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#29 - Ft. D-Trix - How to be a Great Dancer

2019-08-26 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, David, and Emmy award winning dancer Dominic Sandoval (aka D-Trix) talk about Dom's experiences as a judge at So You Think You Can Dance, his company Passion8, and his relationship with Bethany Mota. Dom goes deep into the topics of dance, growth, and what makes someone great. Guest: Dominic Sandoval Instagram - http://instagram.com/dtrix Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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I just finally made like six sixty years from dancing so much during nothing had taught that. What are you consider? I think psychology is eighty percent, your boy, the young. They aren't you. The lapse? Don't know that motionless. And welcome back to another episode of off the pill applied. Can I am right? We go. We have David joy in the moderate seed and popular next to me, and today we have a very special guessed. His name is detracts Dominic. I should say Dominic defects sentiment currently on tv right now, I can tell how much longer they can go for your I'm in your I've gotta that much longer us either condensed judge and as usual. Yes, thank you. Thank you is, I mean operations say I'd, say you now,
No it's I it's incredible cause. That's like I started my entire career and on back on as a judge, judging People in their new eyes there last night, I mean this is like I mean, I know you already judged ABC America's business grew, but this is not a matter that that down I'll. Just tell you know like this. This is this is null great Randy Jackson's watch your eyes like now. Come, let's be real. I mean that should have been going before ABC and it's still going on is it teensy, you is it a bigger deal, yeah, I think so, just as is right, it is its. I mean it's not to say that every DC wasn't, but it's fine dude. It's like it's kind of crazy, like I shall be there. I like I don't know it's a god ever tonight. What like I'm I'm judging them. I just remembered their position, so it's like also like we're reliving a moment, is proven spring It's is way easier and you get paid paid more on that side to the other side,
allowed to say there were of the judges would get paid more than the contestants. Yet true, We can see how much was little of thousands of Ireland S good to know not how much right I mean is it perhaps in total for four. Thus your Lifehack Levin Grand for the rest of your life, you can do any other jobs are going to continue doing that or one season thing contraction muscles, but for four seasons, now. If they continue all that shows been on for her. Oh now, which is really really lie like I said if they continue sixteen see, sweet sixteen, and so we get our borders together. Monday nights nine pm cruelty. Eighty nine people were making their face pity The do that don't know, could introduce DOM. You start up his dancer rice and we met. While you were on Quest crew, which is the ABC winner. America's best answer, winner errors,
feeling all Americans best, unscrew right, no general order before new generation doesn't really know that is a grand and where they knows anything, so you ve been dance right. Yeah, let's go on guy anyway. Thoughts offers a dancer turn you too turn into a television star turned into broadcaster. Soon you do a bunch of stuff, but I met I'm almost ten years ago. Yeah. We just talk about that in two thousand and ten will be official and you're in agents of secret stuff for orphan, what is a Ridley? Have that, because, right up, like you, made like agency agents of secret stuff, you literally asked me on the spot, and I didn't take you serious- but when you're writing you had to have had some one. No, I just thought it was a funny character a guy who's like kind of crazy and headed. It's not like the guy. You just hate is like you know. He has jokes himself. I when we first met the day after you asked me like a Yonder Maya, my film ages, Seeger stuff and I literally thought your plane. As I come homage, you plan
I don't remember asking emanated was like it was a big. Video and remember, asking me that everything became that I mean. I know we wanted you to do. I remember that the how it happened but yeah mean, and then you did it yeah and we became for future career up because of this man, particles as why he started I start you do because you men did, did you hell yeah, because you had some danced of up already. I literally or mean a thing like real stuff yeah as unlike a dance ruined my mom, now you're the one that inspired me and I have my story, but it apparently you don't agree with it. What is the story of the king? Tell me what so. This is our way in my head reason to say no, God I wouldn't even know the story. Was here, that's exactly how much are we not that I actually take it seriously and then you just forget: maybe a heart,
I shall begin your stories. Two thousand nine, my LOS Angeles, stay North Hollywood. Sorry to be Not doesn't, I just intention was mouth my story. Ryan goes a dude. You go about doing you too and mind you at this point. I finally made like six six figures dancing so much there ain't nothing. It taught that ray. I love is like this. This is something I think I could do and he's like you should do you do not like that something I dont think I would want to do it because you boys, give? The money goes. Is that the real reason? Why does it was a big part of it like I'm able to make my dad's egos? I want to do something to show you my month of December, two thousand nine months, somebody's echo, my shown you this to boast, I'm showing you this cuz. This could be your future and I was like why. Why is your voice so deep? and he's like these like here check it out. Thus I owe you shot real.
Three. A racks pursue thousand nine is only don't ever say that anybody- that's true, ok, finally, to eighty nine, but but he is like in arousing oh shit. Camp camera. Megan videos and I ended up in such do if the man of falling in love with the craft and ass the story- yeah you're right, I don't agree, remember any have to remember Gregg, broadly when you're asking about camera gear and he's telling you slavic. Why evils? can a gear for gather cannon. Seventy use pay is jealous. That's I'm is like right. Whenever I said yes, I will do it like you're. In other masterly teaching me and here Is you get it? I can't I use this once. I just got a Canon 7d and I did not turn it on, but you know Greg was really empty of that cuz. He
A camera tat was his dream. It was his dream, camera gray, the guy with the mustache one who'd at its for us. He that was his dream. Cameron couldn't afford it, and then you come in with no experience you by his dream camera and that's why he was salty. Josie forty four one great while you made a lot of use with their camera, use sorted due to the new created like a huge channel. Oh yeah, report has just arrived. He just would like the videos back then, and then my channel exploded and I am with enshrined. did your own thing. I mean you do your own thing and you built you're kind of but you're following, but you also said that you are still in the dance community heavily in the nest. Communion. That's why you ve got your tv show. Would not your show when you judged on on mark is best screw yeah everyone they brought me in there? I owe a rain of to be gentle magazine stands crew because, like with like your digital, following is a huge you know, I'd, let like again, that's because a right right rise. Basically,
Jesus Christ. He saved me my Hannah burning it smiled micro career. You can get smarted. My arm anyway, What what what I find amazing What I find amazing is that you know you're you're a dancer right, that's what you start off, as in you're, still known as a dancer. You still in that community that you created such a like a successful career centered around dancing and that's something that there's so many dancers in the world that wish they were in your position and can build what you've built for yourself like what? How did you do that, like you know? What kind of mentality do you need to have your work ethic, to build a career off dancing of all things,
yep have low expec legs is have a low standard in the beginning, your life- and I like that, that's a huge part as I kind of like ruins it I mean it means like having a group at such an hour bought like oh, I got a low standard as far as our quality of life on everybody's perspectives different but, like I groped not really having anything and the idea of like like a job like a dream job at that time would probably something like a claims, a gesture or something something that is equal to like what my families are doing as we grew up in a low standard. So I felt like because of that, if I just keep like trying to surpass that, then who knows what can happen? So it's almost I'm kind of climbing the ladder of like what the fuck is happening with my life and I'm just still going because I expect to get this when you six are Roughly blog it when you say low standard? What is it that you didn't group with money or aegis,
have standards rise Isley. What does that mean exactly so that comes out. Alright David, you just you just trying to get to the truck depot. I got you all right, so I was born in sac. California, My mom grew up in a moment. Tat was on welfare thanks Dave. and she would like you know, papers. That ways is right. This is real cereals, and I understood candor now noticed character is not never established is bound to always bear. So let me speak more Borgo so anyway, So are you my eyes, I think like three eyes yeah, my mom do grow by like we just grub strict on funds, and I would just like the just didn't have allied. I just felt like dances, whether one things I think any. This must be boy at that time: like we just got all types of aid from you know. Every There is no literally like overall way to make money off of breaking
then they cannot show called citing a dance and jails in five and then, like literally just taken that opportunity in he says it is always showing up opportunities, even so I wasn't ready, I think, was the one thing that help develop everything I have not been Dutton Rhine. He got I mean I do remember telling you do you too, and the reason was because your personality It wasn't, I mean, like obviously people, there's dancers right in dancers you know the biggest you can get a certain degree without having you know, branding behind it is like a back back up there, would you like a really famous Justin Bieber somebody right lot out? I don't know maybe teaching, but you kind of went with around you wear with your success with dancing, but you used it to create Dietrich the personality I mean it. I think that is now what you were trying to teach with your passionate project. passionate yeah, but it's more than just ok become a great answer. Right yeah thing
Overall was a question like I mean I think. Is it is it just was. It was more of a question. It was, moreover, statement of like why you are where you are is because you didn't just follow the route of just becoming a great dancer and then being up teaching or becoming a bag ass. Her, like Youtube, charity, the reasoning, picked you up is because you build your personality Ryan. I think an overall, it's like a big part of it was growth. I think I think I've always been assessed. There's really answer Blake since the very beginning and to go to also answer. You write your statement, which was crushed by two guys go back under this answer. Both those things is ours the growth of like learning about I was doing, or if I start something new the growth of that and then with that just became. I guess the more you growers are able to offer more stuff to this world and then, if you're, decent enough people
just bade him. Do shit, that's kind of the goal gap. Is it fair to say that you are obsessed with become better it. Whatever you try to do. Oh hell, yeah just cause. I thought I cause they think I saw. Can I feel I guess is that as well, anyway, like I think any creative they just always I just feel like I'm just obsessive knowledge. I like, I just need a cue getting better and you feel like that. You do that with dance to I'm still do it with their. Look at all these young calves are so many young kids online is Mov other killer, weasel an old kids right. I know when you see him, would you would you feel feelings for NATO? when you see these ten. Okay, like what are you? What are you so I was allotted these younger kids, who is much like they're, the ones that are moving out here, because we're so dope on. I I feel like the beautiful thing about them, is that they haven't gone through.
life stuff to realise the restrictions and fears that life kind teaches you to be afraid to fail, and so they're, going to learn how to turn a start. They see the standard at an early age. And just go after that and then For me, it's inspiring, I feel like it's like. It's really really does two cities- kids picking up stuff in being pretty masters at our Heller, early, assholes and then and then you feel like you need to become better now. What were you well know? Because we were talking about how you are obsessed with growth and when you see young kids word, sir surpassing your skills so whenever it yeah, you wish you had when you are that allow the surpassing skills as over your David, still good, I still get. those old guys are those I fell down in my day. I, when I watch you, do your master,
her master craft, certainly not a lot of people in this world. You can move you s, answer Like you, we will replace this, knowing all we're talking and, unlike I'm just wondering from you know your perspective as a master of your crap, doing it for like over a decade and have you know you're George, you judge on shows like when you see it like. Do you feel like a little bit of competitiveness with these young kids are not that you're gonna directly compete with them, but you know like for me examples a musician when I see the young kids, unlike demo, shows, then? I still feel that now you wanna talk about it. Now it is were interviewing you, I guess for me not really just because for me I get excited about the future. The generation I would like to help out on the ship. The deserts dont know about like how to me its eyes it how to create life along Jerry Lifestyle of it or of your can, a big part of it is you have all the
movement and I'm park. I know you can vouch, for this, too, is. these kids, having gone through enough like life emotional shit, like really understand why your dancing is everyone meaning to the nation. Could you gonna go, there's some crazy shit to build the like expressed dance in a way that people can translate it that don't understand dance right, a firm for me. I would dances. I always try to make dance secondary to whatever I'm doing meaning like what message, I'm trying to say or oh what is it, get yet. The Irish were sent home that doesn't care about dance, to want to watch that or show Is that two other people? I don't care about dance. So These young dancers is like they have all amazing facilities and adopt this, why me at my craft physically, but when it comes to motion be able story, that's a! I would love to help out for them. I feel like it follows that age. If I was me with that is help me like that is to like almost get it even faster. Does it make sense? That's like the why! But so how do you
each like? You said they dont have the extent I teach someone like that. But what do you do? What it would you tell them all? I ask is about like experiencing emotional, yet have hardly been Yank Peggy ages. beat the shit out of me skalds what my ninja, milk, my God, emotionally ruining the moment only there. So it says no one's gonna get. So that's what I'm saying is like a kind of relate, because in music you, unless they don't get speckled days, trying to speak assholes go for it go like you could tell if someone singing from a place of experience, verses, something that they just just singing. For example,. For example,
you will say to me: you may that's on operators original yeah, so you guys, because my play that you gotta pay me realities royalties. While I mean says I am really nice. Actually attitude This is because you were how'd. You know this speaks to your. and it really interesting your person you're does your personality type though, and I think I've told you about this too is like, and I think this is also what makes you great isn't you you do always want to get better and that's why you got really get a dance and then you find something else if you really want to be good at like singing, but you were tron. Take you never really saying before, but you been taking like classify eight months right yeah. Yes, yes, yes, yes, I mean with every
you do if you get it right up assessed. I get assessed, for example, like our friendship right, I'm obsessed with bring back what we had. You know I feel like Ryan. I feel like since the white, You have day, you know it. Wasn't it wasn't it wasn't? You know it was you know, I feel I am like our planet. It was turning into a beautiful tree in the forests of great friendships, and I feel like We was blossom in and then life, if you are the water in our the sun is like, would be a better son for your water and I feel like we can build our tree of friendship again, So that being said, I study a lot about friendships and stuff and wanting to throw those things and DOM doesn't drink. He's. Never drank before in his life he doesn't do drug he's very clean. Have you ever done drugs?
shut up. You have your right or introduce me the wrong. Ryanair dismay, the outer all right. That's that's really do yeah yeah yeah, so you just brought of white you very quickly. There's no punch that for you, I'm sorry what what did you find a way? What can you tell us by your experiences? A blast the whites have, I think we all did in some certain point. It is any kind of funky. You know every day. That's it I don't know not. Why can't was great, I think it is like we had some Rhine and I was like the first of its kind, I gotta praise Ryan because essentially Ryan put his brand. His own personal brown aside for six friends, I'm pretty sure but he did, but I think everybody did our way to do it. Therefore, the Rhine was like the one that, like literally
earth? The lot of Arthur are pushes and careers on Youtube and thanks man. While I mean calves already had a career USA, careers is just we together. It helped everyone, including myself yeah that was like. That was what are they quoting ten? or that existed write me. We didn't do that. We allow, I thought you were gonna. Do that, though, to a certain degree like we lived in the same building the hunted building where but he lives now in North Korea. Will you thought is all that I never thought of theirs cover where things done is weird things in their building: people who If there are room you're at other stories, I mean rum and then Kevin Victors Room. Wasn't come under a hunting there often wealth, there's there's does allow people living there now, but anyway, we can't do that to a certain degree I think there other groups before us now it would make you hope. So I thought I was dope yeah.
The idea was there, you guys ever bring it back. Wait here, as am I I mean I've, been down right even though that means like or why Jerry means yesterday today refers to fade away like just like what like touring. I don't want to. I don't want to work with, We made a show, we could do a show. I didn't want you to have to do it but what if we made a show all Wembley Giant, yeah, there's a couple, whether regional, like a reason why we may whitey area the whole goal was so that we do not do it like you, gonna give doing these shows his Rick we're gonna get out. Eventually, we didn't really do that wouldn't fall through. So that was white. He did you guys. What did you watch right? You have Parker. Can we say nothing? Then you guys Canada's like talking. Everything gets a lot going on and I want to interrupt the flow of goods that stuff
Secondly, I wish to extend those lessons. Parkers pursuing a dreary, comedies stand up, so is written right now, I've gotta get once Let me read: you know that all evil were born at odd overnight, as I don't ever start with knock knock. Take that as a challenge- God, damn you have in Emmy. You want in any major you're one of the very few utilities one in Emmy Award its guide any or the kind. You sit there and develop dust. Ok, but did you ever dream of even winning quantities? Like did you actually see yourself, not no deadly, not so yeah that I was in two thousand and sixteen that question one m in Hell. No, like of The only way that we thought that was possible and we are doing that show to be completely honest. So
I know I never thought that it's crazy. Where is it? What do you do? Do like collecting yeah it's it's I don't know. I don't know how you guys feel about awards, but I feel, like a words, are like the one thing that it's like it doesn't matter how or how amazing it as they all kind of do the same thing and click dust. I mean I'm I able to charge of it more for teaching, but now anxious Erasmus thing right. I guess that's incredible. I mean that's a real. yes, I, like your getting like some random, always those like all. We feel bad for the Asians and authors fuck that up. So, let's give these Asians deeds and award yeah, but it's still like people still think it's that it still connected it's an m You know you're right, I'm so much better than you guys. You are respect for sure few people know your age, your path on all your friends. No, ah there much didn't all right yeah. I think so. You have Filipino sixty eight points amber
until political test, yeah and ah, ah, I demand math and looking at my family, so yeah by things about that. But the rest is ETA took the jokes: can you tell us more about past? eight yeah, so I started company called passionate. Is that a plan passionate, oh, my god, you're pretty yet is thank you you're. The first ever pointed out by day I was just wondering nomes, it might not have been. yeah passionate is basically I create a company to essentially help the next generation of dancers, Ernie dancers that feel like they wanna get like the level up of their careers, not just like physically but mentally said they
have the same problem I'll. Welcome that I feel like I was lucky ungrateful enough to have that didn't expect. I was gonna. Have so yeah get passionate, passionate com, slash. That's it I'm just gonna, irrational com com, this large and I about some of the recent project. It did you're working Worth, Logan, O biologists, We are all clear that right now right now. There is no gap as she's my video rights even ends. I come to you. This person or due to other parts of got. No really. I don't know you know your time earlier, this kid thou like change their game, Indians, sick, so she's like litter some may she's out, what she sixteen now, but I've noticed and she was started, prodigal, nine or something, but we did the show coverlet Rodya season to last season and she's on the team that those aircraft that why and her name is Logan shoes on the lab and I will not into girl yet Logan's a girl. A bigger logistics is thereby
name and she is. I completely blown up like Is this last year, not just like industry wise but asked like like bigger, wise and, like all styles, dance wise, but was your question Paca? Who is just what you been doing with practically because I know that you guys just the video together? I always do video of who you are that was her out- oh yeah, yeah, I commented on thanks, do thank you. and a big part of it was because it was her, and I wrote the idea down and picture to her and I was like this is not going to happen to listen to you cuz when I was creating. I just kept picturing her and she was down to trust me that piece and bow my for me. I think the best she's ever I've ever got to create up to date, and I guess that's a big part of it is because she is so amazing then you can go check it out Y know that was meaningful to you, because you're the one who introduced me to just J right.
All really at song that specifically that some before she became Jesse James, the pop artists, yeah, federal zoo to where we were used to listen that same saw you with a Youtube video. It wasn't even like she's on stage was even they could produce thing and choosing who you are and like you would listen to that over and over and over to the one that I like memories, right, so I knew that if you're gonna do something good, you're gonna marry memories is ongoing. I mean I memorized, I'm gonna do anything in it. I would look desire of the big, the part where she goes out just ass. I got big oak. yeah, we're watch it. I knew it meant a lot to you, because you never really did what you ve done some self to it, but you never really had the fighting, we're gonna showcase that song it had two men alot, Yeah they, how much are you felt about it? Yes
the song and the peace was about. I think, like young girls, that struggle with what to push on instruments like people do all time, general, not just young girls, but I like young girls, it I've heard about social from her Ike in the lab, like that's Bigley, appeal struggle with would like as a young girl like what do I produce that war maintain my alike self love and like putting at risk for the idea of getting more likes or more followers outside felt like a false able to tell a story that can help them with that of yellow change, lies and Logan making alive so yeah. I thought we work as I've always wanted to appease lifelike. If I play the young girl would be better and window and take away from the sun yeah and tricks he was shoes booked UK wealthy. Well, that's your girl character,
so you you're kind of on high this right from posing Youtube videos, yeah, odyssey, you're, doing a lot of other things, passionate and then your judging saving in dense. Often do you shoot them? Why very weak? I once we once a week or so about doing it between those are being lazy. Now, you're, not lazy. I'm working on music. Ok, so you doing stuff yeah, but it's just taking forever. What does that mean? fucking suck. It seems that now is not working on music like the last almost a year now, and I want to do a musical like a film- is about the apples are too before so. I figured out learn how to lease do basic shit. I can write it for even me for other people, but that's like us, long charity,
you can take lessons to local workers enjoy Yak, as I went to this game. Dave choice once and other Yo David, you will remember singing like out, do that I play piano already set at night and has been. I know you did go to him, though, yet on point out yet what we actually want to work on more stuck together because, again my fault, I'm not ready. If it be your standard ready for you ever you're ready, I'm Runnin away with a bunch of timing. I dont timing, I'd I'd, say: you're working amused. you're working on. Why I wish you doing the show you doing. Are you so doing passionate? yeah, we're do love next summer will end up being the next. When we do, how can we do price sometime clinic, then I need a political slowly, a meeting or something on. I mean like a basket.
small clinic you like going all out for like a week and then do something? And yes decides a weekend long thing in a year ago. It's comical she's my day. Three every waste is it's a good way to turn. People are going there, over a colleague it takes a while to find the right few that come and take the experience to cause a big part of it is like not steal submitting, but it's like having the right people that really want that and cause it's like. We go and really deep as far as like the decibel itself, the psychology, the business aspect of it- and I think this is it's it's for- nobody centrally ever all types of dancer like any, but more important, like people really want to live off this craft, and I think this is private. Best live off the traffic dances, the best I guess clinic here you can. I like you, could take to really have that outcome now and what better place than to learn.
from a master whose pioneered his own career, you're, so sweet. Thank you man. I guess you think that of me, but I don't really think I'm still learning its effect on always learning. Yeah right has got a bit like the means to be a pioneer and, like you, mastered music, we're still learning about it right here, I caught up in a massive lama, vulgar I've a masterly. I know it's a those are towards our master Ryan. You ve mastered the art of Comedy and Youtube videos out of a hint really guess really so is the rest of us all say that maybe two thousand five two thousand ten Youtube comedy specifically, maybe I'm after that you ve, also mastered the art of being humble. That is an art. Well, you know what we'll be right back, because I need to take a she she break. So it's p
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I will send it to you and I will send you some cases being you lay down, should ensure Rhine sends to the right address address again. I it's one. Two, eight one to five, forty, five or you're making me hiring Darfur is now continuing twenty seven. That's my so secure enough. What if there is some ones real? The devil is Is that why it might be one of the first people ever like Jesus Cousin, so we simply had Bethany I cast Slota, Bethany moaning, you're, no urgent issues. High French is higher. Guess she, Let us she wishes. Why subsides, racist or, if I guess, met she's dead
I didn't know she she's my better two three, but so obviously, because Beth is Yuno famous in her in her own right along the questions are about Beth I'll, come and because, obviously the other episode to right. We talked about years while large it number member what you made for her on her birthday, of course you remember, I yeah the bedroom near the childhood room, that's creepy! It is now that we say like like our every show, you guys room it wouldn't be as creepy There was a thought why here, ok, there's a reason for that. This is your chance to explain yourself because we ve, though I get our relationship where our best selves women were coming from a place of playing an like having like a fearless type of like attitude and state. And we find the those times rise, we're kids, so we
always try to maintain like guy childish, like playful type of relationship So I decided to make our childhood room so I have here I felt like she needed to relive it are being that state or views that time of the month she Go inside the room, jingoism rule, three, can go inside of a room and just like all care members like from my play for creepy misdirection, write that down. I mean it was a good at the thought was there, yeah, and I am very proud of it. I am very proud of a guy just killed every year is at your house, at my place, and so I just took where the rooms and made her her room and she had. she still uses it first storage, but its eye yeah. It's George, it's well thought out, though, like when you showed us that Rome is like. While there is a lot of thought put into daisy, you out a lot of
search Audrey saw it. That's how I found I add, is really put it did took me, allows cool. Was go yet, like other look tv vcr. Two in one right- these, of that by the way, for you guys washes not knowing these tv that we like obviate, like like a player player, a vcr and a dvd player and out of five and they took forever, and I was like the one thing I think this is going to be hard to get, but yet we found it faced with market place. Do you guys ever argue about little things about languages of argue? It is it just our that it raises cries dating Jesus Christ. Now I mean that you guys have probably still are. What do you guys disagree? I know you don't like a common one and eight we shall say something else, but for your causing we disagree about is how are not enough for the other person, like your own self yeah,
We feel like we are your idea that I'm not enough for her and she argues that she's not for me. I will always want to be better for that person. So it's more like an internal argument, that's out tunnel, it's almost held, you see, don't she's, they mean it's better to have that earlier. We are rightly all yap, placing blame, I can do better. We are used to place. Big bang is being asked to have no ill. I used to place blame a lot less like that's why my past relationships didn't work out in speaking of which Rhine I feel like. I feel like we came to a place in our relationship. Roused Layman was a lawful paint and I realized It was really just inside of me and I suppose hey, I'm so sorry callbacks write that down a call back. But whether or not it stays in the video it's up to you, but just callback renaming.
I think it's healthy to argue in a relationship. I think it's like it's going to happen, but I think, more importantly, to know how it goes after that and if you guys can grow from it is where the importances, you guys, hang out yes, every every day or everyday illness are both busy people. So yeah we're busy like seeking in like but she's good. Only is it because we are seeing is beautiful right it literally just super good initial be like I'm not could not like, and then you think, like oh shit, I suck I swear to you. I must really so my down, really sought cause. You don't think What did you say? What does she think about, or would you say to you about your singing Cuba does this and I think that means you she likes it. Armies of base like I think, he's very supportive but, unlike our amendments
new. Do it right now, but I do think very supportive overall, just listen to it all day. It's I really annoying for it. Like I imagine, issues practicing her density like baby, you may like, oh shit, you be supportive. so as a dancer when someone's practising in front of you, and they are not very good. Does that annoy you now, actually the thing with music. I want to help the person I give better, but I think what the problem is that was singing. I like. I want her to help me, but she does. You like her to our baby harm. We learn, I sing better. Did you ever ask her did help you yeah? I was usually say.
he do that like us? uh This is not my eighties bad words that girl I usually ask you to help me, but I think she's, like always like she prayed, is tired of hearing. George. These relations are good enough to Albanians, really make it legally honest, but I think I can listen to her and I forgot get better. What would you like just about her. I'm sure there's a lot of things, but I was gonna deep things by. authentically with sheer like inside her moral value and has brought me to her initially to is like this agritourism self love ass. She had herself, I felt like a romance who that's like as like, really cliche deeper I'll. I love the fact that she has turns me on that. She,
but she's confident in her, so yeah yeah she's, like none of us away, but she just as like this like she wants to be a better person constantly, and I felt like with thy past relationships. I flag in relationships in general. In order to be better person, cannot be your myself almost like it to be selfless to be selfless type of thing so that that, yes, I think that, she's bomb user. Look at your boy get another the young they aren't they you name it There is no state its grey. Now I mean you obviously really really love her and in and when she was talking about a new really loves you I see you guys is great beautiful couple. All wow thanks. I is a question of absence
he came up from my hard times and at where you are now. Maybe you can give advice to you know your past self, or even like other kids, who are in this area that aren't may be able to get into passionate they just you know, they're. Looking for like advice from some, who's made it out of hard times. Oh yeah, my past self outrageous say continue little village improvise softer. don't touch my baby. Yeah, I think so that just the person other fills. I guess it's colleague really really top, which I believe it's it's tough, forever gracious different types of. How tough is, I think they
failure play and look at everything is an opportunity and seven obligation really helps a lot. I think with that growth and if you become an obsessive about something like a craft, and it takes you away from like what paying could be. I keep investing in that and then also be ok with pain. You know get a flag, it's the king greeting to be able to hear it To be honest, I thought if I had background music, it would help a lot more and we can sort overall start over the soul. We have. Hey are you guys are down? I want you to let you guys know that the only grating about doubt is that you know what up is, because without down, there is no life which is always about a third. Every down would never understand that. It is just that you have nothing to judge around, so you gotta think the downs especially for thanking yours now make
without this video suffer characters downstairs. You believe that like losing it port hell yeah. For me, at least no I mean all you guys have done great things in your life and careers. For me. I've been, I thought, the one thing it's made, my whole life possible, the idea of losing and failing so without it again. I dont think you would really understand what the other side is, it's kind of like Heaven right they describe Evan as his place of like perfection, and you really think about perfect this. This world was perfect.
How would you know what it is without having the opposite right? So there's like a beauty to the not being perfect. Very was perfect, then he'll. If you perfectly dark so he's my call, I don't know how to judge it, so I was just there right. So it's kind of like that. I just look at everything is like all the beauty behind the up is, or one thing is the opposite of it cuz. You would never know what that is deep. Do you believe there is a heaven? I believe this is. Especially sitting with Three angel ass right, even you park, oh you write that down asshole. How much of this is our society, Nairobi, guys person given. Him am already knows all of it.
I get into these already. This is like weird for me. Cuz. I usually want to ask like you guys, questions cuz. I no. We can't it's just an almost eighty, it's gonna. Do you guys think there's do you think there's haven't David. I believe there's a heaven now I believe in some I mean form of it leaving the afterlife sense or I do I do you agree to have some something: that's corn, but I think there's something you're like Agnes. Now not not was either when we don't agnostic, believes it there's something is being yeah, I know, as you have not which wanted to. I was agnostic now what is done? Not not atheist agnostic, you Paca, I'm an old man, it's weird he's a pastor
All you lost your virginity early, didn't you know at the age of twenty six. Actually, that's early for me didn't come still in a while. Yet the articles written was the expectation and standard of which your childhood was. Was that, like did you feel like you're gonna live up to like when a passed, her son posed to be away actually learn more of how to act. Well, I'm staying away from you this would be a serious and maybe we should go into some twitter questions all go for it as a good. That's a good transition fan you. If Z Wayne says ass, would you rather know how you die or when you die, and why me
I mean you d want to know now because I'm excited for the surprise no you're dead, but if I had to choose one always more is the premise that I'm dead already sure. Ok, I'd rather know. when you're alive. Now they re now. Would you rather know like right now how you die or when, like you gonna, let say it's like a minute die in three months: verses, I'm going to die by car crash which would find it she's. What I guess when a thing I would use that more than you could do so. Yet what would you do depends on the time, so I would also be judging city and thence it events
make it. I want to give me a date and I'll take three months. Left is always dino subjective time. Here, three months left, I was all our time I was still judge. I will still finish this pot cast a we may on the list, honesty, so sweet yeah. I mean I M in this area. The question had just gonna. Take a somewhat But I mean that's interesting nuts. Won't you guys do we want to know when for sure, when right, yeah, more beneficial use at the outcry, dude, I don't do what I would want to do actually It has all the time I feel like we're. Just like you I had a hundred incendiary Macao shit are allowing time. Yes, you did racist That is why I feel What would you do if you care to closure do Parker
what about? Only what I would use time is well time near David choose time, we're all the same warrior, who bought and next question from betters unite under, I think she's, our friend do you and Beth ever play francs on each other now, but I feel, like I thought, I'd know we don't, but maybe I want to start now. I thought you prank Arden a lot. You bring our lot. No, not really! I was postponed. Insignificant, like as already prank, if she's coded Dick so funny so calling a prank yeah. I guess so, but it's like she's, she knows about it here. ah, he fixed brings. Thirdly, brain set a prank truth, a bracelet next,
c p Valerie. What's your favorite and least favorite about making choreography the fair part would prior to be able to produce a message I find a lot of people are they can mobilise people crochet, but it's a real honest. Let's see and the worst part is probably like the self doubt. Maybe that comes with making stuff like like us, if you're so protective over like if you,
a good reason. Why any like you become like a little bit like men ass, you like perfect imperfect, so our have as much anymore feels like the outside those two things do do you feel like when you are treating choreography for yourself forces other people? Do you feel more of that pressure when you're performing it were when someone else's performing? I thought more pressure of its for me and I do for that. Person is for me. The other person's actually lie easier. It I get to see it were like with me. It's like, I feel like. I can't see myself doing it and already feel whack. So much like the pressures like for me would be just The higher to make this a slight off my billowy sucks, seeking to create a rounded when you mean I right now, I'm nice get adhere to that used to be his father. What I can do now, these creating creating choreography, I go away. That's in your head. yeah, but it for one is for yourself. It's like I
like a more limited on what I can say with my body worth. Other people will usually provide shoes. It's like they have more to say. I can get the message in my head and I want the world to know through their there. There are bodies like heavy Agnes yards than your yeah yeah, so I guess this is a question that I have spoken about: choreography, Canada, are the elder audio sellers thinking, but also, if you could only choose one August, creative aspect, an outlet? What would you say because you're you're, actually soul, multi town did it's annoying. Like crass slow, you said you take your into singing may even his head, then you I know, but you you dance and you pray. Much like I mean, like you, said, euros learn, but you conquered it a menu pit, the tier right leg of like the top tier of what a desert Likewise, the higher was higher than what you ve done become the judge on the biggest Anko there's any really.
that right or maybe you are right, I think so I mean well, but when a man is if you're at that tier right like the highest here. In my perspective, it's almost not fun right because with singing it's more interesting because there's so much new things to learn- and I think you just like learning so- I guess- went back to pocket question- can a one off track knots on what is What would you pick? I mean what it still be: damned shit if I had it she's right now in private choreographing, because I feel like if there is one thing that I can help more people with would probably quite often pieces, then making music or making people laugh. They make sense or such like right now
like. I. Never I kind of just fell into being a choreographer is nothing that I really took serious. I felt it kind of to be honest, easy and I feel like because it's so easy, it's not as funny cuz. I want to feel struggle when I make stuff does that make them extend so we're driving like I feel like. I would help more people out that way, so I'll probably go All of those good answers just ass great, like you need that struggle that so that you don't feel like you, ve contradict, because once you ve conquered it than you are like I'm done. Yeah, and I feel, like I mean there's dog- is struggle in creating and court having, but is a lot ye. I think it's because I've been around us along I've been doing its along a means. Ryan's consumers like by union. Like you know, you have. You and you know it. You need to do in its. Where is the alike I growth a net or like a one point, Simon and again, I think you can constantly girl, but you gonna wanna do that type things so as well. I was thinking you know when you're this bad
You can just uses, go away and you no wonder you won't be as bad? That's better. It was again. Better. It is better than when I remember ass to la better. I have a question, so you know as a dancer. You need to be in shape. Assume you do. Do you feel like a dancer, should work out do yoga that type, Therefore, as dancing enough, which is yeah package is now I get used to be when we were dancing leg you below the lazy, each it did there is now a crazy man like they're, like of running every morning there, their dietary freakin stern, their training mind and body learning from some of the graves people of the world and a big part of it so that they have the standard at their their palm, because the phone but I would recommend that, especially if you're like going for it now known like no matter. What danced are you gotta be like
at every year, armies and the Olympic now people are definitely, I don't say a big thank you to break the they have actually ballroom and and breaking a brief and be born in breaking is now on the island. its junior and adult divisions, crazy right? That's pretty crazy ain't it. they can have our dies that they used in other spam. Most of these, in the two hot dog, is what you doin twenty cents. An pm. Ain't gonna work, no more like that. Unless you're behind. But that is caught disease they die. Furthermore, he used to do it alone. If you have a good how hunger, but you know that I can every sport right leg over the years. Every sport they get better and better. Like someone just broke some kid just broke Michael Phelps, his record wise, a bunch of his records and, like kid yes, implies galore something. Yes, I'm right there and then, like you, know, compare basketball now verses like fifty years ago. Analyses like your mother say
the solar, Braun or Michael Jordan, who is no longer what that's I'm going even further, but, like it's a whole another level of like athleticism sprinting, you know people used to run marathons in like an hour like slower, I don't know what they are making that only I note you. May I like overtime people get getting better and better and stuff, and am I what point I mean there's some there's. The aspect that you have to offer is that there's it's not just physical right, in terms of like I mean I don't think he's gonna like improve what, when it is where we met David, I talk about with music of how, like David, loves, real political, real music. You love love like eating elements of it there too, but like like there's a difference between like the art of music and then the like formula yeah like the formula. Basically, so what do you consider good?
I think psychology is eight percent, I think physical abilities, actually twenty, so they say using these committees have the physical you having a lot of kids, and, unlike will logistics, is the one. That's words like she's, very stern, on growth of mind, and I think any so they re always coming our analysis. There have a strong balance between mental growth on top of physical growth, I think with any craft. You could tell a difference when someone's like, like Lebron James. I think it's like a big part, obviously to his physical by his mind, is lagging super like brilliant and is able to take advantage of both. Those things can, I think, also to your body is secondary to your mind. It in your mind is the centre point to operating your body, so they just taking advantage of your brain. I think it was.
a huge part. For me at least wife, like I have a lot of received a lot of outcome for laughing. I felt like I maybe didn't really deserve. Compare the personnel is physically, latterly ease to say all the time like I'm not the best breaker nine, although some other than s choreographer, but you are smart enough to combine the two and use it and use your personality to create the success you have ideas was come, you know their yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah sure you are aware of that. That's what you did right yeah. I guess so now I dotting the mind is very very important. Again. I know how you feel deals with psychological too, while you're on that subject, do you feel like if someone's not in a good mental state, or maybe they just broke up with someone? Do you feel like when they dance it's different than
They were in a happy relationship its. If did she ever. We haven't we different issues, whether not other people enjoy it or, if, though, in joint, but I do believe it is different. I also believe that that type of pain used correctly will end up being something really brilliant uncle. There's like a sense of like emotional high and I think with any high emotion, it's a lot easier to create with those types of things just because it's like you need to get it out. Like a must now, that's good advice, again: ADA you plug out their other than your tv show that you are currently operating in dancing. I e t AP. What does it mean It is wholly, nor is it for nine p m.
I'm Monday's on Fox ATP Farrago check out on his children that show to show and would ask you to your instagram we haven't been doing. I regret you gonna posting into a last Sunday. All you are better. You gonna go nuts. I want you to see: did not again? You wash their thanks. I do instagram dot com slack. I D, give clear acts. Donors gone, they hoped boy out. Nice, ok, there's perfect! While would that be said, you can follow us at after pill on Twitter at Africa, Pakistan, Instagram and basically hawaiian this. Is we just breathe into the MIKE in three two one, just a bunch of solar radiation that too
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