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#21 - Ft. Jeremy Lin - Toronto Raptors NBA Champions and Life

2019-06-16 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Will, and special guest Jeremy Lin discuss Lin's recent championship win with the Toronto Raptors and his process before, during, and after his basketball games. Lin dives deep into his goals, faith, and passion, and after the break, Lin reverses the questions on Ryan.

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Do I do. I really deserve this, and it's like the more I thought about was like. Actually, no, I do and I shouldn't enjoy and I should embrace it but like for the most part, it's like just get off your phone. Man must be present with people picture around we're going to surprise you. If there was a game seven and go out there and then we looked at the ticket prices were like. Maybe I will just text him. The pit me too yeah good alright, welcome back to another episode of off the pill, podcasts hi or your rusty dude. You forgot. Why is this You're rusty man- add it's, ok will save it for later, were here with a very special and we're surprised, actually a surprise gas, Mister Jeremy, Lin NBA champion.
Ah time is getting better shoot, so Jeremy was just in town literally for like there's going to be. This might end up being a short one, but you're only here for another couple hours yeah. This is a surprise, this visit. I didn't know you didn't even know you're going to be. I didn't even know I literally just found out, and I was like right, I'm coming to tell him. Why are people are living under a rock I play for the Toronto Raptors and we were just plain. We just finished in game six against the war years and there is this girl and we were scheduled to fly back the next morning and then because we won the the NBA finals. I don't know where they're like alright well we're going to Vegas for a night and so so? How it usually is, though, like you guys are just. I always thought it was like super like to appoint like from this three fifteen thousand three hundred and seventeen you're doing interviews, and then
it is, and it isn't I feel like because there's so many variables it is super flexible, and I mean that's. One crazy thing is like I feel like, because no one knows: if we're going to win or lose yeah, all the plans are like so up in the air I mean they were game five they had. I was going to ask you: can you bring that up? Yeah yeah yeah go ahead in game five. They had the trophy and the champagne and everything like being carted and because we're up six with three minutes left and then warriors scored nine straight and they had to like take down all the you know, all the celebrations and you know, bring the trophy back in and then right again, it's just everything's on the fly because you don't know what's going to happen in the games, and so after we won there. Just like
we're going to Vegas for night and then getting around after that I mean, like speaking on that, that's crazy to me. That's like it. I mean that's like insult to injury a little bit right because you got. I mean that game for people who don't we didn't see it. It was like everybody thought it was over like it. What you guys are up three, that's three one! No three yeah we're lighter one and I don't know how much time was left and you guys are up six any of the ball and I'm it was called. There's a lot of controversy about that and then yeah that didn't go your way. Toronto. You go back to the locker room and you see all the lights. Duration. Things know they took it down in time all kill yeah, because so like it. When, when we celebrate, they basically cover like right all the lockers and everything with plastic, because there's just so much champagne, so I think they started do that, but they were they
also getting ready to set the stuff up on the court. You know how they build the stage and they bring the trophies and everything and had the presentation. So they were getting ready to do that and then they had to like rush everything back in cuz. You know we're using that same tunnel to come back in and out of the locker room, so yeah. That was that was a that was a heartbreaker. What was the is everybody? Just? How are people like how your teammates, your teammates, like upset, or they quiet? Everyone was really upset it was like kind of quiet and every once in a while. Someone would you know either yell or you know, throw something or like mad yeah it was it was. It was pretty heartbreaking because the city wanted is so bad
and like it would be perfect if you're at home, we are at home, but not only that, like prices, ticket prices were so crazy and so like after we went up three one. The next game was in Toronto, so everyone's families were all like. We gotta be there, so everybody flew in and then everyone bought tickets and everyone had all this stuff planned and no one was expecting or not that we were like downplaying or looking down on on the warriors is just like all right: we're up three one: we're going to plan like we're going to win it and we're have everything ready and then we literally we were like. We were like oh we're up six or three minutes with three minutes left and the ball like you said, and we're feeling good and then it was like what just happened and I think the way that we lost like is because it felt like we were about to celebrate so that that one was tough. I'm actually I'll tell everyone regroup for getting sick
as well as a team yeah? I mean I think at that point. I think everyone's just still like all right. You know we have to believe that were the better team and we know that we squandered our opportunity. But you know we have another one, and so I mean a lot of respect. Everyone just came super ready. I think that some to like with Kawaii, where it's just like you so consistent and steady words like you, doesn't really show too much emotion. So it's always just like all right, we'll come back for about over okay yeah. That's that's definitely the the character he puts out there, but is he really, I guess quite really a fun guy Elia Bill of School. I naively we love with his health funny. Let me I mean I I I don't know if it's real or not, but I think like to me. I just feel like that, his character just doing interviews and stuff, we answers questions. So honestly, it's I don't.
That's funny. Yeah I mean I I think he's not. Joking though yeah I fear he's, there's like an innocence about him. Wares just like he whatever at, but whatever answer he gives is just like very very straight up doesn't really seem like somebody who wants to like give a political answer or dance around the topic or whatever he's just very like more so literal, but then off to court he's so like normal and that's what people don't realize. It's just like. He makes jokes, you know who walks by buddy in in there in his way or whatever. Even if they're, not just you know, he'll mess with them, punch him in the chest and keep Walk I mean he just sounds so he said to me: there's a side of him that people don't get to see you for sure for sure, and I think telling me that, but like I try to see it like maybe he's messing with people in interviews and stuff, you know, I think you know not everybody themselves in front of camera, and so I thought maybe you trying to be funny, but, like I just can't picture quiet coming to practice singing or
and I don't know I mean: do you even see that same? Is he the same person that you see in interviews or is that, like? Oh, that's, he's being interviewed quite right now No he's ugly, I mean he's, definitely different, but I think that's true for a lot of people to write, we all to some degree, it's like inevitable is just. I think the rare ones are, you know, are the ones that, like everyone, you'll you'll find somebody who is a what's that yeah, but and then there's other people who go on the other extreme, where it's like when they, when they get in front of cameras, everything is for show and everything is really for and they they turn on another personality, but he now he's definitely like. I would describe him as just like think of any friend that you have like any one of your more shy friends, but like still completely he really really cool really down there.
Like you never think he's in a two time: NBA Finals, Mvp, you never think he's a superstar just the way he carries himself is like so laid back out. I love it. I mean as a Kelly by so cool Kelly FI. I like that, he's from the right again I I'm ten or something I think in the I think I would assume so cal somewhere yeah yeah, I'm not sure like you and anyone to Mars from Compton yeah, and I saw you just posted something about him. What was that I mean? What do you post that? Because you saw the Tiffany going towards him? No, actually, to be honest, I was blackout for in terms of
also the media yeah. I was only posting what I need to post, but I don't really. I wasn't reading or looking anything. I just think for me. I give it was me and I put that much time into an organization I mean it would it would hurt yeah and so for me, I was like man, he deserves it and and like literally the day after we we got on the plane to come here. I think like two or three guy, eyes, were wearing you know his shirt. I saw that and, like I think, that's like you know, he's obviously not like YO guys. Wear my shirt here it's just like, you can tell everyone, loves him and appreciate him, and so I was like does. Is choice right yeah? this? Is I gotta say in so that's why I did it now. It's nice. If you make it on that the whole social media side, I don't normally respond to comments and stuff, but like how does he I mean now that you're not on black? On your reading comments? Do you see all those means that people are making of you like the ones are saying
Oh, you know. Obviously, a lot of people are celebrating you and sing you're like the first yeah American NBA champion. People are commenting. Even asian people surprisingly, are like yeah, but it's not like. He played right. They have that This mean thing saying like something about making the stereotypical asian joke. Like he's asian in the group who didn't work, for the a or whatever like I said, this means, and it's just like and I know how I personally feel about it, but I mean how do you feel I mean that's a great question. I think for me, It's not like. I like I. I there were times like in. In all honesty, there are times when I felt like I had to tell myself. I deserved that's right. We ship you know because as a competitor who plays and has played my whole life, it's like I'm not used to not playing and saw that. I just like a
This is tough in like do. I really deserve it. Nasser to think about the whole journey, and I was like yeah- definitely do now man. Now I contributed to the to the truly. I played twenty three games in the regular season. I played against these guys all the time, whether it's in work outs or whatever and like not only that it's just like even watching the game talking to guys are giving my opinion or or whatever you know, being a voice. I think that's like very, very valuable and and just in terms of being staying, ready and working out. It was like. I worked really really hard this year and a ton a guy. I just wish people understood just how hard we have to work. The writing
as it never touch the floor because you never know when you get that opportunity, so you literally sleep you gotta, stay ready and do everything like you're going to play. People don't realize. I think how much time you put it 'cause you'll, pull something like we talked about this before you pull something like you want to game at pub g or something and people would be like. Why aren't you practicing it'll, be like twelve at twelve at night and, like you just practice, eight hours? I don't know how long you guys practice, but people will still make that comment because there, like they, don't expect you to be a human outside of basketball yeah. I mean, I think, that's the difference too. It's like the normal job. You can work you know whatever like. If you give me, I mean I don't suggest this, but if you can work like twelve hours a day yeah, but when it comes to bass. Well, it's like you can't do that right. You can only
yeah I mean if you're working hard. You can really only work three to four hours a day and that's like probably not healthy. You can't do that everyday, but the thing about basketball is that, like your taking care of your body, the other, whatever hours that you're awake so whatever you're eating, like all the treatment that you're getting how much you're sleeping everything it there's a whole science behind everything that you're doing even for me like on off days, I have to like sickly control, how much I walk, because it have an impact because it's just like yeah, I bodies are always trying to recover right because you know I'm eighty two game season, that's not like good for the body yeah, so it's like you're, always trying to recover or cover and and and that being like super I mean it's, it's literally is is full time and so yeah I mean after the games I play but jeez like I'm, not worried about what the right thing people.
Don't really realize to switch it off. Hey there. People don't really realize too that people take breaks after the they work all day. It's like it's like yeah, some people, don't tweet hey. I just watch this this movie and I mean popcorn my family, so they can be like why why you faxing but Jeremy, is like playing games, it's a little more easier to like,
a final easier to let people put them on a pedestal because they know they of you make this amount of money, and you have this many. You know fans of your such a fortune position. You should be like. If I was there, I would be working. You know every single every day, yeah without realizing that you're not gonna, be there for a day. You know you can hit that's like they're your life and it's impossible to keep up that kinda. You know it's almost it's unhealthy right to to to be practicing more than what they are. You know recommended yeah I mean even on a game day. It's like I'm there in the morning, because I know like our I most likely. I'm not gonna play so. Every morning I going to work out right and then we do that. Then I come back before the game and like honestly for us, they have us there. If it's like a seven o'clock game where they're at, like you know three thirty or four already working out and then we just work out, go to walk through and do a bunch of stuff and then lift do do action. Can
questioning all that, and then we watch the game and then, if we get a chance we play. But again it's just like, like it's a full day of working out and doing stuff, and so I mean that's the other thing too. I was just like man. I definitely deserve it too, because I got here like there is. However, many there's like you know, billions of people and there's only four hundred and fifty spots and what thirteen on the after specifically yeah? Well, that dress, but there's more like you, can be up to like seventeen at this point, but but yeah there's there's including the two way, but it's kind of complicated, but basically roughly about that and it's like yeah, there I made it and, like I worked hard to be here- and so I feel like for me is tough, because I can understand what people are saying. I wish that people- I I I don't mind this is eerily like if people make the joke of like you didn't do anything, but you got a ring, but
I guess the way that it all they always highlight. Oh you're you're that you're the uh is in writing right. You first Asian who didn't do something in a group project, and so that's the mean that they're trying to push right now and I think it to me. I was shocked because it's coming from an asian group admin, and I and I see it and I'm just like dude this is this guy's done so much for us to make us look cool and you guys are like clowning.
I could see maybe other ethnicities, because you know they're, sick and tired of us supporting each other yeah, but I but Asians are making those jokes and I'm just like, and people are obviously defending it too. Yes, I get such an easy job to make, and I mean like even when I posted something about like I, I think I just we did like I'm just happy again a tag. Do you and then people or I don't know many respond? The people are like leading in play. I'm like well he's on the team. He practices with that like make nursed him play he's. What did he not won a championship? And you know the GM in the owner like they didn't play the part of the team and their help. Those are all part of the team that you need to have in order to win yeah. No, I definitely I mean it's like even
with. You know you have the head coach, but then you have the assistant coaches in this like are, they did you know, do they do anything or they weren't talking in the timeouts or they weren't doing the interviews or they weren't calling the plays or arguing with the refs or whatever? But it's again, everyone has their role and like there's certain things that just there's so many things that happen and that's that's. Why I think people care so much about, like you, talk about like having good locker room, guys or good veteran presidents or people who are able to say things at the right time to be able to help the team and, like you know, I'm not saying I'm this perfect whatever, but I definitely again I had to struggle with like do I do. I really deserve this and it's like the more I thought about was like. Actually, no, I do and I shouldn't enjoy, and I should embrace it and I'm not going to like
way from being able to celebrate that or like let somebody take that away from me. Obviously, do I wish that, like you know, I think that's the one thing I mean a lot of a lot of players going to go through this, like, while you're going through the game of basketball and you're in the middle of your career. Whatever is an entertainer musician like people, don't always appreciate everything until after and so like? Hopefully, you know those same Asians that are making fun of me. Hopefully, you know five years down the road ten years down the road when, like I'm no longer playing, they can actually appreciate that that's the first asian American ever right yeah. I think right now they're just making it because it's like a convenient, easy yeah right yeah I mean it mean but like even those same jokes would happen if you were, if you did play
like if you did play and you weren't Kawaii, if you play, if you like, had you know Danny Green's numbers right like maybe I'm not anything that bad, but I mean like he's, not the star, the second single roll, like a role and, and then the word and make articles about you and not quite it's kind of like well. Why are they hiding this guy didn't do what you know he's not collide. You know, so I mean I just want to highlight the fact that you even say I on stand. Like you know, let me know I'm saying and you understand what they're saying and that you're even reflecting on it and asking yourself do I deserve this is just the more reason why you deserve it. In my opinion, I mean like you worked superhard is such a huge accomplishment and Jeremy very humble guy yeah. The fact that he's even here right now like in this tiny room, doing a podcast two days,
after they won the NBA championship, makes no sense to me. I told him. Yes, sir, we had dinner and I was like you know. He said he to come on the podcast and I was like when today and I was like, but you should be like celebrating, like heat that night, he do you guys have like a party with Drake Drake flew in and the ease with his whole team, but I mean how was that hanging with Drake to us? Maybe it was a. It was in technology by name obviously yeah. He calls me Lynn I mean a lot of guys in yet just goes on the back of my jersey, but now it was interesting. I mean I feel, like you know he popped in for a little bit and and said hi to everybody, but for the most part, no one really stuck around at your own celebration party at the at the sellers will also we had a pre like we had a whole dinner on team, like nine to twelve, with the whole staff nine to twelve yeah, it's eat, we what what didn't we eat? They brought everything time to be eating that yeah, but
is also like. It was kind of one of those things where you're, just that you know they brought the trophy and he had the whole staff, and it was more just everybody hanging out and then like and then the food would come midway through and there was a ton of different courses and it was just kind of like come and go as you want and so I'll bring it today I was like well, maybe should I wanted. I wanted to try to get the trophy in here. How is like crazy? I was like thinking you were joking, but he actually asked to bring the trophy here. Persons house Any man I gotta support, I know I know I appreciate it. I appreciate you coming here and you gotta fly to Charlie, it's crazy to me that you're even just doing this, but thank you again for being here man. I wanted you about you about something mentioned. You know about social media and stuff, and I kind of wanted to ask you coming from two people on this side who are pretty bad and don't always enjoy.
Every aspect of participating in social media right 'cause. We suck at posting everything like. You personally and like the people around you are you guys are super active and you guys enjoy Particip. I mean in that way I mean. I know interacting with fans. Is one thing, but you know like PO. Photos and stuff like that is a different kind of game. I was a now like I I'm not like I'm, not the type of person that just like you know it's not it's not like by default or like yeah, I'm just gonna post, and I enjoy that. For me, it's kind of like I had to like work into that mindset of thinking about it sure, just because I guess the way that I would post personally is very different than the way that I kind of post. You know as under my actual account- and I think you know there's a lot of things that can be missed,
I did actually, if I could, I would most or all of my posts would be like jokes and like making fun of my family and friends like that's, who I would be if I was your catering to your spotlight yeah, and I also think just like, like there's just so many things that could be misinterpreted right, like if I say anything or if I make fun of anybody, it's a headline and it's like oh you're, disrespectful or whatever. So I think for me, I just try to do it more positively, because I feel like on social media is just It is just a man, and I mean, if you're, if you're, very smart terms of like your your answers are like has had like I'm just I'm, I'm thinking specifically about like the the Kenyon Martin Thing and like how brilliant. That response was, and it was so like it was pr, but it was like smart, and I know you
could have said some stuff to make it really funny and make it I mean I I know this is not you but like if I was like going at somebody, and you know it just rain yeah, but you did in such a classy smart way of just like. Well, I mean you went like you win like he does not fight here. I guess just just a smart like it, you didn't come at him, but I mean there was a little bit of like a little coming at Kenyon Martin right yeah. I mean, I think, that's like the fine line. I guess that, like I always try to walk, because I try to. I want to be a good role model. Obviously you know my face is very important to me, and so I want to you know, be loving and gracious and everything I do and then there's also the other side of just and I don't think- and I used to kind of see them as mutually exclusive but like you can be loving and gracious and all that- and you can also stand up for yourself, because I feel especially especially on social media, especially being an Asian in the NBA you're, just always kind of dealing with certain aspects of the of you know what I mean
is not always race or whatever, but like there's just a lot of things about my story where it's always been like. Oh I'm trying to feel like I'm trying to fight for respect and I'm always trying to fight for that respect, and I know that's all going to be here because you know for me playing basketball. Was this a if I have a bad play? It's just like. It just looks worse. Work highlighted yeah, because I don't look the part On the other hand, if I have a good play, it just looks: better again, because I don't look the part and so This is a part of it, and so for me I was just try to. I try to stand up for myself and and also like for the things I represent an and really a big part of his like. I really want, like Asians, to be respected and not to be seen as just like. Oh this just clown on them or that's a convenient Joe, we're like oh they're, not going to say anything back or whatever. So I just try do that and then at the same time, do it in a way that's like loving and it's not like you, I'm so much
better than you or whatever is just like dude. I just felt like it was a judgment and feel like you know your chinese tattoos twos and I just don't on a given. Don't know I mean you could look it up, but it's the whole when Jeremy had dreads for a little bit right and he was called out by one of the you know. Can you Marty's to play basketball, big, basically call for the culture appropriation or something on the lines? And you know you actually didn't just do it like? You would. Did you research like you talk to people, you know before hand, so it was even more shocking when they start to make that like a thing right, and then I mean you, you people can look it up, but I just thought that was a It was interesting how you respond as it that such a when I read on such a Jeremy was my pop. Is even like. So like well like almost a pr with a little bit of like okay, I got you yeah, I mean the good thing, though, is he he responded really well to that yeah and he and he called me and then we we talked it out in a you know for him.
I think that that's kind of what I was to highlighting he. You know he kind of said. Like hey, I actually meant it much more in a joking way, but it was like super blown out of proportion. In a way I didn't expect, and I think the thing that really made me sad to was like. Then people started going at him and being like Reese's towards him, and I was just like yeah and I was just like: that's not really anybody wanted, but but then you know, I got hurt I'd, I tore my patella tendon, not long after and and he was one of the guys that called me- and I mean I was just like that's what that's the g yeah and I a lot of respect for for canceling and that's what you mean by when you the way you approach social medias as stuff getting blown out of proportion exactly
right, it's kind of a handle who get paid just to talk about you guys. That's why every little thing you do is on under a microscope. It's kind of ridiculous. When you really think about like I mean it makes sense, because you were interested in you, that's how you guys get paid because some people watching, but they don't realize, like you're, not you're, still humans right and it's it's towns really obvious, but it's you're not you're, not treated that way. Right! Yeah, I think that's like people. Don't people forget that people always forget that and then, when they actually like get in a place where they're getting criticized and that's why what happens all the time. The fans like they'll say a bunch of stuff in and if it, if you know at the actual response and in the whole, like legion of fans, goes after them, they like
we do have locked their account. They, like you, know it's just like they don't realize that when it's actually you in that seat, it's very different, which is why for me again like I'm not like huge in terms of like like when I'm done playing and stuff, I don't know my social media to you know, activity will look like, but right now like I just want to be positive on social media where it's just like, and actually we talk about this and it's like. I respect that, like Ryan always talks about like man I want. I just want social media to be more positive to be more up lifting like how can we help we bring that? How can we do that, and I think that's like I mean I I totally agree it's just like that, and that and that's the thing all these kids are looking up to us and and everybody else, and if we highlight certain things like roasting people or whatever is just like that's what they're going to grow up. Thinking is right and do and then like whatever they do on social media will eventually trickle into kind of what they do in their lives? And it's just like that's not the path or the example that we want to sit.
Got serious. I mean yeah, that's like really insightful and how we do something you been thinking about. 'cause you're got into like this passionate mode, which is definitely thought about it. Yeah I know yeah, I know, but I mean that is. That is going back to you guys being highlighted on everything I mean every little thing you guys do I mean I watch all those shows like first take undisputed. I watch all the shows to see what people are saying I can understand. Why people think a certain way based on what they watch. Yeah. If I didn't know you personally, like I had a different perspective from compared to many San Antonio fans when quietly you know when to you know, asked to be traded, yeah and even the whole Kevin Durant's situation, the first one to go in a state of first, just like white dude like how you can hi. Can you know I was like the same thing that all the narratives are being pushed. I never really saw it unless I I'm I'm telling you you, I mean I knew at the time, but if I didn't know you all be thinking the same thing as everybody else
but then just knowing you and you're an NBA player is just like a man. These are like humans and makes you think of it more like there's so much more behind the scenes of people don't know about yeah I mean obviously don't have to go into detail about that, but there's a lot of things that people don't know. Basically I mean S and that's the clock, that's exactly! Why is it like for me? I can't read everyone's comments it's just like hard, because I'm giving them space in my mind and I'm I'm letting their words actually like influence me when it's like you don't actually understand it's like it's hello. Here is because you can play a game and if you go online and people would be like be more aggressive and then it's like ok, but I also like I just called it got called him by my coach and was he was like. I really need you to you know, I'm just drawn example: I'm like uh, I guess it's true. Example, from a time in my career in a second I need you to. I need you to like look for your teammates first and You can get your shot and you'll score when you're going to score, but sometimes like your teammates struggle, so you got to set them up first, and so
I'm doing that and then all of a sudden is like oh he's so passive right right and then, like you kind of and but you can go on the other end and you can be more aggressive or whatever and then like the coach, maybe okay, no, I I I. I know that you can score, but that's not what I need from you right now at this moment, and so you know, there's always like and a player can come out and say that when did being caught, because now you're throwing other people under the bus and now you're saying like. Oh, my coach told me that my teammates can't like create their own shots, so I had to create it for them and make sure that they get going and try to you know call plays and then like when You know when when the office tries it, then it's time for me to you know, be more aggressive or whatever, and it's like you can't explain. Everything else is like I'm, not gonna, I'm having a try, yeah and so is this is just funny because it doesn't really. It doesn't really matter. What you do like there will be a side. Like- oh no you're not doing it right right- it's like you could be like doing this podcast in there like Dude Ryan, like you Your questions are too serious and then, if you go on the other hand- and you make it a hard in the item was in that he was, it was it I was, it was a joke, is about.
Yes, yeah Jeremy Lin on, and you ask him that, so it's going to happen regardless yeah. I understand that part of it right, it's even worse for you. I think it's worse for you, because, even if you try to stand up for yourself, like you, said, you're throwing some under the bus or I mean yeah, because it's like that's not what professionals are supposed to do, we could do that. I could stand up from as a middle another video and talk about it, but you don't necessarily you're on the platform that is talking about you. So it's a little bit different scenario I think we just have to get used to being misunderstood. Like just constantly being misunderstood and that we're okay with it and and that's why the biggest. The easiest thing is just not to know when you're being misunderstood and how you're being misunderstood. It's just like the look at it yeah and just keep working hard,
keep doing your thing literally dozens on television right, yeah and I think that's like, but when I went when we get to that point, when I do that, it's just like I'm still locked in on what I need to be and do and what my team is for me is is like. I don't really care yeah, but you know what it must it I mean for the average person to take that advice. I think it's tough because you don't go through like you, had to go through it and get to a certain point in your life. For like, I need to come up with this current mindset that you have to be able to function right because of not going to bother you it's going to stress, I'm sure it stressed me out in the beginning, but you find ways to cope man I mean for me. So I was always the underdog, which means like you, don't have criticism. You don't have expectations. I was surprising people. My whole life, like oh, he's better than a dollar, oh he's better than that there is just nice right, yeah and then New York. I've been online. Where did this guy come from switched and then all of a sudden boom over Switch right- and I remember going to the Rockets in the way that the the Rockets stands like they would.
Tell me an Anne like that was the first time for me where I was just like receiving so much criticism, and I was just like. I really struggled. I had a. I had a really like bad anxiety on their times after games, or I couldn't sleep and like it was just like a gut wrenching feeling and I had to end. It was one of the best things to happen to me. Cuz I had to go through that to realize, like the approval of people, just doesn't really mean anything because you know you play what a day you don't tomorrow. Like to come and go and it's going, but at the end of day, like even when things are great and you win like there
You know there still gonna be haters like there's always going to be haters, and so for me, it's like it's not fulfilling to like be approved by people anymore right. They actually don't it's just not right, and I think you understand that too, for sure is because, like if you're just driven by like what everyone else says about you, you don't actually you're, not actually yourself, you don't actually have like a foundation. So that's where my faith came in and I was just like look like as long as God is honestly proud of me, which again goes back to kind of your first question here is like hey, like the whole thing about like the championship is like dude. I know how hard I worked and I know like the way I prepared- and I know the way I cheered for my teammates when I didn't have to or the way that I tried to give advice or whatever it is like all way, down all the way down the road. It's like. I know that I did everything in my power to be ready and to be the best player, and there was no actual evidence of that on the court. Unfortunately, in the finals I don't get to play, but it's like do not want
take that away from me that I did things right way and no one will know right and no one will see it, but that's okay got like for me, it's like as long as God approves of that I I'm very, very happy inside, and that is not an easy place to get to. You had to go through the sing the bruises and the criticism in all of that right to finally kind of get. You know in some of that like when you hold on to something and you love it so much like it's not always easy to. Let go and that's a big part of like faith for music learning to let go of things that I really really care about like like being liked by people. Right. Like I genuinely want my fans and everyone like love me and it's like you, know are parts of me that always like hurt because it's like man, while I was playing this whole time. I was always like this is what this is. The
live on Mir. What this these this will always people are always saying and like there's a part of me that just now is is like a I've, I've I've, let that go well, I mean, like I said you have to get to. You have to reason why I think it's hard for a lot of people early is because they don't go through it right. You go through it and then you have to you get to a point where you're desperate to like get out of it that mind set. So you come out with, like. Okay. Do you really start to think think a little deeper than just you know how you're feeling currently yeah- and I guess I mean give you had a lot hawks. Announcer yeah, I just think you it got spring boarded because New York was such a big up, yeah, it's just so funny because rain everything so stream before everybody like you, went when you were in going state. I remember you just be on the court for like five minutes or something and people going crazy. Are you every shot you take, even if it's a myth that were going crazy? All the sudden New York happens, they're still going crazy, but like in Houston, it's just like. Oh, he misses twenty three shots in a row. It's all of a sudden. All Asians can play yeah just be cut now because of
all the hype, and I think the same thing is happening right now, where it's like so many a people are celebrating because he's you know the first asian American to win a championship. So many people are celebrating it so much that people are like try to bring like match that energy like bring you back down, yeah. I'm saying that there wasn't that intention on you. I don't think they would be making those same jokes, yeah right I mean who in our world today like who is really really great at what they do and doesn't have that exactly exactly what you said. It's like the more that people love you there will always. You always have that larger group that, like like a like the more the more people like you, you will have a group of people that spring up that really don't thank you and like hate on you and it's like really because they're kind of tired of hearing about how this man and I think that's like a big- I mean- That'S- that's, that's a but you're right, even like MJ,
He was playing or all these, that great players just like there's always like, even Lebron, now or or Katie or whatever, to start off in a lot of the top players. You know why it's gone through a lot of criticism to with everything in it, and so I mean it comes with the territory, but at the end, the day we still get to hope for a living. And yet you can't you can't you can't take that away from us and- and we can't complain there- you go not easy with that. So we're going to do a quick. She she break and we'll be right back. You should hey I just want to say thank you to our sponsor anchor anchor. Is the easiest way to make a podcast, it's so easy. In fact, we decide to use it to distribute our show. This show off the pill. Podcast anchor gives you everything you need in one place for free, which you can use right from your phone or your computer. Anchor also offers creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast so that they sound great.
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we're back we're back from the break and taking over the office Podcast all right is on sale. This is Ryan's like dream come true to have a sports podcast. I know I don't know the talk as I'm just sitting here like well, you know, so you know a little bit you so let the trade a little bit, but it's fun to see you. How excited you are to ask him about sports questions. 'cause. He never gets to do this. I know I'm like the opposite, I'm like so. I literally took a picture of like your picture of this wall like dude. I love how you designed it or people who are listening. He's like man, I'm interested in interior design. Tell me the other day on this, like we're talking about for one like your offseason got but like your vacation cut in like half, I mean for good reason right.
Yeah, but there's I mean realistically, as a human, you have less time to do stuff, yeah and you still would normally, as I mean you're like you said you have to you, have to force yourself to take breaks. I'm not I'm sure. Not all players are like that. You don't have to call him out, but that's true right now. All players work like cold. I mean, I only know you right. I don't know other NBA players, but you work constantly like office use in every single day. Pretty much is that common for every NBA player, or, I would say, on a team of fifteen you'll, have like you have id, No, there there aren't that many that are just straight up Lee C, like all don't care, not they won't be there yeah. I think what we what you see is there are people that are maybe more loose like them. They may you know they work when they need to, but they don't you know they don't do anything above or extra or they might not like.
You live the healthiest lifestyle or take care how they eat or whatever and then and you'll have like a a group of it. You know smaller group with that, and then you have like that middle group where it's just like. Definitely you know Professor Nolan to do the right thing and they're there every day and they're consistent and you have the the smaller group again it I mean I guess it's like kind of like a curve right. So it's like you'll have a less a right asked in a more people, be grouped in the middle, but and then you have that higher extreme I mean the higher group with less people were just like they work really really hard and and they work too hard- and you know I think that's just pretty typical for each team, but it is something that yourself there. So you're in a plus so- I would say I'm just trying to see where, like that, because I know your kind of work on schedule and how often you train and even offseason right. How short your break is. Is that where, where would you put yourself, I mean, I think, I'm like I am extreme in in hard work like work hard to really really hard, but not like
not in a good way like on health right, and this is something that I've always battle for my whole career and like now. I feel like over the last few years, I've gotten much much better at it, and and that's on that we're somewhat yesterday, because you know you kind of talk about it as well as like. We want to be great at what we do. We don't take our options for granted, but for me there's definitely a and a and element of like I kissed. I can go too far in the extreme in it'll. It'll hurt me in the long term and short term her in the long run you get burnt out you, your your. You know, your body doesn't recover whatever, and so you know for me this past year, in the actually the last two to three years. I've changed so many different things and I've and I've just put more of a premium on rest and recovery, and I literally have to like right in rules for myself. Otherwise I don't follow the right right like it. I have to say every x amount of days you take this that you know you have to take that day off. I have to plan out my off days in advance, otherwise they were refused to take them like right and
yeah, that's some for you. I mean you can talk about it too, 'cause literally you're, so busy yeah, you're so busy and I'm always like you will come out and you're like. Oh, I gotta work in this video we're going to video and the amount, and that's the thing that people don't see. Two is like to be great at what you do to be greater anything there's so many areas like hundreds of areas that you could separate yourself in a good direction or like in a bad direction and, like the accumulation of all those decisions is what makes somebody great is if they are consistently winning the small wins in the small battles. I mean that some, for you, too, is like do you work so hard. You put so much thought into your craft. I mean you can talk about. It too that's. What I want to do is backup. I want to ask more questions, but that's you because I actually talk to like. I know, Ryan personally, but then I know that he would never say this on his own thing. So that's why I was like dude. I actually want you to share, because I think you have so much insight that, like even your own
fans, don't here, because you're not going to sit here and like to your own horn, but now we're going to make you yeah. Well, I mean yeah, like you said about the small battles. Ryan comes up with, like one hundred ideas and he picks like maybe one of them, and it's just like filtering those ones until that one is perfect and he's happy with it, and it's like you have one hundred ideas. Do you know how long like how you know how much it how much brain power goes into uh it was different ideas and thinking through them. I mean this is why I bring it up too. I think it would help people like when I say that you know we eat what we didn't say yeah, but you know you've been forcing yourself as have. I did try and take breaks right because it's almost like it's, it's almost better for you right on and in this off season is, you know a little shorter for you, which is why I was saying like I was gonna bring up your other pay fashion that I didn't even know about that. You want to do. I just think it's interesting, like I I mean other
playing games, you're also passionate about food. I love. I love eating, not just eating your legit, like you're, legit, passionate, you study it you, like look cookbook, and stuff right yeah I mean I, I do a good amount of research on food and then, like I, love cooking, I think a lot of his nutrition to like I have to eat healthy yeah, and I love and I eat a ton when I'm working out like a raging like much he eat, I eat way more than a normal human being out like I still remember the time here in Houston, and we went to dinner me: can you in here channel are since it only if you were to do it. Yeah and then and then we all ordered our own. Like Mexico, it barbecue dish, yeah, remember you had like three main courses like and then I think it was Parsons he had like. He also ordered that and he's a big guy, but like Jeremy, not nearly as tall as him, and I was just shocked. I was like this is normal, for this is one three like huge plates of food. I get. It makes sense with how much calories
yes, that's how I got into. It is eat. So much at the healthy I might as well like learn about it, be able to control the process cook and then also find other spots, and then I just began to see it more. Art right like is like it is art yeah like when it when and I and that's the thing is like I I I travel so much and I go to so many different cities and s and and across the world to have gone to some different countries and I see food, and it's like now at this point, it's like I'm looking for really unique experiences. So if I go, your restaurant. I want to find something that I can't find in other places and like it could be like something as simple as a burger or you know, chicken, wings or whatever, but it's like what makes it different, what makes it unique and so now that's the thing that I love is finding those type of hidden gems and what I've also realizes a lot of times. What everyone else says, it's good. I mean it. It probably is good, but a lot of times like I don't always agree with just what the the most hyped spot would be
I think there's a lot of fun and finding like hidden gems as well yeah, I'm speaking for you, I do a show. You should do that yeah. I don't know when you have time to do it, but basically that it all stemmed from yeah forcing herself Take breaks and you're going to go. That's right now I mean which means I said after the break, I'm gonna take it over now. Go ahead. Ask these questions. Jeremy, food Netflix series- and I will do that- would be sick. Well, he's he's Jeremy's off the pill. Podcast right now is my pocket right. Go ahead, alright, let's see I didn't think about this before, but there's so many good things that you shared with me that my car, you gotta tell the world, I mean alright. Maybe why start with like what do you want? What do you want your legacy to be like? I can't like
d telling you I'm sorry, I'm going where I only I. I only have what ten minutes fifteen. I don't know what a good fifteen left, but I I just want to I want you- can explain the genius behind like what you're doing, but also like all the I want to try to get into like even the way that when you talk about like the joy,
see you or whatever, just like there's so much there's so much thought that goes behind, and I want people to see it. I mean well right now I mean that the whole reason I star the podcast was like, like I said to you like I mean I'm and I've. I've said it before they can just kind of version of me taking a break because before it was like you know I it was every single day. You don't see it because I like will said I'm thinkin hundreds of ideas and maybe not literally hundreds but like a bunch of different ideas and also get scrapped, and I guess it's not really legacy, but the reason why most of them don't make it, even though I know it could easily check just make something and post it it's more. For me, it's more me like feeling, if it's not, if I'm not doing something you are for like a joke, is something to someone that to what I've done it has no real me.
Ng is just funny that is not interesting to me at. If you can incorporate some kind of message that, like makes people feel something and learn take something from it. Then that's kind of it is like me is not not not a lot of them, not all the ones. I do, but that's the reason why it takes me so long to post, because I'm always trying to find that comes at a high. Yes, a casing that hive like when it's it's. I don't know how to describe the feeling but like when she when you're writing it, and you find that perfect ending that will make someone feel something, and I, if I can feel it I know some other people will, because I've basically only get that feeling when you can like shock yourself like that lined up perfectly or whatever it is, and to get that feeling it's. It gets harder and harder because you got a top yourself, it's a good drug right, it's like you, do you keep doing it and then it becomes nothing numbness. And then you got to top yourself and a certain point. You're gonna burn out yeah. So that's why I guess is. I guess I don't know if that answering questions legacy, but I wanted to do something that
create any kind of content. That's knew that kind of makes people feel something. I guess all right, and then I just talk a little bit about when you say like it makes. People feel something like describe that, because I know that you know I guess the type of impact, because it's not just you, don't want people just you. There's a certain thing that you know there's the direction that you want to go right with the fact that you want to make. Well, I mean obviously there's I mean certain videos out there. I do think they're, not necessarily the best messages. They're, not even try to make a message, but it is the feeling of
to get anybody. This way I described to people like a lot of times. People say movies are bad but like whether it's feeling afraid or laughing or if you can get someone to to have a real emotion. I think that's that's powerful and that's hard to do you know for I. I think some people don't think about that, but it's really hard to get. Somebody feel something in in a walk away from a good movie. For that matter. Current rethink my might like my life, my mindset a little bit because of because of a movie. That's always the goal at every video, but the specific message. I think, there's there's a ton a lot of times it's based on. I mean it is based on positivity, but I do it in a way. That's not. I try to do in a way. That's not cheesy. So like, for example, like one of the Miss messages always tried to push right is simple. Most like generic thing, which is, you know, just be nicer to people yeah, but I won't say that
it's you know everybody's with. For that all our lives growing up, I would say three people out there dying right because of a guy spilled coffee on your shoes, and you know, if you having a bad day you gonna yell at you, can be mad. Like most people, you know I've seen people get mad yeah, but if that person spoke on their shoes and their ball, and it's like they're like in a world like sick. You know any of that person yeah. You can just be like you know. It's fine do like that's. That's, basically how I would like to send the message in a way: that's different, yes, sense! Yeah! No, I mean that makes a ton of sense. I mean. Can you also talk about like just the the part where, like you know, all the people that you have supporting you and helping you from a day to day basis, and just like the pressure of because you know, there's always people behind the scenes and that's the thing that you know not.
Everybody sees is like whenever there's someone in the spotlight and they have to do a lot of things and there's a lot that goes into that brand. There's there's you know one thousand and twenty pull behind the scenes that are building that for them? Can you talk about the pressure of that in the way that, like how you try to be as we've seen so many people that, like don't treat those people well, but the way that you like. Actually that's why I kind of like talking to you about it when we do sit down like away from the cameras, is like talking about that pressure, because you try to care for them in ways that, like I'm sure they don't even know it's just like, but you put it on yourself to you know, make sure everything is great for for them it makes. I mean this song good question, then this is something like I mean you this. We just talked with something you can also relate to two. You know for sure We can talk about it like how there is can help from there. Is it a lot of people? Don't see that stuff right and it's
if it's like, you know like a more with the wheel or like some of the guys, and even my mom helps like it's a different dynamic than like working at some cool like a corporate job right yeah, I think on there. There is more of a pressure too, because you feel like you need to. I can just say: hey I quit, because if you quit, you know a lot of people in the back of their heads, even if they're not going to quit, they can have that in the back of their heads. But there's and there's no guilt. Is there a part of our organization whatever? If you we were to quit our jobs, it affects a lot of people right, so I think, naturally, even if you're not doing as well, it's still affecting others yeah and I think, there's a lot of sure there on and I think even that goes kind of back to. I guess in the whole the whole point of like saying like taking rest for yourself and on doing that, I think.
I've learned that you have to think about yourself more to really help even other people around you right, because if you're not taking care of yourself, you eventually become unable to take your yeah. You burn a hole in my case. You burn out, and then it's like well, if I didn't, I should took those breaks because I'm gonna fail and if I feel you're actually not helping these other people, yeah you're, not doing them any favors right, and I think yeah I mean I I I'm I'm I'm. I don't know how that relates to kind and how it relates to other people, but I'm sure it in other scenarios, even right out on the he he's like how to enter the house. How does that relate to other people? That, but that's the point. The point is that in everything you do, especially on camera, it's like you're, always trying to think about like how can you send a sir or like how can you right create a positive impact and you're always thinking about other people, and it's like that because
concept of always thinking about other people. If you do that too much, you end up getting to a place where you are no longer able to do that, but that's what people don't always sees like. They see your videos they're just just like. It's so easy. You just sit at home and make funny jokes or you just you know whatever or you make podcasts or you know you just make home. Videos or whatever, and thank you very easy just like save a blanket statement like that or you know, and it's just like now at the end of days like night, you are so highly subscribe years. So popular like I can't go anywhere. If there's anyway, you'd like to see asked, can you can you? I can't tell you how people are like? Can you call Ryan for me? Are you is clean and take coming to you yeah? No, all that's a little, and especially when we go to the same thing, basketball camps and everything is like these, the kids
really let him have a parents coming up to me and like up this is happen for sure multiple times a I know, you've yeah. I know you play basketball, but I heard you for is with a you. Might my child absolutely loves like mobile and and the parents watch the videos now right, the parents? and videos and I'm like dude, that's amazing, but again That's all the thing. That's like you're, always thinking about other people and that's like again very admirable and like you're, never going to say that's. Why that's why I like I get to say now. Yeah I mean I have everybody see the side, I said I mean you yeah. Maybe you should speak to on the I mean on the back and we're just like you're saying things that the the public doesn't get to see as well. Yeah I mean under just like to say something about how you you asked about how to use so often see people treating the people under them like kind of poorly. Just because you know, there's like there is a dynamic of like someone, that's a working above you and then there's an he's underneath, but for Ryan like it's always been like,
as with everybody like we're all friends and he's very good at it's like how you would you might have one friend joke around with and one friend you can be serious within one friend. He can do a little bit of both and my friend like when it comes to like the work side. I feel like what I've witnessed before with Ryan is he's good at like treating people like how they would how you would a different friend that you can talk to right so it's like he's not going to just treat everyone in a blanket way he's not going to give everyone this blanket answer yesterday. You know what I mean so like if someone if he can read that someone. Do you like? A little bit of hard time he can kind of you know like it's it's it's like that. The extra step that up someone who is in like a a position of like a boss or whatever goes to you know I mean to like almost like cater his response is and how we treat people in those positions. That's, like my you know my perspective of it in and I mean so and that's actually I mean I guess that makes sense. Now it's like okay, why are you know? How do we?
Use that to encourage other people, it's like I mean it's, not just a union leadership position, but just taking the time to get to know people to know what they need, what you think they need, and I think that's like everybody is different and it's like what motivates somebody is different, and sometimes it's like if you walk by a homeless person and you're, just like oh, you know: here's zero dollars and fifty cents I have been there. What they want is you know, maybe they need to. They want to eat at that restaurant, but you know or get food from that certain spot, but that they won't. Let sometimes you know, stores won't, will will not let them come in and buy food and or maybe sometimes they actually don't need any of that sometime. Maybe they just need like someone to sit down and just see how they're doing and just I had a conversation for five minutes, but it's like, if you don't take the time to know what the people around you need, then you actually can
serve them the way that they need to be served or like you can't leave them the way that the they need to be, let us say, yeah and that and that's true for everybody. If you don't have to be in a leadership positions like the people around, you got it. You have to take that time and there's a constant selfishness that you have to always be thinking about, like okay, I'm picking up on learning about these other people and I'm not so immersed in my own stuff and always single myself like I can think I can read. I can you know and that's basically what you're saying is like do there's times where, like he can talk to me about something, but that won't work for somebody else, but he understands the difference. Yeah, absolutely yeah, yeah. I think that's it. I mean that definitely is helpful. It helps when every scenario right, even if you're like just talking to family members or whatever it is just just being able to see things from a different perspective. I think is it's very helpful. Do not just like assume your way is right, yeah, one way of thinking like thinking in other people's shoes.
It is really hard to do honestly. Yeah I mean yeah. We I mean we talked about a lot of that stuff. Yesterday too, if there's like one thing that you could say to like all the people that have no senior content, but Nothing, like oh say, thank you say. Oh thank you so much. I meant like there's one thing, that you're, like man like, I feel really strongly about this, and I feel like I just need to say this- it could be about anything. Tell us anything. Rod thing to ask yeah, I'm gonna feel like sometimes is as like in the spot like they there's just certain things that I wish you know like, oh man, I wish that player would say that you start KEN and then I'll answer. Let me think about
in right now. Yeah I mean I want to think there's a lot right. I think that's I mean it's like there's so many time, yeah we're like you think, like man, I just wish. I could say that, but I just want to like package that the right way or in five I want to find the right time to do it or the right way to to, and then it's just like in in the opportunity comes and goes. Are you don't ever never comes in you're. Just kind of like you don't say, is that some like art will was what's one thing that you would say civic to like basketball and specific to Youtube. No, I mean just in general. It could just be anything. That's why it's a pretty broad super bridleways. You say: here's what our your streamers! I mean I didn't think through my questions. I'm like trying to do nothing with their own. My podcast questions like right now like as he was talking. I was like a I can only imagine what questions you would come up with we thought about. Good question. Usually the way we end up the thing I like when we end up like meeting up 'cause, we don't only eat,
I mean I used to sometimes fly out to the game or something we talk here and there, but like because we only eat really taxed a lot, sometimes call, but I only see you usually once a year and yeah off season right, yeah. I always traveling and stuff like that, and we we go through this like the deep stuff, all the time like in like a story here at a time. So yeah it does yeah it's going, it does opportunity, that's one thing I mean I think like maybe one thing that I've been learning is ideal, and I think I said this run yesterday to the maybe that's something that I think would be cool to see As I get older and older. I just realize, like time is not unlimited life, not guaranteed and like oftentimes like me and Ryan were younger. It would just be like to let's get together.
They're like film a funny video, let's eat and less like game, and we would just like play games and then I was like as we get older. It's like. I definitely want to save time to do all that stuff, but I also want to be intentional about having deeper conversation and like get to some of the stuff that, like you, know, 'cause, there's things that we've talked about where I was like. Oh wow, like I never envisioned us getting to that point. Where were like? Actually talking about that, and it's like that's one thing that I encourage everybody in something that I'm I'm challenging myself with now is like when I get these opportunities to sit down with, Six, not all just be on your phone bill, just like casually ways that time were like you can spend. Sometimes you can live with a roommate and, like you know, I realize it, but that's like two three months is like you have really gotten like was house he really doing or like. What's he's struggling with their, what do you
going with the? How can you support each other as friends or as brothers or sisters like I say that like like brought like Breaux's, are, like you know, a metaphorical sisters or whatever it's just like? How do you? How do you get to that next level of like caring for your friends? Maybe that's on that. That's on the yeah! That's a good! Is that because I was thought like for me. I think culturally. I think I don't know if it's asian thing or not, but like my parents, you know we weren't open about talking. It's kind of things. I know that a lot of people, parents who are- but I just never even with my brother, I wanna- share that kind of stuff. I know you guys are closer but, like I don't know, if it's a asian thing or not, but I feel like culturally, you don't really like for us. We usually it's almost the opposite is iconic. Your own dirt, to your so there's certain things that you shouldn't say or whatever and it yeah. No. I definitely agree that some of it is is a definite cultural and then I think some of it is just like among all among all groups where it's just like there's just taboo certain things, and sometimes it's like
All it takes to push its not even like there's a small wall, but it can easily be knocked over if all you did was be like hey man. I never really asked you this, but, like you know whatever, how are you are you really doing like are like? How are you really doing? Are you pretty like? Are you really fulfilled in what you're doing every day or in your work like sometimes that's all it takes is a little push and then it's like all of a sudden. It's like man that guy or girl has so many things to share, and it's like just because no ones ever pushed or like gone to that territory. They've never really had the opportunity to share. Well, there's your there's your answer to go and just. Be real with someone Can I pick them trying to summarize like that? One too. I pick that one I like to think about. No phones, I think that's like a pretty important relative to the times.
I mean everyone always says that, like you know, try to be in the moment, something that is a lot easier said than done, especially nowadays. You know with so many things going on and it's all at the you know in your hand- and I definitely like really with that pretty and that's a that's a rule that I put in now two months ago, two and a half months ago is like from now on. I have no phones at meal time unless I really have to so like. Sometimes it's check, because the major someone's okay or I'm playing like our after, like there's certain things that we have a ride or whatever like or checking the time but like for the most part. So I just got off the phone man, yes be present with people that you're on yeah, Alright, your turn man that was like I put up. I was just going to use your answer. I think that's a really good. We both pick it yeah. I just reiterated. I don't even come up with anything man. I mean. I agree with that point and is still relatively new concept. For me. You know we were.
Yeah yeah I mean I've been forcing myself. I guess to like you know I just yes, it's easy to say when someone's like a how you doing, I'm fine like it's easy to. I'm good, do like you know, but it just gonna push at it. I guess and just be open to just being open right yeah. I don't take yours, but I mean one thing to say to everybody. I think this is the same thing I pushed a long time ago and it's literally like finding out is it sounds cheesy, but it's finding out. You know what you to a truly makes. You happy verses. What you think will make you happy and I I feel like it's a I've gotten to a point where I didn't. I always thought like. Oh one, I want to create good content or whatever, and then I didn't read
lies, you know along the journey. You know in the back of my head. I'm still thinking like a part of me is like well. I have to make a ton of money or have to get to a certain level of fame, but you don't really realize in some people. Maybe some people do, but I didn't realize you don't realize it for me. I didn't realize it until you kind of get to that point. The point: were you made more money than you ever thought you would or you make? Are you get become more famous than you ever thought you would even more popular whatever it is and anti you get that and you kind of realize or that's it. You know, then, that's not your angle and into you. I I think that you don't have go through that right. But I think for me that was almost like a depression point realizing like, while, if I'm can't be happy with this and was going to make me happy- and I come into that real as a nation of like okay. I always said this is my. What I would say is that it's it makes me happy to create the kind of content, but really I was like thinking about you know other things as well and until you really have those things and realize it's not it's, it really isn't everything
yeah and the issue is, I know a lot of people come back. Well, it's easy to say since you have it, but I mean and like I'm just being completely honest, I think people need to find out it's easier said than done. What truly makes you happy, because people can be happy with it. None of those extra man, that's what we've bonded about is like I mean going through that in sandy stretch of always kind of said, like a there's, an emptiness about it, it was happy like I was happy. Circumstantially was awesome and I was you know I was loving it, but I also knew that it wasn't enough like it was still like empty enter from a fulfillment sample, and I think that's like you, don't always understand it until you have to get there, and it's like you could tell a kid like hey, you know that things really hot, don't touch it, but it's not until they actually like here it and then they're like whoa. Like I know it's in so I mean I definitely agree with that and I think that's like I'm sorry, I'm going to just pick back back up. Tattoo, because you just reminded me of something else
the time you have to enjoy where you at your at and enjoy the journey in the moment of where you're at right. Now, even if it's not where you to be, and also like, knowing that, like what you're saying It's easier said than done to wait. Another said in that is even saying like even when you do get a lot of what you think it is like. It won't always be what you like as fulfilling as you thought it was, and I think that's what you're talking about is like and that's how we're all evolving and figuring out and that's where, like we've, had great conversation. That's for me, like always why I kinda go back to my faith in terms of just like grounding me and giving me like tremendous purposes and hope, but, like that's, why it going back to the full circle, with your whole thing about the championship it's like, if I'm going to, Do it because one I don't know if I'm ever going to you know be back here and to like yeah. Obviously I wish I could have played in
play more and played well and whatever, but like I'm going to enjoy where I'm at in, like I'm going to enjoy everything about it, even if it's not picture perfect in S2 huge, like we had to get to that point where yeah, otherwise you waste all these opportunities. In these like moments and like these years an you realize at the end of it you're like man, where did it all go like if I could go back, I wish I could just slow down really soak that in and embraced it see, but the only scary part is like I said we don't have it. I don't have it figured out. The only scary is, do you think having that mindset growing up? Would you have pushed yourself to you know because I'm happy people you go one or the other. You are the salt. What you like get through it right yeah. Would you have push yourself as hard as you did? You know, because you weren't satisfied with where you were. I know that question and and that's a great question because I use again, I used to think those things are mutually exclusive right now. It's like I don't. I actually think like, because I can tell you right now. I'm and you
Talk to my trainer. I've literally like I'm so excited for next season. I'm so motivated for next season because, like I have so much fire and drive inside of me, I went through two straight years of injury and then I had this first year, where I just things weren't as great as I wanted to be. I don't play that well, but, and then I thought about was like man, that's true for everyone who comes off of like a major injuries like that first year is tough, but that second year and and so for me it's like. I have so much like motivation and excitement and like man, I want to be great. I want to be better. I know the ways I need be better. I know how to you know rebuild my body. I went through the rough part of recovering from the injury, but at the same time I'm completely take embracing and enjoying where I'm at right now, which is why I'm saying that's a hard thing to do, and in some people as possible that some people might take it another way it right. You know what I'm not in a good spot, but I gotta make myself behalf about it. Yeah, that's we're trying to say, there's a balance there right, yeah and it's like. I can tell let anybody take this moment away from me, but I'm not
work any less hard than I would have right, yeah, right and and so that work ethic will stay the same, but I'll also be much more sailing in my yeah and it's just like I'm just like and that's why for me, it's like dude. I can like, like I'm coming up. I guess I'm a let's! Let's go here! It's like is whatever it's just to me. I'm just like in a place where I just like I'm loving life. I want to be around my friends like and like in an equally he'd like super excited to see, like I literally don't sometimes only one signification on the streets, and I know that super on healthy. So I'm going to you know, get fat for two weeks but, like you know, yeah, but it's already gained in like you can be both and both in both of those plays. At the same time, and with that very great advice from near me in all the great questions you framed it better than you clearly have said this
more because it's like well spoken- you need to catch a flight to Toronto. I gotta tell you: when is the parade? The parade is Monday Monday, and it is Saturday right now yeah. So I think tomorrow we're gonna go back okay situated and get to get this all right, I'm going to say it I want. I want to Jeremy Lin podcast. And, as you are, you got good questions you got insightful answer were beautiful would be fun if we, if we were both able to lead a podcast that be funny, we talked about their reports, yeah bring in the sport. Alright, let's do it, and that is when you have time we should've got Kevon here to really like into sports too talking about we're going to surprise you if there was a game seven and go out there, and then we looked at the ticket prices for the
maybe I will just text him with the ticket prices are crazy. Alright! Well again, thank you so much for Jeremy Lin to being for being here on the podcast. We have to get him to the airport, real quick, so we're going to close this out, you can follow, set off the pill out on Twitter off the podcast on Instagram. Jeremy at J Lynn, seven Jaylen, seven yep! I don't know if you provide your twitter or you're, Graham whatever, and by the way, I'm not even joking. This is really really good, This is my first time I came over. This is really really good. It's like I described, and I thought I mean have your g yeah. You, you actually told me you like, prefer. Probably prefer me not to do this, but I don't care it's really good Iowa. Thank you! Man. Yes, ninja milk is actually drinking. It makes us look good, so ninjamode dot com with that being said, we'll talk to you next podcast, so you guys cool. This is how we end it just breathe into the mic in through two one, your produce, that's what happens when you're a professional piece.
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