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2021-03-10 | 🔗

Oprah talks to singer-songwriter Andra Day about her first acting role as Billie Holiday in Lee Daniel’s, The United States Vs. Billie Holiday. They discuss how Andra transformed her voice, her body and her entire essence to play the legendary singer.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, ladies and gentlemen, it is a poor trail like none other in her very first acting will, Andrew day, brilliantly brings to light the legendary singer, Billie holiday. There aren't enough adjectives to describe this performance the Grammy nominated are in be singer and songwriter has transformed her voice, her body and her very essence in Lee Daniels new film?
it states verses, Billie holiday? Servicing strange fruit one thing you know. Things are going on in the country? I care about our seas was man I was just about love Andrew was born. Cassandra unique baby in San Diego soup she first heard. The recipe soulful in iconic sounds a Billie holiday he was twelve years old Andrews stage. Dame Andrew day is an homage to lady day Andrew Day has toward the world without music performing at the White House twice and we're recently worthy historic inauguration parade for President Joe Biden.
Vice President Kabila Harris and now yeah, Rise up from her grabbing nominated album shoes to the FAO has more than one billion. Streams and has become the unofficial, empowerment and them of our time in a row harrowing an intimate before Andrew lays bare the untold story and one of the first voices of the civil rights movement after take, this interview, Andrea One, the golden glowed, with best actress here, straight. We turn
Crash and her day welcome to soup result so excited urinate allay gotta. Tell everybody s fears here, I know they ve tried, looks beautiful during outlay, and I am in my guard in mouth and through technology were together here in my garden, so but my here it is definitely there with. You, has been used to be my bodies, basically an ally, but my mind. My arm, my spirit is definitely a mouse,
so good so good. I can't wait to actually have you here and let's sit on the porch and talk about lighting right. Now, though, I am so excited for you, because the Buzz around Andra Day Honey, the buzz for your first acting role and how you transformed any merce yourself, I was thinking about you this morning. Knowing we're going to have this conversation, I was thinking I wonder: what is it like to be you right now. What does it feel like, as you sit inside the centre, of yourself. It's a great question and as you Oh, when you sort of start the merry go round of all of you know the press in everything that comes out. You actually have very little time to sort of think about who you know what is in their area. I think I feel I mean a range of em.
Since gratitude. Mostly you know, I I I feel a little bit like a spectator almost in all of this, and I still feel a healthy dose of of discomfort nervousness. You know when it's in going into. Each and every sort of scenario on, but I feel I feel aligned if that makes sense. You know if that Oh, I love you at work, yet I feel aligned and the range of emotions sort of swirl around it with gratitude and alignment are the two things I think I feel most consistently do you feel like your life is already changed with the portrayal that you offered to the world of Billie Holiday or it is about to change. I think my well, I will say the portrayal of Billie Holiday was extremely just paradigm. Shifting was life altering, so I'm changed so drastically with the role alone had even had not all of this sort of her
and on the heels of it. So I'm definitely I'm. I don't think anyone right, as is the same, that they would be three years ago. We were constantly growing, but she pushed me in a lot further in a lot faster than I think I would have gone and then you know on the heels of all this it some. You know it. So I'm definitely busier. I I didn't sleep much before, but I sweet less now at home and with my tea I've been with the same people for a very long time, and I try to keep a really I'm just do you know what normalcy, when I'm at home with
but the family. With my mother, my my cousins, and so in that part of it has not, you know also. My family is like incredibly grounding of time, so they were like we're so proud of you, but like calmed down economy just so little, let let's just talk about this performance for a moment in this film. I've heard this with you before. I think it is beyond acting. It feels, like dear, was truly and incarnation of Billy, and when I finish watching the film I call your director Lee Daniels- and I said well, I've seen anything like that Lee I go to jail, have our own heroin to justify this everything. But did you know right now Our own heroin has I'd, never see Heroin in the eyes like why, like that, and then he said,
No only it were you not on heroin that you never drank or smoked before this film and that it was a huge learning at her for you just learning to hold hold a cigarette. So this incarnation. How does one begin? The reincarnation of someone who is loved and known, but not known in this way? What. Do you start on your knees? Do you say Lord help? Maybe we are literally evidently literally it was and then I'm an thank you. I M glad you send out, because that is in its a reminder that that was really the first step. For me. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person. So yeah,
I had to pray about even doing the role cause. I was actually trying to get out of doing the role, so it was actually prayer and reading scripture about being cause to do an act of great faith. It made me say yes to the role and in upon preparing for it. I'm ok, I believe, truly god. If you brought me here than equip me- and so I asked for her spirit as well to I asked to receive her for her to be released into me and then leave connected me with with Tosh Smith, who was my great acting coach and Tom Jones was my dialect coach Anna. I did a ton of research as well as I'm I'm a researcher. I feel like I'm like a typical Capricorn. I need every shred of information every document every every book, play interview, everything, huh and, and they were like. The research is wonderful, but you actually have to inform this character with a human being, a real human, and so they really taught me how to sort of pull out these emotions. Pull out paying pull out triumph
boy and from different places and memories and experiences and to be very present and to fill her with my my actual life. And so you know you are saying and an amalgamation of self of Billie holiday of an actively in my entire cast and everyone who poured into me yeah. Well, I read that you took on Billy's pay. And trauma to how did that impact your real life? First of all, I actually started auditioning for the rolling twenty seventeen, so I started sorted dropping into her. Then you know on said, it was no one ever called me, Andrea. Everyone call me lady, or they will call me Billy or they no one called Anderson and and it's almost ugly No, I I feel a little bit like I sort of forgot. Her right forgot. And right, and in the midst of all this so yeah I had to be in that space to
feel it in my body and to really I had to believe it or I don't think I could have conveyed it. You know to an audience: Blue Daniels Erector set about view that there was no acting. There was just be, and so did there. Come a point where saying the words we're just be you, Leslie had memorize the script but saying the words came from a part of your being in the beings felt merged. Absolutely I mean I felt like her also. I have to say that being you know, I'm so appreciative of the recognition, but I have to give so much credit to let you know he is technique in any. You know, as you you ve worked with him. Is he keeps you on your toes and so, He has such a brilliant ability to really bring human beings to life and to show them and all of their there is sort of their facets in and them he layer, human, so it was. It was a combination of of just
as her and loving her. I think that was the big part of it. I actually ensure I enjoyed so deeply. Maybe too much in certain respects having her spirit in me, she opened me up. She liberated me in certain ways and I believe in divine appointments, and I truly believe that this move in this experience was one of those appointments and enjoy dues to yes. Yes, you asshole, I believe in divine Providence, also believe in preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. Yes, and when that shows up people says: oh you so lucky you got this role, you lucky, because you were prepared to absolute or this moment of opportunity. Why do you think, as you have described it, this is a transformative experience, why did this come to you and rainy day? Because I believe that everything that you do not believe I've seen it that way something shows up. It's been coming for,
long time when you are open to receive. It means you the one who was supposed to receive angry and an at this particular time? So why did this film come to you at this time? While that is actually a fantastic quest, I have not been asked in the fifty eleven million trillion initiates like we ve wow. That is such a great one Why? Why did you come to me? I don't even know that I've ever even asked that are, I thought about it, I mean my seat, maybe it has to with the season and- and I think you you, you sort of hidden the head right, because I am a person of faith and I believe in faith, but I do believe that faith needs to meet, works right and works needs to meet faith. I believe- and maybe it was to disrupt the plans. I had four life right. I had a different idea. What my career was gonna, be in that period of my life here my plans. This is what I was gonna do with my alum, and I think that that maybe was gods wave,
just say no, no, no. I have this sort of shake you loose of some things, because she really freed me of a constant fear that I have. I have real sort of deep seated feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness you know and nets and which is interesting sort of faith in living. In that same space with that- and I really That's actually to answer your question. Why, I believe, maybe this role came for me- was really to heal me into shake me of this idea of sort of self sabotaging of a feeling cost we unworthy constantly inadequate, because I didn't have the right it. Patient or I don't feel like I'm smart enough. You know she freed a lot of things in me. I will say. From the creator of green leaf and executive producer, Oprah Winfrey comes owns, newest scripted drama series, Delilah Dil. I ll economy played by Mara Hill as a single mother and respected attorney. When an old friend is in need of help. Delilah will find herself in the midst of a David versus Goliath case,
test, her relationship with her best friend and fellow attorney camera play by Jean Marie Jones. Well, seeking justice for those who need it most in a time when the rich and powerful will do anything to stop her Delilah will find herself risking at all for the truth, Delilah is all new Tuesdays, nine, eight central unknown, and how did she do that? Is it just the immersing in her story? Is it knowing the I said she lived in what I had to go to s. Yes, that is because I think that, first of all, yes, the just the experience of her, but it's because she showed up, I think, that's a huge part is that Billy had these feelings she had. I'm sure she had fears. I mean, is this: woman's life was threatened every time she would get onstage and seeing strange fruit right I mean she was targeted. She was
or ass. She lost her father, Jim Crow. She was raped at a young age. She was sent into a brothel by her mother and me, and then she was constantly abused by Madame. She had her fears and she was a performer, so she knew what it was like to get on a stage and to be scared and terrified that the audience would not love you and you would not have that beautiful exchange, but she showed up she showed up for us. She showed up she sang strange fruit. Up. She integrated audiences. She fought against the governor She showed up every single time and I think that being her I was forced to show up. I had to show up for this rule. I had a short for leave from cast for what God was bringing me there to do for Billy Spirit, and so just her ability to to sort of almost throw caution to the wind and to be present into show up was really really just transformative from me believe she showed up in her own life. Did she show up for you? Wear their moment sunset,
You felt her eyes haze. All who is, as she would always make me laugh. Is she would always you know. Just most of the time, Billy was just passing everybody out all the time she was happy with what was going on, but she only express it in cussing. You know, that's all she's like a phd in it and there were monk, I had a dream actually as well that- and it was almost like sort of solidifying for me that she was ok with our spirits entangled like this. You know that she wanted it, and maybe she was a part of the selection process. And so it was a dream and we were in. We were in cafes society, but it didn't look like coffee society and I'm was watching her perform It is. I can't tell where I am in the audience: I'm watching her performance, it's almost like a camera sort of panting around and I and then I I can see myself sort of honesty. Singing ass, her you know, and it was it was. It was just a I dunno is a brief moment, but it felt like a really valid.
Eating moments. I do we had so many conversations and I enjoyed her laughter. I enjoyed her. She was one of them I remember it was her repeating stories to me constantly about people in her past write her manager or That really is a very, very interesting experience about it. Like you know, yes, my stories I dont worry about my life said I'm right, Yeah, I'm nodding like ok, so how about those intimate seen you utterly about worthiness, and now you got alike, reveal your knee could sell yeah, you're raw self, your naked cells, and you at all Wade there. What help you get there once I went that scripture and I had a piece about doing this role. You know I'm on my way It always reminds me you're, either inner you're out. You know there is never an in between there's, not a grey area, don't
you know, I mean, like you, know, be fluid, but don't float, and so my mother, the same thing. If you have peace about it, move forward and commit to it, and so that was a huge part of it. It was like. I can't ride the line here. I can't say I'm in for some of this I mean for you I'm in, but you could only say this out exactly what led me he did me rise mainly asked me in the beginning was very courteous and just ass. If I was ok with me in the end. I told him not typically, but if it is, but it is the truth and Billie Holiday story, and I dont know tell her story without nudity, without cursing without drugs will sit. This is her life and I dont want to try and boiled on her story to a g, rated version of her life. You know this is this is a part of who she was and sexuality cause. Was
I think she nodded about a lad of anti main branding. Hence vulgar was like not to beg and end so an end. It was one of those things that sexuality was a huge part of who she was. You know she grew up in a brothel again. She was raped at a young age. It you know relationships with men, beautiful relationships with women, so you can't not tell that part of her. Yes, and I read that you lost what thirty nine forty pounds, how did it for you, to transform your body is that we have had here I mean that's the first thing we started because we knew we wanted. I mean that's another part about Billie Holiday people. Dont know I think people will see pictures of her. She's, you know, has more weight honour when she was healthier, but her weight fluctuated drastically and there would be a lot lot of moments: when she was using where she would be sort of skin and bones, and and so on. The way it was if we something we knew we wanted to to to do as I was I was, well. Actually, when I first started moving away. I was one hundred and sixty three pounds.
But before that I was, I was a juicy one: seventy in youth, but but yeah. That was one of the first things we did and I knew with the time that we had? I wanted to lose it healthily at first and but I always knew from the beginning that once we got closer to filming, I would just as I do not recommend it or you know whatever you have peace about, but I did begin to starve myself. You know- and I did that because I wanted to slow myself down. You know, obviously you see, I'm I'm very fast and Billy Holidays sort of molasses slow in that's what cigarettes in kind of starvation and alcohol in that really slow me down in a very important way for the character and then the other thing was I want is a starve yourself. Does it mean you'd only drinking shakes? Are you drunk what're. You were drinking water. I would shrink juices, you know sometimes here and there and have you no tuna on said, I would have liked grapes and, unlike not seen I'll, just to give me enough fuel to go and then and then
between. I would have liked a bigger meal. You know me like some type of meat and job of something, but on the other part of it was You know I didn't want to walk on to sit in, like all the sudden. It's one thousand nine hundred and forty seven and Billie Holiday has an eight pack. If I turns out she got a membership at twenty four hour, fitness now she's just work, and so I was very like iguana period. An inquiry and body I want and not just a regular period body but appear body of a woman who looks like she would have been using drugs, see no drinking a lot of alcohol had a very hard life. You know, and so I wanted there being blueskin. So is it true you didn't drink before and had you. But when I was like twenty one, a drinking was never my thing, and so it is very easy to give drinking up, never done. Drawled, Andorra, ok, so no drinking nor doing drugs, no smoking, no, no pressing and now
sex. That was the other thing as well to identity. I made I made a commitment personally to be obstinate liked. Almost seven years now do so is just it is very different. Knew her life was very different. Her experience here, no sex in uniting. You know itself buddy. I tell people like well. How did you do it? I was. I will I wasn't a virgin, I mean I have my. You know that you just like getting back on a bike unanimous. But ok. So this is what I wouldn't know Andrew. I know that you went in visited attics, yes and you D. And how to tie off. I heard you say that, but how do you get the drug? Look in your my system? How did you do that? Just physiologically speaking in the cigarettes in the Accra for me slowed me down and put me, I have no frame of reference for what Angela is like
smoking a cigarette. You know I mean it's so if I were to walk outside right now and smoke a cigarette, I feel like Billy. It is way too it's visceral, you know what I mean and that and it and it kind of my brain is very much not used to it affects me really really affects me and the other part of it is, is you know, understanding addiction you understand addiction as a sickness as an illness as a means to survive and to get well not a means to get high. It's not just like oh well we're having fun? You know it's really a means to survive and to get healthy into disappear to you from your trauma from your life, from the pressures of of of those things, and so it was understanding addiction that we all hope and we are all attics. It just manifests differently in our lives somewhere healthy, some less healthy animals. It was really understanding that and then living in that trauma and that pain and the need to get rid of it. You know was that's what I needed to understand more so than the high now I know more show them.
I now. I know you spend time with an ex preparing for the role that experience of being with attics. Do what's so I'll I'll get actually give you an example, because I I owe this kids I love you. I owe this kid how much and I just want to share, because I'm just the sober living community is just such a beautiful communities, one I'm just support so really where I got from them. More than anything was the need you know, and this idea I think we think they would meet. The need is the reason it will make. You steal and destroy relationships for this and ended with hair
attic. Specifically, there actually wants you use one time, you're, not getting high anymore you're just getting well, and they were very clear with me about that and actually physically speaking, yours, you're, staving off dope sickness and if you at which dope sickness can actually kill you, and so it's it's in your actual survival that is wrapped up in this drug. Your your ability to that show interest is right there than once once you once you get high the first time. The second time isn't about getting high it's about staving off the sick. Those if you're going to fields from your body is goes back to normal. Yes, absolutely, and I have never heard we really regulatory for me sitting in speaking with them, because its now they have to stave off the physical pain that world that will happen to their body and the emotional trauma all comes flooding back at the same time. So it's like you almost do any
to survive and to get rid of that. That feeling- and why no date they showed me that your brain starts to feel the effects of heroin when it just knows that it's gonna get heroin, and I thought that was so so so powerful himself. This young kid was teaching me how to tat. He was watching you, so I was. Everything and I just kept going through the exercise and tying often using the bigger needles that they would have used. The Billy would have used in the forties and I look up at him and he is now sweating and his, it was our dilated and he's not responding sort of to what it is that were saying, and I was terrified for him. I asked the man that was with him. I said: is this ok for him? I guess he goodies and trust me. I do this all the time. This is a huge step of overcoming in his in his right because he was in the process of recovery. He wisely acids and economic recovery, and hence just watching you tie off is key asking him to go, and when I tell you his focus that we couldn't even shake him out of his focus and the look in his eyes. It gave me
you think I needed to know about the need and the moment before. In doing so. I am so grateful to him because he sacrificed a lot. And then just hearing you say this gives me an understanding of perhaps why we have such a huge obiang problem in this country. I mean why addiction it cannot be resolved the way we're trying to do it. Yes, you can't punish attics, put people in jail when people are giving themselves, drug in order to make themselves railway. Actually, I I you know, I thought that's what that when that debt so keen eyes, and I actually think that's what most people think when they look at people who are homeless, they did it to themselves or on the streets, because their added founded with sixty five percent of people on the streets are actually you're dealing with mental illness. You know insults trying to manage mental illness and then obviously drugs becomes a part of that, and so in that, in and of itself is a disease, and so you know, and one of the things Billy says in the movies so beautifully, and she really said this cause. She thought this. She said I need help not
they'll time, we're sick. You know we're not where we're not yellin and yes, when she's into the court house. Why should you assured Strange from or the logs holiday one example fear raised like elephants, Gerald Marian Addison, People are assigned me, my own race, any help now jail time.
I was talking to your heart, who wrote the book that this script was based on and one of the things he was saying is that you know you all have a venture to her that there is for the first time. Her spirit can rest, because the story has been told in such a way that she is a vent. Do you feel that yeah? I think I have to say honestly now? Yes, I do as a fan of Billy Holidays. It is so satisfying for me, take not only to have read the script and to have played her, but to see people. I think what so beautiful about the other side of this in going through all of this press for the movie anomaly is I'm seeing so many people go wait a minute. I didn't notice about Billie holiday. Wait. Let me look this up yeah, you know, and I and I think that's what got one and I think he wanted her story- told she's, very much loved and she's a fighter in a hero. So I do believe that now yes and often I think,
prior to this portrayal, we thought of her as weak as not being able to stand numb for herself and as a victim of drugs of men in, but you show us her. Indomitable strand is not an easy feet. Thank you. Not an easy. Tell us how you do that in spite of their fragility they bring that that's why I must say this is one of the most layered focused complex portrayals. I have ever seen long period and I any one of any gliding attract. Ok, thank you! So much! No there is that mean well. First of all, it means the world coming from you, because the color purple was a huge influence for me, onset just studying every little nuance every day
tale about the film I will say I think, first of all to words Lee Daniels And- and I cannot stress that enough- I can't you know he was set in the beginning. He was so so so clear. He said I do not want her to be a victim. You could oh, that he was slighted that he was Mary was mad, that they made her look like this week, sort of victim and and he We indeed most of his life. You know it until sixty years old, and so he was so adamant and it almost into the point. Actually he was so adamant about her, not being a victim that, once he looked back at a he was like, oh she's, maybe a little to harden Tino in so we did some like pickup shot. If you know how to skip gonna get more vulnerability, but I think it was imperative that we showed her that way, because that was a part of the false narrative that the government was spending. Was that one of the things I hear that really kills me is when I hear people saying that she was
a waste in real life, wasted inner mean and then the other thing that really gets me is when people say she was a complicated figure and I go. Y know that while because she did drowsy should it is ok, but you know what was she a complicated figure or her circumstances, complicated and impossible? Why? How is it? Let's start with ten years old are often has artless tat. We re us and then sent to a reform school for girls for being rate Tina, that's complicated unit in the area blame game for it. You know I did so interested, I'm working with this psychiatrists. Now we're doing this book together call what happened to you, because its understood now by a lot of scientists, that it's not when you see kids misbehaving in school or win their behavioral disorders are when people become dysfunctional
and because I wasn't gonna guy, that's what's wrong with that kid. What's the matter and kids who are many of them put in juvenile delinquency homes, the question should be ass, not what's wrong with that kid. But what happened to that kid yet has what happened when you asked the queen? Firstly, what happen doesn't come from such a place of judgment and it allows you see the thread of the narrative that put the person in this year therein anywhere at local level, and I think that is. That is exactly what you have done with Billie Holiday here, because for the first time we get to see behind everything that caused her to be re. She is that's beautiful. How did you find Billy's you Deak singing voice? I mean that is the thing I would think going and where you were going to questions.
Going and what was your biggest fear about taking means being terrible back. I can't even I wish I was like a deeper thing. It was so I did not want to set, and that is like really like? I was thus all terrified and then and- and I think layered underneath. That was because I love her so much. I wanted her story told I love you. I love her story. I love her fight and I just thought I would dishonor her, though, is the idea of this honouring her was like horrific to me. You know I mean I did not want to be bad, and that was the main thing I heard you describe it.
The scroll? You do that's what has happened lately because I think her voice is very much another character and another person in Ireland. I look at her voice as it as a squirrel, and I say on that scale is written every betrayal every hit every time she slammed heroin. She dragged the cigarette she smoke every time she stood up to the police and stood up to the government every time she integrated an audience and had to fight for that. Every time she sang strange fruit in defiance of the government, every suitor that came calling when she was in the broccoli Everything is written on her voice, and so it was like to not have her voice in. There would almost be like to cut Billie holiday in half and only show one half of her. You know you can't do it without the sound in the tone of her voice, though.
In brief strange truly hanging from the popular tree is: what do you want people to feel when they hear you saying as really strange fruit? What first of all I welcome, if your gratitude for her and towards her you know I want them to say, thank you to her. I want them to to realise that this was truly the great godmother. Civil rights movement. She did this on her own. She reinvigorated the civil rights movement. You know, as we know it today, along with the death of Emmett till by singing the song about lynching in America, and so I want them to say. Thank you to her. The other thing I want them to do is to you know I don't want them to enjoy it
it now, having played her and being on the other side, and while I was on said the idea of people going all my guy that was so beautiful. I love that kills me. You know because I just like this is not a beautiful song, it is an ugly song and she, the song, is about the blood on the least blood at the root, the twisted mouth and the bulging eyes in those sent. Smell of burning flesh is horrific, see Jeanne and so I will them to be motivated. I want them to be sort of mobilized. I want people to do not enjoy the song. I want them to say this is ugly and I need to find out why it's
ugly- and why is so necessary- and why is so important and to do something about it? I want people to be active when they listen to it. You know the character of the rapporteur who she is, interview with, as a movie began says why couldn't you behave wagon back there? you're the one who why don't you start singing a damn song when your life be easier. If you just behaved, oh, I love that. Why couldn't you just about a there was nothing in her spirit that wanted to be a yes, I right, here's the thing. I don't think there was anything in her spirit that wanted to behave, and I dont think there was anything in her spirit that wanted to do it or to miss behave order beat. You know she was just being and she was
being friends. So you know this idea of it. What what is? What is good behaviour? Even look like for a black woman? According to you know a white man at that time or, according to you know a man or to anybody you notice there such such, flitting ideas in and in a sort of like black women have so hastily could we not been allowed to be human entered it is to live in all of those layers to be layered human beings, and we ve seen that represented in Cinema in movies and music. You know either just do now I envy this or be hyper sexual, and you know so it's I love. It touched on the expectations of black woman by if Society Union, and by even people in our lives and Anna, and why is she not allowed be a human. The way everyone else is allowed to be so I love that they they brought up in the film. Let me ask you this: you started out talking about you know it feels like you're in a whirlwind
It's just one thing and do another surrounding your first acting performance. Do you think about being nominated where disease sit in the oh gee. I really wanted to happen, or are you just like going with the flag? I am definitely more going with this I will say that I am. I want the recognition for the movie I want. For Billy I wanted for cast, I wanted for Lee. I wanted from Susan Lorry parks in her amazing script and every single one of my cast member Can I say their names all the time you know from leave down to you know: Travaux Anti Entire James Williams divine. You know Miss Laurence, garrets rob you know, but I am I might my gift for shore was
Wesley and was Billy and was my caste and the set in this experience. Definitely. Will I read that you learned as a young woman, the power of surrender and that one of them, my favorite hymns, is, I surrender, all been a powerful force in my life and how are you surrendering to this change in your life? That's actually a great a great question and I think I have just recently got into a place of clarity. You know I mean and an understanding I was actually just reading this funny. I wish I'd do devotion and that's a huge part of it. So I make sure to start my days with with prayer and with devotion with reading scripture with meditating an end just to remember that no how things are shifting under me or how unsettled I feel in trying to discover who I am cause, I I don't know still don't know who I am in the season yet, but the one thing I you know is that I am loved unanimous
I am loved and that it in that I am a lover you know of garden of people and that from that sort of stems everything else. I was reading a scripture and I was borrowing it was actually the the night before they announced the golden Globe nominations, and God was reminded me of you in shoeshine, the citadel of alarm. Next to the river lie in, and I remember diving later than that, and it really means you're in a place of purity, a place of clarity in a citadel two thousand four hundred and twenty five place. You know him so cuz. I was like how will I kind of survive through this, and it was a reminder that you are in a place of purity and clarity in in the fortified protected place and your elevated? That's what you'll on means of your being shown on a lampstand right now and just trust to be loved. Allow yourself to be loved in this moment or andred day. It is just a delight to share in this joyous moment you I can't
There are no words. I just want to ask a couple superficial questions. Ok, because where we talk about Spirit study. Ok, what did you recognising yourselves or in your life that you needed to change during the pandemic, I simples it sounds it. I think keeping my word to myself I think that that vat is that is sorted out. I mean I'm never good with time, so that's always an issue, but I I try to consider myself like an honest person and I try to you know, but I am but I will be the first person that I was sort of break my work with you now say that I'll do this thing and then I dont do it and I hate I non prone to doing that, and so at some is something that I wanted to definitely break in the pandemic, which are probably didn't fully do, but I was making strives, I think, towards trying to get better at anchor during the pandemic woody. You learn you could live without. What did I learn? I can live without. Oh that's a good question. What did I learn I could
without I learnt, I love you. I really believe that it is made me see you know. Obviously we have to stay home because we are in quarantine, and I felt like sometimes I get very, very restless- and I am like Can you to get out and I gotta go see something I need, but I realized something as I'm am doing that and actually will bless me more than from just home and I'm just present and I'm in that space. So I realized I didn't need to go out to sort of fine piece or two and you know I could be home in really like be present in and get that from from people from my family. Some do you ever play wise arise yourself. Don't I think, there's nothing that would pull me out of my own personal meditation like rise up. How do I find myself?
no I'd, like else use arise. I think my mom would literally walking in love her ass up at me. Like really back, were God bless you in that ain't luxurious, a breathtaking first performance, but I you ve only just begun and United Sates versus Billie holiday streaming now only on Hulu everybody, it's a must see, it is a must see. Thank you. Thank you. So much gabbler, I think he's out of our. I enjoy the right girl bank here, present say present. For else yes, yes, I move ruined free and you ve been listening to
two percent conversations. The pod cast you can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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