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#11 - The Nipsey Hussle Conspiracy

2019-04-07 | 🔗

Nominate someone! - http://RyanHigaFoundation.org/Best-Day-Ever/   Ryan and the guys talk about his non-profit that gives deserving people their “best day ever”. Why is Ryan so drawn to horror films? Is there any validity to Nipsey Hussle’s conspiracy theory involving Dr Sebi? They also present their opinions on paper vs plastic straws, recyclables, and share stories of their amazing trip to Japan.   Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv...

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The fact that we're talking about technically we shouldn't be talking about. It is what the message you're trying to say yeah in this conspiracy, but if weed I don't say that Vancouver and Toronto gossip hot girls. I know you guys are taken, but they got, I mean, doesn't mean we can't acknowledge that Japan was by far our favorite trip. Don't know, know, know, know Spanish to bullet Boo Bop. It kick it, I don't know what it is doing with no twisted. No, you just drop it and you yeah she break if you go in, and it is quite all right time: Claps claps claps!
oh dude, no eternity in welcome back to another episode of the podcast. We got our usual. What the hell okay, that's enough of that. I was trying to be a producer dude we have did we. Cast back cashback high, introduce them. Yeah will and will. A lot of people know surprising and bring them down. That's going be your guys group yes right in the Willis, I used to by Willie. Yeah well, yeah will well that was inappropriate. Gamer they had. But when I was little kid call Willie slide even realize he didn't know that yeah. I wasn't trying to make you feel like a twelve year old. I didn't know that
Did not that's why you named yourself that died in my gosh? We got off to a good start. I was funny not anymore. I was oh man, ok! Well. We can't say that this is well. Why can't we say that we could? I guess we could yeah, it's your podcast! I'm will I'm Paco. Now you say Anna. Well, I'm not! I'm will and a home with an together am Ryan and the where sauce there you go. Ryan and the Willis. Alright, that's enough. What song is that? I don't know where they came from more, we do not have a sponsor today, but you know what could went went to a went way nice to late, but I guess what could be a fake sponsor is is your foundation yeah. The final word could going right into that. Yes, I do have a a non profit that I never meant when when that video came out, it was on second house.
Two years ago, 'cause I'll, sell it clone. I wasn't I was that close. I don't know anyway. A lot of people don't know about it, but the idea kind of came from it's kind of like make a wish foundation, but instead of sick kids, it's going towards the caregivers. So it's almost like without them knowing so, instead of making a wish it's like giving somebody an unexpected. Surprised yeah like someone who's selfless the first. We did? Was this girl that we heard about through uh? Well, my mom heard about through newspaper back in
hello, Anne. She was like this. I don't know they just does everything she's part of the peace core and she just like right out of high school. She went to like Africa to help spread like AIDS, awareness and stuff, like that she was a beast. Basically, she did so many things. It seems unrealistic. It's like this is too good of a person, so she was our first person that we did something for and then we talked to her mom secretly. This is basically how it works. We reach out to a friend or a family member who wants to nominate this person. Obviously they didn't know about the foundation. So we didn't wait for someone to nominate we had to like basically just go and find mom and we secretly talk to her and said: is there anything we want to do this best day ever with the foundation is called? That's not what it's called that's. What the show is called foundation is ryanhigafoundation DOT, org and
Essentially we reached out and we found out that she needed a car. She didn't ask for it. She didn't even the mom didn't even ask for it, but he said we said: is there something that your daughter is going to need 'cause, she's, going off to college and really what she needed was a car? So we ended up getting our car, but that's just one example not saying we're going to handle cars to everybody, but if you're out there- and you know somebody who's like done a lot of good- Are you just really want them to have their best day ever good right? He could foundation dot, Org yeah Nominada en there's a link there yelling it be there. I don't remember what it's called or order huh. What's the video called on second channel, it's what the show's best day ever because you're so ideas to give somebody who deserves it their last ever not that getting a car is her best best damn but it's just the show hello. What like what would qualify? Someone is somebody who, like you, know, work on your make edits. Podcasts, and you know I mean if there a good person
and they've done never mind, I'm out they go above and beyond. I mean good person, I'm out, do they go above and beyond, like Leica Leica teach you hear the stories like the teachers always broke, but they spend all their money yeah that kind of salary on it is kind of kind of like those typical shows. You sound like the news. You know how they do like those segments where they surprise people, but I'm trying turn into a show. At the same time, yeah that's cool, that's cool, so I mean we just need nominations to find good people. You have to be thirteen at least or order, a nominee who went to nominate legal reasons and then right as of now. I think it's only in the US, the nominee right now, many from wherever you are, but the nominee should be in the? U S, just for now: okay, we're not big enough, yet very cool super cool yeah anyway, off from the founder Shin, since we got right to it, I can bring it up at the end. I mean just fell like over. Let us later, you know yeah, you do it after this,
you break. If you want yeah, okay, so into long on it, what what's on the agenda today, dude life is on the agenda. Choose yes. Yes, it is yes fourteen and you're leaving you're going to Japan going to Japan you're so lucky! No, I'm not! Talking about what do you mean that get stay then or not? ok stay there. No, don't leave tomorrow, work hard for this one. Ok, oh did you know, but I mean it's just an expression, Paco guys, member game fatal frame. Xbox game sounds really interact the scariest games. It's meant to be scared to take you go around I mean you take yours, I do it's it's not! It's not meant for kids. I don't think I do remember that was really scary yeah. It was a fun group game to play with people uhhuh, like the other. I don't know if that's where my my enjoyment of c other people are screaming. Scary movies comes from, were you the one playing it was fun to do as a group? Did you play it or watch it like when
yeah I was watching to watch it couldn't plans to too scary you're kind of like a weird sicko. Likewise, weird. No! No, because you like people like that, would you like seeing other people be scared. Not necessarily, but I mean I don't a lot of people like those compilations of people getting scared, you don't watch those videos and think it's funny. No, I don't it depends on the reaction and they can be pretty funny, I don't, I don't usually want to those it's like someone thing Ellen. Does she scares people yeah, it's like a little like nice. Guys like yours is like do that's cool watches movies, like the conjuring is good mo. If you that's a good movie, okay, that's all I favor, that's a good! yeah, but you just always like anytime. You go and see a scary movie. You always invite the whole group. You like anybody, want to watch this movie. Greg's always like just doesn't respond or something yeah, but I mean
it's just the kind of movies. I like! Ok, it's true. Do you need anything wrong with that or weird about it? Do lot of people like scary movies, I, like scary movies. I do want to figure out why I get that enjoyment, though I go into scary movies, an eye base, how good it is based on. Like man, I actually felt something I like to feel something when I watch a movie it whether it's happy Nis Saddness or if a movie makes you feel something, it's a good movie yeah. It's really hard for you, especially according to the last podcast 'cause you're robot. That is not true. But it is, but if something makes a movie makes me feel anything, I think it's a good movie, and that means I got sucked into it. Yeah, it's probably also with scary movies, is if you actually feel scared. When you like, don't expect it, however, because it's easy for like like you were saying or remember, we talked a time ago, with jump scares, are kind of like the easy way out, but when the movies use all their like tricks to make, you feel scared. Yep! That's when you like low
looting of the anxiety yeah. It's not really the actual jump scare at I mean that's just like that. That's a cup fart joke in comedy it's like the easiest way to get a laugh or do this, which is weird 'cause? That makes both you guys laugh right now, but, jump scares, but the thing is to like you, you told me this, and this is how he kind of convinced me to go. Watch more scary. Movies runs like a horror and comedy have a lot and because those are the only two genres that rely heavily on timing heavily out, yeah they're all about timing, and that's why I kind of Jordan, Peele's movies have like exactly well. I mean he's like that. He's a comedic genius yeah and he's able to translate that into like horse. Maybe you want to talk about a little bit because that's actually something that you're interested in yeah I mean I I from even before get out get out inspired me, but be
before that I was like I've all in you guys. I've always like people ask me only when I make a movie might and a natural gut is to go and make a a horror movie. That's what I would want to create more so than like a a comedy movies, because it not only reason is because I feel like it's so similar in terms of timing and it's something new yeah and I feel like it's fun to do. I don't know. Maybe something is wrong with me. I just care if I like, to give people, I don't know, increase their heart rates. I don't know what it is something's wrong with me. Dude you make human centipede four. Is there a third one? There is My since he's got something man, if you have not seen it this is not one of the ones that I think is considered a great horror movie, but it's great shock value. Do you remember playing scary games growing up scary games?
yeah, like like you're saying and with the fatal friend. Do you remember that now there was only one man, it wasn't like your genre. You place. Okay, MS help. There wasn't many m in resident evil. Did you get scared of double for some it by now I don't know. Did you yeah yeah remember the first boss, the butcher yeah, had to have my brother come killing, because I was scared him. You scary. I guess I don't know something about. I don't know I wasn't in Mmhm at the time or wasn't into making videos and yeah I'm, but like it's easier now, because when you watch those horror movies or like it, it's not just horror movies. Anything that takes you all of the film like a our movie or something that you're really into it's hard for me to not picture how they're filming it if that makes sense, yeah a like, if there's a shot where it's just like in the music building. I'm picturing, like the editor downed wire, the turning up there by I'm so high right here, obviously,
it's gonna happen if not they're gonna cut to something else and then, like I'm, already pre planning so many steps ahead, because I'm trying to picture how their time who looks like yeah and it's so not fun, but if there's a really good movie that sucks me and that I don't think about that stuff. Yeah! That's on your now! I don't know that makes sense. I that's the only way I can try to get out of movies, because I get sucked in very easily that's why I don't like watching scary movies, because, even though I know it's not real, her like I'll just be like immersed yeah. I get super like just I'm in it. That's why that's why that's? Why like, when we talked about it last time when I had to go or do that's, the only way I can get out of the verbally say something to be like I'm in a movie, I'm in a movie give give me out of here like after the conjuring when I went to the cloud yeah. I turned all the lights on
well. I do yeah, I wasted your life. Is the object all the lights on like Ryan? You maybe see the movie after I didn't make. You was fun though I don't you, you don't regret it. No, I don't because there's a good story really good movie, yeah yeah it was. It was funny, though, even like, when I watch do, do you and art in our product, the worst people or or best depending on which to see horror movies with cuz. That's what scares me is you guys person next to you that grabs you on a not so scary part was scared. The shit out of me. I've never grab no, but you will yell. I will yell and it's like kind of little bit, mad 'cause, I'm like that's, not part of the scare but like it scares me and I'm like that's, not as a jump scare. I know how to get you you do. You do little bit bad people who, like scare you more
for scaring the movie and it's a little upsetting 'cause you're like damn. They just jump scared. They fart joke yeah, pretty much it go off. Talk, let's go! Let's, let's go to some of the interesting stuff we have here. So I mean it's not injured. It is interesting to me, but I didn't know who he was until like today. Not at does not necessary sure I didn't really know much about and how do you Nipsey Hussle so he just died. Yes, very well, yeah, but by the time this comes out- and I that's true a few days this week yeah he
id just passed away this week, because he was shot in a in front of the store. Yes, my own store, and you know a little bit more about it. So well, yes, it is a rapper he's a rapper, but he's also like a huge community activists yeah. He did a lot of four's community, just just bringing awareness and everything like that and was trying to build people up in terms of like employment in the stores. I saw a couple of videos talking about how he employed artists, who are trying to make it but also needed money. So this is how this out they would house with, is how they would grind and his mind. It was just about like bringing like positivity and stuff and a quote actually is he I mean yet such an impact on the community that Mark ride. The Thomas hope is: how is that his name is a member of the LOS Angeles County Board of,
visors, who represents the southern part of the city, released a statement Sunday night saying his district mourn. The loss of a hostile do I'm gonna butcher his name. I know I just saw that he was like all the I county chief part, my surmise Armenians, I don't know known to us as the hip hop artist needs. He also was a father businessman entertainer and an inspiration to many really rate at the top. So this is a call. In I mean this is like a common thing that I guess that's why I heard of him, because every celebrity, not every majority on celebrities came out and they were they were showing like such respect. In like such, I mean you know they do that a lot of people pass away, but yeah. It was like a consensus like this. Is such a good guy. You know that's what I'm gonna look in my I looked him up, I saw the great things he did, but there was also something that just came up right before the podcast. I wasn't even searching conspiracy or anything, but this thing popped up on my Facebook timeline and it was a conspiracy about his death
Oh here we go again just 'cause someone dies and get shot. It doesn't mean there's a conspiracy, but then I looked into it. You know I love my conspiracies in love, you know what there is. I mean I even enough research at so I'm going to say how do I give a disclaimer like don't take everything I say as a fact, but take it all green assault, take it with a grain of sugar. I don't know why. I change anyway. If you look at the conspiracies superintendent, he looked it up for like an hour. So I don't don't knock me it wrong yeah own research? Essentially yet do your own research, but well from what I've read and I want to check the site. Obviously they could be wrong. They could be saying the same thing yeah on The conspiracy was that he was releasing a documentary or making a documentary about this doctor doctor said under Sebi, who claims that he got a or he created a cure for aids,
It is claimed he actually proved it in a while in nineteen eighty five yeah, okay. Well, he proved it that he has a cure for AIDS and HIV right in a in a court in about HM the just AIDS. Is The same HIV leads to AIDS Well, we have same thing. Ok, I think it was so it could be as well regardless it's everybody knows. We know AIDS being incurable right, but he has proven that it was see. I don't even know if I can say that it was proven. I don't know that the article said that ok, so it's not a swear. Word
what we saw. Yes, that array cured AIDS essentially- and everybody knows I mean in the whole special conspiracy world. People know that if you, if you just a curing cancer or hearing aids like us selling, the treatment is a lot more profitable than selling a cure. Then you get to build them every step of the way yeah. You know there's always that conspiracy and basically there's there's and that that really yeah that's crazy yeah there I mean, like people, talk about, there's been a cure, for cancer is just that you make so much money treating walls than it does curing them that the pharmaceutical companies may more money off of the country being sick in a country being wealthy or healthy, healthy, I'm, it's all the pharmaceutical side not govern. Well, I don't know if that could be. Maybe you know I mean they could have and that they had me on the conspiracy. I'm telling you do you should look into it. You don't have to necessarily believe everything with a grain sugar and just like you know, to look it up and on
Basically, there's there's more to it, but you told me some stuff that was interesting. You brought up about. I was just talking to you before this. Went live, there's another artist by so essential. In the article that I had read a doctor said the end. This is not that I ever heard of even before this event right, but doctors have yet found a cure and he got stopped like at an airport or something I think in Honduras and busy got stopped for having too much money on him right and then he got detained and while in custody, he died three days later due to fighting a battle with pneumonia, but the the big conspiracy is: how could one of the world's most healthy men suddenly died to know? only within three days, so a lot of people are up draw up. The idea of he was executed. You know the possible they could to conspiracy, yeah, there's there's all that actual evidence
and then I believe, there's an artist by the name of left die or something like that. It's a woman yeah. What did she do she, She was talking basically talking talking about it, I'll bring awareness about from TLC. So let him at all- I don't know: Google, Google, it real but she essentially from what I read again. I haven't read that much I'll, probably look more into
She was murdered as well right, a wealth she wasn't murdered. She was in a car crash. Car crash puts people again suspect because she was talking about and bring awareness to it, and then this whole thing happened, because you know Nancy also was making a documentary that TLC yeah all LISA left Eye Lopez down good for you. You know I'm so hip. I know some things about the culture, but yet so that this whole thing came up and it's very regardless it's a little suspicious yeah ands. He also has a quote. I believe that people have been tweeting and stuff saying that holds the exact quote: have it somewhere? It's basically, he said. If I If they kill me for this documentary- or he says here, it is if they kill me for this documentary y'all better ride for me, not that I really know when ride for me means what is right for me mean I think you better like it you better be down for me. Like you know, when I was about you better ride.
He made like maybe like put keep pushing this document or yeah like yeah, that going for ya, so I saw that Nick Cannon actually need Instagram did or something that he's saying he's going to finish. The documentary yeah and I'm like dude that stinks like and Twitter was like the technique, can yeah all this stuff like. But if you have to go about it, though I mean, like you would say, publicly you're gonna, finish, documentaries and people know. If something happens to him, we know what it is like an still, no way to prove it they'll. So I wonder this is kind of like not a side thing, but has there ever been a conspiracy that was like pretty big that actually got proven in it transferred from conspiracy theory to fact, and then action was taken. Has it ever happened? Not I'm I'm sure
I'm sure there has been, maybe when everybody thought the world was flat in nineteen fourteen. Ninety two, when Columbus sailed the ocean blue conspiracy at some point right, yeah, well, not everything. I mean like more like in modern, modern times where maybe someone was like it wasn't known conspiracy and then either something came hours on proved it well this one, let in just just the small let right it was a conspiracy at first, a lot of people are saying what that doesn't sound, realistic, that's on the he staged it, moon even before he, the fax, came out race. True people were saying that and then you know couple weeks later he gets caught or do they find like his his? I don't know. I don't know, I don't know how it went down exactly, but all these other facts came out yeah and but if you like, those are like a small like a small example of that, then you were talking about like a grand ' skill worldwide, yeah or even some is like what government you know.
There is like okay, if it if it is like- let's say, let's even say like God, for bid- I hope not. You know, Nick Cannon, whatever yeah they get get him. That would real, quick Maybe even has like a note that says like they came in blah blah. Is the government like then? What do you do. It didn't say no one else. I can call the police. Someone else carries on because, like I think, when the cannons there was like I'll, take the baton from here, so it's all. This is like it's a relay unit. One personally, like you know, I don't know, I don't even know I'm trying to ask, but it's like. I know what you're saying what's the next like, how do you. How do you find guilty people and make sure you know those people are You got all this already. You got to get somebody with in power yeah to be a conspiracy. There is to be like.
To pursue it. He had, but also as person a sense of morality, yeah. But the thing is it's like a basically in like a loophole because that person loophole what is it called? What does the word? I'm thinking of not conundrum either, but basically that person who makes it that way into power isn't going to make it there without playing ball, yeah yeah. So that's why I think those things never come out, yeah, it's! Even if somebody who, if I all of a sudden, I believe in conspiracy theory, is sir, it's not all of 'em. If I were to somehow magically make it into a position of power or president right, I'm not going to make it there by saying hey. I wonder if Clintons murdered something something yeah. I wonder if you know I'm not going to look into that they're not going to. Let me rise into power with that kind of thinking. I see you're saying so. I think it's there's no way really to expose those kind of know completely. Innocent person can rise to that amount. Our and then they make an on in the way on the on the journey there they make. You seem like a crazy person already when you see a conspiracy, theorist, you're thinking,
all this guy believes in flat earth or as you nothing to do, yeah exactly but like aliens are, are, are not going to get into that yeah aliens are not a conspiracy. Alright! Are we going here so we go back in Talian, so it's interesting for Derek, I'm so excited there's coming back. I can't wait to talk about all his alien stories. That's pretty crazy! like literally, was like overnight that all these conspiracies, like just exploded no, no, no, it's been around for awhile, but the fact that he was pursuing this documentary more be more like exactly this, adding on all yeah, I think, even more, like suspect wow mostly I didn't, he could have easily just been another shooting but like where would normally when those happen like especially to celebrities yeah, did you find out
the cut the color or they kill the kid yeah. I didn't hear anything all it supposedly also. It was like on his turf in his area yeah, you know, and how could people have done that just gotten out? You know that quickly, okay, his turf was in listening yeah. He was in like I. I believe that something something not some. I don't. I don't know what it is. It's I want to say and then I'm wrong, but it was something gang related and then he also was meeting with someone. I think, whoever that police or whatever. It is not officer the guy you're talking about using the only sixties, neighborhood crepes yeah, whatever that is, but he was supposed to meet with someone the next day a lock about preventing gang violence, yeah yeah yeah, so he was in a gang right. That's it that's right, right, yeah, but yet he's trying to yeah, but I'll, stop, maybe trying to prevent people from going down the same path yeah, but I think a lot of the times two uh originally gangs were away for like people who were in like broken families and stuff, and they would have like
the brother, brotherly ties or someone a father to look up to, and everything like that. It wasn't. It wasn't originally supposed to be about like fighting and all that everything is like right. You know in talking about like in the forties the fifties so like the the original. I guess her is on the campus of again yeah. It was supposed to be heard that before yeah and then it kind of just like turned into something else, mmhm right. Well, I mean that that arm yeah, like I said I don't know enough- I'm hot this like whole- considers I literally just spent an hour. Yeah. Are you guys came over yeah, I'm looking up so I don't want to spread misinformation and also don't talk more because you might die what yeah the so that there's that too, and like there's that year of I mean like people shedding light on the fact that yeah, even Nick Cannon, the fact that we're talking about technically we should be talking about it is what the message you're trying to say yeah in this conspiracy, but so, if we
don't say that we do. But yes, an idea of how you think you're going to die, though right, yeah yeah, maybe you're, going to like some people think like all day, I just know I'm going to die in New York No, I don't. I don't have one, but some people think that they have a feeling to walk out into a forest, put my hands up above my head and dissolve and become a plant. Alright, that's how I'm going to do it if you're going to. Let me choose yeah, I'm not letting you choose. I just think how do you think you're going to die? I think that's probably. I would never want to be a plant, so I mean I'm going to like into like the trees like the ashes. I don't know I just made it up. ' never had anyone ask me neither I've never had. This sounds like a psychic. How do you think you're going to die
actually in in this is in this thirty six questions to love the thing that I saw. Okay and it is like it has a lot of different questions that eventually like get you and this other person you get to know each other a little bit more. One of the questions was: how do you think you're gonna? Do you have an eye yeah a high, I think, you're gonna die. Do you know I don't I I said: how would you want to fast? There is. I got painless pain I would want to die in my sleep. I think that's probably I would assume the most people like now be sure to remember that when I planned on killing you both in my sleep, hey, hey, can make me. Does all the plants yeah sure here's a townhouse because of the dark? This went dark, but I like it. I like horse: damn we are evil we're going into evil territory, and conspiracy and some people you swore on the lot. The last I know I said, fighting f. U t t, I N G,
let's face it. I like messing around like button around yeah yeah people thought I'd, swore yeah floss wear for real right now. Do it I'm flopping around fat end around. It's not a bad word guys. I didn't swear in the last podcast on sorry, but let me see shit. It's not even bad though they said auntie. Now really yeah and Beach is a, and I know that I know that they have it. I don't know this yet they they can offer she. What does it mean we should be just like you know she didn't shooting around force. The issue wait before we go to our she she break. I think we should start some twitter questions. She twitter questions after. Why because yeah. Let's do it before and after this is my favorite part of twitter questions. Are they it's underneath the can invite not lamp Higa, says favorite memory from childhood. Go
Well, actually the app is what rain, alright, Sir favorite memory from childhood. It's a very basic well, it kind of ties into do we have memories from our children? No, no! Don't do you have one immediately that you can think of This is weird, it's a, but I don't know if I said this on the body. Yes, but one of my favorite memories is when I got spanked by my dad what 'cause I passed another kid and I passed him an remember like like I went to a private school. It was like a christian school and my dad was a pastor who wanted their true right. So it was like a. Why am I messing up? Everything is like it did look well and so my dad spank me but used a racket paddle and not a normal racket, paddle a wooden racket, paddles. Now what racket paddles are wouldn't know. This stick, the string ones all the old ones are wooden thinking. Those like it is about
so, why do you like that like to know is what you got into no no it's it's because it he said after he like spank me so hard, the first time that when he pulled the paddle back that my whole but was red except for the little holes, so it is like there's little white spots on my from the right hey out, and I just I just it's a funny image as the it's funny. You saw it. No with the way he said it is very like you can see it in your own head. You know like your whole, but is just read except it looks like you have reverse chickenpox. Oh, I thought you like that for a different reason. No, it makes sense why you're going to Japan pretty sure if I asked him if, after you got spanked, I went up to you and ask you like hey hated. You like that you probably yeah, definitely not definitely at the time, but now it's kinda funny I've got some. Conclusion that you're a masochist, that's the one that likes pain right, I don't know, I think
little bit, but not, I think, a lot of it because for one verbally you like to get abused, you lose yourself. I do and then, when it comes to comes to like the shoots We do like the other day. We did the pulling cheat thing right, yeah and then you're like out of nowhere just like hey what, if I were to like right into this table and fly off the bike and land like I like dude, that's super dangerous, we're not going to do but you really want to do it, so you did. I thought it be on your own for your own video yeah, and I thought I thought I think, and that's just one. The fairies. I don't care on the inside of my thigh. That's your fetish off! I don't know. Maybe I'm you have a favorite childhood memory now, but I want to figure out more about talk.
About your favorite childhood memory of I don't know. If I can, I mean it would take me a long time to think of one specific one, but how do you like sports, like I did some baseball when I was really young? I have like some pretty good memories from in martial arts, doing martial arts growing up and like going to tournaments and getting first place in those and that just really good memories, I think from like you know, feeling accomplished as a young boy. I was a very unhappy kid, so I didn't have a lot of good memories yeah at a very it wasn't a rough childhood. It was just a very. I was a very unhappy person. Naturally, you still are no I'm happy all the time for simple things, just don't smile. I guess not what about like extra curricular stuff that,
you made you happy like when I hate it, like most of my time, was spent either studying doing basketball judo, which I hated both at the time I didn't like basketball back then ever hit like a sweet, little jumper and average never had many any shots. Really. I was like block wasn't the worst guy in the team, but I will probably second or third worse yeah, so it wasn't very happy. Maybe like Yeah, that's night! I what I really wanna go to the next one, though, because I got some sleeves to pull: okay, not grab a special. Thank you Reina. Next, we got Joe Joe Dick key. The key Dawson, reusable straws solo. Do you want to pull leave service. Or do you want me? You can go ahead and reusable straws. I love reusable straws. Oh really, mister using a straw right now does not reusable. That is reusable honestly. Yes, it again I use some at home. I actually like clean these, but I'm talking,
the metal ones yeah. I thought they were talking about like the ones you recycle, like the the paper ones we talk about those ones. I do not agree, and I know it's all about the environment and stuff like straws. Did Charles really make that big of a difference I know, there's a lot of straw in the world. Yeah there's got to be other ways because those trolls are awful. I think the with the straws thing as supposedly it doesn't have that huge of an impact, but it still has a little bit of an impact and also the thing that he gets is the visual aid, because there is one, picture where this turtle had a huge like just the straw, see yeah yeah. I saw that and and they're trying to pull it out and is like in his brain and all that stuff and first of all drug Sinemet snorting drugs, that drug
turtle should have been starting drug when your own joke ruined my joke. I'm not funny, I'm not funny. Well, I mean so. That seemed more like an emotional reaction like a logical one, because there's other things you can like before stress, I'm sure I haven't done the research, but I'm sure there's other things more you know, yeah feasible or whatever it is to fix. Then straws trust can be like the worst thing like why that. And yet every place in LA is starting to do these paper straws and I hate him like I get paid to get paper in your mouth. I think my thought. Ok, thoughts on musical straws. Reusable straws are good. Yes, yes, agreed agreed. I think you should be using reusable lot of things like I bring. I don't use plastic bags anymore, like I bring my own bags. How hard is it to reuse plastic bags yeah? How hard is it to just use the same like just get a bag and bring it same thing withdraws hard? Is it just to clean straw and reuse? It instead of you
of your plastic bags for the marketing. I don't even get plastic bags I'll bring. I bring you see, I know so. I go. I think it's an asian yeah. I see my yeah yeah. It is, You guys did a growing up in like cedar plastic bags on the market and stuff, because we do. I don't remember to here, are like trash bag or trash cans and stuff like that and just for a random stuff. I got scolded for using straws from someone really recently. We think this is a girl that it was in two, and so I was like just being like just trying to catch conversation as soon as I use a straw. She just got mad at me and I was like well it's over Good job, that's all it takes time. Even these straws you can clean these. I mean, I know it sounds kind of whack, but you can actually watch these and clean it out. Easy super is actually a topic that I was going to bring up for notes was and apparently you're gonna bring up recycling. It would yeah yeah, because the thing is a lot of people. I think that it could be too late for recycling that you know we're killing.
Earth, and it's it's too late for that enough stuff like that, because before China, actually we exported a lot of our recycling in our waste to China, because the there's such they're cheap, labor laws, they were able to take these things. Recycling ran into a products but China, I think, within the past couple years, something band importing of like low some waste so now city that used to make. I like, I think, like sixty something million dollars, a per ton for recycling now have to pay like to get their recycling done. A lot of these places are burning their recycle in their waste,
for Enerji, but it's just like. So what does RI guess country do now in terms of recycling because it takes so much for them to sort through all these, like small things right, so what we could do individually is to separate them, but I feel like because America feel so entitled. A lot of us are just going to be like. Why do I need to do that? You know I'm already helping by recycling. Why do I need to take these other steps? No ones going to yeah I mean some people will obviously, but the majority is not going. This becomes a cool thing to do are going to make cool yeah, it has to become a high five yeah. What California Ready has that, though? What's it yeah paid to recycle and you get five cents back. I think California, is it zero dollars and ten cents right. We had that. I don't remember, there's not that here. No! No! No! We still, I mean I still collect all bottles and stuff like that, but yeah we get. We get no rewards here, so I don't see why people are incentivized here to do it. Most people. Don't I see a lot? I drive around the neighborhood and stuff
see many recycling like recycling things. I see a lot of trash cans, it's more work for people, one of the things, at least in my own personal opinion, is like it's. It's it's good to recycle, but it's also like a good thing to be conscious of like how much trash you're actually using like in general, like that's, why I think we started trying to like use, read a lot of usable stuff. You know and like I know it sounds kind of hipster what you like put something like. Instead of housing, things you'll bring a jar and like fill whatever you're, getting like a rice like when we go to rice, like we put it in like a a reasonable bag or jar. So we're not slightly not good about that box is, and then you use it needs in the box. Whatever you know, I mean like just like a thing in the back on mine. I think that yeah, it wasn't always like that. It was only like, as I became an adult, so yeah, that's my two cents,
Well, overall, recycling is good and what you should do it? That's a reasonable trust, good yeah. She she baked, I'm not a fan of some. I found a paper stressed senna fan, you know they used to be made of corn. I did get what you told me that, yeah. Why don't they do that again? That sounds like a it's probably consider, The problem. Conspiracy, quality, corny idea. She idea she should break. She got jail s c tried to take it and we're back okay and we're back Welcome back to the second half of the Oh my gosh, it's so loud. What am I drinking out of
it's my brand new off appeal. Podcast mug get it at I think so I think all available ask they can get it. I look get it somewhere, what already mouth closer to yeah all right, spa There's a plug anyway I've been in love with CJ over yeah yeah Cdi right now get the mugs on good seat, CRT knocked out all the twitter question, so we have a more yeah. Well, okay, what is this one I will skip? Is my favorite Hi Todd, says out of the videos you guys created, which one of them took the most time and why? Oh, it's just a question for everyone. The most I don't recall, I don't recall the most time time and why, like everything start to finish, start value writing to when it's posted? Yes, I don't know, you would know that yeah. I know I think
I mean some videos is something I wrote like the year before. Does that count? It's not like I'm actively working on it, though yeah be like from when he pulled it up, finalized it and then got into our hands and then you know, gets edited Listen honestly, probably one of the bga videos does take the longest. Oh yeah, I didn't think of that because 'cause, we don't let your processor part in it. That's why I mean people will ask, like once you another one, something like just like ten minutes: it's not ten minutes. 'cause the videos. Ten minutes does not mean it takes ten minutes to make ten months. So those are well. I don't know about that, but
I'll, usually right, a concept. First, I need to go, have a good idea for a song, and I have to think: can this song fit into where the story line is where all the guys you know, but it's it, but then there's another step which is even harder which is from there. If I have a concept, I work with David to be like hey. Can you translate this to Korean because you need to have Korean in it right, yeah, okay, pop, so there's that step, which is painful, because we have to find ways that I can even contribute. I don't know how to make something: sound good, syllable, wise or I'm wise, because I don't know You know green yeah, so there's that step and then, after that we have to make the song an. I have to learn and the other guys if they're in it have to learn how to say these words, and not even words were saying, sounds basically imitating what we're being told. It's really hard yeah it's just like this is to make this song the subtitle That's the make the song and then, we had to go through all the other stuff made, the video it's ridiculous
music video is more like a traditional sense of filming, a video like. Oh there's, a budget involved. Budget. There's a crew like out here. We do a very like you tube style right. We have like a quick, quick fast out there. It's like set up to the scene, you have a call sign film proper and it's it takes way longer. It's way more expensive and What, if you guys want to Bj video page on right here, thirteen million dollars. If you don't raise thirty, nine dollars by twenty four hours of when this podcast released? This can have it honestly, so like that's part of the reason. Why don't do it? It's like financially, not like those videos do well, but I don't really know like really benefit from it down much in terms of like financial. I like lose money. I think in the first one you know it's you don't because you're not sponsored if they were sponsored, then you could get. You know it would be worth doing, but time wise and like money once you six
pensive gas out of my pocket to I'm not like yeah and I and the guys are dot, I'm not paying them they're. Just doing me a favor yeah, I being in it did your paying them an exposure sure, but I don't recall that a love to pay them. I just don't have the budget, it all goes towards making the music video yeah. One those those are the ones that take long, is, and that's why I don't know, but with you guys, I don't know I mean what was it then your turn. What what do I say? I don't know I, Does that answer I mean that's! That's the one for you personally, like your experience. What is the longest one for you? I guess the and then I made or out of the video I created like which one took the longest for you to like partake in Actually it might be this the ghost hunting one because you're the only editor really. No, no, it's switched over to Greg okay,
edited on a large chunk of it yeah I mean it took a long time, but that wouldn't be one that I look back and be like wow. That was just took us such a long time. I mean we had like a uh, an unfortunate loss of progress during the process. But that's I don't really I mean I don't know. I can't really think I mean that has to be pretty much the one that is answered, because mine is My experience is different in terms of like I can't think of like a first channel one again. I guess I mean I guess the obvious one would be dragon ball. I mean that was along time ago took a long time or any of those big effects. Once you know those ones take a long time, as I mean yeah people don't know it, but I don't know how long it takes. It's. Ok,
as a matter I would do, is make podcast now anyway, but I think one common that annoys me the most just ruined Kim to make more videos. I could. I definitely could I could post three times a day. I bet you I could. I would shoot, steal them right now in two hours. But what do we you watch. It just think if you watch it sure I'll make I'll make ten videos a day. Yeah that's easy, but that watch it, but that's not the type of content that you come to him for as well. It's well, I mean people like that stuff, but like it's just not what I am. I I like doing for one yeah yeah on to superimpose be bored. You know, thank you, Ta Ta, nine, nine! three hundred and nine one, nine nine. Ninety nine for the thanks for the question anyway. That was shot yeah. We got some twitter's out of the way so. We need ten about whatever We know enough twitter question. Ok, we can do more next time. It's just that we get a lot of very similar ones. You know yeah,
but now the original, damn dude I mean they'll. Let me just say you know we should do just fine. We should just pull like what we do for you that one we just pull from the comments section dear Ryan, there's so many It is good. I saw good questions every time. I watch back the to is way better questions in the in the comment section or like what a bunch of school? Look it up so right now, there's only change it. No I'm just saying last for the next one. If you guys leave, if you guys have interesting stuff that you know, I think the thing I like about is people can upload it yeah. You have a good questions that people care about is like not no offense to be with that left. Us with questions is just a lot of times, they're very, like self we've already answered. Also, we only had two hours for this one 'cause we really give time. Yeah, yeah So we'll call it is. You were questions, your questions, yeah,
because the I mean I think I like the- u two system, I think it's in terms of like the up voting system. At least it shows like what people care about yeah so leave some interesting stuff up with the one you like to see that your line, I like that yeah dude, okay, this is weird but Vancouver enter. I got some hot girls. I know you guys are taken, but they got, I mean, doesn't mean we can't acknowledge that I mean your type, though, can we talk your type this contact. Do. Why? Because it's really interesting to me, maybe other people share the same thing. Oh, it feels like it's not a bad thing. It's just like he wrote it is doing. Well. How are you being see? That means you think think of it as an insult then, oh well, because every time you find one way to make it so interesting, you're an interesting person to hear well and every time we see there on the goal sific. She looks like this. I can talk to it. Yeah
or he'll, be like no I'm like what do you mean she has thing. What is the thing? Well, you know you Paco. I don't know if this is a common thing, but you said that you really like girls with skin arms, yeah, specifically arms yeah. I like the stomach not like the legs or anything or the skinny arms. You said like haven't heard that fetish, you said breakable did I say that you made it there? Ok, I'm pretty sure he is joking that he was joking. I've I've been with we weren't breakable, but I mean that just gives you a picture in your alarm. That looks very briefly in your head. Not your arm! Think about her. I just it's so interesting. It is very interesting today as I've. Never I've never heard of that. Like that's your interest it's so specific. That's why 'cause, I could say a lot of things that other guys would say, but then that one is just so weird different, again well
It's basically like you, nobody can. It can also display, like you, can imagine a whole person just based off of that one thing off there aren't yeah. I accept this challenge. We gotta find those pictures are we're gonna test him. You know we're like, or do you think she looks like what what what he kind of picture used to be like those really tough, girls and not necessarily tiny. I actually wanted to date somebody who is taller than me for a long time, now. I know a lot of I I would I mean I still wouldn't, but I personally would prefer. I don't know, I'm not tall, but I don't really like when the no most guys are like most guys. Don't want to do this the whole like or you want to feel feminine like is. It must be something to have something to do with it. I think I don't mind well, Monica is shorter than you only by a little bit but she's tall, she's she's, my height, maybe taller. Possibly it's like five, eight yeah yeah. No, I'm fine! I know mine yeah yeah, but you do have. Specific time. I do that's all. I just don't think it's a negative thing. I really got to be like and
I'm always depends when Ryan bring something up. I'm like I'm, bad whatever I said that was bad. This is a lot of things I can't sound. Make you look bad dude it'll make you look bad to make some of the things I'm hearing punctuated. We could say I'm here to gas, you up Paco, ask me a fanfare preferences in girls. They're great do yours to Monica is like she's awesome like not just like. Klay, looking she's like a really nice down to earth, like genuine person, Thank you, how's, your arms look. She has. She has good arms, not breakable, not break. It doesn't look very tongue very town. I just thought it was funny because the first I've ever heard that yeah something I've even heard collarbones. I didn't know that was a thing that I saw her that when I used to wear or what do you call those not tank top scenic v, necks
maybe the neck yeah yeah. I think it was a shopping cart like all my god. I like his collar bones and there was like a. I remember that very start happening as it is this a trend. While he watched you like that bones, I think it's a feature to fit in. You can see it yeah, there's certain things like that. I do like some people have very sharp jawlines he was on the line at our caller. Tell I don't even know what that looks. Like some people have outlines in their sweat pants. You know I I don't. I don't like a wallet, yeah the bigger the wallet you know, and you like man's got to receive there. That is true does well on its axis. He has a lot of bills. Well, we're talking about doing. I do have no idea. I did take my bills today. Are you didn't nah, I'm off birth control. He better be careful for Japan and better be careful. Do it is it so you have to be the some of them. Have you guys been to Japan, hello, yeah, yeah and I'm jealous 'cause. I haven't been on any chips. We went on the book tour,
but that's just me and Ryan and those yeah that was really fun. For me, Japan was by far our favorite trip for sure he got super hooked up. Yes, how to bankruptcy, who's working! You do so there's this thing called Geek week right and essentially hi. I do. I just didn't want to go because, like I need to make videos and like what we, what if we give you a budget file, all your all your team and you know is angie- will make you a video. So you not to worry about that, but you basically get a one week: vacation Japan, yeah and then you promoted on Geek week and promote Anke quick. So it was like a win win. You know, unification and you get a video. Usually what stops me from going places? I need to work on something yeah, so we did that and you too, Google they have so much money. They put us in the rich like the nice one of the nicest hotels in religion, I'll kill, Ritz Carlton in in Tokyo in RIP Roppongi is like
business district. Very fancy, super nice. I think that's a guy Jean Hunter, but there was a what does that mean like where the japanese girls look for a white guy foreigners type of thing? I didn't know that it looked like super like it looked like businessmen area is super nice and definitely expensive, not that we had to pay for it, but they get me will Sean and Greg up just four of us. Yes, we all had our own sweet about the size of like so pointless suite had to it was so pointless, but it was like the best like it's hard to beat when you're typing. Yes, even said that you ended up sleeping in, That is really. I don't think I slept in mind. Maybe I think we gave was that there we get a look at let's on sleep in ours I mean but yeah. I don't think it was too big. It's too much room, and it was sitting there there anyway, and you look around and had chocolates
yes, every night, every morning we had you chocolate spread, but to be fair on the trip, there was a lot of work. Yeah, like you were working, the majority of the time were filming. Like going to locations yeah and you guys are doing the not into a video. I don't know yeah, I think you're doing the yeah official fake nor to video and then the we do. Some meeting read stuff like that yeah, but on yeah that was interesting. I was, it was, for sure, is a good trip. The ticket master and you guys did an owns and that's why I said we're yeah, that's all sing were jealous. I wasn't being sarcastic were jealous that you're going to Japan. I love Japan yeah because we had such a, but it's such a. It's interesting place? It's the only time I went on a trip somewhere where I felt like this is actually like a completely different country, because no one understands you, yeah, like in Singapore, people still speak English in Hong Kong. Actually, no, I take that back. We went that we mean changing that. Wasn't a good experience. I had a horrible thing that felt the same way like no one
yeah taxi driver trying to scam me and Eric the whole time you're, trying to overcharge like double and we couldn't get anywhere and the people who brought us out kind of weird like stranded. John, like police yeah. We had no idea. It was working, couldn't find a hotel like it was. It was not fun so in Japan I would say, go to an onsen, preferably one that you actually have to take, those often sit in a hotel and sin is it's like a bath house or like a spa spring right, sick, it's popular yeah and I'll. Do I'll? you want to go to one where it's like old. Ladies yeah, that's where that's what I want to do and also go to ski g fish market. That close, I thought they moved locations or something will go to wherever, like wake up super early or stay up all the way to like four or five and as do that, I'm trying to do the the Mahdi carts market.
Oh yeah yeah, I'm going to try and do that, do that there's like izakaya. They have places, so we didn't go in there yeah. Some weird stuff in jet in Japan, yeah for sure these people- and I think I can say- because I found out there- the weird dude there we did do some weird stuff in, but it's at the same time, the like the nicest people you'll never meet any more polite, have better service in Japan. To me, I don't know just my opinion, but they do some weird stuff, like this club that we went to remember there was this place called black roles yup, and it's a s and M bar you. What that is yeah it like would be days of late due that, and they do like, would not that we did? It was closed, so I don't know if you did you ever tell the story. I don't know, but we were with like the person who is taking us around, like he just trying to show us like weird stuff, weird stuff on time, and we went up to this bar
and just you and him just meet him as elevator. The elevator opens up and you step right into the bar, and it was red velvet all over the walls and can't melted candles everywhere. I was like black furniture and we walking was completely empty and I was like do you think we should go in here like what's going to happen? We walk to the end of the bar. He just like walks into did to do like american Guy, hey everybody here and we're all just like. I think, they're close and he's like yeah, I guess their clothes and then we just laughed. I came down, it was like kind of scared like that is kind of terrifying. It kicked me out yeah, but I'm pretty sure if that bar would have been opened. We would've had a different experience over sure. That's what I mean, though I think that's the kind of stuff that you would do yeah. I probably these ways the later yeah. There's a lot of fun there. Freeman strange? Were there bring back some good stories for this pot cameras around that when I was there and then film it,
yeah I I'm going to like. I was really inspired 'cause. I just thought the Conan uh yeah without without borders, something that hilarious man? So far is like comments. I want to do something like that. Trying things, don't you like only he can get a well for sure. He says some things and he like the wait. Is it he so charismatic that he's able to to act a certain way when people laugh yeah, you did it you'd, be like your comments, would just be the opposite. Yeah I mean maybe well that's why yet it like being a comedian is about being self aware. You know it's like understanding how people perceive you yeah, so I I mean like it shouldn't change. What what what's being said is still the same thing, but he says some things and he does some things that I feel like if Logan Paul did it over
exactly the same for sure you would receive the exact opposite response, but it's just based on likeability. Are we going in on this part about what is it is time, but I mean just extending that conversation. 'cause, that's a conversation in itself. Is it how like peoples, actions yeah aren't the same just because of who they are yeah. Of course, you know I mean not necessarily fair, but I think it is. Is it fair? I do think it is. So you think it's fair, like Jesse Smollett is famous, so he's able to get out of a crime that he committed. No, I don't think so
No, no. I lose my thought it because that's I just saw a video today yeah that he's not doing what they do with the Chicago Police Department was basically saying like it's the reason why he's getting away with this? It shows that yeah, if you're famous, we have money, you can get away with things yeah and that's what I mean and like not it, people are treated the same way. They are, and I I I mean I don't think that's fair yeah. What I'm talking about is like the whole, like ability thing, if you build a foundation and a character behind you sure that shows that you know I do you have a positive attitude in and you're trying to do things for the better that you know certain things that you do. He was you have an understanding of okay, there's a reason behind this: it's not purely for what he's saying I think it's very important to a yeah, build a foundation and context just like the old, the Ryan Higa Foundation, giving back to the community with the one best day ever at a time, yeah going nominate. Somebody, if you have somebody
Obviously, we're going to fact check we're not just going to you know you don't give yourself best day ever and then You know, there's there's rules and stuff, you can follow their just go running a foundation, dot org anyway. I slugged. Thank you, know solid with that. Yeah, don't worry! It's nonprofit nonprofit! It's very cool! There's people who donated- and if you donate it's not going to me it's all going back into creating this show ever it's very cool. Just so you know cool, alright, you guys were doing in south bill. Podcast again sorry. This was incredibly random house. Follow us at off the pill twitter? This
bothers me so off the podcast right down on the wall over there? You could do that off the pill on Twitter at off the pill podcast on Instagram and this time we're going to be taking questions from your comments as well yeah. We don't normally take them from Instagram. Why do we plug that? We should take some from Instagram, so we should. We should do it. Instagram question a twitter question, Youtube question I like that. Ok, just viewer questions, we're going to get questions or anything so follow us. There leave a comment and well, hopefully get to it. I don't know I made it a question. Hopefully we don't your questions garbage. What's the what's the word today, oh not purple. Elephants will give them another one to see who's loyal. Although I saw people skit, I'm known for This get to the end, so next time we're doing now, but next time, what do you know the way that the one right now is? I didn't skip to the end. Okay, yeah, I didn't get the type that if you're
Your real one, real hey my with me and with none of them meant today, yep now all right, p, R. I p all right, see you guys next time. I just realized it into three two one know what change it up. Herbal! I didn't get to the end. Yes, next time.
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