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A New Earth: “Your Inner Purpose” (Chapter 9)

2019-03-11 | 🔗

In this episode, which focuses on Chapter 9 of “A New Earth,” Oprah and one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time, Eckhart Tolle, talk about how aligning your life with your inner purpose can bring you greater joy and fulfillment. Eckhart also answers questions from people who are reading along in the book. The episode is part of a 10-part series on Eckhart’s ground-breaking book, “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.” For the next two Mondays, these insightful and uplifting podcast conversations give you a chapter-by-chapter class on practical teachings to help you discover an enlightened state of consciousness. You’ll learn how to quiet your mind, get your ego in check and live a fully present life.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the people world around us starts right now. Where, in the home stretch, Super sellers just two more classes to go, and now that we Chapter nine of a new earth. We are getting to the heart of why this is absolutely one of my favorite books. Ever last time we explored who we are at our core, now, we're taking it to the next level by learning how to discover our inner purpose. That's the Reason. Why we're all here and today will tackle
That's how you do that? That's why this chapter, maybe the most exciting one at all. It answered the question awakening to your life's purpose. One thing is for sure: once you find your air purpose and then you in line with that everything else. It you do your job, your relationships, your family, everything, then you, the flow of your life, and that is a very good place to be the only place to be really. We're here with other Eckart Tully number. Nine were counting down we're down to the last two chapters of our book, and it is my most sincere hope that all of our classes five been leaving you to find more purpose enjoy in your own lives and real. The about bringing clarity to finding your inner purpose, and so I this is my most exciting chapter of all. I know I say that every chapter I didn't say that last year,
during I'll tell you why, in a few moments, well we're discussing chapter nine, your inner purpose, finding your purposes what I believe we're all put on the planet to do so many people spend their lives. You know trying to figure out what job with job to do, what to do, what to do? What to do? I think when you, figure out what your purpose is and you align the outer purpose with the inner purpose. Then the job really doesn't matter right and returns. The essence of what you are saying in this chapter. Let us begin to fifty seven as soon as you rise above mere survival, the question of meaning and purpose becomes a paramatta. Once in your life. Many people feel caught up in the routine of daily living. You say that seem to do. Either. Life of significance, somebody Eve, life is passing them by or pass them ready, others feel severely restricted by the demands of their job.
I've been supporting the family, some are consumed by stress, lost in frantic doing many people long for the freedom and expansion that prospect the promises others already enjoy the freedom that comes with prosperity and discover that even that's not enough to India, all their lives with true meaning. There is no substitute for finding true purpose. So how do we do it. Now. What you just right, basically, of course, means that many people spend their lives in a state of almost permanent dissatisfaction right Fortunately, they may be looking for some papers or they may have given up hope that there is some powers for them and their just surviving. Making a living our quota, the doing all up in the doing in the stress of it right and so,
usually when we talk about a purpose when people talk about purpose, they think of purpose in terms of future. Where am I going? What am I supposed to do what the direction I'm going? What is my goal, the goal that I want to achieve, and that, of course, is that it has its place I called at the outer purpose, a fundamental in the outer barbers is what most people usually overlook, and that is realisation that what matters most is finding your inner purpose now to most people. That of initially doesn't mean anything in our purpose: and this is why I explain it briefly in the dialogue that is there in that chapter where somebody asked about. I want to know what my purpose is, and I tell that person your purpose is to be here at this moment and asking that question This is why you are so in a purpose.
Is aligning you're alive fully with the present moment so that you are no longer out, alignment with the present knowledge, which leads to the state of dissatisfaction that way, talked about. That is the reality for many people, so you have to go. Beyond the state of dissatisfied. That is so many people's reality right, but you, not go beyond the state of dissatisfaction through some few, shall go that says one day I would like to be in a state of fulfilment of satisfaction. No, you have to enter the state of fulfilment and satisfaction by becoming one internally with the present moment in your purpose than you in our purpose is That alignment with where you right now to be totally where you are, and whatever you are doing, even if it doesn't look like your life, purposeful,
for the next thirty years. Whatever you are doing now to be total enjoying it, and but no matter what it is to be true to live by being true to this moment yeah, as you say, on page to seventy one, there is always only this one step. And so you give it your foolish attention this. Mean that you don't know where you're going. It just means that the step that you're taking right now how is primary, the destination is secondary, and what you encounter at your destination once you get their depends on the quality of this one step. I love this so much because I discovered this when I was in the third grade. I couldn't articulated this way in the third group. When I was in the third grade, I turned in a book report early Miss drivers class, and the reaction that I got from my third grade teacher taught me or informed me that, when you do your best. When you do your best
in any given moment that is well received, because my third grade teacher told all the other teachers in the teachers lounge and I became known as his kid who really to read and that's why we're sitting, because of that, but I learned in the third grade this whole process of whatever you're doing in any given moment, if you do it you're best, it lead you to the next best moment. So you'd have to worry about. What's the next moment coming, if you only do your best in this moment, that's right because when the next moment comes, it comes ass. This moment right, the future need never experienced. A future asked the future EU experience. If you Nobody comes ass. The now because that's all there is it's all there ever is an that's. An amazing realisation for people to realise live is always just this. It's always the now yeah it's interesting, because last week we had Nick and do you use,
and we Nick was up talking about he had to what will you have to worry about your bills? And you said: well, you don't have to worry I have to play your battles to pay, but you don't have to worry about. Hang your bills so anytime. I find myself You know in the mind worrying about to linger. I don't have to worry about this. I can either figure out what to do about it or release that thought. Yes, yes, so if the it is here, but the money is not there right now I come to anything, put it aside and then decide what action can I take now and then you do what ever action you can take now you can't come, take any action than you just be with it. But I love that when I read that there is always only this one step until you give this one step, your fullest attention, that's in middle a page to seventy one, body, and this doesn't mean you don't know where you're going. It just means that this step is primary and the destination is secondary and what happen
Most people are living their lives as though the destination the end. This land is what it's all about. As if the end, where more importantly, now means that means, and so the means and the end, however, are one right. So if this decided action and denial of the present moment, which is a denial of life right, honoring live. If you don't honor this moment, but being open to this moment, then that is how you will experience the future, because the future is no more than an extension of now right. You also say I'm page two hundred and seventy one. The unconscious assumption behind all such action is that success is, future event and that the end justifies the means, but the end and the means are when you say that lets say your business person after two years of intense stress and strain you find they manage to come out with a product or service itself well and makes money six
ass in conventional terms. Yes, but in reality you spent two years polluting your body as well as the earth with negative energy, you made, everybody crazy. I don't say that debate, everybody and everybody around you're, crazy and affect Others, you didn't even know the unconscious and behind all of this action is that successes of future event and that the end justifies the means, but and then the means are one and if the means did not contribute to human happiness, Neither will the end so There were the end result. Is it's gonna carry the energy of what it took to get there? Yes, that's it that's exciting Yes, and that means you actually you? U determine what kind of future you're going to experience by deciding to be taught totally aligned with the present moment right in Europe into a state of consciousness. Now that will determine whatever is manifested in the future and when that,
happens. That'll just be now. I got that I got that very much okay. So let's continue with this lesson. You say that oh or primary purpose of your life cannot be found on the outer level. To me, that's the essence of what this book is all about everything whose searching and waiting for answers and looking for it on the outer level. It does not concern you do, but what you are are, that is to say your state of consciousness or the most potent thing to realises this. Your life has an inner purpose and in our purpose, in her purpose, sir and being and his primary out a purpose, concerns doing and is secondary, you want to elaborate on that saw one Do you realise that the primary purpose of your life is? This is the inner, and this is what comes the main purpose. Then the secondary, purposely out up others falls into place.
By being true to live and being true to now live bring to you. Whatever is most appropriate as pies your inner purposes concerns life will become helpful suddenly. Sometimes the helpful idea comes from within sudden realisation of this is what I want to do. This is what I have to do. The realisation only came because you are aligned with the present moment. So let's say this everybody every who was born is alive and breathing has an inner purpose. Yes, the inner progress is the same for all of humanity, which is being aligned with life, say yes to live by, saying yes to now aligned with the power of the present moment, which has the power of life. That's everybody's pop, then the owl up, as varies from person to person, how that translates into what do? You do varies from person to person,
even in one lifetime, it can varied. You may do you have a certain out of others for ten or twenty years of your life and suddenly to train is completely that that varies and is subject to time. It doesn't necessarily, last year, a whole lifetime Finding and living in alignment with the inner purpose is the foundation of fulfilling your out of workers. It's a basis for true success. Without that alignment, you can still achieve certain things through effort through struggle to determination and sheer hard worker nothing- but there is no joy in such endeavour and in such never and invariably ends in some form of suffering, yes, but we are struggling to make it your struggling and fighting and basically you're making your fighting against life on the wild me against. The universe is what the eagle-
The eagle sees it and is it s sort of like swimming upstream? I always compared to swimming upstream when you're like going again the grain of your life there's a flow to all of our lives and if you are suffering. If you are in pain, if you can't figure out what it is supposed to do worried Wade worried all the time it is because you're going against the floor o er, the grain of your life means you going against inner purpose that when you align with inner purpose, everything flows. Yes, yes, and any negative side. Whenever negativity arises, anti out you dwell in negative in our states, then you are you're not going with the flow of life you against the flow of life, and then you experience life as not helpful. You experience life as even as hostile, because you are in a state of in Anti Nile Union state of negative. It you're not open to them.
I got that I really got that early guide, that another friend of mine, a teacher who wrote a book called the so Gary's zoo coughs, calls it says when the personality or ego comes serve the energy of the soul or consciousness. We women calling out when the personality comes to serve the energy of the soul, that is often take empowerment. I take that to mean from the so that when you align your personality or you your personality to sir of the inner purpose to serve the soul or the conscious then you are your most powerful, yes, the world, yes, and then run by the mind any more, because the mind becomes the servant of what I some national languages or presents the mind than surf. Something great Ellen itself which is the consciousness? You say on page to fifty nine, instead of being lost in your thinking when you are awake or
ere. You recognize yourself as the awareness behind it. Thinking then ceases to be a self serving autonomous, everything that takes possession of you and runs your life awareness takes over from thinking and instead of being in charge of your life love this everybody, instead of in charge of your life, thinking becomes the servant of awareness. Yes and then the mind is quite helpful, so mind can be used for many wonderful things right when it no longer controls you, I got it So, in essence, our goal on earth as human beings, the spiritual beings in the body. Higher consciousness inside this flesh, membrane us whatever body our goal to allow the white of inner purpose or consciousness to come through. Yes, everything that we do
Yes, this is why we are here, and that is then also lead to Universe is of the universe. One could say: is the flowering of consciousness loosed once more and more consciousness? Ok we then become bring us of that, which is why here so then the the consciousness. You could call it the light in the light of the source. The light of God comes through the yeoman, far right, and so when you allow the light of God, the light of consciousness to come through you and it is, loud to fuel. Whatever it is, you do whatever it is, you do will be filled with a spiritual power that will allow you to be the best at what you do. Yes, and then that also means that What do you do is not of primary but how you do what you do is what matters, how you do it
You could be doing something that the word, what regard as relatively insignificant and yet make an enormous difference to the consciousness on the planet, ivy, if some rich, when Virginia High Ivy, I have a question about one of my favorite quotes: go ahead. What is the question of my question? Deals with trying to find a career path at merges, you're in a purpose it out of purpose and on the top, a page to seventy four. You say I think there may be a period of insecurity and uncertainty and he I want to say that if you are able to live with uncertainty, even enjoy it, you you become comfortable uncertainty, infinite possibilities, open up in your life, and my question: is there some twenty six years old and ask you might try to find a career path that merges my inner purpose with my purpose and haven't They ve been able to do so. I began.
I think, a lot about my life's purpose in Russian. Whether or not I would ever find a clear that merge my life's work with something I was passion about. So my question really is true, for the first is: how should I approached finding a clear that is fulfilling doesn't shaken, might you go, and, secondly, and perhaps more pressing, question How do I do this by also become a comfortable and oppressing the uncertainty that defining my life right now, good lesson to us. So to what extent have you become successful in bed? facing and accepting this time of your life and you dont know yet what your purpose is to what extent, Are you able to say well see? Can I become comfortable with not knowing.
Have we been able to do that, I'm sure yeah I've been able to, but mostly lot of thinking and feeling very uncomfortable about not knowing yes and often the uncomfortable knows are certain thoughts. That goes through your mind that tell you that it's not ok to be in this state, and then you have certainly emotions which other bodies reaction to those. What's so you, when these thoughts arise and tell you it's not ok, the way you are right now is not ok. Realising these thoughts that arise in your mind, conditions but by the surrounding culture and so on, and you dont necessary need to believe in each stop at comes and tells you it's not ok, not to know what to do life is an adventure. It's not open. Page tool. When you travel, you can take a package tour,
everything is already planned. This no uncertainty and ever you are going to reach Nice- will tell him no more exotic country, but you won't even know it's exotic wheels. You'll tell who is the same as every other total you're, totally silent about everything is planned. You know beforehand, where you go be in ten days time exactly that's, not an advance and it's unlikely that you are going to evolve. Internally through a trip like that, but if you went to a droll trip into some exotic country thrown back on their own resources, then you would incur, true adventure all and you- and you would be It will not be the same person when you come back. Why? Not? Because we have constantly faced with uncertainty and if you are able to act I'm glad you can actually enjoy the adventure. If you cannot accept the it's, I'm giving this analogy of a trip, because life is Johnny, yes,
and so the personal cannot enjoy the uncertainty when adventure comes is going to be in a continuous trait of negativity or of fear, I don't want to be here- I'd rather be at home. Eliza Life, isn't adventure and part of the adventure of life is being in that state that you are in now, If everything well already clear to you now, everything well already mapped out. There would be no evolution of yourself, may I say ivy that is part of what being twenty six is all that is that it is what twenty six is you're, trying to figure it out that aim. Yet. That is what the twenties, therefore, yes, and- and another very helpful thing to remember- is one of the most wonderful things it in your period of life is to make mistakes, because mistakes means you realize all that's not that
my purpose. Yes, and so are you a little bit closer to your droop Airbus? And then perhaps you think, oh baby, that is my powers and then you after, while you realize no, that's not it. It's very helpful to make mistakes because great really you begin to realise what it is. That is right for you and many times as card says in this chapter ivy and you will find in your twenties and twentys or about figuring out where you want to be in there's this frustration. That's why they call that show the young and the restless, because there are, restless for this about it, and I know that cause I've kept journals. Since I was fifteen in my twenties, obviously wrestlers wrestles restless and when your age. Twenty six. I was a anchor woman in television during the evening news I hated it every single day. And what I now realise and even then my this pleasure with being in that place. Every day was really forming me what I mean
to do what I needed to do was to get out of that space and many times being enough space that you. Can clearly identify as this is. I do not want to do this wanna be in television, I knew what I do I want to do this and you know when I had my by my my other and everybody around thing you're going to give up that job, delegation, I knew I could not do that news felt exploitive to me so many times. If you are in a position where you know it's you don't want to do is in that also help a car- oh yes, yes, for a while. I thought my life robbers was to be an academic and university and then a sudden realization, after years of spending time working hard to become a professor. I realized, that's not my life. I was at all. I had to, but I had to go and you re vital promising career academia and this approach I gave up the Phd I gave up. The promised in Korea will enter my relish
If my mother thought I was insane give that up, but I knew this is what I had to do. It was so clear there was no doubt about it anymore for a little while there was doubt, and then the realisation was so strong. I have to walk out of there, It led to a period of uncertainty for a few years. I didn't know what am I supposed to do with my life? He I am. I will just Valley managing to survive and gradually I lived, but I was not unhappy. I was happy when the present moment then already and then gradually something of people started, asking me questions people that I met casually in parks, casual and gradually kind of spiritual teaching started. Happen and after a little while when somebody called me for the first time, all yours, spiritual teachers, that's what I am
The purpose came by itself. It came just out of that it just being with what is and not being. Happy with not knowing being at ease with not knowing, then much more likely to come to you when you are at ease with not knowing so the question that you can ask can I be at ease with knowing what you say, and who seventy four that ivy had mentioned earlier. You become that will then certainly infinite possibilities open up in your life it means. When you become comfortable with uncertainty, it means Fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do and no longer prevent you from taking action to initiate change. That's the big thing as long as you are afraid, you cannot allow the energy of what is supposed to happen to come into your life as long as you're. Afraid rice fear blocks that yes, yes, so be it
and watch your mind to see what kind of forty produces field. There may be the emotion of fear, as Oprah says, rising, occasionally associated with a thought. We'd like what's gonna happen demand, yes, because to mine I do not what, if you're just going to bring about how Judge life would the owl dreadfully boring. It would be if you knew already what's going to happen. What part of that is because two people Fraid because of again what Nick said. What Nick as our spiritual teacher this, because I said last week about bring about your bills, because a three year living outside yourself you're creating more debt, creating more dead, creating more dad allowing yourself to be to operate, From the thinking mind, at the time, I'm that you made these decisions for yourself. You were living on in practically you said at the poverty level. Yes, so yes, and so you survived somehow you make it
one more question before you go. Is there anything in your life? Let you that you truly, enjoy other certain things that you enjoy. Doing that may not be necessarily associated in your mind with Korea, really think nothing can. Ok, then? What life what's left for? You to enjoy the present moment and yet that you're spiritual practice here. But I thought you were saying earlier: ivy about you know, trying to align your passion, what you love and getting paid for it. Well you're tagamet earlier, while something out with passionate about two line, something. He's lying. What I'm passion about? What that figure that out I don't really know what that is right now, to reiterate something. A cart was saying last week: it does
come out of your head for everybody who is looking for that answer for the purpose of your life, or what should I be doing? It does not come from your head. It's not something that you ever going to think up. Think it being still and allowing the the presence. A universal energy, the presence of consciousness to come through you in such a way that its of feeling it is a feeling. It is not something you're gonna, think up how to do it, and you will just you you will start to feel that I feel better doing this thing than I feel doing the other thing it's a feeling comes to you, not not not something that comes in your head right, yes, and you need to be careful that you are not in a state of dissatisfaction, because I decided Actually, the answer is not likely to come now within, nor from without so beekeeping in airspace, clear aligned with now, so that no nigger
Everyday arises. And then may I add, also for you and everybody else who is trying to get this whole idea purpose some clarity about that, when you allow yourself to be still with it, you are not afraid of the uncertainty. The universe rises up to meet you, the World Eckart says in your. I can't remember what page in this chapter, but he talks about how coincidences happen. You know little things in big things happen, you then have to be alert and paying attention to your life. When the opening shows itself you're ready. Yes, yes, but that's much more likely to come when you are in a state of clarity aligned with now, then, on second come from within all the answer can come from without right as some chance encounter something you see in the paper or eat south or something you can't even think where it might come from its single mystic event inheritance.
Shows itself. Yes, that's right in ways that you haven't seen before. Thank you, ivy ve from really thank you so much so you sayin two hundred and sixty one, while you're, perhaps still waiting for something significant to happen to your life. You may not realize that the most significant thing that can happen to a human being has already and within you, the beginning of the separation process of thinking and awareness, which is the awakening which is another way of of explaining watch the term awakening means that before your awareness or your consciousness was totally, identified was thought. Processes were thinking, but now- and this is the case, what everybody who reach this book and finds it meaningful right. It means, if you are reading this, and you find it meaningful something within your response. It means you have already begun to employment in. If you haven't. The book will be meaningless, got it
you say as long as you are unaware being on two hundred and sixty three, you will seek meaning only within dimension of doing the dimension of doing and the future. That is to say that in time whatever meaning or fulfilment you fine, we'll dissolve in there I believe it will be destroyed by time and meaning we find on that level is true, only relatively and temporary, so you're saying looking outside yourself, you're not going to find them
make your bag it'd, be here. Ok, you have a question actually on my question on realising premises, not exactly stated in the book of the premises. God is love and if God is love and you love what you're doing a career, then God does gods, then sanctions. Where is it then meant to be? Is it right if but say if you don't go to church, but if you enjoy doing something like reading and if you're reading constantly in and you get a more spiritual feeling reading than ever walking into a church, then isn't that? Isn't that right? Isn't that an alignment with or as is love, not anything that matters and a career choice? Well, well, good question:
now. Love of course, is used in a very loose sends it means so many different things to different people and the expression I love this or that or I love doing this- that is used casually by people, often meaning totally different things. For example, if somebody is obsessed with what they do in an eagle way too, focus but in a negative way to a large extent, totally obsessed with what they are doing and they an outside observer, might They all he loves. What he's doing a loves it so much that he gets up at five every morning and doesn't go leave, doesn't leave the office until ten at night, but he's totally obsessed with he's doing and there's no love in it that it's an obsession but in because love is yours, in such a nose way. Sometimes we call that love so
when you actually love what you are doing. It's a totally different energy field that moves into. What do you do? It means you are aligned completely words. What do you do then? Yes, then you do bring a different consciousness. You bring the conditioned consciousness into this world through whatever you do and it might be doing, I may just be being somewhere. You mention a church. You can find God in many places. Every anyplace is wholly. At the present moment, when you only pay attention to, it, ITALY than you realize. Actually it's sacred the present moment is sacred when you're really new really bring attention. And then it doesn't matter where you are, you can be in a building can be out in nature. You can be in the middle of a traffic
and you really paying no attention to this moment, and you realize that is sacredness here you may be able to feel it more equally, when you're out in nature than in the middle of L, a freeway, but even there it can be sensed if you present enough that's love their lot. Love arises and, if you're doing something unique told and what you do not obsessed, not one the future more than you want the present, but totally wanting the present totally wondering what you are doing, then. Yes, then you love what you're doing. That is true love and anybody who embodies that energy is creating new US, and so that's correct, then, there's a difference. If I get something, I'm just a Campbell where it talks about following your blister and he talks about how a pair of design
there is like got eating and sex and drugs things through the body loved that come through the body are nothing compared to the love. It comes from the spirit which makes everything else pale and comparison, and that is the bliss that Joseph Campbell talks about. Yes, and that's that's what I that's right think you mean you would say that we are present and we're doing over supposed to dupe. We feel that feeling that makes every the US pale and comparison yeah. Maybe that's what he's talking about at the bottom up to sixty one. So while you perhaps to waiting for something significant happening, your life, you may not realise the most significant thing that can happen, as already have and within you at the beginning of the separation process of thinking and awareness, when you take yourself out of your head and tat herself out of the doing doing doing doing doing and allow yourself to connect with the consciousness or spirit or so
whichever word you want to use for it, that is connected to all consciousness. The spirit that is correct, create connected to the greater spirit, is what he's talking about yes and about DEC a lot of hard work, and then I don't worry this week because he told you not to worry. Have you been worried about your bills this week? I just got a little oh one more thing when just to add to this, when the doing when you are doing in that state of consciousness, that means whatever you do is not primarily a means to an end crackpot. And in itself right, you know what you want to achieve through the doing. That's fine, but the essence of the doing is in the doing not the gold that you want to achieve through it. So often the question you can ask yourself
is, is what I'm doing right now, primarily a means to an end, or am I total in what I do and there's a different quality flows into? What do you do when it is not just a means to an end, and that is doing in the state of presence in different energy flows into that I'll, that way the bottom up to sixty three, you say, for example, if caring for your children gives meaning to your life, because otherwise looking for meaning one, so the meaning when they don't need you anymore, and perhaps don't even listen to you any more. If helping gives meaning to your life. You pinned on others being worse off than yourself, so that your life can continue to be meaningful and you feel good about yourself. If the desire to excel win or succeed him at the top of eight to sixty four everybody at this or that activity provide you with being what, if you never win or your winning sweet comes to win in making it in
ever feel is only meaningful as long as there are thousands or millions of others who don't make it. So you Other human beings to fail so that your life can have meaning was gonna. Ask, though, what if you're making- you're aligned with your purpose this. Now, After that, it done say that those things should not be pursued immediately after what you just ran gas says, I'm not saying here than helping others. Caring for children is driving for excellence and whenever feel, are not worthwhile, things to do for many people, they are important, And, though you say means you should connect them to your inner primary purpose so that a deeper meaning flows into what you do this, for example, then, if, for example, regional about looking after your children and that being the main purpose of your life and again we have that who dimensions of purpose out a purpose which is what a good parents does,
Why were you look after the needs of the child? Will rise entered protected the child as much as possible, but is the inner purpose there, also which the inner purpose is there When a field of awareness arises between you and the child is a space, are you able to give the child spaciousness us place? Are able to be open and listen to the child in non judgmental way? Are you able to be with your child. Are you able to be with their jobs or continuous doing, or can you bring being into your relationship with your child and, if you bring being in that, is your fulfilling the inner purpose and then, when the child grows up its less much less likely or improbable that you attached to your role of pounds, you will then be able to let go of the role and then be beat able to be whatever you need to be he at any given situation as all right. You see
if you ignore your in a purpose, that's why I keep reading from the book cuz. I think I want to stress how important it is to connect to in a purpose if you ignore your inner purpose bottom of two hundred and sixty four, no matter what you do, even if it spiritual the ego will creep into how you do it and so the means or corrupt. The end common saying the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Points to this truth. So in other words, not your aims or your actions or primary, but the state of consciousness out of which they come fulfilling your primary purpose is low,
The foundation for a new reality in Europe does not mean that it's not just what you do, but it's the intention behind which which would you do it? Yes, the consciousness and flows into what do you do, and there is no future, is always secondary in doing that is the future. It is not that you look forward to primarily but totality in what do being totally yet any performer. Anybody artists know this very well when you have total than a completely different energy arises at the moment and the artist a farm. Sometimes the is an empowerment and suddenly comes in because then it sometimes only then that this person can be absolutely told.
As a lawyer, I see that so great and Bob of spent years teaching at schools on: U S military bases throughout Europe. They now live outside Munich. Germany, Highwaymen Bob from Munich hi. What's your question has my questions about how the really. On page twenty and fifty eight, you say the Muslim, thing to realise Israelite as entering our purpose, and I am there apologizing when it The right time helps me get back and alignment. However, when I had been wrong by someone I expect here now apology to help build the relationship and get it back to a positive way. And I feel comfortable around others and when there's no those here and now and apologies- don't come. I very uncomfortable begin order? my ego at play.
How can I maintain an inner, an outer alignment when I do I have an appropriate apology from the person I spend Well, you just answered your own question. Really, I'm alive, you just answered your own question. Could you just key word here appropriate? I have not received the appropriate apology from people that would be your ego, but needs that appropriate apology take it away, a car miserable adding to that involves the eagle another thing: the ego does it keeps accounts and its You owe me yeah, and in this case of course it s. You owe me an apology. Now this is good because this is an opportunity for you to become aware of the eagle in you. So whenever
eagle arises and you will recognise it as the eagle. It's a great opportunity of saying, there's the eagle there's that now the thought that the Eagle producers, in my mind, which say He should apologise. She should have apologised and another thought that comes. I can't be comfortable with. Anymore. Unless we usually apologizes, you can observe the thoughts of the ego produces, and you can observe the emotions that there is the result of those What's so it's a wonderful opportunity for you to see your own eagle, which is no more than the human eagle. It means, if anything wrong with you right, but to observe the eagle in action. This is always the greatest thing, and then at that moment, when you become aware of this kind of thought, national mental emotional pattern in you.
Who are you, but you recognize it you're already in the space of awareness from where you recognize it, you take away its power, you diminish its power, yes and so people. There are many reasons why people don't apologize. People don't apologize because they may not even know that there is anything to apologise in their view of things or they may not college eyes, because their interpretation of what happened is to complete opposite of your interpretation, and perhaps they think they're ego think that you should apologise. I think I do and other like at it. Also that's how you using a base that what you're saying you didn't you based on what you have just told us here: it's you, our egos way of feeling superior, because you like you do and you're the one that goes and says. Well, I apologized and you didn't
can keep a resentment inside for quite a while and inner resentment. Whenever you think of that personal, you mean that person is a little resentment that the back, which is also the eagle, Resent Eagle, loves hanging onto resentments and when resentments go on for a long time, as I have described, someone to book become grievances, strides grievances. The long term resentments, so you can absorb that in yourself and again be happy that you are observing able to observe the eagle in you. It's it's a wonderful thing to be able to do that, and, of course, if and then another past, the other person who is not apologizing, perhaps it's the eagle will prevents them from apologizing because the eagle in many people this is not a particular function, perhaps of your eagle, but in many other people the eagle finds it almost impossible to apologise, because it believes that it would be losing something by apologizing
which, of course, a delusion us all these things happen. It's a wonderful opportunity for you to see your own ego and by seeing it realized awareness grows in. You tried Bob what your question for Eckart Gestamp h page two hundred sixty five refers to your external purpose becomes charged with the power, because your aims and intentions will be one with evolutionary off of the universe. I love that as the evolutionary and also the anger and is so great, but that one more time once foundation uses as says fulfilling. Your primary purpose is laying the founded since the new reality, a new earth. One sat founded is there. Your external purpose becomes charged with spiritual power. Because your aims and intentions will be one with the ever
missionary impulse of the universe. Thank you because I had aha and the three little I've read it three times the mega stars circle. All ever found by the great thank you for bringing that Bob? Ok, what do you? by that now, I'm sending you back to the book. But the answer is somewhere in the book. Not so, but I'm not sending you there now, let's look at it. You convey the the evolutionary purpose. The universe is the growth of consciousness. It's going to votes, Something is flowing into this world of so called matter. Physicality something is flowing into this world of physicality or matter that comes from different dimension, almost one could say why. How do I know this, because I know it in myself and I know it. I have observed in other people too
thing is flowing into this wild of these have well, it seems to me very heavy, the heaviness of matter something very different flaws in which I called consciousness, which you can call spirit. So spirit is beginning, has already started long time ago. But more now, beginning more fully through the human form. Other forms to come into this world more and more fully. This is the rising of awareness, rising of presence and all that is of the greater haven't ocean, because there is a famous dictum which is so true ass. Above so below, so whatever happens here on this planet and in the human form will be reflected throughout the universe. These universal movements, ass above so below, asked below so above so ISM. What happens here like in the Micro Cosmo,
us will also be happening in the macro calls him. So when I say how people might ask me, how do you know what the purpose of what the purpose of the universe is the evolution of the universe. Is I know it in myself. That's If you know it in yourself, you know many many answers even about the mackerel calls them, because the Macrocosm is no more than a reflection of. The inner and you see it all the time in nature. But time in nature. The whole process that is going on in nature is also going on with humans. We compare ourselves too to nature, yet the principles are the same as yet, Do that answer your question Bob Kinder you have to Joe really know. The answer you have to go within is not RO, the mines or through somebody like listening to me and then saying. Ok, I believe what you said,
I don't want anybody to believe what I said. I want people to to really go then and verify within themselves, whether or not that is true in their own experience. So by becoming more conscious of your inner being many answers will come. Ok it. Let me alone, I take a stab at it. Interpreting what I hear a card thing he's saying that there is. You know, there's universal source or power of energy. That all of us that that we all still from that universal power or source or energy. It with me right and you. Call it god you can call it whatever you choose to call it. You can call it. You know higher costs, is this? Are you can call in universal energy? You can call it the divine When you tap into the part of you, that is
We're calling consciousness or presence or enter purpose when you tap into that. That is connected to the source of all universal power and energy it wasn't me so far, the ok and when you tap into that part of you that is connected to all universal power. An energy, your aims. Am intentions will be one with all universal power, and energy is striving for and what its striving for is for you to allow But consciousness to come through you a human being. So that he means by evolutionary impulse. The impulse of the universe is to support you and you
bringing about your higher consciousness. That's why you're here is to allow that part of you that is connected to all that is universal energy, the source or God to better explained it is the garden you when you are a the God in you to come forth the guy, of. All things supports that yeah and you just garrisoned demonstration of that, because he holds an anti shifted when you spoke those words very powerful energy came through so beyond. What do you say that energy dipped came through with it was actually a demonstration of that? well, thank you did it it. You got it yeah thanks Bob? Thank you guys. Well,
Shall we continue here? You say your inner purposes, to wit awaken it's as simple as that. You share that purpose with every other person on the planet, because it is the purpose of humanity. So, let's again talk about what it means to awaken. Doesn't the very word purpose imply that you can do something about it, purpose means on purpose. I tried, I ask a question. You say you can't make it happen that it is an act of grace. This awakening us and more to talk about is the the first moment of awakening. It happens or doesn't happen first moment, which is the deciding suffocation from the stream of thinking and theorizing might only be a glimpse at first they arrive of awareness, you suddenly becoming aware that there is a wrong and unease thinking, there's around stillness inside you touch it maybe you're out in nature, but that's stillness is primarily and
dimension and it can arise anywhere, who, as but sometimes it's good, to have experienced it there, where the environment Environment is most conducive to experiencing. Ultimately, the inner because, if you don't feel it on the inner real hot, you wanted the wealthiest off the silence around you? That's why it's only through the that you can be aware of the altar silence, so doomed to be. Of silence all how can you be aware of silence? Only by being still, yeah, I only the stillness in you. That is aware of the silence. If your mine,
We are totally occupied with noisy thinking. You wouldn't even know it's still around you or you would say from one of its very still and the new carry on thinking right, one really experience it, so they see the equivalent of outer stillness. The this is the ATA dimension of spirit. Rightly, as you can see, you can send the spirit of our nature, but you can only sense it because you already have it within you in that in you, that's response that senses it. So only people with mind is not totally noisy, can actually be aware. Of silence, and so I sometimes observed when I go, I will go for a walk in the forest every day and often I see people jogging a walking their dogs and very few a really there there talking talking on the phone there have headphones on, they taught me to their friend.
And all that embellish complaining, they would be anywhere office right, someone s, Eckart everything you say in your book resonates with my spirits. Believe it to be true. However, do people ever ask you how you know all of this? If so, how do we respond? where's your knowledge come from. This is rename Indianapolis what your knowledge come on. How you know what you know, the essence of aid comes through in a realisation is, in other words its by touching the consciousness? That one is that tat are. It comes through becoming still and listening for what comes out of the stillness it's not primarily based on knowledge, although of course I have read spiritual books right if you are used, Sometimes some of the terminology that is already in existence has been in existence for a long long time.
But the book is more than just a compilation of other spiritual books it. I have read the essence of the book in my own realisation. In other words, the answers come by being still when I write, I sit there with a notepad or pen and become still Darwin Computer, know everything is done by hand. So, and then I wait for some movement of thought to come out of the stillness, then gradually sword formulae itself and then this there is an ecological faculty. That's ok, does that make sense sometimes does someone who doesn't it doesn't make sense,
we can still again and then perhaps a soul. The thought that is more suited to what I can sense comes up, and then I write it down. So did you write this book from the place of inner space? You know. Last week we talked about inner space and I was so frustrated until the end of the class because I was trying to get this concept of inner space across to all of our ancestors. Remember, I said to him a little frustrated and you said, because you cannot understand it through concepts in language that interspaces in something you can understand with your I know so, an explanation. It's not very! It's not very satisfying when one talks about in US tailors and then people try genocide. Ok, what's he actually talking about and you can see already when you're in your head in the stillness once wants Does it make any sense? May, of course it doesn't penal all that would yes, yes, but some journalists, often from say they come,
just spirituality and say: oh it's all that stuff give themselves a chance, yeah. You're really is you have to give yourself a chance and see whether you can sense in yourself that to which these words point, yes so, and only then does it become real and alive, and that is the same thing we're saying to Bob and Gwen when Bob is trying to say what you mean by the evolutionary impulse of the universe. Where really means is that when you are in alignment when your inner purpose is lined with what you do that you will be supported by the Spirit of God or by universal energy, in such a way that life opens up to you and people think o about you being lucky or she isn't that strange. This happened, serendipitous things then things fall into line.
When you are in alignment just that they fall into line, that's one way or another. Everybody can experience that. So why not give it a try live as if the present moment, where more important than pass in future on a practical level. Of course, you still use mouse in future, but give your attention to this spent some a few days of you ex living in that way, immediately surrendering negativity when it arises and recognising it is ego based or pain body based as all ego, the all activity is ego based. While
The tv loves Eagle, it's a denial of life. The moment you are done defy with negativity. That's part of the ego, so experiment with, because you ve lived in one particular state of consciousness for many years. Try something different and see what happens and what happens primarily and first of all is an inner shaved and, after a little time, gap sums I'm it gets reflected in the outer Rome also, but that's no longer the main thing, because the main thing is already that you enter that state of peaceful alive presence in yourself when you are lined with what is aligned with the now that's what matters. The rest is the icing on the cake, when good things happen to you, it doesn't mean you now feel gorge, because something good has happened to you. Something good has happened to you because you already found the goodness within you. That's right
so you can only manifest that which you already are yes, yes, you already are that what people are looking for, whatever form they already are that they're? Looking for God, and I'm not saying that this forum is large. I'm not saying that this person is God, I'm saying the essence. You go deep enough within days, around, where you and God Marge and its everybody's destiny and papers to live from that place of connected. Yes, because the I am the I am is I am that which comes from God. Yes, I am back, which Comes from guy us, so here we are weak, nine, only one more class to go and that so many people can relate to this. Many people you sandpaper tattoos, it is you who are going through the early stages of awakening are no longer so What they're out of purpose is withdrawn.
The world you say no longer drives them, seeing the madness of our civilization. So clearly they may feel so. What alienated from the culture around them. So what you do in this case, if you're at this point in your life, where reading this because shaken you up, and you realize more than ever what you don't want to do. You realize I have been on the wrong course. You realize you an awakening you now. What are you doing? I'm all awakened you now what well. The awakening, of course, is the realisation of your inner purpose. Primarily yes, so don't come into com linked with where you are now what you are doing now, if you not surrender to what you are doing now in the UK, with it at least bring acceptance. We don't love in the next chapter at least bring acceptance to whatever you do.
Now so that you are okay relate that's, that is vital. Then you are in a state of clarity. You enter a state of clarity when you are no longer in opposition to your present moment, live where you live or what you are doing, if you cannot surrender, if what ever you are doing genius to produce unhappiness in you and no matter how hard you try. Then, of course, it a clear sign that you need to leave that situation right
either you let go of the resistance and see if you can, and sometimes people say no, I can't, but will they really mean, is no not willing to not willing to which so you're different? You need to see the difference between not being able to and not being willing tools in whatever applies to you. Am I not willing to accept this moment about truly incapable of accepting this moment? If you find your truly incapable of accepting this moment, where you're doing your job or whatever you're doing, then it is a sign that its I'm for change at it many times you will be able to this energy flow into what you're doing already and transform how the dual, perhaps what you ve been doing for many years and is perhaps in a state of resistance and suddenly,
How do you do it changes you're, no longer doing it in a state of inner resistance, and then you bring a completely in a completely different energy into what you do consciousness flows into what you do and often either. This is deeply fulfilling and facts people around you only could also happen that now that you're no longer resisting what you do, change suddenly comes into your life. I got that this is a beautiful quote. From page two hundred and sixty six, you say that the great arises out more things that are honoured and cared for everybody's life really consists of small things. Greatness is a mental abstraction and a favorite fantasy of the ego. The paradox is that the foundation for greatness is honouring the small things of the present moment instead of pursuing the idea of greatness
yes, it's that one step, that's right, so many people have this idea. I want to achieve something gray rate or beast what a great and they neglect the step that leads to rightness. They dont honour this step at this moment because the This idea of some future moment where they are going to be great right and then it surprising It surely look at people perhaps who you would say have achieved great things. But even in their life is really is a sequence of small steps, because every moment is quite soon You are wherever you are at this moment. Some people believe not to mention You, some people, believe I'm doing great work. I mean I am because the consciousness is moving through. This fall, don't feel personally responsible for what I do much, but even that is small.
Steps when the writing happens is not put into pen unless the present moment in this stillness, very small is not some idea, I'm going to create a work, that's going to change everybody's consciousness. No, I'm just true to this moment. What is this moment requires it's a blank piece of sheet of paper and a pen and stillness it's a small thing or when I give it to me talk. Maybe two thousand people come every. If I had this idea, I'm not going to give an important big talk that would lead to stress and fear, because maybe not
we let great so, but if you can boost with every step being present, it's time to the car comes to pick me up. If you turn into the car and sit in the car, the camels, towards the venue, whether talk is going to be a look out of the window, simple people walking past the tree, the sky, just this moment, stepped out still sitting the weighting of green room. To wait for the talk to start Breathing- simple, nothing big, just a little moment this moment being true to that, then onto the stage as empty chair? I sit in it still breeze. I know there's two thousand people there and I want to know I ve no idea, what's going to come out of his mouth being happy with not knowing still not big or small, it's all a sequence of very small moments.
And by being true to this law moment. Something great arises here and the biggest lesson from tonight is I being true to the small moments by being true. To this moment, it means to bring the sense of presents the sense of consciousness to every single moment, so that everything that you do is fuelled from a deeper level than your ego. Everything you do is fuel from a deeper level than your thoughts that everything you do is fuelled from your being, and that is what gives meaning and purpose to whatever you do Yes, it's just right, wonderful to see you. When the power comes rule, you talk, it's beautiful words also drew. Thank you. Thank you. Everybody. I want to thank you for joining us tonight. As I said next week,
we'll be our last class on a new earth, the finale yet ready for our last class chapter, ten, a new earth to bring awareness to every moment of your life there really is no higher calling? This was great. Thank you. I mean we're Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, callous and subscribe rate and review. This pod cast join me next week for another super soul. Conversation. Thank you for listening.
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