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#24 - Ft. Anna Akana - What is it Like Being Bisexual?

2019-07-21 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, David, and special guest Anna Akana discuss how she uses comedy to cope with the topic of suicide. What was Anna’s life like growing up? Anna also talks about her life as a bi-sexual Asian American woman. Guest: Anna Akana http://instagram.com/AnnaAkana Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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Mighty aims are always about. I'm gonna kill myself mice. Who killed herself my brother colors on my father killers, lobbying by an Asian, or they have both invisibility things that maybe I just don't think that's the main, visible woman, I'm such a controlling, calculated person already that I want someone who can sort of not be pushed by my energy income, push biodiversity. Like all of us. Welcome back to another episode of the pill. Podcast And today we have a very special guess: Miss Anna Tee, O Connor, my full may always is a mess can actress filmmaker musician, author and comedian. She does the thing she and also you to bear with over two point: five million subscribers and over two and eighty five million views we also giving the moderator seat hello and we have people sitting next to me.
You did it yellow slow today. Agree. I ass a little slow anyway. I were here with that. I should mean when I should start doing in introducing the guests last, it's a little less awkward. No aren't people only do yeah, maybe It is only our third one here now lay solar cell welcome, I thank you for coming and going from I'm not gonna, see where unwise We are looking away from Montana now I did but yeah. Thank you for coming out here things. May we just learned recently actually that why just recently you're, actually port Hawaiian yeah a source, was. Actually, yes and I went to ever beach high did you really do This conversation number. You cancel out the as this is from the idea you we did. An art in Lisbon. Friends are in care. Well,
my bad, I mean, what's the other three three quarters, japanese filipino and then a bunch of white funding of any foreign languages, Japanese. I also speak Spanish, roughly very vigilant, japanese. Sort of Montana, my family speaks so I'm really rusty and also I grew up in Okinawa, which is more like hillbilly, japanese me. Yes, why Harry and dark own eyes there are user is I am oh, but I laser did away sunshine to get there and you also speak page, yeah another layer, while nowadays were bilingual. Now I guess I don't click on it. I think I just content ok. Well, I mean We are also talking about you just room at window. You release your music video. My first thank him out in May. So you are, I don't know if I we talked a camera.
About all your music produce. Coming up on him, if you won't talk about as I did, a visual album and thirteen music videos of fourth are animated and I've been really saying one month and am currently working on my second. While there is a lot for people, they don't know, that's a lot of work the remedy for people who don't know air your ear. You start off on Youtube. I started and stand up ass, a teenager and then I started doing Youtube simultaneously because the butler actually show me when your videos, you and Natalie Tran- and he is like look at these people yeah, I did a value created No, no, we both of you all. I said yes, I remember clubbing with her known as like. Oh because it when you start stand up, you're doing it and like laundromats or coffee, shops and people are very annoyed that you're trying to talk to them- and I was like I can voluntarily like click on a video. I wanna watch like I'll. Do that as well like, so I don't feel like I'm harassing people all the time, and so I sort of really fella with Tunisia on you and happy slab and was and was like. Oh, I love the format that these people are doing, and so I started on Youtube as well. How long were you doing stuff
comedy I started when I was nineteen, so pretty young now, but a decade you did state of coming for a day. Yeah! Why just recently quit to transition in music? Got it. So you, when you're saying you, did it here and allay yeah so I would drive out to allay and when it was under age. I had to wait outside of the comedy clubs till it was my turn d gone stage, be escorted, understand and be escorted out. Well, good news, who had run away idea? I thought you'd just start with you to know now you do just kind of what took off cause. I feel like I don't love you guys have experienced this, but when you here I was like. Oh, this is the only place as the other asian people doing anything like comedy lifestyle beauty. Anything at all- and I was like this is so cool like and I'd, never seen like Michel fan, watching. Her videos, like all that's how I like do make up for my eyes, like I've, been falling all these other tutorials that were wrong for my eye shape, and so I feel like it and vigour
Yes like specific to Asian Isaac Zags when you put on like Ireland where girl you know, and so there was a difference at that- is all the same. No now, very different doing and make up for an asian vases different Jews. Here on the last two podcast ago and after the Paca she did stuff to our faces, stuff on. Oh yeah. I don't know why exactly we're just hang out and ensure that the waste God. I lid yeah us of his awful man, that's worsen like when we did the Beijing stuff with a cape up Nega. It's like torture! You do that. You of every day every day, I wouldn't you get used to it. You just that uses touching. I leisure nerves. There are illegal, then put in like in your waterline and their needs just tattoo. It's that you'll! Never do it again, but then have to do as an actor. I have I care about you do natural make up. I was that going by the way, Miss Gray enacting a when acting on doing I'm doing at you.
Flex thing said, I'm Netflix Christmas movie called let it snow which is based on a John Green Book and then, also if I can announce technically, but I'm also in Jupiters legacy, which is based on novels. I play a japanese assassin and that awesome, I know, this, is naturally a regional as yet in a crazy huh. That's like all you are doing ABC, show all cool school on doing liquor, NBC whatever, but Netflix. Now that the ethnic says like the new thing like about, would rather see somebody there more consistency, Yannick ended, they get to be edgier yeah, it's really cool. Apparently they trust creators allowed to do their thing. You you, you are hustler you work and how I mean, I have to say, is reading through your wikipedia you ve come out with music. You ve done music, you didn't Youtube stand of comedy acting Catherine Clothing Line a book. What like what do do sleep. I do I get seventy hours night and you're very uppity l. I dont think I like.
Really like what I do, I get bored very easily as well as want to try something new and exciting. I really of learning, I'm inside I'll, see you tube and all that stuff as my own from school, and I also think it's very fun to juggle projects cuz. When I get stuck on when I get bored, I can just shift to another and feel like invigorated, but when I go back to the other project that I was stuck on before and yeah and others, like the impending sense of like I'm gonna die and nothing matters so like. Maybe I should just work harder and vigour, bring up a twitter question. Well, I'm so that somebody actually ass. I want to make sure that I get the proper name in credits to them. Caroline roads, it can. You walk through your creative process of making videos, but I want to take and of expand is because, when making videos can be completely different from how you do you other projects that music or such as when you right you're in a short films and then start wanted to drive
So what is the process like different how's, our man, so terrible Youtube? I'm sure you know when you ve been doing it for a decade. I have no ideas anymore, so I write my Youtube videos wake the hour. Before my crew arise after all, I still be finishing their setting up. So you do I've trained myself to just progressed that ain't till the absolute last possible moment, with everything else, I'm sort of concept Bay. First. So there are certain stories like I wanted to tell her. Like I did a stop motion short called delors that I've been working on for ten years. What kind of accepted like stop motion is a craft I'll, never be able to do in my own, so I waited till I had a quarter of a million dollars to do it right and I wanted to use that is sort of like a proof of concept, because I loved animation and directing- and I came up as if, I am story. Word artists. When I was doing standards, I would do I learned how to draw anime like when I was a kid and so doings
rewarding and doing animation was a huge part of my childhood that Dear Wikipedia by the ILO, if you could please adjusted? That would be great. You see, I don't want my creative, says it's been very, like I'm emotion, driven like I feel like I transmute. A lot of my very deep feelings in art, so my album was born out of a owing to a quick comedy ix, people have come threatened like come. Shoot me it shows in committee, shows: don't have security every. Then you are really the main reason. It's one of the big race downloading rallied real yeah, but I'm ok, so I was really Fraid of lake, you known I bring my life online, but somebody else's life on the line, especially after Christina grimly, got shot. You but I'd always done music. In my stand up comedy said, since I was like well, every music venue I've ever been to has security like that's just something embedded in that culture, so I feel a lot safer and capable of doing that and then also I'd. I'd went through really rough break up
a suicidal episode and so music. A sort of what really helped me come out of that in writing. It as well, will lift. Let's go back little bit because it would mean a lot of Acta will come. I mean I think I feel like that to happen That's one of the one of the reasons. Obviously, there's did not the only reason why you stop doing stand up You know I mean I've been doing it for so long. I'm also I'm I'm a coast comedian, so my stand upsets all about my abortion. My sister suicide, dysfunctional asian family Midwest audiences, don't like it all sure yeah. So I could and was very limited as a comedian in what I was able to do in the audience as I was able to reach, and once I did it for ten years as the other two really committed figure out a way to make this funny to Midwest audiences, or I just have to that that I have to step away from comedy for awhile focusing mostly unlike Asia Asian Topics,
no allotted death like a lot of my comedy was death based. It was awkward or dark a very dark, so you say no in the comedy world that that when you get that dark, it's not is like a MID west people when they go comedy show to escape, so they want to hear like guys are like this, and girls are like this, where, as an ally in New York, we are exposed to a lot more. You are down to go on that kind of journey with me, like you're over, should further yeah, like you're, ok, to laugh at an abortion joke, whereas in the Midwest everyone's like that, no that's murder, My right phobia, blue collar comedy totally, did so well out. There tat very light Hearted EAST to digest. I regret interesting, though, when you, so you so that preceded Remy thing happened along like two years ago to the idea that I mean even for me not that I went to a lot of events and travelled and stuff like that. But after that, I literally stopped at everything ever really did anymore events, since that they have
me, I'm sure effect allowed people, but it really like that's a big thing, t! That's why you, when the main reasons you stop well I've, how does I've had stalkers over the years, and one stalker when I was promoting a comedy show was like I'm gonna com, and I have something for you, even emailing me all the time and like started tyrant. He wishes. My sister was alive so that he could fuck her and, like I would mean jealously EU is really disturbing shit and then he He sent an email that basically alluded to the fact that he had a gun and that he was gonna come see me and sorrows like. Jobs out of the lake, the police. I did, I heard a private investigator, but we can't figure who he was so we think is actually an. I t cause is able to mask as IP address my stuff like that. How do you think that
as your I mean generally, your skits and your lucky Senor comedy your sentence of our low. The darker do think: that's why it drew somebody like that cause. I am. Whenever we talk about girls, every girl we ve had on the biogas has talked about a stalker experience near but thou in his pretty. I have. Her when the debts, that's pretty dark what level, because I'm sorry spoken about suicide in a mental illness like a lot of mentally disturbed individuals. Latch on to me, like my dams, are always about. I'm gonna kill myself mice, killed herself. My brother colors of my father killers are like so many of them are that ordered I wanna fuck you in the bud or something legs, so it's like sexual or death, and then I also get the people who have been and so it gets a little lyrics. You're, like I don't know where this person is, how serious they are, if they're just sending something across the internet cuz they can or if they actually have a gun in their going to come, drive The hazard affect you like a little figure has a message your mind though. Like yeah that'll apparent all the time we could
and in getting like serious like a yearly, a casual by which I find funny, but I know it's not funny yeah, I mean as you just get used to a certain level of danger in life, but also feel like with your stand, a background you gotta, take like that pain or like that awkwardness and turn it into something that you know can be seen more light. Hearted yeah, I try but also never forgot. My question. Ok, all right! I'd cities like if I were in your position and in getting dams about like not the sexual stuff. I mean, I wouldn't believe it's like newbie, but more about the you like the more deeper stuff like. I would feel a very heavy burden on our shoulders and- and I wouldn't know- how to deal with that. Like dude, I'm I'm sure you have to go through things like that in it. It's not like you could save everyone. You know
and we all want to buy meat- I, how do you cannot deal with Elliot's? It's very doesn't oak. Should actually yeah. I wouldn't know how to so. Yeah therapy man, I've been in therapy for ten years, and I think it's and my therapist was like: do not respond to any of those people, shuttles yeah? is like first of all, someone whose very seriously considering suicide is most likely not going to send that are on the internet. They are, you, know, internal and they create a plan, and you don't see it coming. And she's executive. All. If you respond once that person becomes reliant on you and is going, EL, even having to respond to them every time, and also for my mental health, like I can't believe I've had friends, you have used besides, Bang is like a way to get me to do things. Are there like emotion,
manipulative casino, that's my trigger, and so now I'm just like. I can engage like if someone does very seriously suicide. I know them in their. My friend like I know how to be there for them, but if you're a stranger on the internet, I can I help you in that way. Right now you gotta go to their b. On the record. I wore a promise that was a question only forgot like dynamite event, from your head into David's. Will because, like a lot of, people do deal with like people region out of them and sing on very depressed, and it's like how do you mentally always is, my issue. You know that a lot of cutting creators hearing that it can guide them through like this is not for me. It is not my burdens
yeah I've come to the same conclusion. I think to not respond, but I definitely had like moments like I know: I'd like demons right, don't wanna! Openings, though see that I've read it and didn't do anything about it like the top line is like. Ah, I really need to talk to you because I, like I'm, contemplating suicide and like I feel a sense of like even guilt of not opening it, but I know it's not gonna help to do that because, like what's the stuff in the next, like a hundred of whom you know, why does open that one and then I'm just caught up in this minor actually talked about this before, but I I I came to the conclusion not to open it, but I do feel like guilt. You know because, like I don't know what happened to that person and like but if I had opened it and just said one thing in their fun. I know you don't think you just said. We came to the same conclusion, but I did always have a little bit of guilt of not opening is not. Are do, but I guess, hearing from actual seafarers
yeah. I think everyone throughout the thing is like. Yes, I understand your guilt. You like, while I have the power to influence with worse than one wax there, but the thing is, then that becomes all consuming cause times out by like a thousand times by a hundred thousand and its we know what happens if you say something, and then they kill themselves. Now you have the opposite: go affects you're, not a licence. Lifecycle I trust you don't know what to tell people and ever me it's like like my videos and I'll be vocal about these are the things you can here are the solutions for depression. Here's here's the resources you have, but I can't be accountable,
I'm not trained for that right and it's her now had a conversation with another content created. We gotta came to the idea of the time spent like helping this one person where you're completely unsure of what you're doing. If you just focus on the stuff that you usually do you help like way more people, hundreds and that stuff that you're good at so is this like? If you keep doing your thing, you'll you'll be positively impacting allow more people that I will use it that that's like, whenever odyssey of personal reasons that that's a trigger with your sister, but, like you said you also talk by stander. How is that so? I mean I know it's. Obviously personal to you and that's for Polly. Why use it? But if it's a trigger to you, don't you think that that's kind of you know a touchy subject for you. Yeah I couldn't make us is a job for seven years, so I was doing stand for seven years before I could actually make a joke about it and laugh, and so then it became a thing like. Oh
like that it doesn't have this power of remaining most because before any time someone would cloak lily. Mention in conversation like overhead is in traffic. For a moment I was gonna kill myself like, I would just feel crazy, and I to a point where I finally was like? Ok, if I can make it funny, if I can find a lens to laugh at it and to allow other people to laugh at it that so empowering for me and its also normal. I think suicide ideation should be more normalized because all of us, we're so isolated, everyday weed, we're not in the food chain anymore. So you just like live this weird existence where you were watching everyone's best lives on your screen alone in your fuckin bedroom feeling, like a loser, I think a lot of us go through periods of depression and wanting to kill our selves and wondering if our life means anything and there's been sort of. This arm is view like, oh god, if you have any of those thoughts, you're freaking like you, you need to be on medication and aids. Neglect go to therapy because you're crazy, whereas No, I'm pretty sure everyone gets to appoint in their lives, maybe once or many times where it even crosses your mind like, should I kill myself and so on,
to try to normalize. Those feelings were also pointing out that that's not the answer I mean I agree with that. I think everybody I was assumed growing up because he was a little kid anew and understand it really, but I'm like contemplated not doesn't mean, I was gonna, do it and I just you know everybody has was thought I, not everybody would have those, but maybe not I thought about everybody. S like I think, even in the opposite side of the spectrum We all have like a small thought. Like men, I really want to kill a person. Would you know you shouldn't do that. So every time I hold a knife and by someone like I purchase tasks from or like a like we're driving like there's a bicycle in my guy schooling, like, oh, my god, and you get one stone, GTA right up, and it's crazy like when you're driving the daunting that stopping Both cars on the other side is a lion. Is one line at other times. It's it's dashed. It's not even a solid longer. You could just literally just go left
the person goes left when you think about this year is the line is just alliance, life is life could be sure you never know we're gonna go around and I got very deeds. Wasn't she brought the first question He that is just like There's some good, I'm leaving you. They were due to other questions and Edward Avenues, good questions uselessly. Do the nurse who have interesting fan? There's a tweet here, you. Actually, your tweet, July, Angela, seventy wrote money fame success status. Should disappears in is forgotten. How you help me,
will inspire others empower and amplify voices open your own. The extent of your kindness, that's the shit legacy is made of. I really like that gambling. What prompted you to come up with this, this sordid tweet. I I think we are get caught up in the game of of all. I got to be more successful. I got to make more money, I got to email, do all the cool things and then you lose sight of what is actually important and I feel like life. Is this really annoying cycle of doing that again and again and again and That was just a reminder for makes. I was looking at instrument Obviously, and like look at things every one else was doing as I am I doing everything wrong like. Should I be doing more like what this is or be more like some, this person is unjust, feeling, like I feel very lame a lot of the times I feel like everyone's so much funnier and smarter, like or inspiring or whatever, and I just never feel like I am doing enough and so that to me I was like you know what I can only affect as much as I can affect like there's a really good quote by mother.
So that is like I alone cannot change the world by can cast a stone and create many ripples and tomatoes. That's always we I try to live as like. You know. It gets really overwhelming when you watch the news in you're like I want to help the world, but I can't say I can only cast as many ripples and hopefully those people cast ripples as well and try to be a positive force in the world. Cuz I feel, like apathy, has become very cool like let me not care. Let me know, better, but am I welcome eleven years? Global warming is going to be the point of no return. You guys liquids assault, Japan with all care, so yeah. That was just me, reminding myself like don't get caught up in that bullshit too much. What would like you ve done a lot of things and what what's driving, you too, like do so many things, at an earlier. You said the aboard pretty but why Is it inside of you that that that feels like makes you feel like in? You need to do all of these things,
I can assure you. I wouldn't clearly ambitious kid like I remember. My first dream was to be the first female president of the United States like when I was five as dashes my path. I am Amy Polo before me. Polar existed and I've always just felt like. I want to do great things for humanity, and ultimately, I've realise, like my strength, is taking my life. Experience are taking things that I'm feeling and turning them into art that can hopefully like make people feel less alone or or inspire them and so for me, I love playing in different mediums cuz. Then you get all your life experience and in a new medium, it's all up for grabs again like versus Youtube and, like I've talked about every topic to rest, a fucking talk about. I don't have anything else to say, but if I go to, they can like everything I've ever gone through is now up for grabs. I can say all of that again in just a new medium. I'm in so I like I like medium hopping as well. I think it keeps you creative work, do when you run out of order
feelings that you can sing of. Oh, I dont have new media. Now I found many feel, like you said it's a cycle right. You may come back to the other media when you're more things to talk about, but it is interesting, though that is, I feel, like you have to have their certain people in the world. I feel like just have more energy than others, and I figure, while those does it not be watching the cabin heart right now they let you just look Munich, and how can he do all these things? they call it out. As you have the mental capacities, it is not something you ve always had, as you said, is a little kid ordered something that he had to like train yourself. Prolific knows I. We all comes from organization and attention management, so I'm very, very good. At time management I can assure sure my time in a way that I'm like. Oh, this is how I can maximize the amount that I can do some days like I'm tired, and I don't want to do anything and I clear my schedule and I just like lay around but for the most part, I'm very good it when I have to
Do I know exactly how to do it in the most efficient way possible. You'll get lost in, like you know, a lot of artists once you're like in a zone or nothing else, matters you just keep going until and you realize I just used up my whole day. Young go through that ideal, but like I'd do it up her projects right. So I get very obsessed with one project I completed, and then I do all matters. I see that's discipline them and that point near the opposite thing. I get excited about things get into it, german, something else gonna forget about it, come back just I'm everywhere. I think. That's it s a good process to that's what we're, Israel. It's better to just finished things have a lot of unfinished. Things like this is a great idea, and another forget about combating manner should did that back when it was relevant, yeah So now you gotta, we work off the mute, energy gap. My have those to do. Do I got being d like the business aspect of what you do ideal and verses a creative
Is it like a fifty fifty thing for you? I really like, like Excel spreadsheets and a coordinated calendar year. Org is a creative arson, though that's like so left brained. You know it but it's a relief from creative because there's like oh there's, one way to do this ride and if I had the numbers, don't add up that I have done the math wrong. Where is creative like ox. There's no boxer you're like anything here we're the business. I give me a break from all that and I can be like budget, so you enjoy it. Yeah. I personally think that, like there, if you have to have a little bit of that a little bit of organization to become a successful creative, because if you don't have that but a structure in your life, I feel like when you said you know:
The treaty is there's no walls, juice seasick, oh yeah, energy. That just goes outward, but you have to kind of bring it in an in built. Ok, I'm in a crisis energy to create some, oh yeah, film or a script. So I do think there. That's super important me: I've, Zani friends who are like Waymore, talented that I am they just don't have the discipline every day to like stick, others follow through like links something or their perfect. Yes and they like just finish it over and over and over again until they hated and they go the whole thing away. I think for me: it's like I want to be at least ninety percent there, and then I have to let it go like nothing's ever gunnery perfect. So let it go once it's ninety percent of the way there Obviously, if there's anything glaring, you want to fix. Yes, but I also know one to be like ok. This has been enough time on this, like the one, you should show I read in your bio that your father was an officer in the United States. Marine corpse thinks
thanks to him for you. Thank you to Mr O Connor as our oh god I gotta get dealing like it's just. I have friends who grew up in military families as well. They try all over the place there. Never in one place it's hard for make friends, on a different schools all the time, but the thing that I respect about them is there very well cultured and and I feel that something that people who travel like in really understand is you just have a general idea of people yeah really good balance of of, like understanding of people Do you feel that to me, what were you travelling lie in every six months to tears, while so he was really difficult to. I like that,
I like to accelerate, even as a kid yak than I was like? I get some believe and I can become whoever I wanna be at this new slaughters yeah. I think so. I have an actor clergy, like I'm gonna, be the shy girl here and North Carolina and those analyzing the shock us under the inaction here and who were committed to yeah stating character for those at once. It was like cancelling reinvent yourself. Over and over again till you found out like what you liked what you didn't like a by yourself- and I got there get it Chameleon aims. I could see I can read in the room and be like, I know exactly who I have to be it a fit in, or I can just be myself, so you know who your bases them. Yeah does at you right now, yeah. I mean I'm a little turned up were performing by air and because you drink some melt and tea and got a pretty What's that did you like? A discipline also came from being in a like every year, your father Ming Marie.
I mean, I think I have the perfect by fabrication of show and business, so my dad was all like every. Did you read you get a penny if you like, pluck the seeds in the yard for two days I'll give you titanic on Vhs and Sookie. You taught me like hard work and discipline and like really valued education, and my mom is like more of a flowy like really funny clown type. Who artists, so she was always either painting or doing crochet or like some kind of like hobby, and so I grew up with polish, like discipline, but also like a really big emphasis on creativity sounds like a flock of seeing the Disney movie before they get Disney. Channel original would like the dad was like the officer and then like the moms creative Then that's about you ask me swearing in life. That's very interesting how Wendy whew that's the would just Amazon, oh right, now you're talking about it, but I do not support your friends right, well, speaking of hydrogen
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Ray you took up the tree. I don't have an infirmary read it guys, a popular deleted year, each Palestrina stops, nobody is allowed to go ahead of verse as waiting. Ok pocket money taken. So how could we? Let me take a dollar this. Do you think Parker is cute? I've had been most parts it did. He got to the top eyes. I as a joke and descended, and he actually send it so You treated at yourself how thick white elephants to add yes at that you're, just asking your audience in third person, and it may not your cue. You can be honest. You dont have to make him feel good. In this zone? May materials wailings? Ok, that's kind of the theme of this Bosnia here. The outline of bag. Because, again the theme you just made his life. I think I'm good
yeah, I'm actively Q dark joke. Are you going No, no, no! No! It is the objective behind it. Then that means like a personally. I don't find you turn I can hear and interactive man. Thank you. That objectively out, I'm just saying I physicality like in terms of like, if I'm person in charge of two percent with I think women have the capacity to to form of a people who aren't attractive and become attract. To them. Based on your personalities over me, I can see a guy who is really not. Unlike that's a hog I've. I don't feel anything. I miss Hale. I know them american suitable guy too, but speaking about that we all of an hour notes recently in two thousand and ten that you came out at a stream, your worship idea and that you are by and large, I shouldn't see that clear, but I just we just looked it up again.
I spent I saw the video of you coming out to your parents, yet I was I Hugh ere they get your parents are very, very sweet, seem very, like very sweet peoples for either ask them to do another video there like we just yeah yeah, you clearly we need. We need more space. People need to like a mess ass more. How are you gonna do video, but so do something new for like a long time. I bet you didn't want to. So I had a crush a girl when I was leg eleven or something, and my friend I told my friend issues like Anna you're just trying to be interesting dosages. So for a long time. I thought, like I'm, just a straight girl, trying to be like interesting when you didn't, even though no I'm I'm impressed actually, I thought you had to be like half in half and I'm not happened? Have I skew more male and but entirely
some bisexual ladys in the last year or so they were like no like any amount of bisexuality, is valid. Like I have a friend whose predominantly a lesbian, which has attracted to like a guy here and there and just like I'm still very much as I don't identifies. Lesbian. It's like a spectrum area is a huge spectrum and Owens like on the very opposite I know because of you opposite on your guy who's, likewise like I'm attracted to both, but it may not be the same mt per and on that I think it's like actually very rare to have like an exact fifty you I find interesting sort that I didn't know this, but I do you. Did you get a lot of push back from the gay community because there is putting back there ain't. They feel like so interesting to me because it took so long for accept gay people and now that people camelias by gay people do some actual push back again by people. They think, like stray people, think it's either a stepping stone to being gay and gay people. Think like you
actually straight and just like having fun with the other soon January, like all selfish. Yet selfish or whatever, and theirs is funny like having being by an asian dozing I've both invisibility things, maybe I'd earnings as the main visible woman. But I have had some push back from gay people like especially guerrilla war. Have you ever had? so the woman ever dated a woman like do. I need ever have sex with a guy to know that have attracted to a guy because nodded the lincolns just ridiculous. But it's it's fun has been a thunder when you should You were eleven or was it eleven yeah things out and you should get a crush on a girl I don't know about the anatomy of the female I can in terms of like sexual like when you see, feeling sexual desire. Something I want to press your face to their face some sitting when hasn't done that experienced by the way. When you're Levin you weren't sexual,
rights are attracted factual, Mary, I'm just gonna common donor, like does a right like even felt like strays, gray, ok way is a fifth grade. Yeah aid. I was reading like naughty novels. I stole from my morning when you grow up fast rate before travelling all replied. Yeah, I'm not arrived, just migration is assuming they are you. So when you were eleven, you did have like a sexual kind of like desire for, the other girl yet- and I was like I wanted to fuck her when I was eleven, but I definitely think I like her like. I want to kiss her. You want to kiss, or can it wasn't my ocean, so pretty Laguna notion She would like more of a Bush girl she's. Moreover, tomboy God, I've always been much more into tomboyish yeah would of Ivorian like the cure smell like what what draws a girl into Butch girl verses. Like a more pretty very pretty like whenever eminent feminine,
I don't know, I guess to me, like Tom Boys, have always been like the cue. Their edgy, unlike their little rough and tumble, have really good hair. That's like short, but it's like gorgeous and an o koyo and I feel like Alan. I sit on the back of her skateboard or certain things that, though the weighted like you gonna, like were traitors over your very edgy nad aspect and a lot of our peoples opposite to track yeah does I mean like if it's true in your case at opposite attractive? I guess in your more personal, if you're, gonna, more dust, you know I mean I don't I'm very masculine energy in my career, so I feel like I have attracted a lot of women who are more of them in, but I know in my relationships. I need to be the more feminine one, because I get I get to like resentful, if I have to be Owen who plans everything and does everything and controls the relationship, so
I think I've been always attracted to type that have more of that masculine energy exam. Oh, I can like relax and my relationship, but then like have my masculine energy in my career, trusting so you, Amir Pre, openly like a very strong feminist right yeah, but you still see what I mean I know, there's are different. Definitions of feminism is like it does. Not everyone has the same definition but like in terms of like in that relationship you're just describing like having a guy have to plan those things. You don't think those rules should be equally split up: man and woman. Now, I'm a feminist in the sense that I advocate for equality for women, but also for equality for men in the sense of emotional vulnerability like I rank feminism is, so try to get rid of toxic masculinity, so I have been attracted to men who are like kind of feminine and their energy. If religious depend I mean they're, so many variations of like one can get along with a person, but I do know in my relationships like I
can be so I'm such a controlling, calculated person already that I want someone who can sort of not be pushed around by my energy, incomplete by interested illegally. I would naturally want somebody who would be Oh now know what the fight billions Why would someone who is it? Who can like you, have a boundary and hold their boundary right? But it's also- and this is what I got also from like alleyway Special- is because she somebody who's. So very much so like driven Yak calculated in that aspect, but they want to be like it's almost like that the opposition, but that they can respect. Other burst, yeah you're right, it's not gonna, be easy. I don't just get to control my our oh yeah, like you, want someone who like it feels like you know, you're an equal like I've, financially supported partners before and it just doesn't. I just hate it, and so I need someone here company and who they are and whose, during their own thing and is down to be like no we're not gonna. Do that. I want to do that now, big ugly, cocoa cooker, but you will push back you like
pushed back from this interesting because that also add that aspect of like that you're still working towards unto you know that other invested in this yeah we're like debate against. Like one of the thoughts I have with the whole bisexuality. Admit a correct me if I'm wrong but make it you can see. It is like you, don't see, guy in girl, each country see personality in and what they stand for and then we can, because when you choose to data dude versus, data woman you're, a woman you like or is it like wishes it deleting all work towards mail? I date more man I have been dating women since I come out and I'm sure they're very different their so, for I made a video about, I hope it's not gonna be offensive, but its colleague outdated women, and now I understand men because in on cousin-
like would take them out on dates and they never offered to pay for their dinner or leg interest yeah, I would be like a foot and like I was talking to my mail from Philip discloses, ask me out silicon by her dinner casually suggestions like nice, restaurants, like us and the EU. Oh yeah, that's a thing. Women do in other words is why how did you decided demean between you? Two like what a newbie, though, unlike I'm, not gonna, pay awkward Basel are you dont then asked the mouth no jasmine. While you got you got a resolute way without just one experience. One lady tabs, but with other women it's been like. I had someone white man and yours like do you come in and make out on us like our angrily, pretty whatever? And then she just talk sleep till three? I am which I don't mind but like us like we're not making on at all you're a liar, but let us do it more than guy what? If what, if a guy What is more of a guy thing? What if a guy said the same thing, then I would say
to make our the guy. What would have happened. No man in a guy brings you entity that he talked about his emotions to three who you more matter, the guy or the who depend on what they're talking about like the girl was talking about it. It was a shame I would polypus still got the things the premise of of bringing me into the house with promises of of killing yeah You just don't come in and talk. I would be cool, unlike expect talking, but to say let's make out and then only talk to me till there. I am like cargo tinder people. Now I can't you tenders, I do Riah was right, leg people there. All that one moment, I was very yeah as the waste your time bother actresses actors direct.
There is deep. He is people who are on governors yeah gaffer such prior good. Never actually they have a section just for network all really never section four dating a wish to going back. So no vote, like my answer My question was answered. What, when do you choose a girl verses? Do this is a based off of like you're, a certain season or use. A try. You do not like free trial, you're bored, I give you a board, urges recent. You said recently been dating women, yeah right it, but it's like, but Why are they only dating? Would now I'm getting by thousands of mixed you're going back? And, yes, it is and, unlike whose call who's trying like who do I vibe wherefore we made up for dinner. Finally, like dating an ally, has its own special thanks, though it's kind of awful in this about that. Nor so I don't know what I mean. My God, Ryan and so bad. Dating hairs, are well because its expensive is that people are people are we
there is superfluous and because it was very beautiful, you're, not even Sadly, people are really commitment. Fallback, like all people, a date for three months about ok, it's time for us to be in a relationship now they're like Yahoo. Oh no, that is ETA! Anything! It's it's a super aren't even these like in everything, is very Ellie focus, but the king coastal and I got a the West Coast is kind of like that. We're just like to obstruct a live. My best on New York is right. That's what they're gonna let cook up culture. Then could there always language like when you had a party in you're talking to someone and they keep looking over her shoulder to see? Who else is in the room? Does what dating like I haven't had that happen, I probably was the person but didn't notice.
Yet I think in the holy every, if I did try to cover any everyone's trying to like look for the next speck best thing tat in in debating an in work and in everything away, because everyone's here it's a transplant city in everyone's striving to make either you know they will have us. I'm foundation here and everyone, I think, settles down a lot leader on the coast, whereas, like women were still bound by our biological clock, if we want to have children, and even though nor the would you call away to the physical waivers is like adopting out- and so I mean, I think women are just ready to settle down a lot sooner than all the men here. Do you wanna good idea really that, unlike the Zambian a girl, or you want. If I found the right woman I would I would adopt or like do official insemination, but I have always seen myself ending up with a man, because I am where man skewed got it now
So you mentioned that video, that's that speaking on what was a title again data girls and now understand men. What are some of the couples legacy things that you all they were like men, the make up thing they make out there, in and then this one girl kept joking about is getting married like on our first date and I got really No, you hung up or to Albert I've, been guilty of making those kind of joke. Sundays is just like a fun flippin thing to do and then also come. I got the guy private or with yeah yeah, but it's not. On the first day, I've made jokes: if its office its old anything wrong with that right, but I could see other could free someone out with what is, there's a funding, look like free of our activities. So, like
an escape route boiling laser tag like I love going and doing a thing but see so that only the I've kind of adapted, as is dating a lot of guys, do or do you want to get dinner yet and if you like, an interview yeah, and so when you do an activity together, not only are you as working together to do stuff, you're, creating physicality air, allowing for like playful touching and then You have your going for levelled reacting watching me like goods amid grow be, and it was only by private level. Touching sounds a lot nicer. So after the playful touching, you can have dinner and then, like top lay, always really fun, and then you have something to talk about. I am am Thank you learn a lot about people and doing activities linked verses. Laying down and TAT S a dinner is boring. Those actions speak louder than words. Yes, this is true,
Does my data saving you, eighty percent, playful touching David was the last. I view as a label- Julia Dana's, good advice. No, we now know make jokes about but I came here in the first date: actually, not a bolder. We are making those jobs ok give both of you are on the same page. Yes, but I was like people to people and they do on days like you just met them. So if you like, if they didn't know your comedy, could you are not the? I don't think you're concerned the average girl in terms of your comedy right Is there something disclaimer Xavier make those dogs you have that not the deadpan, I'm not making a joke face right? now. You do some little idea. There isn't really drives what's funny: dry, humor Diana but I can see some if we just met, I M not sure she's been serious or not. I try to make it obvious that I'm joking I try. If they watch do, they would know
I'm trying to get people, though that don't watch me help me out right now. I feel it give a preconceived idea. I turned on to Google anybody before I gonna do them other than to see if there's like a crazy headline about them, I gotta, how problematic for Israel They have a hashtag tags on and then, when I like them is when you too deep dive. What what's the best being about dating a guy in what's the best thing about dating girl, attainable Medea dating girls of our. Then, the conversation like if there's anything that comes up world. I feel, very safe to have a conversation about it. My case are the thing I mean we fill over like those but, like I know, you're in touch. It wasn't like that, but it can get to be over communicating the best thing about dating guys. It depends on the guy. For the most part, I like feeling taken care of like emotionally, and the filling a lot of guys are very nurturing in that way. Nurturing
yeah like they're down to like I like hanging out with someone and they take initiative so he's like all Kyle call the overall schedule the day or I'll. Do this like I'll? Take you on a thing, so I don't have to like mentally worried about. Where is with a girl, I'm usually the one planning and like taking action soon, general, speaking. Would you say that females, it's it's it's more of a complete its great communication on emotional level and then guys generally tend to take care of people better or take care of? just take your women or men in general. Yeah on a day, I feel, like men, are very good at taking care of you if, if they're the kind of personality that cat is hard to generalise because everyone so depressing but yeah you find with women the communication as a lot more clear, interesting. I agree with the good communicator. I don't think I most guys. Aren't, though,
I mean I really like them and encouraged to be your training. They sit on average, a woman speak, sixteen thousand words a day and a guy speaks ten thousand, really idea that oh yeah, I guess you could say that I think are speak, probably about you started three thousand say well said we have for our questions. We got away from that for a little bit. Think that's what, would you consider yourself to be a successful person? then what are actually I know from the outside. Yes inside! No, really, why I went, I don't know I just feel, but I just got just different levels. You can have success rate again ever personal, s career success so just overall see ever these unsuccessfully yes, it is. Successful. I just see it is like a process, and I still very, I feel like I'm still in the process? Verses. If I look out of
actively, and I see what other people say. I guess I would consider that successful compared to most but inside. I don't feel like. I am successful because you think once you feel that way, you're stop wanting to pursue all these different things pushing yourself to do it, I don't know I just feel like. I'm still me. If that makes any sense like do you consider yourself successful, I think I would if something of what I want it when I was younger. But then, when I got here, I dont yeah did the same thing now, there's like levels to it right, yeah, it's like
unlock this achievement and out to the next stage. Yet you know incremental on small too, that it doesn't ever feel like. I have reached my peak in on me when I was a kid. My idea of success we just like making x amount of money like that was just like. Ok, this long and get this job do this, and once I did it made that amount that I was trying to get to a real is ok, this enough success. Maybe they may be because they got there. Maybe if I never reached it, would have been like I'm always chasing something I think there's it. I think if you want, you can see yourself successful, it's hard to say is everyone's definition, but I think than used Conner Do nothing Rosen success. Also, I feel like success is always changing like your idea of it is changing as your young, more things, and so it's always away. Farther than you. If that makes sense, I always was my definition of successes when there's two projects, I really want to do, and I have the offers on both and have to choose between them and then
are there and I was like ok now, my definition of success is being the leader of a movie, and I got there. Okay well now my definition of success as being a marvel superhero in a movie or like and so just it's like going farther away. You're in a marble movie, Well, I wasn't a superhero was a journalist but you're in a mom. You no money over to radio as an happier or you come across like a magic pen, and it's like May I think that is a character right, I'm going to save its possible possible. I mean you still have the goal of becoming the first female president. No, I don't want to be in politics. There hasn't been taken yet Europe. Aren't you pretty open you needed on the am, but I am not Reggie created enough in politics. I don't understand how the system works, intricately, I've friends that are, we were qualified than I am, and I just like my camp. I feel I feel the same way, but even on bulk, like opinions,
swayed easily. Really I really it's out swayed is more dislike, I'm very open to hearing every side good quality to have, though it is also I've, been told, it's bad, because it's like oh you're, just us the size of a century has like. I just want to hear both sides does a reason why both sides are soul, like hundred percent. There right, you know, so I just liked seaboard sets because I'm not mine no like I've. I find it and was right, there's only two sides. I mean there are many sides Blair but technically speaking, but it's a wise. It just blew in red cap. There be like purple brown and even there I just use it's like Are we gonna? Do you can't nobody can support that because, even though say you're actually helping the other side, because it is never gonna win, then yeah grows ever gonna wind. I don't know. I think these little parties should get some love to,
I agree like yeah, they don't have a shot, but they should they dont have a shot at all, but now, let's give him a shot, us starting. My own party support he's. Ok! Well, I mean that's pretty much it is there anything you want? I have a question. Ok is more about the standard, think yeah right at the beginning and us so when you're is there like, could because you know your ears, ear, you're, strong, feminist and when it comes to Carmody, though, are there things that you feel shouldn't be Joe? about. I think every topic is up for grabs. If you can a make it funny in your be not perpetuating some kind of hate speech or violence or any kind like, I think, as problem I guess he is Louis. He came made on a really good, pedophile joke, or he talked about like
you know, it must be so good for a pedophiles It is because of the repercussions involved in or like he was a person who is like. Oh, I had a baby and now understand whether dumpster rabies, so he was really good at taking previously taboo topics and putting them in such a specific lands that they were ok to laugh at me and they weren't necessarily condoning the behaviour of people is putting it and as very unique light that you were looked at me, thought yeah. Ok, I understand that's funny, so I think like any too because up for grabs as long as you can find, one of that unique light is, but I think the hard thing with comedies were incredibly politically correct. Now. I think that has a lot approach to it, but it takes on time, the craft, a masterpiece, fucking joke, and you to try it out over and over on audiences, and now one people record you in that process trying to find that lends you can be viewed as incredibly problematic cancelled. Cancelled immediately when Louis came back?
heard about how they set was yeah. So I guess who is exempt from you know having to always be political, correct because a comedian dot is finally oh. This is the line that we shouldn't be crossing, resembles a push boundaries. I think the Lui things different, because he he had a problem. Only a few movement and ever this man, but he came back and he didn't talk about it. If he had made his tyres that about that behaviour and made himself the butter, the joke and really the case of learning, a long way. From that experience, I think you would have been embraced because that's what we really wanted right. We wanted him to learn from it to grow and to apologize, and instead he's just made a bunch of jokes that were completely irrelevant, so it was like a an elephant in the room I don't think anyone is exempt necessarily, but I think, if you're in comedy you, to be a hyper aware that anything years you say on stage can be taken at face value because people are not comedian
they don't know that you, you know you're going on stage a hundred times to figure out this one bit and get it perfectly right. It's true, but I mean that just being on stage. I feel that gives you a certain like freedom, even just like, if you were to say something on Twitter, the same thing: we were tweeted that same thing, income to haunt you, but if you set it on state or the MIKE and it looks like a stand upset, you can get away with a lot more definite. I as a whole Kevin hard thing. You know he had a some tweet. What he'd say that he got the most recent I know is that the whole like calling his friendly gayer or the subtle, yeah somethin like that and then like, I feel like if someone said on it's a different lens, legged site, ok, but doesn't know tone online. So you can't understand that if something is a joke of listening, but we would like is like ten years ago, and he He knows. I thought differently hung up the yeah. That, I think, is an important thing to look acts. People dig up all these old trees and liked. It is ok to say that back that it was, I hate to say, retarded back that, like you have to look at it
the cultural land, like I watched, bring it on the Hollywood. Some very recently he's so homophobic, it's good, but it like every time they called someone like a tiger. A fag like the whole audiences are understandably, so that's not ok anymore, but at the time it was totally accepted. Different language, almost yeah, I'm gonna, have a video that still opted. Has the word figure that, unlike I don't wanna take it down because at the time I said it wasn't. Nobody complained about Dick. I may call it out. So I was obviously said like this is a different time and yeah, but I'm not gonna take it down because of when it was made in its clear that it was different time enough. I said: I'm not gonna use that now area, but yeah. It's crazy that that's out there, give people. If I tried to hide it, people find it a hundred and make it a thing. Oh yeah We have pointed out like I used to do a park has with an ex where the whole point was shocking answers, and so one of the questions like if you can get away with crime would it be and what I would rape a man like that, so funny it's impossible or whatever, and we all.
Sk to the questions and answers had a time, but it is cut it like blue on red it, as maybe later on the road layered way later, like five years later, something and now this is a horrible cringing joke. I was trying to be funny. Also like that's the way you cope with salt. When you ve been assaulted, you try to make light of it. Are you use that kind of language and culture cancel culture? Man Well, it's a good note, but with that being said, thank you using anything you you wanna plug or talk about releasing a music video every among them. A gentle every single month are rights or go to anarchy, and this is an economy. Yet we don't. You have thirteen songs. I do want to month. So thirteen months yeah doesn't mean when he heard was the labours of thirty days. You again for being here. Thank you guys and make sure you follow us at off the pill podcast on Twitter and at after peel and Instagram, I might have mixed. Those up was right: no at off the pill on Twitter at after Feel pike. Has
it's an is an ongoing joke that we're never gonna make it the same thing right yes Fisher without being said. Thank you again. This is how we ended. We never really told you, but we just breathed into the monk in three two one by this time, secure thither person that my price miles a little bit, we don't want clean. I cleaned it over there. All girls do so.
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