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From a December 24, 1998 Oprah Winfrey Show: Author Gary Zukav, discusses the meaning of life, our intention, the purpose of your soul, the need for a soulful relationship and the sacred contract that every human being has with the universe.

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Opera is super soul. Conversations is brought to you by capital, one auto navigator, where you Confined a car get pre qualified instantly. and see your real monthly payment without impacting your credit score capital. One what's in your wallet term, sound conditions apply, find out more. Capital, one dot com slash auto navigator, I'm open Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper. around us starts right now before we began a little about Gary's zoo cough. He is not one to be his own. Drum a humble man. So you,
not know much about his remarkable and gentle spirit, like most of us, he started out in life with a lot of dreams and ambition, but again like most of us. You had to learn, some tough lessons before his eyes could really be open Zipcar spent his childhood in Port Arthur Texas and its, what years took him to the hallowed halls of Harvard he could after his junior year to wander through Europe, but then return DE graduate nineteen sixty five when he was twenty four he joined. The army became a member of the elite Green, raise his reggie military life later gave way to several years of drifting during those years he says, is only interests were hedonistic, but even then He knew there had to be something more so began to study the world of physics and that lead to what Gary calls his first gift to life, the dancing woolly masters, a best selling books it made. six, understandable to everyday folks and one Gary and Mary, book award!
ultimately it was the study of the physical world that lead Gary to the study of the non physical world. His second book nineteen, eighty nine, the seat of the soul, he had, the top of the New York Times best seller list. The study of the soul is now Gary's full time calling which he says he plans to pursue for the rest of his life in the mountains of California, with Lisbon of its spiritual partner, Linda so where their necks, for many wonderful ideas from seated the soul, but perhaps the most important to try to understand right away is Gary's idea that the human race is in the process of evolving interesting thought. becoming what he calls multi sensory. Now, if you wonder that means think about all those times when your eyes, your ears, were telling you one thing about a person's had happened here. You can Did you hear one thing and your heart your intuition was telling you something else and how, Often does your intuition proved to be right
according to Gary taking intuition seriously, in other words, following your heart, that other, since a perception is the first step or the next stage of human evolution. This is what he says. What do you mean by multi century? We are becoming a new human species. Here's what I mean the five senses together are really only one sense They are a single sensory system and the object of detection that they detect is physical reality. But there is much to this world of orange physical reality. You mean all the things that we see and feel in touch in here. That's right right, exactly and as a species. In the past we ve been limited to that. There have always been people who have not been limit to that. Every one of our religions is named after one, but the differences that now all of humankind
is beginning to get a new perceptual capability. Ok, so by that every one of our religions being named after one me Christ, was obviously multi year, human being absent spirit in the flesh Christianity's named after him, the Buddha suicide multi sensory perception- is the experience that this world is more than just physical. More than what you see more than one you say now that makes such sense to me even for people who do you know, might not be there yet because we're years ago, when you had people first start studying biology before the invention of the microscope, there would have been those who would have said there's nothing more than what you see and now you look at the elements under a microscope- and you can see through the microscope. the things that you would not have been able to Reno. Without that, and also the whole very idea of what happening right now. The people are watching this right now.
Waves through the air are being transmitted, and we call that television, but I think or not. Consciously aware of how that just happens, you know just there here we sitting in a box and somebody's. You now found Well, right now, that's a good analogy, I'm talking how about non physical reality reality. That is real beings that are real and intelligent, but not physical, too five senses. This sounds like nonsense. Now hear that word non sense. It literally has no five cents. Recounter part, and if it is non physical, what does that mean? Does it mean spirits runnin around? What does that mean? It means that we have access to compassion and wisdom that is far greater than with what we can provide to ourselves example. You you mentioned that there are television waves.
The television waves are in this room, but we cannot see it correct. Let me give you an example from physics I'd spectrum that we can see with our eyes runs from red to violet but we know that there is light low, read, so to speak. We called out infrared when you go to the restaurant and you see food being hated by these red light. That's infrared! We auditors, light that high. Inviolate. That's all violet light Why, then, beyond that is microbes beyond that are all the frequencies, including television frequencies, got it. We don't see it, but where are they they're here in this room with us? Now, We can only see a small bit of that infinite spectrum in other areas or violet, that's all we can see, is read to violet
that's what we call a light spectrum, but any physicist can tell you that the spectrum of light, goes way beyond read in one direction, and you know how far inferior in goes way beyond violet in the other direction, infinitely and of this infinite spectrum. This is what we can see. And with the five senses we are saying this is reality This is all there is. I just I haven't had a light bulb go off, because what you are saying is that feeling feeling of that intuition, your connection and perception of that intuition is a strong, is as powerful as what you see here, smell taste with the five senses, yes, she become multi century. That is exactly what happened and more it becomes more powerful. You reach a place where you follow your head
No matter what your head or the five senses will tell you really: yes, that's fantastic. fantastic, as it will be. Leaving one thing you can see what you can see this happen I have this sensation. I know many times somebody is standing before you telling you one thing, but you are feeling and sensing something else exactly and is what what we ve been taught to do is to believe what you physically sea and not. What do you intuitively feel cisely and you're saying that what you intuitively feel is even stronger than what you physically see as we become Malta, sensory. That is exactly what happens more this conversation in just a moment this is wild. Did you all know? The future is unfolding right now Yep Samsung has launched their next June, full double phone and it is life changing.
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We see it all the time and I everyday lives this principle of every action. The third law motion rubber. action. There is an equal, an opposite, action in many ways that is the golden rule. It's all The third law of motion in physics would the prize you to know that the same rule holds true and spiritual lives. Just something to think about. If you will in the EAST a call that law karma here. We know it as the golden rule. Do the others issue would have them do, unto you according to Gary Zverkov, our intention. What we intend towards others is the single most powerful energy in our lives and it our intentions. According to him alone, which determine whether we make our lives on this earth Heaven or the person who always lived my life trying to do the right thing the resonating moment of clarification came on page thirty. Eight,
were you say, you're talking about karma and you say every action every thought every feeling is motivated by an intention and that in tension is cause that exist, as one with an effect and if we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect and I took from that that we have the world that we have created based upon our conscious and unconscious intention to do so. The correct precisely this sort of cause and effect. It is the single hardest to me. It is, it seems to be the simplest law, and I think most people certainly the american culture is aware of do unto others, as you would have them do. Unto you which to me is the law of karma, simplified.
And people are aware of that, but are not aware that it applies to every single aspect of your being. When you know I knew last, I used to think how well I'll talk about her, because I don't care sheet Cuz. If that's going to happen when we talked about her and then she's going to talk about me back, that's okay! If she talks about me cuz, I don't like her anyway, well, it doesn't work that way. Obviously, no, it doesn't work that way that its about the energy that you put out comes back and it comes back in its own way. But in direct proportion to what you put out exactly is a device Everyone scene when this swings out. You see this one registers the effect now this is cause and effect. This is the cause and that's the effect suppose we take me away for the moment, and we only have two left and we do the same thing
you see there is a cause and there is in effect, there's a physic cause and there's a physical effect intention is what causes the effect in is not physical. You can't see it. You can't way at our package, it you can't market it. You can't do anything with it that the five senses can register. But intention is what causes that to happen. Here's an this. Is the law of cause and effect, I say law because it always happens just which you describe it had been no matter who you are or what do you do that's right if there is in effect, if there's a cause, in effect and the two or one, which means no It is beyond this law, Attention may be to be kind to a friend the friend experience, kindness, kindness and you experience kindness in your life-
suppose you have another intention, suppose you want to get the most that you can out of this world. Here's the intention there's the effect you exploit the world and you experience being exploited. Do you see, as I say, wherever the intent, whoever such the intention experiences the effects of that intention? So if I the term- and you can never have an intention without an effect precisely s, and if someone else fills the effect, you will feel the effect in the east. That's called karma Here in the west, we call it the golden rule who so, if I want be kind to you. You were going to the experience of someone with the intention of wanting to be kind to you. and I myself in my life, I'm going to experience people being kind to me, but not necessarily from the person you gave the kindness to know not necessarily from that person.
If we want to see what how you are creating in the past, look around you, you have loving people in your life, then you have been loving in your life. You have selfish. People are angry. People in your life then look at yourself, and you will see that you have had anger in your life and self concern. So if you are an angry person, you are going to draw to yourself angry people, you feel better being angry if you're an angry person, if you're around people who are angry? They understand you and you You stand them. If you are selfish, if your greedy, you will draw to you avaricious people, because you understand one another, Oh hell is not something that your assigned to against your will hell. If you want to look at it that way is a place that you go of your own free will. how can always choices of your choice of yes, how much
how can you live in than to live in a world in which no one cares for you and which everyone wants to exploit you and which people look at you as an object that is hell. and if you look at other people that way, that is the world that you will live in next year, A zoo carve tackles a really big question. What is the sole are? His answer is one that you're not soon forget. What he had to say will give you an image of your soul and place in the world that you be able to hold onto maybe for the rest of your life. What is this all? The soul is what you are the sole is not a mythical entity. The soul is a powerful purposeful essence. It is at the very centre of who you are, but do not think that you are the entirety of your soul. A soul is enormous.
Your soul existed before you were born and your soul will exist after you die you, the Oprah that I am speaking too. I, the Gary that is speaking to you, are personalities I have a certain psychological structure. Lessons to learn in my life I have emotions. I have intuition and cognition? I have all of those things, but all of those things will die But my soul will not, and neither will yours is my soul, know me. Yes, yes, look at it this way, every fleet of ships that sales has a mothership one ship. That knows where all of them again And such the direction for all of those ships to sail this, You mean that the mothership determines what happens on each of the other ships in the fleet life on one of these, might be mostly pleasant. On yet another ship. It might be mostly unpleasant.
now imagine the mothership is the biggest ship. You can imagine a city afloat, magnificent. Now imagine at the rest of the books. The ships are not really ships but little books The mother ship is your soul and you are one of the little boat mothership knows why that's very nice analogy Mothership knows why you are in the water, you may not know all the time, Mothership knows why you encounter storms your job, while you, the awesome privilege of being a little boat is too low. How to sail in the same direction as your mothership cause you can choose and create anything you want. You can sail in the opposite direction. If you want that, is a sure way to find rough water
but, as you say in the direction that your mothership wants to sail, your life fills with meaning and purpose and love. You are excited about being alive, you're xx it is about the people you are with and what you are doing cause you're following the mother ship. That's right, meaning is your inner compass that always aligns itself with the direction that your mothership wants to go came, meaning meaning your inner sense of meaning and purpose. say that again, meaning is your inner Compas got it got that much As you follow, your inner sense of meaning you are so in the same direction that your mothership wants you to sail?
ok, so all the people who cause I feel like I'm following the mothership. I do feel that and that's a beautiful analogy where they came from for you. But that's really good. Thank you for that and that's that's wonderful for so many people who have trouble, with religious terms because they feel religion has failed them for whatever reason. But what about all the people who don't feel There is any meeting who are lost, try something else. I was one of those people. I was angry bitter, disdainful judgmental controlling. I think I left a few out, but that's the way I look at the world. I was doing the things I thought I should be doing in my life, didn't have any meaning to it and I used to think is this all there is I like that song. It expresses me it must be more to life than this. That's what a life feels like when you are not paying attention inside to what you really want to do
there. You are creating a business, because your father wants you to maybe your. Family, because your mother wanted you to, or maybe you having a family, because everything Society says that when you get to be a certain age, that's what you're supposed to do- and you never were loud or never felt? Who had the permission or just where did look inside? yourself and ask yourself what do I really want exactly now by the way we need the big guy. Yet the bigger and what the big I may want is a family. So this does preclude having family as your life feels with meaning considered but that means you are going in the direction that your soul wants to go I learned that analogy. I know by you. Do we all are shrine of Bala Lollo ship
so fascinating conversation about love in marriage and what Gary calls spiritual partnership- let's face it who, I spent a lot of time This all the time on the show people think I'm a social service agency for men. I saw a lot People spend a lot of time looking for Mr Right or MS right, but the question I think for a lot of people should be. What is your soul? Looking for an inmate? How can you tell when you're in a truly sulphur relationship, why that. Will really keep you in your partner together. We're really do the ultimate and fulfilling. What's yours. its mission is about does anyone have a spiritual partner? Is there there is a soul mate. Spiritual partnership is partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. It's the new way of relating it's the new vehicle for the new mail, and the new female. It's only when you have the courage to enter into a real relationship that you can grow spiritually.
And you know when you're in a real relationship, because that person is irreplaceable, irreplaceable and that is a spiritual partner. Spiritual partnership is partnership between He calls for the purpose of spiritual growth and the reason there's so much divorce in this country is because you have people who aren't equals people we're, not whole people who are coming together to have the persons Phil themselves, Marriage is a modern form of an of an ancient bond and that ancient it has one purpose and that is to enhance physical survival and as two partners. One of them is male and the mail the provider in the protector and that's how the mail, the old mill fulfils himself and the female bears children and raises them, and both roles enter
beautifully because the female cannot bear and raise children without a protector and a provider and without a family who can and will provide and protect for God, damn that's where his fulfilment comes and so on. evolved to something else, because we are moving into something else, and the old mill and the old female are being replaced with a new mail and a new female. You are an example of the new female. In what way, every way that I can see, then the old female to fulfil herself Needed to bear children and raised them, and so when she chose a partner, she had to choose her cried her selection criteria included the ability to be protected and provided for whom, but the new female is not limited in any way she can move through anything, come stances: physical, social as well as more. I don't feel the need to be married precisely. It is not
new female. Some new females do not want to be married. Some do new from are not restricted in any one. I just don't feel the need. I don't feel the need so hard. Every. I get asked a question in Leslie, and I'm always trying to explain it in somewhat like I just where does he feel the need? It's not? It's not necessary the relationship work so well. The way it did, there's not that need. I dont need to be put directed in that. Why don't needed for the reasons that it's been created? Exactly marriage? Doesn't the energy of marriage doesn't fit the new female I got a new attitude. Had it doesn't fit the male either because the new mail not emotionally inadequate, the Newman,
does not need a female to bring tenderness in carrying and warmth into his life because he provides that for himself. The new mail is very much concerned with life on this planet. The new mail cares about the young and the sick. But aren't you a new Ellen? Didn't you just get married? No, I have a spear partner, Augener mail, and we are not married for probably the same reasons that you're, describing because merit the energy of marriage and the energy of spiritual partnership are not the same, but let me plain that their spiritual partnership is the vehicle for the new mail, female, and that's so interesting because I never know what to say said many years, he's not a boyfriend and he's not just to come and yet it is a spiritual partner. There is a deep spiritual connection that we have, which now becomes. My definition of WEEE is a marriage, marriage partners bond for different reasons. Significantly different reason can have both you can have a spiritual partner who you are
who you choose to marry. Yes, but no marriages will last henceforth that do not have the energy of spiritual part. Partnership. Spiritual partnership is partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth and Oh, I think it's fantastic. I don't know about you guys we're bound by all kinds of contracts in our lives, most of them legal Gary says we also have a sacred contract. It's part of the reason why we are here and interesting way to think about your life in terms of a sacred contract, not just what you think your job is here is what Gary has to say. It importance of compassion and that contract. I know that I have gives to give this world and you do, and everyone is watching us does, because every personality has a sacred contract with the universe. Really, yes, you did not come here under duress, you came,
voluntarily and if we have we personality, every person has a sacred contract. Everyone we came here to give our gives here, meaning this precious or schooling stance. Yes, but it is that this, this dance level. Systems must be honoured. Body must be on that guy we passed on the street this morning. I did this morning and felt guilty and went back first I said no, I'm not going to give many thing, because I've given money so many times and he still on the street and then felt guilty and went back and gave him. Money? What about that guy who's lying on the street homeless? He is a great soul. Opera is so like you, he has a sacred contract. He has a sacred contract. There is no one on this earth that is not a great saw. No one. and there is no one in your life- is fulfilling his contract there on the ground this. Why this
it's not for me. Are you to judge, but if he's in pain he's not able to give all of the gifts that he came here to give. This is the connection between authentic power living, a life of fulfilment and gratitude and appreciation enjoy, even when things are down even when things are down. If you have an inner joy, nothing can stop it, the inner sign. It doesn't stop China as it began, can I did you begin to see the beauty and everything around you your friend on the street. It's a com. Text matter about how you will best interact with him? we are too not judge that precise to say it is unfair or not, because every person has made choices for themselves and is,
part of their own co creation with with universal energy. Yes, but you are to have compassion for yes, if you are not naturally a compassionate person, then allow me to offer this suggestion, because you created each but with your decisions and with your intentions, and if you use your understanding of what we call karma that this man on the street is playing out a role living a role that is necessary for him She is now looking at another perspective on a dynamic he's experienced in the past. But if you use, that understanding to say that's his problem. It's not mine! You are responding to him with callousness with emotional brutality and coldness. That is what you will create anyone I allow online at so I went back now. It is very difficult to know for me sometimes how to respond, how to
create harmony, cooperation in sharing and reverence for line. Is enough enough to that. That is the thing that I get constantly it. It will do no one any good, as far as I can see, to continue to support a drug habit, for example, but the important thing is not for me not to judge. I do not know enough to judge and if I I will create negative consequences for myself. If I look at my brother and say your problem you're, not my brother you're, drunk on the street, look at what I am look at the way I'm looking at the world that's what I'm bringing into my life as and so you know I'm just thinking. I was you're saying that so my action, could be real, you should be out of you know pure compassion and not out of a sense of guilt. Oh my goodness! Well, if I didn t have it so why should not? It should really come from the purest place of
passion. There was a time in my life when I was angry and bitter. I didn't think the world recognize me and I was upset about that and if some one had come to me and said, Jerry here is fifty thousand dollars, because I recognise what you can give to the world all would have done was delay my agony, over the round for maybe eighteen months and have been right back to where I was before, because I hadn't changed and fifty. Thousand dollars and no amount of money or work on anybody else's part could change me. I had to change who I was So how do you know when you interact with someone? What is the best? What is the best course check inside? check inside. So how does Gary's? You can't remember his spirit. I don't expect. If anybody should believe what I believe, but I believe that there are many of you out there who believe that life has a greater purpose and a greater meaning and the chaos, so we all are exposed to every day.
That's what remembering your spirit is about is about inside removing yourself from the chaos and confusion, the noise of the world and finding a way to bring peace to yourself. It's a subject. The Gary's Luke has spent much of his life thinking about so much exactly finish our interview without asking him how he remembers is and we were done with that. We found ourselves thinking about. Maybe the awesome, question of all what happens after we die. Everybody has an opinion here
is: how do we every day? Consciously remember spirit? That's my goal is to every day cautiously. Remember spirit, tat comes to me now and then, when I'm connecting like connecting with you, when I feel that I'm doing something that I love doing with somebody, I love doing it with when I feel connect with my the world that I mean and I walked down the street and I felt a part of it when I look at whatever happens to me and I look for the meaning in it. I dont go on an extensive intellectual trip, but I know that this world is meaning.
when I can remember that the universe is a friendly place and not a violent, brutal one and whatever violence and brutality is in it. I and we put here and can learn from it. What can we learn from it? How not to put violence and brutality into our world how to create a planet without conflict, how to become authentically empowered? When I'm with my beloved, Linda and I'm awake, I can remember spirit when I'm in a circle, I love being in a circle with people. I could remember spirit when I'm seeing a flower or plant or an animal. Sometimes I can remember spirit, then I can all of those things and not remember spirit. So the idea is the intention. My intention is to remember spare. My intention is to mastering embody authentic power and help teacher to others, and I love that intention. I feel it's my life's mission in its very challenging I dont want to use
to anyone. Any time that I'm above the struggle, probably might, if I had a spiritual awakening, would be the time when I realized that spirituality wasn't going to be an end run around my agony. Then, in fact my agony was my avenue to spirituality, because those painful places are the places that I need to heel. I realize now in order to give the gifts that I want to go in there
do you have automatic power and the experience of it is one of those gifts and it's it's a part of the evolution of the souls evolving. Yes, yes, the sole evolve. It's not a perfect platonic, ideal thing or energy that sits there. While we do the work, we are energy tools of the soul. Our experiences are not lost, it is the sole that learns to our choice, to our experiences and when we die in this flesh is gone. What what happens you know? I've heard people talk about them. spirit, leaving the body. I've done many Those people who pad out of body near
experiences they experience in know the light the going through the tunnel we ve heard. All of us have heard those stories, but how do you perceive that when you die, you go home? it's where you came from home is not physical reality. Home is a larger, more expansive, more compassionate perspective. Will I remember me: is that important in the bigger nonphysical reality. I dont know the answer to all of your questions. Oprah but I do know, I know when we die we return to home. We return to the fullness of who we are, how it happens with each individual personality. I do not know
But I do know that every life is an awesome event. Every birth, life and death is awesome, magnificent. It's the expression of such beauty such compassion that, as we begin to sense it and to sensitive that is who we are, our lives begin to change. We see, meaning everywhere. We follow meaning inside of ourselves. We want, to reach out to others. We long for harmony with long to cooperate. We longed to share the best that we have with long to revere life, and we do. I know sittings here is in fact an emerald seated, the soul, very instrumental in my life and the fact that I have lot more things in life than a lot more people still on the same life struggle life path as everybody else in writing with any sense in by any money knows this too.
He doesn't change your life. It's the way you choose to lead your life, it's a kind of person try to be- and I think we're all in the same journey struggle, trying evolving to be the best people that we can convey. That is the goal I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the cast you can follow, super so on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review, this podcast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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