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Oprah and Kate Hudson: Your Life in Focus

2020-02-26 | 🔗

As a part of WW Presents “Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour,” Golden Globe winner, Oscar-nominated actress and co-founder of fitness brand Fabletics Kate Hudson sits down with Oprah in front of a live audience in San Francisco. Kate discusses motherhood, living optimistically and growing up as the daughter of Goldie Hawn. She also opens up about her relationship with her estranged father, Bill Hudson, and explains the importance of forgiveness in her wellness journey.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations. The podcast Ivan one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present a journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Welcome to compress twenty twenty visionary talks from the stage of my own twenty twenty vision, your life and focused or double Bobby wait much if we imagine- and I join forces You can have conversations with some of the world's most famous trailblazers, whose story well, Miss women power you to discover the highest vision or your San Francisco yearn for a treat, because
Mama three athletic where mobile, Kate hudson- writings any room or arena even one. That holds fifteen thousand people San Francisco. Please welcome our w w twenty twenty visionary conversation. Gay what's your word that suit girl? You know why I chose purple. Why? Because I'm purple I'm a purple robe! on the programme for European Sambre. I thought it which means you get, which means you get sixteen point: Sixty Remoinds yeah, but I'm liking. I really like you- I couldn't do that when doesn't allow for this.
Now for your bucket later in the day, maybe a little less and research are those on face. Time is nice. You happy to be. Are you enjoying the programme? I love it. I absolutely love it, but I think it's. How do we prevent private about fifteen thousand people here? Who who understand why Yes, I know it's funny because I was you know. I think that once I started fabrics and I got into the wellness community and active lifestyle is kind of the number one thing people ask all the time is, how do you balance and food and diet seems to be like on everybody's in the forefront of everybody's mind an end for me. I wish I had a great each year rate my mom she's she was always active, was always thinking and I feel really lucky.
But I understand that a lot of people were raised with that kind of teacher and to have a support system is enormous and in a lifestyle journey and W W. When I talk to me and I got to you to get to know you started because you wanted to lose twenty five pounds after the baby weight. Well yeah! I just had a baby and it was really, honestly, because I wanted to get behind something like this- that had a community that was so inspiring, because I think that that's a huge part of any any wellness journey s end. I knew that it wasn't just about losing weight, but you wanted to be a part of the whole well, this break that was hitting the country, and I love that you filmed yourself right after the holidays on the scale and three three
how about that you that you filmed yourself on this scale, writer holidays and you felt like act. It sounded like to be that you were you felt like you're, really be, maybe ten or twelve pounds over you're fighting way, yet oil a solid but there's a dollar twelve and you weren't real, but you also have the least bit embarrass no shame involved or seem that way. Yeah! No No, no, shame! No! That's mine number! I think after having three kids, yours, Like you know, the fluctuations are a part of life. You now and- and I like the scale and honestly I don't even think about it, I think in social media. Now today I don't even think like a wild. I'm showing this is twenty pounds heavier
I think I think, shame no. No! I just want to live, I just want to live whatever. I am you know, and do my best This I love when you turn when you're turning forty or last year. You have reported birthday, Reese Witherspoon posted
known this beauty, since she was twelve she's, always been the most optimistic and joyful, and I think that the very reminded me of the time First summit interviewed your mother and I said wow you're, the most joyful pursue Goldie Hon I've ever met. So do you think you inherited back joy, Jean a tornado of joy, of the vague I think, some of it my mom is just an extraordinary light being and about about. Yes, I think I think I do have the optimistic gene, and I think that is a rare thing to have, and I recognise that it something than you do have to continually work out
but I am sometimes to a fault optimistic. You know. Sometimes it's like. Ok stop, my friends in our stop being so optimistic, just be like annoyed right now. You just like just say it's all remember going well, you see the best in everything I try. I really try. I do I mean I I think it's more like some people see it is more bid, but I see it is just like. I think in my mind, it's like will one day I'm gonna die and like I'm always thinking like that. So what am I gonna do today, while I'm going to live in this? Is that simple and- and I I dont want it- I dont want- sit in the UN in this in the shit yeah. I dont worry owners here I can't say I can't. I can't be honest. Twelve sorry, I'm sorry.
I have seen in the Pope. Ok movie- and you know it's interesting if you sit and improve it, doesn't feel as bad as shit just skills like Pooh. You know, I think I think I have a propensity towards drama, because I like it because I'm an actress, but I dont, like the feeling of of negativity and ends, for me, I'm always trying to figure out how to ok. So what are you telling yourself these days because how to somebody who's? You know optimistic to a fault move through the world this world. That seems to be old daily, with more and more negativity just in every direction. Try to shut it off, and I think I think you can be. You can be connected, I think a part of me feels like we're over connected, sometimes where you know.
Let the church and the bacteria, I really do like connecting with people, and sometimes I find that Knowledge II. It really masses me up and seeing tickers of bad news and death and- and you know stuff it I think, once upon a time we really only heard what was going inside of our community and I love we're connected globally, and we know this is with some. I think it's really hard on on all of us having it creates a lot of our european social media a lot. I yes, but I try not to you know, I'm very good. I I think we need to have more digital cleanse is as much as we do. Food clean goes. You know I do shuddering. Do you digital plant yeah? I do I shut it down so that what are the hours that you'd, like I'm, not going to? Do it five found on fire?
phone gone like down all things, five pm until the next day until the next morning that is really that's. The goal That's the guy! The gall up up up up up up, I obviously share. I wish I could put my phone. Unlike sneaking instagram legs like. Ok, so really, what's the real thing that you do the real thing I put my phone down at five and then sometimes, if I really have to be on my phone, I you know I have to if I've just so you know I if I have to be on a cost seven, because a time differences or something that I have to you know, but I really try to put my owns down and and all the kids we try to go. You know what is surprising to me about you. You are so balanced and likeable for somebody who was raised so rich and-
I don't mean that in the nicest way, rich people- you know- I don't have nothing to do with you, but you are so balanced and likable truth drew this for somebody who was raised not just wealthy, but in in the limelight. You know you meet a lot of people who come from famous people? A lot of people have got up and they are not nice. People grew up with some of you know. You know, because you don't get to find your own identity, and how are you able to do that in the midst too? I think it was my parents. Almost I mean it was almost overkill how how fiercely they raised as to not be spoiled children like to the point where it was like. Maybe they went a little too far in this department. You know, but it was like we. We knew that our privilege had nothing to do with us and everything to do with luck and their work ethic and
and so I think and are our minds what we saw was work ethic. We didn't see richer privilege, you didn't, even though you raised by no, I mean I understood it as I got older, but I, but I saw how hard they worked like my mom and I and incur the biggest they worked so hard and then they love it and their passionate about it. And so I think I think that's it and they just had no patience for any kind of spoiled behaviour and everything within was about connectivity was like how you looked someone in the eye and, as you know, on a daily basis, how we can act. I just you know. I mean any time we had anything approval of of real privilege. It was like, they made it very clear that we were a guest in that world yeah you now. You are yours now my sets down there and you say please and thank you showed you do you it's interesting that you and your brother, Oliver kept the name. Hudson yeah, that is to say, yes,
even though you were raised by Kurt, who was like a father to you. Did your father a big role in your life bill. Hudson I mean I'm proud of and aim Hudson because bill. You know he he's a huge part of what I am an end and some of my gifts that I that I cherish like music. You know my father's a real fathers, a musician and he's a wonderful musician. I connect to him through that, even if I dont connect with him through any kind of real paternal relationship, but I think it was important to keep that.
You know- and I also I also feel like you know- there was a moment in my life where I did want or rejects anything that had to do with my father or the name, and I thought maybe I'll be Kate Russell Array, we'll just change it to Kay Gary or you know, but but who knows a huge part of my identity that relationship challenging? Not in my life, you know, but again those things are what make you who you are and it sort of informs the work that you do and emotional workin
and the relationships that you have absolute. Isn't it about time that your weight loss plan took you into account with a new programme from W W Wait, watchers re imagined you can get your own customized, unproven weight loss plan simply take the personal assessment and answer a few questions about your eating habits and behaviors, and let W w match you with a customize weight loss plant that can make losing weight, easier visit, W w dot com and join W W for free get one month, three plus a freak upper hurry offer ends January thirteenth purchase required restrictions. Apply you end up, you know everybody does is whether you know it or not. I learned this years ago from a wonderful guy named horrible Hendricks, whose only show laudable, yes called getting the love you in the Imago theory, so here's the theory- and I certainly true
in my relationship with Stedman. I would not be good Stedman had I not read that book and done horrible Hendricks like a year before seven and I met I mean, because his theory is that you are attracted to your romantic partners based upon what you are trying to heal in your past, so basically the relationship that you had or didn't have with your parents shows up and is going to be triggered. By your current heart. That is so think how many of you, you think, you're getting away from it, but you ve never are getting away from it, you're just drawing into your life that which needs to be healed and when stuff goes wrong It's really all about. Not what's happening right here, but what happened before that? Wasn't he
completely, and you know when you're an intellectual person. You can think that you know it, but you always have to feel that at a cellular level to make change, I think sometimes it's like you can tell yourself. Oh. I recognise why I have this issue in a relationship my father abandoned, but then you keep repeating the same patterns, the same mistakes and you have to like actually, all the trauma and move through it. I think and I am not book, actually changed my life for the it made me get out of a relationship that you know and be in the chair. The better Verve Harvest book, yeah you know you know, there's the best book. I think anybody, even if you're not in a relationship, needs to read that it is everything that we do in an end our intimacy is played is also what about that book. Bade you get out of a relationship because I realized I was chasing something that that I was China,
to change the ending of the same story. I was. I was trying to change something that I could never change. I was trying to put a different ending on it, instead of just like turning that channel off, but I I I relationships has been at the centre of my group because because when we talk about wellness all the time, it really is that has always been at the centre of mine. You note food discipline and food discipline in activity at something I
I too, I feel in control of it it's relationships that has always been my soft. I read where you said in your relationships and understanding and softening your bite or light instincts has been your greatest journey in adulthood. What does that mean? Yeah? Ok, I'm a fighter, and if I'm not fighting, I'm flying, which means like I I've, I'm like a pitiful, and ass. I am. I am I my John plunges down it's like until I know that were communicated that were on the same page that I've been validated. I will fight so much so that there is one particular relationship with his some one looked at me, and so can you just put your sword away just put
away- and I realized I was like flinging us or a black kate- you use a question. Why are you such a pitiable? Because I think that for me and my and my life. This is like the european anthem that there exist, but I never felt heard rule so that I think- and I think a lot of people feel that way it's hard to be heard and and when you're a little girl- and all you want, is your daddy to hear you and he doesn't you sort of her chasing that for a real. Long time until you realize like that, wasn't I knows, and even about there wasn't me I don't. I don't need to do that. You know, and so that I think triggered also think our fight or flight mechanism is is real
whereas survival animal, and so it so easy for us to become reactive and that space and in that part of the brain, and we just immediately it's right now. It's like we, it's all about slowing that that part of the brain down the reactivity and trying to like move through it differently, it's hard for us to do that. I heard you say that, and this is true for mutual and to talk about this later. That forgiveness is a big part of your wellness journey. Where does that fit in almost like my number one? Well, I think fit so forgiving is where I found the most liberation, and I think that when you have a situation of neglect or abandonment to forgive is
greatest fits the most liberating feeling and most loving too, to love. My father was went to forgive him was that was my to forgive him for not being there to get another driving or that capacity yeah. You know or a you know, that's what it's not as I don't it's, not my fault. It just is an answer. I sometimes I just I had to learn to understand that he had his own journey and he didn't have an enemy. You know it's just it's not in this lifetime, so the forgiveness has helped me he'll and in that I can find real kind of peace, and- and that's where I you know, that's my journey- I mean I there's all these great things we can do and all these wonderful, I feel Billy.
Key, but at the end of the day when I have like feel like my my life journey comes to an end, I want to feel really at peace, and so I just practice that might think forgiveness is like the number one thing to feel that when you're disappointed- and you don't get what you want- people just really now now now when I'm you know. I, like my agent called me once, and he goes I. What is it? I more upset about things that you don't get than you dont get. I really good at lettish stuff go Fiona! Thank you. You know, I mean, I think that there's things it
Yeah, I just you know like there was a role was trying to think of the movie that somebody else was gonna get, and then you got that movie. Ok, but I want to be that I almost balance that was oh you guess. I also Sarah Polly was going with Brad Pitt was, yes, was going to be almost famous, and then they ended up not doing it, and then I was able to come and addition. So almost payments made you really famous hours, yeah that was that was really special moment in time. What would you tell your twenty year? Also about like nothing, nothing I had. I honestly people always asked me that there is a question I think they'd like, because you go back and ask yourself like or say something you're right,
No way I was like have the best I have so much by an annual mistakes. Neuro mistakes made there was people that I wish I were treated better, but I don't I don't have any word. I wouldn't tell her anything Like a fine doin it at and now you're the mother of three house raising a daughter, different, it's so different. In the beginning, obviously, european out you know either breastfeeding and but once her personality started to kind of energetically, it really is just so different, she's she's. So girly I mean it's like even from the sounds too the way she's talks, I mean none of my boys talk
she is our own language, Germany she's, having conversations with yourselves. She doesn't, you know, and she's she's, like literally just doesn't stop talking, but I think that being older to and having a baby was twenty eight for when I had rider and the now being forty with running, I think I'm soak it in differently I just wanna, and how are you balancing at all, we ve done a lot of talk today about balancing out the fifteen euro is fifteen. Sixteen see now and now a young baby and then and then being as it is eight. How do you manage? I mean it's a lot of schedules. There's a lotta calendars and are you actually driving the yeah? I mean honestly, I've got three dad's, which is rare and.
It just turned out that way. You know I I I can't like if I, if you would have told me in high school, that that's what my light. I would definitely been like no you're crazy, but yeah. That's what happened damn. How do you manage the hall during the holidays. Well up up up up up some of them. We all just have them together, and by no. I have everybody on the same schedule. It's just you know scheduling so, like I have the kids both of my boys. I have for the first week of Christmas or the second week of Christmas. I just made sure on the same, and I think it's more about how do we raise kids together and I think it's all ego, I think you just have to put
eco aside and really put the kids first in and it's hard that's a really hard thing to do. As I heard that you made a concentrated effort to never commiserate with your sons about their father. Never ever even if I can't stand it what it had no larders moments. I, like you, you know even when they like you know. If there is a moment, it's like. Don't come to me and talk about your father like them. I know I think it's really important, that kid's stay respectful of their parents, even if you know that their parent could be making a better choice like I think you're it will grow up. They will know they would discover it out where they have their own relationship with their parents. Oh you, ve, never set disparaging thing about now of them do not hinder them now. I would never do that. That is, I think, your kids. I think they would work.
I think I know my mother never did that about my father and if I mean an end, she really could have you know it's like, and she just was sorry dad. I love you, but, but you know she really could is an and never never set a bad thing about my father. Should it really was wonderful because I got got older. I could I understood, why should it there's nothing more predictable in life than the unexpected lightning will always strike. Hale will fall on roofs. Fortunately, there's AAA Aaa has been helping member states prepared for over a hundred years, so unusual storms, fallen, debris or sudden leaks, happens, you'll be covered, check, check and check, get the home and ATO insurance. You need by talking with a AAA insurance agent today Visit AAA dot com, slash insurance or stop by your local aaa store you,
saying that your mother epitomizes of what she epitomised for you. What a good mother is, yes with sound. An extraordinary life, and I think that she, my mother, do probably the best possible that you could ever do having them. An extraordinary life that ok, here's a question I asked Tracy Alice Ross last week. Did you grow up in her shadow or her light light late? Yeah? I want more of that all the time you know. I think I think that sitting I I I think that there's yeah I mean truly in in her light, and it was a complex, very finding all the Irish, Yeah how'd, you find your own light when your mother's life is so bright.
Well, she shares it. You know, I think I think you find your own pocket. You know and I think that it does develop. Probably a different kind of personality. Like you know, a good example of it is a fine example of this is not as complex or deep, but like going shopping with my mom, is like watching the joy tornado go through a shop like and nobody shops like my mom cause. She doesn't she she's like changing in the shop. You know it's like everybody's you're, swans and now she's, not enough hours and a day to do the things that she wants to do and she leaves everything I mean the glasses here and her pack over here and the phones over here, and I'm doing this. The whole time like this following I've got this high nice to see you hold on any of my mobile phone where's, my phone, any it's right here. I gotta I'd like that.
I think I grew up her gate keeper I know and that's what I felt like and we actually had a psychic one say to both of us were in the same room. She goes, you know you were your mother's gatekeeper and use outside of like medieval times that are know something you know and I was like, oh my god, yeah. That's me I am, I just stood out. Her door, making sure that everything is fine and dumb, I heard that you once said that you learn how to let her be the butterfly. Oh yeah, I mean there's, there's I mean I mean you know she. I think that and she's a true about a fly. I mean with the most extraordinary wings,
leave. Your goal is goalie HANS daughter actually help informed your life is businesswoman. How so I think, because I am a very proud, I think, I'm the roles that you create a family dynamic like that, and I think everybody has there's always a personality. That's the you know. Mine was definitely a bit of an over achiever you. You know I was like okay know, this is my mother and that's her. You know she's of this incredible light being, and I'm I mean I'm a performer through and through I restarted.
On a stage singing, but you know and acting in performing and all that, but, like I I in my mind I was always like. Ok, I'm gonna just make sure I'm gonna make sure that things are practical and I think that's why my life ended up the way it's ended up. You know, I'm I'm definitely no! The bill seems to be really. I mean I love him. Yes, what's a smart is advice anyway, we gave you about business while I'm hoping you and I are going to have a drink you can get me some raided by because only by why thank you, you I get become much Wiser on the second shot, honestly authenticity, I think the best it
As I have gone from a lot of interesting business, men and women is, is being authentic and bit. Why purpose and that's kind of event, for me and business and in my career and everything is like purpose driven? Why are you doing it? Why? So? Why did you go into? I know fab Levick. What would happen with that? You just said I am going to do that. Lennox vodka line happy times in nature. I'm just gonna. Do it all do it yeah, because I think that I think for me you know, as we get a lot, I mean a lot of our hands on R. U very have their like. Almost to the point where I was walking with our friend Reese the other day and she's like will you stop micromanaging? Everything like you know, I'm very hands on and- and I have to learn, sometimes had just kind of away, but don't I think you and raise our redefining what it means to be businesswoman in this
the first century techno media social media world. I hope so because, once upon a time, women weren't able to two to an end and men have always dabbled in business and performing arts and women. It's like, if you are doing business in performing arts, forget it you'd, never get hired as an actress again and- and I think that you know it's so nice now to be able to do multiple things. I also think too, it's like it's still a challenge: and I'm sorry, so it's nice to have that kind of platform to to hopefully like make change and have other people. You know follows hiding rhesus doing in such an amazing you guys on all levels. I'd love how you describe meeting or when you both Well- and you said she worked the room like a politician nobody, nobody like Greece or we
at a party and and and there was every amazing musician- it was a rather small party and Reese got up was like what everybody there. This thing- and I were like Greece now, Neil young. You know, I know I know what it was. You know everybody was lying. Let's just go all the way with this was a party Palmer currencies ray like your partner countries, house three working people, what to do. Yeah, that's right!. You think you'll have to sing a song reasons. I was I don't wanna play a zombie get along now you're and do it and then over and I was sitting there and we're like look at it. Willie Nelson was sitting next to me. He was like smoking, something by asking, maybe once I was like yeah that was a party Close years beyond,
dial. Willie, no connection is your happy place, though right absolutely connectivity to me is everything at my friends, my family number one, my my children, but but I just think that, like the human connection gives me so much joy and I really do love it, you know I do. I do love it. I I don't. I like being transparent, mean obviously I like to keep something. Either, but I liked being open. I liked being able to really just meet people and look people in the eye. And what are you about us right now? My kids My is actually my work was asking if your mother was a good mother. Are you a good mother? Yes,. And what makes a good mother I care
I love my I'd. Everything I do is for my kids and I I I see my son he's sixteen. This is the age where you're like Hove. What's you know? What's gonna happen or we are we moving in the right direction and is the age where you get to? Let your kids fly a little bed and you're lying around. I go. Let go I gotta, let em figure it out. I got a letter, you know, is you gonna come home grown like that's gonna be a hard. What about what do? I have you had the drug talk, oh yeah, but my my boy is awesome and he's open and he's communicative talks about his feelings, which, more than anything he talks about what he needs from me. Well, like he'll, say
really want to spend some time with you today and I'll be like honey. Let's do it, you know at sixteen to be able to use. You want them to go, do their thing, but you also want them to be able to ask for what they want or need, Alice and and he's kind and any fun and his whole areas, and I just you know, I'm really proud of unease. Do you should begging, you say have done a good job, I feel. Like I mean I sometimes, but I also want, like my mom, always said when, when someone those who so proud of your daughter and she's like pride word, I have a hard time with because it's like it's mine ends its there she's, not mine is her, and I feel that way about my kids. It's like he. I look at rider and I might I'm just so happy that my son is someone meant I just look can learn from them.
Up to two. Now that that's what he's turning into so that's where you know you ve done a good job. That's right feel like you're, so we're setting our wellness intention, our vision for twenty twenty. Do you have one? I have so many, but I know in the work back I'm sort of like China zero it down, but my wellness intention for twenty twenty is consistency, consistency in everything that I do what I like as their own answer us waiting there I mean now I'm trying to well. I was waiting on you to tell me consistency in what ok. Likewise, ok, like consistency in my exercise, you know
It's the last right now, I'm finding it's the last thing that I do because I wake up I of the caves and aim to go to work in than ever call anything like consistency in an and also for me, my wellness is like making sure that I know how to shut off so meditation doing the things through you better. Yes, but again, it's like my five o clock, phone going down like I want to do it every day and I miss days nowadays, you do it you're. So much better. Her dress it's I mean you can't, even in the hardest time in my life, that was the most uncomfortable time in my life. That was my thing. It's like I did not miss a meditation, not miss if their possessions and changed my age. I mean that was the most life. Changing thing for me will was, but daily meditation. Crazy. How how powerful it is it is. It is so you're twenty twenty vision, your word
its consistency and you're gonna be concerned various health care for self care. Can you make sure they do something for myself everyday yeah yeah? I can't believe came to San Francisco, lousy cell here, and we must, after the show, have a cocktail. Have one of your? Thank God. Are you ok I beg you came home. Vaccinate get the lime ready, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations podcast, you can find a superficial on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this podcast joy, meaning
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