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Oprah and Newton’s Third Law

2019-11-27 | 🔗

Oprah explores what she calls one of the most important laws of physics and in life: Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Oprah explains why she lives her life by this law, which states, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Oprah then explains to an audience why she believes the law affects everything we do physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. She says, “The energy you’re putting out right now is coming back to you all the time whether you recognize it or not. And, if you can become conscious of that then it will change the way you operate your entire life.” Oprah also talks about Newton’s Third Law of Motion with filmmaker Tom Shadyac who gave up his glamorous Hollywood life after a near death accident.

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Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now it is a part everything we do in life physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually the energy you're putting out right now is coming back all the time, whether you recognize it or not, and if you can become conscious of that, then it will change
Are you operate your entire life? So what I want to talk about now is how it comes into play emotionally for all of us, the energy of our emotions and thoughts also has a huge impact, all the time whether you recognize it or not. Think about this. If somebody steps it you, don't you automatically, no matter how evolve You may be the moment they snap, don't you automatically have that feeling of wanting to snap back right or when Somebody is generous and giving with you it whether you recognize it or not, creates a calm and kind energy inside yourself, so to help bring newtons third law to life. We called up on someone who I can acted with on the show in my last season, he's if comedies or nearly two billion,
dollars making Tom Shady ACT, not only a multi millionaire, but a bona fide member of Hollywood's elite. He lived the fantasy life, extravagant parties, private jets there cars and seventeen thousand square foot mention just one of three homes, Tom and around the world as Tom's fortune grew says his life felt empty and unfulfilled after a bike accident nearly killed him, the Hollywood director. Earned the camera on himself and created a provocative documentary called. I am facing way on. Death brought an instance sense of clarity and purple. And what I had come to know was at the world I was living in was a lie. That's when Tom gave up his lavish life moved out of his manner, and into a mobile home The later I've gotten in terms of stuff the free ride, gun and the happier I've gotten just less stuff to take care
and if this stuff, you were taken care of really made you happy. That would be one thing, but it didn't do any really. For me it was just stuff. I welcome that could be here. Is this or eight Maison amazing? It's one of my favorite laws. You call it. I call cause and effect so how did cause and effect played the role in your life of you changing every? Was it because you have that bike accident? Well, that was you. There was a big part of it, but you know honesty was happening before then, when the stuff, Coming to me, I believe it came with an energy like when a lesson, comes to you. What is the energy that comes with it? You want to share it right. You heard this story how crazy in precisely universes, didn't you the September twenty second story now, which, though this is it this is crazy story, so I hit my head on September. Twenty second midday, that was the bike accident that is shown in I am.
but almost killed me September. Twenty second midday, two years earlier, I have to come up with a date for the flood and even almighty, so Morgan, Freeman GonNA, tell Steve Corrals character. One day the flood is coming. Though the words came to me were September, twenty second midday little did. I know that years later I would my if we change on that day. Guess what day I spoke to your producers, by doing this, show it was September. Twenty second midday. I really believe that that's how precise God's law. Is you know we called newtons lot? I got Godzilla with a source, the universe? Whatever you call it? There is a guiding hand all this, and it can be extremely precise. This is big time. Hollywood directed Tom shady. I gave up his big fancy life with seventeen bedrooms, seventeen thousand square feet. Seventy home thing. Seventeen thousand
to live in a trailer, so nice, one Tom, is here to talk about newtons third law motion. He calls it cause and effect. I do too plays out in every relationship that we have and every decision that we make so I hear you don't like to use the word calmer because it makes people think about religion and it isn't religious it just is. Suggest is exactly and and again we don't want to look for language. I can divide you know, definitions the discovery Sosius. I say the word com, au Buddhist. You put you in a box yeah, you know, but if you use you know terms like cause and effect, you know it's happening in nature. All of that. I and is also happening in the nature of your own soul, your own emotions and everything that your creating, so that. That is why you, basically everybody, has whether you recognize it or not. Your life is reflecting back to you exactly who you are all of the time
we get that right. Yeah. Sometimes you don't like the reflection. You don't like what yeah persuasive work is inside you're, so, instead of looking out here, we have. The ability to do is what we can control is our reaction. Yes, you know I went I just realized in thinking about the show? The reaction is. The word react you get a chance to act again to re. yeah showing like when you were saying earlier, when someone you know, does something to snub you, you wanna snub back and you get a chance to step back and say: wait a second I'm gonna. We act in a different way. Yes, you know in a more evolve. We send out a different energy, which is the change, the energy there comes back and the truth is that you are right. possible for your actions and the intention is what really always determines what the effect is. Gonna intention is everything. In fact, I can't see. Because without intention that's right and the ultimate cause that you love is
What caused the universe into existence? Yeah, it's love! Love is the ultimate goal. Self. Also you don't. Love covers a multitude of sins. People talk about karma and saying love covers a multitude of sins. You wanna he'll quote karma that energy. It's love it burns it up. That is how you change everything. So some of our life clusters are here. Gene.
The mother of three boys, who was recently laid off a gene. What do you say you're in a calmer right? That's what the producers told me. That's right, I'm in a karma run. I I truly believe in living with intention and the things that I want to do. I do with love and and giving, and recently I took care of of family relative and right now, what seem to be just a helping hand has turned into a lifetime commitment. He's he's a facility where my husband is the guardian and I'm the primary care giver. So I gave her my heart and I really wanted to help him. I keep giving and I just don't see where the reaction is coming to me. I don't do. I have to wait for the standard in Fort
you looking for the reaction, I'm waiting for a reaction. I'd like really are you caught, would you say you're consciously or subconsciously, doing in thinking? Ok, whereas where's, my no? No I'm I'm going or no part of you that feels that no I'm a caregiver. I always I've taken care of everybody in everything people we, Say you're a caregiver, but you feel this burden when you're giving characters. Now you feel overburdened, it seems to me I'm burning out So maybe we shouldn't- maybe we should think about if you have defined yourself as a caregiver and there. An energy that you're stuck in when you need to take care of yourself. First, that's going to spit itself back on you, I don't your karma study or give its economy right karma right? It maybe a perspective right. Maybe a purse active right of how you're looking at things how you're seeing yourself in what you need caregivers for the most part, I know, have met a lot of them. Who feel that that selfish to do that and what happened
particularly with people who are caregivers and also women who have the disease to please. You wanna, please others, please others, please others. Eventually, people start to take advantage of it, because the message that you have sent it- People is here. I am use me here. I am use me, I'm gonna be the one and you then become resentful of it. You then become resort tired more out of the castle, but also resentful. You have you have to own the resentful news. Don't go anywhere more to come after this short break. Today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever baked anything that required graded chocolate. It can be a little messy and time consuming Eric inherited Chocolate Mars! Wrigley brand has the answer. Finally, graded baking, chocolate easy to use and easy to melt. All you after due as measure and including your favorite recipes, Eric inherited chocolate, replace a semi sweet chocolate one to one in any recipe from
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Eric inherited chocolate, dot com, There is a friend of mine who wide who was going into rehab needed to go into rehab, and I put this person through rehab times already and they sent me an email saying I have nowhere to turn, but you, I guess so because I've it's because I've done it three times already. So the person Came to me and I'll: do it I'll get you only you can help me. I did it. I said to them, I'm going to do it, but I have to tell you I'm really resentful, I'm really resentful and I'm angry with you, because I believe that you subconsciously, we ve not consciously knew that whenever you get it, trouble? You have me to fall back on. Actually? I was visiting this with the persons counselor and it was saying.
I'm going to do what I'm going to do it, but I'm am really resentful. I got to tell you, I'm resentful. I've done the Oprah show, so I know what the I'm feeling, a sense of resentment, and you know what the council or the person's counselor said to me. He said you don't have to do it, you don't have to do it. You feeling such resentment white. What were you doing? Well because I well yes me to do it at the word. That is what he said. What, if you just said, no, so make the choice to either do it and do it with love. As Tom was saying or don't do it don't? Do it don't want you? Can you can stop it? You can stop people from continuing to to use you you can stop. You can change your your role with the definition of yourself see when I said Jabez So you don't want to say that I didn't know what I see you are.
Because you resent one people take advantage of you absolutely girls. Love is not about always being everything's, fine everything, so I love is about truth. Truth. Love are one and the same yes. So if your truth is this is not. This does not feel right. I feel taken advantage of you. Ve got to speak the truth. That is love. It doesn't always a sweet little boy, the beau on it, and you know what I realized about myself. I realize this when the cow who said this me, you don't have to do it and when I said ok, what I'm gonna do it and when I started to really peel back the layers, as I'm asking you to do now, I follow I do what. Why do I want to do it? Why do it? Because I have bought into I'm the saviour for everybody I bought into that and that's what I'm getting out of it. So, at the end of the day, I can say why imo on, if it wasn't for you would have enabled a gallery had for the fourth time
and so I think that there may be a little bit of that playing with you too, because you stood up and told us all. I am the current giver Something like that. Did you have a little you? Ninety ninety eight. Virtual teacher Gary's club was the first guest on the upper show to explain how newtons. I'd love motion applies to our lives, there's a physical cause and there's a physical effect intention is what causes the effect you have loving people in your life. Then you have been loving in your life. You have selfish. People are angry. People in your life, then look at yourself and you will see that you have had. in your life and self concern. So if you are an angry person, you are going to draw to yourself angry people, Don T, love that.
So chastity is a career counselor who admits that she was living a double life before she understood the gravity of her own, actions or own cause, which was creating the effect when I was in my twenties data to married man when I was in these relationships of so many bad things will happen occur in my life. My financial life was a mess I wasn't in promoted at work like that
me. I was one way on the work crime and I was another way, my personal life, so you live in a double life. I always tell people that there is good Carmen bad karma and I was given a bad karma in so many different ways. What goes around comes around and basically I was given a come around. What really woke me was when I received a phone call at my place of employment, and it was the wife of the person I was involved with. She could have been very nasty to me, but she was very positive in that positive energy help. Me change my life. I realized by dating Mary man. There were so many other people I was hurt. You know I was hurrying myself, I was heard and his family, his children after that found
Ah, I had a really deep conversation with myself. I told myself I have to change once I love their relationship. You know so many positive things have happened in my life. My finances are much better. I got promoted or my job and I finish graduate school. A really amazing relationship- and we just bought- offers home together. I feel ballots positive and more confident that energy there I used to have- I don't even know it now chastity I was about the phone call that you had as the mistress is that a dreaded call its bears and call integrated call, because the first initial body is: oh, my god, that she call my my manager Also, I wasn't even a true genuine. Why I'm sorry for her. It was kind of like a selfish.
I'm gonna be in trouble, I'm gonna be in trouble, they call someone else, you now and she took a total different approach and I suspect that she was so calm and nice in Cairo and kind to me and I'm sitting on the phone here in this wife that are ready to Canada go back and forth with, but you know still not really totally there until she. Actually, you know tell me that you should be more than it as a one man it cleat am like here as a woman. I should be more than that and I'm I'm Preachin is to other people and to students and other women. I look up to me as your counselor. Yes, and how can I preach dare to them and not be live in it? I wasn't live in it, so bad karma can actually
positive cause you can learn from you know. Eddic can be, it could turn into a positive karma your life, and I feel like that's. What happened to me sounds like you. Did parity? My question is this: how do you stay on the positive path of in a positive course not even with in regards to you know, I would never do that again, but when you have so many negative forces, even your family, they can come in and how do you stay in a positive place with positive form if there are a lot of negative people in your life? Don't look at them. Look at the energy that you are creating to attract them.
Don't look at them. Look at yourself. What are you doing to draw those people? Because if you are surrounded by negative people, there's a part of you, that's willing to Tyler rate? That is there not agree Agri, because there were a couple, a negative people, Emma I and I chose to keep them in my life because I don't want to push them away like you, push him away because you because they were friends, so you know. so you you know, I feel lying Mp Bourse. Tell me there you'll be around my poor may mean maybe I'll, When is it really? comes down to who do you want to be in the world? Who do you want to be? Now?
What do you want to do? Not what do you want to achieve? Who do you want to be? What is a kind of person when their reading your eulogy? What do you want the words to be said about the kind of person you have been? in the world. Do you know the answer to that question?. Do. You know the answer to that question. I am asking that of of everybody. Do you know what that is because in the end you know I was just one of my dear Harpo employees been here for twenty years, her husband died, suddenly a bit of a brain aneurysm, it was the most beautiful ceremony. I left that ceremony wanting to be a better human being because the words that were said about him as a human being as a father as an uncle as a friend, the ward
the people spoke about him, we're so loving and impassioned that I thought she when I die. I don't want people to talk about. The number shows I did you want people to talk about how your love affecting them, love that you put out into the world yeah affected them so If that is the paradigm that you're living from, how can I serve and be the most loving grace? giving person whatever my talent is to all the other girls at your counselling. How do I do that with love? Ultimately, I'm telling you the negative.
Energy will change, and when you become that force for yourself, you won't allow it. I don't care what their title or role is in your life. You just really won't you, you just really want. Sometimes you have to divorce your friends and divorce, your family members, and if you handle them with love in doing it, they were, they will come back. You will have an opportunity to reconcile I speak from what I know, but I've had family members for whom I have said. I will not allow you to treat me this way.
Where do you need an mri, see tee scan, mammogram or ultrasound pen radiology can give you a clearer view of life using the latest image technology and a full range of cutting edge techniques. Pen radiology delivers the least radiation possible for the most accurate diagnosis to schedule, an appointment at a convenient location near you, visit pen, medicine, dot, Org, slash, radiology or call to one five, three one, six, five one for four. I will just share a little bit about intentions, everybody clear about it because it gets confusing for some people. I use b. I used to have the disease to please a lot of women. Have it you grow up with it. You think that, value is in what you do for other people, and I was really trying to heal myself of that- and somebody call me in a very famous worsen, call me and asked me to be a part of a benefit for fun raising, and I really didn't want to do it.
And what I realized in saying. No, is that all of the years where it said yes and didn't really want to or intend to them Since that I was sending to people is that you can ask me- and I will say yes, whether I want to or not that my intention is really to do whatever you want me to do instead of what I really wanted to do, I'm not just there for your benefit, I'm there, because it so pleases me I'm motivated to do so, and so the energy of my being anywhere changed there different and the same thing in your own life. You know when I was growing There was a woman who used to be a tie, their and our church, MS atoms. And every day she every Sunday she walked down the aisle in her hat, and I thought I would go up and will be a tab slackened, we're ahead like that and what I realise is that two people put the same amount of money in the plate. One with the intention to
earth into do well and somebody else with the entire to do it just because its expected of you or you're making a show of it. The energy that will come back to those people will be different high carefully. I want to say I've had a a lot of problems with my wireless provider and when I go in- and I am swedish sugar and kind I am told well, would you like to read your contract and buy another phone because there's nothing can do for you when I, let's just call it, become more assertive about my position. I am reward. it, with overnight shipping, a new phone and a lot of other things, so by going to a very negative place. I think I am
where did when I go and unpleasant and kind, and the sweet, wonderful person that I said that I am inside, that is negative Lee reinforced by them kind of brushing me off assertion is not negative. Being a sort of is not being negative. There is a difference between the intention of being negative and the intention of being assertive so difficult for them to deal with me, because I dont use roll over and go away because I. Very insistent upon what I consider an acceptable. So well, that's not negative karma! You weren't! Yes, and you got your Firefox had twelve years old journey is standing on your own two feet. I felt the same way when you said when I'm assertive. Sometimes I get the very things that I'm standing up for what's wrong with that you do it with love and truth. Its truth in this is true for me. That really doesn't work for me, that's very inconvenient. For me it doesn't seem fair basin, the contract. I sign. I really think we can do better here. Beautiful
Yes, you requested a childhood cancer diagnosis. I learned the power of positivity at thirteen in the power of possibility at fourteen thyself, today, so it seems that it always takes some kind of traumatic event for people to come to this place of this energy and what it brings back to you when you're putting it out. What do you guys think that is that that we have to have something traumatic in our lives, for us to feel this way and to give this back and how do we get to a place where we can do, which is normal in society as a normal everyday thing, with out having something I have to answer your question I love this question. That is why I'm doing this life class. That is the. reason why I wanted to take the four thousand five hundred sixty one hours of shows and use those specifically as an example, and
say it. You know. Over the years we were kind of saying it. We were showing the stories and hoping at the end of the day you come away with some kind of uplifting thoughtful, as well as entertaining ideas about about the show, but I wanted to say it out loud so that I can show people somebody else making the mistake. I can show somebody who has hit somebody as a drunk driver so that you don't have to do. but I can make you feel something so that you don't have to do it, and I can tell you that the lines of cars and what that word, what that affected so that you can. Hey how that's operating in your life. So you don't have to make the mistake, but it's true
we respond to negative eighty in our lives more than we do to positivity. So I'm trying to get people to shift that so that you can learn just by observing your day and not waiting until as as I've set said, you can hear the whispers and respond and not have the brick wall fall down on your head before you can hear it, but most people are where do you know why takes along? I think is cause we're so dense. We're dense foresaw we ardent, is human beings you're just being here mean during your dense, you're, not even the Spirit world, and that the more dense you are, the number you get, and so you can't
Billy feel and see and respond. That's what spirituality is about its about opening yourself up. So you begin to see bushy the sky sunny there. Can you you ever? I stop at the stop signed sometimes- and I see the hordes of people getting off the train who cross the street and they never look up anymore, everybody just sort of going through the motions and earned it just getting through it. There is get nobody's really conscious. Yes, man. What I'm wondering is, I feel, like I've. I've evolved a lot as a person over past years since my twenties and I'm wondering if, since I've made those conscious choices to be a better. Some sense, then I'm wondering if I can avoid the negative karma that we would have been coming from the trains. Is there, anyway, to kind of pay back to the the carbon
anyway to redeem to carry it. I hereby Aviano resist those who suffer that the real involves all invited in just more to learn or there's another onion layered appeal back, there's just you just invited all wet, whatever you need if you, if you won't, have the purest intention, whatever you need to be the greatest force for good, you can be bring it bring it, and- and I trust you that that I can handle and learn from it and get through. I feel that everything is a lesson I look at every opportunity is alive. Sometimes I wake up and say God, don't teach me nothing today. Let me just walk through. I really I'm up to here and lessons. Thank you. Thank you very much, and you just you just have had enough, but the moment you say be very careful when you say you know how involved you are because the moment,
Thank you got it becomes wearing another pay. I know I'm definitely still work in progress. I just know that from my twenties too now I know I've I've changed a lot. I used to. You know journal at the end of the year to figure failure in rate what I wanted For every euro going into the new year instead of things, I would say you know, I want you, no more to be more kind or I want more love or want more courage, and I stop doing that, because when you ask for more love or the exact opposite shows up, because how do you give love other than through people? Who are? the call to love. It's me. It's really easy. Jesus said that its easy, Love those who are loving so when you asked for it, it's gonna show up wearing. You know that, a difficult pants, don't fit. You know when you asked for courage the year I asked for courage. I was betrayed three or four times by you know people who are close to me housing as for courage, no more. I could make that's where the head
the wine and have an almighty when you pray for courage is when Morgan, Freeman, citizenship, pray for courage, gathered and just zappia with courage, life that zappia with correct you get the opportunity to be courageous, get the opportunity to encourage. No there before I pray so Tom how the relationships, change and becoming more awakened Then your classroom, you didn't look at the wicked we're how beautiful I was able to without any idea that I would be able to draw I saw in my life that has such beauty and truth and as such or refine teacher, oh my goodness come. Come on? You are the manifestation of my put it out. Look what I got back so it all goes back to this. The same thing we're talking about third law motion, Newton God,
goes around comes around we're all energy. We all know that we are constantly being energy into everything that we do everything that we think it everything that we say in that same energy is what's coming back into your life, good, bad, and otherwise we all got that right Ok, so if you're in sync, your like up flow, down stream. I always say you want to move with the floor when a move. The flow of your life in everybody's life has a flow. Would you agree to let go of asylum The fear Mesa swim over to the side yeah. Well, yes, people are doing this women upstream yeah yeah. That's right! Let the salmon do that. Thank you so much it's all about energy. Thank you. So much for being here.
I'm over Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow superficial on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple, podcast, unsubscribe rate and review. This pledge gas join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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