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2021-01-05 | 🔗

My Favorite Murder presents the first episode of That's Messed Up: An SVU Podcast where Kara and Liza recap SVU’s “Bully” (Season 12, Episode 18) and the true scenarios (Leona Helmsley and R. Budd Dwyer) the episode is based on. Plus an interview with the “bully” herself, Kate Burton. 

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This is exactly right.
hey, you guys were so excited to share with you an episode of our new, exactly right, podcast, that's messed up s view podcast its hosted by s view super fans and comedians Kara Clank and leaves a trigger Karen Liza had been working on this park ass for over two years or so excited that we finally get to share episode. One with you here in my favorite murder feed episodes, true through five with a podcast, are out now so after you listen head over to that's my step to subscribe and catch up on each episode. Karen LISA we'll take listeners through an episode of law and order special victims unit. They recap not only the plot, but the classic ass few moments and troops that occur, then the walk you through the true crime or crimes at the SBA you episode was based on and then finally they'll interview aghast who appeared on that episode. Some guest interviews they have already come that have already come out, include Oscar Winner, Marcia Gay harden Kate Burton who you may know from grace anatomy and scandal, and the actress are a greener, though bounce all around the twenty two seasons of s view and every Tuesday they announced the following weeks: Ecevit you episodes he can watch along with them and catch up. But even if you don't watch you'll get a full and detailed recap from the hosts yeah Eu Canada on how to our own. Also, we should mention that, even if you don't watch as me, you you're not really familiar. This pod causes for all true crime lovers, coz its equal parts as view, but then also true crimes, a check it out even of law and order is Neue and it will make you laugh, which is awesome too. Yes, so enjoy the first episode right now and then head over to that's messed up for episodes. Two three four and five and
we get to subscribe to. That's messed up in as view podcast on stature, apple, podcast, spot a fire wherever you listen, and if you like what you here, please write, Kara and Liza. A great reveal that's right and you can follow them on Twitter at messed up pod and on Instagram at that's messed up pod of the law and order franchises s view is considered especially watchful. We are the amateur detectives who kind of investigate the vicious felonies these episodes are based on these. Are our stories done on? yeah. How welcome to the first episode of that's must step in s view podcast. We are comedian, Slash s views you prevents I'm care. Clank, I'm Liza trigger and we're very excited were so excited
Obviously this is about us view, true crime, and we will get into all of that, but first we want to introduce each other, because I got sick first day. We want, you guys, know who we are like. Who are these random when and that are year that look to you to fall in our drawing and thereby here like who are these gals with such great hair and you now, yes, we're both comedians. I've been doing comedy fur about twelve year set of comedy for about twelve years, my married to another set of comedian. We have a twenty months old toddler, Baby girl and rosy did start saying my name. I don't oh yeah. I want to tell anyone the her name but download rosy, does sillies his name and also She now what I am busy she as Mama podcast, Sexual Vila, even if I'm like in the bathroom I can hear being like Mama pot gas to my favorite, is when she does not
I am a comedian as well. I ve been doing it eleven years. Oh nine, as when I started- and you know I dabble in some acting by mostly mostly we do comedy. I am not married. I would like to be married. My ulterior motive to my whole career is to find a spouse, but you can't be like to you can't know too much about me by you. I don't know, I am looking for a wife will settle for a husband, but I would prefer a wife and then I, but I am child free by choice, but I am an ant in the traditional sense wave, nieces, nephews and then I do feel like I have kind of babies coastal Coast, that ILO presents foreign hugging yeah and I made the relationship with my daughter, so I'll tell people little bit about you, LISA sitting, you don't actually have to like brag on yourself, because you do have a very impressive life. Slash Razumihin LISA came to this country at age, free from Russia. She has
It's like actually very delightful to hear speaking like rush English to her parents on the phone yeah, what's even better as trying to explain to my parents what a podcast is that such fun thing to try to explain: she's the Chicago neighed ever she moved to New York after doing stand up in Chicago for a long time. That's why Are we met Hannah? Who is our intrepid producer? Hannah say hi was, if you ever hear a third voice talking on our part, it's usually Hannah are. Amazingly organised producer. We both have known her for years and years through comedy, Liza has had a half hour on comedy central she's got a half hour and special on Netflix as part of the degenerates. Also, she says she devils at acting. She recently I thought was a scene. Steel are in the Amazon movie, king of sat nylon. So if you want to check that out get a little bit more than I yeah. What do you want to see me in a low ponytail and at tie that that's like you're
a waitress alpha in that movie is exactly like what my weight yourself. It was like pretty much like just so unflattering. I had a clip on tie like I very much I done. If I'd with your character and in make up chair, I kept being like. Are you We just can't raise the ponytail, maybe a fun messy bun and they're like, and I kept trying to fight in there. Like just said no- and I just can't imagine, Judd is like give her a low ponytail or else with a side part and gel it down I guess he he did do that. You are also an amazing stand up, and I guess I just call myself amazing, but we are- and I love going near, album recording ear. Album undefeated is so fucking good. My thy love Disney princess jugglers if you're looking for the best transitional lenses joke that there is an defeated as the album Frio and I remember sitting on the floor and it was for there was sold out and it was so much fun and then you are a very skilled writer. I always love when I type what our
talk into something, and then you may get palate, both for the world and grant, which is amazing, bad girl, code younger and then the biggest brad of all fucking time, as you refer, drag race which is amazing like to say our van diagram of friendship. Is s view drag race housewives that is us gap. We love housewives. In fact, today, you're gonna get a little taste the housewives and we then even plan that that's pretty fucking cool just now really are her all of our passions collide. Now I need Miley Cyrus to do an episode and alive. There have been more drag queen episodes. Also this year we need to facilitate our message, some agents near, so we have a lot of common interests and before I may you care I like, even though is living in Chicago, I knew you were, and I think you know, like all girl comics know each other ray. I yeah yeah we're all. Pretty on board with each other and when we started there were last now it's like self
and I have so many housewife fans of comedians everywhere, but we met you see, be east, your show, if you bill we had we had met, I think, but this was like the first time we truly connected. Was that my show in the green room? We started TAT? king about how we both like one of us, brought up Theo. We were like. Oh my god. I love that and then you told me about this. Twitter counts. Yes doing doing, which are doing Duncan. It's amazing will a tweets anytime any law and order is on television what episode, what Channel and when it starts influences my life sometimes on Twitter, like oh, I got in three minutes and I, like a tie on immediately so yeah. We discovered that we both love ass, you we both love, true crime. We have a favorite, have forensic pathologist in common
Michael about him. I don't know we love you. Have you have another favor? I let us now because he is the aim of heritage. Lee Doktor Lee is a good one. The one who did like my think, o jades, affect that he's he's also apart from pathologist, but does it has shown up see great? It was just so good because people would write to him and me like please help please, you gotta switch the death certificate to be not natural, so we can investigate, and I just love that he's a two and travels with a little briefcase from town to town fits all availing. Crimes by we love s view where, in the way that I'm assuming everyone does which, as you want to have sex with either Christopher Maloney, armor scar the day or both of them at the same time as I now who are watching a glimpse of stabler shirt, less and angry in contemplating about his divorce. Let's! Well, that's what we want gap I have like
love this show from the beginning it prepared on my birthday and ninety, ninety nine really so yeah. It say I think it's written and the stars for me to be obsessed with the show. I remember one time I went to a Paley centre events. Anna was last view panel and I bought my ticket to lay it. So I can't even get to sit in the room with the people. I had to sit in a side room at the event and watch it on the screen and and afterwards me and a few like ten women just stood outside in the rain waiting to see Marisa and Peter walk out, and then afterwards we were just deflated and if you were one of those women, please let me now. If you are standing in the rain with me- and you can do that, add, That'S- must stop pod a gmail dot com they want, because I did feel varies. I felt happy to see a glimpse of them together and in love, but then also sad for myself that I was willing to get wet. Just to look at her once up,
she lived on my say, neighbourhood or New York for eleven years. I never saw my sister dead, but I never saw if we can see, I mean it's my house. I would love to see that she needs real. Seventy three questions I want provoke. I wanted the inside of her home so bad. So this progress is two years in the making over two years. I originally came up with this idea, like twenty seventeen and had a sorry Louise. I had a different partner associated. We recorded a bunch of episodes together and then just scheduling wise. It was a work out with her she's. Her name is Jack. He's a Brodsky should all follow her unless it to her podcast page seven is one of her progress since its very popular and she, I don't think she just had time for this. So yeah! I think lanky honestly glad I couldn't do it. This is a dream. Come true that now, when I watch us view and be more like what are you doing, I'm like I'm working have us do here so late,
perfectly was moving to allay at the same time, so it like all worked out and then you know we ended up going. pitching exactly right and Hannah had already been thinking of doing something like this is like a profile: marriage. What I love so much is in the emails like when our manager message ass, to say that hand also wanted to do and as for you park, ass was the same day that you gave birth to rosy yeah. So it's just so cute that, unlike others, is great news. She isn't labour, but then I still email Juba, like I know your labour, but we have to write this thing for the thing that our manager was like leave: Kara alone: ok, ok, you're, right, you're right. We should Lettergram birthday rosy, so a labour of love. This has been a long time coming out. We're so excited that now you guys are hearing it and it's called That's must stop, and that is a for those who know and for those who doubt it is
a reference to I see I see used to say that's mess up all the time. Apparently writers it was a fairly was a big drinking game in the writers stopped writing it in for but from seasons like chewed, it nine or ten. I thank you catch? I see saying: oh, that's must stop about a lot of stuff and its true like what Please- and I are researching the these true crimes- are watching these episodes. We definitely say that to each other all the time yes, very heinous crimes yeah so that essentially the lake, of the show in case here just stumbling upon it. Right now is we are going to jump all over the shows twenty two season history, or going to pick up a soda that we like and that are based on true crimes and we're gonna. Do a recap. little analysis of the episode and never get at tat. Do a deep dive into the true crime that the episodes
this time and that our dream come true for us as we get to interview and actor from the shell from that episode, so every episode we get to talk to a person from that beset. Can you believe it? Oh, my god. I we're talking to some really awesome people so, oh yeah, we're really excited, and we recognise that s view is a fantasy about the legal system and we love the show. We love the characters by. We do also realise this is now the reality of how cops behave. This is absolutely not other justice system works and we plan to call that out map. Whenever we can yeah I mean the show is called s view and the show is about special victims and our podcast is called that's mess up. So obviously we plan to tackle some pretty intend, subject matter, whether it is fictional or not
a comedian. So our goal is to entertain, but we will also be taking a page from olives elevate, Bensinger book and always being respectful of the victims and our listeners, so we're gonna get into our apis sewed inside no, we did record this before the election. So if you hear us, talking about forty five as present day. That's because we did not have our celebratory election yet by FIFA Yacht were so excited for you guys to hear the Spock Ass in to get started, and I mean ultimately my goal is just to afford Hulu without ads skies, and I want meet those women in the rain and find a spouse? No and we need- and we want to be guessed stars on the show we want this. You wait a bit so popular that there has to be writers. Room is like, while I guess these ladys have to find a dead body vacant. Just let us find a body we're not asking to like be incorporated into the cat. We just want to find a body pre theme song premiums, yeah
ok, let's get. into Bali season, twelve episode, eighteen. This starts with like the classic disclaimer that like this is a fictional story and does not depict any real person or event. We don't believe you started a bike asked about it and also certain and art gallery, and it made me Miss NEO guy yeah it started mingling wine. This episode opens hearts with cameo from Vive LA diva herself allow Andella set countess slew endless. Can you believe that our interests intertwined so really while and she was wearing a silly hat to actually like no she's, not actually really surprised that? more housewives have not done cameos on this, like I feel like they get like Pat re rig it. What we know not Perry. What's a pat on the guy from
New York one. I have no idea he's like a iconic near guy he's always like doing little news cliffs other episodes. We're watching have Tammany Hall like all kinds of like New York, journalists de people. and ass. You see men like Chuck Scarborough, like people to do local news in New York are always in these episodes and, unlike the households, are part of that can, and I just wonder if shockingly Louis, is the best actor of that kind of. Maybe that arise like Ramona later about it or not behave in there to remain as a terror. I mean Luanda knots but yeah. I didn't plan as a level of professionalism that may be the other queens and she decided to play off. I sent a play like sort of a pompous like art person and that kind of like works for her so we are. We started this gallery opening lillooet like waltzes in like just yelling.
Aim of the artist in the middle of a gallery just Andreas. Where are you who walks into an event like glad she brings them back state back like so like the behind the scenes of the art gallery to be like, I love this new piece. You did it's so beautiful and it's just drips of red go down a wall and he's like that's not my. piece of art. That's real blood, so dont on You know what they should have, an all musical episode of s view. Ok, I mean that stuff currently something you can pay I don't have that would work Darya did why not so the blood is coming from upstairs were, like a body has been murdered. The body of allowances, Lehne, she's, CS, foe of a company called luscious grape, which is like a high end, alcohol distributor, and she just lying there with blood pulling down this event that has now gone into our gallery. The cause of death is,
thence excited when aid from a severed carotid. She also as an old trauma. There's no dna and there are signs of a struggle- and this always reminds me of the John Laney Joke and I'm mad at him so hard that he has the best s, view jokes, that have ever been written and every up, but it is like you know you can't we're on tv, but you can say anal trauma, not even if our red, it's what the while the credits are just get exerted over there talking about anal trauma and so yeah. They find out that the go downstairs is called dollars and death, the politics of blood. So it's all just very coincidental the squatter ridge, uneven, initially thinks that this is just like a date. Gone wrong and that's how we piece out of a cold Ben. So we go to the site. Of luscious grape? So you need to understand to understand is ever said you gotta meet all the characters at the luscious grape company. Ok, this high end liquor, distributor wine an alcohol distributor so that the nuts
fortunately not fancy or sex the jaw Blake of all the business. It's just like I perceived rebuke. when you work in wine and alcohol distribution, like you, do like wine and dine big clients like, I do think it is caught. A kind of cool added I know people were ideology island, like big alcohol companies, and you get to go to like a lot of Parties like do and it seems like a pretty fun job, maternal you could sell booze. This is great. I didn't always when I waitress get excited when the beer guys com, you know how yeah you want this period and ample near some coups yeah. I think it's really. The next natural step would be. You were running an international company alcohol distribution to many spreadsheet, yeah out working on this with you, I'm like so impressed with your organization and all of them the spreadsheets, and so I was piping you up to a friend and she goes,
Yet we may spreadsheets, I work in an office. Why are you I have spreadsheet and then someone else's like yeah, tabs and spreadsheet, do that too, like no one is shock, they ve been doing it for decades, and I've been talking about it for two weeks: nonstop others, multiple tabs and spread, never seen it before but hey. I love your address. issues of my spreadsheet, so you can keep it common on. Ok, so, basically, on the left is grave website. There's this super fucking, weird video. It's like a cult recruitment, video honestly, like you first meat and that coal, who is the president's c O. Then you Alan, who is the dead woman s eyes at the FAO, and it's like that. We started this in our garage in Jersey City. Unlike ok, and what does this whole thing with the starting companies and garages, and we will have to give it round of applause. No one care e g, it's crazy out of the rush in Jersey City, I lived in a one better apartment in Europe with two one window, so you meet all the different characters at this place. I'm an edge
break it down for you who they all our stars, kind of like a young. Do she named Justin there's a young girl like a maybe spice named Korean there's, an old Austria billion dude named Donald and then there's like a gay dude named brought Bruce. I would never just call somebody He just the gay dude, but they literally do that in the upper. So like ten times like it's, his only identity is that he's a game and his name is Bruce innocent. Miss breasts again see I'm on earth, so those are the main care. There's that we meet in this like insane recruitment, video and all they talk about, is how like much they love of working there and how its dislike amazing, workplace- and, unlike you just know, somebody thought something's fuck. No one talks about their workplace. That way, you can be like. Oh, it's greater care, but they're like this is a family. It's just chew: creepy yeah you! something valiant effort. Reality keeps saying we're family, you, that's not something. I'm yeah, so it they're luscious grew dot net is their website. I guess luscious grape dot com was taken by like a drag queen or something there also
need to point out to our producer. There is a co producer on the show names, speed, we'd. We need to get back per cent for an interview. Just let's make a note like who is speed Wade? I always see their name in the credits and I'm like. Are you a man or a woman? I need no more about speedway, so a neighbor approaches, Benson Unstable, are tells them that Andreas, the artist is kind of a creep that turns out to be a sort of a dead end. He's like a douche buddies. Not the guy that killed Alan. He goes for hotter. Girls, basically like that. This is another episode where they keep acting like Ellen is the ugliest swim. On the planet, but she's actually just like a perfectly lovely looking person, who's, not a supermodel and on dress has continued to use Ellen's blood on an art, peace, witches creepy, but he has an alibi. So he's not he's not like a suspect anymore. So then, we get into meeting a net coal in person. Who is this? The ceo and founder of the company she's like
It was my best friend, the younger sister. I never had. We had dinner the night before luscious grape was our life Jersey, city, family. Whatever it's like red flag central, I think I mean just the way she's talking like no on has. I don't know what such a perfect relationship, but their coworker on business partner, but maybe on J that we also delighted the cops, because if you say one thing, it can be used against yeah sure, true, true what if she was like ashes, kind of lazy and then the other like ie, it's you yeah, Amanda Knox, perfect eggs have set a couple weird things and was in jail for like three years. Ok, so Bruce it gives us an insight into elements a little bit different saying that she was a blast at parties. They cholera, fruit, fly and others were allowed to say that any more site there's a couple words for women that have a lot of gay male friends, and I don't think any of them really fly in a book or including Why replies, probably the nicest rid of rather than ices, but out of the gun, many guys like being all the fruit here. It episode they call him a fruit four times
it's very I mean what years this up as out from its edges, have so many fruit tattoos that to me, I I I'll only tell me tell me mother, I now like I would love to be fruity. I understand you now the app, so Bruce reveals that they ve gone to a she sober, so it appears she's been drinking the night of the murder. So that's a weird thing like agonized say that she gets drunk so she can fuck has no one wants to fuck her ugly face, yet they act there. She and even more so the cops get into Ellen. Phone, and then we get into like a serious tension and this episodes I'm just gonna, go into a really quickly because it does waste a ton of time. But there's a stand, where Ellen has been buying leather goods a website called my leather fantasy, not ass. An amateur I and leather goods, the guy who it is they want. Alvarez he's been harassing her, so they find they go to find him he get shot.
by a man in the street who says he killed by Peggy because he harass this other man's wife. Peggy until she had a heart attack because he thinks that harassed Then people will cause them to leave bad reviews online and the bad review is just as good as a good reveal. So this is some kind of psychotic Yelp conspiracy, where, like people are still then go to your website because they have reviews that this man calls me in the middle of the night and scream sit me. I think I would pass. On my leather fantasy. He also has a great quell quota of this epoch. but for me- and he goes Ok, so I harass the bit yeah, that's great! You like, I didn't, kill anyone. I just called it old woman with Alzheimer's at three p m and screamed at or about paying for her leather. That, though, basically, is the last he's hiding wrestlers guy, any good press exactly so once we get to the end of this change,
He's got an alibi for Ellen's murder, so, even though he was resting her, he didn't do anything. Now we get the flip. The script is flipped a little bit while our Warner comes in our girl, timorous, Juny, not to me the luggage, browned and she sang it, might not be murder, she's real. In the manner of death as undetermined, and we also discover which I feel like you- and I were just talking about this- the other day that Ellen has trick or till a mania which, when you pull your hair out here, I have a friend who does that yeah? Oh no, I was taken up with my husband because, in episode of ten fifteen one of the girls pulled out a piece of her hair. I thought maybe you they were going to go into a trick. Tell him any applaud, but it was not just impressed that you can say it fully mean it's. It's actually pretty phonetic, but yeah There is also another fund quell yeah Benson goes and got anal trauma on the way down. Oh yeah
I don't remember, but I have it in all big letters right like their basically acting like shits possible that she just fell against this base because she was so drunk and the big chunk of glass like severed her carotid artery, I got way- is the crowded artery in your by whole know your neck. That's where the that's where the the cut was, but yet That's why Benson saying she's like what are then she somehow got anal trauma like it during the fall, if she's like not buying that this was an accident okay, so everyone should generate yeah, you guys are but such good friends. As you said the near by- and you don't even comment on medicines, no cameras loving towards way artery being your but whole is really funny. Okay, so everyone luscious rape is stonewalling and like a very creepy way like they're all saying the same words are all saying like her death is a major lost. Where a company like they're, all its very colchi, they ve been told, instructed what to Venice.
like if you guys are a family. Why didn't you know that your best friend and sisters ripping hair out of her hair mental this is not a game now so get a break, someone breaks into Alan's law, the cops go over, they find immediately. They find the one thing that the break, the person that broken was looking for, which is this little panda flash drive. The flash drive has tons of videos on it twist with a net. The ceo like completely too, arising. Her employs again away. That's not just like hey guys. We need to up productivity today, you guys messed up last week. It's like well, that's not even kind of menacing. Now you, I know I'm just sing a boss, yeah you're right. I do yours, my mean boss, that's not criminal would be like. Are you still bid. I asked for that an hour ago, yeah yeah, yes, okay, so we're like its Miranda. Priestly is kind of like the level. I think of only will organs is stupid. Miranda priestly would go. I do
and excellence. Bring fifty skirts to the appointment today. I'll ask me another quarter. I don't have time for your bullshit yeah, so is calling she's like making homophobic slurs, she's terrorizing them she's laughter Ellen across the vase okay, so they confronted at what videos its twenty films of her being complete, psycho, the waiter at from the in the night before says that she was also screaming and Ellen the night before she was murdered, and that is just like denying pretending to cry. It's like crazy, how she almost shut. Where's like no excuse. She's like this is out of context like there's. No contacts were slapping your employer across the phases leg, how good they yeah. and an icy goes the queen of means on a tear queen of mean so Bruce were so as they go check in with all a different people that are in the little luscious grape cashless, so Bruce the gig I have two hundred thousand dollar car Korean
young girl is in therapy outer know why that is considered something lavish, but I guess now think something's going on with her. Just in the young which has this really nice house with like multiple levels which in New York is a staircase in New York, is weird and like Larry, that's a status symbol. He lives with his mother. We are as mother yelling down just step, mother nature and it's like really what's going on his mother. Is a disabled, former opera singer. Ok, keep that in mind for later so long tells them that tells the squad that all these people have Stockholm syndrome, like they ve all bonded to this woman, emotionally to prevent being abused by her, which Kind, make sense and they find out Also that this company is about to be solved for five million dollars. We get a morning, Joe segment. Ok, so the tapes get leaked to the media because Ellen
and thou before she died. She sent them to the media like I can't handle this anymore. Probably right after the dinner she had with a network net was yelling at her and through a glass at her. I think that we get to this mob scene where all these people are attacking a net. It's like honestly, iconic like she looks amazing she's got dark sunglasses on, like probably something would like a fur collar. I don't really remember, like a headscarf over her head and she's like, and there like, construct workers, are yelling suck it bitch at her look, I dont condone calling women a bit. in this way, but it honestly like really makes me giggle in this context, you need to watch episode. She's, like I'm, going through the advice pity for emotional distress and dumb and she's, just like out of my way, it's kind of a fun scene. It reminds me of Leyla yeah, its crew. Well, it's some sunset boulevard like it's just very and John Marlins, yes very junk isles, fifty one percent YAP. So all this press comes out these half a billion
our offer is rescinded. The press is completely savaging and that a net calls a press conference she's WP, she's, apologizing she's like I'm so sorry to everyone, and then she literally flips the switch tells everybody totally. Poles are fuck. You fuck, you fuck, you doesn't tell anyone there cool fuck, you fuck you and then killed herself in on at the press conference. Front of everybody sets a gay women with a gun, saw huge yourselves that again and is like boom blows, our brains out shocking. it's very shy. I don't know and got ideas from this episode up very shocking. So long said it's like kind of classic. She like feigned contrition to draw people end, but then traumatized So it's like what you get when you mix a sociopath in our society a ticking time bomb. That's what long says. So a net leaves every penny in her will
who her dog nothing goes to her court. Unquote, family members at luscious grape and then Bruce gets nailed and a hit and run we then surely find out that all the luscious grape employees are turning one another because they were all holding just until this five hundred million dollars say also they could like be rich and they all thought that each other was the one that killed Alan unlike jeopardize the whole thing, so babies ice is the one that hits Bruce with her grandfather scar, because she thinks Bruce is the one that killed Alan and bruises. Like I didn't do it, she was dead when I got to her house so then they basically kind of figure out old, australian, guys, the one who did this again they all have their own little crimes. The last person left is just in the dish. Lives with his mom, so they get. his house, and Warner shows up and we figure out that the reason Ellen was drunk is because someone got her drunk through her bottle
see you're, but you are right about something with the bottle, and this is why we watch us view yeah upper last. Second, alas, Ladakh shrugging lay off. Whereas and the thing is it's not like someone an or the medical examiner told Benson like hey by the way, something with the called she's. Just like the opera singer, the threat. Did she die? Love detective work like that she pieces together tat because well, as our blood alcohol so like how to go about it because there no alcohol in her stomach, so there is I'll go into actual summit, but shed blood alcohol of one point, six, which is way over the limit. So she there is say: oh yeah, it's an old alcoholics trick to put out the hall like through your anus or girls, do it with tampons. I had heard of girls doing about tampons. I've never tried it. I like to just get drunk the old fashioned way, but so basically Benson realises that they have to go to Justin, ok and we kind of figure this out as we go at the end. Just it admits that
he came onto Alan. She rejected him. He tried again she slapped him. He pushed her. She fell into the Bay base and saw the girl and then ass was in her neck, so that will actually was an accident and he's like there was so much blood. So then he put the alcohol up her, but to make it seem like she was drunk This accident white and then the cops based could get out of him that he grew up. Learning how to do this trick, because his mother is an alcoholic opera singer who couldn't damage or vocal courts and serve that's how he would help his mom get drunk as like. Putting that's why the end Higher up a suddenly gone to Justin's how's, the mom keeps going mother needs heard. Jus sits like hers. Bessel JUICE, so so he's, but he has been held in one go along, like God, has you getting carried away by the cops, the cops zone, even care about this old woman? She's just left you everything that our last, like the cops alike by our and he goes mothers very clever, stop me
out of things here like what else. The end is very Willie Lohmann, where it's like. They all wanted money. They all try and they get nothing yet very well. He won't they all you get nothing out. You stole fizzy lifting drinks. You let your boss slap you across the recognised as you get nothing, but how money. Would you work at it like that's who you are treated like the Ceta job slap in the face insulted. What would be the paycheck you'd need for slaps Miami millions ok, I don't I can, or now I live. I get asked in a million a year, you'll be ok with your boss, pulling your errand slapping you once we have ten million ten million in Seattle, and so he slept at once weeks lab yeah yeah. I guess get used to it, but that's terrible her arm,
all right. Let's move on! I love this episode, though it's got so much it's just like a it's. It's got twists and turns about chugs, a housewife, yeah leather fantasy. You used that we were going to start gateway, lowers the past a babe. Space reference. Just for me, oh Grandpapa, the name Peggy, our friends, moms name Peggy. We like that there's a good episode. Well, we're gonna, take a quick break and we come awkward gonna get into the actual. scenario that this is based on. Welcome back great ads,
So this is fine, this is it not even a full. Like is therefore there is a little tax evasion, but this characters based on a New York Legend Leona Hamley for and I watched and I D Channel Barbara, investigates Barbara Walter's as one of my heroes, and so I was really happy to see their interview, and this interview took place like it before she was going to jail, since she was not happy she was passed and she kept playing like I'm a good person. I've done nothing wrong, so I was like raw really lovely, while walking round her mansions loved that so Hulu Donna. Is she the billionaire hotel may then, and her biggest rival was Donald Trump. Would you ve got me only on a healthy site immediately, you know it's crazy who brought Leona down was
be Giuliani, Guide, which now, with all connected hat like where they friends even back then in the eighties, were they always conniving to this evil in a white supremacist lunacy? Still, no one. It is our wish. Is that just interesting how this is all happening? I was the eighties Green was glad they bear. He was known for lavish parties celebrity is, and she never to paper parties there in her hotels, like Elizabeth Taylor, would party Michael Jackson, like in the eightys, the hems Lee as it were, the fuck em pop Pretty billionaires of New York. I just want to say really quick that my family has stayed at the Hamley Sand Castle in Sarasota Florida and as other nice.
This is the eighty there, but they always dinner in the two thousands, and it was not great yeah. That's like most a vague. Yes, it's like this used to be nicer. Fucking grows the eighties where a pretty girl Is that a word so what she I'll just give you some stats thou fifty thousand apartments they owned, I'm her husband, four thousand five, two hundred hotel rooms and seven million square feet of office space and they lived on the top floor of their most grand hotel. The park lane hotel sheet and grow up rats. She was nineteen, twenty S, daughter, Jus immigrants from Lithuania, poor dad made hats and she dropped out of high school at sixteen married and divorced some mother by twenty. So you know nothing to wild, but then she began. My perception, is that a real estate farm within a few months was a broker and with in a few years, top realtor. She was a closer May Y yeah,
it's not a work hard, and so when she met her husband She was older and she forty he was worth a million dollars I just feel like, as a single check single Mama in New York being worth, a million dollars is employed in Asia. It soup Brian and big fun thing here. where he was married, though she met this dude and she's like were in love and he left his Quaker if, in a second for those party batch Cuz, wanted to live a fun life and his other wifely Baden drink? No coffee, just like very real just losers, any and also started out poor? He would collect rent fur tenements and then crushed it during the depression, because the bank's needed someone to manage all these buildings, and so we started managing buildings for banks later. Ok, and so that's how we made money and he found investors and yeah, so
he and re came a real estate person. I dont really now there lies a realistic power couple. Then one thing gets gather yeah and he like they really did love each other. It seems like. I don't think it was just for money I mean. Maybe it was, but he was excited It's a finally live this like gold, fancy fun lifestyle after like living with his wife from forty years, who are their married for thirty four years. An Leona was more fun Jonah. Where was their big age difference? Now I don't they. Anna ok good question. By aren't I just take it. He was managing buildings like the depression, he's probably a little older than me, and he died before her ya say right. Also he did ok nineteen sixty one he how does dreams come true and he bought the empire state building? So he owned the empire state building. I try to see who owns it now and it's just a giant trust- and I was like my eyes
further. I can't we through all these people who own abbot empire, he owned the empire state building by hidden, treat it like a jewel and that's the thing like he want he's you'd group poor and when your poor, I think it fuck up your brain could like he reduce the maintenance crew in the cleaning and the light burning in the eighties. I feel, like an oversight, went there was in the eighties or the nineties, and it was not. I was grows yeah. He just didn't. Let he just add that my hold your money time, and so you don't even do anything funny whatever, so they have money, they merit and she just revolutionise his life through gold on everything and bought all these luxury hotels and heard from our fight heads where that their fighting, because there are like twin people like the guy. What's it like a child narcissist on one another and are raised through an end, they their tracks. So, and we talked about this before we recorded when is
woman and actual like bitch evil person. Or is she just like a Miranda, Priestley and really good at her job and means of John fairly and, like men, want a mommy to baby them and not a boss? Right though it's like was, should evolve or not. You ass, gay, ass, bitches crazed firing. People should fire people on the spot. Someone would that be. at the elevator. She would be like you're fired like she loved to fire people. She was a micro manager. Nickname was queen of me and yet which they say in this episode of Anne. And so what happened? Was she joined with its advertising company and they were like this? Does what we're gonna do? A no one's ever done this before they're, like you're the queen of your castle and we're gonna, put you in the commercials, and you are the queen at the hotels and of people come to these hotels. They It's a hang out what the fuckin quit him. Then she fired the person who made the advert Attica. That's my actual iron it's like she wanted shit to be perfect and why not shortly in all her I'm her name
yeah, so she loved firing people. She was suspicious of everyone's suspicious of her son, everyone, stealing staff and you're asking. Is she evil or she just a tough boss? Okay, so Sunday, either about forty two? She turned and her daughter in law gave her the bill for the funeral and to move the body to from New York, to Florida and evicted her and her grandchild from Hamley property. Wow yeah she's, like that's a suspect, a wash and she was cheap and just spot with people like paddled constantly in ocean money, and this is your dialogue can be president, except that she's, a woman tat is was obtained. A rather Leona, be the president. We shared a sense of humor Ellie. She had time illegal rest. Well, you know what I mean, not a boxy sue like it is correct. Z to have these two despicable lunatics from the eighties and one is the leader of our country right now. It is our hopefully not, and I will see when the fairest by the fact that the only way
this, is her gown farm and which had untroubled for she bought a man should, in Connecticut and nineteen eighty three you're from Canada, I'm she bought for love, million dollars and she wanted to renovate and at the time were, renovation seem crazy. But now I'm like this bitch was on fire. She on its speakers in the bushes, so she can listen to music. Competitiveness seems not at all I know who doesn't want to like hit a couple balls around with either the tiger playing come on yeah. She wanted a marble dance floor on top of the pool again at sea. That's my girl, I ages. crazy how much house renovation that standards of change from the eighties till now cause I'm like this doesn't seem memories out of yeah, but she wanted to save money, and just like I'm are forty. Fifth president. She decided not to pay any of her contractors and charged everything to the business, which he asked of Rudy was on her side and not has maybe she would be in charge here. Three like they're they're, the same so
didn't pay anyone, so they got an anonymous Tipp to a New York Post reporter. He got a call and said: Leona is and you want to win a Pulitzer prize. Woe and that's all he got so that's like spicy island. So he agreed to this rapporteur agreed to meet someone. I mean how any got these files started, calling people and started figuring, shut out and am than the U S attorney Giuliani started to investigate from the New York Post article, so posts posted this art I call on all of her skimmings and how should not paying people in that she's, a crook Giuliani. Starts investigating any says. Usually it's really really hard to get witnesses to talk. He said people were
Alan Turing everywhere cause they hated her so much. They just sat back and people like dozens of people or just calling and calling me like. She didn't pay me here. She did this. She did that she's this, like that she wasn't able to successfully Stockholm syndrome them all with the promises of many millions of dollars like in this episode. But no luscious grape, no leisure, anybody, so the she was so huge for her and she abused so many people that I'm April fourteen the nineteen. Eighty eight they announced an indictment of Leone amply and thirty five counts of tax evasion of false records that showed personal as business expenses. I this tool, but that's good. I guess I am really scared that one type of money, but I don't really just put everything in my power I just yeah no at the end, my account so is like this is in the it's like. I can't just I'm confused, but it what is our than I on her side here
it says she only didn't pay four million dollars and taxes, but she is in total paid. Six hundred million dollars in taxes. So it's like a small percentage of what she was avoided. He's pissed she's, like oh everyone thinks I dont pay taxes, I've paid so six hundred million and tackle another way reason she's above Trump is a shower tax returns, yes yap, but so four million. She says that she's bra blank cheque to the government at an hour. You do this and had years. Four million here will pay it. We don't care and they didn't they have. I don't want to hurt. You go to jail, associate and guess who her lawyer is on balance aware, I think islanders it's a then here he's like it's a misdemeanor, chill relax. What do you do she by I'm gonna get out of myself cause it's too funny. She didn't pay him. She never hey Journey, rather faint ass, soon ass, she was passed and didnt pay them. So I love that, but he was like one
were alike. I I don't understand why he is being why this is happening. It's not that big of a deal Anna House, keeper overheard Leona Hamley, saying we don't pay taxes, only little people pay tax at all. You that's a famous crowd of hers. Yeah yeah, the housekeeper heard her say that and also her husband, Harry was like old and sick couldn't stand trial, so it was. All tat was all her own way. Leave him really. She was so low as he shoot. He was so live at this young aiding Ya Harry was old and sick and got off the tickets. Only she stood trial and then the media just came out, and so we have a so yes, oh, go onto what did she get after sentence, but that they so trumpet called her a disgrace to humanity which is takes one to no one, and then the mayor call her a wicked witch. Well, if that's the thing so all they also said she wasn't able to get a fair trial, because the press was gas. Ninety York City, whenever but such mean hotter living behaviour yeah she wishes I was saying she when I wrote
Leona homesickness, like a punch line like you just I'd, I knew she was that I was like eight or nine You know what I mean like. I just knew what was up that she was some kind of like Mean lady yeah, and you you grew up on these ion yes poor and I dont really remember of s oh yeah, yeah yeah EAST Coast, like not that far from New York, also from Connecticut, so she was shouting to where she bought this house. Buzz. Probably near me, where I grew up her lawyer revealed her age and court and she was passed and she said I have a temper. I have temper, but I won't say it's terrible. I love that August thirtieth day before my birthday. Eighty nine she was found guilty of thirty three counts of tax evasion and sentenced to four years in prison them by the he got. Dershowitz got the state to drop their. It is just not federal charges, and so she did and that's why she refused to pay. Him am and Dershowitz is talking
How is poor any still uses teabag three or four times. I would also like to just being her lawyer probably got him so much business. You know what I mean yeah I was like a very sensational trial. I remember you say when rich people are like, oh, but I still reuse, may teabag in its wake. yeah, but you still higher. May you not? I mean it's like you have these symbolic, poor behaviors, but you don't actually live like a poor ass, an era training. I too, as am I just not working, I'm sorry and you're not that person if you use a teabag once like woody aside, three bedroom is filled with old t bags and she said she does community service, but I don't know who knows she didn't want to go to jail cause she's like Harry needs me he can allow me by no one fuckin cared, so she served eighteen months in jail. I meant Schumann, house arrest two months in jail at like a white collar, probably the act
like a Martha Stewart. They said that she tried to turn the present in the house was Lee Mansion and she hired other inmates to make her bad and sort mail and do Andrey alone, I run jail. She ordered a birthday cake for our Harry from the four seasons while she wasn't fell. I gotta love that ninety seven harry died and she started to sell off parts of the real estate empire and she went up. She went out with younger men here and there, but she never married again. Her found love again, but she loved her dog dogs. Name was trouble. Trouble travel should, however, and in Cindy Adamses in this episode of idea, investigates with our waters and Cindy atoms in her best friends, I'm Cindy items that items is a hollow solemn, Lassen right yeah, so they were really good. Brands and Cindy also stop talking to Leona, because she
invited MRS Adams to stay and her palm Beach house and then had federal marshals, kick her mother and her out of the house? Ok, why? Just to do it? I'm moving about NATO and there are some good things she wanted to push the nine eleven. She walked through a firehouse, even five million dollars. She gave five million dollars to her till she forgot how to turn a money when she got out of jail, wasn't lying out ruined or she still owned. All of the apple ya like for millions, not enough to like repossess that raise so yeah. She just sold off a bunch of stuff and had total charitable at nine eleven. The nine eleven brought the best out on her and well that's crazy, nine, haven't happens in this evil bitch gives five million dollars and our president celebrated that he had the tallest building in New York. Now one nine eleven happened, so you know who's more evil eye that
I mean you're right about, like maybe she is an evil batch, but like how we view evil bitches towards evil bastardy ass. It is not fair young lady, He is our president he's done worse crack. Whatever I can make. You talked about, it hasn't seven. She died of our failure at eighty seven years old and she gave most of her five billion billion with a b dollar still a charitable trust. She gave her took grandkids five million each her other two grandkids got nothing ah, oh, my god. Five million out of a billion, though, is like feels like nothing, but I think that's nice bill gates is doing something like that to your only getting ten million and Gulliver yeah I've, unlike hopefully, you can make that work. I always heard she left the money to wear dog, so she left well. The million dollars to her dog trouble, ok and the news that soda
got sensation lies and that's the only way I knew of her. When I said I don't really know versa. Child was the woman that gave all her money due to our dog. Wasn't it wasn't all her money that should give more to the dog than both and birth, her grandchildren? Nearby? Yes, yes, yes, but nobody wanted to take care of trust because she was a bit still. I trouble bit ever one and a bit so yet it would shit? Wouldn't it shit, I feel, like I read somewhere that it would like shit inside of you just make people oh I'm sure, and but it had, a security guard could add to any death threats because the greatest city in the world they're going to kill a dog, but as do much money, I'm trouble died in twenty eleven twelve years old and its I wanted it You wanted the dog to be buried. I heard they didn't, allow it and then Leon as a three million dollar trust to keep her mausoleum clean, cause she hates dust while and
That's the story of Leona Hamley, I'm glad she didn't commit suicide and I was there s back we'll. Speaking of that, I just want to really quickly touch on that part of the other episode that part of episode, the public suicide like on camera. Suicide is based on a politician from Pennsylvania named, are Bud Dwyer US, yes, and he in nineteen eighty seven he was he was like state, Senator and Pennsylvania, and a state treasure he was accused of, like you know, misappropriating funds and he was going to lose his job. and his family was gonna lose their pension. Like any rights. They had to like money that that day he would they would get a upon his death, so he called Prescott the same way as a character in the show. But in his press conference he said he gave letters out each of his children and to his wife and kept saying like I'm sorry, for I'm about to do. It was like anyone with a brain would have liked something. Fucked up is about to happen,
and he just kept say- I'm sorry look at if this is gonna bother. You are traumatized if you were weak stomach. You should leave now, like you said stuff like that to people like you, shall I just kept Zidane and people just kept sitting, and then it wasn't until he pulled a gun out of a Manila envelope. The people were like oh wait, a minute what he literally in his speech said. Thank you to my wife. I love you for making my life so happy goodbye, to all of you. Please make sure the sacrifice of my life is not in vain and still no one like rushed hammer did anything until he pulled out the gun, and then he he shot himself and his family ended up getting a one point: two million dollar pay out which they never would have gone if he had lived. So I think he did it. That's why he did up that's so sad that Heath thought by one point: two million dollars would be better for his family than him yeah,
the elderly sad and he maintained his innocence, the whole time, which is also create. Now you don't do that. You don't know about you, invite us here, as he was like if I'm gonna, if they're gonna lose everything I don't know, but he maintained his innocence and said it wasn't like this is what I have to say. How do we know, but Leona giving money to a dog, but we don't know about. I dont know about this guy publicly killing himself in front of press that sat there doing nothing as he handed goodbye notes to his family. Maybe it was just causes like Pennsylvania and like it wasn't a glamorous, Laval, Washington. I love the eighties on veto I've ever seen at once and in it these. This is it real as related because it wasn't at a press conference, but in the eighties, a woman named Christine Tropic in Sarasota Flora, where they sit helpless in councillors. She killed herself on air, but that was like a depression thing, and she was, I think she was kind of agony with saying the Senator Willard Ernesto yes, but she was trying to make a statement I think- and I saw a movie about that with some Rebecca harms really interesting anyway. Thank you.
We're telling us all about Leona. The thinking of mean thanks for telling us about suicide is a legal Leona. Humvee is a conic New York character. I think, but I got a pomeranian our name at Leona. In honour of her trouble trouble just remind you that Chevy Chace than other valuable, a classic classic last second. Our first gas today is a renowned character, actress, a star of stage and screen and Hollywood royalty. Honestly, if you look indoor, you ve seen her Andres anatomy on scandal and on the best comedy of all time, deep, we are so upon to talk to a net call the bully of luscious grape herself Kate burden so oh, this esben, you episode Bali as
you're amazing, an area you it's iconic clan. We also want to know when you saw the scrapped and read that you're going out publicly commit suicide and slap people and column fruits like how did you feel? Well? there is the thing I mean you know as a New York factor, as you know, espy you law and order the mother ship criminal intent. I mean lastly, that No, you I mean. I can honestly tell you- and I'm I've been doing this for almost forty years and those shows those three shows are like annuities. I mean you know, for New York actor to be. In those days. I was in the mouth. Ownership five times and playing to different characters, and then I did criminal intent.
an absurd and I had never done a visa when this present I may I would add that the script they they offered it to making and they said we want you to ask you- and I was like the trifecta- will have done a lot. That is a big thing for New York after soap and as for you, I mean as to you- is unbelievable- To be honest, I don't watch as few as as much as I do the mothership, because it's a little too greedy for me, sometimes on the mother, it's very great towards towards the end, but sounds highs, unlike oh god I see you as more living victims, so you swore special victims, zune area, while exactly it's out about murder. It's about sexual assault. It's about all this. You know, and so you know- and these are things we walked right before we go to sleep at night right. I don't generally watch us for you before I go to sleep at night. Things said that so Bali was you know I first someone really nice, lady. I you know I have to kill.
I met a very happy marriage. I play so many of these madwoman. Oh you LEO. I play all my god. Yeah. Well, I mean Ella S, gray, aggression, army, valueless, on scandal, Sally Limestone, particularly, you know, you're crazy, lay I mean they're their ip, a crazy mega late stuff! That's like that! crazy mega Ladys who kill people, but are they? U ones that start out sort of sweet like us at the beginning? Earlier, like all this woman seem so nice he's got a problem. Listen, think about bully. That was so A boy was just getting to commit suicide in front of people. That's always fun, you know, and that's it is that you know. I think that what what law and order with the casting directors and why Jack Wolf, you know always did so incredibly, is no, they mind their New York actors. They had this cholesterol day, still on this.
Less thorough of New York acting talent- and you know this early years of the mothership, we're like no what he had seen New York light so greedy and true and real, and- and it was so- I mean he really did break the multiple who so you know, then you know continues on in years and years as you and I, I guess you staying power is that it sooner rather than later, lines literally and I think all summer risk architect, I mean I think she is so extraordinarily amazing as that, as that, a man and she, to watch this raid female protagonist guy through these terrible stop right, some yeah. You know- and I have a tendency to say yes to everything, so that sometimes not a good thing, but I will tell you like I did do
A joint when you do anything to do with law and order? You always know, even if it's the radius stuff in the world is still there be a classic another thing that was so great about that character, and I don't have you had any sane air collaboration was the wardrobe the mayor them here and make up was so good. Well, Our job online orders in general are all I mean it's. They have been that way. You know they have custom designers that have experience in theatre in sound, because you know New York is a one. You know everything happens in New York in terms of all the different media yeah, and so you know the costume you know I've always had a cost we always sadness that I haven't been able to keep any of them because they need to keep them there for other guests stars to come in and be glamour yeah. I, though, you know that, with that point in Bali, where you're trying to push through the crowd, that's all like the mob. That's coming after you and you're wearing like dark,
classes and like a sort, a hooded scar on your like out of my way like it's like just its classic. I do what I say. You know this pod cast. We sort of talk about the episode and the true situation or crime that was based on so Riah pursued. What that your character It was a loosely probably based on Look Leona Helms lay Oh, you know I didn't even totally no yeah. Ok, I love you know that I may this address later. She was this. You know she incredibly mean Lloyd, have web and remember those advertisements, your dog, your character, left everything. Your dogs, like very similar twist you are such memories of the sub. So thank you for reminding me, yeah. Well, you know those advertisements that you used to see in your times like the queen is in her up Alice. Yes, there should be Leona. Henceforth I may Leona Homesite sites a character out of character too many rain and make the thought
it also. It was nice to hear that you're, probably amazing, to work with considering Chonta keeps using EU and law and order world keeps using it, and that's like pretty amazing Thank you. I do love working with all those folks, I mean look, you know the key. Heart when the hardest things about being an accurate, especially of my age group, is that you, you know, we came from sort of one of the four it was for me. To be honest, is I really thought by MID forties, I'd be done, I may I really thought you know when I was first coming, our Yale twenty. I was twenty four. You know I thought how I call about, could twentieth and here we are, and I'm sixty three an area already is thank you and the reality is that I'm still working like my great friends, stepper monk, Costume Wilson, who were even a little bit older than me, bear constantly working and so the notion of their interesting worlds for women, who are older,
greater size. I know and I moved away when I was forty nine and I always say what my age is, because I'm out, why not and If had the most interesting parts. You know I was a kid: and when I arrived at Alice, Gray, Sally Langston arms. Barbara Hallows. Indeed, you know Araria hit me. That's like our fate. I mean I favour. That's our virtues. I mean you know, I don't know and television, well, she's, a genius, and so is our motto: unity so, and so was every single person on that is perfectly cast every every detail: every Caracks Tony. How funny I mean? What will you tell me how Tonia I mean, even in the red through for the pilot Tony Hail, he's I remember just sitting at the table just like hold me back. I mean you know, but the thing is: is that I'm? So
I feel so blast that I've got into play all these different, really interesting part her so thin you are, I'm have been in all the lawn order worlds. We were wondering if you needed the help of detectives which which detect if you go to jail, original criminal and terrorist veal Oh, I have to say, well, merge the harder it is pretty hard to be. I would if I could combine them customer risk a heart attack and Christopher Mouth I don't know this is propria to ask or not, but we just if you haven't Elizabeth Taylor Tail or a little bit like writers of tailors, step, daughter, you're, asking me: this attitude has shaken the dream I love her. So much I mean I love her personally. We always got along great. She was always incredibly dear and sweet and just really grandma credible sense of humour. She was amazing. I mean you know honestly
you know I mean I want us to sort of thy acts and told the story few times, but you know she had these jewels that she really really loved and I'm in the report there were very and since you I'll, send one of them. My favorite thing that. She ever had. There were a couple of things, but one of them was pearl. It was a pearl, beautiful, pearl, certified teardrop shape and a huge, like this size. Teardrop very large It was actually an unbelievable an unbelievable history, because you can see this pearl and the whole buying portrait Mary Bloody, Mary, Mary Tutor Who is the daughter of Henry? The eight became the first of his children to sit on the throne of England. You see it in the picture it's in the porch, all that's how are always anyway, so the pearl had gotten missing the couldn't. Find the pearl
and everybody was riding around the house looking for the pearl and she had why she liked to wash her jewels and babyship so she watched the pearl and somehow the pearl, like. I didn't now this is the madness sitting on the side of the saying sitting in a dish without US summit, then ya got hold of the pearl, and were running around the dog and the dog is sitting in the middle of the room like just chewing on something shall now somebody stopped and when wait a minute, I doubt it this little fluffy dog, so cute going. Why chewing and it had the problem. well. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your schedule, because I know you seem very busy enough in them are welcome. That was thrilling. Oh my god, I'm like buzz from talk
they caper Burton she loves acting she's good. At a recent meeting, everything I've ever watched like how that anyone can say they ve never seen this women on their screen. You move organ of the I mean I must have just gypped over that in her, I'm gb or something I don't know how. I miss Sap at Lake Iconic, what a career and that she's been in all the lawn order. Universes aunt, she loves him risk as much as we like yeah yeah, it's nice to know that even if you're a step, moms Elizabeth Tail Area, you will be blinded by Maria Scotty Eyes. Charm view he was my wants to call moorish guy in the event of a bit of a problem. Yes, that's her decision and ass. They had an ratline, though Smart, I'm, ok, let us say: let's break it down, I mean: what are we learn from volume just grape? Don't let your boss sloppy, had taken the court right. Have, alas, it tapes that actually we learn if you're getting abuse at work, tat, yeah record, I don't want a dead bright but record.
get a good lawyer. I have a friend who actually just had a very high profile a lawsuit against, like a creep I'll admit like billionaire boss and she recorded stuff, and that I think how she eventually brought him down yet arts to record so Rico word before you quiet and press charges, yes, Joe IDA dump or alcohol in your band dont, but chug don't projects even if you're trying to finish your your opera, singer, mom opera, like put her in a home. I think there's got even edible, find another addiction your another way. So I dont, but Chad also don't trust your coworker they're gonna rat. You also theirs. Cameras everywhere, don't steal your grandfather's car YAP had dried have run over one the co workers.
I think those are all the lessons I mean they're back. I was going to say if you want to commit suicide deal with a crowd, but thus don't know so data. Don't do that and say that none of that yeah, This is a good one. A great up, a soda great interview. I mean the crime is just Leona. Do yourself a favor looking more until the owner, Homesite she's, a true like Kate, said, like a comic book character, like comic book villain, They are too, and I guess she's. I guess we also learn. Don't make villains like that at the president. We learned that just right episode Bobby, I said with her just because she was mortal enemies with Trump also,
I'd like to say, if there's a press conference in someone is reading a suicide notes and apologize into their families, Sancho go for that. Go further up the gun, don't let it out as their fully confessing what's about ten times. So I think you know that's yeah yeah see someone that's on the on the brink. Maybe help em out, don't just watch for US story down and is luscious grape, a thing I don't know no somewhere where people think that, like they say that your family yeah, don't let your parents says babies, pay your tax, don't leave all your money, to your dog. That's honestly, the dumbest thing I've ever heard of not I'll show you have twelve million. I lisa more
our kid: twelve million jobs has like a ten year life expectancy after your death. Probably what happened to the money? Who does the job bequeath the money to the dogs eating what? Why do? As I say, I am who believe that every day, I'm no yeah pay you're, not about Rachel RE dog food was apparent, doesn't richer. I have a dog food which is weird someone has a joke about it. That's why looked at you? So we are because the joke, as like you're, a chef in your coming, our dog food. We say about you. I think, Matteo cares about each area by the gay, lame, Follow Matteo, Layin, ANA Instagram Evenings Opera and he should really drink. I dont think you but shucks. We gotta talk to other Miss Eyre. You gotta come on the pod, ok. So we are here as always, inspired by moorish behavior tat, but she also does a lot of charity workshop, her joyful har foundation, and we would like to use our platform. However small it may be to spread awareness on certain things, so this
like men is gonna, be it then of every episode is called. What would sister peg do shout out to thee none and saviour of many run away. Girls Mr Peg and amazing recurring character, IP and so at every end of irreversible gonna call out a resource or an organization where you can go to learn more about or contribute to a specific issue that we touched upon in this episode suffered today's episode. If you would like more information on workplace bullying, please go to workplace bullying, dot org, where you can get a lot of resources on how to handle that and if you'd like to watch along with us next week's episode, we're gonna be covering damage to one of my favorites of all time season for episode. Eleven all of the episodes are on Hulu. That's how I watch and a fairer more of a peacock tv type person. That's Annabelle there as well. Thank you so much for listening. Tell of Franz give us a fun review
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