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Oprah and Gary Zukav: Live from Calgary

2019-08-21 | 🔗

Oprah sits down with Gary Zukav, spiritual pioneer, master teacher and author of four consecutive New York Times best sellers, including the internally acclaimed “The Seat of the Soul.” As a part of her “Path Made Clear” book tour, Oprah is joined on stage by this special guest, who impacted her journey, for a unique one-on-one conversation. Gary talks about living with intention and authentic power, and explains what he calls “holy, sacred moments.”

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now, so I read: Gary's put the seat of the sulphur time in the early nineties and it resonated with me so deeply. It literally change every aspect of the way I lived. I actually changed the way I operated the show. Even today, thirty years later, The soul is still on my nightstand. Please welcome Gary's, zoo com
So you help me some actually know that right o my to be an expert in principle when it comes to life, who can be an expert in life, but you can do your best yeah and if you're doing you best that's going to take you where you need to go now. Here's an interesting thing in my experience. Everything takes you where you need to go. That's what I was saying. Everything does. You'll eventually get there and for some people, and it has also been that way for me that I could have taken a direct path, but I had to go all the way around the mountain. but eventually you get there. Eventually we get, but some
I think that going all the way around you something bad there's learning opportunity and everything that we do so you came here to help us all is learning opportunities, I'm sorry, so if you try and you fall to the ground, your phone will teach gives you lessons. If you sore your flight, will give you less so the intention Speciale choose change your experience, but your experience always serves and if you remember that you won't be complaining a whining about what's happening in your life or crediting other people. If it's a wonderful thing that happens in your life, you'll be looking at it and see what you can learn about yourself, so that you can create differently a better way. So you know I was just sharing with my friends in Calgary about authentic empowerment, this is
the thing all. If you get this your life, does sore. If you get this notion of. Your personality is here too. surely, sir, your soul. The soul, is here for deeper meaning, deeper learning, deeper everything, correct, correct, so much enjoyed hearing which, who shared so far. And for me I was so miserable when I was growing up as a child in a small town in Kansas, and I grew up slightly to be in the army as a Green Bahrain,. I was a sex at it and I accept committed with a lot of drugs and people were to me and I was followed, emotionally sound from
you're too anybody. While it was my life but here's the thing I thought it was really cool. I thought I was on track. then it wasn't until later. In my life, when you say sex attic, what do you mean? Will you say sex adding what does that mean to fix it, average is someone who uses other people and does really realised through using other people, because they think it's cool, a sex, attic, is someone who walks into a room and Ganz the room and the people that are strong and healthy and grounded, and feels no attraction to those people, but someone there who can be seduced who is weak I could use.
It was all my sooner suddenly came alive by one bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye target. It was the weakest woman in the room, the one who felt the worst about herself, and who had no confidence The one who needed someone else to need her, and I too am I could score. That's what I call it. I think it's still call tat You're not scoring anything. You are Dissipating jointly in a lack of respect in a mutual degradation, because wasn't until later in my life, and I realize I always knew that the women I was with didn't mean anything to me, but it never die. What's that I didn't mean anything more to them. So they were using you too. Yes, they were
And that's what a sexual addiction is. Its is ugly to experience as it is to look at so now I've been experimenting with creating authentic power and I'm drawn to people like you, and my life is beautiful, I didn't say it was easier, but is very beautiful. So tell me how Does one a line once personality with the desires of your soul? Oh that's the question. You can read the book in its pretty easy to understand, but it's the practicing his natural doing. First of all,. You have to learn how to feel.
you have to learn how to feel in real ways which means in terms of physical sensations. In your body, like your chest throat or your solar plexus, and if you're in fear, you hurt there, you hurt physically and it's very painful and if you feel blissful pleasing sensations in the same areas and theirs for more Europe. Oh, that your experiencing love and people use they think. Well, I know what I can experience love and I know what I'm experiencing fear, but I didn't First of all, I never knew what love was. Secondly, fear was all my life. That's. Why came a green berwin. When I was just getting out of school, I was so frightened I didn't know I was frightened, and if anybody It said you know Gary everything you're doing you're doing, because your frightened, I said you're talking to me, come here. The street name for that
for being so frightened that you can investiture frightened his macho can. I was much and yes, that's worth applauding. If you reckon recognised that in yourself your. on a spiritual path. If become aware in any way own emotions you're on a spiritual path, then you can use those emotions to choose what you're going to do next or per se. common ever loses and address and Scott, yours,. So. What are you sending to yourself, you all he's sending messages and every message you sand has got the same address on it. It says returned to sender and what is back to you is not just the action, its intention. an intention of love or intention of fear, so
two ways to create authentic power knows only too I mean to tool. Tools is emotional awareness and responses, choice? That's a choice that will bring you consequences for which you are willing to assume responsibility and, like you pointed out, beautifully. No one can do this for you. You are responsible for the consequences you create. You are responsible. You can't flunk the earth school impossible. Everything that happens to you happens to you to assist you in your spiritual development. don't go anywhere more to come after this short break Today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever baked anything that required graded chocolate. It can be a little messy and time consuming Eric inherited Chocolate, Mars Wrigley Brand has the answer. Finally, graded baking, chocolate easy to use and easy to melt all
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Find out more about their historic recipe and shop online at American Heritage, chocolate, dot com- that's it Eric inherited chocolate dot com. I know you can't forget, but some people aren't pass and so well I mean I think some people are getting higher grades and others, because I think when you think that power is external and we live in a world and constantly tells us that external powers, what matters since you- and I were doing our last interview- social media- is taken over and how many likes you GAD, or how many people, but little hearts on your social media posts in some people measure their worth value through that and consider that to make them powerful how many followers you have we're in a world that has now it seems to me. I don't know you all feel that that we just sort of transition to this
world, where everybody is just looking for likes those people in pain if Europe, king at the number of likes you have in the world. You are living in pain, and you can prove this to yourself by putting your attention These three areas that I have mentioned because You are giving your value to someone else or more precisely. You are asking someone else to give you the value are you how much your work and as long as you're doing them. In pain and swung assuring pain, you're going to be acting, unconsciously wanting more lax has lots of ways to get more likes money sex. You name it but when you are the authority, in your own life, when you. can contribute instead of consume, you can begin to,
Various a new way of being in the world and likes it or not. Important to you dislikes are not important to what is important to you is following you, what is important to you is giving the it's that you were going to give if you can give the gifts The point to give now. Here's then the universe will the earth does engraved you, that's why I say you can't fly out of it and you can't do badly in which you can Who is create painful experiences for yourself and what you can do is create blissful and constructive experiences for yourself. that's your choice. You can choose what emotion you're going to feel in a moment, but you can choose what you're going to do when you feel it. You can react act as you have in the past and create the painful consequences that you have in the past. If it's
your experiencing or you can respond cautiously, you reach for the healthiest part of your personality. You can. I'm even imagine that would be a part. Grateful carry appreciative content. all of the universe and then do your best to act from that energy that part, even while you're feeling the frightened part of your personality? the part that angry jealous resentful vengeful, that's hard, but when you do it, that's creating authentic and the more you do, this, the more the frightened parts of Europe
centrality begin to lose their control over you. What I love you say is that all the power that the world seems to revere lots of women are born beautiful and they use their beauty as their power, and I used always Levin wherever it talks of models on the show and models always complain about how they look and their advice and suffers I'll show you, how do I will show you are fine, but what I remember simple, shepherd- is the only person I ever talk to as a model who admitted that being beautiful was a source of power. and I really appreciate it her for that for say, yeah I use it. I use it and She said she remembered when
daughters became older and really attractive and their walking down the street, and there was a first time somebody wasn't like whistling at her, but the attention was going to her daughters. I may I just really appreciated that kind of candor, but people use their money. They use. vision, they use their looks for power and what you're saying and seated sellers and eventually all of that fades. It doesnt food peacefully. Pursuing external power produces only violence and destruction between nations. It produces physical violence, Destruction between them visuals who produces emotional violence and destruction. I would like to put the beautiful things that you are sharing and they are beautiful. to the largest context that I can grasp there
it's a transformation in human consciousness happening now and it's been putting for about a generation and that transformation consciousness is not a transformation of anything. That's in your consciousness. It such formation of what is happening to your consciousness. It's not a matter of being able to experience is a matter of what you can experience. That's how big transformation. Is this if in human consciousness, is epic its I suggested, and we on the ground floor, we are moving beyond the limitations of the five senses, which used to be our entire world. We keep those but we have another perceptual ability. So what Malta's century. And we see ourselves as more than
mines and bodies- we shall do yourselves as something more. And the more is the sole return. You want to use for the immortal aspect of yourself, the part that existed before you were born, and the I will exist when you're personality dies we the world not as random, and we pray for. luck and we'd run from bad luck. We It has a meaningful as symbolic, and it teaches us about We see the universe, not as dead or inert but as alive and wise and compassionate, you are speaking too, either Malta, since we humans or aim urging Malta since we humans. In other words, Everything that were saying about external power belonged to consciousness that
dying, that is fine. Sensory perception and power. These are highly workpeople in here. These are highly Yes, it would be highly Workpeople yes, green with that completely with, My heart, that's why I was thrilled with invited me to come and speak with you, I love speaking
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wait with Gary on the upper show was a moment where this woman, a young mother, how was stuck in her grief after the death of one of their infant twin, she had twins and one of the baby's died and what you said to her. That day is what I called a healing holy. but I never forgotten. I want the whole audience to hear play that tape. You if you look at Ryan as a soul like yourself like IRA, I copra like me like everyone on this earth that left this earth when it chose, Then you will have a different perspective. You be able to see the gifts that this soul offered to you during its stay on the earth you will reach. place in your life, where you are grateful that this soul chose to be. We
here for, however, short a time, if you do not You will live your life in anguish, thinking, A tragedy has occurred. Whenever you see or other son growing up, you will say: Ryan, should be here when it at your age from high school, you say: Ryan should have graduated when he found his wife, it will say right, should be getting married to and to all this time it will be in power. On your other son. A bird to carry because no matter what he does or how successful he is, it will be causing mommy pain. If you look at Ryan has a soul, great soul, like yourself. Voluntarily entered our school and entirely left it in order to be with you and to offer gifts,
then you will begin the process of fattening and appreciating and becoming grateful for the power. the interaction that you had with. That's all and you will be able to receive the gifts that that's all came to this earth to give you two give IRA to give to his ship And if you do not Continually be turning away from those gifts, we'll be denying the very. A wealth of wisdom and compassion that was offered to you by the soul, That may be the most powerful thing I ever heard. You say pretty power. There is powerful, then I think it still powerful. We just to her recently and she said that moment changed her families live forever so that she didn't grow up. Blaming the son who lived for the son who didn't live in
Happened because at that moment did Televue see Jody space. In that moment, when she is waiting, there. Would you gotta, when she was was talking about a wholly sacred moment. your question if every moment in your life is and has been wholly and sacred, but you haven't seen until now. suggest something you are wholly and you are sacred and there's nothing that you can do to change: you are a powerful and creative, compassionate and loving spirit, and the pain in your life is a measure of the deer between your self image in your behaviour and that reality and everything That happens in your life gives you end up,
unity to close that distance until its zero? You don't have do that you have free will but you choose. To ignore, having parts of your personality and to cultivate or indulge the frightened. You will create more painful consequences, we'll still be wholly you'll still be sacred. You were born that way. Your personality will die that way. Why not? step into bad experimental relationship if its experimental for you and or to behave in the best way. But you can, and by wholly I dont mean blushing peoples bless you, my son, my daughter now just be considering listen to people No the two upon the earth, not by acts but because your soul chose
The experiences of physical knows what is, The experience of physical knows it's a domain of time, space matter, duality and duality An duality duality requires choice. And in the early school theirs they two choices. Fundamentally,. Your intentions, love or fear, fear or love You may feel that you have countless choices but you really only have two and consequences that you create the coroner Return to surrender message is determined my intention, not by action. So become aware of our intentions? and then that requires emotion. awareness and responsible choice, because,
one central power. turning to distinguish within yourself the dish, between love and fear, and then. choosing love, no matter what happening inside of you or what's happening outside of you Thank you very zylka. My favorite teacher, ruined free and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviews. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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