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Oprah and Michelle Obama: Your Life in Focus

2020-02-12 | 🔗

As a part of WW Presents “Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus,” Grammy-winner, New York Times best-selling author and former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama sits down with Oprah in front of a live audience in Brooklyn, New York. Michelle Obama discusses her memoir, “Becoming,” which held the #1 spot on the New York Times best-seller list for 58 weeks. Michelle Obama talks about what life is like for her and Barack now that they are officially empty nesters. She also discusses the ups and downs of their 28-year marriage, reveals her favorite TV shows and talks about her new-found hobby, yoga.

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I'm over Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper around us starts right now, welcome to operas twenty twenty visionary talks from the stage of my own twenty twenty vision, your life in focus, tour doubled.
Bobby wait much. If we imagine- and I join forces to bring, you can't- have conversations with some of the world's most famous trailblazers, whose story of Well Miss women power you to discover the highest whose vision or you're so when I started thinking about who has had some of the greatest impact on. Global vision of what help and well there's an empowerment, looks like this. This person's name can mine, furs workload.
Please welcome. Our vision is still light over again. Here worry those
Benazir Bhutto rocket? Like boots, I worked with those boot as like they put away honey to settle this thing when you, where parents like that, it's really like They go to the Michel Museum. That's right, you know you don't walk around the street map. Do anything with those boots barely get onstage and those of a does this bill. Familiar fields was twenty nineteen. Your year worked. It was crazy, it was unexpected. Yes, it was a good year. That's me, as we shall o bombers book becoming? I know everybody here has wasn't just the best selling a memoir of the year it
best selling memorable toys and what that says to me. I think it's like now, eleven point, seven million, probably twelve, since we've been sitting here. What it says to me is that it's such an extraordinary time to be strong confidence assured and above all else well, woman in the world today, absolutely. I so many people saw themselves in my story. It's also a time for owning our stories. I now think that part of what resonated with people and a lot of people came up and said: well, you were so vulnerable. Was it hard for you to tell your story to tell your truth? There were things you covered that were difficult like troubling you, marriage in trouble getting pregnant. Was that hard to do in my response is no that's my story. I embrace every aspect of who I am because, as I have said, I like my story.
I like it with all the highs and lows in the bumps in between, and I think that you know we learn from that is people they gravitate to other people's vulnerabilities. We gravitate to one another when we see the best and the worst and ourselves because it makes us feel human, and I think people connected to the humanness of the story. What happened that you could never have anticipated on the tour I mean you didn't do thirty cities, we did thirty. Four cities torn Europe, but I think that, and I will say that it was surprising because we're feeling it here is that people-
hungry for connection they are hungry for community. What's happening here is that there are people gathering together their move outside of their individual lives in the loneliness that can come with social media obsession and instagram worlds. We feel lonely and when we come together in a space like this, for whatever the reason whether its to hear about a book or to talk about health floated C o, it reminds us that we are not so on alike, and people are hungry for that in its that hunger, and I will take any credit for. I think we underestimate the desire for people to feel a connection to each I know they all ran in this room paid money to come out to give up a Saturday. We know all
It's Saturday, man and, as I said, a nobody torque in on this stage. People were talking and having conversations, but the current climate speaks down to people. You know we think that people don't want to talk about books and talk about deep things into. You know really be self reflective. Speaking of the current climate, you know one of them things that you are now become famous for ever for is that when they go law we and that ain't always easy. What am I ask that this climate, where law has taken new laws How do you maintain a high and not appeared to be passive and not lose your equilibrium no go lower, s will be
as go and low, is easy, which is why people go to it. It's easy to go low, it's easy to lead by fear. It's easy to be divisive. It's easy to make people feel afraid. That's the easy thing and it's all the short term thing and for me you know what I learned from my husband. What I learned in eight years at the White House is that this this life world our responsibility and it is so much bigger than us right. So what I have? keep in mind is usually when I wanna go low. It's all my own ego. You know it's not about solving anything. It's not about fixing anything. It's about seeking revenge on the thing that happened to you, yeah and when you add Oprah, you talk about purpose. What it's all about, and my purpose on this planet is not to just take care. My own little ego. There is a bigger purpose for me out there. So when I respond to something I have to
think about that light. I'm trying to shine what role model am I trying to be? What are the words that I'm going to say and how will it affect young people who are looking at me? That's the bigger picture that put you in a position to think high, because, if you're thinking about the long term, you don't take the short term measure of getting even with somebody right here and now today, cuz. It makes you feel good in the moment. If it's not going to fix a problem, if it's not going to move the needle- Then you're not going high, you just being selfish you. I was going. Ask you that, because you know when you are the rock star that you are as and when you filling stadiums all over the world. Your rocks are just take it to stay
now it s not just one star role model world's most admired women when you are that, will you carry all of those titles? Does that affect how you make decision? Is that now apart, when you think about before you make a decision or have an intention? I dont know that it's any different today, but I believe that when you are a public figure, I believe this that when you have any the level of a famous or if you have a platform, I believe- and I always have believed that I have a responsibility with that platform and I think about kids. I care a lot about young people and I know that what we say what they hear come out of our minds,
what's all of us, but me and particular cuz they're, paying attention that it. It has a lasting effect and I am a mother, I'm a mother. I care about kids first, so I think deeply about what kids are hearing me say. So I yes, I do. I take that very seriously and I take the words that I say to children very seriously in when I'm with a young person. I want them. They hear me. I want them to hear me see them it's important for them to know that this person, who so famous and has this platform, thinks that beautiful and smart and kind and good that has everybody just wants to hear me, yes, and that you see me what's up, advice, do you think you ve, given your daughter's gash I'd, give them so much advice there so
me? You know now that in college I have these texting. Did I ever did I tell you to remember little things: You are eaten some green things. Aren't you what is a thing that over the years, was a running your house and you said over and over you know what I tell them, as what I continued to tell themselves is that they have to walk their own walk. They can define themselves by looking at each other or looking at me or their dad. They have to take the time to get to know themselves, give themselves a moment to figure they want to be in the world, not who they think. I want them to be not what the rest of the world says about them, but to really think about how they want to shape their lives and how they want to move in this world. So I dont on measuring themselves by external influences in for young girls. That is hard to do. You know that
They very hard thing to do and everybody should understand that its responsibilities in utero ram archer it it. It drives me crazy heart, which is cable tv. When you, why all the images and in music videos it's- I don't know exponentially difficult with with with social media, when you're, comparing yourself to everybody. So I constantly have to remind them that they have. To live in their own skin, and that takes time I'm too, and I try to make sure they understand that that that unfolding Understanding who you are. It is a journey of big I mean that you don't know that in your twenties. You don't know it all in your twenties. No, you don't you just start to those right. How did you do that in the White House, where you have access to everything and everybody
in the world. I think it's difficult for people, no matter where you are in your trajectory, you wanna, do you have a better life than your parents? You want your children live comfortably. Everybody does How do you not spoil children when they have access to everything? It was easy for us. You know, because we don't they deserve it. You know it is: it wasn't a difficult thing to do that's not the way members were raised, a mean. First of all, you gotta have a me that shares your values, would stars we back to me. You pig. You gotta have a good picture because if you oughta come to parenting with this in kind of values and understanding that stuff doesn't isn't parenting. Giving kids things is not parenting is that it is a verb. It is an active, engaging and that means you gotta know you- your kids are and hatred,
we're different right, so you can't just apply the same principles to the first one that you did to the second one, because they come here totally different. You know why just show up in the White House, Michel from the south side issue and a little Betty House. I got nice clothes and jewelry now, but my mother made my clothes. You know I mean we were raised with the that's enough. You know you be grateful for But you have you look at the next thing. You be happy with what you have in that's how we work in the White spending change because we move to a different house, a house didn't define us, it's the value, that define dies on? So I heard this: don't we can't believe anything? We read, but I know really is thirty Harvard, and you are all together as a family drops off, we did. We drop Malea off too We all did ok and I her with the whip
motorcade with with the motorcade, tried to hide it, but there are twenty cars. Well, they think we had him do less cars, so it had been on the Toronto. Ok, it's always good for any parent who dropped off kids there's the busy part of drop off, which is like ok all right now that person wild Brok is like trying to put together a lamp. Unlike girl, you cannot keep up these clothes. You brought shoes and you live in a door. So you can. You can pick ten I this is what I'm doing it's like Picton shoes you. Can I'll, bring all those shoes and she was supposed to do that before we got there, which was went to her close down but see she didn't understand what dorm life was, and I was like girl. You got three in
closet, so you got to figure this out. So, if there's that busyness of trying to move in and unpack and fold clothes and clean out stuff and get it all together, so when you're busy with the busy stuff you're, not thinking about the emotional stuff, so usually we then drop them off, get them then we take him out to lunch somewhere. Like our last lunch and when the emotions com is win, we are getting. In our cars and get on a plane and leaving our babies in their going somewhere where they will now live. That's when it hits you it's like. We are start showing up it would just latent. Just like this is the time when I know you're leaving and so we all you know, try to hold it together. We tried to hold it together to get her in the car, so she wouldn't start crying in the member awkward ball like baby racket that get that ugly
loud cry like he bit that it at Malea the graduation grids mayor. He had his sunglasses on and speeches happen in you know, we're all chat than we are and we looked down like a you. Ok, you like he's going to kill me for telling that story at all that you don't tell him don't say I love this year is first time you all have been empty nesters.
And what's that, why it is so easy job is no. It is really good because doesn't the actual energy of the House, James yeah, I know what I'm saying is that parenting takes up a lot of emotional space and you know
husband was busy being president. So I don't think he understood how much time time just bow job. That's all I'm saying just but anyway we digress, but I put a lot of time and energy to parent think these girls in the White House, because we were trying to make their lives normal. You know so that meant weakens will always being right. You have to worry about what party they were going to, whether there was alcohol and who is doing what and I had to know who the parents words. Are you trying to do that as first lady I mean every week in for me, was hard? Just following these little girls around
they're gone. Thank God they are often live in their lives. As my mother used to say, sometimes you you just need to get out there and live your life and have your mistakes were. I can't see them, because I'm tired of watching you walk is all I told you I was there- I don't follow them on those, oh, no! No! No! Now we have a lot of people who do you know that was no I'm serious. We have my medications director all the young people in our lives that I mentor, they all follow the girls. You know they're they're, bigger brothers and- those who were grown. It's like they're, watching and they are the ones, because it's better for them to be checked by somebody. With me. You know they had to learn how to parent with a balance of kids who have secret service right in them. But what am I saying right? You don't know what I'm talking about right. You know when there's a secret service, you know how that goes its. I know you don't, but neither did I.
You're trying to make sure that these men and women who are following them around the girls can trust. So I had to get my info nation about what they were doing or not doing just the same way. Everybody else from other parents and other kids will tell on each other that takes that that take some energy and now all that energy. I can now place back on me in spending time figured out my next chapter. You know how I want to see the rest of my life, what I Do what I want to do. Vision is and beyond exam exactly you have more time for each other. Does yes, yes, so and more emotional time, real, more emotional energy! I mean it's just me and him and Bowen Sunny a dinner and there's only they don't talk? The dogs will look at least twenty a riddle, be twenty
there's one year here: that's real time has posted a message, will see this message and posted on the shells birthday social and said you said that in every see you are my story and you have your soul, affirming partner. Is it more so now? Twenty eight years as opposed, it's earlier years. Does it just keep better or it's it's more seasoned. It's it's all a that. You know I mean, and this is what I tried to tell young people it's it's you know. Marriage is hard and raising a family together is a hard thing it takes at all. But if you're with the power So if you know why you were with them, you know you understand that there was a friendship and a foundation there. It may feel
it goes away during some of those hard times, but it's something that we always come back to and we're coming back to that point where we see each other again, because some of the hardest times in our lives. We just we just escaped it. We survived it. We went through a tough time. We did some hard, things together and now we're out. On the other end, and I can look at him and I still recognize my husband, he said the man that I fell in love with wide value, and I respect- and I trust he's been an amazing father through so much he has shown up well in the world in its he has been who he promised. He would be to me, and so that has been tested over twenty eight years. You know, and so what I tell young couples is that you gotta hang in there, you can't quit. The men It gets hard because this this thing of living life and building a life together is a actually hard thing to do so. You can't quit when its heart
because then you miss the good part and I do joke in some people hate when I say this, but if you live long enough to be married for forty years fifty years, which is what we are working towards, if you get to the point where eight of those years or bad ten of those years are bad. Wouldn't take those odds, but that what marriages you can have chunks of hard bad times in that how you define your marriage by just the hard times, then you'll miss the truth of what's really
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Sometimes that helps it's like. I don't know. If you heard me yourself, I talked about this. It taught me that I am responsible for my own happiness that I didn't marry Barack for him, make me happy, no one can make me happy. You know, so my disappointments were about what I thought he should be doing for me, giving to me when I hadn't really done the work to figure out. What did I want, and how do I go after what I want on my own. You know if I'm going to show up equal in this partnership, I have to be able to myself happy, and so I had to not focusing on what he was doing and start thinking about how to care about the life that I wanted for myself with or without Borders and the more I did that the more I succeeded in defining myself for myself, the better wasn't my partnership and isn't for you, the cornerstone of your own well in this programme is
finding your own happiness in working towards that, but one of the things I said this earlier. What I tried to tell my girls is walk your walk. You know that's been, March. For one thing I do every year my started doing right after the White House is taken at a retreat and I think some of the people, so my girlfriends who's gonna retreat. We, this place where you are essentially walking for four hours? It's hard? friends who don't know what it is, are usually mad at me by the middle of it. That's a place for you five in the morning Zactly and one of the lessons of walking for that long cuz. It's rare that you have to walk in these are hikes. This is up mountains and down streams and valleys, and all you have is a Camelbak with some water and some hiker is telling me water, water, water in new dislike, shut up, just shut up with that water. When is it over his height, but you hiking with other people and what you realize-
that everybody has their own way of hiking. Some people can get up the mountains fast. Some people are fastened on the flats. Some people are slow. Oh and methodical about how they walk, and I we found them when I was not enjoying my walk is when I was comparing my walk to somebody else in the group and I had this sort of start telling myself of these four hours. Stop comparing yourself to the person walking ahead of you are behind. You, walk your war, Do your walk! Why are you here? How faster you need to go? How fast do you need to take that inclined to get through it? Because if you do what she did in front of you, you won't make it so for me, the message always have to tell myself as what is my journey. What is my definition of health for me? Not what I see in a magazine. You know because the people magazines, don't look like us,
they did they don't even set it up to look like us. They don't even look like that right. So I sometimes a bit of mortal shoe, you give you around the board issued at last. One should account for fifty seven people dough year. Those are This is also rich people I want to talk about other she's right and in my photos you girl. There were like a hundred people. My last year's, maybe you didn't make you look like this right people. Somebody put these bracelets on me and then they mood won over there and I was like when you move that one, but it why that one, what who's got time to figure it out? They don't push me out on stage gap. There was a sort of my walk, but some did somebody else who wants to do. Very recently- and she said she
staged, I wish she appreciates that she is moved through life in a few different body. What are you appreciate most now about your body? it's mine, all mine and it's a healthy body that works every day, and I I'd try hard not to judge it, and it is different in me. You have to get to know your body, because what this body is it fifty six, I cant do the same thing but I did when I was thirty six, it's not the same body we're living things. Machines. You know he went out a gas, we need fuel. But we need sunshine and light. We have to take care of ourselves and when you don't- and you get older just like any living thing it begins to, fail on you and for me, I'm trying to figure out what is that balance that I need to it sure that that this body that God gave me that I'm taking care of the bed
that I can in that it will serve me well as they get older and doing that, what I did it. Thirty does not take care of this body at fifty six. I can't look at some little kid in the gym next to me and even want to walk her walk because she Thirty. And I'm fifty six with fifty six year old body, and I love my body the child of growing up with a person with a father with a disability who could not walk. My father would have given anything to have any one of my legs for me judge that and not to do embrace it and be happy that I'm alive moving able to move. I have them. Tell myself appreciate what what God gave you and take care of that and and be balanced about it. I like that you so freely speak the number, fifty six
For me has the you have been around women, we all have a man to like. Oh I'm not going to see the number and oh my gosh. In forty and oh argentine, turning good you never had any of that. We are so ridiculous is women. We know we were struggling with so much in just the notion to the other thing. We don't want to talk about our age and that we want to act like we should look like we did when we're twenty now, when I'm sorry men, yoke and look any kind of way and it seems be ok, that's told my daughter's because there's they get older, they start to judge themselves. And you know it's interesting. They talk about why couldn't fit in my genes that I had last year and I said, but you're a whole another year older, you are now becoming a woman. You dont have a child's body, that's like sand
no it's twenty. I'm really upset that I couldn't hear my favorite old bought whirls anymore. When I was ten, you know, that's is dick Iulus as it is fifty six to think that I should look like I did when I was thirty six or for any one to judge me like that or to judge a woman like that, we win we're aging in our bodies. Are four people are trying to stop it? Yes, and then you have all of these frozen faces. Yes, and let me tell you when you're in a photo now this is another thing most people aren't you in a photo line and everybody looks the same and you're like didn't. I just meet no, not yet the same lips and the same forehead yeah. Let it go
but we have to embrace are our change and I'm I'm lecturing to myself truthfully ladys, because I do I struggle with this too. I struggle with looking at the mirror going well Wool oh and I hate I hate, look at it myself. I hate listening to my voice. I am watching myself anti because I'm constantly I myself to just like everybody else. Really are you still? I was going to ask you: is there any self doubt left? Yes, because honestly, I actually Irene Amber Interviewed you at the very first to Mr then shook high, remembering that we little nervous we pray backstage, because I was the first one and I we were anxious and I read somewhere. You said you weren't, even sure people would show up exactly it's like. I lived in a cocoon of the White House for eight years. I knew sordid Canada that people may be sort of like me, might be interest
in the book. I don't know you know the people who are you guys? I say I wasn't really. I wasn't fishing for a compliment. Not everybody likes me, though. You know some people think I'm the devil incarnate. You know when you're in the poem politics you get the good and the venom to you. No, no in the book. I remind people. Look people call me all kinds of things when I was campaigning for the rock when it was a competition, they called me on American in this stuff sticks with you. Men talk to the size of my. But you know there are people who were telling me. I was angry that stuff hurts you know and it me she sort of wonder where water, People see, and you know so that that stuff is there and look. I'm a black woman in America and you know we're not always made to feel beautiful, so there's still that baggage
We carry in that everybody can relate to that. But yes, there is baggage, though, that I carry, it's like anybody else. I was wondering if tour, the world and filling arenas in stadiums around the world, helped to release some of that self doubt the release doesn't come from adoration or the the book sales the work is still from within. That the thing you know it it's the voices in my head, it's not jaw it's me. It's me changing the play book. The the recording in my head, that has been, aid over and over again and What a lot of women and lobby that's! Why take what children here for me? I take that very seriously, because my voice becomes the part that they will boarding in their head.
Boys, possibly be saying to you at this point that bring self doubt It's always are you working hard enough? Is there Are you using this platform for a good purpose? Are you folks, stone. What other people need? Are you getting outside of your own ego? We're constantly checking that with the work that we're doing, I mean I just spent a year on a book toward talking about me. It feels like that's enough Now, let's talk about somebody else's story. Now we're Where are these girls who are not going to school, because you know what in the inn? That's why I'm here, I'm not here to talk about my story or to talk about my journey, I'm here to shine a light on, their young women that show that the work? I have that's the big. I feel that's that's the work that speaks to me. You recently released a companion to becoming it's called the journal,
lovely for discovering your voice. I gave away mini for Christmas. Thank you and I've been keeping a journal. You know so yeah, fifteen years old, I love some of the questions you include in here. You say if you could have a car station with love, one who is passed away, what we You ask him or her I'm asking that of you I wish I had taken the time to get to know my grandparents full stories, as a lot of what I talk about our my impressions of what my grandparents must have been going through. I talk about my turn, grandfather dandy and he was kind of a crotchety old man. I write about and now I'm older. I can look back and think why was he so angry, but it it was because he was a brilliant black man in the era of segregation and Jim Crow, who could not real this potential and he was probably
very bitter about that and man how that would imagine how that would feel. I wish I had been old enough to sit down with him and asked him what he went through. How did he survive living through a world that had such limited expectations for him when he knew that there so much more for him, I would unpack that so that I can get to know him better and the reason why put this kind of stuff in in the journal is because this is why our stories arm- and I once particularly- people will know that there is time now to have some of those conversations with the elders in your life. The more you understand their stories, their journeys, their pains in their hurts. You get undressed and who they are in a full sense. And then you judge less and you're more in wish. I understood my elders a bit more, but we grew up in an era. We asked nobody question
dandy that you know you're ear, you wish you can have a conversation, that's it would be, and our do that with every single one of my grandparents described you're perfect day, beginning with breakfast and ending with dinner. Well, we, beat somewhere warm we'd be in Hawaii or some nice warm and I'd wake up and have a worker I'd be outside. I do you drink is. Do you do I generally? Don't I'm not a big breakfast person, I probably wouldn't have breakfast? I would go out on a long walk where I could see the ocean the mountains in the little time I love to be outside because so much of our lives, we don't we don't have the freedom to just be outside anymore, because a security so we're both bracken. I crave a chance to be outdoors and I would take a long walk and I would come home and I would have lunch with
my husband and I would sit on the beach and I'd read or I talk to some of my girlfriends, because I love living in my community. I loved him, people around our houses, usually full of people. Do you still cook no Not a stick of that is not one of the things that I need and in defining myself or maybe it's not on my personal lives now no over you liked it does. But what I want to? Yes, I don't ever want to ok, we're being as I can cook you can't sign, were united in like pleaded in cookery all you ve you been fed by me. You don't do it anymore.
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reports and available wifi connect for road trips, big and small. Don't go out, go loud in the all new Toyota Highlander Toyota: let's go places, how do you look out for yourself after a bad day? That's another one of your journal had a wine look after myself after a bad day, I too now the world that is making me feel bad, because it's usually something external. I just take a break from what material there. You watch tv, but I watch lake. I like hdtv, I won I, you know I got into this habit because I never wanted to like it caught watching something where I would be mentioned or my husband, so that cancels out like most of the news right right. So I didn't know I wanna do is how do you manage a news? We get clip sin. I watch. I get news on my feet in a kind of tuna. I have a whole communications team, so when something goes down, they will like you need to see this
I generally and I had to learn how to do that in the White House, because if you dont block it out, you can eat you I mean I can do. I come to your house like the tv is not gonna. Be no, no, no! You gotta gills house, all the teething, oh yeah, now TVS yeah, now literally, so that when you go for wound its on, no that would drive me crazy. That would sap me of all that was good inside you don't know what's watches, but what is your favorite tv oh god, I'm a favorite tv shows. I love accusation grown issue in all the issues. I love. I look comedy unite, started watching shits creek on Netflix hilarious, it's kind of the take off like modern day, take off and green acres for young people,
I was a show that was on a long time ago, long long time ago? Yes, so I like comedies, I love marvellous, MRS Maes, L I like that live tv, and I love watching Tv April watch a little too much tv. I would add that I'm listening to myself, I was hers. I there's this budget, MRS Kennedy, I told a story a long time ago about watch a congress means. Why speaking silverware in her bag at the White House. So I'm wondering if you saw any weird behavior you witnessed at a White House a bet god yeah people, you know, because people usually are nervous when they come to the White House so like. If there is a party. People usually over drink because they're nervous, they don't know what to expect, but you can see in the drinks at the White House are strong
So we have seen some people falling out in ways that and I'm not going to mention any names, but we've seen some Spanx and some some stuff, okay, who's the most fun to sit next to at a state dinner. Cole Bear was a fun dinner day because he so cute and charming any smart. So we are actually knows what's goin on so and heels they things in your ear in better legs, stop it supposed to be laughed at this time. So you with a view of the lovely dinner date and I d I think he knew that he was going to be sitting next to me. I don't even think he understood why he was invited, so he tells the story he's liking. Then it looked up. He looked at his wife needs like I'm sitting. Next to Michelle, and I he said all she says she said with don't embarrass me. I like her. What's the last new thing, you mastered the law,
this new thing. I master I don't know, ok, that's hard. The last new thing I master- I don't I'm drawn a blank here- maybe Indeed the masters, something I've started yoga and there you like it. I do I do because this is something I need, because I'm getting old so I gotta be flexible. I've been alien touched, my tears and most important. The older you get the more important it is that there are all these crazy yo proposes that you know that we win the day before yesterday and they were trying to have us do something where action was on the brown they kick their legs up and Like I'm about to talk to opera? I can not have a bruise gin that I have explained the people, because I'm tryin some stupid yoga pose. What is the last thing that you did that made? You fill genuinely all door, any
conversation with a young person. Here's one just personal sentiment. I haven't got son who just got his permit and his mother sent me a bit. Him behind the wheel and dad just trip me out. Because I was like no one should let that will boy. Dr he's on the road I mean he was the kind of kid like the girls would go over his house when they were little and they come back with scratches on their base, because he was a wild little boy when he was little and I would come home and it's like. Oh, you must have been a recall and boots. You must have been a booches house. Cuz your face is all scratched up. He's driving that made me feel old, seeing the young people in my life becoming a day like this yeah watching them out in the world, buying groceries having conversations about life like they know something
That makes the thing about young people, though. It's like their baby comes out, like my children can be all elegant and saying interest. Points and then I get a face time, because somebody doesn't know how to get it out of their do they cover and I'm like yours still a baby. You don't even know how to do laundry right yet, but that kind of stuff makes me feel is just earlier Julian was out and she was talking about her superpower is dance. What is yours I know you know I have a hard time thinking about it as a superpower, but I hope it's making people feel seeing, and I hope that that's my superpower, that I make the people that I come in contact with feel scene and her
especially young people. I hope I have the power to make them The relevant and whole ended delivered to them. What I didn't have when that was that when I was that age, like the sense of of importance, relevance in the world. I hope that's super power. I hope my superpower is empathy. I'm I try very hard, even in these times to understand what people are going through when they angry or hateful or when they're doing things that just don't feel right. I tried stand in their shoes and say there got to be something. There's gotta be a context that I can understand that helps me see how you see the world so that I can connect with you on some level, and I think that's one. That's missing and all of us. You know it's just the ability, to stand in somebody else's shoes and, You stand there paying their hurt their fears there
ass. It is then, beyond their anger, I think empathy, easier superpower and am also wondering Every time we see you, I've seen you out since twenty sixteen, you look, like in so does Barack Obama you really discovered what living the abbess like me. It seems like you, oughta living your best life to a new level. Have you I mean more, were happy people, but I you know, did you Happy you're, oh yeah, the White yeah, I mean look, there's it it was honor to serve. I made it was. It was the biggest privilege of my life to service nations First Lady and I will- and I will continue to work- to try to be a person of service to try to make sure that my life means something to somebody else, but those are
there's were hard, I mean it's a hard job and it takes a toll, so any after that it's like they look really happy, and it's like me yeah, because it's because it's not that we are happy people, but why wouldn't we be? We have our health, we have each other. We have a sense of purpose. You know I mean things to complain about. He and I believe we, the two of us. We don't have anything to complain about. That's why we believe we owe so much because to whom much is given much is exe besides you. I cannot sit appearing complain about my life. What I'm worried about are the lives of the people who don't have a voice, the people who don't have jobs at people who don't have health care. There are so many people who are struggling with things. It is a hard thing to me to look at the life. I've been given an income, about anything. So I know you don't do resolutions
you're here, setting commitment, contract for a better vision for ourselves. Do you have a vision for twenty twenty and beyond? Do you see it Oh for us. As a people know for you by general mommy over me. Ok, good, that's easier! for me that the next phase of my journey of becoming is is. Billy continuing to make sure that what I do has meaning and purpose is to somebody outside of myself so my vision is in particular, is to keep helping young people define and build and support that next generation of leaders to help them understand a broader sense of values that they can operate with and because I do think that we are short on that right now that our
leaders are not paving a good path for what we want. Our kids to be sorry, to say that I don't want to make this political in any way, but I think young people are hungry for something and it's time for them to step up and to take the lead, because we're going older? need to move out of the way for them, because they're gonna have answers that we'd, never thought of so my is that I want to empower young people. Empower the next generation of politicians in community activist and teachers and dark There is an lawyers, and I want to be a part of laying out a set of values and principles that we can all be proud of. This country, honesty input. The compassion care
for others, and he received a long list of these and earlier you, you ve, also been bolder awareness, a top priority for this year's presidential this year and every year I mean what I have said with voter registration is that this is something we can do every four years, because we have to change the habit of people. In voting we're not we're not in the habit of being. Engage citizens and that's not something you do every four years. Ok, it's presidential campaign get register. Now we have to be talking about this every day. When we want to do something in this country. When a company wants to market and sell something to us, they don't when every four years they do it every day, every minute, every thirty seconds they are telling you what to buy. What to do? We need to do that with civic engagement, because people do not understand why government is important in their lives, because our way, they government doesn't have a marketing budget. It can't be on tv.
Be telling you what it's doing for you in your schools in your roads in your community, so we start taking it for granted and thinking that this is all a game but we have to be having these conversations every day, every day, wives important? Why is it relevant? you know, and so no its not just this year, its every it's not just the selection, it's every election. We have to change our culture and in terms of our engagement in this political process, you talked about being fifty six in the shape figure in you work at this, though, every day do you have a wellness goal or wellness motion? or yourself. It is bound an undersea understanding, my walk, I'm trying to make sure I understand what healthy means for me not compared to the past. Walking! Next to me, not the person in the magazine, I'm trying to understand what my What pressure level should be and what my flexibility should be? What cardio means for me,
When do I feel good, because we can also overdo it right. We can out so hard and diet so much that we might be thin and look a certain way, but our bodies are broken inside because we're not walking our path will walking somebody else's path. So I'm trying to figure that out every day in the changes, because women are bodies change drastically. Comparison to men. We're going through menopause we ve got a lot going on and I don't think we ve done enough to understand what aging means for women's bodies. What are we supposed to look like? How are we supposed to feel we're? Not talking about that enough and I feel like we're at a time when women are age because do spin, now we have wealth. Women are age, but the market in the fitness market. They don't speak to us there now catering to us their catering to Malea and how this
work out where looks in what these classes are their catering to twenty and thirty year old, who, quite frankly, have no money? How is that so? push these industries to start thinking about us, women, mature women. So that we're operating with real good information about what we should be wanting, but for me I have to figure out in the absence of that information. I've got a stick it out for myself and stop comparing myself to the woman next, you, don't have to compare because you don't. You represent Europe. What my Angelo said in one of her point was you make me proud, dispel my name: w o em
you and when I see you walking, it makes me proud cuz, you are pregnant, I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviews, this pledge gas joy. Me next week for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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