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Michael Bernard Beckwith: Participate in Your Unfolding

2019-04-17 | 🔗

In a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, Michael Bernard Beckwith, spiritual pioneer and founder of the world-renowned Agape International Spiritual Center, discusses what he calls the four stages of unfolding. Michael explains the stages are an intensive process of spiritual development for people seeking to be in alignment with their life’s purpose. “We’re not in this world to get anything--we are in this world to let something unfold from within us,” he says.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper. The round us start right now he has beautifully blended, eastern and western spiritual principles are right. You got bay, people face in their house, hello saw he's He isn't he the perfect blend of eastern Western, with a devout
international following. He leads one of the most progressive check right here, in LOS Angeles, Michael Bernard Beckley, he's here to tell us how we can put just a page in our own on oh, and mighty riches blessings to you. Opera really knows do it energy it, I join my honour to participate in this magnificent supercilious sessions. When I say my mother's name Alice Geneva back without loud, because I've been here, she would have been here with me and as overwork, we reminded
You know we're establishing a divine intention now before our life, for when we have, attention the energy flows in that direction so maintain. With you is too is to connect with you on the sole level and allow you who here what I am listening to so do not only listening to what I'm saying you listen, What I'm listening to the broadcasts of a universal presence of God, love beauty. Joy televisions by whatever name you choose to call it there's an eternal broad. As is always happening and we're here tune in to listen to it and then to be its expression to be its mouthpiece to be its instrumentality through which we get to live, bold, magnificent and mighty life. The theme of my particular talk is dissipating in your own unfolding participating in your own unfolding always begin with an awareness, as a spiritual being having a human incarnations, that there is some
good, so much beauty and so much love, so much intelligence, so much power, Well, that's already locked within you loaded encoded within an you from the very presence of love it itself and that you ve entered into this particular incarnation, not missing anything. You ve entered into this in not from any kind of original sin original floor. But you ve entered into this incarnation as an original blessing from the mind of a universal spirit, and that you are here to perfectly reflect and reveal the cosmos. In a way that only you can do it as a unique expression of infinity inshore. Somebody say yes, and so, when we deal with the word unfolding we under coming to understand, that we're not in this world to get anything we're in this world to let something unfold from within You are alarming that dynamic good to unfold from within Europe.
Being just as a rose seed unfold and produces roses. There's nothing that that seed is missing. It begins to be in the right conditions so that its infinite potential can show up, as they rose Bush and then a plethora rose bushes as well. You are a divine and perfect spiritual idea. There is something within you that is unique, mighty and magnificent and you're here too, to reveal it here's the deal you get to participate in your unfolding. It has not happened. Stance is not accidental you're, not. Waiting around for the laws of evolution to shift the conditions so that you can become yourself as the spiritual image likeness of God. And I perhaps you know, people say that Well, it doesn't get broken down at times. In other words, no one really knows what that means the image in likeness of God. What does that mean it? Does it
man, you look in the mirror it is. They got looking good today because the presents love and beauty and joy and intelligence their invisible. This is the evidence of it. The average, in likeness of God, means you sheriff faculty with the creator and that faculty is you get to thank independent of circumstances? get to fake independent of any condition. That's going on in your life, so you befitting here today at Super Sol sessions, something be going on in your life, but you can begin to think from a higher level. You can begin to embrace a higher intention. Now at the. U can begin to embrace a higher vision. You can begin to think independent of that circumstance and then watch as that circumstance begins to change based on the changing of your if your arm vibration and your own frequency, so you are here to participate
your own under full day. I break this down, sometimes by by coming to. Understanding or bringing individuals to understanding that we move through four stages of spiritual growth. Development and unfolded stages are infinite, of course, but just for the sake of brevity and just for the sake of twenty five minutes, therefore stages that we have a tendency to move through. The first stage is the stage of the victim. This is where individuals- and you here in this particular session- probably not too many victims here, at least those who want confess to it, but the victim stage. These are
the visuals then have a tendency to have a perception that something outside of themselves determine their destiny, something outside of themselves determine their happiness, some condition some person some play, something something can can make them happy or something outside of themselves. Are someone outside of themselves, can determine their destiny or make them said there are giving up their power to something external and every victim has a victim story. Somebody did it to my story. It's some bodies for its somebody's somebody's to blame as to why I'm not happy in their their unaware,
that is their limited perception and the thought that are emerging from that perception. That's determining their particular experience and, ultimately, the conditions in their life. Are you pick it up? What I'm putting down we catch in it, and so the victim is living in this data thinking that the world is against them. The world people are determining their circumstances. There are more concerned about what other people to thinking about what their thinking then more concerned about the presence and what the presence of love and beauty is thinking about you, and so we have a tendency to experience, not reality. We have a tendency to experience our thanks.
About reality case in point a few years, a number of years ago, I was leaving a peace conference. I can remember this very vividly because the last time that I saw Yolanda King alive, she was a member of the coptic community and we set our goodbyes thousand last time I saw the next week she had made her transitions. That always sticks out of my mind and thank you to the airport and at that time on customarily early, because we're always run in late but with but getting their time and some at the airport normalize at my. My suitcase doesn't have a name tag on it, so called behind the counter. I get some name tags and I'm putting it on my suitcase- and I noticed this police officer staring at me and so and he's really riveting staring at me. So I think to myself. What did I do something wrong by going around the country here and I had noticed there from time to time. I've been pull out
I am rather frequently to be extra checked in one time. They check me so good. I went back four seconds because they touch patient. Who can you just right, thereby anyway, some vague in these thoughts at all? Why historically and then it gets on his microphone And the next thing you know: there's another police offer standing there are all these thoughts are going through my mind. You knows it's gonna to be some kind of harassed what's going on here, and so I ve been there to put my name on the on the luggage and I'm trying to ignore him. But you know what happens when you ignore someone? The energy is connected. So. I think I know I feel them standing behind me and I hear that he says sir. I say yes, he said my wife and I have drawn a line in the sand about life ever since we saw in that movie the secret
and we were staring at you, because we want to make sure that was really you, because you changed my life when you change the life of my family and I'm I'm gonna go off now and I'm gonna retire. I'm gonna finally pursue my dreams. I just wanted to meet you, and so here I am an airport hugging, these police officers, who are really Pisa, research and in we're here is the point I was having inexperience of my thoughts about reality. I was not directly experiencing that will that which was real was real without that was surrounded by love and some one to just one of the connect with me and when I was temporarily experiencing with my thinking that perhaps I was about to be bothered about somebody untrue when you're in the state of the victim you dont, really touch reality, you're touching your thoughts about reality in so our
our work and our intention at Lahti, and our vision and our meditation at all the spiritual technologies that we begin to move into practice. Move is to a space will become out of victim hood and we come into the stage called the manifest. This is where we learn to take responsibility for our own life. We begin to take responsibility for our own thinking. We begin to take responsibility for our own perception. We begin to take responsibility for what flows out of our mouth, to take responsibility for what flows out of our mouth and as we begin to do, that, we begin to learn that thoughts are units of mental energy that had the tendency to two to become thing. They have a tendency to transmit themselves into speech into experience perception and an unfolding experience. So what are we learn? Who states too? We learn as operating. I did us, they will learn to establish intention. We learned to begin to describe
the kind of life that we want to live. What do I mean by that? What I mean by that is this: you know that describe what you see you see, what you described. Is you catch that you do not Cry, but you see you all to mentally and alive, see what you described so when states too, with the level of the manifest you begin to take responsibility for your life and you begin to describe the kind of life, the kind of experience that the kind of relationship that the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that you want to participate in and, as you begin to articulate that and describe that, indeed go into a deep feeling, tonality about that that begins to unfold and manifest in your life. You begin to understand the nature of approbation you begin to understand the nature of vision, begin to understand the nature of thought. You begin to understand the nature of speaking life into your own life. You begin to
there have been major that life is for you and never against you, and that you are out of your own way, so that life can live itself. You saw really and magnificently and dynamic like this the level of the manifest her and the level A manifesto is simply saying you know if I, if I can see it, if I can imagine it, I can bring it into manifestation, but we don't stop there. That's just states too stay to stage. Three is the level of the channel the instrument the place, and this is where you began to grow and you be
to unfold through spiritual inside. You begin to understand that the universe is for you, the presence of God S bore you, there's nothing against you. There's no original flaw, there's a divine, perfect idea within this seeking to unfold in so instead in states to your mentally making something happened in stage three you're making it welcome you go from making it happen to making it welcome, and we bring the word surrender back into usage because we're not surrendering to an external deity. We are surrendering to the potential that, within our own soul, that wants to unfold that wants to reveal itself that wants to express itself, and so we find ourselves more and more frequently in the zone, sometimes not even knowing what we're going to say. I'm in that place
but were guided by universal principle that takes over our life states too. We see, if you can see it, you can make it happen. States three. I have not seen nor ears heard nor has entered into the heart of man and woman that which the mother, Father God, has in store for those who love with a presence in live according to the divine purpose which is to reflect and to reveal the as only you can do it and don't raise three were available where open, yielding surrender. Those are the words for stage three stage too. I can imagine it I visualize it. I can describe it, I can make it happen, states three. I surrender I'd, let Allow I yield, however, a new being based on what I ve learned in states to that life is good. Life is, for me, life is not against me lie.
Absolutely all my side, and so that's the zone states best as being in the zone and stage four states for is a state of being where this, since the personal sense of being separate from life separate from beauty- separate from love separate from the presence of God by wherever name you choose to call the presence which never in absence the presence of President Omniscient, omnipotent, the active everywhere you you have moments where that sense of demarcation and sub oration dissolve, and you realize that your life is indeed the life of the infinite there is no other life you're their own. You, Nick India, visualized expressions of the
only life that there is just as there are you make an individualised expressions of waves on the ocean, but there are connected to the ocean in intrinsically. They are one with the ocean. Those are the stages you see and so ass we navigate through those stages. We have two always give up something to go to. The next level of awareness as we are participating in our own unfolding in order to move out of victim because it I said earlier: every victim has a victim story. Every victim has a they did it to my story and there's not a discount the fact that bad things have happened to people that that the abuse has happened. Individuals have been approved a bit of a victim of of destructive.
Behavior. That's not denouncing that not saying that doesn't happen, but we are saying that to move out of victim. Would you have to embrace one? Forgive this? You have to embrace forgiveness with the awareness that all forgiveness is self of forgiveness, because you know that thought being a unit of mental energy. If I'm hanging onto resentment of ev hang, onto animosity have a hanging onto hate those thoughts or replicating themselves. According to that frequency and I am here onto that experience. Long after it has gone, and the lack of forgiveness is one of the highest forms of self abuse, because I'm saying to the universe, May I again bring this experience again, What more of this
So as I hang on to the unforgivingness, I'm abusing myself, I'm not hurting any individuals that may have said something bad about me or does something destructively. All that I'm doing is constantly circulating through my mind, ultimately my emotional body, my mental body and my physical body, toxic chemicals that are direct result of those particular thoughts, I'm abusing myself. So Lord, who move out of victim alert. We embrace forgiveness and not just one time we're talking about a way of life every single night. Perhaps as you go to bed, you scan your life and you begin to notice. Was there any resentment and animosity that has begun to seep in, and you begin to dissolve it through your inner act of forgiveness into you can go to bed clean and wake up clean, so
that you as a pristine expression of the inn in it are not pulling your passed around like a carcass you stepping into the awareness of every single day. This is a net venture. This coordination, this inclination, this inclination, is a super soul, censured where'd. You have chosen to be here in this coordination you volunteered to be here at this particular stage of human becoming a time in which to so many things going on in the world the phenomena you chose to be you weren't push that you raise your hand and said go into this creativity. I've gotta go there, so so you chose to be here
and as you learn the laws of manifestation and you become adept at the laws of manifestation, with the reminder that you cannot transcend anything you, you have mastered. So you you master stage to your master visualization, you master, creative imagination, you master, you're affirmation, you master, creating your vision, you master articulating. Kind of world you want to live in. You master that until a deep feeling level happens within you and you're able now to surrender and let go and let love and lit beauty and joy and which are giving up to two from that stage. You're good yup control don't get nervous. I know some of you are control freaks and is difficult to give up control when you ve been sick,
lies a lot in your life, and you finally are able to embrace a universal principle that you can trust that, and you don't want you don't wake up one days I I surrender, I give up control no in happens incrementally, as you are doing, your inner work, you're affirmative prayer, your meditation, your life, You become a candidate for an insight, and insight is an event that happens in your awareness. We're incrementally are suddenly. You know something that you formerly believed something. You know that you use to believe it now. You know it and when you start to have an insight at the universe is friendly. When you start to have an insight that the presence is for you and not against you, we start to have an insight that everything truly is working together for your individual
collective good. When you have that incite now, you can let go of control and you're. U listen now was a place through which the power, the intelligence, the love, the beauty, the creativity, the resourcefulness now can begin to take over your life, so the first took to come out of victim. Would you're you're in bring into the vibration of forgiveness and you're, giving up your blamed story too, as you more into the realm of manifestation to move into being a channel. You're a little by little, giving up control and as you are now living in moving it. Having you're being.
Primarily as an instrument of the Spirit as an instrument of love and beauty and joy in order to move more and more into those states of consciousness? Will you feel absolutely that you were one with this presents one with life you're, giving up your a personal sense of separation from life from God from joy? We all carry a little bit of it. You noticed with you pray sometime. Notice that you have a little bit of your prayer and you place God way out there. Even though you have heard is closer than you breathing and near than your hands and feet even You have heard that is that the realm of Heaven? and that the kingdom is within you. You part, it would still in your mind, you guys out there somewhere.
we're not here, and so what happens in from mentally you start to have an inside. Oh, my god. The presence is here and we're not don't blaspheme the presents by accepting that the presence is right. Where you are, you can only blast mean to pry
By limiting its nature through you only by stopping its power, that's how you limit, and so in short to to do some sum. This up is a perfect pattern within you, loaded encoded by the divine presents itself. You are here at this stage of our human evolution, to put two to consciously participate in your own unfolding notches. Wait to see what happens in your life but as open reminded us to have an intention describe your life so that, ultimately, you let go and presents on poles as your life unique pattern of you and then you'll, understand, Statement that when you believe more than what you don't see that and what you do see, then what you do so you won't see and what you don't say you will see I'll repeat it I'll repeat it.
When you buy more in what you don't see, what you can see the realm of love and beauty and joy in harmony and peace, there invisible qualities, you can't see them with the sensorium. You can see them with the five senses. You can only see their evidence when you begin to believe in feel more and what you you don't see then, and what you do see sometimes obstacles hindrances obstructions when you believe more what you don't see, then what do see, and what you do see you white see and what you don't see. You will see that we are where we are and you get to participate. This is not a bystander sport.
You're, not a look in the Spirit and all of its magnificent trusted. You so much that it placed all of its power of its intelligence, all of its love, all of its beauty. It placed everything within you. The presence is everywhere in its form, is and placed it within. Do that this presents may come into its own as your life as your living as your giving as your sharing, so that you will wake up with a sense of gratitude and thanks giving for existence itself, your existence asking. What can I share today? What can I give how be more myself. How can I be a magnificent change age it? How can I bring haven't you? every single day. You ask that question. The universe will answer
peace and I'm Oprah, Winfrey, You ve been listening to supersede conversations the cast you can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this pledge joy, Next week for another supersede conversation, thank you for listening.
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