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A New Earth: “Finding Who You Truly Are” (Chapter 7)

2019-03-11 | 🔗

In this episode, which focuses on chapter seven of "A New Earth,” Oprah and one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Eckhart Tolle, discuss ways to help you discover who you truly are at your core. They also share an unexpected place to practice what Eckhart calls “diminishment of ego,” and Eckhart answers questions from people who are reading along in the book. The episode is part of a 10-part series on Eckhart’s ground-breaking book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” For the next four Mondays, these insightful and uplifting podcast conversations give you a chapter-by-chapter class on practical teachings to help you discover an enlightened state of consciousness. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check and live a fully present life.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully. Present your journey to become more inspired and connected to a deeper world around us starts right now I again so glad you join me today, because this class is another one of my favorites. I know I say that I'm only said it about three times. Is that three really favorite chapters in this book chapter? Seven now you know the full title of experts book is a new earth awakening to your life's purpose and in order to awaken to your purpose, you have to be able to answer the question
Who am I? Who are you? Who are you at your core once you take away all the labels? What's really left of you with the capital, why we're figuring out who you are, and perhaps more importantly, who you are not is what this class really is all about and hopefully That is all becoming a little clearer to you. As you read the book, I shall see. You'll have little epiphanes a little under the weather, but I can tell you I love doing this so much. Nothing dampened my spirits or enthusiasm for these conversations with a card. My apologies for the stuffy stuffy knows the sniffling on the chapter, seven of a new earth. I truly believe that he is each one of us becomes more awake and we're on our own lives. So will our families and everyone we encounter our communities in our and our countries in the Bencheley, our world and so Eckhardt
only- and I welcome you once again to yet another lesson- chapter seven, my favorite chapter thus far are right. Everybody we're discussing chapter, seven binding, who you truly are, which I know is a reason why so many of you picked up this book in the first place, because when I first announced it, I was reading the subtitle. That book is a new earth awakening to your life's purpose. Let's start with an overview of what this chapter is really about. You begin with no Thyself chapter, seven star. Put those two words that you say are inscribed above the entrance of a famous greek temple. You say on page one hundred and eighty six. What those words imply is this before you ask any other questions. First asked the most fundamental question of your life. Am I and then use page one, eighty nine that you're, not the ego. So when you become aware of the ego in you, does it mean who you are. It means you know who you are not
It is true knowing who you are not that the greatest obstacle to truly knowing yourself is removed. So, let's start off with these two questions who art I and who am and of course the best starting point is first question who aren't I because what is left when you realize it's you, a process for most people realizing who you are not letting go of identification was things and so on when you realize, who you are not, then suddenly who you are becomes reveal to you and who you are. I can easily be put into words, because if it costs them the answer in one simple sentence, and then everybody could repeat that answer believe that lay who they are. That's? Why don't we start with?
knowing who you are not, and that begins before people, sometimes with loss but they lose something less valuable. Tat. They had identified with, or death comes into, their lives, some kind of bread down or disaster happens. Sometimes those people suddenly can awaken. Something has been taken away from them that they had identified with for many years that have become part of their sense of self, and if some very fundamental, that has been part of your sense of self, is removed DES loss. A person, a human being would be somebody loved, yes, good. Somebody close to you who dies then of course, at first it led to enormous suffering, and you feel as if part of you died also, and while some people that happens even if they lose possessions because there was
identified with their possessions that, when the possessions are removed. They feel there's nothing left of me and others. Related to possessions is social position. We ve people fall from a high Some high social position was not scandal, it happens all the time in the news. I guess not. Any names? Yes, don't you don't have and that these people can be streaming painful if they had been come totally identified, wouldn't either their possessions or their souls position and then suddenly faced with a kind of huge emptiness in their lives and then the questioner, I'm nobody anymore, and this is a decisive point, his rage there, where they can either contained? to resist and suffer resist. What happened. Internally complain about it tell themselves
worry about it. How it's all collapsed all night suddenly come to a pint of acceptance of what happened and acceptance of the present moment. So that that was so important in their lives actually left behind. I sometimes to look at a person's life. It's a tapestry consists of all kinds of things at one identifies with fright and when a great happens, it's almost ass, Suddenly there is a huge hole in the tapestry of my life correct, and that is plain. When you're identify with a tapestry but behind the times there's a light that chimes stroll, because without that light I wouldn't be anything at all. That's why you can even see your life without I'd have consciousness, nothing but behind the tapestry there's a light, I'm using a kind of analogy. So when you don't resist. This whole that are suddenly appeared in this tapestry of your life. Then there's a light shines
then I'm using it as an analogy. They suddenly appeared, said, comes when the emptiness that is left behind by the form that has dissolved, who is not resisted internally and then store that empty space. There comes what the Bible calls the peace that passes all understanding, because you can't expect and suddenly, and people have reported that this has happened to them. They lost sometimes in some cases everything they suffered at first and then suddenly an inner shift happened. Except it, and this also happens when you are grieving- somebody that you loved, isn't it true, because when come to understand fully who you are. It means that you will no longer be saddened when you lose loved ones, but you will. Also when you become conscious, you then stand that they have just me, from farm to fork less and that the form less
and have an easier way to come through, come through now even more strongly than it did in the form If you allow yourself to be with it and to see it and to experience it, yes, let's go, two page, one, eighty, six, everybody! This is one of my favorite things unconscious people. And many remain unconscious. Back in their egos throughout their lives will quickly tell you who they are their name, their occupation, their personal history, the shoe or state of their body and whatever identify what others may appeal. Or to be more evolve because they think of themselves as an immortal, so or divine spirit, but doing really know themselves or have they just added some spiritual cell being concepts to the kind. They're mine, knowing self goes far deeper than the adoption of a set of ideas or beliefs, spiritual,
isn't beliefs may at best be helpful pointers, but in themselves They rarely have the power to dislodge the more firmly established core concepts of who you think you are which are part of the conditioning of the human mind. This is my favorite than in this chapter, one of my favorite. I have three stars than another star. When I read in a second time and love Knowing yourself deeply has nothing to do with whatever ideas are floating around in your mind. Knowing yourself is to be rooted in being, instead of lost. In your mind, that was beautifully. Yes and saw the I mentioned because some people identified many people identified the external things you mentioned, I believe, a week or two ago you somebody meant
do you that they suddenly realised that they are not their car. Another car, that's the beginning, yes early stage of this identification, but it's good, but we do We are and that's why you wrote the whole chapter. We do think we are our roles, yes role as a lot of people have important roles, roses, parents, India's roles in important positions that affect a lot of people's lives and people think that they are there often they identify with their status in the world and what they have achieved its right and, of course, it's a question of finding a balance. Honouring the role that of honouring the function that you have in this wild. So that's fine! You have Do whatever you're doing it. The awful failure function as mother s, father or in some other capacity. Some public function, business function, whatever it is so to another function without becoming totally identified with the function, so that always there is still a year.
Being there not just a function, so knowing yourself deeply has nothing to do with whatever ideas. Putting money into mine and also about I meant what you just read. Is people sometimes certain ideas in their mind of who they are, and they may be spiritual ideas, I'm a channel spirit. This, of course wonderful and basic, It is true, but don't you truly know that, because too What truly know that you are more! You are much deeper than this form goes far beyond holdings out and concepts in your mind it goes kind of knowing is annoying that goes beyond conceptual, is really knew that you would have a certain way of being or living in the world you that with manifest that in the works actually- and it would manifest your being- let's ride and particularly when situation happened, your reaction to a situation of
tell your well you're at as far as your level of consciousness. That is why a lot of people become annoyed with people who claim to be so spiritual or so, religious. Yes, why, intolerant of other people, intolerant of other ideas, self righteous imposed. Their ideas on other people, because if you truly were what you say, you are so moving onto who you think you are beautiful statement here on page Eighty, seven everybody. If small things have the power to disturb you, then who are you You are is exactly that small. That will be your unconscious believe. What are the small things? Ultimately, all things are small things, because all things are transient, and you say sensible. You are determined what you perceive or Asia, AIDS and what matters to you in life, in whatever matters to you, will have the power to upset and disturb you so the law, the time say a peaceful purposes,
I'm a loving person, I'm a kind percent journalists person, I'm a good person and then the slightest thing goes wrong and suddenly something else comes up which is total opposite of the good person- and so this is not- the deep, knowing of who you are knowing really is the EU There were no here in a somewhat differently from the conventional way of using the word. No Usually, knowing is conceptual knowing so to be rude in being instead of lost in your mind, and what does that mean to be rooted? In being and to we are using words here to describe something that really is beyond one describable, yes, but so little hand. Is we all Come back of course here in in this teaching to the present moment. Absolutely so when you were Attention moves fully into the
present moment at that moment, you go deeper into into being. You could say that life through dimensions as the horizontal dimension of life passed future with everything happens and most people their whole existence is on that horizontal. Surface dimension? They think that's their life. I think that's all there is and of course, then life is quite a threatening. Because you ve all demonstrate in general terms, younger, and you have so you never encountered the dimension this by the way is a few people. Have we interpret the Christian, for us, which we mentioned also last time and some slightly different context, the Christian Cross as being showing the horizontal dimension of life and suddenly the interests it intersects with a vertical dimension, also dimension of the sacred
until the you enter the vertical dimension by being becoming present by bringing your attention into the now. So then, because then past and future disappear from your consciousness, and this at this moment is only the now and suddenly adepts open up within you, and so what you ve been saying throughout this book is that if you are living you're alive in the horizontal past and the future, then you're not really then you are making enemies of this present moment. Yes and you're not truly living yes and that when you say what I interpret. What you say, knowing yourself is to be rooted in being instead of lost in your mind is too in every encounter I've been doing this more and more. Coming back to your breath. Yes, coming back to that moment in such a way that you are, aware and conscious of Everything that's going on around you and recognise
that you you, you are that awareness, that's who you are You are the observer of all these things that are going on in horizontal plane of your life. Exactly so the was the vertical comes, the the witnessing presents turnover Oh that's on that's the liberation, you that's your sometimes this word liberation is used in spiritual context. That's the liberation from horizontal dimension, which Jesus calls the world. Yes dad, the the Netherlands. Then you have a question about on page one. Eighty, seven about small things, disturbing you I love this quote: go ahead, Deb high! I opened I heard by my question Is about high sensitivity, I always considered myself as a sensitive person ends and means are easily overwhelmed by life. Things that might be considered small. I think
practicing staying in a moment with changing moments, but I think I need some more advice. Hi sensitivity, adjust. Not a narrow economic state, and do you have some tools that might help me to stop feeling so overwhelmed by all these small things. Does sound like a label, you ve, given yourself yeah yeah, I know I'm a highly sensitive and individual, yet us yes, that is true. So that's that so we need to address. I can you give to perhaps two or three examples of what kind of things you are very sensitive to. But a lot of things, but usually when, going to shop sharpen, there's love music there. I just want to run away, and I have a heart I'm dealing with, noise in chaos, yes, all being in a big, the day, traffic yeah yeah, I suggest that you expect
a little bit when these situations arise and you feel the same thing happening again and if you bring a very aloud tension to the situation? you realize that real there are three levels to this situation. Level, one is whatever it is that disturbs you the external noise, the chaos the traffic whatever it may be. So basically the the thing that disturbs you level, one level too. There is your reaction to that thing, that disturbs you you could come as it could be an almost physical reaction, as perhaps a contraction in your body. It could be So an emotional reaction of frustration, irritation, anger. I assume something like that and
in addition, the reaction could be certain thoughts in your head about the city fishermen says I can't stand being any longer its dreadful dreadful. This is level to now be aware of that, these two off ass of old separately There is the triggering event or situation, and then there is your physical, emotional mental reaction to and now what is level three? That is you overlooked, but level three is where timidly freedom lies level. Three is your awareness of both these levels, You are aware that there is the the situation, the event
There is my reaction, physical, emotional, mental and days myself being the aware space for those two and You can bring your attention more to that deepest level. Then you realize changes will happen on the other. Two levels If you re recognise yourself, not ass, the reacting entity that happens in your, but that's not how you got it, but you record you yourself as the awareness that is unaware of this thing. That's happening out there of the thing that's reacting inside. Actually, like Debbie Observing your own behaviour, your observing, you're you're, egos behaviour to yes, you observing our egos bay with no judgment just as fuel observation, pure awareness like ours that interested and I'm getting so upset
yes, the sky polio in front of us, being there s the awareness. So then that's that's already beginning of freedom and Increasingly you realize that you that you are not the entity that is reacting and then as Oprah site. Then you can let go of thinking of yourself, this concept of yourself as a highly sensitive person that perhaps you might not natural nothing personal in this, you may have become attached to, because you have lived with this concept of who you are for many years XO, that's where freedom lies, but about that, in addition to two Debbie's question, let's say and for her, you know she labels herself or defined herself as a highly sensitive person. But let's say a person gets said about someone putting a dent in his or her car or use coffee. On your blouse right before an important me or your child gets sick or you get sick or
saying that if we get upset about these things, these kinds things that we don't know who we truly are, if they dimension of press awareness is missing than you are lost in the reaction. Thank you. I, the reaction. Yes, then you become the reaction, and when you become the reaction, you don't know who you are it's a misperception of who you are you got that right Debbie. Yeah, I got it yeah I gotta tell you. Lot is good You get it. I got it. I got it too and just catching her shop. It doesn't that doesn't change this situation. It doesn't mean please change the situation, but you do find that as you practice this site Suddenly appeared changes sometimes fast appear in the fall that is behind your reaction that lessons you react still react, but less not as strongly and
miraculously you sometimes even find that if you, if you are totally because really the awareness level is also part of the acceptance of completely accepted at this moment. This is what I feel, and this is what the external situation is with complete acceptance. Even changes often happened miraculously in the external. Violation yeah. I think acceptance of the situation. Would you talk about in power now and also repeatedly in a new earth acceptance non resistance to the moment is one of the most important things we can learn yes, and that is whether or not you are facing a crisis. Whether you are facing someone, you lost a loved one or whether Are you sure you know in traffic and our highly sensitive person non accepting what is in that moment. This is the most important. Yes, you can practice with little things, because little things happened throughout the
that people feel irritated about angry about are protesting against, and so on all with little things you will have many opportunities to practice, so it's novel spiritual practice you see is what you before you wanted to get rid of. You use it as part of your spiritual practice and then as a by product. You also eventually get rid of it, extend anything so much okay, thank you from the Netherlands. Thank you. Everybody says they want peace, inner peace and peace on earth and page one hundred and eighty eight. You say: peace is really what you want, then you will choose peace and if peace, matter to you more than anything else and if you truly new yourself to be a spirit, rather a little me It would remain non reactive and absolutely alert when confronted with challenging people or situations. Yes, that's the so there's You can either be a reactive act according to yoke. The way you ve reacted format,
Yes, your partner, auditioning, all you and become more large, when a challenging situation happens, so that you dont internally separate yourself from the situation so that by completely open yourself to the situation that you bring an latinus to it and a large number of presence, so you are facing a situation totally it with that state of a large presence, you're, not reactive anymore, and if something needs to be said or done in this situation, the words were suddenly come from that level of consciousness. That alert stillness. If you need to do something than you, the right thing, the right doing will happen in it, instinctively order. Extinction is not the right word intuitively. The right thing. You will do the right thing so because it will be born out of a sense of president out of present for a sense of being
which is another word that were using yes, that's right and saw what I, whenever you're upset about any situation, there's a line in the calls in miracles, Linz ass. I am never up For that reason, I think yes, so because, when you upset lost yourself on the extra level recalled the horizontal there's, some things worth upsetting you. I mean they're injustices in the world in their horrible things happening all the time in the world that we should be upset about. I wouldn't say that we should be upset about it. What it is normal for people to be upset about this, but it is not the most effective way of bringing about
change. I got it. You can be upset all day, long and nothing. I ain't happens as people have been upset for years in things down change. Yes, me blob sent about violence, upset about war, continuous war between nations and so on. It continues to happen, and you cannot, you cannot fight against but being upset about. It changes nothing, no soap, it's more powerful to face a situation and see this is but is and then see if action is possible. What is it that can be done? Got it and then there's no negativity in the action. But if you are resisting the complaint about a situation already, whatever you do, negativity flows into? What do you do? Yeah, I guess that's something early in the reason I'm thinking about this because a friend of mine who lost his brother and was saying that you know he's having such a hard time letting go, and I what I've just had in this moment. Something click for me is that when P
do finally are allowed move on from their grief, it's because they have come to the point of acceptance that there, one is gone yes and what you are saying is in situation, whether it's the loss of a loved one or loss of opposition or loss of whatever nature faced with acceptance of the situation I'm beginning to deal with what is going on now, instead of wondering, are worrying about what could have been should have been might have been changes that the situation and the way you feel about it, yes, and that your pain and so bring, is cause and stresses cause because you refuse to accept the now. Yes, you're, not one with that is continuing on with whom we are because I know so many people have. This is as a prominent question for themselves. You SAM! one eighty, nine, no I can tell you who you are. It would just be another concept, so it would not change you who you are
requires no belief, in fact, every belief is an obstacle. What does that mean? It means you are, has nothing to do with any thought that you might have about yourself, So this will you. I have nothing to do with what you ve done. So you spend your life here. Doing all this work and working work, working working, making money taken here, your family, doing all the things that people do and that has to deal with it and then you get your funeral, they read your word. About you and say this you are well and then there's the grave stone. And on the grave stone there is the date of fast and they said one or two inch dash yes and then there's the date of your death and the ash is really all your ambitions and your affairs and your drama and your problems. That's what's left on that level. So I'm not saying not to honour the level of funding
because that's what we're talking about whatever you do in this life, this Sancho level, where we do things where we have our functions and lay roads? on that level, but real I think there is something more vital they something deeper than just that: ok region, says Darrow protect our. Can you explain the quota on page one? Ninety two, but nothing you can find out about yourself. Is you nothing you can know about? You? Is you yes, so we are making it. Frontier between knowing yourself and knowing about yourself, ok and I'm. I mentioned as an example. If you go to, conventional cycle analysts. Let's say you will spend years, examining the make up of your condition thing of your past, your childhood
and so on using set. You find out more and more about yourself. Things said: perhaps you hadn't seen clearly about your emotions about the make up of your browser. On and all that is knowing about it to do with content. Read the com and of my life and the content of my mind ultimately, because my life is annoyed, only s the content of my mind So that is knowing about yourself, and you can't know thousands of facts about yourself and your history and still not know who you are, because that knowing has nothing to do with conceptual gnawing, moved with bits of information. It's the deeper. Knowing I gave the analogy earlier of the honey honey you can know. The honey. Yes or you can it's the honey, because when you trace the honey, the only becomes you merges when a train that trade. In that sense,
knowing who you are in a non conceptual way is being fully. Who you are as being in touch with that deeper level of being where that you can only access in the present moment, the verdict you say many people say what I'm a spiritual being in my spiritual path. Yes, as many people have said, understand or not reading this book and understand, as you say, many people say: well, I'm a spiritual being you know, I'm on my spiritual path, just as many people have said is a lie been on the spiritual path for many years because I said for years. I recognise I'm spirit. Yes, that is come from come that come from the greater spirit, so I can use that word. I'm consciousness come out of the. Because I said for years, I recognise I'm spirit. Yes, that is come from, I come from the greater spirit so ass. I can is the word I am consciousness, come out
the greater consciousness that I call God, yes or spirit that come under the greater conscious that spirit that I call God yes, so I recognise that. I know that intellectually, yes, so in that sense you could say intellectually, that is it. Who statement, but I feel deeply. The question is whether this is. I know that do. But in any case the question is whether you truly fee situations in your life and how you react to other people in its it's there that you find out surely no, there is whence how you react to situations in your life and how you react to other people in its it's there. They you find out whether you believe that you are spirit, whether you truly no or whether it no more as I put it, then an idea floating around in your mind. Do you know it in the depths of your being, because then
the way in which you deal with situations and people is very different erect. I've always believe. That I really was God child that I was, you know, come from as I've gotten got an older and could articulated better use other ways of describing it, but I believe that I came from that which is God yes and was born of that? more than a belief and more than to believe you can sense that GM in some way that it's hard to describe right, you can send. No matter what I'm going to be. Ok, because of that- and you can find that's more than a belief and more than to believe you can sense jam in some way that it's hard to describe way. But you can see since that, ultimately there isn't you and God there is a deep place where you and go Marge still wonders with that. Why just I later in life, I used to think God was out there
for I was deter, lay over such a great experience. I really think you so much for what they do. The question is made Iceland is on page one I need to these same. You mean, want to know yourself, because you are afraid of what you may find out. And my question is about letting go of european securities or what you would call your ego from any I find now. I've been handling like in eating disorder, and it's pretty much then it's cool soon, a part of my identity that I identify myself and I feel like that causes lacking in me, awakening in a way I do want to let go, but then a great part of me just wants to hold on to this identification of myself.
I guess my question is: what is the next step from awakening the fact I shall move on an acting upon that that's me, deriving signs of who you are from certain thoughts or mental images that you have about yourself and that's a normal identity that people have a derive their sense of self from certain mental images or thoughts they have about themselves, which they repeat themselves which they talk to us about. As is what Debbie was saying us to us earlier from the Netherlands. I'm a very sensitive persons. Were lots of things overwhelm me. Yes, yes, and that's already this on one, that is true, but if you become too identified with like that, then that becomes a hindrance. Going beyond it,
That's why you immediately science when she said that we have laid able and sword there's a similar thing. Perhaps that happens to you. So it's really finding within yourself, something that is more powerful. More genuine more truly, who knew than any image that you have in your mind, and we have to come back here to really the the essence of this teaching, which is pressed. Moment, you have to invite the present moment. Into your alive as frequently as you can. You have to make room. While the present moment, because it's only when you make room for the present moment that the
images and mental concepts about who you do not operate. So when you become present- and I have already given hence about her, the little things you can do to become present, then the alertness rises. The key is here. Another watchful presence is the alertness and. So, you become a lot also within you feel the alliances of your inner body. Rather, having a mental concept of who you are, you feel the tire energy field than that which animates the physical form. And yes, I touch with that yeah, an l what I would say add to, that is that you when done that enough, because once you start to do that, when you get in touch with the body when you begin to feel the inner space when you began to feel the presence and being That is really you. You realize
bigger than your little self with an eating disorder. When you see and the reason why you're still attached to this idea of having eating this, because that is as you know yourself to be right now, and when you know yourself to be something more, you will choose to be. Something more and not little me that has an eating disorder. That's that's how I see. That's it twice. And that's why you're clinging to a cause, you don't know who we are, cause you don't know who you are it's very difficult Beyond that I mean I may in my mind, understands the intellect surely that greater. Then this is yeah. It is you're, not gonna, help yourself to your mind right what saying in this whole book at real healing, real everything. Creativity joy, real press,
and being comes from that space, the inner space of consciousness or presence being in the reason why you were attached to the idea, because that works for you that works for you right now, easy work for you, because you like playing small right now. So maybe you're not ready, but what he just described. For you is ignored and it doesn't happen overnight- it doesn't mean that you know tomorrow, you ve been a wake up and in and not avenue issue its slowly, bringing more and more consciousness into your daily work, being that allows United Effort that Fisher and when I would lay this elinor, I would say you're worth it. Thank you so much for that. Everything, I would say, you're worth the effort. I would say thank you when a move onto abundant and there was a question I had earlier that you had an uneasy about abundance. I love that question, but there's lot in chapter seven, about abundance and that we are
not the little me that we think we are you say on page one hundred and ninety, whatever you think the world is withholding from you, you are withholding the world and you are withholding it because deep down, you think you're small, and that you have nothing to give try this we're couple weeks and see how changes, your reality, whatever you think people are withholding from you praise, aviation assistance, loving care, and so on, give it to them what's so great This, I think, is that something people can do every day. Right now is to start to give that which you say you most want. Yes, and it starts with recognising external abundance that, if the act of recognition that these external abundance and one that is will see in the second is the act of recognition of external abundance already brings out
the abandoned that is an essential part of your very being so when you recognize abundance without in what I am suggesting there is to. It is just to look at you walking past a store, but there's a display of fraud, apples, oranges and you see the abundance and the alliance Is there a real knowledge it lacked? Abundance doesn't mean that you need to buy many things you can buy or not by, but it's too right now you see the abundance of What our rain falling from the sky there's an abundance of water. There is an abundance of alive knows there is an abundance of joy and the dog. That's going past. You, there and soldier recognise to see the above that's right, and even if you very poor in the eyes of the world, the abundant is always around you, but you need to recognize it acknowledge
and another word for that is gratitude. I know I was going to say I've. That's why I've kept her gratitude journal for years is, if you keep gratitude journalists, there does thing just five things in the day that major most grateful what you start to notice. It This is that there are more things added to your list and you don't and have time to write them all. And when you start to pay attention to the things, ok and you also said knowledge in the good that is already in your life. Is the foundation for all abundance, yes and many people make that mistake, because they believe that there is nothing good in my life and that's absurd. It means not present. They are trapped in certain stories in the head, which tell them continuously that there is nothing good in my life and if they only There eyes two round and didn't MT? The air saw the sunlight, the most abundant thing. You can see the sum I thank them one thing you can have as your breath. The bright come back to your Ratan
back to the back of the. So you can be with that and when you can't think of anything to be grateful for go to your breath, press already alive and us in your hands in your arms to feel that any sum. This up this abundance by using a quote from Jesus saying give in it will be given to you good measure, pressed down taken together running over will be put into your lap. That is the truth. So help me just the truth. Yes, it's an amazing amazing statement. And also somewhere else thesis talks about. You must like Jesus. You talk about the lawyers there. There was a time I I I was brought up as a Catholic and then for many years. I wasn't interested anymore and then after I went through this inner shift Cobb, PS afterwards. I happened to pick up the new testament and I happened to rage the gospels and I suddenly saw how deep all this is, these statement in sight, and the aid more than doctrine vs, yes,
it's so Jesus someone else's. I want you to have live in its fullness. I want you to have the fullness of life and that see that's a beautiful statement people sometimes don't realize what he means by the fullness of life, because in our civilisation, particularly the fullness of life means having as many things as possible, yes and of course Hence that Jesus was not talking about shopping malls. Note because he was talking about shopping malls and the kingdom of Heaven has already arrived and is in the shop and more so you are not talking about many, many things like art made a joke. Ya'll guy made up. He was talking about something that is within you. The fullness of life is a dimension within you and he's. Don't I want you to be in
with that dimension year. Then you and you are absolutely right if you get nothing else from this book, if you can get that, then your life will change. Yes, delightful, changes, and abundance comes only to those who already have a page one. Ninety two, it's all in town almost unfair, but of course it isn't. It's a universal law, but the abundance and scarcity or interstates in reality uses put despite this for two. One who has more will be given and from the one was not even what he has will be taken away and he's not talking about things. So he's talking about your inner state of gratitude for what you already have this in your life will change. Alright, let's talk about the joy of being unhappiness or negativity is a disease on our planet. The pollution is on the outer level. Is negativity page to thirteen everybody What pollution is on, the outer level is negativity on the inner. It is everywhere not just places where people don't have enough. I love this
But even more so when they have more than enough, there fluid world is even more deeply identified with form more lost in content more trapped in eager? Yes, I thought that was interesting. Yes, sometimes you see when you visit certain places where people have relatively little of news to see more happy faces and radio that rises than in our rich society saw. The passage is about negativity and there's an enormous amount of negativity in the collective energy field of our planet is generated by individuals.
So it's everybody's task to be allowed so that when negative video rises within them, they recognize it and then ask themselves whether that is what they choose. When you recognize it, you can be there s. The presence and you have a choice, is right is negative, anti ever the optimum way of dealing with any situation, and if you look closely at sea, It is a good way of dealing with any situation. Ok, you say on page to fourteen the joy of being, which is the only true happiness. Cannot I'm too you through any form possession achievement person or event that people who think that I'm with you and I love you and you're gonna, bring me joy. Cannot yes, you
there are joy or you're. Not us. Ok do anything that happens. That joy cannot come to you ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you from consciousness itself, and thus is one with whom you are yes, it comes from within and not from without people conventionally expected to come to them from without and then usually dozens Because it's, u need to discover in yourself fast, and this is why, when you try to manifest things in your life, which is a fine thing to do, but the vital question is: have you first of all already come true that place of food enjoy within yourself right now, have you found right relationship with the present moment. If you haven't, because that's where it resides its own,
by having a right relationship with the present moment that the joy rise from within you. You talk about that on two hundred and ten, when you say to awaken within the dream, is our purpose. Now, when we are awake within the dream, the eagle created or drama comes to an end and a more benign and wondrous dream arises. This new earth also, let's go to page two hundred and fifteen everybody, the top of two hundred and fifteen. You talk about apple, spiritual practices consciously to allow the diminishment of ego, because we ve been learning through a new earth is that most of us have until reading this boy believe we were our egos believe, We were as a Carter said earlier and tonight we believe we were our horizontal life without the vertical. We leave. We were our past. We believe we are. What going to do and what we have done and the now was always just a sort of means to an end is okay, so you say a powerful spiritual path,
has consciously to allow the diminishment of ego when it happened. Without attempting to restore the ego. I recommend that you experiment with some time to, for example, when someone critic ices. You blames you or calls you names. I gotta tell you it's hard to say. Is that how insane said of immediately retaliating or defending yourself. Do nothing allow this health image to remain diminished and become a to what that feels like deep inside you. So what's that supposed to force its? Not I'm not saying in each case you should do that other experiment with this from time to time when a particularly and nothing depends on that situation, so you don't have to explain something. So the situation can be put right or whatever somebody just cause you we talked about the other day.
Somebody cut you off in traffic, yes, so that it would be a good practice was its toll. It is pointless to retaliate. Yes, it makes no sense whatsoever so budget would the retaliation when somebody calls you names in traffic or whatever, or does something to upset you, yes But I doing nothing? Yes, retaliation is automatic and unconscious, because it comes from the eagle, because when somebody calls you stupid or example right or somebody calls you idiot it, the it injures the he called it hurts the Eagle Geneva, the eagle that's being injured, not you not you're, just nothing because deep down! You know that it's not you! It's just the eagle image of who. I think I am deep down. You'd! Well, deep down! You know it's like you, but if you are person who lives unconsciously than you, if you live out of your ego, you think it you. Yes, yes and immediately. The ego will go into what I call instant self repair mechanism, and this is
sales repairman, which is totally unconscious, says I am an axe to bed. One no age will call the other person something worse than stoop and by that the Eagle believes that is, the report itself and now let level it has. This person has taken something away from you, this the imagined ego, and then you take something away from that. Other person is how the Eagles work and then, of course it is probably not the end, because the other person is going great I'll, yet again right now you're in it the whole madness in the drama is so. This is a good example where you can practise being non reactive. So when somebody called something remain told you I knew say when that happened. Just do it for a few seconds. It may feel uncomfortable as it will just keep your mouth shut. It feels like you shrunken size for a momentarily, then you may sense in There are spaciousness, it feels intensely alive. You haven't been demand.
It all. In fact, you have expanded. What do you mean by that is so somebody you're not body are not defending. Is your your? He going identity the image identity and the dream. Suddenly that has become diminished by somebody cobalt, calling you stupid. For example, energy has become diminished. You dont resists the diminishment, so it has become smaller, Don't you spare her and therefore suddenly something that is deeper than that can suddenly come through, because the the eagerness shrunk trunk in size? I got it now. The ego does like that those rights are wonderful experiment. When you allow the eager to shrink and then suddenly you feel There is a power under New said: that's fine, and its shrank. So every time you become aware of this, yes, even when you don't do what you're supposed to do. Yes, ok, I like this question from so hard in Clifton New Jersey,
How can we use the high quality know that you talked about on page two hundred and sixteen in our lives? Can you please provide us with some real life examples? Two hundred and sixteen high quality What did you mean by high quality now, in some cases? Sometimes people, misunderstand, when I say say yes to the present moment, they believe, then, whenever somebody ask you something I guess I yes, yes, I know, but I say say yes to the present moment is to do with an inner and in a state of consciousness. Yes, but it is open to what is the guy's not resist? What is it does not? certainly mean that every time somebody ask you something you say yes, so let's say a person comes to you known him. You ve already lent him money. Five times is never returned it or to choose enough towards enough, and so I say I need another five hundred dollars now and then you perhaps this may be a good opportunity
occasion where you can use equality, no, that is not very active and does not make that possible wrong and say, becomes angry and ourselves attainments. I use you just honest. You haven't return my money now, I'm not giving you a penny more well. This is a low quality local high quality noise to say who do you think you are all that at all raised in order to know it's wrong? Yes, I've, given you money so many times before us, and then you make yourself into a victim yes it's all about yourself into the great person, yes and so benevolent. Yes, whatever the ego, a game is so the equality known as such resembling stage. Well, I've already give new that money twice and you haven't returned, and yet so I won't give you any more. You have to return my money fast, I'm not going to give you sense it there's no negativity, simply state. Clearly, this is what I'm going to do. Not do not give you any more because you haven't written here
I just want to say here that I love this on two hundred and twenty. What you see hear feel touch your think about is only one slash two of reality, so just being it is formed in the teaching of Jesus. Simply call the world and the other dimension is the kingdom of Heaven or eternal life, then toward the bottom of the page, secular pact. Last paragraph you say, the collective disease of humanity is that people are so engrossed in what happens so hypnotized by the world of fluctuating forms so absorbed in the content of their lives. They have forgotten the essence that which is beyond content beyond form beyond thought there so consumed by time that they have forgotten eternity which is their origin, their homes, their destiny. Eternity is the live, in reality of who you are, and you can actually sunset older. That's a wonderful thing when you can be surrounded by the stillness yeah, but the amazing thing.
You can actually send said even in the midst of chaos, even in the midst of noise, of also all very often felt that in nature, but I have also failed that extreme peas in situations where one wouldn't expected- I failed it in the middle of London and busy streets walking around, especially after I went through this shift before labyrinth received. I was always anxious and fearful, and I couldn't stand with traffic and the noise, and suddenly I was able to just walk along because duly circus and be totally at peace, as if I were on a mountain top inside. So when you mountaintop intact in society and that what presence is, is it now Yes, present is being on the mountain top. In aside, yes, you have that stillness is always there in you as the essence of who you are, and when we college stillness. We are already limited because it so vast you cannot just of crime, but with one word right so
I have a word you use is already a limitation, but words are limited, of course, because words refer to tangible things, but not to the inner reality. So before we say goodbye to sum up, we ve come in this class, knowing who you really are means knowing yes, no at a level beyond the level of concepts. Knowing yourself, ultimately, is being yes, health fully being in touch with being being that you are too sends the I am. That is the essence of Europe. Then to do when you remove all the other, delegations that usually do you say Can you say I am you say what you are, but if you say I am and add nothing to it. That gives a good practice. It can get you in touch with the essence. I'm not this, I'm not that I am.
Simple meditation repeat the words I am to yourself, it's so powerful as I started to do that it is so and don't feel in the blank. After the words very power, another similar ones. Who am I it's a question but on block to the mind for an answer, in fact, don't look for any answer, especially not on the level of mind. Who am I and then allow the stillness to be there after the requests? Don't look for an answer and in not looking for an answer is the answer, but it's not not a mental concept as if sensing really I am and just be with them yes, yes and self, or whether it's an addiction or in eating disorder or or nothing you there you have a really wonderful life, but you
are connected to all the things in your life, to the content of your life, just being able to sit with yourself and to say those words to yourself. I am It's wonderful to lend to recognise them. You know them. Yes, like honey, yes to know them right. Thank again! Thank you I want to thank you all for joining us yet ready for our next class on chapter eight, it's the discovery of inner space. I love this at this. My next phase. Chapter, four, six, seven, eight nine are really the essence of the of the book interspaces. About allowing the inner space of your life to connect to the outer purpose of your life, the inner, an outer purposes of your rights love it again. Thank you. This was a long chapter. Lots to cover Tom I read it. I go a little deeper and awaken a little more This is one you need to be with poorly wildly over an over and after you have one
you don't need a radio long pages, just read with sometimes half of ages enough. Yes, one! What I do is I go back and we as you're using your high lighters, just go back and we wish you highlighted in just be with that, because the things that you highlight usually things at resonate with you more deeply, it's a good way of of reviewing it and every time you come back to it. You know two weeks from now you get something that you didn't get the horse. Oh yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, a car, thanks everybody, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the podcast cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet, apple, podcast, unsubscribe, weight and review this podcast join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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