don't care about my supper. Honestly. Frankly, I'm impressed that you're, seven lowered work. Seven eleven worker carried that much our seven eleven testing. I live near each other, each inch over two new owners about a year ago and now it's just run by Argos and Abraham app of young teenagers are run out of.
Are you still. We used to have a really solid team over there and other teens are on their phone. They don't care. I love it when, like a big, a big Ain't says under new management cause you're like what what it's a seven eleven now I dont come here for the customer service. It's never been a part of it. You make me serve myself in almost every passing judgment. I worry about the management here. You see those big banners outside one. Our role is happening before God, let alone and you're still horrorless gone the bathroom. I am so who care executive unity in the way you have me back my chain for my via Gator Eads, three string, Jesus than the candy violently. Whenever I would say, I am not sure that the four but I've a hue, I love seven eleven, its honestly one of my favorite stores period. It makes me feel so safe like
wherever you are in this great nation like if you can find a savvy you're gonna, be all right has what you'd like a first aid kit for America? True, it's like you start Starbucks went like did. A lot of Molly is what seven eleven is going to feel so I mean I've. Seminal Evans been around before Starbucks RE, oh yeah, yeah yeah we had a seven eleven near my grammar school and we, it was a school rule. You were not allowed to go to seven eleven, so I was just like, Breakin, this rule in five for three going in there was it it was like because it was forbidden. It was like every every sense was heightened and every like every You had every item memorized. What I love is since say I was in junior high. They have really developed the Jerky I'll and then junkie, gummy I'll, wear thy eyes almost cannot exist like maybe you got some at the.
And of the ILO is like the specialty. You know, slim gems, hanging down in a row, but now it's almost like there, trying to say, oh for whole of you ve, given you ve robot like care about your carbs come around the corner from like leaving all the different kinds of snickers and you can get I don't know Pino Ass, a man jack. Do you like to chew, but you're tired of gum well have you come I'll three I my boyfriend. I was talking to me about gummy candies and I was like you know, peach dummies, and didn't know they were in a weird Malaysia's yeah is frau from. From a state and address here, I'll pay sure have pcs and Rochester. I'm. Really, it was one of those things really did we grope, unlike an alternate universe? How do you not know a peach companies are? Do you prefer the
those are like the solid ones that are like low rocks. You could skip across upon salad, solid one, a little better. I like it now. I grew up on us all cynicism, Let's go go said: ok, nice is, you know it is theirs attack tile. I do love both has peaches kind of my favorite gummy candy flavour that there terrible kind, which? are the solid ones are just like the first. I'm ahead that I was just like Mary speak to the sheriff but those rings it really. It's late. Gear eating out of truly like you're eating plastic, which is part of what I am in it for in the whole family area, because, but when I was sorry about I was in six grade. I gotta hello, Kitty pen in pencil set with these erasers that smelled like fruit, but it was like smelled so good that I would just hold them under my nose like all day like the this girl in class and my fantasy, and that sometimes I would bite on them. If nobody was around and my
and ass, he was. Why doesn't hello kitty come out with a race you can eat, and then truly like that year. Gummy, Tommy Candy was shipped to America, supervision where it was like. I, like my dreams. I manifesting so I feel gummy rings- are really going into that area like you're, probably not supposed to eat this, but you can. They feel irey plastic bigeye redress, just the flat per you could at least kind of operate under the assumption that it's a dried, fruit on a circular. Oh that resembles a binder sticker. Your brain is not your brain has no no illusions about the gap that it has. The mouth feel of a key chain link Florida, eighty six, but you're exactly like. Ok, while we're on the topic of this in will Wonka and Chocolate and the chocolate factor is that the name the movie
I always say that Charlie and whenever they have you- and you are right- we don't you talk about the origin of a year What did you guys want to eat? The most sleigh will like what was the wallpaper only later the wallpaper you just want to deliver taste, the wallpaper yellow, what you are talking about. Carrying of like. I always liked scratch and sniffed stuff like that. For me, like, I always wanted to eat my garden, sniff markers and something that's. It's me. The wallpaper was like the closest the closest thing to that make sense. I think I always when he that buttercup, when they're in their chocolate room, he drinks out of that he drinks it bites, and then about that. That's really. I was totally at for me barb to where the first time I saw him do that in the look on his face. I was just like: consume how'd you, if you can t slick weirdest like as if that was what I ve been dreaming of all my life for difficult, but metering and drink tea with you why this excited sometimes something to seize the click for you,
yeah, I didn't even know I wanted the yacht owl. That's all I want, and now I buy things I don't want or need all the time we re here- imagination the chocolate lazy. It was like a constant fought in my head at all times, we would like it just to get through that, and just I guess, in our continent and then have like straws on either side. If you guys gonna go into river. That looks like that. Just go up to Central California, very fact, yes docked in Sacramento, they have lotta rivers. That look like that. I am a member watching that, though, and being like, when Augusta's glued goes into that river in areas like splash around and get sucked in the tube. I'm like that's, not chocolate that water, that's like you, it's very water, so yeah artery that I was like. That's not even a good chocolate where it say. I think just two a bait, my jealousy a little, but I just like it's nice
Your dreaming at as so don't be that jealous of Augustus Loop dying in chocolate. I like that. I bet this kid ends up getting suction up into a tube and you still had to quell you're jealous. I was just like another weird fantasy, slash fetish, I didn't know. I had calmed down now. Prepare movie unlocked a lot for a lot of people, trying to say works, let's talk about everything, but yes there was something that really happened to me when I saw the four grand parents in one bed- and I dont, know little. I I don't know what. If it was discussed, I dont know like attraction repulsion, I'm not sure, but it was the funniest thing I've ever seen. It was off like a please tell me what happened? Did it happen to all of us, but once like was it a terrible car accident? Are they fuckin lazy is hell like Howard?
Graham parents just laying in bed all day facing each other, then like there also married to each other. But and in the same bed with another couple like everything about that was titillating horrifying, like what this is. A famous, that's gone wrong, you don't think about that. But there were there in laws they regulars airy. King he's married yeah, yeah salute it, wasn't that big of a bed I would just like do they sleep? Is this just like? They don't have a couch every I had a thousand I think it was just that that's all they could that's all they could afford, but then there is a whole there's a really like Anti grandpa Jus movement on time, because there is not there out are not people who try to cancel Grandpa Joe because, where fucking roll their working hours at all,
because when we like wind, Charlie, shows up with the chocolates all of a sudden Joe can fuckin walk for the first time in, like thirty years like this, could work, fuck them they're, making him and his mom work all the time in the meanwhile. He could obviously get out of bed anytime. You want it. So it's all thing in all. He's the one who like books up for them in the face joint, went going to reach into the you know that, Sorry, I'm sorry Grandpa Joe, is human. A big do know anything about inspiration where, if you have, if you're depressed- and you have no inspiration and suddenly an eight year old comes in here like I want to button contest you're like all, I got Dig it out of somewhere, like he's a human being, everybody, sadly but we like all I'm gonna back and that before time, maybe like I'm gonna stay internet and just watch relatively, and then they find out about an event has like open bar or free food. Yet only guess who can get dressed guest dig out yeah commodity, my biggest my biggest grandpa Joe moment. Personally, I can re, I can recall was I was
about to show my boyfriend Friday night lights, like for the first episode- and and I got a text saying Tommy was: I was at a party picked out for me. Oh yeah, I thought I was at a party, and I had that moment, whereas, like I have, I have two grandpa jury now agree that it had to be just to be totally honest. Like the reasons
make me laugh so hard is cause for the past. Like eight years, I've been grandma Joseph feeling, so hard room does like Nothin's. Get me out of this cow to slash bed, flash weird six, laying with these other old people and good luck, everybody. I hope you love it because I believe our regressed into Josephine. That's our reality. I will. If I may, I thought there were entire years and my twenties, where my friends and I were smoking so much pot that we grandpa grandma Joad by default on a couch. Yes, it was useless sectional that we just didn't leave and we would just dominoes would bring us what we needed. He rang the Bell mean that that part of it is the fantasy part from me word just like it would be just fund a lay in bed with your friends all day and just kind of let the world come to you if it chooses to, and then, if not you're, just kind of. And this will surely house you know chatting
the old days or whatever didn't seem that bad? Can we get posts mates on the line to do a commercial for them about hey what if Grandpa Joe, I got it, I didn't get to take it and they just ordered food until they ya know that that is a video yeah. That's a crucial we're about to see for sure where they, I thought, somehow see gee I them into something that are like I'm really, why really matter internationally Grandpa and Grandma Georgina, I mean just just simply devils advocated. Grandpa Joe he got up. He had to get dressed. That was like a long day at the factory had to deal with all those other assholes kid, the other three. They got to nap eat soup. Hang out, and you know that you share the money when they came home peculiarity. Do they still moved into factory. I do not agree, they die, but that's the They still earned it, which is super under fair, but
I am not fair care, and I would say this to the group of councillors, though he did touch the side. This side of the the visible big machine or whatever it's called and things up he did stand up to what we want. And like Erasmus is wrong of you. I mean that is as such, a great speech not movie and such a great performance and such a great moment have like to break it. Otherwise our economy like he really did he go Emma showed himself through out that tour and throughout the whole day We is a long really is it Grandpa Jos Story, we just then looking out upon the wrong person. I hope if someone is obviously route, the solid story in enormous how many vivere candid, maybe they're candidate, is absolutely the character. I relate to the most test, that's the most obvious
statement of ever heard have always been overwork us. I have no peace, and here I mean- and you know, for the most part were doubtless pretty well I don't like live in an era where I need to have a lot of patience opposite of what we have today. Break, but should we should we tell Karen what the special thing that we did to you for joint gal yeah I'm gonna break. We did we found out that we could a fish truly become lady is on the internet. So what country Scotland, so we you gotta, get what website we found this on Scotland. Do you
You put it about. We ve got our selves goop. Lady titles, we own three, each on three metres of land in Scotland are officially lady holy shit. You guys are public marketing genius come corrects so, If we look back on correct some day, we will go there and do a show on those nine meters, flame hundred metre air, and then someone gave on your shoulders online. I clearly have no idea how bigger meters we're going to find out where we will find out how bigger PETE Parcel land actually are ok The figures are amazing and congratulations to all three of you. Ladies. Thank you Thank you. So much, I think, is very pleasant. Brick beer back
hey. Everybody welcome activating the lady and brandy and ass. It were here go where our aid Karen. This is very exciting because we ve been the past. A very long time, and we do like fun little game with her guests in the second segment and we decided to unveil a brand new game for you show episode a Syria New Game, new theme song, everybody, let's roll world prettier proper up, is I wish questions in the needle. Please gaps business pull up a chair which went some water,
I don't know about dinner. Don't doubt business questions, please you're beautiful, think it's a bar ludwig caring you're, like a legitimately, really talented musician and we're like an additional funding we put together, but you know I have a Sancho business situation. So do you? Oh my god, I'm right here with this whole theme, I'm I'm about it! Ok, I think we send that we're like care and will be a good one to to break the politically. I just completely ripped it off in Europe. Certainly how Capello for apart harmony, familiar okay. So here we have some business related that you know Slash interview, questions just to get to know. I guess a little bit better, so why don't you just you know but how would you just tell us a little bit about yourself were greatly so much for asking for some really I'm really happy to be here and I'm glad we could all make this time work
some definitely went to a grammar school and junior High graduated, and then I went to high school. I graduated, which really delightful experience went to Sacramento State University flunked out a year and a half. Thank you as road, proud of diet, gray, parents feel good about it, a wasted the Huns their money I attempted to go to junior college after that many times and failed all all of those times. Yeah. So then, I basically kind of a new was a perfect fit to not go to school anymore. For me and so what better way to celebrate my total inertia, laziness, but to start stand a comedy, so I did that, and you know through a series of amazing events and happened stances. I got myself into the position of.
Being professional par castor. So you know there's some stories and between but We only have more hours that gave them for the second round, ok Prairie and brought her if she ever live. She gets area of reactor. Tell me your biggest weakness I guess my biggest weakness is how strong I am strength, yeah struggle that are heard. That answer before about amazing bow. I know we like what kind of strength, because I think I've I can like squat, you know of decent amount to pounce. Unlike what kind beat because it describes it perfectly squire down on That's all. I. My strength comes in sheer volume of my voice, which is night I'm starting to learn over the years. Not in my control, I think, that's greatest. If it's like
I'm ever lost in a parking structure. Doug I can solve that really quickly. And then you see this fucking mosquito owner. Oh! No! I didn't get it other than that. I think yeah, just kind of my, my dedication to never. Changing my mind or listening to others. I think that is really the shape of my strength. I would say it is. You know, as well as a fellow loud person, big voice person, so weird moment where I think bid that thing about yourself were as I get older, where I'm like. Oh, these are just things about myself that I know might be annoying to other people, and I just have to be ok with, because this is not yet. This is why I am because you can't help it if you were just born a bit much clearly, that's you
lady Gaga saw not ourselves thought, I was very much. Five, six, seven eight and one or two and three: you know it's funny, as I remember being somewhere and everybody was a job or some kind of thing where everybody else was very soft spoken, and I don't know why I was back in there, but I was trying to- and I remember It would dawned on me- and I was probably like in my mid too late thirties- that either there were people who warrant raised with people in their house, yelling from four rooms away like there was ever not somebody my dad was country like bathroom lie like there is always that vault like ready. I think I've told this story tunnel times, but my dad just answer the phone and when it would be for me I'll, be like alone
Finally, like, oh sorry, are you in trouble. I really like to know what you're talking about it's just that my dear. How old is nearly always took me a long time to realise that leg as that My loud girls status, although there were times are like I wish I was shy or whatever and then it just kind of I'm sorry, it's like the where was raise. It feels necessary to me tat everything. I've been interesting combination of both because my house was a quiet house growing up my best friend across rate with a loud house whenever one it's. Whenever I go to her home, it was a good yelling home and then come back to mine. It was quiet. All the lights are often it's dark like at nobody's here That's what you couldn't write adapt to any situation, brandy, I'm a chameleon. I don't know who I am like a really.
Anybody given fights if I yell it was very normal and my family, because my there's a lot of bullshit going on here like I'm like oh there's, just something we come back from, but does not, however, one axiom of yes. Why didn't they don't know that? Unlike for me, this is normal, but peoples. I also on top of that, like I'm half deaf for there beginning the link, my siblings and I are essentially a pack of hyenas link. We all have the same, laugh and the same exact since, if of of humor me laugh, it just becomes a chorus of jack. We all just escalating other and I think that out to the real world would mean that I love you and you don't. I mean that is one of my first when I think back to the time. We're You guys asked me to do the lady to Lady LIVE show, which is when I very first started, doing stand up again and I was like well. This is excessive, getting like alive park as I had no idea what was going on or who you guys were whatever and like I. First of
when I first met, yours is like coal, girls. Ok, I think I like it when I then one of the first funny things happen. Onstage and test started laughing and I was just like holy. If she's my favorite cause you don't the fact that you don't try to change it at all is my favorite thing. You know this is what you get the end. I do I don't care if it's the senior citizen talent show like I'm tap dancing and I'm bringing jazz hands and there will be more Corey open up. Thank you. That shows that similar Cisco result, something that was not sketch us. We may I wasn't there, for. I thought the first when I did was at that like
Wolf Pack Theatre, whatever that one was. That is why it was a wise and then you do that one another when later yeah yeah until Wanger came on and did characters and there's all kinds of shit going on where I was just like guys, I'm back guys Coveney, France Comedy feeling ass. None of them was a good that was a good time, yeah yeah. Well, when now I'm sad player When we look back to the interview, I agree, and I know it's creates really we're getting to know you like us, but what what kind of work environment at best, I guess a cave Oh that's, nice, you're like a little cavern and face do like you know it's funny. If
I'm actually really working and when I think of that, it's usually writing or some do something laptop based where I'm just kind of like focused. In my everything is. I know that I'm kind of like in the flow- please forgive me for using that term, but like I'm in it, when the everything liked the lights go down. This, the sun goes down, everything gets dark and I'm just like in the computer. That's my favorite feeling of lake actual kind of creative like that, Creative thing is happening and I'm in that tramps and I don't really know how much time has passed so yeah. I think it. Small and warm and there's like some carpet, and it's not too like. I cannot stand fluorescent lights. I make me ill so yeah, I think, like warmth, earth tones are nice smart cards. Smallness is nice and I do like quiet for being allowed person- you know, there's your so many kind,
projections and me, which I think is one of the more things about. I'm still do my character. Still trying to do a character to we're coming in and out at sea. So you do you write with islands or do you where you will like white noise or classical music, or something is sometimes I do classical music. But then, if you like I'll try to do some kind of like a you know, sleepy time, playlists type of bank as if you get into the wrong classical music. It's like. Suddenly, I like better journalists in, unlike you, realize, you're panicking, because you're just acting along to the soundtrack in your head, so try to do like the other day. I had something to do and I found a spar playlist on on apple music and it was hilarious because there was no. It was like that. You know those weird. It sounds like just general key keyboard noises words like whatever, where there's nothing to focus
honor, distract you, but it's kind of a deafening filling fillings base to things like that, but yeah that or just nothing. I have done that too. Can't like. I cannot like some shitty tv going on background, but I cannot lay when you're writing. You can t be I'm not writing. No, I'm doing work, graphics, work and stuff, like that. No writing is for sure. I can't have any other words like around me again saying I think in a perfect world have a therapy player that played, but that's this offer earlier, Halloween scripts- that because of a little spooky Oliver time. Mrs Gustaf, my there and player on planet here. Just playing Halloween hunted houses, new scope. It might be my dismay, the imperialists, landmines, but that's it. Can I recommend you guys. I have this out
call the own writer. This is like a legit recommendation and allowing for, if I bucks by plays like pretty music and it takes up your full screen with her we're processor. So you can't see anything else on the sexiest part about it is when you type it makes like an exaggerating, typee sound, nay, I saw the music with it. It sounds like something yeah you'd like hearing as it does have that kind of, like it's kind of Alec flow like womb noise or what I see almost like events filling up it like that Have you having your ears filled up so then you're, not it just like yours, it's the opera said of a tv on where you'd be distracted and start concentrating on something else. It's like you can't contact on anything else. I love that feeling exactly yet. If like putting like one of those dog cones around your brain little numerator- ok, I like it, I started getting into I mean getting into. I won t like one sound rather would have further, should have love a sound back there. You show
for that and I'm I'm going to Joshua Tree in a few weeks, and I was like man I would love to do that, but because it is too crazy. So I'm like at that point words like, or are you going to invest a crystal ball it like what's above We marble. You explain to me what a sound bath is, just as I am not totally how it sounds like something you like it's it's a lot of those spotless and stuff. But it's like a crystal ball that they kind of, I don't know, they're using to make the sound, but they do move something around. It varies ones. They all have different tones and they do the kind of fill up the room. But if you're person like make your body vibrate. It's really crazy. Do a kind of sounds like if wooden chime was really high. You oughta drugs reality that really like Google will walk over sound car. Ok, I think I think I know I've written he added this is really like happy dippy belike? You can do you can like Youtube, sound bass and those are cool too but like when you do person you can feel the vibration. Sound in your body who were yeah
in writing. Although I am I did. I really felt like I was like floating afterwards is pretty crazy. That's very cool! I went to one in Vegas like two years ago says performing Pencroft Bowling and Blake. I was there for four days and it was just a festival all day festival thing and the third day I woke up and as we need to be, it quiet place, that as in the sun, and then I found like a weird way way way way way off Strip like Hippy shop. That was doing soundbites that day and then I just like took a nap underneath a brass pyramid. Oh my god, that's perfect! Vague, yes, like fix! Ok it makes my everybody say: what's your favorite public nap you ever taken, up up up up up using interview, hydrogen and care
of all asleep in a bowling alley once and I felt good fancy I've area allowed, it looks like you being an infant word like luxuries is actually making fell asleep they kind of do. I can definitely like I can go. I can go ahead of any do. Why did you I ve been a bowling. I do remember. I just remember the sensation of being like this is weird and volume volubly. It was weird I'm leaving I may after your head to other context than I know, but I'm trying to think, as I also I'm the same way where I can't I can't sleep whenever I want and if I'm tired, I just go to sleep, and I can I can you: don't have a ton of control over its like, so I've definitely slept in lake. I've slept through
so many like movies at the new art kind of thing I'm just like I was smart. Another does not meet beach. Now That's for sure. I think my agreed snap as migration appetite is I'm now I am very much fear sunburn and that is like. Twenty minutes. I will be like. I have to be rushed to the hospital for melanoma you, gotta get a pop up thing. You got a little a shade. True! Ok, that's all now you're gonna get the German, certainly because that was said you gotta do. I think that the one that I enjoy the most is one you fall asleep during a massage. Oh yeah, that's the greatest. Like you get past the point we're like oh I'm so sore or whatever. Might the reason was that I book this bizarre and then you get to
point where you kind of like it's the person, their hand on your back. No like, ok, that's it. You think address in your legs why it hasn't been like that's my favorite, because you know then here then I irrationally relax. I've seen told some relaxation and actually done, but I didn't float tank once and I dont know if I fell asleep or not, but I also don't know if I was awake Well, you ve! You officially last time I think you got abducted or whereabouts knowledge. You have your wallet at the outset, surely there is nothing at all events it on a floating. Maybe I agree that this is my favorite public now, but it's my most memorable when I was in high school. I city cost but the junior college, like after school in the summer and stuff- and I was so tired setting for finals that I fell asleep I would grass the quarter whatever, and I woke up, because that Junior college was
in doing a production of the crucible everyone can. Members were dresses pilgrims. Quite so I shall say it like: a walled up in the middle of the suddenly in public a bunch of pilgrim swarming around me. Did you think you times I didn't like half a second rule, without disorienting than already are, would like sleeping in broad suddenly and the pilgrims on that makes it a lot. One year we went to. Disneyland for like senior all night Disneyland Bull that I don't. I already don't like most of what I just was talking about and was like you get there at eleven and you and you leave it six in the morning or some insane shit like that. We did not to grant grant
yeah, I guess or whatever, and at around like one and thirty. I am. I was just like. Well, I'm asleep on this bench. His I'm not like, we ve walked all around. I've already been here several times like this isn't new or fresh. All these plague pack, of seniors are walking around. Like I don't know if people were expected alike, Social. I dont know what the fuck in point was, but I was just like that and I laid down and went to sleep and I remember there's a couple: people a walk baby like oh, really fun or ideally compared to what for ten, like our like big might like what are you talking about, such as someone demanded a theme? I went to that same grad, knighted, Disneyland and here's. What you did wrong here is that you didn't do drugs
cocaine is, I did activity that night and it was truly one of the happiest maids of my life and there is nothing like being on hard drugs on the Peter PAN or another will be amazing. I just took it at face value like a goddamn idiot, but that's the good thing about that. As I am in an interview right now and I dont do drugs. Other things great point. I will tell you what our earlier didn't do we will we're talking with the floating. Did we ever talk about that we got from the girl runs one or not. Oh, no. We didn't look, we surely we should honour, is that let me find a roquat. We find a woman, Is it bad news about? We had been wondering about if a guy Jesus in the flow of tank, if they can tell the whole, we handle a move in the right ones.
There are some one who runs through runs them somewhere and she had. Let us know I mean they must dream them right. Tat asked to claim how do they do, but she said it's very obvious, basically, when it happens and that you have a different it's like oil and water yeah? That's it Do you find out. She basically said yeah, it's very easy to tell area here here it is ok! I love you all, but couldn't help of mentioned. I own a float tank in Louisville Kentucky Weightless K. Why, in case you lose live in Louisville, Fun float, tank judges float, fun, float, fan tank fact, juice is now water soluble. So it's easy to spot due to decide to ignore our liability waiver and five hundred dollar cleaning fee or immediately shamed tarred and feathered on the way out the door case come too who avail and will give you the vip treatment, sorry
that solve that problem. Now we we know now You. Don't worry about higher, I say I say we can put a pin in that for later. Nothing will happen. Upload. Take one were allowed to ok, ok, last question: you know we're like to end with this- just get what what questions you have for us. Oh yeah, first of all of which your pension plan look. Like oh! Oh, we give our free pens- and this was upon based company. Ok! Well, that's a huge bomber! For me! It's the gig economy. Young men were here is our what's his fuck, oh, my god, with this fucking name the singer.
And I ran away, We will also someone different. He has that song twenty four care, what the fuck Congo, where hast Roma Furthermore, as they get here as a really bad pond in one of his songs where he says like what. What are you come to the penthouse? That's why I keep my pans so I'm just saying wasn't as you that you stole the joke from you all areas worse, let me too long to figure out who was really worried. I figure out. Barbarous punishment will be right back Everybody we're back. Lady lady I'm bags, and brandy and death-
and we're here with care and pay. Hey, ok, we're. Gonna do a lady problem. Let's do the theme song then we actually gonna do one always got legs. Three different themes to play now and his well around thirty and train mister yeah it's pretty much luck. We produce say the words over and over again those urge you maybe what I go horror movie.
So we started doing voicemail. You know we're we're doing some from voice males now and the savary first one from voicemail, I'm gonna. Let me what would we do exist too long hoodlum. Let me pasted in the Chad to cause it's kind of a long. One click listen to squeeze. Yeah. If you want to email US lady problems going to email anything to us, lady to Lady Comedy at gmail dot com, if you want to give us a call just so you guys know here's the number three hundred and twenty three export thirty somewhere. Three do three! Six, but thirty. Six! but thirty duties? Piazzi? Yes, Axiom Eu Tt three zero well done you up again,
Have you ever that everybody for listening poppet, your phone hate, does a voice mail whenever you're out and something crazy doesn't have related problem could also just be like a check in whatever you want. We're gonna be using the third segment to kind of play. Those and all that stuff so yeah here we go I believe more and a friend of the part here hieing with up as a problem, but I got creeping uncommonly then I dont rejected I raised ever passively frightening informs me that triggered harder than they should, as it was just looking for clues program like why shouldn't put him on a par with those which was what I was doing rejected me, and they quickly found it very prominently, featured a girlfriend who is tat, you had a public profile and to Brown and you could be very easily without even a disguised as they like.
Pretty much everything further posted read that there was a lot for access grave and then, in my opinion, be spent by now available for them a thing. You're, fine Pinochet by her pictures are allowed to give up and I'll have retired. Her face was like. We scared, like a child of a celebrity very day, crowded what you look like an ago Facebook profile, because they dont have our full name and she can't get a profile picture pretty far back again, like the guy, I go to your profile.
Elaborated on, but I am I google I gotta emerges a programmer had sounded Berlin and see what you look like a fine she's attracted much like you got that you hold plan. I can walk around with my wife and I don't feel good about says we getting caught her when I'm gonna get me to say before a coffee with a screenshot of her sexting hand me looking at her profile to worry about choosing jobs before, and I apologise to it. But how did she know without creeping on me? Fear, I'm remembering that I followed him for a week and life, if you think, I'm pretty sure he's just as guilty of me right.
Come back from them the guy birth, because this hoping to really rough, my friend the thought I was just like an huge shirt trial is it me is this: is the lesson of not creeping how'd? You right take on that because I dont know. Thank you love you guys The money cannot oppose. Stir the motion and agree on my amber back is so clenched right now I stress of what she went through and put herself through, because you just never think you're gonna get caught and doing something like that? Like all take I've gone down, so many Robert Wrapper holes regiment, rather than they have done and you know that's what you do with buckets easy, it's accessible there and you don't think you're gonna get texted a scream shovel you worked linked in a cop work. She has done
I bet visceral pit in my son when she got the text with a screenshot. But can but he clarify this was a guy. She was about to go meet for coffee with someone she was kind of starting to see a tiny bit, and this was his axe. So she just going like. Oh, is this something I have to worry about and having a private now stop. Her area, but just in in a kind of like, or was it always already over? With this guy it over she'd been like seeing the sky for a couple weeks. Nothing major ok, broken and then, in my opinion, she was well within the normal stocking time period. Yes, for sure you do a break up or kind I. This is working out right. Alex. You said she still like Demi. She put my pistol and now it's kind of she was like looking through stuff, and I think that's normal too, see this in and then especially if she saw oh, they ve interactive bunch. Like I shouldn't you know, it was a person
yeah. I guess I don't answer out weird here's my question, so I dont understand how, though linked in will show you who looks at your profile. Yes, yeah, we'll that's! That is a good friend everyone here. I think I am, I feel so bad, but learn went through this, but I think it's important that this information is out there for everyone in TAT. You D have linked in pro to see it right or you can you see anybody looks at your profile. I think you can see any. I think you get sent a notification when someone looks your profile on plain old, linked and because I remember doing it after did it show one time and one of the producers of the show? I just like. Oh, I wonder what else that guy's worked on and then and did it and then said like a day later, someone was like oh yeah, they get notifications and I was just like and it was like I've never even gone near linked in again, because it is, though, it's that first of
social media was invented, so we can all stock each other that we know that so even acting like is it me. Am I weird nano? It's the Only reason people are on social media married eighty years old doesn't Everyone stocking everybody that year ahead. We therefore is just not fabric is linked in its like it's like going like as though you're being told them. Once again, your I d be page. It's it's a fucking remnant service. What's the purpose of that just to be like? Oh, they looked at me. So I should follow. Up without you. Do you really believe that it is it's like? What are you gonna? Do it's like a creepy guy for finding a black sea, a groan, tinder and then finding or instagram you don't want the messaging you there, you don't wanna, be like hey. I saw Looking at me, can I have a job got. Imagine it sets. It was clearly set up by someone who maybe he's on the spectrum of tat or doesn't get the inner acting in a way where it's like. No, no one would want that to happen so huge that should not be a feature that should be a bug and you should fix it and get rid of it.
And also you should absolutely warn people that this is going to happen because it would keep people from just casually going o where's that that one guy that was in my french class in high school. I wonder what he's doing for a living these days totally which, like it's a pandemic, where we ve looked at all the french Guyana eyes? How do I get that point? The internet puts you kind of a few states, you don't even realize until after your already I'm Highschool french guys page that how you got there getting on the memes, you don't remember driving home from playing like you're in it. Stir. Oh that's really true. What and also sometimes, if you have like an inquisitive mind too, is sometimes I'll see how far down the whole I can get not to do anything, but just like its exciting just to be, little tiny p. I shouldn't be like all the covers source bull, unlike out of the box, some thinking right now in finding all this stuff like, I know it's kind of a fun game. Yeah, it's kind of justice,
I don't mind what ever curiosity comes up as you are sitting around also watching a Netflix series. Also doing this also doing that, but I think the the extreme. Shame piece which I'm totally relating to is that idea that someone said no thanks, not interested, and then she got caught continuing to be interested, which no one wants to be. No field as having been, but guess what it's? What it's the truth like if you're the break up then oftentimes your left with this left over, oh, but I was kind of still interested in this. I I think we should circle around, though, to talk about who, in the fuck, see somebody checking their linked in and then is sending a picture to her acts.
To be lying here? Can you Benghazi, Earl away from me or it's like? I know you guys, needs to go off together to assemble resort, you in our lab or due to meet again a giant family of laboratories in Barbados or some shit. We all need you here and we have. I don't need you on linked in an absolutely real. I forgot about women. Really violated, like girl code, You know what I mean coupling lily. She obviously reminder that was going on. It was over between her and this between Lorna skies like. Why even said that, even if you saw that no need then, that screenshot also now, if I were Laurent, I would text back
It's not a problem on my end, but it looks like you're about to get back together with a total fucking psycho enjoy your life, and I think this is what you should do. She should just be like. Actually, I was interested in hiring her for this position for profound, and I have some papers that you could have made. A nice retirement weigh up the member states. This ballpoint. I think she would be interested that longer as qualified for this pent up, so I'm looking at it, so you have to pay you. You have to pay to see who see, see new and you all you have to pay to to not let it too work other people privately until I lame and see the all too see who's been. You know so if I let each of them trying to get paid version of yeah yeah, I don't like it. This. You telling me about linked in his blackmailing us just we're having feelings
entrance in others, and I said I've been don't know why. But this newest phase of quarantine has made me very oddly obsessed like hour to hour with my horse In a way I feel like. I need to keep on checking a hook. What about nighttime of this day is very strange, but one of the things that I ve picked up on that They are people say that I absolutely love is that right? Jackson is your protection that we heard people Words like it's like this idea that, like don't get too caught up in this, you know it's very easy to go in microscopically and be like what do you say? What did he do? Where's the text? It is these these mistakes or whatever overall, my my words to Lauren would just be pull back a little bit and know that this guy it like you, can get TIM based on his axes. She seems crazy. He's. Probably why
a crazier than you even know, and this whole event. Yes, you got your hand burned on this stone, but you never let's be anywhere near the stove. In the first place, it's a really bad stove yeah, really it out of ignorance. Enlarging above, I know not, where your places you I mean, that's her, deafening her stirring some shit for sure, like it's one thing if she pops up like five or six times, but like one time low, as normal for any, but also again that music, she was also looking Lauren Shit, surround entirely machines, the eye who was hunting and who is that who happened to organs Heidi mind, any fuckin, labourer, doodles or rights, yet monsieur sheriff, they ve gone full display, yeah, yeah yeah. Exactly can we? I got one a shot out to the detail of saying that a whole of her pictures were weirdly obscured, let the child with a celebrity.
Perfect detail that we all got commuters, Lauren Gray, you now is being able. I really love the idea that you engineering voicemail, because it's one thing to read an email, but when someone gets to talk about their shame or their way, were in their own voice. I just love it and it makes me empathize so much more. I'll bet there. Humility, yourself favouring something that's eight years old on twitter, knowing that deep dive shit on everything just welcome to the bridge. Their hood of man, because my guy everyone's done it and everyone has done it very badly- will all. I'll, get into my? I did it very recently, I'm lonely incident recent. I had an incident. I had an MRS up up up up. I had to reply. To give some like criticism that made me feel a little weird to give, because it was one of those things where I felt like it. I've been sent something Ain T give me
back on, but it was so bad. What was said to me I was like. Are you fucking kidding me like? I don't even have to comment on this, so any play I had to like figure out how to see it as nicely as I could write. So I wrote the email five times and was like in going back, ok, wait over the weekend or I ll send it, and and- and I sent it and then you know course you go back a few minutes later and you read it and I read and I read it now like ok, forget it pretty good and then I'd pay, I'd pieces of images and them below those images was my old. My old draft, the last few more harsh version of the email was underneath yeah. I've done this. I've done that the first and last time I wrote an email to someone that was like a fighting email where it was like somebody did something, and I was really mad and then they sent me an e like look, I'm sorry, but but but, and I hate reply and started responding
I kept rewriting and rewriting, and at one point- and I so I was the fur I'd basely done a full vitro. Ill pass and when I was lightning it up and lightning it up, and I was half way through, I was almost done, but that was not nice and I it like return to go to the next paragraph and fucking centre and then ring ring here comes a phone call of like what the and I was just like it, but the good the good thing was. We ended up getting to a place where we can actually talk, and it was it. The first like that. You should just be talking on the phone anyway, but I gotta think. Whereas, like don't ever, you do after that. In word, you get out only male entirely, like I don't know how I didn't know that
the Irish no mind. So I feel ok vessels. Worse than my mind, you have to drive out anymore, but you have to learn from yourself in your friends like I now whenever I am really gossiping I'll put my phone on an airplane move. I wanna do aside aside version of this, and this is someone else's story. I won't say her name. I think she would be fine with us saying it. You know I love to, but one time there was a guy she went out with, and it was some it was like. Tender data would whatever and then the date was over like it, I just ended and she took a picture of his profile picture and send it to our friend and was just like did this guy was just so fucking hot and a black and she's had come area right to fucking him and then was just staring at her found like oh, I really was excited about this guy, and this is officially
the over right this. Second, you never heard from him again that thing If you like, a nice compliment, but what I like about you know, I think, maybe that's a leg. You just now that into a moment right, because that wouldn't give near, of course, but you know want that news. That fast, do you want to be able to do forty hours, be like what, if me, and that, guy or whatever, and then you know well, we got ghosted, someone call you right after you did that email thing, but I had to make a choice. I was like. Okay, do I write back and be like, hey sorry, that was a dime, I messed up or gorgeously. I just left to those like me are coming back from this. Is that I do not want a jacket.
Anything you do is only going to make it worse like when you try to fix your own manicure you're, just gonna fuck it up yeah, it's. It becomes like that. Painting we're like they're trying to redo it becomes the horrible hers and of the male Dejesus. Imelda had just looks like a role low, eventually jocular everyone It makes mistakes. Everybody I actually also in what the list or no, I know this for a fact, sound cloud. Certain sound cloud accounts, if you listen to songs, will let be per person that put them up. Know that you have been listening by your email address of your log did at the same time, so keep that in size. That's ok, right! Guess it's just like music, hence our repay being I mean there's a song, about you and are not together anymore- and you know it's three in the morning, you know what that Imelda go out or if that's true, if you're super into a song,
I listened to it seventy two times in a row like that. Actually yeah yeah there. That kind of thing is openness. Keep it in mind for everybody in the future, great herbs and we have a lot of good tips on this episode. Limiting everybody there. So many things to humiliate recent. The soldiers have low tank, dough creep I'm linked in Crete, barnyard their worth creepy thing I ever then is when I was like when I play was in New York. I was like thing a guy if it had not been barely seeing him but, like you know in them- and I on my phone on Facebook to plague promote my play. To give you will come see, it hits and I had accidentally posted on his wall. A promotion for my point, Bob
I think I've almost done them many times or I've been especially searching on Facebook. When you're like trying to leg sock, someone and like poetry, almost posted the name when Facebook verse came out. There was a day where I was going back and forth, with this guy that I went to high school with who I adorn is still a good friend of mine and my other friends texted me and goes. Is firm, is like a married man. You know that, like we hadn't seen each other a long time, but it was like that Facebook like data and data on going back and forth and on my wall there is lots of other things and people talking on while it was all me it twenty five messages from me and my friend texted me and it he you or your facebook Messages are like red, lipstick written in a mirror, and I was like we wait and I looked at it and was like. Oh my god, I don't I'm just old enough, like I don't
understand a lot of social media. This was gonna like ten years ago or whatever you just like. I gotta get like I can't be using this half no how it actually know now right now a humiliation. Ok version of that is like the old people who leave review like like do leave weird messages on Sizzler Facebook, page MR up! That's why I like our I. This is good, but only version any of us. What radio yeah exactly. I just need to get all the way off the train cause I'm in the same boat as you care and like I don't care for it, I'm not good at mostly just embarrassing myself and like I'm, not going to learn how to tick tock. I don't even that's how you say it's its further children. It's not like you have to every new thing that comes out. You have to go. Oh I'm, this much older, I'm an entire generation away, like my knee, sends me Tik Tok. She does and I how to stop them one there over like it?
started going you like the next Tik Tok, let's waiting and I'm like putting them at length. The negative points, like my release, dancing in being cute and then immediately Tiktok search for a girl is crying into her phone. I'm like fucking want some teenage crying and talking so infuriating. Unlike now, I miss person that just like, can u turn as vcr off My mom was late truth. I dont have Google maps on this computer up up up up up. That's what beautiful evolution of the show. Ok, the palladium before we got exactly right. This was like our you know. We're are late twenties we're just like getting fucked up and figuring out. Now I am who don't know how to do shit and that's where just accepted well some guys welcome to the ants club, I've been gone, we enjoy, it's been loved crowds
embarrassment as fund too. I think that's another thing more and has to remember as its painful now in three weeks this, will be the funny story you have to tell you is already aware of the real good guys I can't tell you enough how especially being one of the first first podcast that I ever really like interacted with when I came back to committee, which was such a very difficult, Honourable and let's just say it. Or a fine time in my place, and you guys, meaning you watching you do it, you do was really inspiring. It was really welcoming. I felt like I got in the side door of like your your comedy scene, which I didn't expect. I was like going to do this by myself as the old lady. Dumb. So it's it's. It means the world to me that now you guys get to be on my podcast network. It's like took a long time for can pay,
work sex, but ultimately, I'm so so happier here. Yeah shout out, although linked in profiles. As to this point, the cap and loyally we're really excited and yeah the enemy gray is a good time. So yeah Sticker premium and patron peeps we're gonna go. Do the beef of the week, which is our new bony segment that comes on Fridays, where we kind of talk about our complaint of the weak? It's like ten fifteen minutes, usually so If you want to check out what that is, we have all the information on our banana worship go, go, find it somewhat. Could you're good at the internet area were proud of you. Well,
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