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Faith, the Two-Legged Dog

2019-12-25 | 🔗

Oprah talks about the many ways animals teach and inspire us. Oprah shares the lessons she's learned from her own dogs and from other animals featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah says one of her greatest teachers was her beloved dog Sophie. Oprah was also inspired by one of her most memorable guests, Faith, the dog who overcame severe deformities to learn to walk on two legs. "If that little dog can do that, what can you do?" Oprah asks. Oprah also takes a look back at a ground-breaking program called Puppies Behind Bars, which teaches prisoners to train puppies to become service dogs for wounded soldiers. Oscar-nominee Glenn Close takes us inside a prison to hear how men with histories of violence are being transformed by this amazing program. Finally, Oprah looks back on a touching moment played out in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as Nate Berkus comes to the aid of a survivor unable to part with his beloved dog, Rafiki.

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dogs, and I think that one of the reasons why I love them so much is because, as a child, I was allowed to have them and as I grew up that was First thing I wanted was to get my own dog today. I think I've had I've just countenance before the show, I think of twenty one dogs thousand adult and one time I had eleven dogs all at one time and nothing makes me happier than being with my dogs we're. Goin walk yeah, we are come on. Nothing makes heavier than a walk in the woods or the law, nor a role on the lawn with by dogs. Over the years, I have felt the truest purists love the love of God. Really I imagine that's what God love feels like is the love that comes from your dog, because
nobody says its unconditional and they're happy to see you no matter what, and there is never any judgments. One of my group Teachers is my dog Sophie now Sophie live for thirteen years, came to work with me every day therefore every show was backstage at the Oscars at the Mps was waiting in the car. If I went to the gynecologist Sophie and Solomon travel with be everywhere. even more particularly Sophie and Sophie was, I don't know she had some kind of statement, it was in an inferiority complex, but I don't think so. She was so attached to me. If I were to leave her in a hotel room for even five minutes. I'd walked, the hall and should be howling so should have this
preparation, anxiety that if she wasn't around me should start howling like a wolf and so many times. I thought I was gonna get put out of the hotel, but I will have to say deep love and affection for my little Sophie girl, good girl cell girl, and it wasn't until she passed I really understood that depth of my love for her, because I learned from a shall we did many years ago with Gary's, you call that a big cells in little cells and Sophie was a little soul, she's too little soul, but had a great impact. my life and when I lost her is when I realized that nobody on earth had ever loved me like that little dog, I love dogs. I know other people are cat people, but I loved
And have a great appreciation for all people who appreciate animals of this world, and I have to say that over the years one of my very favorite and most profound lessons came from a dog that we had on the show a dog that I didn't even know was a dog. The producers had told me that we're gonna. Have this guest who had been through a lot had indeed and survived and that I would be surprised at this there was even standing on two feet. So when I introduced this next guess, I was surprised to see She wasn't, I have never. I have never. I have never it's a too like a dog. Ok, this is faith. Everybody
her human says why we need by Ok Business Bates Triumphant journey. This is unbelievable. My son Reuben brought back to us about three years go Reuben rescued faith when she was only three weeks old justice. Puppies mother was trying to smother her. Sometimes in nature dogs well actually kill their own if they're not strong, if they're not able to cycle the mother dog was actually sitting on face when he found her when he pulled her out to presenter to me, I think that's when he realized that he was deformed. She looked up at us with a hope essays. Will you help me? Will you take care of me you're my only chance, You took the tiny part of that area who recommended that she put her to sleep. We never consider putting her way, especially because for deformity the puppy was born with too severely.
form front legs and could only moved by dragging herself along the floor. The darkness it if you can Here's shall rubber HOLLAND or chest and our chance to survive the little public the learned to do something incredible balance on her too. hind legs like a human which Estes peanut butter on the universe. Ban is lifted up, so she had to
her chin up, then it was a matter of sitting up. You put her on this now to set her down and she merely the sprang up and set up like a rabbit. So we motion for her come my heart and she took one hot and when she took the first hop we totally rewarding her with peanut butter and gummy bears and Hugson kisses the day that she took her first really good hop was the day we solidified her name. Faith are jaws were like a home. It's like seen a baby for the first time. Take the first steps you like my baby. She can walk gracing about faith is that she makes people happy. She is a demonstration of what it looks like
persevere, what it feels like to say, I can do what I want to do. Nothing can stop me, I think she's, amazing and she is definitely a gift from God. I'd like hearing that you say that she's made you less selfish. Yes, he has, and we cannot think of ourselves anymore and having already things are themselves in their own way. Now we would have to go to her needs. We had to take care of her make sure she was ok, she's, so cute from your fate from your police, we need clear, mere girl. I got a girl, yours
He's gonna make out she's gonna lay down. Well, how does she eats standing up? How does she do that? I'm actually she its offer the pedestal. Sometimes it just depends what she wants it often she has a ball on the ground that she will eat off, of actual literally put in your mouth, take under the bed and ate and socially wants Antonio Eads laying down there. Yet while she is also a therapy dog, yes she's, a red dog you know is that kid's who from mexico- and they can't read very well in English, and so, if they read to us, we would judge them by reading her. She can't judge them. In fact, they have so much fun with her. They make faces outer in LA enjoy. Isn't this a miracle dog? I still do to this day. I think it's just one a great great amazing joys, and how appropriately name and
that when I went to South Africa for the this time. Looking for girls for school going around two very. as villages that one of the girls who I was interviewing said to me: I know who you are: here, the woman who had that dog faith on your shall believe me. She got into the school so that story had touched so many people in different parts of the I didn't even recognize it recognising this young girl said to me that when she saw that dog on two legs did she believed that anything was possible for her to just amazing from adults? Why we need by the Devil dog can do that? What can you do? That's what I love that day with, and I think that's a message sent to everybody all over the world. When you think Sometimes you can't get up. He can't get get get yourself moving. He can't
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and wounded their way into our hearts. They all remind us, sometimes the greatest lessons in life come to us in the most unexpected ways. I love it. When I have days I get surprised and have big aha moment for myself, so this idea came to me from God, close. The actress who wanted to come on and talk about a program called puppies behind bars, in two thousand nine animal lover and five time Oscar nominee, Glyn, close introduced to a groundbreaking program called puppies behind bars when these vile- Men were locked up there. they shut down, my name is Jesse. I am, of course, waited for me a lot on the first green being in a place like this. Do surrounded by coldness. Twenty fourth it's hard to actual ashore motions around the people. There by because they take that as a sign of weakness, but a programme close to my heart called puppies behind
ours is transforming these criminal offenders. Inmates are given eight week old puppies and taught to train them to become so. of his dogs for wounded soldiers in return. Puppies give them there's something many of them have never experienced before uncanny love there together twenty four hours a day the puppies even sleep in the inmates cells. The programme teaches, is convicted felons responsibility and respect, but it's the loving connection with the puppy that is truly life, changing yes having this store with me each and every second of the day I just nay more aware of our feelings being around the puppies very openly up being is love Strong bond is very small, is like a party you them will make my
mean. Those around me proud me again. Join in this programme is the it helped me to give myself a sense of pride again to know thereby nurturing and raising these dogs to their full potential that I could give back just love Love love love the idea that someone who is considered an incorrect oh by society or somebody who's considered an outcast by society can give such love and such nourishment and care then feel in return. Because that's the way the world works. There was a moment during the show that I really had such a big? Aha, that I understood that so many people who have been and neglected and damaged in their life are feeling that damage because their incapacity to actually love and feel
love. I've never receive love in their life and have now been able to really give love in their life and seeing the prisoners be able to give love to the dogs and then the dogs be given to soldiers? being from Afghanistan, and an Iraq at the time just felt like the absolute best. Full circle love moment possible, one of those present was Roberto. He served sixteen years. For second degree, murder or bertelsmann, sixteen months, training, Frankie US, this dog for wounded soldier. Sorry Alan Hill. How old were you when you came in seventeen years old? I am now thirty, three years old, I wish I could turn back. There's in time for the hurt and that have caused so many people, especially my
family. As far as your life is concerned, what is public behind an anti better? Let's be involved and appalling programme has taught me how to be a responsible person has taught me on patients. Just a few months ago, Roberto had to let Frankie go It was time for her to serve a wounded soldier, the firs. Now I was Frankie. I wish to say that it was. It was a long night. It was there Google. For me, I had died and emotionally attached to her, and it was hard for me to realize that the next morning I was going to wake up, and I actually you don't feed her that morning, Frankie misplace with sergeant Allen, who was hit by a roadside bomb just two months. Shy of completing his second tour of duty and a rack sergeant hills where's from traumatic brain injury and severe, combat related post, traumatic stress disorder, Frankie.
of Sergeant Hill snap out of paralyzing violent flashbacks, they travelled to fish, kill, sergeant Hill could meet the man who trained Frankie the dog. He says who, get him back. His life Roberto never expected to see Frankie again, Frankie come over This should go further because all miss you cause- you excited, saw my pleasure to meet you, I'm happy, ass she made a difference in the library. I know she, the valuable dog. You know I mean can't put money on the time that you spent can't you can't put a dollar man on that because it came from the heart. Is there not a great moment when the soldier is thinking the inmate or the dog
train for him. That's that's what I call a fool Circle Beaumont. What you're putting out is coming back to you all the time and then not only that give that give two soldiers who been giving themselves for their country. and all of us and have them be a part of the circle of love. Just then get better than that It's easy to see how faith the dog is a miracle, but I an even bigger miracle is what's taking In the puppies behind bars programme, because really a miracle is just a change. Perception. It's a change in the way you look at things and every one of the inmates who gets to work with one of those puppies. They began to change the way they see themselves. They be ended. Responsibility for themselves. They begin to see that they could have feelings for another, be
they began to see that that being in this case, the puppies or dogs have feelings for them and that Those feelings are real, as anybody who's ever loved it animal. No so there's nothing pure or tour, or more giving them love that that animal to share with you. So that's why I think it is Billy not just rhetoric but truthful to say that a miracle takes place when there is any kind of exchange of love and carrying going on Friday, sit. before Glenn Close, left the prison she insurgent. Alan hills sat down for an emotional conversation with
but those in maids spot verse worrying. If you love people be philosophy and a gold, a core believed the cost rigging, the visual can change, can be trusted and conquer to society. This is our way to repay in a society that we on tax, on what form this joint, poorly. My bird dog, brought forth Amelia ability to love again been so dynamic for so long because of a cold place. There. that I didn't know that I could love again and we all see how greatly these dogs affect the lives of people. Data such as those same that we have touched also through these dolls.
Frankie has been there for me. She's been my rock one of eating. Her help me a flashback or a nightmare can do things a year and a half. I could do this overwhelm filling no alone when I get from this programme is assess their love as support, something they run away, and my life this is ends is my third door down Frankie Streaming. Frankie's family, sir. We heard immediately how much Frankie was love
how well she was thinking of she she's fantastic. I'm so glad that you love like we do, ceramics your family, what better gift were, but a gift Cancun, We give you. Four men serve this country this time. We need a spoof talk. What that story really speaks to for me, the power of redemption, this is a room filled with cold blooded killers an burglars and arm robberies in all kinds of other. Convictions in that room. First degree: murder, second dreamer, armed robbery, and these are people whom we dodge put behind bars and are most often forgotten, because we want Forget about them. We wonder we want to be Eve that, if their put away
We now have to think about them and our lives will be ok. What the puppies behind bars programmed proves is that every person, no matter how hardened, no matter, how, Cold and no matter how removed from their own connection to themselves or how we move they are from life in society, has the power to feel love. So for me, this hold show You did with the puppies behind bars, helping the inmates in the inmates helping the soldier. It was really about the great power of love and redemption. The whole we're all watched what happened in New Orleans during Katrina. We always ever stated for our fellow citizens. When we sent NATO,
because, along with some other members of our team down to New Orleans, to see what we could do, Nate in a moment in a flash of a moment, understood what really mattered, insect number two thousand five. Just four days after Hurricane Katrina ravage the Gulf closed Nate Burgers went to me, every Louisiana to see how people were coping in the aftermath of the deadly storm. It reminds me of the tsunami in these people their expressions, their body language. You can tell them they just don't know tomorrow is going to be all about in one of the saddest thanks what's going on here, that people have saved their animals by putting them on rats and keeping them out of the water and now and are not allowed to take their dog with them on the process, the last minute we can't, even though this guy is gone, rescued the marble forty years he's only.
we have a solution for you. Okay, I want to take the dog on. What's his name, we're going to take him and two other dogs that we met here and we're going to send him to a house in Baton Rouge at the private house, while we're sleeping and when you get back I told you the guy. That still may still makes me cry, because that was such raw, powerful emotion for him. Wasn't that yeah yeah, you didn't know under the explanation. Yet when he heard was that Is there a site and yeah and that somebody cared and that I saw him what happened to that? That's what happened.
There were reunited refugee, went in the back of a limousine with a few other dogs to I know it sounds crazy, but that's what happened and he went in the back to this house where we were staying, LISA Links friend you agree to take in as many dogs is, we could send up there and they went to the pets during their about food and water and they kept all the dogs until everybody was relocated and I gave them all the phone number, so they all reunited. It was a really beautiful it still makes me guy. You know why, because I was thinking just as I know you will be to those of you tat. I was thinking about myself, my own dog, I'm thinking about all the people who are in that situation and you ve grown up with your pay You love your pet. Those of us who have pets know that it's not That is a member of your family it's a family member, so The reason why that still makes me cry is when I see how grateful he is that some
but he has come to think of his dog, as he thinks of his dog that its somebody that you love you cherish, and I got that is. That is a really powerful moment. I think. this is not just about the dog is about Nate. Stopping at that moment and seeing that the dog, really matter to him that this was a member of his family would be like leaving a member of your feet, I'm laying on the side of the road and people who have their their their pets, who are family members are not going to leave their pets behind, I wouldn't be able to choose which dog I would have to leave behind. I wouldn't be able to say you know Then a goal and I'm going to leave my dogs here, so why is it so hard wrenching there? We were in the middle of this tragic circumstance, and there is Nate. A stranger and a dog
Just a little bit of love, the gave us all a little more hope Patrick enjoy it nearly five more years with his beloved dog graffiti. passed away at the age of eighteen. One of the greatest lessons I've learned from my dogs, his patient, because I bring my dogs to work every day as I can, and it's really a little gifts that you have those in between doing the work sitting at my desk talking to people, having meetings sometimes I will just pick Little savvy now, that's my current little sweetheart daughter. You are gorgeous and give her hug and feel the energy Of her unconditional love, for me, you are my sunshine. Come for those of you, You don't know the love of an animal. I hope Seeing some of this may be opens up your heart too.
idea of what animals can do for humans. Some. My best moments on earth have been spent with my dogs, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple podcast and subscribe rate and review. This pledge gas join me next week for another superbowl conversation. Thank you for listening.
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