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Kathy Freston: The 8 Pillars of Wellness

2018-11-05 | 🔗

New York Times best-selling author, spiritual counselor and wellness activist Kathy Freston explains how she believes we can reach our highest level of health and contentment through small, focused changes. In her book “Quantum Wellness,” Kathy outlines what she calls the “8 Pillars of Wellness:” meditation, visualization, fun activities, conscious eating, exercise, self-work, spiritual practice and service. Kathy says if we show interest and lean into these areas of our lives, we can “feel more connected in a soulful way and be a change agent in the world.”

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, this world in which we they have. You know it's no longer enough to just talk about a better world and we do a lot of talking about a better world and the other world on the show, but I think to question conventions and read: books fill with the wisdom of the ages. Gandhi said it best. Ah you ve all heard this quote that we must be the change we wish. See in the world and we all know change, doesn't come easy to be the change to trans
from our lives to begin to impact the world around us. We must not only have foresight in, of course, faith and compassion, but you also have the courage of your own convictions and one such asian of change, not coincidentally, my guest today she's a personal growth author and spiritual counselor, Cathy Preston, best seller times, bestseller people always like that again. Yeah, that's a nice label to have, if you're going to have one, that's pretty sure. If I can send it to you by the way it means people are reading the last year around this time she was on the show talking about the one discovering the secrets of soulmate love and now she's returning to our souls series to share her latest book, one. That is nothing if it is not courageous. Call Quantum Wellness a practical and spiritual guide to health and happiness
courageous, I thought not because of the fact that you challenges to strive for our own since a personal wellness, but that there is actually a plan for doing it. Courageous, in that you emphasise it, wellness is contingent on service to others and also our effect on the whirl holding us accountable for bringing up the weakest link. As you call it, she's pretty amazing when you learn to walk the walk, hello, even walking the walk yourself. Well, I think we are all born to learn to walk the walk and it's just a matter of how quickly and easily we get there, and I certainly had a few breakthrough moments in my life, where I thought. If I don't make some changes, things are gonna go pretty bad. I mean things were really heading in a very difficult direction. For me, I had some health challenges. I had some relationship, chow
and yes, I had some work and financed challenges and all of those things is difficult, as they were were catalyst to wake me up, and I think that's what we're supposed to do as were supposed to wake up and that's what conscious living is, is living and awakens life, and if we don't take the reins ourselves and really you know, set out to make the changes life. How to tempt a over the head to get us to pay attention. I was one of those HANS. Her continues to go back over the head and the thing about it. All of us have been bombed and I think the more hard headed you are. The heart of the box have ya, get us for sure yeah one other thing: you say: is that conscious living is awakening to begin to understand and then another's misery is our misery it is, it is, and if we don't tend to the ills of this world, we will not be fully well, ourselves were so interconnected. Now more than ever in. If you think of your arm like, if you think of that,
I'm gonna take care of my arm, but I'm not gonna take care of the rest of my life a re well that arm is not gonna thrive, no matter how! Well you take care of it. You have to take care of the whole body We ask as a human may we are that whole body, so we we need extend our awareness past just ourselves. Pass me my family, my community, my interest to the things that I dont see necessarily the things it that, in the shadows of my awareness I have opened my eyes to the things that are painful beyond and my immediate sphere of awareness, till I do that, I'm really not gonna be connected to my higher purpose. Will I think, too, of the reason why a lot of people shut themselves down to that is because I don't want to see the other person's misery, because then I might have to do something ass, the inconvenient truth, that's the inconvenient truth and it is really hard to make changes.
Firstly, when those things that we enjoy our traditions, that we sort of always thought were positive, weathers eating. Turk yet thanksgiving, correct or in a wearing a big fur coat or whatever it is. You know that signals bundles joy, having made this has made it all that stuff, so we have to bust through that stir it sort of interesting when I started, because I used to be a person who war war fur coats and also bought them for other people to work. As I thought it was a symbol of success and then, when I started to become more conscious about it, I thought success at the expense and sacrifice of the animal so you get to where the fur right to say. Let me look at me in this great thing or dry thing at the Sakharov ice of another and are not even did keep you warm place.
You need to kill that animal rights of thousands of years ago. We needed that yeah. Maybe that was a necessary evil right. You know, as was eating meat Mina many years ago, but life has changed and that one of our, I think, responsibility. As awakening human beings, is to keep pushing ourselves to look three steps behind to see how things that
b, where they are, whether it's our food, our relationships are politics whatever and then looking three steps. You know forward to see how our choices play out and is not always easy because we have to bust ourselves and we have to do things that are uncomfortable and push ourselves doing things in a new way and in a change change. Our way that also I'm talking now with Quantum Wilmas, advocate an author of a book by the same name, Quantum Wellness, Cathy rest. In what is quantum moments? You know we hear the word quantum allied, it's part of. Are you know, it's been become a part of the lexicon of this disaster, but what is it really mean in terms of Wellness Quantum wellness to me, a quantum means. Are you a radical and sudden leap from one point to the other? Ah, lay at warps be yoga. Warp. Speed is almost like a.
Miracle just popping onto the radar and the way you get to Quantum wellness isn't by just radically changing everything you do, because I think that's really hard to do yeah. You talk about leaning into aiding into it, and it's almost like creating a sort of a brew Sayer growing in all these different ingredients. I'm gonna do a little bit of this. I'm to change this a little eminent. You know why I like this book because you know normally it's like Hey. Let's everybody stop everything you're doing right now, but your idea is list We need to get used to a new way of being, maybe take up one minute of meditation a day and you know maybe cut out one animal for today. Maybe this week I'll give up eating chicken or or any kind of bird, something like that, and we just keep adding these little shifts and changes into the soup, and it's like you know, on a few ever
begged something you you put in all the ingredients. You put it in the oven an end before you know it out a debate, but I have made you do you have to do and what it s like that all sort of metaphor, when you know that the witch doctor you know over the broom is during the popping up and then something happens and you go from point: a
the point d and not really up to us to say this is what's gonna happen and when is gonna happen, what's up what what we're beholden to do is to just keep upgrading our ways little by little as much as we feel comfortable, doing and pushing ourselves to look deeper at ourselves in the world around us and that's when things happen, what you start with the pillars of wellness the aid pillars, which I thought were really great, would you describe them here? Sure? Ok, one of them is meditation and met a diversion was one yeah. Meditation is something that you know you. You think you have to have this very severe practice of sitting in and with a straight back on a cushion and be very disciplined and actually meditation is just being quiet and everything you know I echo totally said about was so moving that every time you are present win your conscious every breath isn't meditation is, if you allow yourself to be with that, you read me
yeah and if your, if you're in that breath and that present is like you'll, feel tears, running down? Use your guys? It's so I remember he said sometimes he'll drink coffee at night. Just so he can stay up and be present. I can just imagine him in setting himself up and you're just gonna be totally awake and closed his eyes, and I could just see him being present in over yes for hours on end and what in meditation that, while, yes, what you're saying I think that it there's so much. Maybe confusion, intimidation and also you mysticism around the idea of what meditation is and what I have discovered is that when you
actors, meditation with the expectation that something is supposed to be happening, then you're out of balance with what meditation earlier. That's our egos speaking! That's our you! That's our eager. I did you know that close my eyes and now, having mystical and may rise, gonna happen and I'm gonna see the light in the rice. Gonna pull me in or whatever your expecting to Hap, and that's not up to us. Our job is to close our eyes and get present and then in a very real that's exactly where we need to be, and that might be to a deeper awareness or might just be it at you know total presence. Sometimes you get an inspiration when you're meditating sometimes a an idea that you want to write about wranglers or someone you want to call. But you can't look for that stuff, because that's what that's when the miracle happens to you, it's just putting yourself. A position. Closing your eyes breathing may be saying a mantra such as I am here now I am here now.
Ever so than when your mind is wandering. You just keep going back to your mantra and focusing on the words and letting them sink down into our at another good business. You know, I love what you said about Gandhi sang leave, the change you change, you want to see in the world, so I often say I am peace, so I just keep repeating. I am peace, I am peace, so I am I'm telling myself. I am the change that I wanted in the world. If I'm frustrated by the chaos and the war and the insanity in the world- and I don't quite know what to do. One thing I can say is: I am peace, and so I lit I let those words sink into my consciousness and I think what does that mean to me? I am it's, so I I might think of a relationship that needs healing. I might think of a practice that cruel that I want to stop doing, and I just let the words I am peace penetrate deeper and deeper, and then I
become peace. I do sometimes I'm John Grey Talk taught me this a long time ago to do by my. My heart is open to you, God, my heart is open to you. Come sit in my heart and soul, I'm sort of narrow that down to you now that sort of my prayer before I began, but the mantra really is my heart is open so that I do at my heart is open source. Your open to receive whatever is going to show up for you here to hide his open, so meditation as a cornerstone in. I think people intimidated. I remember many years ago I was talking about meditation or had talking about it. On the previous show and a woman stood up in the air
isn't at Yale, but I try that meditation thing. I went in the closet for twenty minutes and nothing happened either. Meditation thing that many men, it's not gonna, happen, gales that that centre and myself have you know it's it's funny, because sometimes nothing does happen by but we're practicing. It's like. If you gotta the gym a few times, you really see the muscle parting. I do not raise your waste suddenly slimming down it's the practice is that eating into a new way of being an change sort of happens when changes supposed to happen, and that's like your meditation of I am open to receive. It's not really my business to dictate how things show up my business is to show up and to open and be willing to receive, and that's when the universe provides us exactly the experience we need in order to grow and become deeper, and I will tell
you'll guaranteed. If you just start doing it, I just you know you say in the booking. You said her earlier just take a minute, and this is what I want to say: everybody every one person whose listening has radio we're talking to one at a time. I do know that to ever one of you who listening that it You don't have a minute to give yourself. If you just don't, have and men. It did to sit still and be still. Then then you're evolve meant. Is not a priority in your life whatsoever and that's the eager speaking to test the egos. Oh no, you got to get back to doing that and then you know I think about that crazy situation there and you got to go grocery shopping. That's your ego and that that part of your mind, that's fearful, does not want you to get quiet, because when you get quiet, that's when the shift happens, that's when the mirror
does come in? Wouldn't it be an amazing thing of all over the United States of America, but just start with our own country or lets you start with a city all over in one city we could get people just once a day now, at the same time, to take out of and be still just like you know when you go to european countries from noon until two o clock right. You can't find anybody you can't shop, you can do because gray everybody's having a siesta when that being credible, yeah. What a good idea opera the good. I re idea, yeah just just take a minute a day, just a minute, a data silence ourselves, that's incredible and all that openness. What could happen with all that, stillness that, a miracle that can come through and all that chattering ego, meaning
You know everyone just sort of stops for one minute and breeds and receives my gosh. I can imagine miracles happen, a shift that would come yeah because the meditation in the deep awareness that comes from it is just a part of the pillar, heart of a cornerstone in next. What would you say so Important on that chain of eight June. Well. For me, conscious eating, as is the one of the very most important, because it's the most elemental fun fundamental thing we do every day, and that means that we are aware of where our food comes from, how it gets to the table. What goes into it, whether cruelty, I am and abuse goes into it. Whether farm workers are overlooked and overworked. Chemicals, fertilizers hormones, all kinds of stuff and everything in quantum wellness-
else to the body mine in spirit. And so what I maintain is that, if it's good for our health, it's gonna be good for our soul and vice versa. If it's good for us as individuals is good for us, the whole of humanity is good for all animals and all other animals on the plan. Exact don't go anywhere more to come after this short break too is episode, is supported by hallmark cards. We say I love you too. The people we care about all the time, so much so that sometimes it can start to feel a little bit like a habit if you're king for a way to make those three little words mean a little more this Valentine's day. Try sing them with a hallmark card, because when you share your love in a hallmark, hard you're taking that everyday reminder and turning it into the kind of love they can hold on to, that stays with them long after Valentine's day since Hallmark, has so many kinds of Valentine's day cards you can find one for every important relationship in your life this year for every Valentine's day cards you buy hallmarks.
Give a card to someone who could use a little love up to a million cards. Valentine, say: is Friday February Fourteenth keep the love going and visit hallmark, dot com? Slash super saw to find on Times day cards for everyone you care about an use? Chrome, code, super soul to get twenty percent off your card purchase Lizzy, I used to think of conscious eating, as as taking your time being a wet before a red quantum illness, as taking your time being conscious of what you eating watching your? U no fat in sugar intake, but you mean something different Zimmer effect in the beginning of the book. You write about a friend yours superstars reading it s, thinking am I that friend now write about really about me not cause. The story was about the friend who was up and down with way
who declares reading, I think he's talking about over years, thereby our path at the next there well, because you really do feel rather throw you out there before. You start
it was just grab. The rate was up and down with her and then that we realise it wasn't you weren't talking about law now when you said that the French had finally conquered the wave issue when she started to become a conscious either that she'd struggle with away and would keep it off for long periods of time, and you can do dieting and now works and exercise, and you can even add into its meditations individualization thought: visualize myself being fan and FED and having energy, and so I have a friend who did all these different things very smart woman, JANET and- and she did everything that she was supposed to do on home. She would bounced back and gain the way whether it was some stressful situation that would set her off or something, and so until she started becoming a conscious eater, which means she thought about the animals and what they went through to get to her
her stake dinner, her chicken lunch whatever it was, that heard discipline was no longer one of deprivation where she felt like. Oh, I can have. This has got too much fat in it or too much whatever it was. A joy to your whole life isn't about is mine, is how, We can always knows how much bad is it that you think about the great sages and thinkers of aright I'm and, as I can tell you, that calorie content of every single item- yeah- yes and that's not what life is all about, and I really do venture to say that when you're eating from a place of spiritual integrity like I really want what's best for me, but I also want what's best for everybody else involved, including the animals then
gonna, it's gonna work out for you in a way that you don't even have to worry about mutual integrating yeah, that's a conscious eating is because spiritual integrity, remember the spiritual principles are compassion, mercy, empathy, kindness, alleviating suffering all of those things. So, if we're going to adhere to spiritual principles, if we think about what an animal goes through in in being raised for our stake, dinner or chicken lunch, or something like that, and how they get slaughtered. It is so deeply heartbreaking. So if we're gonna be conscious in our lives, we have to be, it means to be awake, so I'm not saying don't eat that stuff, but open your eyes to it. Think about it and I think what happens because most people, I think a really good heart that when you, when we opened our eyes to that stuff and were aware of it when we're just gonna, not
I dont and very interesting and very much the same way as I recently did a show on puppy mills na loved, and I were people who said to me yeah. I could watch that show I'm having those I didn't want to see how badly there being treated cause. It just made me feel so bad what I felt his exactly. What you're saying and after reading your book, Quantum Wellness the first time, I've really seriously considered being a vegetarian. I never seriously considered because I didn't I could. I can keep it up, but then, after I do the shown puppy mills, I thought all right. I have such and empathy for dogs- we're? Having had dogs alma my adult life anyway, and why should the dogs for the puppies, be the only ones that that we care about interesting as Ex Sophie opened. Your heart has Sophie. Yes, please
Now I love you, but they will work. Google, we gotta get the I know when we opened my heart. I opened your heart and it's interesting that that this show happened so close on the tale of her passing yeah, almost like your she's, making sure that your heart continues to open an you're right. People don't want look at that stuff because its painful an item you may have to do something yeah and you may have to do something, and I can't tell you how long it took me to read the books to watch the videos, the behind the scenes, videos of what happens in a slaughterhouse. I didn't want to look, but, as I went along on my spiritual path, real as I have to. If I find serious about what I say that I want to be someone who's, compassionate and kind, and I dont want to add to suffering in this world and in fact I want to do as much as I can to alleviate suffering. How can I not look? How can I not look, and once you ve looked, you can't pretend it
didn't see it exactly and that's that's why lotta people don't want to look at mean it's the same thing with many shows that I've done over the years. I'd say even to our audience. Now that you ve seen it can't pretend that you did that back. They rise is now in your own consciousness in the question becomes. What will you do with an exaggerated exactly so you look, and hopefully it affects you, but then you know, as in all things quantum I think its body mine spirits. They you say: okay, this is really rough, but what about my health? I don't know, I don't want to sacrifice my health just because I want to be a spiritual, integra person. But then, if you look at the health issues, it is widely said that a plant based diet is more healthy for your body in so far as less cancer or less heart disease, so on that level of health is also better to eat a plant based diet. So if you look at it from the Spirit,
Why angle you look at it from the health angle and then, if you look at our May getting on my proteins, where would you get far you get protein from beans? Not like your eating almonds here, avocado does tofu there's something called say: tat tat bag. I think Europe do something with his whole idea of now. If you move into spiritual integrity with your eating spiritual integrity with your eating, it eliminates the whole our account, but I can't what I had yesterday, what I'm landmark parties coming up now that all that, but I wanted to get the pillars of foundation for wild rattle meditation conscious eating. Visualization is another one and visualization Us means setting up your mind to
Who will be able to imagine how you want to live. Your life is like laying out a blueprint for a very simple it's it's like create, like attracts like, so you solve attraction, yet the law of attraction, so just sort of imagining yourself as you'd like to be, and then you sort of hold yourself differently. You respond to food differently relationships, things like that and say you're setting up a road map for how you want to be very simple stuff, and just and personally I like to do it in a flash I'll, just visualize real quickly like a moment of em myself being healthy and fed and radiant and happy avengers. They also like that fund is one of the pillars. I don't know where it is. Your list of the eight life is right in the middle of it, because you know myself, I'm a pretty serious person. I I just came on to this plan and I'm serious person, I'm not just like our party gal-
in your home, so I have to actually to remind myself what do you think? So I think this is openly gills handed me the other day, as I said, gosh girl, you know it's like the world. According to Gallagher, you see everything who yellow colored glasses and because yes- and I like The two reactors, if I have a theme song for my life, it would be walk, add ons. On shine, feel good. I love that yeah love that that's great mind would be amazing. Grace Martin would be him. It would be boys that a perfect bet Ray Slanting Hasta, that's great mine! For that you know a theme song is like one of those things that just happens in your head, and so you think maybe the universe is trying to tell me what my theme needs to be mine as those
hey Sir ass Raw really means whatever will be will be because I think I'm always trying to figure out. What's gonna happen in and if I do this, do I get this and you know what kind of results do I get it by some very manipulative, like my little ego is very powerful and my head, he just wants to control life And then I just get that song case. The raw Sarah real at yards, I think, is telling me to chill out. Do my thing and whatever will be, will be and accept what is accept. What is exactly and there's that balance you know of accepting what is being with what is, and I talk about that when you have a crisis and then being proactive, said, there's this balance of ok, I have to be with the truth of what is whether I'm sick, I'm going through a divorce. I've been fired through from a job, whatever I can't be in denial, actually have to be with the truth of whatever
as no matter how painful, but then I also can be pro active. I can take very specific steps. You know I can visualize, I can meditate. I can surround myself with positive people. I can meet healers. I can read books that are gonna. Paulie I mind into a new place so that the balance we have to strike as evolving human beings I manage is allowed to be present to whatever is what Eckhardt Tall talks Italia. Just it's. What is so we ve got, we ve got meditation unconscious eating. We have fun Owen, fun, So that brings levity to your life. That brings you know you. You have to just enjoy yourself and let it go and that are really important balance and am another really important pillar of Quantum Wellness is self work and thou Ukraine's it's like Socrates, said Anna. The unexamined life is not worth living. You have to really look inside.
Constantly and say where my blocked now, what am I doing that I could sort of upgrade and where am I stuck, because our responsibility is to get unstuck and that's when the light the flow of life can go through us, but we have to constantly look within to see the places where we're stuck and clear them again. If you're not doing self work, then you are stuck yeah exactly then you are still and that's when life, it's your with had yet so. I would prefer to do the self work than just sort of rest on my laurels. Whatever their and liked to say, wake up child is time to do some work again, so that the really important thing that we have two more pillars. Ok, one of them is spiritual, spiritual work, and that means just being around uplifting messages of hope, healing peace, because if we don't have
some sort of spiritual work going on whether it's going to a church sitting in a temple and meditating or something we forget, our larger purpose and spiritual work always brings us back to the bigger pictures, will practice spiritual practice yeah, because otherwise we get stuck in our little eaglemont and what's important for me, spiritual practice brings us back to the the big picture and then the last one is
we forget, exercise o exercise and that such an obvious, why I now and exercised under the killer, it doesn't have to be in a roebucks. Classic can be just a brisk walk three to six times a week, an end, some good weightlifting, and that that produces not only a leaner, stronger body, but it creates endorphins dopamine. Sarah tone in everything these brain chemicals and Brits brings your sense of well being and peace and relaxes the nervous system. So it's good on on all different levels and in the last one is service, and that pushes you out of your own little sphere of awareness, and you know when ever I'm maybe feeling anxious or melancholy or something- and I remind myself to do some service. It pushes my awareness outside of my own self centered fear.
An eye. I get to watch me having an effect on someone else. Usually I do service with them animals in some way, and it makes me feel so goods I'm not only doing something good for where on volunteering, but I get to experience the Sarah tone in and the dope mean and all that stuff that happening the brain, and I actually feel better than you say to us in the book that we should turn toward that which is stirring us up. All that's a big conversation yeah. I think we need to turn towards the darkness within us and we need to turn towards the darkness on this planet, because we can't hide from it. It's getting so big and so intense that if we don't go within and look around us and see what's going on, it takes over in such a way that that's the Bob over the head for us as individuals and for the planet, so is really important to turn towards the things that are painful and really do everything we can to heal them.
On every level of body minded spirit. Next want to get into this all details of conscious eating how we begin to do that and what are we gonna eat if we're not even any meat nor meat products, I don't know I mean not even in a fear, gradual, incremental dirty and I was planning on Turkey, but also problems but anyway, after reading Quantum Wellness for the first time, I began to its clicked for making that. How can I be a person that says that I want to be enough the awakened to the possibility of my life when I'm ingesting things that cause harm to another. Like it's a lot to think about, yes, alot,
has ended why'd. You want to shake me up that way, I'm not doing just fine. I was okay. I've made my peace. I made my deal at the chickens. You were someone over that is so profoundly on a path of growth and evolution, and the iron is that there's no way that you wouldn't have gotten to it. Thinking about this stuff, whether or not you I got about it before I've heard about it before I'm talking about being at the. The way you say alright, unwilling to now I'm actually willing to beam into it and lean until that's the trick is to lean and to achieve, as you say, in the book, tat lean and to whatever change you wanna make, because I think when you do things with small steps and knowing that big results can happen, then you don't get overwhelmed with this responsibility of like on. What do I do? Yes, if I became a vegetarian overnight, I would have been such a desire Esther, because I would have been the first time I was out of my home and on how I would know what
order at a restaurant or what to habit of friends how I would have just thrown up my arms and said you know what forget it I can't do. It is just too hard, as with any thing it's easier to just sort of set your intention and move in the direction of the change you make and being a vegetarian or vague and, as you are now is just a part of what Quantum Wellness, impractical and spiritual guy to health and happiness is about it's one of the cornerstones. Conscious eating is one of the cornerstones or pillars and we're having a hole and healthy life is what you're saying yes and then that you can't do that without being a conscious kneader because eating as such fundamental practice? We do it all the time, every day at least three times a day, so elemental. So if we're on a path that we are saying, I went to practise kindness in my life practice compassion. I went
eight more peace in the world. Yes, I went to alleviate is much suffering as I can, then the most elemental practice is eating, and if we don't say why, What kind of energy went into producing this food and was their suffering and in what was their compassion apply, was their kindness does. This represent the spiritual principles that I want to adhere to were not really conscious me, and I am not really try to make a joke, but I was just thinking, as you say, that what, if the chickens or gently massage, I didn't. I am Anastasia and quiet
they went out before they were killed. That would be a beautiful thing and that will certainly be a conscious way of eating meat unfortunate way. The world is out of place right now, where ten billion land animals are killed per year. Ten billion hen billion aunt rub my brain around it s very hard to wrap my brain around it too, and I think something like six billion thin fish and uncountable shellfish, ten billion. So, in the way the world works now and we're getting wealthier and wealthier said, the amount of animal flesh that is consumed has gone up now. How did start for you. I know in Quantum Wellness Cathy's new book which got me thinking seriously about this. I haven't committed yet, but got me thinking seriously about it. You say you were in the supermarket and you're looking at baby back ribs and you're looking at leg of lamb when we're looking at
bill. What does that mean? Maybe you had a little baby calf that was torn from its mother. You know it's funny. I have a friend who I talk to her about all the stuff said: okay, Kathy, ok, Cathy, my commitment to you is that I'm gonna give up. Babies says she gave up veal and she gave up lamb. Ah, she gave up anything that said big baby chicken and this stuff is on the menu all the time these. This is in the grocery stores. We and- and I thought that was such a great thing, because she was someone who was trying to get pregnant and she thought you know, as a sort of us salute to babies, I'm just gonna give up eating babies here and that injustice, so that's also what you mean by lean until you don't have to give up everything at once. I need to start thinking about it. Yeah. I think that our intention to be more aware, you know I'm just going to at least watch the videos I'm going to read the books I'm going to
the open my mind and open my heart to the truth of what happens behind closed doors, and my intention is to become a more conscious either and you say you started out reading animal factories and bring up animal factories and read it. Then you read it for New America, which was a stunning look at behind the scenes, animal industries and that just really killed me that book it was like diver numerical diet for new american food is not just biochemical. It's not just core nutrients It also energy, and so if we are eating something where the animals were abuse and a lot of suffering went into it or the fire workers not being treated fairly and their desperate, we're taking an all of that energy. So if we're gonna be conscious people again, I'm not saying You now lay down the law and say no more meat, no more chicken, no nothing, but just to be conscious to be aware of what happens and then we can make our choices whether or not we want to support that kind of practice. Now you
our vision, you dont, and how long have you been vague and I've been vague and for about three year? the Mediterranean, no animal products that mean so no dairy products, no male butter, cream and also know eggs, so is not where vegetarian is wrong with the eggs. I ask you: I thought you always making all those eggs were: almost legs gonna, be like we live in the chicken feed until the end of it. I thought about it. I told myself for a long long time, then I looked at you know, as I forced myself. The daily ok just take a look, because I can imagine that that's the kind of I can't imagine if, if God or Spirit, create this world right. I would imagine that God is not sitting up there saying now. You really need your protein and I do but even kindness and compassion, so unfortunate, lay you're gonna have to put that aside and just get your protein. I believe that if the there's some, wisdom in this universe, some grace in this universe and of course I do believe that there is
that there is a way to get all the nutrients, we need all the protein we need, while at the same time, is adhering to our spiritual principles of kindness, mercy, compassion, so is eating a chicken from your point of view, any less egregious than mitya milking bessie Well, it is because don't we need a milk bessie, because otherwise would specify milk and what's gonna happen, is milk as the Bessys baby. So how do you explain the circle of life? You know, Sir God love like the lie in your ear you now and when you go and safari, or you know to document documentary, use, The lions chased the gazelles and the Gazelle sir, and they should eat that that that's the way the chain of life is. But if you look at those predatory animals, they have sharp teeth right that are able to pierce through hide and skin right and rip the skin away. We don't have that kind of tea. We don't have those kind of cloth
Actually, I saw a line kill last year and its natural yeah so our line can you know of it, but what they did, what the lion did he went airline killer, Warthog Warthog on wait outside the coal with imported TED up and he went straight for the jugular went for the juggler right into the juggler caught him and then because there were other lions in around he suffocated. Him I saw the lion suffocate the warthog and then drag him away and that's instinct and white natural, and we don't have that instinct to you know we don't see targeted. Cathy Preston, everybody, spiritual council and author of Quantum Wellness, we're talking about her new book and the fact that I'm thinking about become not failure but vegetarian, I dont know if I can give up eggs and the chicken to Lee under one of the most conscious eaters that I now as a matter of fact. This is a thing Cathy and lovely husband, Tom.
Came to my house not long ago, and I was having lunch, and I we did their little seaside. Did the salad bar gray, ok, and then I had meatballs from Molly within Turkey meatballs for Molly. I was so happy that we got Molly herself Molly's, like David Restaurant, Santa Barbara and he came over and put them. You got me balls. An awe, Cathy did not touch them, and I said Cathy. There took a meatballs with based but I wasn't judgmental you won't say anything not now. Just now you picked around and you know I saw you eat the artichoke, the artichoke Gunderson,
another thing. There's always a lotta choices, and you had so many different choices you at all kinds of vegetables and unarmed choke. A thank you gotta have a cotton which is yellow, had lots of star yeah that there's lots of your eyes, not know I would not have had the meatballs there had I known and afterwards Tom said to me tat. I was stuck because some animal yes and here's, the figure he won't tell you- is that he doesn't either he's down to fish. Right now, so he is someone who is not here like me, I go around talking about it and is something that I am very out with he's sort of quietly made the choices, I think, because if a health reasons them he's pretty much given everything up but fish and dairy products and then maybe some eggs, so he sort of eased himself off of animal flashes. Well, what
should then decide no eggs because of the chickens being they were. They. They underwent so much suffering that I thought I'd just don't want to be a party to this. Ok, let's say I become a vegetarian in every It was listening to us. Now is more conscious about the way they eat. If all of us gave up eating eggs, more chickens. Are still gonna, be millions and millions and millions of chickens killed every year. Well, it out would it be that everyone would give it up at once, and we would have that problem of what to do with all the chicken unfortunately we're all in or fortunately we're all in different places along our continuum, so where you might decide to stop eating animals, someone else is going to decide, maybe five years from now or two years from now or ten years from now. So it's going to be a gradual change, but I do think over. I think that's the dry.
And were headed. I think that, as we awaken and end in our human morality is marked by how much we can overcome that might makes right instinct while the little things let me in Quantum wellness was that you know I try to live a ah m. Trying to to continually evolve continuously evolve, and always striving to be a better person. And what is the next level in you now? How do I use myself too, to a greater purpose than my own personality, and you got me with spiritual integra that was Yeah go knock the. How can you spiritually a president who claims to be so which will in the world eating food unconscious. Allowing this happened to animals. Turning your turning your head in Peru it doesn't exist here, that's the shell,
Hang up the shadow does the shadow part of our world and our culture, and if we don't exam, and those old renditions and throughout time you know, there's there then tradition that we ve had to gas and may manner rubbed. His second say a lot of it is giving up old traditions, because I think, oh my god to them, but no barbecue on the fourth of July would have an abiding. He told what exact veggie burger errors that I now have all kinds of ritual of all eating and I think about the next crews. Go on. What am I gonna like what I'm going to dress me if Oprah goes on a cruise and there's a vegetarian they're gonna have vegetarian food on their way to dress me, but you know: there's that there's all kinds of alternative, this kind of foe means that you can go and almost any grocery store. Now, there's you know: veggie burgers, soy, hot dogs, texture. I saw a protein. I'd rather eat beamed them sore throat ass, giving an that's! Actually I heard. Are you doing sort turkey? I am rather give you
blood. You know why I guess what actually as much healthier to eat the ball of beans and rice, because that's a whole unprocessed food and that's actually better for you, but for the transition to go from being a total carnivore too. To being a vegetarian, you one is still fit in a sort of have your food look like it used to there's a lot out of a different foe, meets that can ok making the bulk you talk about something about doing this. I'm really this is worth thinking about. Starting first is to seek work in the book. You talk about the cleanse the plans, so those of you, the one of you who is listening to me right now, hello, you who's to me right now. Ok, so, let's say that I do and you do whose listening want to start to lean into it lets say: hypothetically, I decide to lean into this. How do you advise I go to you
The clans idea for twenty one days is only twenty one days or you can do it for seven days. As with everything I say lean into the direction of where you want to go. So if twenty one days sounds like too much do it for three days, do it for seven days and the clans is giving up alcohol, which I could do that for twenty one days. Kathy, giving up caffeine have already given up coffee was, I need no other stimulation stimulus and I also means no artificial still run worth when I was giving up dairy the hardest thing. For me to give up was my latte: does I loved a latte in double latte, and so I thought I'm just gonna start ordering soil lattes and at first I hated them. They taste it so bad. I couldn't stand them, but I said you know. I Cathy I've heard that it takes twenty one days to change your taste buds, just keep ordering them keep doing them and sure enough. I started loving soil latte. Now I can drink anything else familiar. If I went back to milk, I think it would take to fatty.
In Sweden sort of I would turn my stomach and so obviously your person who completely walk the walk now I can do I may be able to do that, may be able to cause. I do believe that it is about. Walking the walk and not just telling other people even living it for yourself. I so I don't. If I can give up leather shoes to lessen it was a lot harder for me to give up my shoes than it was to give up the stake. Diana all might feel like. Ok, oh rare enough is enough. I need the leather not saying do that Oprah and that's the thing. If I I would never stages do all of this at once I didn't but at once, and by the way walking the walk means keeping your eyes open. Keeping your heart open,
keeping your mind out, what are your shoes bade of it? Some I don't know something's than that act when you see but they're, not em, they're, not they're, not leather, none, soul or anything and an honest slave summoned, the cheapest shoes or non leather, because leathers more expensive course. So you gotta there with you Stella Macartney shoe. Thank you. Do some people just do not whether period they do style Macartney does not mother and most of the issues that pay less are actually non mother because their cheaper? No, I kind of made it a sport. So I just look wherever I am, and I didn't you know, can investigate. What's non leather and I've made it sort of a fun hobby to see what I could find when at your party books there all non leather poking her. I know it's been interesting but again gorgeous you like
walk the walk and leather shoes for now definitely die like because he alone- I am yours, thou forget you much too might give up. One animal at a time may be give up chickens first because their smaller, then maybe you give up pigs in open Lemme problems given up and then you give out how Romena so its base Italy, don't you read me Dan and pigs are now the least cruel thing you can eat as grass FED cattle, because at least they have a little bit of time and then just work yourself away from animal flashed little by little, and I really do believe my friend told me this. When I was giving up meat or wanting to she said. Don't worry, Cathy stopped beating yourself up the body
gives up what it no longer needs and I kept craving. I thought I needed this and are needed that and then, after a while, I didn't Craven anymore. I just had given up little by little by little until before I knew it. I was a vegetarian and then I was a evasion, but it was easy because I did it gradually and incrementally. Ok All right then, had our intention of them that I set my intention to. Thank you, Cathy. Presently, the book as Quantum Wellness are practical and spiritual guide to health and happiness. I'm overwintering, and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, CAS unsubscribe rate and review this pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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