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Oprah and Dwayne Johnson: Your Life in Focus

2020-01-29 | 🔗

As a part of Oprah's 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour Presented by WW, New York Times best-selling author, wrestler, producer and actor Dwayne Johnson sits down with Oprah in front of a live audience in Atlanta, Georgia. Dwayne opens up about the sudden loss of his father, legendary wrestler Rocky Johnson. He also discusses his childhood, mental health, fatherhood and fame. Dwayne then explains why he believes being true to yourself is one of the most powerful lessons he’s ever learned. To date, Dwayne's films—such as Jumanji, San Andreas, Skyscraper and the Fast and Furious franchise—have earned a combined box office totaling nearly $10 billion worldwide.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper the round us starts right now, Welcome to compress twenty twenty visionary talks from the stage of my own twenty twenty vision, your life and focus Tour W
wait. What we imagine and I join forces to bring you handed conversations with some of the world's most famous trailblazers, whose story of Well Miss women power you to discover the highest whose vision or your Ma Am G is about to happen. So I've been nine visionaries joining us on the W W resents he wanted. When a vision, tour your life in focus. There is only one man but when it's one of the Devos Recognisable, hard disk? ball, fun.
Draw people on the planet he's all you need. Please welcome. Tying. The rock Johns look at that. Thank you over rehab thank you guys before we get started have you to thank you. Mom.
I would love to I'd love to where's Eric with Eric was Eric Eric come up here Eric, I remember you know, I was so excited because he was saying he's such a fan of of the rock and is such an inspiration and part of his this to do what he does has come from you. I just want to say what a pleasure it is you're such an inspiration and thank you for being a phantom honour that that your fan- and would you? U backstage as it looks Years younger, give me absolute. I had to say hello to thank you for being here Was it that your moment I you are never tell you know it means so much to everyone that you are here with us today.
Since it was only ten days ago that your father, Rocky, the soul, man, Johnson passed away and when happen. I thought oh no. I didn't think that you'd be able to be here, and you are here so thank you for being here So it's been, it's been hasn't been a challenging weak it's been a challenging past couple of days, my father, he passed away on January, fifteenth and images buried him a few days ago. Yes- and you know it's it as we all go through this, and we all go through this, our own process of grieving in and regret, and all these things and emotions that we go through an end. But again it's this cycle of life in its beautiful its painful with amazing. Incredible it's all these things, and
I will tell you this that in this process I had a very complicated relationship with my dad and it was really there was a foundation of tough love with my father and I wasn't a big. I love you guy and as complicated as it was. What gave me great satisfaction at the funeral was to see. He- he was a great friend of so many guys- challenged Father, but a great friend of so many people, so he he went quick. There was a lot of suffering, thankfully, but I went on on Instagram way. You said you wish you'd had just one do you think you got over things said that you wanted to say: no, you did not know. I did not, but you know that. Turkey thing. I think that, as we all go through this,
and we all lose loved ones is. I think what every lies in the past couple of weeks. Is it's good to explore these feelings and feeling a little guilty, and I did get a chance to say the things that I won to say I wish he would have said the things to me: yeah as a father now as a father three daughters, the important critical things that Ankara us that I didn't get from him and it's ok to explore those feelings, but it's also very important to heel to make sure that we come back to an anchoring foundation of gratitude gratitude for that, for what I was able to have with him yeah you know, and Oh, I didn't get a chance to say the things that I wanted to say too. However, another thing that is important too. Is you know because in death? That's
we can spiral and think well, I should have done this and I should call- and I should have sent more pictures, but we gotta realise that the relationship that I had with my dad was a relationship that was that was appropriate at that time. Absolutely for that time do you think that when did you know that he was proud of you? I felt that he was proud of me when I became successful in a industry that he had given his life to sell my father for a lot of you guys who don't know he was a professional wrestler, and so is your grandfather and my grandfather was a professional s or two and my dad. Rocky Johnson was half black and have some on and my Dell thank you oughta some Owens and their advisers. Might my dad was a
black man coming up in the Sixtys and Seventys in a world of professional wrestling which, in all in a lot of, the companies who that was all throughout the south. So he what's a trailblazer in many ways, because what he was able to do as a black man was wrestle with if you're in Atlanta, when I was a kid, but he was able to do, was go to these small towns where it was an a white wrestling business on all white audience and at that time It were racial tension and divide was still very strong and the weak we're still there, but he was able to change behaviour audiences behave. So this all white audience who would never cheer black man cheered him in these arenas he was actually and he was it's not like. He was wrestling its other black men whose wrestling get other white wrestlers, so in trailblazing, since he was a trailblazer, did a lot of things that had never been done. But he also change audience behaviour which is so hard and there
I bring that up is because he was adamantly against May getting into the wrestling business. Why? Because, when I said to him, I want to get into the perpetual wrestling business it's in your blood, because it's in my blood and I felt like I had something to offer, but at that and we were living in a small apartment in temper Florida and he said, look around. This is what I have. I don't have anything, and I don't want that for you well, so I still had to follow my gut. Instinct, and I think years later, once I became successful as a wrestler He was very, very proud and what he did he would take. You would take credit for everything. Yet
I told him everything. I know yes, yes, and so you know. I often feel that when people someone close to you passes, you now have an angel you can call, by name and in spirit you can feel them in ways that you couldn't in the flesh and because there is a density to the flesh, and I wonder if you reach that, yet it's just been recent, have you reach the point where you can feel like you have that speak? You know the spirits unite. They become one of the user that I feel like the day he died that night.
Went to bed and I felt I felt so again grateful and move like emotionally like Mana and energy, because I realize I can allow. I have a new relationship with you and Beth have a new relationship in Spirit. I have a new relationship with you clean slate. No regrets no pain, no anger, no complication! Just me and you I love that, and you just mentioned Mona. I saw on your internet where you are talking about thinking all all your fans for them. What is minor. Because a monarch in polynesian culture, we have a word called Mamma and Mamma is a power forward. It means spirit power. So, for example, an example of Mamma is when we walk out. We walk on stage. The manner in this room is a palpable, oh yeah guy get mom. We got good, monitor and that's what?
It's very powerful to very powerful thing. So your father, is very strict. Now there's a thing you ve gone one on one with some fears competitors in the ring right, but now in one of the serious situations any man can be in raising We daughters. Yes, yes, yes, extremely scare, and are you a strict dad? I am not superstructure, but discipline is important and but also you know I'll go back to my dad. My dad love me with this. More capacity which he was capable of. So I learned from that, and so with my daughters, I want to be as full and its present with the love that I get. Pressure, is talking about what do you want to make sure that they get that you didn't get, and it's so
interesting when you have children. I've seen this from a lot of people who you didn't get what you needed. You just didn't get what you needed because of what the rock just said. Your parents didn't have the capacity to give it to you and now that you're older, you have to learn to give that to yourself. And to be able to give that to your children in a way that you don't carry on what was done to you. So what is it? You want your daughters to know about the way you loved them. I want my voters to know that I love them unconditionally truly unconditionally without condition, and I have a daughter whose eighteen years, old or name is Simone Jasmine, who just turn for Terry Tiana. Thank you who is going to turn to, and I am
as I told my eighteen year, old daughter, Simona said. I love you, I'm gonna tell you, I love you every day, I'm on a text. You are you one of those say the words out loud? Yes, yes, I didn't get that. I look at you. I love you and I'm on a text, but I also told her: I'm unattached, you don't even have to text me back right. You could tell me works fine, but you don't have to like it's. Ok, it's without condition its its unconditional love, and I also want to teach my daughters, the value of hard work, more important, gonna teach my daughters, the value of being kind and how important that is. Well, you know, I read that your father, you used to watch him and training
He would say if I'm going to get up at six, a dot m you're going to get up at six a dot m. So what do you think you got the most from him? Was it your work ethic? What was? It was definitely my work ethic. My dad was a man who who, against the odds, made it and but he would get up at usually five five hundred and thirty in the morning, and he would say by get up you're going to get up to. You would drag me to the gym by the way, I'm five years old he would drag me to the gym has, and I would just I wouldn't work out, but he would just make sure that I was there and be with him, and that was our time that we could spend together. But I would say my work ethic from my dad. My dad always said to that. Regardless of what you do in life and where you go, respect is gonna, be given when its earned and you have to go out and earn it every single day. Yeah
so we, your dad, told you a lot. I wonder what have your daughter's taught you, my daughter's taught me how to be, I think, more caring and more sensitive and more selfless yeah. Well, you, therefore all of them when they were born. I was right there right there. I mean right there Yes, you are right, there was right, there, yes bring it on. I mean this is our moment yeah yeah, and is that it life changing moment when that happens, for you it's the greatest thing that I have ever experienced in my life, and it gave me such a profound respect for my babies Mama's
I have to? I was once married and now I'm happily married Lauren is back. There were known each other for thirteen years now, but I have, it is, has been the most profound experience of my life but can also to you know when you you meet. So as a man you meet someone, you meet a woman than this is gonna, be the one and you want to get married in my first marriage didn't work out, but then the birth of a child and what that does and the the lens perspective that just shifts- and they just gives me. Profound respect for again their moms, as so, it didn't work out when the marriage, but then she became your business partner, your first marriage should it yes, yes July, we still are so my my first,
my ex wife dna? We, the marriage and we're down. There was just one of those things where it wasn't an ugly divorce. It was just marriage was in our cards with great friends, marriage wasn't and our cards, but we had, but we both had an appetite for business and to accomplish things, and we thought we would have we continued to do business together and do you think we can and it felt like it was like we can something happened, and we did so we had done. It doesn't have to be ugly now it doesn't have to be better than you move that and if you can kind of remember, was I tell my friends, my friends, you do go through divorce. If you can remember what it was years ago, yeah and what that? What is the reason why you gotten in entangled in the first place so tell me this. I know you
grew up with a lot of money and I read the story about when I think you were fifteen and there was an addiction notice on the door and how that was made a big impression on you right now. Yes, now you one of the highest paid actors in the world of work, you are doing right, you're right and does that title the sexiest man alive the highest paid and, above all, to those do. What do those titles mean if anything you're the greatest you're, the most popular, almost followed you're, the most you the most the most about its great for You go. It's wonderful! I think that you, the better question, is how do you keep your ego in check when all of that is happening around you're very important people have around me an important
You have anybody who can tell you the truth at this point, we should call my wife. How long until you yes boring. You tell me the truth, but by the way it- and this is where it's the tricky thing for us to being in this position- is we want to make sure that we have people around us who are inspired to do well and reach foreign continue to share our vision, but also a time say? Well, not, quite you sure, that's the right thing to do so. Look, I've had a wonderful career, especially coming from being evicted and those titles or nice, and everything is fine. But honestly, you know the So grateful to be in the position of man and I never take anything for granted. I try not glad that you were once evicted because it gives you such an appreciation for what you have now it just give such
perspective. When we were fourteen years old, we lived in Hawaii and we lived in a small efficiency apartment and we were my mom and I came home and I'll. Never forget the rent was one hundred and eighty dollars a week and there was an eviction a week and there was an eviction notice on the on the door and it was this was the one it was. The final eviction notice like that's the way,
my mom started crying and I never got in that moment. It was a seminal moment for me because I felt like about probably about six months later. I thought I never want to be in this position again. What can I do, and this is at fourteen? So at fourteen years old I thought well the heroes in my life Mohammed Ali, for example, profession wrestlers there are men who have worked hard with their hands and they built their body. Does that's gonna do do it? My dad taught me- and these are the eurozone- go build my body, so we're never evicted again but being affected by the way has, as you were saying has not only given me do just great perspective, but also great gratitude, but also
my team and my family. We laugh at it, but I feel this way like well. You know where we're a month away from being affected. I gotta go to work like I still have that. I still have that. Might you know where they, but it keeps you're, grounded by the way yeah yeah, because I that's why the most this in the most. That again it's wonderful, but the alternative is what I once was, and it also change the way you're wired, because I still save toast I do. I will save toast, rather than throw it away, and I know I know there's going to be more toast, but I still do because there's something in me: cuz when we were growing up, we had to save it. You know you weren't allowed to like throw food away, so there was a really big deal. So here's the deal you have now, the you get the biggest paychecks. You have all this
a claim fame? You didn't have that growing up. How do you raise children who have good sense and are also kind when they have every thing, because part of what made you who you are is having had that addiction notice and having not had everything? So how do you do that with? How are you planning to do that with your children? So, for example, with our eighteen year old daughter, it was really important that we show those stores sure the stories about being a victim. Is children who have good sense and are also kind when they have every thing, because part of what made you who you are is having had that addiction notice and having not had everything. So how do you do that with our you planning to do that with your children? So, for example, with our aid to Neuro daughter, it was really important that we share those stores. Sure this
Place thirty forty five minutes away, words very quiet, but also just making sure that we continue to instil in the babies and the kids. The value a dollar and what it means in a value of food and always saying how grateful we are in the things that were grateful for especially at that young age sounding out how success different from the way you imagined it would be I never imagined this I at one time when I was a kid I did feel in my heart and in my gut that I was that I thought I think the world's gonna hear from me. I don't know how, but I do feel that way, but I never thought of my mind. It was this level of success or fame. Even it was. I dont know how but the world's gonna hear from me. So you know what
is maybe why, at times like a walk around- and I could look at things like a like I'm, a big kid like everything can at times can be like I'm in what we want as chocolate factory one just really in awe of everything. That's really happening around me collects the first thing you splurge time when you realize you had enough to spur ok, so The first thing I splurged on I'm. So when I was a kid fourteen years old, thirteen fourteen years old in my mind what it meant to be successful, it was a rolex watch right. So there's that there was such a valuable lesson out of this. So I thought for years away, everyone everywhere, as for man has a rolex watching has diamonds in it. So when I finally was making a little bit of money- and this was a ninety- ninety nine and I thought, okay and then, by the way
the living in an apartment, pay monthly rent. But again, are you written and plan of our written herbal financial, ultimately, essentially, if you're buying a role as this is what not to do. So I thought this is it I'm splurge and I witness got myself a rolex and I wore it but almost wrestling. I warned the ring not for magic, but I was doing an interview in the ring and I warn the ring and Malay broke out, which always happens in the wild, while the professional wrestling, one of the wrestlers fell. The relax when it came off it broke live tv, and you see me my gosh I'm sorry to be in the moment and wrestling these other guys. Oh no, my relics like you see that they are trying to get my reluctant somebody's. Like kicking me, they're, trying to get it so far.
Make it my Rolex back. I go backstage, look at heart broken now. This is my thing and I go that night, and I remember I remember immediately thinking this is a sign and I believe in saying yes, it's aside and I will and I don't need it and- and it wasn't right for me at that time and and I and I never got anything like that again and so now, do you just use splurge carefully. I do not a big black guy or anything like that, and I am now what we want just make sure that now there large is usually with property like we have two properties. That way even real estate. Yes, yes, you do. Yes, I love property way. Some women love shoes. You do. I do because as making any more land, ok does
We got here on the planet earth and I get anymore yeah. That's right, yeah and also the properties are anchored where we could be comfortable in that, and I have a few pickup trucks. Just a few. So I remember reading this that it was a rustle mania. Thirteen and you are still being called rocky and there were a bunch of fans at the time who were jeering you and they were saying you know. You know unkind things and who use that moment and literally turned on your heels and turned around, and you know this whole vision. Tour is about people who ve been knocked down. Sometimes in life, everybody. You know not in a ring but have had those moments where you didn't
ill, like the rest of the world, saw you for who you needed to be. How are you able to turn that around okay? So thank you for bringing about up so this is. It was a turning point, my career, and it really allowed me to grow, and it really allow me just to be me. And be anchored in with who I am so when I first started wrestling, the idea was well. Why don't you call yourself rocky my visa out of respect for your dad Rocky Johnson anymore, grandfather, Peter my visa? I hated the name and I thought why just wanted to make my own way and I wanted to be independent. I love my family, but I do want to do it like that because it feels like I'm trying to leverage their fame the powers that be set. No, that's your name. I was also told well when you go out. New Russell
You have to smile, you have. I want you to smile big. This is in the debate that we wait. Why are you smiling because people with the eight the idea was I was was a rookie in the pressing business. I was what's called the recent businesses, a term called baby face, which is a good guy. I was being groomed as a good guy wrestler young. The idea was your grateful grateful for the opportunity. So when you go out there, I want you to smile. You can't smile enough and I thought well what if I lose, here was. I was if I was a rookie in the pressing business. I was a watch called the recent businesses, a term called baby face, which is a good guy. I was being groomed as a good guy ressler young. The idea was
A month later we go into the annual biggest event. It's like the super bowl of wrestling wrestle mania and it was Rumania. Thirteen by the time I got to Chicago Wrestle, mania. Sixteen thousand people in the middle. The ring when I was in the ring- and I'm supposed to be a good guy- and this was a cheer me- sixty thousand people were chanting, rocky socks. Thank you for laughing, but it Can you hear the word sucks clearly when you're on the mat Rocky sucks, when, yes, what is theirs reverb that happens in the arena and when in unison, not now one person yet
Sixteen thousand- and I was I remember lying there in the ring in the referee, said to me: don't listen to him and it was crippling for me yeah, but so then, at that time the powers that be thought that Isn't gonna work and for whatever reason people are not liking you and not connecting with you, and so in that moment it was very defining because I asked then, if I could just be myself and if I could go out there and if I can speak to the crowd and if I could just be myself and be authentic,
and if I don't want to smile a little smile, if I want to laugh, I laugh if you want to sing, I sing whatever it is or just want to be me. Can I have that for one minute of live tv time, powers that be at that time, Vince Mcmahon said you got it so on raw live tv, I grab the microphone and I said I may be a lot of things but sucks. One of them and I said something to the effective. Basically, it's not a this thing is out of that thing. It's me being myself thing in and before you know it, I guess the moral of the story is the importance and the power of funding, identity and being.
Go to who you are even in that wild world of pro wrestling. It still applies to everyone in the room and how powerful that could be, because it was a true shift and click moment, and I never look back and I became fortunately the biggest draw that the business is wow and didn't. Isn't that the moment really that particular moment you suck moment turned into the moment of becoming the rock and no longer rocky. Yes, so that's when it was rocking my Vienna, as you know, what I'm not going be called that we're gonna shorten it I'll, be called the rock, and here we go. It's enjoy its workers. Even now, with all of the success you stay, you still see every opportunity as kind of a crack in the wall, tub
unless what that means for you, I do so what that means is. I still see every opportunity that I have is like a little crack in the wall. A little scratch, and I it's almost as if like every opportunity represent the scratch, represents every opportunity. Therefore, the success on the other side of the scratch is the light scratching hard clawing digging. It's that mentality to really take advantage of every opportunity I have so have you reach the point where you accept your success like the world sees it, we all know it hundred sixty nine million. Instead, followers have you accepted it? Do you believe it to? Have you owned it for yourself? I have today yes and no other,
but in this yes, this time in my life yeah, yes, because there was a time where I wasn't quite too sure if I was confident enough as to the why why it was happening and what am I doing because it wasn't very systematic. It wasn't like. I had a big blueprint because a really wasn't a blueprint for me to follow. When I came from wrestling to Hollywood, there wasn't a oh look. Just do it like that. Other blacks one guy did it and and you're gonna be great. At that time, the biggest movie stars in the world were George Clooney, and yet in the movie, you did what honest Schwarzenegger is sort of like it felt like it was the passing of its work. I did, it will be called the
The run down yes where he walked by and he said, have fun and he was great yeah Matt and do you prefer to acting or the wrestling or all of it all of it is connected for you. I think all of it is connected. You know what I do love I just love any, whether its acting or wrestling or producing or any of the other businesses, or investments it all just has to have a connective tissue to me saying wrestling to me. Why isn't it not just beaten people up? I know it's more. There's a discipline to it. There's an art to guess it's almost like a physical soap opera and, I always say- with visible soap, opera, ok, physical, so Barbara Physical Theater, I always tell people- I say you know. Whenever I would win, it was very real.
Like residents very real because I was literally beat my opponent and it was very legitimate whenever I would lose its vague- it's not real, then added, but aren't you the first and only third generation, rest it I was. I was a very first third generation ressler in the history of wrestling and I went on to have a pretty accomplished career and what am also proud of his my first Simone, whose eighteen years old Straight a student she's at the university essential Florida. She's training now to become a w w e superstar really. In the fans work, and so we know your written, relentless about your work out, so even travel with your own. I hurt you have your own forty thousand pound Mobile Jim. If you travel with your Jim, yes, but let me give everybody context, the Jim for me in this physical activity. Free is my anchor and I always I would recommend that, for all of you, guys in the room is for us to find
anger, whether its hiking or biking or yo, girl or meditation or whatever. It is because for me, the gem just some sort of physical activity ankara's my day and then it allows me to go on and work for the rest of the day. So it is, it is a spiritual practice. What it's way more than just physicality, yet way more than just picking up await its just. It is my balance. It's my anchor it's my spiritual anchor mental, because what it allows me to do it's the only time for me that- and we all need this, because this treadmill of life there's no stop button sort so crazy. It just allows me to block out the noise and clear my head think about what we need to do or accomplish or think about the things. I to accomplish without the influx of information and people trying to talk at me and ultimately, what we should work out today. My work out today was, I did chest, and I did back again.
Yet I did those things in it. So I know your company is called seven bucks because you found itself at one time in your life, with only seven bucks in your pocket, turn that around I did when I am. I I had a dream A dream was to play professional football. I fell in love with a game of football player, Firstly, Miami Army, we a great thank you great teams. We want a national championship, Michael was a plain NFL again, because we didn't have a Money, so I want to be the first one to buy my parents house by myself
never lived, announced and till I was twenty nine years old and the dream didn't come true I didn't get drafted, I didn't get any offers nothing. I had to work up in Canada, the Canadian Football League and when I was cut, thank you when I was cut from there when I was cut from there. I had my dad had to come. Pick me up and I'll. Never forget we're on I. Seventy five he lived in Tampa came to my Emmi gotten his pickup truck. We drove up I seventy five and twenty three years old. I am forced to move back in with my parents, which I was you know, because you want to tackle the world and have all these dreams, and none of it came true, and it was also hard because all my friends around me, those teammates they were and I fell stars and they became millionaires buying their parents a home. You know that's the thing you want to buy your mama, so
I said I wonder how much money I have and I took out my wallet and I had a six, I'm sorry. I had a five or one and some change, and at least I rounded up optimistic, I thought. Oh, I have seven bucks now everything my production, company and all marketing are everything is seven box, and I love that because I believe that everything that is happening to us is happening to lead us to whatever is the great a moment, and so remembering the seven box and now turning your entire company empire into seven bucks production. And I know you will have a special thing coming to Atlantic right, you're planning something special way here. We do. We have a carbon coming to align its called out. Let a con. Did you hear about this at the letter con? Thank you tell us. What that is great applicant is. Is it imagine if Oprah, twenty twenty vision to four comic con and a great fitness expo had a baby,
That's that's so athletic. Is we're bringing together the best of athletics and entertainment and wellness and we're Have it here in Atlanta, and the city has been great and I can't wait and can be at the end it towards the end of the year speaking having babies. I'm I'm, I'm not sure if you had a minute actually the past week to see innovation about you when she joined us onstage in Minnesota. Do you see this? yes, I do this year and I have to say I heard that you really like the poster that we shared a nice. I guess line up the gloating over the tour. Tell I tell what I'm so think about like this out, like this, to be how we re populate the world. Just we go to an island, these women in the rock
start society over the thing. The. Are you good, Bettina, phased plan or so funny? I saw that, but because I think, in the spirit of populating the human race into gear, the human race, as have asthma, I've lost and I'm sure she'll be dollar that mark, which alone amount and bear no category. I think part of the reason that both men and women are drawn to you is that beyond actually the the buff exterior in a world where masculinity is evolving, would you not say it's changing? Yes, it's completely changing it's been a long time overdue yeah and I would say that in this world the reason why we love you so much as you always seem to be comfortable with your softer side.
Has always been or you is or has been a learning since your daughter's, that's a learning experience since my daughters were born and that, but that continues to evolve, as is its continuously, took its continued management and ten growth thing of, but also being acutely. I think empathetic that was a big thing to adjust the power of empathy and really trying to be sympathetic to not only my family but also people and but then also self empathy to really help me. Did you learn that through therapy, because you ve been pretty open about how going to therapy help you, when you were struggling to bet on yourself.
I did learn that it took time for me to learn that one, because I had gone through my first bout, a depression. I was eighteen years old after that. I think I was twenty three little. The then after that was when I got a divorce, so it had been a learning experience through that therapy really help me, but actually help you make how'd it there, Be help make you more of the man you wanted to be once I understood that number one, I'm not alone when it comes to mental struggle and that we all got Because growing up being in the house, My dad was tough love, so sharing feelings and emotions. I didn't have that so I held everything Was I was an only child you this Silent type was the strong silent I meanwhile, there was a lot of stuff happening going on in here. So I also so,
for me to become the man that I am today. Fortunately, one was one I'm not alone, but then the other side to that. It's like the aside, the beside a maybe the most. Maybe the most important side is to communicate and talk out in its ok, like your friend Bernay Brown, who I love we talk about about being, though yeah housing reasonable in the power being vulnerable and something that we we shy away from? Certainly yeah, and I think probably big men really do, because people put another kind of expectation on you when you're a big man, so men don't cry so big men really big men really don't cry! You have to be tough through it. All you have to play through the pain and things like that, but you know but the years you realize it it's unhealthy and be at just not meaning. I realise that me in the
identifying? Who? I am, and who I am, is I I might I need to talk about this. I need to talk about this. I need to talk about my issues, my fears, my depression, and it be okay, and so now what I I'm not only my ok with it, but at times I actually enjoy it to be able to get it out, especially by publicly and talk publicly to about it and how important that is too, because you just realized that its do. You feel the weight of your fame. I do. I really do now, especially to get a little older. You know you just feel it feel the pressure and the weight of everything. This is why so important to man anchor at home and with the family and in good people around yams. Well yeah. You know I said to the audience earlier. I never never had there been, because I had the Oprah shells. I told my business out there on the streets and
as I had gale to talk to every night, surely did in every night. Do you have a gale? I do but very funny story about this. I was going to show you. The text is last night. I come home from work in my wife Lauren, because you excited about tomorrow's can't way. It's going to be so good, and I said you know I. I know that operates going to ask me who my gaily And she's sitting there and I could just see her face kind, the lights up, she's like shit. Shifting a little and oh I mean who who who's your, who's your gale and, of course, from some horrible that way, unlike oh there's, an opportunity. So I go well that's crazy, but I think when I was fifteen, I had this my friend Nick
and her face changed and then ok, ok, she's, the sweetest woman, ok, ok, ok sure I think you know cuz. It was really defining time in my life, when I was fifteen and Nick should sure sure sure so again horrible I'll leave. I go in the kitchen, I'm eating. I take Picture, I said hey. While you come out and eat some of this food with me. She hates me right back Bang capital letters, Nick you're, not you're gale is not your gale with ten exclamation and I ran. So the bedroom us I'm kidding you're, my gay, so it would be, it would be my wife law that is so good when you can have a partner is well. You know here is carries you cough causing us.
Spiritual partnership. When you have a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth, meaning you growing together in spirit you're there. One, another hundred percent and that's what our relationship is and a reminder. We just we were married this past August and we were there and there was so much money isn't show you propose three days before I did. I wouldn't limited We knew we're getting married, but I was waiting for the right opportunity. Actually get down on one knee, and so I wanted to wait. I wanted to go to Hawaii. I wanted it to be specially. They want to do it, my living room, so I kept telling her. I know we're planning the wedding and I know we're going through the press I promise you when I get down on one knee so three days before I said to her with that we took the babies on a walk. I said: hey, let's take a walk. We walked out to the cliff and we're just looking at the
and set- and I get down on one knee- she turns around and I say: will you marry me wonderful la yes, while it was and he made a morning such a guy get we got very. We got married very early. I gotta work out. That's the thing that's why we there we got very Mary very early because in Hawaii you know everybody was up who travelled in because of the time difference and. It also a very small wedding. I mean. Maybe there was ten adults, ten people that was well unjust or Saturday here we're the stadium would twelve thousand people, but if you and long we're just hanging out with the girls what we shall be doing, we probably either be playing girls or or fishing. I love doing that like on the properties we have it like. I love raising fish and Bason Striped Bass and things like that. I'm a real country boy at heart, so we do a lot
well. You know we got a few good men here in the audience and obviously showing up here today. As I said to the marine, it's gonna get them point for the next eight weeks. Yes, what advice you have four. Is meant to keep their women happier. Remember that you usually wrong number one I would say. Keywords. Remember yes, honey, you're right, but listen! I was
That is is is really listen, become, become a really good listener and- and it took me a long time to understand that how important that was because when you become a good listener- and you really listen to your partner in this relationship of love and spirit, as you talk about than an inherently become more empathetic and when you become more empathetic than you just understand your wife in your partner on a deeper level on a greater level and then there's the level of appreciation to as well, and then you make babies, you make babies. Someone asked me this yesterday and I love this question: what surprises you the most about people. I think the thing that surprises me, the more
I don't know if it's a surprise, maybe just gives me great comfort, and I like it, it makes me feel good is probably in our world today. There is such a magnification of of negativity in pessimism and it's always out there and its around, but people are good. The majority of peace well, I feel, are good in their heart. I believe that, and what surprises you still surprises you the most about yourself about myself, yeah, I still get wide eyed and lit a lot of things that are very like even though you you ve, had the dance before you ve been around the block and I get wide eyed at things like this and little I can I get wide eyed at at the little things like a really appreciate the little thing. Ok, filling this blank I'd, never miss a movie
Blank was in it myself now Tom Hanks hundred percent nice. I'm guessing you're, not interested in tackling Shakespeare anytime soon, but is there a part you really love to play a musical? medical drama? Will I do think, there's a music. I would still like to do musical. That's the thing I love music in and maybe that I did wanna for Disney, which we sang a little bit, and I thank you that was fun would lay memoranda but yeah, maybe musical Wendy yeah. I saw that you tell rolling stone that you planted a little more vocal about we support and twenty twenty. Did you hear that some people said you and I should run. I did. You don't look. I gotta tell you that ticket looks pretty good Oprah neurotic I'd, be a virus,
any day, honey, Yours, thank you today has been asked to clarify their vision for twenty twenty four this year do have one for yourself. Are you one who makes set goals are do yes, but I also find a bird comes. Should like it even throughout the year I'm trying to set goals to as well division for me in twenty twenty is well now, since the passing of my dad, it shifted a little bit into just a greater appreciation for life, I want to talk about these little things like really appreciated in these little things I mean Things are really truly being in the moment being present and how important that is, and so even more present, because the other stuff, I feel that you know the fam and accolades and all that stuff is awesome, but that
Ngos. This kind of connection this in what I have with my family, my daughters and people like that means everything to me. No, I was talking earlier about intention and you have acquired and continue to acquire a lot as your continuing to build seven box. What is the purest highest, truest intention behind at all, because I know at the end of the day it is all about fame and it is all about making money. So the reason why you want to continue to grow and succeed is what For seven bucks, yes, seven votes in you, your lower in your life in general, for joke here. So for so you working this hard. You can quit tomorrow because you still haven't you.
Enough money right now sure live happily ever after. So you continue to do it because, due to create an amazing experience for people and that's important to me, because that's that's an opportunity that I have to give joy yeah and help whether transform or a movie or a thing or whatever, it is like that the audiences experience audience experience is something that's deeply person to me, and I think that goes back to when I would so before. The bright lights of the doubly there. We I was wrestling in a small Russen company would Russell in free markets and use card dealerships. You put a ring in the use dealership in the parking lot, but the reason why bring them and state fares, but there was an intimacy there and even at that level it was always about. Will. How can I say
not in some happy and make people feel good, and that and by the way I also feel like, if you were in a position to make people feel good such a powerful thing. It's such above. I know we did you for master clasped her own in something. You said there really stuck with me that the most powerful thing you can ever do is to be yourself. Be yourself. Yes, yes, and you were talking about the earlier about that moment that you learn to be authentic, is when everything changed. We changes like a shifting click moment when we for me, when I realise there is great power. Being myself same thing for all of us, but I do, I believe, its most powerful thing that we could be it's easier said than done, because our struggle for a long time, China, go out what what will it's my identity and who am I in four, for example, when I got to Hollywood the very first time I've got Ali, what an early two thousands I was told again. Well, if you want to be a star, then you maybe shouldn't talk about wrestling. Maybe you shouldn't go to the gym as much.
You shouldn't razor silly eyebrow, and yet there was a lot of things like that. But when you don't know you buy into it and so ok, we'll make it so I dont carries out the rock ok. So I again, I went through the entire process for years trying to figure out who I was and then, when you look back in my earlier career, the films, I was doing their work, but just not you know when I go. That's how I like to see him because he is his drew up that itself and have you had a sweet revenge moment. Who sucks now. Yes, it was Ok, so at this time when I felt like ok, I really need to make a change of my career. I need to be me.
And I want to have the kind of career that has a global career, and I said I am not quite sure how we're gonna do it. But I need you to by into the vision with me and I'm willing to put in the work my unto ants, as I was telling my my agency at that time in Hollywood, which you know of, and they all looked at me like. I had three heads and I thought: well, we just don't. They are ok, sure sure, she's gonna placating me and then eventually I left them and- and then decided you know what my name is the rock and I come from the world of professional wrestling and I look the way. I look and I talk the way I talk and I love to work out, and you know what this is, who I'm going to be and then he today. So for those who said we don't get it. Kind of revenge, so you post
Instagram in November, joy and hope costs. Nothing. Remember this, and yet it's the most powerful give that we can all give and that's the real magic to life. So after everything that you ve been through particularly this past week, what are you now most grateful for today? I am most grateful for life. I am most grateful for an opportunity. Most grateful for my family are most gratitude is a big thing with me. I mean it is, is truly my anchor. Yes, I did to arrange its my anger.
And I wake up with heart full of gratitude and even in death, and even when things don't go right, and even though I didn't make it to the NFL me, making it to the NFL was the best thing that ever happened death, because it also gave me a great sense of gratitude to be here. So I would say that it would be- And also I want to tell you- and I tell you this approach, and I want to tell you guys like I, I was so excited to come here and do this with you and share a little bit story and background and any kind of wisdom that I have learned over the years to share with you guys, but I want you to know that, especially this week, if just you know laying my dad to rest, I needed this from you and I thank you
Truly. Thank you. So much I did Love you back our good man. I just gave a thank you. I didn't I needed this and I needed this. I needed the love in this manner because what I also realises- and I felt The coming in is that you know you gotta rock concerts and things and events and wrestling matches or whatever, but you know when you, this room and you have thousands twelve thirteen, fifteen thousand people who have won intention, which is to be better and give so much love and receives much along with a powerful thing. It is a very powerful thing. Thank you for being- today to share it, and I know.
Other things it's exciting me is, I know that it, The things that you're doing with seven box that you're also starting a tequila company Yes- and I said to the audience earlier that there is a rule- but unless Jesus has told you otherwise you cannot come to me. House without tequila shocks as Y know your big too you a fan and we are starting started: spirits, company and two kilos of first expression to Cuba. Like you, a meticulous lover and I have a special surprise for you. You have to kill us I have take you a surprise for you and it's coming out my guys. What's com, it's called this too, is called terror. Monitor, oh Mamma, there on stage, so I thought
this term on it's gonna come out next month. I thought the occasion was appropriate because not only to kill a lovers and not only was as an amazing day, but also it is an early birthday gift to you and also this is the very this. So none of this has ever been seen as a very first bottle ever a mountain tequila and it is going to you and I'm going to poor, justice you got a sign it before you. I will be as this is a sipping two kilos, we're not shot. Yes,. Alexander height is so I would like to have make it chose to your father, I'd like to make a toast to the man who helped to make you
and that you are, but you may your relationship with him beyond be stronger, more profound and bring you all the love that you ve always deserved choose. Thank you. You did good, I beg you. It means a lot. Thank you very much. I mean you did its, hahaha. There are, there are jobs, sign the bottle. I will sign. You guys I'm overwintering
and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, CAS unsubscribe rate and review of this public ass join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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