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The Exactly Right Podcast Network Spotlight Minisode

2018-11-28 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia give you a sneak peek at the first four shows joining their new podcast network, Exactly Right. 

Listen to the new shows right now:


The Purrrcast

The Fall Line

This Podcast Will Kill You

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This is exactly right. Well a very special episode. My favorite learn. That's right! This is a self promotional, many sewed. U turn ever experienced anything like this with us before its rights. Can I will FARC and knock your socks off Asia. You're, not gonna, believe it's. This is a many so dedicated to the promotion of our brand new podcast network. There we are starting so excited, were finally able to work right now. Rare
at this very moment, are finally able to tell you guys the first of our as pod costs that are going to be on the new exactly right now or yes, we have been working on this network and getting it launched and started for about a year and a half, and it has been amazing tat his time. That's tenure, yes, unsuccessfully, that's exactly right! That anything is exactly right, so we're finally excited to be basically tell you what shows me on it. What you have to look forward to- and I think that's it right in there all day, building on the network in this week, so you'll be able to hear them on Apple pie, constituents or every listen and so make sure you subscribe to those podcast and they're all starting with high costs. It already exists that we're like these people are part of our home family, and so we would love to have them beyond our networks. Organ attires about those. Now in your, I hear a little clips from them as well, and we also just so you know we also when we were choosing I'll, be shows kept in mind. All the listeners that we ve met all the people, that we talk to all the things that you guys are interested in, not just your crime, but at things outside of true crime and the kind of comedy like in the people that we talk to you. So it's been really exciting kind of developing this. With you guys in mind, we just we wanted to expand the family and really does feel like that. We got offices like looking grown ups and JANET like its fully real. I feel like an adult. I know it's, it's very, very call, em something since we ve been this whole thing has been such a such a huge events in our lives. Anyway, it's like we get this very real kind of lake.
It's a projects, put in all of the work that were putting up and not just on our own, show yeah like to support the voices that we believe in and to bring them to use you meet there. People are already know them. There's people that we get to introduce you to adjust super excite as a real, equal opportunity and were excited so the first one is the following: podcast its hosted by broke gently Hargrove and Laura Norton, and it's just an incredible podcast. It's a true crime. Audio cereal focused on marginalized communities in Georgia and covers one story per season and there are more than twenty episodes. You can listen to you right now.
I just I learned that their focusing on these communities and marginalized victims that don't normally get covered on true crime shows and podcasting that sort of thing, so it's a really great opportunity for us to bring these really incredible. Story is beyond Georgia's than a fan of these guys, it's kind of sense they started. So it is also very exciting. Just to be able to me now in Georgia found out, they didn't have us, do have network to be like, oh my god, will they join our legal? Let's help them bring more stories delight. You know it's really cool. Yes, oh here's, a little sample of that show for this is the phone line Edlin. Nineteen eighty nine ground this broken on. The Georgia dome, which will one day be the home of the Falcons
the movie driving Miss Daisy, which was shot in our city, premiers in theatres down I just want a fan of these guys, this kind of since they started, so it is also very exciting just to be able to I remember him from midnight in the garden of good and evil. A manual hamon is formally charged with the murder of Julie, love, a midtown Atlanta resident who ran out of gas on her way back from a business meeting and again the hospital in Atlanta Georgia Genk we're broke those born within two weeks, she'll be readmitted with meningitis because of her. Age she's hospitalized in the nursery within two days she disappears and then Atlanta, the Georgia dome, which will ninety three the Atlanta Braves, can't be stopped structure has begun on the Centennial Olympic Stadium and Georgia's clean up and vacation efforts are in high gear March brings
it's called the storm of the century. It was nearly two feet of snow. And among the six foot drifts Atlanta grinds to a halt. There are only a handful of snow plows to serve the entire city, something else, happens in March to tavern sudden In February is acting the greatest Hugh Spalding Children's hospital for a minor abscess surgery. He's living with your parents, but the permanency at the policeman is unclear. Hours into his recovery. I'm a nurse checks in on him By the time she makes her way back around to check again he's gone. To babies gone and for years, and there were another between them, who we ve taken to calling baby acts in whom there is no information available. We and even say when that event was taken, except that the year was ninety. Ninety two
in the case of junk we're, the kidnapper was a juvenile. So without the Knesset, scary contacts to provide details on baby acts were left with one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and Jen Quia, and one thousand nine hundred and ninety three and Tavish. And Korea was recovered in twenty four hours. Travis is still missing today.
hours into his recovery nurse checks in on him. By the time she makes her way back around to check again he's gone to babies gone and for years, and there was another between them who we ve taken to calling baby acts and on whom there is no information available. We can't even say when that event was taken, except that the year was ninety. Ninety two, as in the case of Jan Queen, the kidnapper, was a juvenile. So without the necessary contacts to provide details on baby acts were love with nineteen eighty nine engine queen. Ninety, ninety three and Tabus Jen Quito, was recovered in twenty four hours, Tavistock still missing today. Ok, so that's the following: that's one should look for two. There is also to change tracks entirely, who we are hosting my other hard cast. Its called do need a ride. It's a comedy part cast at me and said: o cleaning impressive banks have been hosting for the past. Oh, I don't know, I think it's been five years and a centrally Morgan and we're gonna make the our whole catalogue of elbow. We basically either pick up or drop off comedians at the airport, who are either leaving for a gig or coming home from again, and then we just interview them in the car ride to or from a lax holler its Georgia's done at their Georgia and most more recently, Stephen, has become our set a sound guy in the car, because the sound Christmas was the sound guy for the
By that I mean I have only like Q Jack. I don't have any functional like raincoats or anything like people who live in places that this happens right. I have never in my life owned or number Ella. If you get the idea that sometimes therein and out here lies I've never purchase had, I repeat, use. I think that the guy thing I'd get, maybe so one, and I take very fitting that one I have had all year is a sex in the city. I'm gonna. Do you argue that one side of it just as an HBO love? It's like I work in the business everybody, even when it's raining angle domains. Yes, I've only got thing Tina stir it like you can tell the guy's a team stern is like a movie sweater from like seven years ago, like you, fucking, dead lighting on wearing the sweater sector, so late fleet Here the Letterman's jackets of this town. It's really are the people.
Near its it go and steady with someone. You usually give them near universal Caroline in this simply they care city. I was just gonna go studio that show the fact that she was a cartoonist indicated car. Then, of course, had a giant. Three million dollar studio pyromaniac her laugh. What about new radio couldn't get a news? Radio hat, meaning that guy we are gaining someone and they give you the Good NEWS. Radiohead within there are two points I The other had evidently cheating on their eyes. I love news. Rios Montt town was great. It was so good
some really exciting hilariously to have Eu Karen. Thank you. It's great to be on my own Pakistan organs, aerial, honour and the next one is another pod cast that I heard and was like. I am obsessed with this five ass. I have talked about on the progress of my fair murder before as well the I it's called this pod cash will kill you it's hosted by airing in Erin, hearing, Welsh and Aaron Omen Updike, and it's so in. I just love it so much. The air in an era in are grad students studying disease, ecology, which has so fucking call every other week. They make drinks and talk about diseases and share tons of history and gory details. It's so creepy in line with your like me, in Europe's S with infectious diseases or not or don't know anything about them. Bagpipe has for those that those of us so there's a warning for the squeamish. This is about to get graphic inside Tony loves fingers. They found pockets of pass the size of Nicholls. There was one in the centre of his hand. It was the size of a golf. Ball has left me the one he
bent his residence high there, I'm errand, Welsh and I'm here an omen of dank and where the hosts of this podcast will kill you upon cast at explores diseases and their effects on the world. Each episode we I've into a new disease. We cover its biology and explain exactly how it makes you sick. So you start with a fever, but then within two to three days, you're, not getting better and at the back of your throat you'll see this thing and it starts out why it just sort of attached to like the roof or your mouth and like back near your tonsils, and then it gets bigger, like though I just keeps getting bigger and it starts out. Why it, but as it grows to cover your entire soft palette, it can turn green light or
are black eyed black yeah, and it's not really pus, because you can kind of spit that out right like mucus, you could sort of put your finger back there and scrape it off. So you can't do that with this cuz it's stuck on and if you try look, if you really really try in there you're just gonna cause yourself to bleed a does it stuck on there. Then we trace its history overtime. Its origins to its impact on society. If those cures seem a little crazy, you yeah Falander, but oh clenching You can also administer the ashes of the tail of a shrew mouse, but only if the shrew mouth survived the tale, removal and then was set free. It's the only way I can order very minister. How do you mean
fish, so here's my favorite of the old skin, of a snake that has been cast in Spring Edward who what that means beaten up weight with a male crab in wine. Finally, we discuss the status of the disease in the world today and we do it all with a stiff drink by our side quarantining time. Our first season exports the most famous, or should we say infamous diseases of all time from influenza to HIV? And now we're coming to you with season to make sure you subscribe now, so they don't miss our first episode Until then wash your hands, you filthy animals
Thus I love it here. They ll attend the house on this next. By tell us about this. Xbox we're lucky enough to have the per casts house. Stephen remorse right here might tell us about Europe. I guess it's gonna be on exactly right. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited I'm so honoured. The forecast is Sir Ire and I and we basically interview your favorite comedians. We ve been doing this for three years now for three years now interviewing your favorite comedians and actors and performers about their cats, that's really just about that chancellor, who anyone who has pats can relate. I mean what am I
We're compliments is when somebody like, I don't even like cats. I love dogs, for I, like your pointed out, some accomplish Zactly, so yeah. So we just talk about everything that you would love and I think if anybody has appeared, I think it's related all and if you and if you don't have pets than you can just you know, enjoy it that way, you can really I sleep Zachary. I love that I love the tagline lobby, but as a dinner viewing cap people because we can talk to their cats. Yes, our interviewing capua, because we cannot take a sample less per capita circle I wish you good luck. I used Think then I wish I could text. I forget who someone had a stand up joke and their netflix special about texting their animal like so true there? Yes, I've loved, you know about work, just build things guy, just like loud, not happy about it. I gotta be My vote in my watered expanding come home. Soon I didn't we
I got two penny land. She would definitely be like that. She's just send me like complaint up day. There's like buster is like trying to get a new like the room again trying to hang out, and then you got to do a group text with buster and petty I've just trial, on the bed penny leave me be about. Sir. We just then a hundred like he would just send tons of means and arrived. It is a member of like or like those like words the tax deal. I dreams are always worth failing or whatever we buzzer buster impending would be tax each other waller in the same parks. I've done that, like one had a roommate, I would text him when we were in the really here today is that it's been awhile that a roommate so yeah. I guess that's what I like. You darling, you guys have been a man. Should I myself? Oh yeah, I saw a huge in the east the other one weighing the other side, where the West Wing, where the important decision right sombre had the whole north wings? She went
they were so excited. Of course see that has to be with us part of the family, yet so go to apple pie, gas, gotta stature it wherever he listened upon, cast down load subscribe, scribe, that's right! It S. Pack has rate reviews subscribed, that's always like the money and podcast. Obviously right. That's like the kind of thing that gets you up the chart, so it means a lot to us when you do Pacino re European subscribe yeah, that's right, and I also then subscribed to the newsletter that we're gonna have exactly right, media dot com and then that way, you'll find out about any. The new shows that are joining were on morning. A bunch of new issues in the new year rate and a couple of them are very urgent, be very x x, very exciting to murdering us specifically, I am lumbered with this is like this is our first batches shows that already exists, but then we're were creating are helping people create a lot of new shows too and worth so fricking cited telliers about it. We Karen, I have both been really really. I think, anal about how this whole network is going to look at the latest, really that we want podcast. Let me know that speak to us and that we,
excited to listen to ourselves. So there's nothing, there's no shit on their Siena here. Let's are able, and also you know, we ve in having gone through this experience with people loving this podcast. I really believe we took kind of these, the scaffolding of how we made the show and why we think people like it, especially based on what people have told us now why they like it and have applied that kind of concept to these other shows that we're picking where it's like are they people you'd, want to hang out with his eyes it subjects that are fascinating or repulsive or exciting. That will get you through commute or a boring. Debt were near a terrible time in your life or let you like, or you have your sister and you want to talk about a LEO's, you'd love it so much we get in these pictures and it's like this Petros bog ass. I went. I wasn't this broadcast right now. Yes, how we know that it's something you know! That's gonna, be really gray on exactly right. Yes, we're very excited to be bringing you this network and thank you so much for all your support, can't wait and stay sexy and don't get murdered.
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