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#6 - Ft. Ian Hecox - Smosh vs Defy Media, RiceGum Challenges Ryan, and Ian's Fan Story

2019-03-03 | 🔗

Ryan, Paco, and guest Ian Hecox from Smosh speak on what really happened at Defy Media and their new home at Mythical Beast (Rhett and Link) Does racism exist in Hawaii? Is there competition amongst YouTubers? Ryan also shares a story of when RiceGum asked him to a boxing match and Ian goes deep on guns.  Listen on: Apple Podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/o... Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/listen#... Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6XBRxzv... Follow "Off The Pill" and send us your questions and topics! http://twitter.com/OffThePill http://instagram.com/OffThePillPodcast Guest: Ian Hecox http://www.youtube.com/smosh Hosted by: Ryan Higa Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/notryanhiga YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/RyanHiga Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/higatv/ Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/therealryanhiga Contact Information: Media Inquiries - media@offthepillpodcast.com Advertising - advertising@offthepillpodcast.com Order Ryan's book "how to write good" http://higatv.com/ryan-higas-how-to-w...

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Logan. Paul is extremely talented. Rice come hit me up and he wanted the box me. I bought a gun off of up for the camera Shit, alright! Well, that's a first yeah that is a kind of didn't All right! Well, welcome back to another off the pill podcast to do computer here with a very special, an old friend, old meeting, I'd known him for a long time. Not an insult Ian Hecox hello. I never knew if I'm saying that right very well wow, it seems he clocks right Pako, coming in with the hits. I know he got. I got fire be! Oh my gosh. What did you say? I never knew if I was saying your name right, Heacox yeah. I don't know why I thought otherwise. But what did you say he clocks, ok and you got it
doesn't it just I don't know I miss don't even I'd never know how to say: Anthony's last name either yeah. It's alright! must've name! You don't mention. Do you talk get? I don't think so. Yeah I mean where we grew up. A lot of people said his last name wrong as well, but Dhea yeah, okay, but it's Padilla Expedia. Is it really yeah? It's like Spanish as well right, yeah, kasadya. I thought. Oh awfully taco knows how you work at Taco Bell and I would hate when people say Quesa Dilla I'll say that I couldn't help but slide it. You mean quesadilla, polio,. Like those douche bag, Taco Bell. The truly authentic mexican experience. Yes, yes, so well it's great to have you man, it's been awhile, it has been. Last time I saw you, we were getting korean barbecue and wasn't that burger spot like where you live.
Oh, it was, okay was a spot super good, yeah, the. I don't think we should yeah. When I was your yet are you can do it? I literally live above the burger place. Hi I place a sock. Okay, we don't don't ever mention where then ok well, fine, but I will say, though, that they have a burger where they put a slice of filet mignon in the burger like on top the regular patty, keep I know ski given more and what is the street name rhyme with, so we can find this burgers, but now your place. You know this burgers, but I I don't even know street names Google MAPS tells me where to go and I'll just go, someone who uses Google MAPS or Waze actually good
apps for share 'cause. This Google map. Well, yeah 'cause, I mean like the Ui on ways is the grossest thing. I've ever seen: urinary infection Uti, come on man, I what is uii, don't know user interface got it, so it's just it just- looks really ugly and there's a lot logos and stuff and I've I've. Never I've actually used it ever in other people use it an so you're going to call it ugly and we're using straight to. I am one of those, but also they make some pretty crazy recommendations like they'll. Have you do a left turn across like six lanes of traffic and and yeah? You can do that, but I get crazy anxiety over that kind of stuff because I don't want to. I don't want to edge out and then block other people 'cause. I don't want to genius other people, so I I'm always trying to be as like consider. It is quite Hugo specially for an LA driver. I know it's not
it pairing always say, though, that LA drivers, although they you know, have a reputation to be very aggressive and what not they're one of the you got to be a really good driver in LA yep right yeah. I think that that's a strange thing about LA is they breed really good drivers like not nice drivers, it's arrogant there get drivers because they they see a space that the car can fit into in traffic. I'm just going to wedge right in there and yeah your car can fit there, but you You could also cause somebody to freak out and crash into you, but really funny. Whenever I go back to Sacramento, because the difference in drivers of LA and Sacramento, while still in California, is night and day because people in Sacramento are nice, but also completely clueless. Like whenever I go up there. I always find somebody that just not looking- and they just start merging into my lane- I'm like hey so
LA is not Eli's, not that bad see in Hilo in Hawaii. We don't even have that many lane, so you don't have to worry about that, but people also don't drive over. I would say forty miles an hour yeah, it's terrible. It's terrible driving back, Actually, Oahu is pretty bad, it's kind of like LA. Have you been? Have you driven there? It's pretty low, it's oh yeah! The lanes are so narrow and, like it's I mean that's one since I actually don't like Oahu as much and LA is literally traffic just makes me upset I'm one of those people, yeah Wahoo Oahu was interesting. Is not not my favorite. Now my favorite of the of the islands, where out, where else have you my MIKE humble bragging? Well, I went it's really funny. The first time I went of why we went to the big island, your your Yeah we didn't go to Hilo though, but went there with my parents and Anthony it was It was like a graduation gift.
And they took Anthony along as well, but when you, occasion with your parents, it's kind of I mean like it doesn't matter where you go it's kind of lame because to do whatever they want to do right and also we know we were eighteen, I was still seventeen and you know you can't drink at that time. It's not much. You can do. There is general yeah yeah well. Well, I saw some sea turtles that was pretty dope. Okay, yeah saw you know that we went to the volcano. That was those like. You know it's a big day better. Now it's a little more interesting. I will more let really now he was cool. Now Maui was like the sort of cross between Hawaii and Oahu. I would say It's like it is touristy, but you still can get out and then there's like the
If you wanna talk about narrow roads that the road to Hana, oh yeah, dude. Well, that's the did. You have a renter not supposed to go on that road right now and you could tell you we had a jeep, oh yeah. I don't think you're supposed to go there in a rental. It would do all the time. It's crazy. It's dangerous student yeah! Well, I know I saw a shirt that you could buy. Hi there and said I survived the road to Hana because it's essentially most of time the one lane RD and the locals bomb that RD and there's bridges that are only wide enough for like one car and and so you know, you see somebody coming the other way. You better get the hell out of their way in. Like drive into a ditch those run, they'll just run you off the road nuts, it builds character, yeah and then then QUIET was my favorite island. Like especially living in la where you know you don't see a lot of green and the green
that is, there is just kind of like Brown green and then you go to Hawaiian like it's like somebody turn the contrast up in your eyes like just I couldn't comprehend the greenness of everything, and then I was like all right there part here. If there's there's a lot of there's a lot, there's a lot of people in general, yeah. Did you find that I don't know. I always ask people this specially. If they're white did you experience any racism, there. Because believe it or not, I don't know if people know this, but in Hawaii white people I from what I seen experienced the most racism. I know a lot of people argue that you can't be racist white person. I don't agree with that argument, but he This is already in that I don't know I growing up. I've seen the most racism directed towards white people and especially tourist.
I understand why I heard I always heard about the racism towards white people there, which honestly I understand, I mean Do we don't belong there? I did I never. I don't think I ever really appearance, anything firsthand. I haven't really experienced anyone ever be rude to me for the country I had one guy when I was in when I was in Paris. I had this one guy that I asked if he spoke English in French, because I don't that was basically the only french word that I knew and- and he was like system of the dames. Well, that was that his version of how bout now yeah, but I mean that's, the route- is anyone's ever been to me in any country. I think, as long as you respect everybody right, then they'll show you equal amount of respect unless they're just having a really bad, nice guy, you know you don't in traffic in the people go like. Maybe that's why I don't know.
In my experience- I mean populist, do like. Naturally it I get it make sense. You know I mean the islands were illegally taken right. So, there's always that you know this is Negativity to her, but it's it's specially towards Taurus I for the people, don't it doesn't matter how polite naturally a lot alike- local people don't like tourists and is there because I know I think I mean I've heard that in a wide like there's, there's even there's more racism against like Filipinos. There. Not with I guess, minorities in America in Hawaii there's equal racism to everyone, because it's such a melting pot, it's kind of like a nobody really has claim like like up full claim because you're yeah you're you you have your do you, like, japanese yeah,
I think there's there's everything but yeah. I think it's the only state with no majority, so everyone is a minority there well yeah, and so everyone- and it's just like everyone- is equally racist to each other and it's just exits except yeah, but it's almost like a less of a problem like don't take racism as seriously there. I think at least growing up, because it's like everybody's different and like a lot of x, two sets like the race is racist comments and stuff. It's just like it's mostly stereotype their jokes most of the time yeah, so everyone knew little different anything by yeah, it's a little different but, like I said to me, I still think that the white people got it worse there. Well, I mean I get it because we're the most were probably the most recent leaders of Hawaii right, you know, so I get it and there's a lot of money coming in there people you know a bunch of people from and America saying. Oh actually, I loved I love to
live there. I'm going all my money, I'm gonna buy this big house that I'm just going to drive around in my Mercedes, I'm just going to buy everything that I will rich people sound like to you. Well, there was actually a couple of months ago, though, but this I guess caucasian female said I moved to Hawaii a year ago, fell in love with the place and had like this whole, video on Twitter of how, like all you know, I'm big see which how you're describing is doing this and a lot of people took it and said you didn't fall in love with Hawaii like you fell in love with being able to vacation the whole time and experience like all this stuff, while actual whole way and the people are very different from what you're showing yeah one hundred percent yeah and that's and that's that disconnect and you got it a week. You got a really respect the people that are already living there. If you're ever going to move to another place, you have to show that respect and understanding of the people that were there before you because
and that happens, and you look like an idiot. We should sell just that clip right there, like the tourism Board, Hawaii, like you're, saying everything right right now: ok! Well, that makes sense that people were nice to you. So you went with Anthony. This is ok. What year was that 'cause? You graduated two thousand and five, so we went in two thousand and five ok yeah, so bitter goal, yeah, I'm an old man, not like four years older than this rough, three, three or four, three or four. I don't know I saw but like we're all the same age, this is I'm just a symbol, so young they were on you too, from or at the very very beginning, yeah all five right. He first came out. Yeah yeah, they were in you guys were in high school yeah, but we just graduated. So who is the summer between high school and are super prestigious community college, You went to the big island the year that I started Youtube. Actually you will
yeah you heavily Mustela influence. You heavily influenced me and act I mean that's. Story. I mean I used to watch you guys stuff. All the time- and I told you when we first met like we used to watch you, and I mean you guys- my favorite and like Derrick, comedy yeah a lot of people, don't know, but that's childish, Gambino God I real name Donald Glover Donglover. That was the you guys were favorites to watch back, then I think it's not a brat symbol, exactly. They started working with you guys right yeah, Joe Joe worked with us for probably three years. No, he probably for years and then and then Luke Luke Brats also did some work for us as well right right right, I got the these guys are funny, but yeah they're super underrated, they're, both really talented, Joe Beretta, went off to do a valley, folk yeah, the valley folk, separate channel, with some of the other people that he met through so
yeah and all right. So I guess going into the first twitter questions since we're talking about this, which is kinda twitter ready. I mean I kind of want to talk about it because he just presented itself in such a natural inorganic way go ahead. Masha X, they asked when I was in elementary school, is a controversial topic. Who is better Smosh or Nigahiga? So have you folks ever felt competition between each other, I mean not competition in in like a angry sort of way, but back in the day. Well, the podcast? You can relive your like. Who is this no way? No, because, like like Ryan said he was a fan of our stuff. We were a fan of Nigahiga as well an like back. In that time there was so little content, everybody knew everybody, and whenever you met another person like we met at Vidcon for the no, you have to assign you to live right, all my God, man
that yeah you to live soldier boy yeah. I forgot you were there yeah, that's what I meant: everybody Amble Burnham yeah it like. I met everybody. There id met Cavs there for the first time I mean we, we talked obviously, but I think I met cab for the first time they to keep it on know about you to live dude, I literally, I think I just talked about you live in our in our second podcast. And I was talking about how I met Bo Burnham on the elevator and I didn't recognize him. 'cause he's so damn tall huge and in his old videos he play with the keyboard on his lap yeah. They have this giant keyboard, so I just thought he was like in. Ridge, size or small transfers and to use a giraffe his gigantic super tall yeah. Also super talented guy like to yes by yeah that was. That was the first time we met and again like, like you were saying everybody used to be very supportive of each uh We used to have those Youtube meetups even like random.
Like not even orchestrated by a company or anything we just like to be a spot, and I mean I I could barely got any because I was in Hawaii yeah hi. There was a lot He would just meet up and hang out. You know yeah that was the you had. Somebody did a big meet up in San Francisco. I forget what it was called the Do you ever Smp films? Yes, I do yeah Lori, I just number, yeah. That was the first time that a lot of people met each other. It was in San Francisco and Anthony, and I out there and we just hung out at the pier and they're just like fans of various channels filled Defranco was there when I'm still Miss Channel with sexy film yeah. That's like that good thing you like bring up you like yeah his channel, is we called sexy, felt guilt. Think like refer to him as that my head. I still think I don't think filled the frank, I think sixty Phil, yes, the hell to this
So I mean I wouldn't say that there is. There was sort of strong competition, but back in that day there was there was a competition to get into spot it's on the page, and that would be yes most viewed and most commented. Favorited, most favorited, so so there were a couple times when we both uploaded it same time. It's like aaah no specially, if it's a video that you really like to or if it was a hot topic and then one whoever releasing that topic versus like damn it now. We're think I copy them, but like there's, no way we made it in time. You know but yeah there other than that I mean like people were more we're closer before I think has a community was so small. I mean it Youtube is all about collaboration until about save safe, two years ago. I remember the first, the first time
that I ever experienced like Youtube drama directed at me. He was like a channel that was that was talking crap about Smosh movie and it it just came out. So I was I was a proud of, like you know the fact that we were able to make movie. I didn't think it was like a masterpiece right, but I was like well, you know this is. This is a sort of step forward, for you know you too creators getting in the other sort of venues and- and this one guy like made this very like Keating Review got so I got so hurt by it, because I'm This is another creator and he's tearing another down right and ' and I was so used to before that being everybody was helping each other raising each other up. And so that was my first experience with somebody tearing another creator down and then it turned out that it's actually really lucrative to to tear the people,
especially now yeah yeah. I just I mean it drives interests I mean yeah. Can there's no doubt about that? I saw a tweet recently. By came star, I don't know, is: what's his real name: Keemstar, that's not a legally change. First name Kim middle name was keep the star last name drama just said to me: he tweeted at him like all stop meant. Why do you keep mentioning Jake Paul so much like it would be nice if you don't have to mention every video and he tweeted back is like well, I mean he's made me like two million dollars this year so like. If you want to give me three, then I'll be happy to not mention it. So just him reporting on drama not even being a part of it technically yeah, so I mean it works and it does. I have interest 'cause when things go down, I mean like even for me, I'm not going to lie, I'm interested to see like ok. What did someone do now? Yeah yeah. I remember the first time I heard about about drama alert. I was like
kind of it was like a charity, live stream, some you tubers or putting on, and this guy was like yeah like there's this guy. Keemstar and feel good watching his stuff, but I can't stop and I was like oh interesting, so I went checked it out and then yeah it just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and I feel, like you know the feel, like the real breakout with you. Tube drama was leafy. Alright there. Is that moment when Leafy got really really huge, you know tearing into people. Unfortunately, a lot of times they were children, yeah, which isn't very cool. I mean like. I certainly did and said some pretty stupid things, and I was a little kid. I wouldn't want to be criticized criticized for.
And then I mean because he was the first one and it got really big youtube. You know basically crack down on him and destroyed his channel, Yeah and that's where we are today, folks, I don't know- We got there, but we were talking about how we were competitive and it ends up now we're just watching drama youtubers. I guess I guess from 'cause we got his perspective. So in your perspective, did you ever feel like? Oh, this is competition, even though, like like Ian seems like a very like. Oh, like: let's build up everybody, but you. On the other hand, I was ready to take them because you are wrestler, you actually beat them up or actually we did wrestle. We did rest up. You know I felt like I said it was. It was when I met everybody. It was more of an honor, more
it was kind of weird too, because I was like not you guys already had meet ups and stuff like that, but I could never go because I was in Hawaii and then I moved to Vegas for college and then I was able to go to like you to live on and that's when women we've already talked. I think before then sing with like having like happy slip, all those people back then, but I never met anyone even David. That's where I met David to David Choi that you to live, and everybody was just so cool. I wasn't expecting that, but everybody was cool. I will say that could have did say a later way later downed like five years and then he was like a man. I just wanna, let you know back then on super competitive with you. I did say that, but I was like well, you know what I kind of felt that to discern before. We are friends because it's like another asian dude and he was like bigger than me too at the time, just that he was doing the blog thing he kind of was like watching conduct. I guess
bill was doing that and then we'll set other asian dude one good one clone who is on yeah? I was doing that too. So Kevin was like inspired off that and then he thought that was the route to go, dropping some names and a lot of new people who who did you Tony Gwynn cone, is the director it's one of the first I would say one of the first like kind of rant, style videos, and I wash them as well. The wine Conan like I was more into like skits and stuff, like that. You know Smosh was doing so. I went kind of more of that path and yeah, I guess in cabs head. I didn't really see myself as a competitor with him, but I get it 'cause. We're kind of, like oh people, would pair us up in the comments. 'cause there were two asian dude. That's the only reason and younger younger Asian do
I wear a different ethnicity. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have had those similar comments. Yeah there was. There was a time when we kind of you two seem to be the sort of kingdom of like asian creators and gay creators. Yup and we're like man, if you just get a creator. You would rule Youtube because there is a certain time and I think it was honestly just because they weren't represented in any other form of media. And finally, there is a space where you would add they see an asian person on the screen. Obviously it's still it's not that great, but not very different. Fight, like crazy, rich Asians, really broke through so a Livia who's in our cast. She said like
he's. Getting a lot more additions. There's a lot more interest in asian actors, yeah for sure yeah I mean they're temp yeah I mean I did I had when I get to. I get a little frustrated, sometimes about that whole scene because has on so bad drop in your podcast. I just I feel like people, especially in the asian community, don't aren't acknowledging how much better it is and how much better it's getting and they just like. Well we're still not like it it's it is it's only a small group of people that don't that still think. What's not we're not even close, it's just one movie, but they don't realize like how many more how hot of a commodity it is that Asians right now and then I personally think they're going to milk it and then it's going to be the opposite again for a little bit. I think they're gonna, pocket right now, because it's going to make money you're going to see a drop in that because people are going to get a little over it over stature is going to be a little trend thing, but it's all.
I still think it's better like it's still better. I mean I mean. I think I think China is becoming the largest movie going Audie So I mean it doesn't care about Asian Americans. They care about Chinese China, China, Chinese, but I mean I think China is really indicate you know, I think, they're I think they're interested in in other in other people as well. But that's that's got to be good. I feel like China. Like they don't. Obviously let this crazy, rich Asians didn't do that. Well, there obviously yet into at all, because what they want is Tom Cruise or they want like the block bus. For marvel- and I think from what I heard is it portrayed Chinese Chinese yeah in like a bad light well from. From the things I read it, yeah yeah it makes sense, but did it actually play over there
did I see if his didn't mmhm yeah, because it's hard to get, I think only a certain number of movies american made movies actually are allowed in and from what I maybe I'm. Maybe if this is totally bad information, but from what I heard you have to You have to work with certain chinese companies, they have to be like involved in the project and you have to also include certain chinese actors in your movie, Oh, so that's why I like, if you, if you saw triple x, Xander cage you cage masterpiece of a movie. I think it's I think that's like another h, brothers, film, which is it's chinese company production company. I think and you'll see, there's a there's, a chinese actor in that, And you also see him in, I think, he's also in the which was funded by some chinese companies,
but it's really funny because because there's also other roles where they have to trade, China in a good light, yeah so like with transformers right when they had like the big battle in in China. There's a scene yeah China comes and saves the day. That's I mean that's smart, that's what makes money you make more money here. Yeah, I think in Valarian was a flaring. I think it was Larry and like there's like a there's, a chinese character that saves the day at the end guys if we see China for more time, the next thirteen seconds were on route to beating Donald Trump in his president. Well, what is it when I sing Jane okay? It was pretty good too. Thank you. We're closer we're close. We're probably on some kind of list we probably won't be allowed in. So much TSA like there on a no fly list now anyway so before. When I hit you up to do this podcast, it was like what three weeks ago yeah
Yeah, I said I'd love to have you. Obviously the sea he's that I would love to do it, but just wait. Weeks and you announce something just very recently. Do you want talk about that or yeah you yeah? I would love to okay. Can I talk about it? I'd love to you. Tell me what your contract situate. These are like, yeah, so Smosh and I'm burping. Now, like I do my big speech see that's what happens. Nervous is all coming out was, and we never had to explain this to my parents, my family friends, I I I kept doing that was like that. It's my situation, yeah elle! I think it is like a weird like it's a weird sort of like a motional reaction, because it's it's been like crazy, so, okay, so backing up a little bit. We sold Smosh
to a company called alloy digital in, like two thousand and eleven or so later on that company merged with this company called break, and they became defy media, which a lot of people know about now, great reputation, sarcasm and in October like late October, early November, they very quickly close down the whole company laid everyone off with very little warning. Right and that left Smosh in a weird place, because I don't own it, it's not like it's not like, because they went out of business. I get smashed back right so essentially fell in the hands of the bank, and I then worked the consultant for like four months to find it a new home make sure that it got into the right hands and
it didn't, go into the right hands, then I wouldn't be apart of Smosh. I would leave an probably mostly everyone else would leave and then and then that company would be known for killing Smosh right, but basically, at the final hour, when there is a really really bad foreign company, that almost got it And I it would have been bad. I would've left Rhett and link hit us up Rhett and link the og. You tubers they're, still there own it still killing the game. Some people might know him is good mythical they came in. They save the day they bought Smosh. So so now Smosh is a part of their mythical entertainment thing.
And it's really honestly- and I'm I'm not saying this, because I have to it's the best outcome, because, if they're not owned by anyone like they own Red Lake own mythical entirely, so they don't have they don't have any like larger company to report to you that can shut them down or they don't have any investors. I could just All funding or whatever, so now we basically get to really look at everything that is Smosh and just kind of you know take apart the machine look at what doesn't work, throw that out and put some new pieces and that that we wanted. You know we think they can make the machine work a little better. It's it's been a really. It's been
A tough ass for months every day like we would go into meetings with investors or other sort of people, and you know we'd here like yes, we can. We can find this blah blah blah, and then we get a call like the next day and be like. Oh sorry, just not in that I'm an like! Oh well, now we're screwed and like every day it was like it was like eyes and we're going to make it we're not going to make it really make it we're not going to make it and it was like it was draining as hell, and I was under Nda and all this other stuff. So I couldn't tell I couldn't really keep everyone in this marsh family informed as to every step that was going on, so I just had to be like hey like if you're able to let's keep getting together and making does because somebody had defied, give me access to the channel, so I was still uploading right, but I hadn't been actually managing a channel in so long which is like
on Sicily from like the outside, but now I don't know how weird yeah we have three channels what a four if you're, counting l Smosh, but I Didn'T- I didn't run that during the downtime, but three channels- and I am now in charge of uploading and making sure like the video files, are correct. Getting all the metadata on there like thumbnails. It was. In S. Meanwhile, trying to also make sure that much doesn't go into the hands of some help. Shit ass company graduations. Do it you did it. Thank you, you're waiting for that thousands are went to bring it out. It was good, so I mean that's, I mean that's great, but what does that mean like coming from a viewer perspective? What does that mean for small shit? What is that going to change like well defy I had my my biggest issue with the defy was just the leadership. It was really really bad. They didn't really put much effort into
they just kind of like Smosh was successful, so they just kind of let it do its own thing and then they, I think, probably put a lot of money and other things that maybe didn't work out, which is in a typical company sub. I can't like. Yet, if I did some really bad things, I can't say that everything defy did was evil and bad. You know they. They obviously supported us for many many years and we did grow Smosh with them. So I can't I can't completely done on them, but some of the people at the top were bad, really bad and I'm not a fan of them and I'm glad that we're no longer associated with them. I now, have a leadership position and Smosh, so I'm able to have a say in in what happens. Next, that's really exciting. There's a lot of things that defy didn't do that I thought was a really big oversight, running
terms of content like where they were, you allowed to just say: hey. I had this great idea yeah. I want to do this on this day. They were really who are really afraid of of legal things. So every single script got passed through a lawyer, got it and they even tored. The end got nervous about like mentioning brands because they were like well. You know, we never know you never know. If we're going to do a brand deal with them or whatever you got really ridiculous and they were also really afraid of some of the New Youtube guidelines. So they're like ok, you
for show gun. You can never show like somebody that, like like died in a video, even if it's a comical like if someone gets hit in the head with like a football and they fall on the ground, they look dead like I can't do that, that's crazy yeah! It was see. I I always felt that, to be honest, I felt like when that change happen with you guys and I'm officer do once anything. You know but I've always wondered. I don't know why I'm asking you now. I did always wonder like what kind of control did you guys have at that point? We had we had considerable amount of creative control. There is just yes, those things, especially towards the end, did get more constraining and, like I don't I don't want to promise. People like like, oh,
like our videos, are gonna be twice as good. Now, yes, that's that's not fair, like I, I think we were already doing a good job with with the Youtube content yeah. I do think we can do better and I think we will yeah now that we have more control and we're gonna. We're to up on some things, but I think there's so much more out there than just just Youtube. I do want to figure out a touring thing as with what we are. It's, it's so different nowadays from other Youtube content you and me are pretty much like the only people doing sketch comedy on Youtube now, so some are sort of offering with the live. Show is very different from you know. Somebody that's of lager right. We have a the cast of people that can we can create a sort of a a live like a variety show, almost like a live, show and submissive. I don't
as anything because this is all very, very Laminaria in it because all we're gonna leave. This is a you know. There's a new live show coming down, live sound bites, yeah yeah, is ally, show variety, but it is just get you saying at the knees coming back as well so yeah with that in there. Well, you can just you, can just pull out different clubs to me saying like and at the end and then coming and then back yeah and put it together coming back. Well, we got right. Yeah. Well speaking of Anthony just because I mean, obviously, you guys made a video together and is very cordial Is there anything else like I mean how Are you guys? Do you guys still keep in touch at all? Like do you I mean? I I mean I don't know, I have a literate, no idea. Yeah, I mean we. We keep in touch from time to time, obviously he's really busy with his own channel
right n, and this is something we are kind of talk about on. I don't know like when, when is this podcast commands coming on like next Friday? This is your podcasts. Okay, so, like I think, are put, I think I'll be talking about this and and and our podcasts, while at the same exact day, basically what it, what we're saying is, like you know, all the people that are that are pestering us and pestering him for him like come back to Smosh. It's it's really disrespectful to to buy of us like, especially to him, because, like he's doing what he wants to do, yeah he didn't want to be doing his is channel. He wouldn't be doing it and for people to go on his channel and say come back to gosh like you're, only good on Smosh. That's super disrespectful yeah so yeah, I had to have known that was gonna happen right, one hundred percent. Yes, so I mean because a lot of a lot of his beef when he left this was about defy. So I see a lot of people think,
like well, now the buyers out the picture it's it's going to like you can come back but it's it's obviously a little bit more than that. It's you know. Obviously, we've become creatively kind of two different people, so I mean you know with with with the do or any kind of any kind of partnership creatively it. It's hard does sometimes come to an agreement on on content, and you know the fact. The fact that we remained at a partnership creatively for so many years is kind of a wonder, sign off, yeah yeah but the door is absolutely open from to come back and be in videos like. I would be really excited with the prospect of him beat like showing up. I think it could be really cool, but the first video video that he's back, there's a gun and he gets shot and then dies
just so. It all comes full circle. Yeah we're gonna, we're gonna him just because they can now yeah and it it gets to demonetise, and then you can. Then you gotta at your own ways. I mean I'm weird the same way. Even now. It's like we got a thing about. I mean we get to do a little bit more edgy things, but like I've experienced it to try to just like, even using like I sometimes get away with using the two seconds of a song. You can't do that anymore, yeah. Even if it's a mention you know we got, we got flagged for. We got a flag from a video from like seven years ago, where Anthony and I are singing I'll- make love to you, Acapella in bad russian accents that is so that's not even being picked up by. You that's literally someone look flagging it down it's at the like the end card, so I don't, know how somebody found that, because
singing it on key we're singing bad accidents on that's, that's how good you and and there's no music playing behind it somehow. Some. Someone physically had to watch it and be like that is. I know who owns the rights to this and they go. I don't know, I don't know how to like covers supposed to be okay. Now to get so in a relation of some sort to be with a guy and see and yeah covers, aren't, aren't you can't do covers covers are covered covers on cover broke out, the cleaning business is actually really a really big business. There's a a lot of money in cleaning, so a lot of large companies will hire businesses to just stick our you tube and claim videos. Well now it's it's automatic. Like a lot of it's automatic. A lot of it is but there's still a lot of manual know there are, I mean I've in this past year. I mention it to in another video, I think
I've got in, like literally probably ten times more and probably half my videos got claimed, and it's still happening every like couple. Every week, someone justified some. You can do. I can dispute, but like it's such a long process, it's like almost not worth the energy. It's like a fine okay. This video so gets views over time and I get overtime. Gonna get a lot more but, like I just on the energy like dispute every single thing yeah summer summer justified I get it it's just like kind of ridiculous yeah we had. We had one that was really annoying. We have. This really is really fun. Series on our second channel called try not to laugh. Where somebody sits on a stool and then people dress up in props and stuff in the background, and then they come out and they get thirty seconds to try to make that person laugh right. And we had this guy, his name on like instagrams Juji Mufu he's is like this big buff guy. He does like backflips and and always like crazy,
Chromatics Adam on the Show- and we use like to like clips of him to like show what he does and Jukin media claim that great the whole damn video, and it's like, because if we had him on the video like he would be cool with that using these clips but Fucking Jew. Can we can I curse on this I don't know we never said. The F word is our first really. I don't know. I think it's. Ok and graduations in E Cox, there's no there's no sponsor on this one. So there isn't so yeah. I don't think sponsors really care with pod I don't think they do either. I just never done it yeah, but you could be the one like so I was occasionally. I cannot talk occasionally. I was self censoring myself 'cause, I wasn't sure 'cause most podcasts are like I don't know who cares so How do you say anything I mean just all say it wants together? I probably won't, but.
When have you really how it is just as it is, you can do I mean if it comes out naturally than it? Well, you know this. I do not. I get really upset. I just have a lot of hatred for Jews in all. I just hate that whole business model they they literally just they just buy clips. And then license them whenever somebody uses their clip, then they just claim it and take the money? It's it's a shitty business. Oh I don't know. I just cursed together good. I just really don't like you: can you really don't really coming out like you can see, all the dirt is coming out man we're about to set up a fight with you in the hack in setting up a boxing fight to get into that object. Would you Do that hell! No I've never been punched in the face before. Would you our wrestling? Our wrestling match was probably the most confrontational I've ever been with anybody really yeah. That was a physically filmed agents of secret stuff by the way for Ian is bored yeah and we wrestled and he was in a suit, and
It was a little revealing, I was gonna say you can kind of see my dong of great yeah yeah, I wanna everyone's getting again so, which episode was this. I was really interested yeah, as I am pleased to I tried to last in the ring what thirty seconds so I just ran around the ring and try to avoid you. I actually think I saw that one yeah yeah it was funny it was fun, so it again yeah more time. How much is wondering, because I mean everybody that whole scene is blowing up. It helps everybody that yeah I'm sure it does, but then, after the match, nobody cares true, it's You know what I'd be afraid now, it's gone I'd, be afraid of. If I got into a boxing match, and they knocked me out so hard, I peed myself. I think people would understand yeah, but that was a terrible swimmer of into uh oh yeah, ok Sebring! We do have to do a yeah break. That means it's a pee break, but just called she anyway, quick. She she break.
We've been going for a bit anyway, yeah we'll be right back she break she. I will hit them this time you can hit. If you want okay road to help you out, that's the most controversial or confrontation he's ever been sued, he just hit them yeah anyway, and we're back. Yo, that's how we get back into it anyway. What were we saying boxing and boxing? I will say that I I did remember that one part from the boxing match. It's really funny 'cause, like you know. I didn't really want to support that that match. So there was a group of there's a group of maybe. Maybe like twenty of us, that all went over to to one person's house. So we only for one, but I do have. I do have some respect for God I forget his name. He went. He went up again.
Rackaracka one of the rackaracka guys. Is it the Joblo guys yeah a is one of the young guys. The guy comes out from behind the tree. Hole mean so good here, the acting at all. What is it now? We're gonna be upset yeah anyway, slipping your phone I mean that was that was clear. He was clearly going to lose both the wrecker racket. Guys, like have you ever watch their videos, yeah they're, awesome, but they're insane, yeah those guys are insane and if you've like seen any of that, there huh larious there like amateur, wrestlers too, so they're just extremely physically, capable guys and they went, gets him and like like like like so I got to give props so that guy that went up against Rackaracka dude 'cause yeah man had heart yeah and sometimes it's the most important thing, but I hope you win, but I respect not to help you win. I believe in heart. That's a big part of it for sure
but I want you up to or now now, if you had to, who would I box yep? If I had to, Everyone's like Anthony, no there's no way, we can help each other, we're so passive, aggressive against each other yeah, but if you had to, though, if I don't leave them standing in the way worse, like white out just like talking about the other yeah, I don't think we ever even like raise our voices at each other. Yeah like yeah is going to say like one of one of the people that was running defy good Lord Junkin Jacket, you can you can yeah I'll box you. Can media yeah, okay, I shouldn't say that, because maybe there's some like and the neighbor that runs that yeah website, I don't know, I don't know if I ever said this publicly.
And I don't think he would mind. But when that always happening as it was getting planned out, the second, the second, I think no, the first fight actually rice gum hit me up and he wanted locks me. I think you did mention this and I am I might have mentioned it. I don't know where they'll where we would have mentioned it other than that. Yes, when the or maybe it was one. I don't think I at least yeah. It was like one of those I really to our test versions. Okay, I don't think like, boxing or I mean you would still and I'll but no I mean I don't know how he might yes good. Reach he's got he's I don't know how to it right a was fight. I fight, I think, pretty, be pretty confident, but not in boxing right, sir. The year. But I mean it's all the same advantage that Logan had you're a natural born athlete. Well known now, wouldn't say not. Look I once in natural, okay
but I mean you're Adam very much out of shape compared to like when I used to do a lot of sports. He says, and he's like, I know actually saying, is flexing a little, but you guys can see, but I mean like obviously you're you're highly competitive person. You were you when you like state ranks or something with with wrestling caressing. He won first place in the states. Come on man, it's a small states holy yes estate, it's not like it was all right How strong was he when he beat you up and he was smiling the whole time right yeah? He wasn't really trying that's the thing. It's desi a fake who's running around in a slip I was, I was fighting for my life well. That would be an interesting that would be an interesting fight. I don't have a say, and I wouldn't say you should do it. I know I'm the thing is I don't reason I would do it if it were mma, because I'm a fan of the sport yeah.
And are have some experience in it. So I wouldn't have to put in, like you know, granted his experience. You know: that's not fair if he has none, but if he does have some experience in boxing yeah and I'm experiencing resting in Judo, then it kind of balances to live it more. You know yeah, I mean it. Just wouldn't be fair. No, it would. It wouldn't be fun to watch if it was mma, because you would just take him to put in some kind of hold on this really good and nobody knew he's better. The good like surprising, athletic, a basketball we played with him. He's good he's You really good at basketball and honesty. When I first look at him, I didn't think he was going to be he's he's pretty good. Well, maybe take everything. I say I probably not. Maybe he was like he's asleep he's one of those people who have been training and he thinks like. I think he doesn't know how to fight, but he can fight he's waiting. That's why I said I mean fall for the trap. Rice try Brian yeah nice. Try don't and call you by your screen, name
why were you in with rice go? What's that all about, so he lived out here. So this is right when he was kind of getting big. We are you kind of reached, it was, I would say I even mention it in that song expose song that he when I, when I now out with the music you I don't know he has a bad rap and stuff at and he does the whole, like all kids, but when I manner is- very nice shot, I guess a kid at the time and then we had some he's, probably always been a nice person. It's just just have a persona online exactly but home with him in idea along time ago. He was starting to get big and kind of see like you know, ok, he's kinda he's feeling it. You know I mean everybody goes through it a little bit right when you start getting that fame, you kind of feel like I'm getting more money than I ever thought. I would I'm getting more girls or
whatever it is and at the same time he was like you know we had this really deep talk after we play basketball. Today I was driving him home and he was just like stressing, like I don't know like. Maybe I should move to LA, or what do you think I should do like is very like it was very kind of I'm sure he doesn't. Actually. I don't know if your mind, if I'm talking about it, but it was just very normal- is like a normal guy go through like a lot of stress, yeah, and I think God are that you know whether it's a persona or whether it's him he it's kind of like a defense mechanism. I think writing it's, because he feels that's where he feels comfortable. That's what got him made and he kind of just ran with it, and you know just like a like a prank channel or anything. You have to talk yourself. You have to go above and beyond consistently or else people lose interest
yep. So yeah, I think happened. I mean when you, when you build your whole, when you build your whole persona around always raising the bar and pushing the envelope, then you, like you, said you have to keep pushing the envelope yeah. If that's, what your game is eventually you're you're going to reach a breaking point, yeah, whether it's your content or your mental, well being exactly see. But I that's why I think like on the I get why he gets the hate. He gets the content that he puts out right so, but I don't think a lot of people know who he really is, and that- and I think it's also just I mean it's not their fault for not knowing that. I I think a lot of youtubers are like that. Actually. They know that it works. I'm sure there's some that are very genuine. That are very, not saying that he's not, but I'm sure there are. There are some that are very much just douchebag, but and they they put like a family friendly front yeah. There's that too. There's that news
then you you sound like you want to say something. You know you can name name just saying that that is like, strangely a thing where, if they're putting on like a nice sort of thing online, then yeah- I don't know, I don't know it's true. I mean we're not going to say names, but I'm sure we, you know people over the years and stuff like that. I mean most of the people. I've met have all been wonderful, like me too, even if even if I've never met, I don't think I've ever met rice gum. Even if I met him, real life. I don't think we have a bad experience, no get along just fine, probably super polite young. When I met Logan Paul for the first time I was in and he wasn't, this is before, like all the you know, controversy and stuff like that, just one The nicest people in only met once, but but you can't get much from one meeting, but he just came up to me at a party said. Oh, I was such a big fan of your.
Videos from back in the day, I was like all I I, like your vines. I don't know his on you too, by the time her mom but yeah. It was like around that era and it was just like a normal conversation and then, when all this stuff started happening, I was like oooh. He messed up. Well, he's gonna get some pr for that data bigger yet and then just ooh another, oh oh, but the thing is it just made it bigger and bigger. So how can you really it's positive reinforcement, yeah, you know like in his head. Obviously it's like well, yes, all this drama things making people say some bad things about me, but I'm also blowing up so like how can he
yeah? I mean it's all speculation, but I think you know when you're creating content like that without any sort of without any kind of purpose yeah when you're just doing it, because you need to push the envelope e e, I you'll get a lot of use, but you're not you're, not, I don't think you're really building a core sort of audience and that's something that I feel like you know. You guys have done. I feel like that's something. That's marsh was done like audiences always been like not very engaged, but I feel, like you know, we've we've always had a sort of core and. And you see the sort of channels that that have just followed a certain trend or they get locked into one sort of like format.
And they just ride that thing all the way up and then once the algorithm shifts, and that trend is no longer good for the algorithm. The bottom falls out from under this accepted, the algorithm hasn't changed in a very long time. It has there. There are things in the other than that. A change. Well, I mean they're still doing well all yeah, that's true, actually, they're, not what it was even last year by they are still huge yeah I mean there was. There was like recent. There is recent stuff that picked him up a little bit again, but you know they kind of because they don't really stand for anything unless I have to they have to keep pushing the envelope, and I mean I'll still say it like Logan Paul is extremely talented yeah. I do think he really a really talented guy, so I just I just really disappointed because the after the forest, then I was like
This is his chance to completely reinvent himself yeah and go down to a new path and it'll be really good and he didn't do it and if he's still, obviously six succeeded yeah very well. I know I know what you mean. Yeah could have took that other turning kind of like reinvented himself yeah like because it was such a big event. That's like your perfect opportunity. To I mean they get any celebrity. Goes through that stuff. You know
there. People want that change and then you can change it up again later, but like the whole, like it's very similar to that, like at least how I see it is like the whole Miley Cyrus situation is like she was very clean. Whatever girl and then people are like what the hell she turned into this smiley drug, Miley, twerking, Miley and she's, so out of character, people were just like super interested, but at the same time like hating on her like this is not how you should be. She wanted new audience there, but now that she's kind of reverted back to old Miley, it's like! Oh now, I want to root for this girl. 'cause she's, like you, know, she's, seeing wrongs in like she's, trying to be a better person and is dating that famous dude. Hemsworth again, you know so it's like it's like a very I don't know, I think a strategic. Yes, it's a really good, really good career. I am, I guess, before HURD, Christina Aguilera did
I mean we all remember the dirty area, air of Christina Aguilera come on. You guys, remember it. I mean I'm trying to think of the people watching. Remember, probably not the world no yeah. But that was a thing like Christina Aguilera started out with like Genie Genie in a bottle like she was like this kind of like little bit risque, but like still, part of wholesome. I think I don't know. I wasn't like a big fan, but then she came out with dirty, and He went like full blown like like, like this sexy like man, like you know, as as a freshman in high school high that came out was very stoked. I mean it's britney
same thing right, yeah, yeah and then, and then they had kind of had that sort of with Christina. I feel had that sort of like mid like she matured and then she was like back to because she's an amazing singer, so she was able to just kind of like mature into this sort of like I am now like. I am now a woman right, amateur woman sand, people loved it, but it's the same trend. Everything that is look at Justin Bieber same thing. This innocent little kid right plays a guilt cute kid! That's like you want to support all the little girls love and was sure that this this man facing on I'm the man, I'm gonna, take off my shirt and then start. You know, get tattoos and stuff like that and looked off look, but he is, we got.
For and then now he's back into like well, I'm going back to church and one not that he didn't go to church, but you know he's putting on that. But I don't know. I think it's the same trend. I've seen with celebrities, Elise, okay, it happens all the time and that was Logan's chance to go through that phase. I think, and then you could always come back, which I think would happen, but I think it's just like a it's an it's, because people see that as being human, that it's relatable like. If someone is perfect and always perfect, it's like wow. I love this person, but I can't relate to them. I would like to be this person, but when you see someone fail and then and then they succeed, that's a story that you can align yourself with the like if they can do it. If they can go, do something wait tougher than I went through then then that gives me hope. Yeah yeah, I can honestly I I I thought Logan was get. It was gonna, it's sort of like go down the the route of
raising awareness for suicide like a little bit longer like bit. He did one On video now either ones at and then it was, and then it was back to As far as I remember shot back to the right, yeah, a dead rat or something like I was like really like this soon, Maybe I mean it could also be the people that he's around two hundred I mean, like I mean yeah, you gotta, find you gotta find good people to surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with yes, men, people that will just tell you could also convince convince you that it's oh yeah, that's not that bad yeah, yeah yeah. I mean who I mean we're going. Called apologists now. Logan Paul apologies, Login apologist followers that he does have an up podcast as well. Yeah impulsively holes if yeah yeah now, is that something that either of you would ever consider going on.
Go on Logan, Paul's, podcast yeah, I mean, I don't know it well enough. I saw clips on his instagram of like doing some kind of crazy stuff for, like somebody get kicked in the balls or they do some crazy stuff. Is it, though I don't know if I would want to do that, but they were just to talk to him. I have no issues talking to anyone to me. At least I don't know about you, I don't We might associate your brand. So it's like a little to me. I'm I'm ok with talking to anyone yeah, it seems like he's. I don't know I've only seen clips again. It seems like he's kind of trying to do like a Howard, stern thing like it's not like. I thought again, I thought with the podcast. He was going to reinvent himself and go like a little bit more mature and then was like the Our guest on was a porn star MIKE all right do yeah, but I I reading the calm
Seven seems like people are really really liking it like. Apparently it's good. I mean it's: it's entertainment, yeah yeah. Now this I mean like this is just us hanging out and talking we're, not kicking people in the balls. We don't got like random strippers or whatever yeah, but I'm not opposed to having a stripper to talk to or porn star sorry talked a porn star would make her do anything crazy, also here is actually so funny the wet, also Kyra, who is the pornstar this? She also did like going deep with Kassem GI. Think I just want to be clear of never I've never heard that name. No, I don't have any idea who you're talking about shut up Christina Aguilera. I was. She went on ok, then going deep, yeah god I loved. I love that she know she was so funny. You can't do
thing like that on you too many. No, no. You can't pass them his soul, he's so good, so funny yeah and as a the last question, as as the grandfathers kind of of you to Bin away. You guys have been in for so long for dying, dying, literally a diary, though of sketch comedy. What is some of the strangest fan interactions that you've had. What is on always come up with every person? Well this, because I am asking them out yeah a lady in go because we have we already answered this. Yeah, I mean the weird one that we always say. It was a time when, back when Anthony and I lived at the same house, the address got leaked and people started showing up at our house like on a almost
daily basis and somebody somebody decided like in the middle of the night that they were going to go into the side of the house like through a fence and they took picture of Anthony through the window. That is so weird yeah. Next cool, actually have a similar one to that action. I didn't tell it. I don't know why I didn't tell this story but same thing, but I mean people found out where I lived my other place, and I had cameras though- and I just so happen to have my tv on it- has a different cameras, and I just see these kids like this. I might you know not not to painting my front like kind of garage area, my on my driveway, so they're not really like trespassing, but then just keep watching them, and then you just see them talking, and you see this one kid go over and he runs up the stairs looked in the window and he filming inside and then yeah and then basically it's just
that's one of the main reasons why I moved here because I was just like that was happening a lot at the other house once they find out where you live, it's very uncomfortable. I always kept my windows closed and you know it makes you feel weird man. Yeah. I mean I wouldn't suggest everybody goes go and do this, but I mean I bought a gun. Yeah like so much hey. I know! Well, it's I They don't recommend everybody go out in California yeah. I guess you have to just get a phone call right like you need some kind of license or something in California. With a shotgun. No, oh, really literally, I paid three hundred dollars and I had it in like two weeks or something like that. You could do like I can't check or something, but they do you don't need a permit for a shock and right hand gun u to take like a written tasks, concealed weapon, yeah and then no, not a not a concealed for for a handgun yeah. Just for at least back when
I was thinking about it, you have to take a test like a written test and then you had a permit that expired. Like couple years later, right, welcome to gun talk but yeah, it's it's obviously I didn't. I didn't have the intention of going out there and shooting fans but it's. It's not its intended purpose. If someone comes and breaks into your house, like you, have some to protect yourself if they have a gun to the head. You know yeah and like in that was my the reason for the shock and over Something like a handgun was the sound alone should be enough to scare most people away unless you're, like a crazy murderer, is very rare. If you're just somebody looking to break in and steal some equipment like you're not going to take that risk. So if you just hear the then you're not going to stick around
I don't plan on shooting anybody. I certainly don't want to shoot anybody. I don't fantasize about you. Do you have any? I think you know gun. Violence is obviously a huge problem. In the I mean you have a your special k, I mean not to make you feel, like you know, I mean it's true, like you, there's a very legitimate reason as to why you have that gun yeah It's not for fans that are that are trying to take pictures, the my window, it's it's it's the fact that you know our address is out there and only X, one person to say well the to reserve that they have some. Be expensive. Video and audio equipment, or I'm crazy person- that's all it takes. I mean I've never banked on the crazy person aspect of it, but it didn't work. Then it did happen to Gavin and MEG Turney. I know yeah and that that was scary as hell cuz. Now that's that's sort of the thing that every sort of Youtuber feared and- and you know, thank God,
okay yeah, like that one craze? That's what I mean, though, there's so many people in the world and because people know you there's a higher probability of someone crazy coming. Doing something that yet and I mean obviously the the the girls online have to worry about that a little bit more yeah sure yeah, there's there's some there's some! You two were those town a person. So this can be a third person story, but they said that they had there. This guy reach out out to out to her. It was a fan and he's like hey, I'm, I'm just making sure you haven't been talking directly to me. Have you and she's, just one of the known is that okay, thank you, because I have this mental condition where
I watch when I'm watching something, I think they're talking directly to me, my yeah. So so he had the wherewithal to realize that, because of this you know mental illness that he could not be possibly thinking straight, but its does its that possible. That's unfortunate scenario and there's a very easily when they are very many people who are self aware of that yeah. You know yeah and then, and then it's those kinds of people, not that I'm trying to like say certain I'd like to illnesses response right is writing, but the people that aren't right in the head that you know the guy that broke in there was obsessed with MEG right, like had thousands of notes on his phone about like his love for her and like how he was gonna, kill, Gavin or whatever is nuts yeah, and you know. Obviously it's not like something that you two were should be worry
about every moment of the day but yeah, but just you know being aware of something like that. Yeah see. The thing is the way that I justify that that you know I know old. Already people are going to be like, oh, I can't believe you know as a go. What and there's gonna be people regardless charm, because we'd the video where we literally just went to the desert and shotguns. Yes, I think you do out I think much of it. We got so much ridiculous hate for that, I'm sure, but the thing is about the whole situation and your situation and why? I think it's fine is because if everybody didn't have a gun, that there was no guns, yeah, of course, where you don't need a gun, even though it's our right, you know if but the fact that you don't It's not put into place. You know like that. You need. I mean I understand your concern for that yeah men hi, my I have no black or white thoughts. I think that's that's the issue with with you know any sort of gun control debate is it's so black and white.
You either four guns or against guns and, like I mean there's in cases where, like maybe it's it's all right, but like then there's also a lot of people that definitely should not have guns, and maybe there are just too many guns. Well. The the original reason was for turning right, like that's the reason why that second amendment yeah, but we all had single fire muskets. Look like two minutes, not that we need to not that we need to get into any gun control talk, because that's really not an interest of mine. I yeah. I know but yeah, that's that's that's cool you! It's and that's also kind of the funny, I always think about this with like there is, I think, a lot of people that you know from an outsider's perspective, like everyone thinks California's like this. You know Super liberal Democrat.
Gun control hellhole. It's like, I know a lot of people you could basically classify as rednecks like, like California, is a very diverse sort of state. An I mean, were you know? A lot of us are descendants of pioneers people that traveled across the freaking country in a wagon and re You know life and limb to to come out here, and you know there's still a lot. That sort of, like you know, rugged sort of lifestyle that that exists, I mean, there's, there's like a like more like way, Northern California, they tried to secede yeah, they try to their own state. North California is another is three. There is going to be three right. Well now this is early as it was called the state of Jefferson
I don't know that yet and it's like a let things a little bit organ and then and then like, like Northern Northern California and yeah they just they didn't like how things where they wanted. Their own state ever happened to that separating California, three parts, the the I think, the core It's the courts knocked it down Nonso. It showed up in our it showed up in our voting yeah. But it said like the the Supreme Court of California, or something has like voted, say out yeah, so it wasn't on the ballot. Is such a stupid idea anyway? Like I mean I didn't know enough about comment, but I just remember: I was like all more states to remember yeah. You know sex for kids, yeah yeah. That's only thing is like fifty two stay get to learn about now and Guam, and all this stuff I mean
at x would have to change their song yeah. It is kind of weird, though, that California is one state, but there's what forty million people that live in one state, such a big sock is like two thirds of the EAST coast or something the the size of it. West Coast is the same yeah two slash three of like the EAST coast or something I don't know it's huge yeah yeah. I don't know. Alaska is three times the size of Texas. I do know that yeah Pacos coming with those Africa Sex something times the size of- I don't know, I'm just looking at me and we're just naming memes for this way. I just love whenever there's like an asteroid, they're always like it's twice the size of Texas or like three times the size of great Britain. I mean it's a unit of measurement for us. You know, I guess so we understand in cubic meter or somebody no I mean yeah. If someone is like it's five thousand inches would like one thousand and then you convert it to
it's not as impressed impressive that be easier for us and, like meters, were not on the metric system. So all. Oh wait! This topic I'd like very serious and dark tours the end, huh yeah! That's how I like to take things. That's good, the rope you in with the light. Three things and then I'll just tear your heart out and then we talk about gun control and now that's what everyone is going to be talking about. Super ship, something else unless we, unless we bring up something- I don't know but thing, is we don't really We always end up bringing some political thing in here, but my original intention is to talk about things. I'm interested in obviously what the guest, if there's a guest. What they're interested in Too- and I guess I am interested in politics- could always comes up at least once a podcast via a modem. You're talking about life in life is called yaks and I it. But the thing is: I'm not the most educated person on this stuff. What I have my own opinions, what politics you off hold that could that could change? There's your next segment!
Ian he a shot gun saying how that stop this? What how long were you waiting to do it? I was a like a general waiting waiting for a bone I'll sit on my hand, I'll tell you thinking for a little bit. Actually I was like all I could be really cool today. Now you must have some kind of joke he's mean to say and way we went a little bit over what we normally do, but you know what it was actually a lot of fun and very entertaining so again. Thank you for being so much before. We and in what do you have to say I was about to do that, but anyway, yeah go ahead. I'm sorry, Pako, that's! Ok! He cuts me off so I'll cut him off yeah. You can come here if go ahead. Well, you know we're getting a new lease of life at Smosh and our podcast. The Smosh Cast is a good old time. We just launched that it's available on all the places we can get. Podcast yeah and at some
point. I am going to visit you for that as well. I would love for you to yeah I'm going to visit too, but I'm not gonna be on the podcast so hard, it's so hard to get Ryan out yeah la and then I have to go through his mom and she's. So nice well, Did schedule this yeah yeah yeah, but yeah I died. I don't go out a lot there is there is. There is like a whole tour of podcast. I said I was gonna, do eventually at some point and I'm skin trying knock them all out at once. Well, if you come, if you come to do podcast with us, you probably do Rhett links. Yeah yeah and then I was supposed to do. I she did a while back. But I was I I just don't know what happened with that H. Three homes was there August as well. I don't know why the will to me to be worried about that one, because there there are a. I guess. If you mess up saying something I don't know, have you done, there's yeah yeah. Why is
we're we're some? I don't think there's anything to be worried about. I mean all the audiences is pretty critical yeah, but I guess is fun. It is a great guy, yeah yeah side. I mean I don't know, but We'll figure that out anyway, yes to make sure you guys check out the new Smosh new and improved and more free and also the well, I guess that's on your your you're paying the podcast on. I guess is on a separate channel this mosque smart on separate okay and this much gas, which is on point. I will be on as well yeah hell yeah that being said. We didn't tell him how we end this, but you know what we're just going know. He's watched it we can watch them. See the ending is basically we ended, we just get naked. You fell yeah, you first, you wanna see what I got trust me all we do. Is we breathe into the mic? Good yeah? It's just
It's not good for the mice, I don't know why we do it. It's probably a break at some point, but it's just been our thing. I've been ending my podcast going. Let's come pretty close it to be honest, it's just an annoying noises, alot notice, any some more right. There is sure. Actually that's asmer esmar! Are you an a artist? No. He decided that I'm in the plans, I'm in a smarter I'll die for it. No did you know it? Let's end this before people already going to click way like two months ago. So then you guys were watching off the people podcasts. Thank you again to Ian. I guess we'll talk to you next podcast then yeah baby, oh Twitter, any. Graham, I almost forget all of us on that off the pill on Twitter, an awful podcast on Instagram, so that we can get your questions in with that being said, see you guys next time, Oh oh did what I wonder how that makes
This really is a consistent like sugar free read. Like kind of yeah that kind of smell of years, probably as a kind of interesting smell, but this one is like a mix of so many different smells jelly belly popcorn. That's great.
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