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Byron Katie: Set Yourself Free

2019-02-20 | 🔗

Best-selling author, speaker and teacher Byron Katie shares how she believes we can end our own suffering forever. Katie, as she is known, guides us through her powerful process of inquiry she calls “The Work.” She says we can radically shift our stressful beliefs about our lives, other people and ourselves. Katie explains that all the problems in the world originate in our thinking and gives us the tools to open our minds and set ourselves free. Based on her own experience of how suffering is created and ended, Katie says her simple process is accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds and requires nothing more than a pen, paper and an open mind. Katie is the founder of “Byron Katie International,” an organization that includes The School for the Work and Turnaround House in Ojai, California. TIME magazine describes her as "a spiritual innovator for the 21st century."

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper The round us start right now, my guest today Byron Katy author, a thousand names for joy living in harmony with the way things are and she's the founder of the work process of inquiry from where she offers anybody who can learn to identify in question the thoughts they cause their suffering. Katy. Everybody calls you re. I when I say a few things about, because everyone who is listening to this series. No doubt you understand that a cartel lay says of Katie's work, that it is a great blessing for our planet.
We describes it. It acts like a razor, sharp sword that cut through illusions and enables you to know for yourself the timeless essence of your being here I want to call your book loving. What is the key to knowing your natural state, which is join me. Some love, that's pretty good compliment coming. He sees a dear friend is a dear friend into for everyone. You know what I found your work takes: the the message that a card speaks of in a new earth to the next level putting it in process? Yeah daily basis is like a card is what and the work is, how can we ve had these masters throughout the centuries and centuries and but how do you know it's well, the work is how paint a picture for us how were you. What was going on in your lie was forty three, when this experienced happened to me and- and I had been suffering, just deep, deep deep depend
suicidal even and a Gore full back. I couldn't leave my bedroom often for day is an weeks other than just go to the toilet on my hair would stick to me and it was with a horrible wait. Until I was well over two hundred pounds and I was desperate and and later. I found that simply it was the set up of leaving. My thing came the thought that that we're all thinking all the time like and then run our lives. My children don't respect me. They they, mind me, and it was, the world, doesn't understand. People really don't understand my suffering, my pain and and- you know and victims are violent people I'm come to see and I was as such- a victim and therefore violent, full of them.
This hatred. Turn re anywhere age range, dredge rage shrank, so not even thinking yourself worthy Katy to sleep in a you're sleeping on the floor and tell us what happened while actual, as I lay asleep on the floor one morning. Actually a cockroach crawled over my foot and I opened my eyes and in place of all that darkness was a joy that I just simply can't described, but the thing that is really important But I realized is that when I believed my thoughts I suffered, but when I question my thoughts, I don't the suffer, and I've come to see that this is true for every human being. Tell us. Are you a spiritual prison before I mean doing all of this depression and arms, times with God that you believed in or God that you felt battle, did you didn't believe in the other with a God. I cursed really blame God for my condition, also along with everyone in everything else, and
I just came to see differently. I had no teacher, I didn't have a religion, nothing or is it courts? I kind of like I think, are a car several weeks ago, when we were doing are a new or serious and also in his book. A power now describes the moment where he says I felt I cannot, I'm so miserable. I cannot live with myself any longer and then I question who is the I, and who is the myself under to Us- is that what you're describing well it was. It was it it's like that in hindsight, in hindsight, It is all right, but you know there is I've, come to see that there is theirs on mine does people say- and I really come to realise that- and I've come to see also in that one mind: bed there are no news, stressful thoughts. So if we, if we
or just one always begin to myself. Just questioned those dreadful far it frees the mind up. So when we court, when we question, I thought we dont suffer when we believe I thought we do the stressful once the stressful, because the ones like I really care about you. Isn't this a wonderful world love seen you all these all these thoughts. I love my children. Those thoughts are working for us and who cares if their? If their true they're working for a city or in a wonderful dreamed. You want someone to wake. You wanna know what, if or in a nightmare, don't you want some onto to wake you. What but that's what this work is for. That's what the whether that was the cockroach moment Katy. Was that what you call waking up to reality? Yes, yeah! Ok, I'm talking to barn, Katy offer of
what is let's go back, so you have a reality. Experience with the cockroach near they're, lying on the floor, and then what happens the mind, hit the mind hit and end. In that moment I saw that what I was believing. What I was being hit with was not true for me, because I had just had the experience that it wasn't and on and then in that much. But the world instantly happen. There were walls and ceilings and sky and floor and saw everything differently everything differently. What is it that you absolutely realized Katy
in that awakening moment on that floor, what is it that you absolutely realized if you could clarify for for our listener that I am whatever I believe me to be, and then, when you question that operate doesn't leave much if it leaves anything at all. For me, it's gratitude and how can I help its gratitude and surface and yet? But if you are, what ever you believe yourself to be than why couldn't you be all though the depressed person, the person who isn't good enough, the person whose never made it the person whose not love by her children, the person whose not been received lie has, I can't believe, the thoughts that are happening. The tell me that if someone said Katy your worthless, you know I I I realise how painful it is to believe that about someone yourself or or any ones have someone says Katy. I don't care about you. I just
think I hope they do better. I know how painful that is to see another human being as less than you see yourself. Ok, and if someone says Katy, I love you. I think Oh, my goodness! Isn't that person doing well, they love they love and that's the highest standard for a balanced manner. Did you question your sanity at all. Did you think lose cuz? I wanted my family did, but I knew I knew what insanity was, and I know I frightened to people with this awakening and so I've and I continue to learn balance. So, you immediately started counselling people, then, who knew in been this depressed in phobic all this time, Why is any binding they'll come into your door? Well, it was such a radical experience that, with such a change that even my children didn't recognize me and end on the word of mouth happen:
and I didn't know what it was. So people called and they said. Can you help me, and I said you know- I don't even know what this is, but what I can tell As you know, whatever it is, it's yours, and so actually people wouldn't come live with me. I thought maybe it was the air, the food, though you know, I had no idea what it was. I had to find references as I went along and people gave me my reference. So the work is,
old an inquiry, you call it the inquiry when you were down their line with the cockroach. Did the four questions come to you? Then it was automatic. I saw that nothing was true and then I saw the mind head and I saw the mind, believed it, ok and so that I say that again slowly, you saw that nothing was true. Yes, it's like nothing was true. Nothing was true, nothing, no identification than the mind head, and I saw that the mind wasn't true and I saw that people believed their thoughts, but it's simply wasn't true. For me that doesn't mean that it's not true for them, so that the first for the workers for questions in a turn around so the first question you're believing for example. Let me turn in my book to the questions of quiet here you had. The first question is: is it true, for example, for example, if if I had the thought he doesn't care about me like the first question, is: is it true the second?
Can I absolutely no that its true? He doesn't care about the third question. How do you react when you believe the thought he doesn't care about? I he doesn't care about me. Well, the whole world is born out of that you know. Maybe I become angry or be I become sad. Okay, so tell us how this work with you. First, you view you are. They are filling depressed, miserable, destroy all those things that many people have felt. Yes and the question comes: is it true, while I would think the answer would be for many people Anyone listening has yeah. I am a miserable and pretty miserable and that's an honest answer and that's all that's all that's required is the willingness to answer the questions at all. So the answer would be yes and I say, and can you absolutely no? That is true that you are worth Can you absolutely? No? That is true, that you are worthless and they might answer yes again
because the mind immediately is giving them all the proof that I all the image at all right. That's how the mind works right till he has a time where there is, and yes I know, I'm worthless. Yes, and I'm not don't good, though without barn and so the third question: how do you react when you believe the thought that your worthless, and what makes me feel even more worthwhile, yes, that your stomach couldn't could rotate. Yes, you note tears good habit. Oppression happens, yes, and we become unkind. And we wonder what is the matter with us in, I don't want to talk that way to people. I don't want to two to hurt people end and worse dry came out and then the mind: how will you bad? How do we react when we think that thought the mind attacks and then it comes back and attacks you and then guilt happens, Korea, and so it is this.
Work and how do I react when I believed the thought I compulsively over eight? I drank I thought I'd all these addictions kicked in all its how we react when we believe these stressful thoughts. So then the fourth question, who would you be without her, and then just sit and get still and don't change anything and- and I invite all of the listeners to to just close their eyes and look at their life just the way they live it at the market at home, doing the dishes. Whatever it is going to work, walking to look back at their life, only drop the thought. Who would you be without your story just to drop the thought and look at your life and you see
Like yes, because in many in almost every situation, if not every situation, it's not what is happening. It's what we tell ourselves or the thought that we have about what will happen if that make it whatever it is that right and we can have on all kinds of thought about it is, do we believe give them or not right, that's the key. So then I invite people after those four queried from from just a page. I don't know the page on page one, a few basic principles: in loving. What is is, do you say noticing when you're thought argue with reality. The only time I was underlined, the only time we suffer is when we believe a thought that argues with what is? When the mind is perfectly clear. What is is what we want and I wrote down, ok,
What if someone is being really really inappropriate, you're in a situation where something is happening, and you don't want it to happen, you you, you even go to the place where happening. I don't want it to happen, I'm not going to resist it, I'm going to accept what is, but it still isn't necessarily you want, but I would say change it when chain all of your power change it right here right now, because, as the only opportunity, you have a right here right now, so you change it and if that doesn't work, then open your mind and see a higher way. Ok, because it it's got to be. You also said: I'm a lover of what is not because I'm a spiritual person, but because it hurts, when I argue with reality, ass, but I wonder if we, if you we take this approach. You say we stop opposing reality. Action becomes simple, fluid kind and fearless. I'm thinking
though, if we don't oppose reality when reality is something that we are opposed to suppose it will ever get anything done in reality. Is the story of a past? Ok, also an can change the past now. Ok, so reality is so discussion we ve just had right now is the past it's over and its reality. So if something happened between US that we wanted to shift. We have the power to shift it now right. Now, yes, and I've come to see that defence is the first act of war. So if, I mean if I, if I shift, if I attempt to she offence, is the first act of war. The moment you start to defend you put yourself in the past. Mission of creating war,
and who did it? I did the moment I defended, so we can discuss any shift or I can discuss an issue like I can give you my experience, I can give you my education, my Hayden view if, if one happens to be there on the on the top of on the topic- and that's all I've got that's what I've got my wisdom, my experience is that to say that nothing is worthy of defense. Lots of things are worth defending defence is war, and I say all war belongs on paper, that's where it belongs, so we can look at it and question those thoughts were believing. Ok, I got it. I just got the shifting cause. I was thinking when you said that I'm working on this whole programme to really shift the way our country looks a child abuse and I was thinking defending the children, I'm defending the children and even as you said, and I realize I'm really not trying to defend the children, I'm trying to protect them, which is different, yes and your educating us
and your educating them at a shift and then, if I live- the fin them that I will end up being a part of the or a problem, a problem yet ass, yet again a war against anything. Yes, that's how wars began you know that I'm going to defend my point of view, you got it. I got a got back so and want to actually do the work with you. But the other things that I love that you please early on in loving what is as about a plea that the three businesses you say: there's your business, there's everybody else's business and there's God guys business and I just wanted to share that with with you the listener out there, because if you just get that, if you just got that from today's Congress patient you could really really tinder your business and leave other people's business. Allow powerfully, can you imagine we all take care of our businesses. Did your business. This is so interesting as there is some
going on recently at my girlfriend Gale said you need to call at this person and you need to talk to them another, and I got pulled in play can I did and I'm on the phone and I'm telling this person what they should be doing and just as I hung up the phone, I thought this is going to come back to me and it's not going to be good and it's not going to be good, because I now I'm in somebody else's business, I should stay in my own. Business intended because actually only business. I have any control over its right. So there's your business, everybody else's business and but business and if any any one feels lonely separate than ask yourself mentally, whose business are you went and it can just bring you right to where you really are, and that with the change can take place, use Staying in your own business, I can find only three kinds of business in the universe, mine, yours and guides. When I'm worried about
eggs, floods, war when I will die I'm in God's business? Do I know what's right for me, that is my only business. Let me work with that before I try to solve your problems for you and isn't that a full time job, that's a full time job just to stay in your own business, all right! That's our message for today stay in your own business! and out of other people's business mentally mentally, when you first discovered the work when you are able to come into this, that you were two hundred pounds over two hundred pounds and that you who had been depressed and Agoraphobia egg and really rock bottom suicidal and all of those things and then the cockroach rolled over your foot. You had the Becoming and since then life has turned around for me, for you rather have radically and have you not suffered since that day, not now
remember that day, and that was how long ago Katy that was twenty two years ago you have not suffered. I have an experience that will no I'm very open to suffering and I have an experience sadness, but I'm very open to sadness and I'm very open to anger. But you have to believe your stressful thought, before you can experience those emotion. How do you define suffering and sadness? Resentment anger, but you know I cry lot, he had what I moved to tears, but not suffering large of genuine no suffering. Have you not lost a loved one? Yes mother a couple of years ago, and did you not suffer? Well? I didn't you didn't I didn't how oh it was I'm so full of love, there's no room for it, my god, that's how I just I dropped my whole schedule and I went to live with her. She had pancreatic cancer and I stayed with her and my goodness
so waiting for to die when she died. I was holding her hand looking directly into her eyes and, and she was there and then she wasn't and I continued to look directly into her eyes to see death and it never happened. It was all in my mind and because I dont mind, death icy death is a wonderful thing. I see life is a wonderful thing so odd. When people are frightened of death, for you say it wasn't there she do said she gone though she disappeared she met. Does she does she was there and then she was ass? She was there and then she mind stopped identifying as that that human being is gone. And went on when a mine can no longer identify with the body. You know when the minds Move stand up sit down
the body won't, do it. It quickly discovers its own game and there's no way to identify any longer. So it's everything, so you don't suffer. What do you do when you feel bad you well you you don't you feel you know, I don't feel badly out in me too aware: Yellow snowed, no sounds great d me! Well, you know I want some of that year. You know it badly. You don't have that day. No, not yet. I am too wide open. No, no, no! No! Ok! So what do you feel when you are not? Are you joyous? All the time will do the balance and it isn't what people maybe It would consider joy to be like happy happy happy have I believe you dont yeah, it's in that happens also, but is it son it's there's a pallet, Muffy apiece Kanab yes and fell
realisation until it live. There's no power in it, it has to be live, love lived in and I dont think there is anything more power I know what you're saying that the main reason you don't suffer ever is because I dont believe might my stressful thoughts, I dont believe the thoughts that use distress me out, for example, on. I went back to my mother when she died, like the work is more questions in a turnaround after person has questioned, but they have leave their stressful thought that they have believed then on, for example, they might think First, my mother died. My mother died, my mother died, but you question what you believe and it's my mother died and it's a celebration and he's a little out of my mind Her died, I'm so sad turned round my mother died. I am so happy for her. I feel happy for me. Why would I
be happy if my mother died. Well, let's look at that. If your mother has pancreatic cancer, why is she better off or the baby that dies that we say they haven't lived out their life? Of course they ve lived up. Your life. That was their life from here to there. That was their life. It wasn't too late or two, but I wanted it to be longer and you lose you know there and very I learned to suffer because of that. That's right, because your arguing with what has now why Why is it a better thing that my mother died? She no longer suffers she on. I don't. I don't have to watch her But I wanted you to be here with me. Well there you have it in what is totally selfish thing. It's like don't die, it doesn't matter I more comfortable when you live. That's that's that is so,
go back and that it will generate by loving what is or being able to accept what it has. No matter what happened? Ok, you know I I was blind so so blind. I had an eye disease d, Fuchs, dystrophy, very painful disease, and I continued the full schedule. I travelled all over the world. I fell downstairs cases flights of stairs bumped into walls. I I had amazing experiences, but on end and I've got to cornea transplants. They said that couldn't happen, but my husband, Stephen Stephen Mitchell, he's it most. Amazing man dig googled until he found a way, and I was like, though the fortieth, you got a bag and all my goodness and Andrew people say, are you going? I have you rejected the transplants and eyes I'm never going to to reject the transplant they can.
Jack me. I'm certainly not going to reject them, but they have a right to reject me. Everything has a right to its life. Ok, so you say in the beginning of loving? What is that? It is our thought about a given situation that causes a suffering when we label the situation that in October believing but that we're believing about the situation and that it is our resistance to whatever the moment is now. I M actually was reading your book and Gotten was reading your book on Thursday night and then had to do something all day Friday and that evening, Friday evening I started to get really really really sick. I mean all of a sudden, my body in my book I wished or a key inside myself? So much so I didn't you thing I was gonna make it home in you know, make into bed and there's only my dogs at the house with me in securing
I remember in the middle of the night, being too tired to wake up to even I was like groggy and wanted to ask security to bring some water but too tired to reach through the phone he can take, bring some if I was really sick and suddenly I had the thought. After reading your book, I'm going to stop resisting being sick. I'm gonna, let it I'm gonna, because I'm trying not to be sick. I'm in the middle of single Galileo is a guy arousal levels. It goes. I suddenly had the thought or feeling. Then I'm gonna win lease, my resistance being sick, I'm going embrace it. I said I'm going to embrace. It makes me want to cry thinking about it, so I'm going to embrace it and see what happens. I fell asleep and I woke up miraculously cured it's. It is amazing to love. What is he that's in disgrace? I would have thought I would have been able to get out of bed in the next three days. I was thinking. How am I going to get to work? I'm going to fly back,
these countries have gooseberry you stopped? Aren't you win with reality, stop fighting a magical world and then, if you could still and you go back and you look at how you what The body really was, and you look bad was that pain? Was it really pain or was it it's something else. I don't know whether those I don't know what it was. Absolutely it's like what we are calling for, or or or are you not with sadness? I invite people to question that is its sadness, or is it love and to get really steel? Are those feelings sadness or are they love like when a loved one dies and in two completely honest about it? Maybe it's love. Maybe it's not step when you learn to do the inquiry of the work, which are the four questions
the true is it really true, the third one I forgot, how do you react? What happens to your life, your entire life, when you believe that thought and anyone who would you be without that thought? And then you turn it around and then you turn on review apply that to everything in your life. Then you wake up you wake up to read, I'll? Let you wake up the you know what this is about the end of suffering. You don't open if you, if, if, if Heaven, where the most marvelous marvellous place, everyone wants to go to Heaven or people that do and behave in it. If you died and went to Heaven where everything was proof, there was no suffering. There was no sorrow. That was no right of misery. If you died away, they have an end. You took what believing to Heaven with you. Where would you be on earth on her? So I woke up and I discovered have,
I'm in Heaven- and I am inviting everyone to would end- and I can't take you there- but people who answer these four questions and turn round and sit and get very still can take them there. One of the things you don't that in the book is the three business is your business everybody else's business and gods business. Most people, as you said to us in previous weeks, are worried about other peoples, but not as our sons, hunger, war. You know and it worked and to lay running the world end? Where asleep to our own? Ok, now you you describe in loving what is a. Nor would it down for myself to some so struck by this, where my note, when you return, about your own daughter who was a an act by her own words. Can you tell us about that when you're waiting up for your daughter well
my amazing daughter with full of resentment. I was so full of self hatred and I took it out on my children and it was not an easy life for them living with a mother that was so bitter, and when I had this experience, waking up to reality, I came to- and that my daughter was and into drugs and alcohol. I just bought her a random gorgeous car. And here she is I'm seeing, as you know, drinking alcohol, ITALY and driving, but she would leave and and what I would wait up for her and Oprah would fit? And in a chair like this, I would imagine her dead on the high I would imagine her rape too, I would imagine her are killing other human beings. I would imagine her in the car old over out. We lived in the desert and rolled over with screaming.
Help and no one there. It was all in my imaginations, but all of the images and all of the just as strong as they can possibly living in your imagination sitting there, imagining she dead, she's gonna hurt. Somebody else is that and you were suffering so your man, no, I never suffered. You didn't have to in their waiting to see what was true, the different between reality and fantasy. Until when beans get the difference between reality. Insanity there's not going to be any peace. What you say when he is? Is that all the things you ve shared with her I'm a mother I buy her the car, I'm responsible, as you take her car from her she'll DR while she struck and she ll kill. Somebody shall crash into another car, as the thought appeared in
one would be met with wordless thoughtless inquiry, ass, an inquiry instantly Engrais, meaning the four questions is a true ah brought me back to reality. Here is what was true woman sitting in chair waiting for her beloved daughter. Yes, that's the only thing that was real. That's all that was real, and so for you who are listing. If you can separate from your thoughts, be aware, Most of you thought I think what is true and what is not what is true and what is not well How do we, if we are you know for most people, as I said at the beginning of this, is that most people are searching for ways to you now be in other people's business and their biggest concerns are what other people are doing. To them. How do you get away from and I've had this issue I share with you for me and a lot of you
I think have this issue when you're the person in your family who makes the most money or the person whose bananas successful people have a tendency to look at you as a bank. All right, I call it honest. Yes, is an honest all right. So, if some so unfairly, it ain't, it's like if, if I'm Oprah, for example, hypothetically what with those people, what what are those people say so just be all of them rolled into one and thus have a conversation. Ok, all right, so I have here I would I want. I want to buy some money from you. You know thank you for asking and no I wasn't that ended it. That's nothing. Legal way it go? Analyse have that conversation? I can't believe. I can't believe it all that you have an? U help in other people. All the time that you won't. A hundred thousand dollars. I know it sounds nuts, doesn't it, but if you're right me, what am
confers a hundred thousand dollars and you have it. You haven't that's true. I do I do want some of it. I know I know. Ok, you ever my name in compensating. Oh my garage see it goes back to defence, the first active of k, its cause, I'm defending it. It's like? You don't have any right, you and you should use to believe we have done identity, and that is war on it belongs on paper. It it to question than just leaves love but we're all I was experiencing is: is there they have? problem, I don't I mean that's. Why are you doing what I thought was the kind yeah yeah and I you're right enough. Well, it is enough, but if you, if you continue to, Yes, you train them to combat, guess absolute and it's like I'd. Why do they do it? Will you?
continue to say yes and then killed because you're not living out of your heart? I love the example you used in the book. Were the woman said my husband, you know I hate my husband. She said I dont have sex with my. As ban my husband's, my husband loser, my husband's all of these things, and beginning when you first started asking her. She said yeah, he is a loser in her. Opinion in the mind, gives or all of the proof, all of the images compare them with other men etc, and she turns her off. That's no kind of sex life right, but if she thinks it, if she questions it, and turns around you know and then to see what is as too were true or not to change a person's mine. That's not with the work is about but two realize what is as true or truer to what I in the mine cave says, even his breathing Bixby. I want to leave him because breathing is breathing well in some cases when somebody says you know my husband's loser,
taking advantage of me. Person doesn't respect me or doesn't he doesn't know value me. Sometimes that is true. Well, if I, thought another person should value me than I've got a trump. I've got a problem in people can't value may if they don't can you value someone when you don't it's not possible? No, so we question, but we're believing about that. Personally, I can say that there are people than in my family. I feel that there are people in my family who don't respect. Ok yeah. That is true. Okay. So how do you react when you believe that people in my family do not respect it, makes me angry, it makes be resent them. It makes me not want to talk to them. It makes me want to push back. It makes me not feel loving. It makes me want to avoid them makes me all of those thing has and who would you be without the thought my family doesn't respect me.
What I mean. Imagine yourself with them. Imagine yourself. I know I've been meaning to minimise. Well, I'm not asking you not to believe. Ok, I'm simply asking you just for a moment to witness. Who was that we were? You would be the thought I dont with, whereby I would be different. He has they would be entitled to their own opinion, they could respect, who they have a right to not respect or to respect people, and you would be aware of that. Would you be without that thought? They don't respect me, and so let's turn it around. They don't respect me. Yes was the opposite. I dont respect them. He has look how
we're not respecting them. How so will if they don't respect you you're, not respecting it? How respectful is that how like, if, if, if you don't respect me, yes and I dont respect that respect that you don't respect me, then I'm not respecting you. Ok, I gotta epiphany. I got that so. If you don't respect me, if you're going to take advantage of me- and I hope that no one had been taken advantage of me- no one can that's not possible. I mean when they came to you for money who said yes, and who did you disrespect that see? Who did this? That would be you yeah. I just respected myself. I disrespected myself, by giving them the money you didn't want to. Ok all right all right, it was disrespectful to both of you you and to get a memo. Yes, because you mean it? Ok, you try it.
We we we tried it way, we do it thinking our guild is going to be less, but I resent my bill know we do it thinking, not that I'm feels good to be less well. Maybe we do it. Thought about. Maybe you do thinking. Maybe this time will be. This will be it so, whether its de dollars or five hundred dollars- you doesn't matter disrespectful for me and to give money to people when it's not honest for you when you say, in this way and then an end to give give the money to you know as though, if I give them this it'll be over, because then that is that's your ear living out of a secret life and in that's painful yeah, you know I would say I will give you this, and this is the last time in giving new money and ardent and see. I couldn't even say that, because
it may not be, but I say I'm giving you this, and it is my hope that is the last time you asked me for money again and Anne and then the next time they come back. If I still feel not to give them the money, then I say I care about you and no and no say I know, has two parts: we tell him the truth and then the no side I care about you. I see that that you may be in trouble. I really here that you needed, and I have to tell you know well. This is what
about the inquiry, because I you know hearing you talk this way because in reading- and I was thinking what gosh you just gonna- walk around in peace with yourself on time. So as to everybody all like a time, you know in what good is integrity if it doesn't bring clarity and clarity in the truth, is it's it's just it's on. My good is the true the sets of freight. Yes. Well, let's go back to the sole, not taking advantage of, because I think I think you ring a bell. There have a lotta one take advantage of you. How is that possible? I don't know I'm thinking about its there are lots of people who feel taken advantage of their definitely are little use dictum. They feel that people, you know, use them- and there are lots of in I had this for many years of my life, I can say I don't have this anymore- is- is whole desire to please he's everybody minded please try to. Please I'm hopeless. Yes, it that's a hopeless situation. Yes,
and you think we're lie that ITALY ever none argued given you given Yemen, giving women's never enough. Yes, so how is it possible that someone could take advantage of me? You know if someone if someone took their fist and end like they did they didn't like something I said in the end. They just hit me as hard as they could and not make clear against a wall I began to laugh why why not crazy anymore? It's over! That is a state of grace. They hit me and its offer. Of course, I'm grateful it's over now here is that, where the pain blush you're different saw the mind begins to think they shouldn't have done that. How dare they do that had in the mind, shows they hit over and over and over is like he hit me once, but I use in his name to suffer. I I use that that image hit of him hitting me and all of a sudden, I'm a victim
oh and oh, and then I can you elaborate on your money. Hit me hit me hit me and get the world to agree that this is a terrible thing and no one stops to consider it's over and if he hits me again it's over. If he hits me again it's over and eventually I'm out, door as soon as I can get to the door, I'm not saying then take the abuse. Oh no, it is like if, if, if I'm just shocked and he hit me, then then I need to do something about and you know, do I want to live with someone who is going to hit another, human being that way. So if I stay the next time, it hits me he didn't hit me. I hit me it's like his job is the head, that's a man or a woman who hits people, that's his job. Everything has its job. Everything has its job. His job is to hit women. If we use like a male in this case, yes and on
and if you don't realize day, I can no longer say he hit me enact, shocked and surprise. I mean he's doing his job in the dog. Bites from dogs do sometimes there's dogfights, so he hits me I'm not shock to surprise. I hit me at that point. But then we go out into the world and they say he hit me. He hit me. We all agreed the world is a terrible place to live, we're not taking responsibility for our own, our own staff, and so that is the clear we get as we question what we believe about life and people and ourselves the clear we get kind of we become and, if I may so, is it always always about you always always always always however, about the other per head and cannot be it cannot be. It cannot be so people who are piss in us off. We have to look,
ourselves it always about us. If we're going to get freely, they always always always armies and so we should all the guy was going to say you ask yourself the four questions remind us again. Is it true? Is it true? Can you absolutely know that it's true? How do you react when you believe that thought what happens the fourth question? Who would you be without that thought and then turn the concept that you're inquiring of around and find offices to see what is as true or truer and just to notice is the concept that you're dealing with? Is it peaceful or is it stressful, and if it's a stressful than I am, my job is to invite the world the work and the work again has no power. It is each of us individually. It is our power in our own answer, saying that letter that authority, you not some good
You saying I warn you my answer. Goodness, I'm still working on me you're, saying that the work has the power as it is applied by each person as it is as it is applied by each of us. Each person, but you know what I think, though, for it for many people who are new to this kind of thinking and even for myself when I first started reading loving what is, and I hear about not resisting the moment I undressed and that in certain a certain context, and then I think about as an african American, growing up in the United States at a time when there was a whole group of people, civil rights leaders and people whose names made the history books and did not who made it possible for me to be where I am to sit, I am today and had they not resisted the injustices. Had they not fought against what was that what was considered the the norm, you know I would
be here nor were there had been progress or success so far lane or divine that both the law, even though it appears ass, its inner in our lifetime, it so slow rail, I say faster in the work, is for people in a hurry. You know for people suffering that are in a hurry and and and yes that's true as the best we had going for us on this planet fight, but it is ready its away. You know this is a whole other paradigm that we are stepping into
Basically, as we believe our thoughts we are going to fight and that its low now, can you imagine a world that is so ancient that they still kill each other where they still hate each other? What you know it's it's for me: that's an ancient world and where all just kind of just moving on to what you call them from evolving from that, but yes, those mines and yes that courage, you know, that's the guy was necessary for the Thai Absolute and you're saying this is a different time. And a different way of reacting. Yes, you know I have to tell you over. I buy one of them, one of the most moving things I've ever seen in my life. With I watched you not long ago, you were you were facing their neighbours
crowd. Look like all around you and you had your arm in the air, and you said I am a free. Woman and you turn behind you in it, I am a free and I it was it just ring from my head to my town- that's our birth right as the human being freedom, but you know I was in. I was in a very large prison when when I was, they are working with these men, a man started screaming and he's green any screamed and its set every one is any other men off screaming, but he was screaming because he was shut in a cell with his head and then, when you believe your thoughts, you are, you are at that
hell and, and you put a buddhist monk in there and you shut the door, he says. Thank you. I got, but this man you lock up, you know it's I'm a terrible when being I did it wrong? There's no hope for me No one understands. That is how I got that epiphany. Just then goes right. There's only him in the cell with himself and he screaming. Yes might because his work alone with his own mind, yeah yeah. Well, then, don't do did. Do you believe that some people deserve punishment for that they only delude lane. Oh, my goodness, you know no one would her arm another human being if they were not confused. No one would you another human being if they were not believing their thoughts? If someone walked up and if someone was just radical, so radical, how What are we going to do with the prisons and all those people will be more. I say that if they question what they believed in the real rehabilitated, and then,
They come out their different human being ok, but you do believe that they have to be incarcerated. I will address the lulli. If I hurt you- and I heard someone else- and I heard someone else have you ever heard someone you know that feels. Yes, my goodness stop me. If you love me, stop me ass, lock me! Yes, because hurts me to harm another human being I'd, it's it's mercy, but then give me some way The deal with my mind so that I dont do it again, hang and that way is self realisation. God realization and the work is it is. It is the way to wake on your saying that self realisation not lived doesn't mean. A thing is just a bunch of Google guy is of yeah get actually so incarcerate but in the process of incarceration, do allow them to do the work. Yes, yes, yes, very simple, very simple! Thank you by including all your soul,
I'll, come these like any. Why did I know you're not only see the glass is, half full, you see a buffer flowing or the universe is free and I invite people not to believe me but to test it for themselves. Thank you. What a joy I'm overwintering, and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the cast you can follow, two percent on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this pledge gas joy. Next week for another super, so conversation? Thank you for listening.
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