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#37 - Greg Got Punched in Singapore!

2019-11-03 | 🔗

Ryan Higa, Paco, and Greg talk about his wedding plans and his overall thoughts about marriage. After the shi-shi break, Greg goes on to tell a story of when he got punched in Singapore, which resulted in a couple missing teeth. Order Ninja Melk - https://ninjamelk.com Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics!   http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com

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Realize how expensive weddings are for me. I always see life as like something that you can look back on and remember, and there's only going to remember certain things when I got punched like a chunk of my my jawline got taken out. They are. I gladly lapse Looking back to another episode of multiple high cast today we have a guest, technically always here, but you know, what's going on just be ice and submit the intro. This three times is key in the lock talking about nothing, but they are there to have interfered this episode. I can't wait. Do so doing this life what's up I'm park, oh by the way they are not. Paco in the Monterey seat. Greg's across from me.
And we are going back to her roots and we don't have a gas really and we're just going to be talking about the things that we want to be talking about. Let's talk, there's no Topix light. Also we have nobody helping us pay the bills, no sponsors today mart dot com, ninja milk thanks go there right now, it's been odyssey asking a lot of places. I know it's doing very well well, not in those places, Those places that aren't there out of stock is where I have the most fans feel like it's really sucks anyway. If it's not there just go to work but yeah. It sucks that they were out of stock. Walmart bought a whole bunch for me, so we're like anyway. We made a second batch so That's our sponsor for J's podcast as we don't have a sponsor, but you can be the next one. Yep we're just talking about was going on with our lives. Instead,
You just did something which they can use for people who don't know Bart and Joe originally the evil, just kidding Phil. Yes, I had this contemplate gastric, yet they were just getting film system too. They transitioned and they made like multiple channels justkiddingparty. Colleagues lodged ass race, which yeah it's it's gonna legal pod gadget away like ten minutes of news, but it's not necessarily focused around the news is just like then discussing it is sometimes stories about it. It was a really fun experience with them is basically us, except they have their like prepared. And their more folder There are a lot more they're, not afraid to say things, whereas some time and the Rhine will be like probably should indeed I don't do that water yeah. I need to work on that. After like Joe and barred or people that should be on the pod cast soon, they want you,
ours, but they also want you on theirs, but you're not going to be as good as me. I mean I don't think I am good at that. That's why I brought you on this. In the first place, because you're just a talker, you know I mean like I did when I started doing this is because I wanted to get better at doing this. Will you've improved over basketball, you I thought so too. Well, you know because one of my biggest fears, if you go back and watch like back from like two thousand ashes early citizen when I started doing this and then like not not the progress, the Gue too, every single interview I do hella awkward and I just hate doing I mean I hate public speaking and I hate just doing things- that's life. I guess I'm being recorded that I don't have control over because I ate a biggest thing. Is I lose track of my train of thought?
I take Adderal, I like I, don't have any to get those moments of just like my mind, wanders walking and I'm not like super excited about it. I don't try like I really try to pay attention, but I can't anyway, that's that's one of the reasons why I want to do this because we are just stop. You know try to get better at at at at. Are we gonna having in better? It's definitely something that I've been trying to what's the same way then listen to as much as I can for you guys, like you know the pot gas, I don't listen to it that much, but every my do as a union to us yeah. I do. I know any does emphasise its like a lot of you would like select, yeah disease or some a guess. You care about, or ninety, though both good wonder. I really liked them one day, guess it with with the chain who
Yang Yang. Yet the where there were the aim was added up. You clearly paid attention during that one yeah. That was a good one like I learned a lot from them and I think for me, the reason why I mean I liked it is because I literally was like those are my real questions that I always ask. If you don't get to normally have those things answered from someone you know, but I don't have the opportunity to have that person Yeah. I'm definitely dropped a lot of information on us that was kind of. Like I mean it is going to be a little biased because of his coming from his campaign, his perspective stuff, like that, But nonetheless, I mean what you see also in the news is kind of reflecting what he talks about
yes! All over there are talking about in terms of whose raising the most money he actually raise like a decent amount. But even then news networks are not putting. Is that he's raising more than some people on those news, networks and they're, not showing him like that? So as interesting theirs, I mean that's been The narrative from like months ago, re like he's, come out of nowhere and they keep there's all these sectors like this on. The really a conspiracy is actually happening like there's so many things, coincidentally, that that goes against the mainstream media against Andrew Yang, so for whatever reason he's being targeted, I think, to a certain degree- and I guess we just look it up. You can you can see like the people have made videos, I mean, like proof, rated happening I'm not sure why it make you. Could you cuz he's the only one? That's not a politician could be that crazy that I guess in the same way he's kind of like Donald Trump, but the way that he's not
Politicians yes came in here and to be by storm Amy they're afraid that he'll. Actually, we would have that the route, though, for like the next presidencies like someone who is in a politician who is playing by those rules. I think that those last formed at last her, like, I think, that's why they're trying to not show him because they want they want somebody who's, that their use to in there that will be conform, will conform to lobby arise out like that or a just cause he's asian could be yet. No, I mean you know, they're, making big jumps, but an Asian. That's a bit too big of a jump ass, maybe maybe the reason to not stir way too far, but still talking about you know presidential politics and opinions on things, something that recently popped up their Ryan. I both picked is a topic Was the Obama verses, woke culture? I was shocked the s all that video you and explain why the out
I wasn't shocked. I was just shocked that they that he said that publicly. So basically, Obama is a video of him at what was the other qa or something used cargo? Doing scene from one side like from the left party, which is like they're, usually very probing, woke and and being you know, canceling people who have done the wrong things in the past and he was basically not saying
against a completely, but he caught a gave his opinion and you had. We can't everybody makes mistakes. The exact argument that a lot of people make when they mess up it was coming from him. Though say it was like very strange because get cancelled for something. That's what I'm as it does there's something like coming up debts that someone is dirt on him for early, nothing that I've scenes of on the news, but basically use be connected. Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago on Tuesday. Where he spoke out and asked for Americans too, like abandon ideologically peered ideal ideological purity tests at his call in politics. Night isn't article than sodium, but his quote was that this idea of purity and you're never compromise and you're, always politically woke in all that stuff. You should get over that quickly. He said the world is messy, there are ambiguous ease people who do really good stuff have flaws, and that's so true, like
but now it's coming from Obama, that's and he's again. It's always been. Like you know, I mean you hear people on the right and they're also saying things contrary to that most likely go so far and above its like it became dislike extreme risk extreme in that, someone who's. Finally, like kind of in the middle yeah, you know it's like, and I feel like a lot of time a lot of people who do speak out. Are the extremists where most of America probably sit somewhere in central. You know that suicide, but cuz, it's so extreme is on both sides, your afraid of, like or, if I speak out and be like, while the other side doesn't have good points like what about this, then your own cyborg, Lego, you're, betraying those. You know, you don't really believe us, you should just be with them, and it's so polarizing. You know I thought it was just great cuz like we got. Like we talked about it a little bit too much. I think You'Re- and I were talking about it again but like cancel,
how much I hate it. A meeting with the last month with ten I was talking about like you is that I can understand it like you was turning, but I was like I I don't I'm pissed and I don't like it but just even having saying that, there's negatively towards me and saying why why. That is necessary to that. That happens. You know than that people do good counsel for doing these things, because its unnecessary sacrifice for the but of humanity, and I think the initial cortical cancellations where important you know, like Army wine, seen like people who have been doing terrible suffer a long time, and then it got to the point where this month, there is growing need is more means more and no matter what they did. They just wanted sacrifices in became its own religion in coltan away. If you think about it, we'll cancelling b, we mean yeah yeah, and I think that kind of bread, the whole and again the divide happened right. A kind of bread. The whole
in time comes reaching cultures that cancelling cancellation culture, where we were so annoyed at myself, not that I would do that. We go together. People deserve to be cancelled, should be cancelled, but I think somewhere along the lines we lost, that you know. Where do we draw that line and then peep So annoyed by in a thick the whole Kevin heart situation or Dave chapels thing people are so annoyed by it that they went to the extreme like almost troll level, up just like canceling every but like going again cancel culture in every single way, and I think that I mean I don't I don't know because, like it's just going to draw more those same people who are going to anyway, whatever What are you excited about right now? Greg? What's going on right now that you're, so we can talk about whatever we want well
motion is done yellow now, my focus is on my wedding, okay, and this is something that a lot of people have kind of like. I don't think there was any like real announcement, spent. Nearly all this time in this area, broken way, name that data had a ring, but Gregg Indiana Glenn dummy Gazeta ideas, engage. How do you just said it so like a great Indian are engaged in? I did it do the Hindu to think about so what happened was I was supposed to make like this crazy. The oak, as I had this thing, all planned out of a super cool my mind but yeah that my proposal- let's just say it was it was cute, but they execute
audio, you said he had issues are what the video is horrible, yet vigorous horrible, but the way I did it was lagging. I was bus do proposed to her with like like legos me and her both entry, Eliza Legos, and I made this cool little lego thing and it broke when I gave it to her, and I was trying to put it together while stuttering and mumbling all sweating anyway I'll make a video of I can make a good video of it. Just wait for that Seymour, like that's like everyone sees those videos worth everything is like super planned romantic and like that sex, more you. You know. I bet you guys, that's like,
I mean it. I know it s always be refunded industry, but I dont like eggs, the epitome of your relationship, I feel, like I mean from my perspective. I think that that's almost even better that it ended up that way. I think said the footage, though it's it's of EU like Brian and then panicking, and yet I think that's better. I don't know, it's briefly is really cute, but yeah me Indiana are getting married next sometime in October, you guys are invited what we and I realise how expensive weddings are here. While I My brother just a merry too so, just when they were talking about, they did indifferent way only went destination, and then there was actually you were there.
Here film in it there is only like ten of us right or give or take, and that way they could just have fun right, but you're doing all the different traditional I get. My family is: give us more family in a way and Filipinos as being re yeah, but issues. My family never really had a big, wedding and powerless in my immediate family we recently had something smaller, but we never had like the grand scale of like actual wedding, and I thought it would just be fun to seeing what's on my my aunties and uncles dressed up and they never wear anything.
Still like Susan does in order that chances in for getting there just think of finding out of one party yeah, that's an indifferent, seven different yeah that you know it always about for me. I always see life as like something that you can look back on and remember those rowing and remember certain things- and I want, like you know, for my family thou, be cool thing to remember when everyone is just up and had like this actual ball, whatever colleague, something that was from like a fairy tale or somethin button. It's not gonna, be that it's gonna be our version. It's gonna be a green and Dana wedding, like always and Dana's families. Her family is big. Her families huge she has some like. I think she herself has hundreds of people and, of course it's gonna be expensive than I mean it. Don't you think they d
even if it was like cheap, not cheap, but even if it was affordable like if you got Mcdonald's for everyone, inviting that many people is just leaving like the venue like don't know and I'm sure pocket doesn't know in a lot of people who, having got married. Dont know what is like Jimmy average breakdown of like when you are looking for venues and like say you have what you and your people coming right. What is it? What is the price there giving? So the venue itself depends on like what you are going for everyone for like wake up like a big venue. Usually they'll have everything included like the food and all that, and I can get up to
Bout hundred to two hundred now Hearst Way a person case of what is like. So if you were to go with those bigger venues right to injure people like this, like a bigger wedding, I think, but generally what was at the mid range price, the recording you probably about mid range with drinks and food and the venue everything included, I would say at a clean hundred dollars per person in that the average cost for weddings is two hundred and ninety six dollars per person that per person. So that's already way more. What you're saying that's crazy! That's fucking crazy, and you saw a hundred dollars. Person is affordable, yeah, that's a cheese others
Other people, that's twenty grand right and that's not even including the videographer photographer, I'm not going to have you guys? no Dana's willingness price adenoids, like all those things add up. That's like you, gotta, be rich to get married exactly or were not rich, but you got it like too heavily on those like a pretty wedding that you ve seen in the movies and studying you have to be pretty wealthy and and it's kind of crazy to me how many, how expected that is amendment no nine in clean the ring, the costs of a ring and have always thought this, and I know that allow people would disagree in coming. Mount prime apparent cause the married
I think weddings are like a scam. I did agree with that. Two by God, I walked out. Ok greatly explained to me: why would you what you were told? I wasn't told anything: OASIS, ok, when hours, when guess come, they usually give money as gifts for the guests are paying for the experience with you. So if you know as long as you're, not like just going ridiculous, like you're, not spending one million dollars in your wedding. It's not going to be that much of a financial investment of a good time right, something that you can like experience with your family and your loved ones. They're, going to at some point give you something in return.
And it should be kind of like a balance, but in the grand scheme, so you're kind of essentially like so the way I see it is you're. Basically, I'm in the way at this year's you're just throwing a party for other people right, but I think, like your case, you're saying that you put in all this money in this venue to the whatever you get a lot of it back cuz the people coming right, not all of it, but you got a bunch of money or gifts or whatever it is. You get Valu Rite. The only people like I get that and when they have weddings, the same thing happens to them the only the only peep really coming up is the business itself like wedding, the wedding industry, people who sell the rings who set, who are that you pay for the item, the venue era and so on and ran up those. Those are the that's all it's like it's out, I'm not! The scam was a wrong way to say it. I think it's just a very smart business that. Weave in society taught people that is disses the route you go
You're always like everyone like this is the dream That's everything. No, like any event, you're going to want to celebrate it's going to be that type of model where it's going to be someone's going to be making money off of it. Even though small is like a super bowl party right now, like some any type of event, we are gathering people and you're celebrating having fun anytime, you think about it. You are spending your willingness to spend money with just out what is it difference is is like. There's things in weddings. That is not your average party, the getting addressed that cost that much aware once to meet logically be tell someone who doesn't whose an alien from honour space in your leg? Oh, so you don't get married right the rest, your life school. Why do you need to pay this amount of money for this thing that you're going to wear once and
like is, like others, diamonds in general, again were taught that has so much value, but I don't know if this is true, but I've heard so many times the diamonds are actually that rare in compared to other gems. I don't know it's diamonds are not rare, but we ve, given it so much value. I actually just like that. I have heard this before, but I wanted to look a little more in a high. It is based please ox about how it was a marketing campaign in the nineteen for asylum at what's his name Ryan ruined everything, without Adam Adam Raw right reverie. I didn't see it, but I am an elite. What yet, which are documents- that was exactly what the myth of like diamonds or sent nods weddings in general.
Weddings and general were discussing, they were talking about back. Then rich people used to get married and now yes liking lower class people. Why then do the same things that the rich people own right and is also use? It was ways of exchanging land back in like Europe and stuff really or it would be like. We have a treaty things like that. It was basically used as a in agreement between two richer larger families. That's orders for, or there was I you know diary whereas as like, I think diary is worthy woman's family right has given offering is well said the man and dashed out it was before, and then we normalize it by saying hey this. Is that what love is you know, marriage right in all these things in immediate cottages like what capitalism is, you know, you're selling people and idea, and if you can make them believe it, you can make money off by what I'm saying and am
I think what is happening is a lot of people going nontraditional, as I think that, with anything ray we're not gonna, do everything a solely or parents ran right over time. You get your own, you no point of view, but anyway I don't have any issue with with it, because it still that normal right and I see in our society- and I have no issue following that, because it does bring happiness to people, but when people dont do it a specific way and there being judged for it yeah. I think that's where it's an issue. I think it's definitely an issue when you know it doesn't become fun for the people ride noon it yet come to mean people that are supposed to be having fun. I fill once it gets to do and traditions that they don't even understand. You know they're they're, just doing it just because that's when it becomes kind of
Why even doing it right, they ashes like you're just following these tradition, but that so many people who do things so please others yet, but I mean like that's: that's where I think it's changing, because in the past you just do it like our parents, data get yeah, get a nice dressed in a nice place, Michel and eats well right. You don't worry about eating like data my parents don't even remember eating with their meal, but everyone else did. Listen to hear this only reason to because we're at that age, where a lot of our friends are getting married, and I like that you hear so many stories of like I'm so stressed. I got to plan the wedding like for a whole year, a girl or whoever's planning it and into the financial burden, and they know they don't have nasserism money that thirty year old, when our parents are going, I might have and it's kind of like. Why are you getting married? Then let it get you go to the court house. I get you don't have the dream, not everything. We grew up watching movies and stuff like that, but like
if you're so miserable. From this in honest, I put a strain on the actual relationship than you should just you don't need to do that, and also you could technically do this. You can just go to the court House get married and then do though, like a fish, wedding later, because your friends aren't ever gonna be like a this. Is your actual anniversary aid, human when you're anniversary You don't remember your friends anniversaries area like that, so why does it matter? It doesn't matter and yeah. That's tough, as is its. If you actually love each other in you, can't really you're not into throwing parties and you're not into you know getting your family and friends again there and that that is not your thing than now. Ed weddings, it's not something you have to do, and also like going back. I'm like one of the main reasons, I guess arguments for marriages, because it's religious as well which I mean like I get that
it is right as religious care thing, if other, if not for that reason, like that say, you're, not the most religious person in the world or even go to church every Sunday or whatever, like you know you just an average person that sounds bed mother, the average person doesn't go to church anyway, I'm covering up my counsel quartering. Now I'll? Do myself insurance? If for somebody who isn't necessarily getting married because of religion, what really like for you yourself. Like? U S aren't I know data was a church. What's really gonna change other than like you know, able to claim for many lizard a couple like legally what changes for you? How would you like to change once you're married verses? Not because you are
living together yet has powers longer there not amend the we're, always love each other. We ran to get it for so long that the main reason we're getting married system have some fun yet, like that's, why I'm really excited verily. I'm actually really excited, because I know that we were going to have this big party don't mean that's gonna! Change for us is basically just taxes. Yeah right, that's one of the biggest benefits to re write but am elected that that that's the thing to do. Really think about it other than the incentive of having taxes and it's it? Doesn't it's there's, not a big jump anymore. These people are already living together. Their already sleeping together is too expensive as well. In the past it was a little different right yeah because it was like don't while for one year.
Doesn t your married right that I'm one I'm sure people didn't always fall it, but it was more of a thing. They also. I the fact that you don't really you're, not suppose a live with someone before you're married, acknowledge that a religious thing was activities. Everything that's so much. A religious thing is just like that: you're allowing yourself to be living with him
is there any, but yet by anyone that the times are different right way, I'm in marriage was, it was so much of a bigger deal. It's like now. It's like empty moving after being here for a couple months right. You know what that would mean that would be incomplete. You wouldn't that's unheard of radio parents time and I think that's just where we are right. Now, that's whites. It's gonna changing its deafening, changing bad thing. It's change for the better for shrimps! I you know people are realising that yeah, like weddings, aren't essential, like you have to have a big wedding, and you can do these just kind of non traditional, smaller weddings and but you know it to delay the devil's advocate than Could. It seems like we're all on the same side, since you mentioned that weddings aren't essential and is something that you can choose to do to display your love. What did it mean more than
if you are doing that to spend more time yet to spend more secure, I ran gesture on doing this much. I love this person and sometimes a lot of people. There there's different love languages, but who are you doing that for it? Because if you, both on the same page rate, the girl and the guy, and they both don't care about that. Nobody. What are they maybe that's what that's. What that's why they do then do it like, of course, if that's, if you want to make her and she wants that, or vice versa right than you do it right. If you can afford you do it, because you want to make your partner happy if you both don't care about it, who you doing it for your family members, you could do it for them, but, like really than should you re really making them happy with your wedding? Does here a party, but I mean I understand what you're saying, but what I'm saying is like thus good our respective yeah. If we're trying
Understand somebody who is actively trying to do a wedding right, they're doing it right now, and I think, like you said you guys, don't really care about it that much. But it's something you grew up wanting right, I'm sure you did too. I'm sure Dana, of course did yet Dana Group wanting one I just never. It was like wasn't even thing I found it was just like people got married at court. Houses, like does like my family, so I haven't like a big wedding- is surprised, and so she don't respect your tradition, I'm just kidding wow Dana just went, I think it's just. I could see it just people wanting to ball out.
Yeah, is a good reason to do something kind of crazy. We talked a lot about weddings and it disgusts me cuz. I've been single for so long, but that's beside the point, but are we still going to be seen crazy, Greg cuz? You kind of tone down a lot of these past couple of years yeah and what is crazy, Greg to ask about a story in Singapore. If you want to share that, that's life course our share that your share of rural life- you ve, never talked about, does not ever talked about here. It is before again to this list. Take issue break because this is a long one did good on here. This is a crazy. Was he's gonna make people? Look at you different year Should we not marrying you, I didn't grace, you can talk about it. hey guys just want to say thank you to our sponsor anchor Anchor is,
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Spotify, app or browse podcasts in the your library tab and follow us. You never missed an episode Spotify, world's leading music streaming service, and now I can be your go to for podcast. To And we're back rhythm She's. We are those long break were retort. We we were gonna out illegal or in Singapore. Not? Nobody knows you're really publicly. Some people know if they live in Singapore or they are at the event yeah, it's very well kept said, that's a very sensitive sensitive story. That's start this off at a little, so we what year was this when we went to Singapore before I was in Yasso what years that are the fourteen or fifteen.
Okay, so it was me Greg, will and David it was their art in art and was there as well. There is a distant just two of us yeah we're doing a little. Many like shows that we do more Jones, not back. Then and then we were in Singapore, and I believe this is before we actually did. The show, like people take us out and stuff like that. We went to this club and it's at the top of The basins which is like for those with a nordic that that ship looking thing in crazy rituals. Great Howard has a bull being seen Ryan crazy Gemma meets Harry, Shum Jr and then you like, I remember that such Duma, where was adorned, I get wet. Ok anyway, it's very famous poet at the top of their is Jose Lavie. I think the club
club, I guess a day before a performance, and then it goes down, like mine blowing, we had a performance the next day. We didn't have a performance ready to today's today's from there that's true, so we had a lot of work to do still. And we wanted to get to sleep early that night so that we can wake up and I'll get to get to make enough performance yes we are trying to get this club early and are our host brings out some. A bottle of outgoing airing street drinks right and were alike, but this can take forever. Yet none of us want to drink and we're gonna wanna get out their quick, but you know we didn't want to be disrespectful,
disrespectful and the fact that like- and you saw the prices of these you know a bottle at a club is expensive. But they're in Singapore is so you'd. Like me, oh do we came up on free alcohol. Anyway, we tried to finish it really quickly which results in so I turned the bottle and I just like down the whole thing. Basically like a lot of it, a lot of it. The line the night it was. It was a slow night when we first got there at least and Meanwhile, were or dancers were we we like dance, so we were just dancing on the dance floor after I drank the drink and we were just dancing the night away and. Now we were you dance in being goofy. You know we're actually dancing having fun. Ok, I keep in mind this place is kind of empty rhetoric and empty. I could be
the kind of weird there. Can I really and then you know, or as it we're Travis Bottle, Gregg everyone's game, more intoxicated right. And they're just dancing like in the open floor, like not that many people they were on the sides like that, and I mean not if it was like the Singapore culture whatever, but it was colleague more wallflowers than where you see people were kind of not, real aim than answering mood here, so we were like me, warlike command dance. You know is therefore, and so weird we're again. The dance were kind of crack, and you know people were with random people wherein and people who are dancing with a bunch of people. We got we at that place Papa. Appreciated, then he's like the guy who got the party started in anyway You could have gotten a job that no basically muslim part, is maybe an not things got
a hand because I was trying to get the whole place, dancing the whole place I'll, I lived, I mean, like everyone dancing. I wanted everyone to be off the off the chairs of the walls and moving and ruin and I just pulled the wrong person. That's against! I guess gigantic. Dude, who were like we had our table. There is like at some random other table money. Taylor. Relaxing down, there are expanding up next to this table. Two big ass. Do it's like I'm Talkin, like body daughter is like the mountain you know from from. Thrones, Bullock, shorter, so same with all the Brok lesson. Kind of things with not as big as Brok. There's no but like think similar bill got same builders burglars are but small anyway, these to the aggressor
wait, lift a who knows what they're they're weightlifter look like just to do as we look like they could be rican bodybuilder anyway grey. What goes up to these guys that he has to everybody else, and I don't know what happened from there cuz. I wasn't there yeah. Well, you don't remember me, but according to the other people who did see it you're just doing the same thing like trying to get into dance or something, and then I don't know what happened, what what it? What were you told? I had no idea what happened from there, because I don't know what happened all the big dude you in the face. That's what happened like so we got folded, overtime. What happened and supposedly I was really adamant about getting these two guys so to come up and dance with us. And I suppose One of them was look polynesian and I mean I'm neither from Newsela. Yeah, I think one of whom was. It was a museum and I am and-
I'm outside Kru, Samoan or whatever. I guess I was just trying to connect with him. And They were just not having it from what I. What we heard was that they probably thought that we were, you know like they were just kind of phobic, maybe- and maybe they thought that I was I was like trying to hit on them or something and they just weren't having it I guess one of them just knock me out straight in the face. And the crazy thing is again. I didn't see at first hand, but I'm being told from people who did see accelerate next was I wasn't looking the direction is it no like like pushing you like You know when fight start happens, people gather and then you separate, but there was no Pushing away mom it was just great- was His face, I guess that's not gonna- do let's go party whatever, and it just turn around punch
tree in the face there was like it was instantaneous, and then it would just like panic. So. What happened was it was a disc, instant punch right to my face. Only thing I remember was I was I was on the ground will side of story was that he punched me and then instantly. He was like in regret mode because all of the Singapore Singapore, what club security like surrounded him- and I was on the ground and out you guys- thought I was dead, pretty much they. They pick me up canned. I guess there was just blood everywhere not to be too graphic.
But it was literally pouring out of my face- and I just got my braces on maybe about a month- maybe two or three months before that and my teeth were loose because of the braces. But that's what the doctor told me: it's Lewis, when they're moving, you know you guys lifting me up, and I guess two of my teeth were missing- yep the front, not the front two but one of the front tooth and then like the one next to it. If you're watching these two teeth were knocked on gaunt gone, gone. Zimmer, find them We spent like a long time looking for them cuz we thought. Maybe you could get it back in him. You know like a long time looking all over, nobody could find it. We thought. Maybe he swallowed it, we ve.
It's not funny. Do is dramatic for him out of here. You gotta think in the moment Gregg Is- otherwise he's lucky, but he does not realize it scare. We had to deal with another country get right when I didn't know at first what happened? We thought he responsive because he was knocked out like cold and we thought you was dead will was freaking? I was crying as you thought you. You are legit dead, David too. He was so man he's gonna kill. You was going to kill those guys it. He would see how it is like the funniest picture. First of all, if it is what like four feet, listen to this and those guys. Yes we're saying relying on. He was big. He was like ready like he was gonna. Didn't he was in a rage. I ve never seen them ass before anyway. Yeah. You know you have
friends when someone. While we talk, ok, assize. I was willing to tell this rage out on some underwear. What thing was training as a home because they came to me like? do did you see were like will, as I can tell us what what and then I don't know I don't know what's going on. I was allowed to see anything anyway. This is like a couple minutes. During our meeting after it already happened when the commotions going on. They told me what happen and David was like: I'm gonna kill, like he's, gonna kill these p hook, the whole thing the whole time was this like just trying to calm them to and- and I don't know where you were at that point, but you were with somebody in Heaven. Maybe then you came back down and then the next thing I remember we were Eric dead, like security.
Version of police hoard witches so funny, because these huge geyser police are small dude like that that those guys wanna too they don't know one could stop them. They're like huge and their police people were very tiny like our size. Anyway, they took statements. I guess that did it all that I'm sure they took them in you went to the hospital. I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and I believe you with me I was with you mean, argue with you, but it's the first before we even got to the hospital. Should you woke up and You are my lap in at the club yeah, but we're like we're waiting cuz. It was like they're going to they're taking statements and stuff like that ass. I was already her lap lay like with like you are like like this like laying on might like like laying on my lap, you're bleeding all over me like a baby kind of like you're, just like knocked out that you couldn't sit up straight and you kept trying to
falling over anyway. I don't think I even told you this, but no you just kept apologizing and I was like dude it's okay and you don't. I don't think you even knew that your teeth were missing, that points of my job, not say that to you cuz you're, already freaking out and then about Dana'S- ignore I'll talk to Dana. Don't worry, like our text here, you're, fine, Thank you were so worried about everything I was like. Oh my take it to him, but he had no teeth. Don't like. If he's freaking out about this, it was crazy, and anyway yeah. So we went to ask it all we just followed you don't Why are you know what they are eating come with me and I'm not acted in did in that, so we went met, severally, ok, the hospital mated hell along here in the room and they're, just they just with us in that's when I woke up from I woke up at the hospital and that's
I constantly remember from their yes member that first, episode of walking dead when he wakes up in the hospital and like where he's at and like, Everything is foreign to him that's kind. When I woke up it's terrifying. It was legitimize you know you're still in Singapore. I knew that I was in Singapore, but I didn't know like I feel, like I time. Traveled and something happen, because lady came in and she I can to me in this thick accident, that fixes boring accent and then I could barely on understand her, and only that could worry about was my hat, because I had hair then in my here a mess and you know like I was balding and I was like.
Without my hat a little did you know and then that's when I realized. I was like man that was wrong with my tongue at MIKE. I feel a metal bar in my mouth and like I was feeling around in the a bar that I was feeling with my braces because my tongue was poking through all of my my gavel, your teeth were and was feeling them the braces ass feeling like a bracket and or up the bar of the break with the brackets in there are loose. You know like that. The toys at the dentist office were, I can spend the thing a thing here. I could do that with my more braces brackets housing. While that's weird and I think I have my phone and that's when I popped open the camera- and I looked at myself and that's when I
that's when it finally kings and what is not using my teeth. You put it together, though, lay where have you know, so I was a crap. What happened? my memory was so bad that I've even remember that we are at the club. Only then can remember. Was you know what it s us, gettin ready for the club, and then you know maybe us dancing but I slowly like the doctors are coming in checking up on me. It really started to hit me that it was serious when a singaporean police and he was like hello, MR same time like how you feeling we need to go over some. I have some questions for you and that's why I like. I was freaking out because he was asking me if I had any affiliation, you know if there was, if I had any
like firearms, are anything on meals, a good would it when you talkin about and then he domino backside of what happened, and then I was ass caught up from their right, but I kept out my you know my dent. My doctor, stuff is all good night The doctor said that they couldn't find my teeth. Supposedly, I swallowed them and they were. You know they were saying. If I made movements recently and if they stop, if I saw teeth in it, where it is like, you know to check their whatever and then, as I know the after that I was released and that's when he has sent someone a pick me up right. We words there ardent went in there. That's right, that's right cause. They would Let me in but she's somehow convinced them to let her in that's right. I think she lied on his way to get into shows like family or some
She said that she was yeah one of my family members. She came in to talk to me in and tell me you know all the substitute to tell them to tell the police to. You know like be the other: what to update the police? What happened? and I don't remember any of that- I must have blacked out again. Think so, but what happened? Was I got a strike in Singapore or may stretched you get there I don't know, but I know here yet three strikes baseball strike to work with cricket, All I know is I have this single point. Police stings is one stripe it's it's basically says you have a morning blow lie at the police chief guy. He said that I have a strike, don't mess around here ever again, I dont think like
even though, even if you were gate like you were getting people to dance like you do and shouldn't give, restricting back? That guy should have like three for that. If you get one, you should have at least three like a seventeen strike through he adored you want strikes not even about the sixty more. I I no idea what happened to him. Supposedly he got way, worse, punish him punishment than I did, but I have no idea so well, you could of if you wanted to take a lot like in a lawsuit right right arm. There was bodies like yeah became not worth. It raises. Ethical back to Singapore, something it was If I wanted to pursue it, I would have had to stay there and what it says. Two months- and I was just trying to get home and get it over with talk about, because what event were you guys there yeah cuz. That's the funny part, that's right! So
King of the trip was like the second day, were there and we had. Stuff to do what is one next day we're still separated are we getting you where to make her performance was signed up to again but yeah? You guess pick me up and I came, fact, you guys year, I was still kind of dazed and confused. I was still kind of nut walking dead. You know, like mine, said like that time warped, whatever shrunk and knocked out right. When I go to the hotel to meet up with you guys and you guys are practicing, you guys are practicing the routine and, unlike as in Gaza oh, hey Greg's here we can, we can put it back in now, You guys in addressing any of the crop that what we need Did it just without you? Knowing we did yeah like, like
Ok, we just got to practice and taught nothing about what has happened. We did after weed practice after we do wait to eat cuz you're, making jokes yeah, and then you guys I was crazy. Night huh. You just kept whenever we are like look at you, you just smile, and you know you're no teeth like we're going to start laughing and like animals, eerie feeling. Just like nothing was really that bad. To those who have family to me. Except that I was missing teeth haha. So after got the routine down. We had to do these like get to do the performance. Obviously, so we did the performer, and after that we have like meeting greets, let alone where we had to go to you not take pictures
and all that so every fan that would take pictures with me an unknown to smile. Usually whenever I am really happy down mutually smiling there's now one picture of me smiling in that trip at all and I mean I feel bad, but at the same time it that's where I came over this thing. You know that the thumbs up picture. I always do that's because of that sing. Now. We know why awkward, thing that I always do on my instagram. That's cuz! Singapore have teeth. That's why I didn't have teeth, and then you got perfect teeth, was even better than the original one. Here they did. They did a really good job of close and ears nuts. I got plants thought they'd when, When I got back the dentist said yeah, your your jawline is chat, so they had to put in bone graft jack. Because of
yeah. I think when I got punched like a chunk of my my jawline got taken out with it and put in some new new phone, we ought to support some metal implants so that where they can connect me too, so I have to make tee and they look like best. Two in your mouth lesson learned kids, if you lose your teeth all capper worst case scenario. If you can afford it. There's always a chance. Has all the chassis get your teeth back, always a chance, and then you have a great story with friends you can share and then also lesson is don't worried about finishing your free alcohol and also, if you do finish, your free alcohol, don't dance with big p. Yeah so he's basically lucky that only two teeth left his mouth.
Sold in talking that you can get some kind of brain damage pretty. It was pretty arm. It was printings. He was ever be of. Why? Why She lives. I watch Mme unlike not closed on only last that lot when their knocked out, but then he said alcohol. Really drunk Remember. Anything's is a good commercial for, like Psa4 like not getting wasted You think about it you drink a lot because then you already had anesthesiology like going through your body. Shall that's one with a guess, always thing by half cup half full positive there. Optimistic optimistic thing is like crime in Singapore is like punished by like lashing. Real bad crimes. It's not it's not like crimes leg. You honestly, like I'd I'd, you're lucky you just got a strike, even though your fault
but like crime, there is an I'm speaking just from Singapore and telling me like you get you can get lashing. First, I am unaware lashings yard there, like whips like juggling where they have is echoed cut capital punishment, a believe, so they have acts like still. I think they stood hangings like yeah? I could be wrong, but Singaporeans you guys can. Let me know like Those on the com is the working you ve heard about no, but you can get legally jet like whip and like people. This is another story. Is that I was told for missing. Porn is like this guided something and they will nothing like once or twice, and it's so painful that they put something on the on the whip, their slices, your back, open and so painful that he passed out. One rather than continuing they waited till. He walked back out to continue the rest of his lashings home way. So it's like that's like, but if you think about and Singapore is one of the safest places in the world. That's why
how I know why I know so. It's like, I know it's not inhumane right. That's the argument. Even for what people are you here right for the death penalty, but don't you think of our our punishments? Were things like that? you think twice about a lot of things for sure, but How do you argue that? Because you know people say like that's so inhumane Jansen, It would definitely kill comedy. Yes, yes, this document is right for the death penalty is like what, if you find out later, that guy was actually lady murdered someone who is innocent right, but then, like we still have the death penalty so like it could still happen. So Singapore we're coming out next year. Actually would love to go back to Singapore. I have a great time there. I know you, don't
Singapore has been great Saint bores great, a loved their she's like I was even from thing. I don't think you said he you ass. It is, I think he was. He wasn't like us from New Zealand Ursus too, rowdy hurricanes cod on you like their country. He might stuff had worn mixed said he would have right rage because Hoon who turned round just hit someone without like them away for it like you would have that happened. There would have been a crowd. You would pause, you probably would have fell to the ground. Very far away sorted out. You would have got escorted out, probably and him, and then we would have been fine. Like Greg, doesn't even know I have personally like you do do now. I do which everybody as that was there said the same thing times you know like in in in panic and stuff No, we are trying to figure out. Why would he do that that and then and then we okay? Well, I like this, if some random dude small dude, is coming out to you,
a drunken dancing. You think is I hit on you or you would think like he's in a whatever you're trying to give since good didn't make sense why he would have that reaction. I would punch me if you said something racist to him. The way that was the there is a long story. That's a funny story out there. Now it is out there. If you don't know me looking at me differently. I don't think so. Your teeth are very nice now. Actually it was a show you Show you bet you, the comedy, emulate Gregg hope your teeth get soon but What now said it was a good one, young man of wheat. We sold your story, man hey, it was worth it What is fairly your story, like cancel culture thing, I don't have to worry about anymore, for that
It is a bad thing because you got that strike, but really you didn't do anything other than drink too much. You didn't commit a crime. Only crime committed. Was you didn't commit a crime victim blaming that's a thing. I don't know anyway. I think that's been like an hour, that are really into that story. Ass funds, a good story! That's why, define, I know we have a guest, but hopefully you guys are still entertained thanks Greg for being Here- and I guess you can follow us at off. The pill on a topical podcast on Instagram, be with your questions. We want to see next going to bother people to get them on our show sponsors could we could use it? Because we haven't had when we haven't done in a while, we have not should probably last legislative less than ten, but still more than five,
play thank you guys for watching and it like how we usually ended by breathing into the mic and three two one. It would have been great if Greg, the mechanism with the cartoonist to that
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