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Oprah & Joel Osteen — I Am: Life is How You See It

2019-12-18 | 🔗

Oprah and Pastor Joel Osteen take the stage at Houston’s Hobby Center, with an audience of thousands, to share the principles that guide our lives. Pastor Osteen explains why what we say after “I am” is what we become. He says the words you speak can become your destiny. Pastor Osteen leads Oprah and the audience in a powerful "I am" exercise. If you want to know what you're going to be like in five years, Pastor Osteen says, you should listen to what you're saying about yourself right now. Oprah and Pastor Osteen also take questions from the audience. (Joel Osteen is the lead pastor at Houston’s Lakewood Church which serves more than 50,000 attendees a week, one of the largest and most inclusive congregations in the country. His weekly televised sermons can be seen in more than 100 countries with an estimated viewership of seven million people.)

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What, if you only ever changed a line of one person or managed to change a single human destiny, just one than yours is a life where lived because to extend the hand to those you dont know and help them along their journey with spontaneous acts of kindness on notice and perhaps even unremarked is the most remarkable thing you can do. Sometimes it takes courage, sometimes something more, but all the good you can do in this life begins with the belief that you can be to change your sick. Don't ever stop believing see how we are making a difference at pen medicine? That is another reason why your life is worth pen medicine, I'm open
Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Welcome the light class How ya know I'll tell you how I am. I am a very special gangs. He's been law, the boys of hope, a pastor for a new generation Houston's.
Joe. You know a few months ago I saw one of his sermons called. I am, and I said now that is a lifeless and I instantly send him a text because we text each other all the time, because he was basically teaching one of my all time. Favorite life, lessons, and that is you become what you believe, but it was so simple. He said whatever follows: I am is going to come looking for you. Who did you not get an eye? They do not have an eye just there. So, for example, how in back just really changed the way I looked at my life. I thought it was so powerful, for example, how many of you are saying to yourself right now: I'm sold ok or arms over
Ah absolve back, we all do it from time to time, but I'm telling you when I heard that Serbia is a catch myself when I'm saying goes, I am so myself if that's what you ve been putting out in the world than that's, what's gonna leave you to where you are right now the path to the feet so passage all says: it's simple! Your life is how use. Yet, and that is what we're going to learn is to change the way to a man who says just think about that for a moment. Just take that in imagine, any thing is passed. You have to be Leave it in your brain,
every Sunday he's televised sermons reach over ten million people worldwide. Pasture, Austen is one of the most influential pictures of our time his lake would church? Has forty thousand where is the largest and most diverse ministry in the United States, I believe today is a new day. Hearts are starting to beat again. Dreams are coming back to life, passion is being restored. Your greatest victories are still in your future. Please welcome, pastor, Joel steam over it so wonderful to be in your home town oil? We love, haven't you hear, walk, I realise them others. Here I was at your church yeah. We won't have any well. This is this is sort of a church yeah. This is likely
And, as you know, I love you are. I am sermon so much that I texted you immediately to wow. I just had a big aha, because obviously I know and believe and trust and have faith, but the simplicity of whatever follows I am, is going to come. Looking for, you just really was a was a big aha yeah, you know over so many people don't realize the way they go through life is, and I think I've just been train that way. But, like you're saying I am so tired and I'm on and I never get any good breaks, but no one! You speak that out. Your setting. The tone for your life always tell people if you want to know what you're going to be like five years from now. Listen to what you're saying about yourself right now
you can't go around, you can't go around saying all day that you know what I'm not attractive and never get any good breaks, and I'm a lousy mother that she's gonna drawing negative defeat. Things that are gonna, keep you from Godspeed. Why am I love that whatever follows? I am is going to come looking for you, because whenever follows it. I had this has happened to me recently. I was so tired and all they could think I'm. So I am so tired and what I realized I was getting more and more tired and then I thought about the sermon. I said: how can I turn this around and for me I can't immediately go too. I am so energize because I wasn't so. I was trying to think what so I can't go. I'm so energize are now land to myself as I'm not. But what can I use in between two I started to say I am looking forward to my second win. I am looking forward to my second when and if K K. I think that's that's true. You could say just what you said and I am refreshed, I'm being restored. And yes, you know things like that. You don't have to go to the extreme, go to the extreme. How did you come to that that? What was what what what spark of God happened that made you conclude that whatever follows, I am is going to come looking for you, I think. Sometimes we make things so complicated, but it's the simple things that keep most people back. I think. Naturally, we get a, not not everybody, but if, if when your line and been lotta terms, you'll think about oh man, I don't feel like going to work and you can rehearse the pro
lungs or you can rehearsed what happened yesterday and it starts right at the beginning of the data. That's what I think is so important when you first get out of bed in the morning found something to be grateful for an hour. You may not feel perfectly well, but you ve got your family, you don't have your job, but you got a great place to live. You got some friends, so you start the day off. You know you set the tone right at the beginning of the day before you check the stock report before you check the weather before you, you know that there are, as once, you start into that you're you're you're, captivated by whatever is going on in the outside world. Do you know what I do? The first thing when I open my eyes, I train myself to do this- is to say.
Thank you, sir. That's the first thing, whatever it might strike hard said years ago, the thirteenth century mystic that if the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is thank you. That will be enough, but I start out with thank you. So what do you say to these people who are tweeting right now? Who are saying? I am somebody just what Peggy Smith, I am lost Peggy You should write, I am found changed. We all have that recording play in our mind. I think you know simple things. I am confident I'm secure. I am talented, I am creative. I am disciplined. I am focus. Sympathy Oprah. I really believe some women have never said once I am beautiful because it look at it all their flaws there. Looking at hey man, I don't like her. I don't look like them, but you know.
Listen, listen! Ladys! When you say I am beautiful in what you're doing your inviting beauty to come in, you invited. You know what you're saying. I think I've never said. I'm beautiful, I say: I'm! Ok, I'm gonna. Let us say that later No, it's not! You know it's not magic, but those words go out of our mouth and they come right back in dark years. They start to change our own self image. This isn't. This is not magic, but you go around. They say in all day, Unblest Unbeautiful and talented and valuable. I'm creative, I'm discipline,
that's doing something on the inside of you. You know it's affecting your own self image, so I learn anything. I think back to your own value. Only that's what your hearing about yourself! We get that right. What are you talking about you? So how does the words begin to enforce the action? While I think when you hear yourself say and that its going to give you the confidence rather than you know, say overweight and all the. it's just going to push down, I mean when you hear your your own words when your own image chaos, I'm sorry, I'm getting healthier everyday life is I'm getting fat on fact did not help me. I've been saying that for years I just got better use. Another says I started saying I'm getting healthier every day. Don't go anywhere order come after this short break today's episode is supported by american heritage. Chocolate. Have you ever?
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I had a child knows a mother. I had all these I AMS and now I am obviously not foreigner pounds divorce three years and my son lives with his dad everyday. I tell myself I'm not worthy of being a wife anymore, not worthy of being a full time. Mother. How do I get past that that is the hardest part everyday? Yes, I want to tell me: oh my god, look at you you're awesome! Look how small you are now, but about is still vague. You know, there's always that, but you are worthy of being a wife blood you ruined at the first sign. You know I want to get past, I feel,
I'm at the very very bottom I know my one statement is on the child of God, but we don't talk anymore. I love God. He loves me, but we just some talk because not because I am disappointed in God because he gave me what I wanted, but because I'm more disappointed and ashamed of myself. So how do you get past bad, As my question will Michel, our heart goes out to your first off. Congratulations, four hundred pounds. That's all! That's three people! You look
people? I did. I just wanted to know what you were saying. I mean this. This is what doesn't make any sense to me, and I felt this when I came to your church. Cuz everybody was so energized and so inspired is that went. How can you say in the same sentence? I love God I believe in God, but I am at the bottom. How does that work will because, because God never promised us that we'd go through life and not have challenges, and so we all have these disappointments, but here's what you ve got promises, God promises us did he'll give us grace for every season. He'll give us strength in the midst of the storm, and another thing:
since, if you'll stay in faith, he'll not only bring it out, but he ll bring it out better off the sounds like Lakewood, but this my encouragement, Michel, is: you know what life is not over after a disappointment. Nothing that you ve been through is a surprise to God, nor the descriptors has it got is written every page in our book, and the Good NEWS is our life if you'll stay and fatal in, victory, but you may be in a page right now. That's that's a tough page like you are, but don't get stuck on that page turn the page you keep moving forward. Gotta bring the right Let me start by helping you. Shall we write her? I am, let's start with the rewriting of you, you, let's you start rewriting. You just said I'm at the bottom and I'm so disappointed. How do we change that? I met the monument
Looking up and I can go up looking up, ok, what's another way, I think that you know I am valuable, the I am worthy. You know you got it, you get a change that voice or keep it. If it is true that, as long as you are still here that you are or day and by God, for a purpose as long as you're still here is, in fact a review of breathing. God has a purpose for you. If you isn't this? If you were done God is, is detailed, he's an exact not he would have taken you all, but as long as you have breast somebody needs.
What you have somebody major legal right now, just as long as that between twenty treatable. As long as you have read, somebody needs, would you someone needs which you have you give your talents, your love, your smile and sometimes again, michel- and I bet you do this when you're hurting one of the best things you can do is go out and help somebody else's, hardly because you may be given you know when you help others to see that you're. So we in our own time of need, is easy to want to thank our man to get depressed to be better. To think about my problems, my pain, appointment, but you know it's so powerful to say you know what I'm we'll get my mind off my own problems now more go be good to somebody else today, even though I'm in a difficult time and will be in peace today and will be good to somebody, because I know this, you stay, you know when you in peace is a position of power and when you stay in peace, God will get.
The way you're supposed to be this in God will move the wrong people out of the way you open up the right, nor he's uncontrollable, rightly that when you're in peace, it's a position of power. Yeah we're talking about the power of two simple words I am saw from Miami legs. Florida is in our audiences. What your question preposterous, Josie.
to now to be here with you guys on my my question was when I was eleven years old, my father passed away. He committed suicide left, my mother Teresa for kids on her own. I developed this inability to trust people that I lived up to our thirty figures. People are respected because I felt that if I trusted them at their fill me now is an adult. I find that this is blocking me. I find that my inability to trust people is keep me from filling my full potential. So my question for you is: how can I hear this inability to to trust in order to fulfil my full potential saw? Our heart goes out to you. You know, I think the starting point saw. Is you gotta you gotta realized it? Nothing that's happened to. You is a surprise to God. You know is as hard as there is in our heart breaks for you, but God knew everything you go through, so he's already equipped to and empowered you with every,
You need to, I think, every day you have to remind yourself, you know what I had some hardships, but I'm well able to live a victorious life, and you know it just comes to apart to what you say. God and I didn't have a father, Burma. Let you be my Father, you trust in hand and gotta give it back to this, because it is hard when you ve been hurt, but you got it. You gotta say I'm not going to try to get my approval from people who want to get my approval from gone, because you know people is as good as they are not disappoint us. What a disappointment, what a heart than to have a father like that, but you gotta say what God. It's not a surprise to you. I know I'm a person of destiny. You breed your life into me, so I'm gonna dig my heels in. I know I'm equip them
our will able, which is that attitude of moving forward, and that was all a part of the plan for your life. Nothing is happening out of order with the divine order of your life, and so the truth is that, wherever you are in any given moment, that's where you're supposed to be and an end and the fat again we're talking earlier about they true faith is knowing that, no matter what you are going to be okay. So what is? What are the? I am sure you ve told yourself think that some of the ideas, one of the primary- I am a repeat- is I'm afraid to trust among able to trust, because I feel that ok, I would say to you- and I have no pastor at all, but I would say to you: can you trust yourself? Would you say that to pass to have so little, can you trust yourself? I mean you I'd, be afraid of what somebody else is going to do. But can you trust yourself? Do you trust yourself enough to know that if somebody harms you
If somebody is not going to be advantageous to you that you can make a decision to move out of that relationship. Can you trust yourself enough to do that? You think so, our right, I like that and that's what I am spending start today. What got what I am. I am not fearful. I am confident I am excited about my few. I think, saw you have to realise that no God will bring the right people across your pants. No, let one
bright wound, the rest of your life does didn't have to you can move forward. I M excited about my future. That's what you're going to say every morning when you wake up right, I am excited about what today is going to bring I'm excited about the people. God is going to bring into my life and watch things change all right. Here's a question: how many of you compare yourselves to friends, neighbours, families, coworkers thinking they have a better marriage, more money, perfect kids life seems so easy. We do it all the time. Do we not of daring ourselves all the time I heard Deanna say something recently that comparing ourselves to others is an act of violence against ourselves, because its denying that what God created here was perfect and purposeful. Yeah. It's exactly right. I mean you you're you're, never going to be happy trying to be somebody else. Women, gender hits but he'd priestly. For forty years I thought I gotta get up operates like my dad. It came from the southern badly spent around and you know trot it from first few months and finally, I thought you know what I'm not my dad, I'm more quiet until stories. I encourage people when our relaxed in this at all.
the who God made you to be. That's when you know the church began to grow. I don't think I've ever be, who I am today if I've tried to follow in the same footsteps is modelled so the point the it is. You know when you step into your own shoes in your own destiny. That's when you're going to shine. Nobody can beat you being you, so I think that's what you gotta know about it. I told this ready for I learned that whenever its first starting out in the news business I was trying, I was imitating Barbara waters and saw myself on the year trying to imitate borders when they realise is already got that now that I'm maize we'll try to figure out what this Oprah thing is because barbers already got
Yes, your health First Cooper University Healthcare! That's our aim! Our doors are open, in fact they never closed. Guess the world has changed. When you visited Cooper Office, something may be a little different new safeguards in place, but our medical experts, commitment to putting your health first remains unchanged. Your health is important to us, so don't delete your health care. Our offices are saved because we put your health First Cooper University. Healthcare David is a truck driver who skyping anyone is eighty Wheeler Zack first from Skype outside of Dallas, first gave it hello truck. Stop uninteresting twenty. What's your question, although our bread hope as rosy question as I spent twenty years plus world, I was very successful, but we live. Comparing myself to workers were more education air to be maybe a better life by struggles than I did. I left corporate Amerika years ago driving over the road that maybe the lower sum up by frustration. Comparisons! Likenesses! Do I guess my question is: how do I hear? How do I get asked that lie, but that go David? My courage, mittens gotta, talk to you in your truck their mind, her purse, for me to my incoherent David is
gotta be confident in who God made you to be? I mean you are a equipped. You are a masterpiece in God's eyes and there's always gonna, be somebody bigger and better, but he's gotta come back to that confidence in yourself and again every day you know the thoughts will come. Tell me I'm unworthy and I'm not smart enough. I'm not telling you gotta changed the recording in your mind and that they will quickly is the problem with leaving one situation in moving to Another- and I say this very respectfully is the problem: follows you around you're going to deal with that on the entire could? Otherwise, you gonna be comparing yourself to other truckers and other things like tat, so I will just encourages that you know what I'm making a decision imo break free imo, be God made me to be. I don't have to have the approval of everybody around me. I don't have to beat everybody around me. I can be confident who God made me to be re. Talking to you, David.
I think I think this is so interesting to David. You say that you left corporate Amerika because you are insecure that you didn't have a college degree. If I were you, I would google all of the heads of weight. Companies have been successful, who didn't have college degree because not once you're at the job. This is the truth, once you're working at the job and you're good at the job. Nobody cares about what degree you have really got back. That's your that the debris means something. What means something is? Could you do the work? Could you do the work great talking to your first? Thank you, joy escaping from Newport caused California. That just sounds so different. with a question: hello, Julie, Z, jar, hovering over the idea was to address them
John Career held a HE financial relations and recently my home and with the major players disaster by nature, a very positive and optimistic person that right now really disturbance less, and I know that it has a plan and everything works out. You now for a reason that my question has highlighted. When everything my life is going down here. I think Julie, it's good talking to you will certainly be praying for you. I think one where you do. It is one day at a time when you look out and take all men cannot do this for another five years. You think I can't do that, but you gotta get up in the morning site cannot be grateful, cannot be positive, cannot be my best for twenty four more hours. I think, if you'll take it one day at a time, that's gonna help you get through. It also know that
You know the enemy always fight you the hardest. When he knows, God has something great in your future family. You, you wouldn't be having these difficulties. Unless there's something amazing in front of you. I believe you have the strength. You have the faith you have afforded to to keep taken one day at a time, and I believe you will come into that new chapter and you're gonna, say yeah. That was difficult, but look I'm living now. I think that's how you stay fill a fight.
yeah yeah cannot go. I have I ever knew affirmation for you, the clad. You said there was a dark cloud hovering over you. As you were saying that I wrote this. The cloud is breaking I could see the light is breaking. I can see the light, see how well I've been trained by that one sermon another. So yeah, you know here's another thought to be short with one time I was flying out of Houston. It was pitched overcast, dreary, re kind of cold and in just kind of in those days,
By now you know you get up in the plane what in the plane one minute and you break through the clouds in the sun is still shine. That's my favorite long. They, I think, that's the thing that when it starts with Julie when it's dark, you get a real, is ok, it's it's dark in my life right now, all these clouds, but you know what the sun still shiny. All God has to do is little bit a little bit of wind a little bit of something in those clouds will open up or evaporate, and you know the sun is still
In my life is being blocked a little bit right, I feel a sermon come alone right now come on. You know why, because I actually Instagram intimated that not too long ago, but what does exacting moment it's my favorite favorite moment to me. That is a metaphor, for God was always there. Always there always think that there may be other. There may be a disappointment blocking it right. That's my! There may be a loss of a loved one block and there may be a transition in my job is blocking of the sun, but you gotta know you're still, there are no you directed me. It's not gonna, be long. Tell us see the blueskins once again. I call that sunrise be doing. Then it's always been Katrina is.
Being in from Decatur Georgia, I could trend, I M excited to be in class with you and passed a hosting. That's right! I'm excited! Thank you, but I have a question has excited his. I am today in an all, but how do I keep the momentum going home Why get past eight in you know when all the excitement is over and I'm having to keep myself going every day. I understand, take it one day at a time, but how do I really keep the momentum going? Ok, good question are concerned. I think you gotta get up and you ve gotta be grateful. You gotta have your goals in front of this something to look forward to, but I think many times it you have to pass the test of of discouragement of faithfulness, and you know it's life is is, for. Most of us seems sometimes role exciting, but life is routine. Life is getting up, go into work and be in your best and
believe. It's in those those routine times that you prove that you are ready to go to the next level vacant. The trend that final thoughts from your past or do not think it is so important to never speak negative words about yourself, your friend You know it may come to your mind, but don't give your words life by speaking them out. Don't ever say anything negative about yourself. You may feel it, but just you know, zip it up and and make those paws
It takes time, though, because of the time I heard they I am sermon, I mean what it did and I'm hoping this is what's gonna happen for all of you who are watching were here. Is that you start catching yourself, because you know if you're, however old you are, you have the habit of feeding the negative tapes to yourself. I do too, and so, when you first catch yourself doing it, you switch it just as we ve been doing here today, you switch the iron and it takes practice. Absolutely is not something you go out and have to do in public. You, you get up in the morning you're in the shower you're driving to works, and you know what you think. I'm I'm strong and make good decisions. Unhealthy, just simple things like that for to my future. Yes, yes, I'm looking forward to my future. Yes, could you lead us in a few? I am absolutely ok. Can we all stand? Can we all are all right? Just repeat after me,
strong, healthy, covered in secure, talented, created, disciplined focused, valuable, beautiful, blessed excited about my future victorious
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