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BONUS: Phil in the Blanks - Dr. Phil's new podcast

2019-01-08 | 🔗

Get ready for a side of Dr. Phil McGraw you may have been missing. On his new podcast Phil in the Blanks, join Dr. Phil as he delves into the minds of the most interesting and accomplished people in the world today. His first guest is Shaquille O'Neal.

From celebrities (like Jay Leno, Steve Harvey, & Vivica A. Fox), to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, to the world’s leading experts and “disrupters,” every guest will be provocative, informative and relevant.

Listen now in Apple Podcasts: applepodcasts.com/drphil

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They dont you bill here. Supersonic conversations. Will we back with a regularly scheduled episode soon, but today offer was kind enough to. Let me share especial preview of something I think you're gonna like if you Let me on super so earlier this year you might remember open. I talked about some life lessons. I've learned from doing doktor fail and one of her favorite aha moment about trusting in yourself. Well, I just started own. Podcast called fill in the blanks. That's p. Jai Ill in the blanks, and I really hope, you'll give an illicit. These are all new conscripted, no holds barred conversations, and there are plenty of those ah ha moments with people like vividly Fox and Cathy Bait, and I also talk: the expert neurosurgeons to get information you can use in your daily life. The first episode fill in the blanks is out right now in pod guessed at I'm told
into a lot of my favorite people on this show. We even did an episode with image Smith, peers, Morgan, David Foster and Steve Harvey These are all people, think you're really going to love hearing from so a cure. You subscribe to my ipod guest and find out who I talk to next and if you. Wanna hear more. Just search for fill in the blanks in your podcast have hit the subscribe button. So you don't miss a single episode now. Here's that preview. I talked about pay is doctor. Failure welcome to fill in the blacks. This is my new podcast and you can get it by subscribing for free on apple podcast, dot com, slash, doktor, feel totally dick.
Did you do when I'm on tv intact or fail began Theo, its audio renown back year? That's right! That's Laverne! You said that you hearing by the way she gonna be here doing this with me, so you'll be hearing her as well. Trust me, she go out of opinions, show dear and don't get me started, Doktor Van, listen guys! You all know me. I've been on television for twenty two years, I'm doing this podcast because it is really different from what I do on television. This is all new content. This is not an audio track of Doktor Phil when I'm on Doktor Phil always have to be on task, and I don't get to spending our talking about all the stuff that I want to talk.
Now, because I have to deal with the story right in front of me, but there so much more beyond their specific story than I do want to talk about like liked active how well you can download the pod gas for free on Apple podcast in here, what we're going to actually do, and I always like to talk about things that matter to people who care and I'm going to do that and then also talk to my friends summer. Celebrities and some are not and trust me you, people are gonna, be got a shock to do so. My friends are family. We talk to the celebrities, you're gonna find out stuff, you don't know about them, it's not their image really! Just because I know questions to ask. I want this to be fun. Look it's gonna, be predictable, is gonna, be candid and It's really not gonna be censored. You could probably already tale that no holds barred here, we're gonna talk charges, nobody's experts, news makers, disruptors, sports figures, friends, politician no, not so much
Please, God, I don't want to throw up on the market, so sick of politics. Yes, who do we have landed already ducked? Well, we got J Lynne, I welcome you can be in jail. Anna. We and Simon Smith decks Percy. I've had what could maybe be called a sex addiction RON, Wide Steve, Harvey good friend of mine in who, at first it moved, everybody gets a chick Police checks and people out on a porch waitin on these checks made from a brandy, your check. I told you black, bring it early. If I could get a could they got a little thinness. Some call embezzlement, Cedric them trainer, Doktor, Pat Johnson, he's Heather Neurosurgery, see your sign. I may tell me what's wrong: my brain met a world peace. It can. Kelly has been in the news lately, Charlemagne God from the hip hop world this cancer people. We got gal keen to write great friend like having a fright, rose seat to whatever happens in the world, and you know what
Gonna, be my own guess, because I won't be talking about things like the tin things you need to do. If your life is in crisis. Maybe you get serve with divorce papers that you find drugs in your kids drawer. What are you need to do before dark today? So you're gonna get a little doctor I'm still gonna be given. Information is definitely going to be informative. So here's what to do? I want gosh. You subscribe for free on apple podcast until all your friends to do the same thing rightly fern. Yes, I get it in your books. Subscribe for free on apple podcast, dot, com, slash, doktor fill, and we also have a website that goes. Along with this, because we're gonna have worksheets their information, you can follow up. These may be missed it on a podcast, so that's doktor, p h. Ill in the blanks dot com doktor fill in the blanks not come. Look, it's gonna be a lot of fun, I'm new at this, but I'm good at it.
I do say so myself. I guarantee you guaranteed and I'm definitely looking forward to the ride. May do so. That's it, See that now we also there is audio but you'll, hear me then be their subscribe for free on Apple podcast, dot, com, slash, Doktor, Phil youth unemployment. Job mean got it in right now when we may end up to fill, and we are still in the blanks unnecessarily by unfair Morgan Unthought of Andalusia and you're listening to fill in the blanks with Doktor failed Mcgraw share the shell and subscribe for prey on Apple five gas or wherever you listen.
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