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From January 2, 1996: Oprah Winfrey sits down with a group of spiritual leaders. These guests include Marianne Williamson, Maya Angelou (passed away in 2014), Jeff Greenfield and Dr. Stephen Covey (passed away in 2012). The group shares life principles that help navigate challenging times. The topics include forgiveness, intentionality, kindness and how to live a principle-filled life.

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We have that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully and present. your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us start right now. You can invite anybody to dinner. Would that be? I asked myself Then send out the invitations we like, for this very special. Our board. Wait conversations with poor my favorite Marianne waves and I love you say and do not have a lot of people believe born the power of AIDS to kill us than in guarding the Doktor Stephen Covey greatest gift is like next greatest give power to correct deadline, Jack Greenfield. Why should we be take something like television wouldn't and having to survive and the incomparable dandelions. I am convinced that the majority of people are really good.
I believe that the conversation so I am sharing with you today. I hope could change the way you think and ultimately change the way. You live your life before we hear from the others. I start with a woman that I think really senses the spirit of the nation soul. Marianne Williamson is a lecturer and there are many books, including Illuminati she's, also a friend of mine. I ask you to reflect on this past year, Do we really have the power to change? A world are those just words. A problem in America today is that most people- and I don't want to say this as as though it needs ten you this way, but in the past and where most people have fought well, it has to be this way and what separates us out and opens the window breakthrough has four even one person to say it doesn't have to be this way like when you hear about it.
I'm dying if the american people in our minds grew to a mass intention? It doesn't have to be this way. We intend that it not be this way, then it won't be because intention the rules that were intention tools the world. So what and that is the beginning of salvation the thought there could be another way. Well one of the people. I love to share my life within especially have dinner with, because there's always at wonderful conversation at the table is, to my Angelo she's, one of the wise woman, I've ever known- and I asked her to join me in this special our to talk about the intensity of feelings between the races that surfaced over this pass here from the OJ trial to the million man March. It was a year that pointed out to many people how differently the races, especially the blacks and whites in this country, see the same. For the first time were seeing how differently we see things
Now you see it? No, I didn't, I didn't think so advance that there are more people, who realise that human beings are more alike. then we are lie. Then Media gives us credit I believe that tension between the races makes far the sale of newspapers and the watching of certain programmes etc, and so there are people who some the drawn by the differences between the races. The real truth is the magician People look at other people if they can get beyond their superficial fear, they Does it have the people? Then say you know, that's a mother. I understand mothers, that's all other he's chinese. I understand fathers all the way, do is or that
Brother. Am I understand. Big brother is even though this kid is the blonde, and this one is black, the majority of peace. but really in our country. I am convinced that the majority of people are really good. Hearted I believe that otherwise we would see a return of the thirty is in Germany, because Africa, Americans, I'm a real power. I mean our power is spiritual power. political power in that we continue, to remind people of their constitution than what we are supposed to be about debt, the OJ while say anything about the state of race relations. In the entry it it was, excellent embedded did prove to a member, people that they were terribly afraid of black I am a member blacks, improved them that the wives were really in another world.
I remember that- had not seen them. So that was a good thing, One has got to see if something good came out of something so terrible so groups. so grave. I remember how organizations with you about it. You were saying it is because, although it is vote, it was well and when It was vulgar, Ard, insatiable me a thing you did you eat it and that when the offering of it first was voter Receiving it was Walter so that the off of it was a commercial activity. There were more ambassadors of soap, And more buses of cereal sold on Oj Simpsons back and poor, Nicole citizens back and Goodman's bat, then that's ever been phone, so it was a commercial effort and that was voted to offer it
at no time in the day could do get away from it on television. So and it was vulgar Us except it. Would not enough of us had enough discipline, they say click. Did they try less harm to the trial? Do us harm where, as pose not harm, that is irreparable, weaken repair the harm, or did you just show us our say? That's what it did. It showed us how separately I have thought of ourselves. Now I have a friend who you know a white woman friend Sister Fran, and after the verdict came in, she phoned me crying. she said admire. I can't believe myself since the verdict is almost killed me So I said why ask why she said
do you know as soon as I heard at the first word, the jump out of my mouth wasn't nigger, this is the woman. I love I'm the guy mother ever children. We both started crying. She helped me as it helped me to help you of course. Of course you see people who me to be good, mean, to be honest, mean to be fair, mean to be open, hoping for justice and even mercy. when they really realise that they too are victims of racism, white and black speaking as a native American that we are all terms of it. It's shots. People may if they have enough courage they, say: listen, I don't mean to be like this. How do you explain to millions of yet do not understand the response.
From a number of black people who seem to be rejoicing in the streets. I don't understand it. I disagree with it. I was appalled at it not Nobody wins! That's the situation, We all lose. It is the question I mean that John and was absolutely right answer for centuries ago when he said ass. not for whom the Bell tolls it tolls for thee. The death of Human being diminishes me, and one has, understand that somewhere down behind the kneecap, so I understand the rejoicing. I don't come in the rejoicing stand that maybe people thought that Mr Herman was proven to be a This is an issue that there was something to rejoice, but rejoice just like that. I totally disagree.
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the video calling device designed to bring people closer share, something real portal from Facebook. Why did you attend the millionaire Marge I was ass. where there is always in the the who call me. I told you this people writing mean to tell me to tell you that you shouldn't go and I said, She doesn't tell me how to do on television. I don't tell her how to write books or run her led to this vital vary greatly great. the city is seems to work. There is work easier. When I'm the mother of a black man, the grandmother of a black man, the door, then sister and beloved and friend them niece, a black man
I thought that it was a wonderful idea that black men would come together. Ensemble and say first to them cells and, secondly, to black women? Sorry. hurry, but the years of neglect, sorry for the years of of abuse, we a town Emma coming together, we are saying to ourselves and to black women, sorry that Oprah it. That is the most important thing, any human being cancer. It to another human. Being, you see, that's what you say to die is. I am sorry that is repentance, that is for balance, that is for giving one cell. So when black men chose to come together to say to themselves and to black women, sorry there
ennobled everybody and you see another thing as I've gone around the country. You know all the time I have white men who meet me in airports on planes at universities who say thank you for what you said at the black man's might why man matters white women, a black women, white men who are out of the minds, somebody has to tell that story. somebody must ring the bells for that. All people are not brutes. They think I should think, and I think we ve We remain closed. Our ability to think too frequently into profoundly to television, to the mind, shaper is this really concerned about?
living our lives with some Greece and style, not helping us to live with passion and compassion The truth is the mind savers. This want us to keep. Mean little tunnels. narrow little mean paths at their way. M M for their convenience. Can we give them up something which a man becomes, must take back. We must take back are as Here it's our man, bath idea about democracy. We ve got to do it. Nobody is going to give it to us. Do you think that part of the problem and have this discussion over the years with various people who work in and in social areas say that part of the problem of racism in this country is. There has not been an apology or an acknowledgement that it even exists.
and on the part of a number of white people in particular in his country. There is a feeling that people link or up until this year thought that everything's, ok and then racism doesn't exist as long as I dont use the word, Nigger Beth, There is a madame impressed, as you said some weeks ago, Windsor Medicine, I never think of you- is black. Well wait. I do want did you think of me have lagged. Allow, I think what people in ten by that is. I see your soul. I see your spirit is what they but there have map, had to articulate exactly what they mean. So they think they are passing a complement, and this then but think of you is black, but later it now. do. You really mean if you think that I am like you, which is a good thing, because only equals make friends.
Right? Any other relationship is out of balance is paternalistic, my term at least they get something, but equals can make friends, I have to think of you, as a human being as random? As one of my mentor is one night I called her and I was going through some trauma. He says what is it baby and she said: stop wait whatever. It is. Thank God. First first, you thank God, because it shows that you have the faith to know that whatever it is, God will handle it. Isn't that lesson, so I know you talk to God. Often what we're gonna have to say about this condition, we're in with ourselves over the color of asking if that listed as and it says in spanish
that's it what's wrong with you. What's wrong, I've sent my son to this place. I've had Moses over here of head boot. Over here I've had them. then those centres for you know, I've had the right things I'm over there what's wrong with you people, Maybe you, at these teachers have taught you something about life, about trying to love it about trying to be fair and kind and generous. So if that doesn't say anything but I would then this day. Thank you, my Angela thank you. Well, I have a lot of admiration. next guest for his mind, love smart people and great insight. Jeff Greenville is abies
political and media analyse and author of an obstacle the people's choice, a cautionary tale, I'm always fascinated by just because he doesn't just weep Lord, he kind of day eggs underneath and tells us what story means to our lives, and we talked about EL. The media sank in ninety five. Do you notice trend towards evil winning you neither you to be in, and certainly in the movies and television that the good guy always want it didn't matter. You didn't have to like hold your breath so hard. No, it used to be the production quota. Hollywood specifically that bad guys couldn't win bad guys could and also of you. If you even hinted at committee like adultery lightning, was
strike, you did a lot of very strict rules. What I think that's happened now, and here I guess I have to contradict myself, but only back and think that something changed for the worse is that we use evil as almost a kind of pornography. That is this a kind of titillation and fascination. About it. It's not. The literature and great art did not deal with evil. You couldn't have drama without, but but the now that we use wretched and grotesque deaths in dismemberment, the Gore you're, the better and now, thanks to him,
renovation. We can do anything to a human body on screen and I think we do it more for the titillation of it. I also think add writing a lot. A lot of people in Hollywood. Think, if you, if you ve written a bad script ages, have allowed humility, throw and ate more decapitations and the audience will come see it. The feeding of that doesn't bother me. Yes, don't you think we should be ashamed of ourselves? Well, I think that I think the loss of shame is one of the reasons why this happens. It's not that I think the government should come in and tell us what we should see it shouldn't see. That's always a bad idea, but yeah ice at more than that. I think the people who produced the garbage, the people who sponsor herbage these station executives on television who put some of this garbage on the air should in fact I think I've written? I don't think I know every written. Yes, I have this fantasy, where some very important person in Hollywood gets a phone call, a really big shot from
the White House- and they say you know you're on our list for the present and state dinner next week, but we just took a look at that. Talk, show that you producer that movie and in its really discuss in the present really doesn't want you in the White House. Fantasy well or somebody else happens. As you know, you ve, given a lot of money to the charity. It we were gonna name, you humanity, end of the year, because we know that's important to you, but we ve looked at the product that you're that you're studio has put our last year and frankly, it so inconsistent. What what we think is is good stuff that we just can't do it will just have to find our money elsewhere. I know it's a fantasy right, but I'm entitled and isn't it. The reason why it is such a fantasy is because what happens as the producers and the sponsors and the people who create a lot of the violence and negatively media that you are really kind of rewarded for absolutely you rewarded, financially correct and what else
weapons is, and this is how do we change that that people don't get rewarded financially, isn't that the people will watch? Isn't that their responsible look? There is no question that there is an awful lot of responsibility has to be put right smack out there, not the least of which is the responsibility for hypocrisy. We take surveys and people say what we want to see: more high quality drama and documentaries on television yeah, thanks, like outside people, lots of people also say they re Playboy for the interviews. Do you think if something doesn't happen, if there is, if it isn't changed or so I'll. Stop that in two years the executives will be doing hardcore porn. They probably because our sense of shame seems to me that our ability to accept the most crude and violent and discouraging com,
give information we become more and more tolerant. Of that. The optimist of me says: if enough people start saying look, this is a serious dilemma. It's not that I think the country will fall apart. This is a very strong country. People have good good morals. Basically they are paid they. Meanwhile, we can survive. But the question is: why should we be taking something like television where the movies and having to survive it, it ought to be. There ought to be a lot more stuff that nurtures. I also think you can get big audiences nurturing. You can be funny and nurture you can even do smart sexy shows and nurture. You know that the good sitcoms, the ones that I like the best think they make us
which and for the people there written with intelligence their written with which they can talk about interesting issues. There not ass, he and Harriet in terms of how they regard sexual relations, but they're, not smarmy. They're not exploiting. If I can turn to what I consider that the really toxic daytime quote talk show stuff, they don't exploit the grief and pain of people for the temptation of audiences who, with a kind of people who stand under ledges and route for people to jump which that that's the worst of that stuff, don't do those things, and then people talk whether constitutional rights to say it, and yet you made an interesting comment about when, when they were writing the constitution is going where freedom of speech, nobody first of all, could ever predict what talk shows would be. But beyond that, that argument is the funniest argument of the more nobody is seen to these talk. Show host. You don't have a constitution right to do what the question is. What in God's name, are you doing doing it that's your
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trial, in LOS Angeles. You might have heard about that people, costly came up to me and say we talk about the trial, but they all. But the first thing people said was it's too much it's disgusting and by the way, did you notice that they knew every nook and cranny of that case, so sure people ITALY. People have to stop devouring, MR, what did that all mean for media, the country, people who watched? What did it all mean you're, so good? It is meant that was too much for this. Much media. Is that what I really think so look? This kind of trial would have been big news in eighteen. Ninety, five in nineteen, twenty five, it
as the Limburg maybe kidnapped case riveted the what the difference is that with most stories, there's a separation, in other words, Nightline, doesn't really care much about Heather, locker and hard copy hasn't devoted a lot of time to the NAFTA or balanced budget debate. Correct with this case, everybody wanted a piece of it and since there is now massive media coverage of everything, there are dozens of cable channels at how many newspapers, ranging from the New York Times to the to the national swab. Everybody was covering the story and and here's where their responsible we never caught up to the appetite of I couldn't believe the sport. I was sure. After three or four months, people would say that we have a life. Nobody ever did or not enough people did it just kept who's the energized bunny of stories it just kept going, go and
that's. The point that I think is one of the problems is that now it becomes more and more difficult to differentiate between what is tabloid rewarding verses. What is supposedly journalism? Nurses? What? What can you believe? We now come to the point where saga of joy, but a few go one island, auto repair guy and his misadventures is national news and he hears the part where you want to get a taxi and go back to planet earth. He became a celebrity I now he bitterly gathering, but we did that. Yes, we did, but what I learned that what I'm saying here is even granted the fact that there's an appetite for this, the folks who produce movies and television and records, I believe, have a responsibility not always to feed that up
I mean if the arguments the audience wants to see it I'm suggested. In other words, we have to be better than is it start with a powerful, rich people who control it or what responsibility to all the people sitting in this room and the people at home have for stopping it, because I'm the one I question is: is it you say: ok, that executive or whoever is putting on the talk, shows only give you an example: violent movies, that's an extension to them is an extension of what they want to see is a reflection of who we are, even if it is a reflection of the reflection of the worst of us. I am suggesting that is room for hypocrisy here, even if you secretly want to watch the stuff, you know when your heart, you shouldn't and therefore its up to people who have a voice in the media to say something about it. One of the things that bothers me disturbs a lot of you too, about news is that it seems to just continue
repeat. The problem is even Covey. Has this saying that when you repeat the problem, the problem get repeated, you see the news story about yet another postal workers goes in and shoots up the stairs, coworkers and in three days later, there's another one someplace in the United States. So what is the point? I think what we this is not the audiences response, but this is the journalist. Responsibility is maybe to trying to slow down a little and make some sense of this an arena where the news, I think what you're talking about is a feeling that you sit there and the news poured over you, I feel overwhelmed lower. I fully and then why what is this doing? For me in the end, are you hopeful? Oh yeah, I mean part of me is almost ludicrously optimistic about the world. Put it this way sounds like a paradox. The thing I'd pessimistic about is that people are not too mystic enough. They don't take any energy
I hope from the genuinely good things that have happened even with respect to the media is a lot of awful stuff on, but you know fifteen years ago, on television there was no Nightline. It was no CNN and there was no Mc Neill era and there was no upper. So a good thing is how That was when it comes to strengthening the family, I believe my next guest really has some great answers. Doktor Stephen copy is lecturer and author also friend, he's written several books, including seven habits of highly effective people and its latest Audio Cosette Series, seven habits of highly effective families, and if you following his message, could hopefully change your family and the way your family operates forever how can you began to lead a more principle filled life? I know you- and I know this, what we're trying to show its millions of other people.
That, if you allow yourself to be motivated by a set of principles, moral, spiritual principles in your life- that most of the things that you think that you you must have- all the things that you are seeking will come to you and a more fulfilling at an end in a more natural sense of abundance drive. I think that you have the first of all decide what are those principles, and you must look at all dimensions of your life, the principle of say, unity with God and unity with other people. The principle of respect for others,
for all others, the principle of integrity, so that you give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay that you're honest with people, the principle of service that you try to make a difference and contribute to other people's lives. So once you ve decided what these principles are, then you develop a kind of philosophical statement. I call it a mission statement which gives you the homework to set goals and I think a lot villages out their setting goals, goals and their claim in this latter this leaned against the wrong wall, because they haven't dealt with the deepest part of their nature. Ok, that their accomplishing their goals see, but then they come up off an empty. They often sacrificed their health or their children or their integrity. or the Spirit of service within them over the years and thousands of shows talk shows I've done talking to dysfunctional families. It seems To me, the erosion of the american family is one of the leading problems and or symptoms
all of the other horrifying dynamics that we are experiencing in this country How do we get back to it? I think that, First of all, the very awareness of what you said is almost the first step that the sea bed of almost all social problem is the break up of the American found absolutely, and I think that too, once you sense that- and you say: okay now, what's my response, a body with my family and the families that I can influence for good, so that this does not happen. The each family have to decide what is it it's kind of our family and what is it that thus from communicating meaningfully with each other and to stay close, together and they have empathy and understanding and caring about each other, because if you can't do it in your families- and you can't expect the rest of the world to reach out to each other. If you can't do that for me, You're sure said that, so you have to take care of your own initially, then you can.
Job and part of your family mission statement would be to reach out and serve other families and try to contribute sea and to make a difference. So I think that you have do in a sense, get into a state of mind with your family, and I think the beginning of the year is a perfect time to develop a family mission statement and he discussed that and interact men come up. The few ideas and write them down and how that can be done within your family right, That can be done and how important was say they family dinner is, how you gonna handle television cousin. So many families it dominates its watch three hours a towel. in a day on the average, been twenty minutes a day with her mother and five minutes day with a father. If the father is in the home, it's amazing see its is such an easy escape
from any sense, and then we ask what happened. Why is the country going running away? It's going wire, kids shooting each other in the streets. It's crazy! It's crazy! But let's start where we. are start. You know with our own responsibilities and the get focused upon this and then The key is once you have a mission statement, use it keep reviewing, go back to it again and again and again and review at nephew. Father, so what is keep coming back to it? So are you saying that the way you begin to take control is the first decide what it is you want. I think so, first decide what's important, your greatest gift of life. The next greatest gift is the power to direct that life. A couple must decide How are we going to solve our problems? Maybe you fought your family and maybe I've flight it, but let us agree to communicate
spend a little more time. Listening, we have two years one mouth we should use them accordingly, I'm honestly convinced that the greatest need people have to feel valued and appreciated and understood, and that by listening to them, genuinely listening from within their frame of reference. They come to feel this. Are you hopeful? I am very optimistic. I mass that all the time and I dont feel much pessimism or a sense, the futility of hopelessness. I guess it's because I believe that we have the power with industry Difference, therefore, don't give up on the future like it. I didn't you gotta have a shared such a beautiful story with me said when he watched his children being born. He could not contain his love for his wife because he
talks about children being born and also when people die, it's the breaking of the veil between the Spirit World and the world of the flesh. In that really, when you were born, it is the Spirit of God entering the flesh and coming into the world, and is why whose had a lot of children Sandra high. He could not contain himself for that. For that love, I was so moved by that it is so important to complete the hour. I think with my next gas very and Williamson helps make sense of such confusing times and helps us to weave together all we ve heard today with hope faith and wisdom. We look back on ninety ninety five. What is in terms of the state of the world, I think evil has been loosed. Evil has been least among us, but it can be put back into the room from whence it came. It can be put back into the nothingness whence it came. We live in a country, for instance, where AIDS cancer, violence
banality, drug addiction, they all say that the human being we're here now so you leave. You die because we're here and when we remember who we are when we owe my urgent calls a wisps of glory the trail behind us and we will remember who we are. We were on the power of divine consciousness and we will turn into aids and cancer and criminality violence. You understand we're here I love you say in illuminato, alot of people believe or in the power of AIDS to kill us than in power gotta, yes, and then the power, God to heal, and so we can't there's a line in the course of miracles. Miracles arise from conviction it the Power Myers LAW also talks about the power of words. We. yet the power to say those words. You go you dont, because we don't yet have the thought that that God is more
our vote and AIDS are witwer will intimidated by the cancer cell were intimidated by the by the AIDS virus. And was we remember that It is in our hearts. We will know this. Those things is that when you put a crucifix in front of of the vampire than by has moved back when Dorothy and the wizard of OZ, where water on the wicked witch sheet melted away, really darkness afraid of light, but we don't know that we, the light to return to our minds than the balance of power shifts. So the problem is is not evil. The problem is that we are not picking up the tools of light now. The positive aspect of wakening the positive aspect of looking around and going. This is not working means; it is the first step in our national recovery, because once we get that there is a way of thinking which does not produce the results. We want what we get their way of doing things which do not produce the results we want. Then we begin to consider the possibility
thinking and acting another way and that's what I think is breaking through today. The idea that we could do a different and once we know we must do a different in order to give our children the world we want, and we can do it differently, then I think there's a breakthrough in the sense of possibility. You know I have your prayer taped to my mirror, upset the daily prayer and love the part, dear God, into where you always abide aware. You pretty abide, but isn't it hearted so hard may my mind. Stay centred on the things of spirit is one of the lines in the prayer. We're not be tempted to stray from love, but I find, and I'm for all of you do too, as you start out in your life in your life intention, is, as mine is to be used as an instrument of God to just to be a vessel intellect whatever that power is to come to me art, sometimes and people's target, on your nerves, of course. Of course it's hard, but on the days when we meditated in the morning is not ass hard on the days, a pride in the morning. It's not as hard all the great sacred traditions talk about.
the power of mourning, meditation and morning prayers, because if, if the mind is it is it effort into the hands of God in the morning. There's a power of spirit and grace to dominate our fault forms throughout the day. So I think we have to support each other. in practice, it is hard to keep your body and shape it hard to keep all the stuff that we want, and I don't want you Illuminati. I do before even take the first super caffeine in the morning and more heed the track. I have my moments with God before that before that other stuff, I allow that other stuff, it's like physical exercise, spiritual exercise, if you do it, it works If you don't do it it again. Are you hopeful? Marianne extremely hopeful, first of all, I think, hope itself
as a moral imperative being cynical as just an excuse for not helping hope itself, as it is aware that you hold a a context of a face. If you had to. I ask your wish for what people could really get, and I know you cross the country and even the world now trying to spread the message letting people understand that we are trailing whistle glory number one, but that we are God in the flesh. The God is in us around us above us and through us. As Paul said. What would be your desire, your utmost desire for people, to get that if we all pray to gather enough deeply problems of our world will disappear? I don't know if you know this all across the country. People are saying. Mandela said this, that quite from,
until I returned to lower you talk about our deepest sphere, is our own glory ideas. There is now that we are inadequate, our deepest fears that we're powerful beyond measure through the grace of God. That's what we hide We don't high for my darkness. We from our light were hiding from our own. Why, when we think only governed spending can heal aid only that science can heal AIDS warehouse, waiting for my own life. Every time we think we have only we get the right politician. He can fix the country because, if we weren't hiding from our own lie, we would also, in the name of God, in aim of God, whatever stalking our children, my god, you be gone in the name of the we place a mystical shield of protection around our children. In the name of God, we set a drug, all drug addiction get out of the hearts and souls children in the name of God, I tell you began to, but nothing is from whence you came in the name of God. Out of our neighbour,
What's the name of God, you get out of our streets in the name of God, you get away from our children. In the name of God, you get away from our beloved from our husbands them I was my brothers and sisters in the name of God, you go in darkness, we need is told in the name of God to be gone, has to glow. That's the universal principle. Aids doesn't have to go just because science cells to go, but it has to come when God Tacit Gall and God talks to people. so that reconnection is made where we say in his name, if we just say it done after now, and if God just says it, but without human mouthpiece, it doesn't have to know when we own those wisps of glory. This is this is but one on the brink,
no words: I'm over wintry, I have been listening to supersede conversations podcast you can find a superficial on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and reviewed this podcast joy. me next week for another super, so conversation. Thank you for listening.
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