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Pastor Wintley Phipps: Becoming the Person You Were Created to Be

2018-08-22 | 🔗

Pastor, education activist and U.S. Dream Academy founder Wintley Phipps discusses how faith and character can help create a life of value, meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Wintley shares how he believes we can all step into our best lives by adopting and strengthening the eight essential pillars of God's ethos, which he details in his book "Your Best Destiny: Becoming the Person You Were Created to Be." Wintley is a world-famous pastor who has preached on six continents, and a renowned gospel singer who has sung for six U.S. presidents. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago and later raised in Montreal, Canada. As a boy, Wintley imagined escaping his difficult childhood by traveling the world, which he now sees as his first yearning to achieve his God-given destiny.

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