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Salma Hayek Pinault: More to Say About Harvey Weinstein, Aging and Gratitude

2018-03-12 | 🔗

After Oprah and Salma Hayek Pinault's conversation at the Apollo Theater in New York City, Harvey Weinstein issued a statement through his spokesperson in which he "deeply apologizes for any pain [Salma] has suffered as a result of his behavior or comments." In this supplemental podcast, Oprah and Salma pick up their conversation as Salma reacts to the statement and adds additional insight to the lessons she's learned about sexual predators. Salma also shares her thoughts on the importance of gratitude, how she feels about aging and the one lesson that took her the longest to learn. Salma says, "A deep sense of gratitude can be such a beautiful, powerful, euphoric sensation."

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I'm over Winfrey, welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper around us start right now are you Eddie, my friend I am so ready. Sir after you- and I spoke a few weeks ago in New York tell me there are some important points that you wanted to add to our conversation and I'm going to get to that in just a minute, but first to address your comments during our interview that Harvey wine steam threatened to break the kneecaps of that sea word, meaning you, and then we have the debate oversea being bigger than be worse and be anyway during your work together on the film Frida, your comments,
NEWS from that interview that we did last week in response folks person for Harvey steam issued a statement. That was a long statement to saying MR wine seen apologises for his boorish behaviour for some. I've heard that in an apology from him in this whole statement. Really interesting. Listen to this. He said as in most collaborative projects, there was creative friction on Freida and in this case? It served to drive the project to perfection. It wasn't an easy process and Mister Weinstein's apologises for the way he may have approached the situation? He hopes all involved can at least agree that the movie was spent Mr Weinstein's apologises for his boorish behaviour. Following a screening of Frida, prompted by his disappointment in the cut of the movie and a reason he took a firm hand
Finally, at it, MR wines never fought with Miss higher onset, and this comment does not reflect how he feels about her doesn't recall ever saying such an awful thing over the, they plus years since the movie success is higher. Mr Weinstein's daughters have had play dates, Their families have enjoyed time together when running. Each other on vacations and the two have had here is where they pitched and discuss projects such as hi eggs, asking Harvey to distribute her? the Evelyn and Mr Wincing pitching We make up the lives of others with Penelope crews, south american dictatorship nevertheless Mr Weinstein deeply apologizes to Ms Hayek for any pain she has suffered as a result of his behavior comments, Mr Weinstein's has great respect for her as an actress and producer
and thinks there are many more freedom for her to produce in the future and that she doesn't need anyone to help her she's, terrific, by herself at sea, end of quote. Oh my. I find that interesting. Fucking had interesting. Don't you yes, and I didn't tell you that I do you earned his respect. I do know that and I never asked him to distribute Everley, but I think he ended up buying it without me being a part of it. I do remember having a conversation at some point. He he mentioned the life of others, and remember saying it's a perfect field on budget, but we never work together again. The why
of the backs of apology, though that's an apology I do yet and one of the things that was painful about writing only writing what I wrote, but about everything that's going on is that I often thought of his daughters, what lovely and then why, if you see in the business I do call him a loving father, because he was he was a loving father. As far as you knew, I knew absent MR wine sitting deeply apologizes to miss Hayek for any pain she has suffered as a result of his behaviour or comments. Mr winding apologises for his boyish behaviour. Do you accept his apology? I do I do and what will that mean for you that,
there is a lot of room for change and, as I told you at the APOLLO, the ivory think it already happened. It is people are thinking about things differently. This needs a funny thing because maybe it's not for heavy on the centrepiece of acceptance. Sexual harassment, sexual harassment for women in the workplace, calm to home to delight in be examined like it is today. Well, yes, had the forward. And the scandal in all of this, and when I read that full statement I just read this this afternoon. I was like woe and any sounds sincere. Yes, it does. It have done here Is there room for forgiveness for all of the Iphone? charges. You forgive him. Yes, even for wanting to break your kneecaps or shoot
the been them. Probably why one of the many gangster saying that he talked up. You know he talk like that, and it is not right. But also were saying when you were writing your peace for the New York Times that you had his daughter is in mind. Also, yes, of course, the girl still I feel for them. I can't help it. I think that maybe this is the most painful thing for him what's happening to him most be he must be thinking of his daughters. I mean, I think, he's learn I mean I'm not I'm not justifying it. Let's not get confused, but I think of them too.
I think of them. Has your baby girl been playing with them, since all of this happened no their different ages, nor there were not play they'd, I'm in here he has a boy widow, genus smaller than Berlin Tina, and I just meet those girls in the world of thirteen and Robin I did meet them a deed running to them eventually and see them grow. I like kids, so Even in situations weight was maybe adults talking and I'm always playing and talking with the kids. It's just my nature, so that person I mean I doctor every opportunity I got and the the girl, the historic. What do you think
then too Harvey Wednesday. At this point, it's not for me to say or decide. I am more interested in what should happen in the future for men and women is not a bad one person. Out of all this as something positive, we're taking conscious of a problem that we looked away and to me that's, what's in that's the only thing that import and we have to do it with this possibility. I ask you in the New York, if you'd ever been aroused by anyone before harvey- and you said yes, but we didn't have time in a moment to talk about your experiences of sexual harassment as a girl or as a young woman. What do you want to say about that? When was the first time you would call being harassed, the first time is a very important, a memory, because I'm not gonna talk about all the terrible things that have happened to me as a woman, and some really bad ones have happened, but
it for me to learn from them and evolved from them, and I don't like to be talking about all my victimization and all the bad things that have happened to me in the public, there's something that I believe that should be private and we should learn from them and I have learned a lot from them and they turn them into positive things. To the best of my ability even it's for extra ample time for all of us, but I remember something happened to me when I was about ten, then it's not tried to put its importance. Was Lasher Flasher in Might, though, and I was walking to my house from school and these guy in like a range God bless me show me he's been out. Of course, when you have been the most horrific thing that you could,
exchange later life, but at this stage it something terrible and I ran, and I was every fire so shocked and shaken, and my aunt tat all why a door and lived with us she said to me: calmed down. Dont be afraid now these might not be the best of advice and they must be even dangerous advice, but she said to me: if you confront him again, don't don't run dont, be scare, don't act, scare. What you have to do is point at it and stopped laughing at him. And this is gonna be very scary, but you have to do it. Dont show him your fear laughed at his penis. There
but that he wants to use to scare you you laugh at it and then he loses his power because he's doing it to create this reaction. But if you don't have to say I don't you Fraid, even if you are a show him you're, not afraid he loses the power and it happened, and I did it I stopped and looked at it, and I love them. I pointed out- and I laughed I was shaken inside the reply, but I did it. Howard away immediately so powerful, because he taught me when you stand your ground and you're, not afraid because you're not in the wrong to Rome run like something terribly them. You did something wrong when you send your ground and you decide not to be afraid that power shifts from them. Do you
therefore listen lessons for a ten year old? Where are you laughing at penises or whether you're laughing in you know, from a ridiculous off? but that you ve been given the out for your business. Or whether you're laughing at racism or an insult yes or an insult Do that to take away your power weapon, Not to give it away, and I think also. This is why, I write it in my article- I never showed him my fear, my pain, a strong you mean Harvey gas help. It's not that use clean back, I'm independently is simply a really difficult to know what to do, but I do think that if they don't smell the fear they don't buy. Like the dogs, my goodness, so your aunt taught you that about men,
had she experienced harassment or been sexually assaulted. I know that you know leave it worked out, walked away? He kind of run away. I was about to tell you, but you she made me, make assigned we buy fingers. It was leedle. Even wasn't I actually battle to worry. If I d better, not I don't remember I did that much. But I don't remember telling me that I mean not even understanding really why he put his just. Do it and it works, and you know I never came around again, and so did you use that lesson for other? variances, where Dominic Many tried to take away your power so many times Would you like physically laugh or what would you do know it's just It sounds whose use a little Omar something,
what did you do this lake, the tension for the Bali? You know yes, and it worked for me. They have to be smart. How do you have to know how to do I've used with racism a lot I work because the guys on, because the superior the try to make you feel less and if you refuse to feel less, they can get their kid. Superiority, even hasten the fibers. It's a conversation simply- there is no competition nor conversation. Does you can engage the cup engaged? I can't it's the same reason: eggs. Clay? Why, when I was hate tweeted the other day by the President, he call me insecure and When asked me Jimmy Gemmill, just asked me less. I did. It ever occur to me to tweet back, and I thought not a second, not second d, give that any power, not second exactly. I find that last of all that he would call you
And you know what you are so right, and maybe he was waiting for you respond, many, never guy switch gears and talk about something hopeful? What gives you hope for this country's future? I really do think that the girls, I think that girls and women, I think that the students in Florida, for the first time we ve hardened, like never before. I think that, in fact of we coming out and talking of being hard for the first time society looking for justice for women, given people the younger generations, these girls, the courage to also pick the voice. What do you think We can do to further the groundswell movement that is happening right now. What do you think women can do to fight it, that's a groundswell. I think what we have to do I
All we have to do is take this opportunity and everything. We can do in whatever feel that we are. I think that It will be room for now people. To see our value is not just talking about it and which is important, it's to remember that it is our time too to show what we can offer to thrive and beat the best that we can be at everything that we do. So we can continue to be seen and discovered so that we can make our contribution in ideal ology, I mean all kinds of you. A friend of life science. You know, philosophy, ball. It takes in everything we need to take this opportunity and show who we are so that we can continue to be seen and once they continue to feel they know
It can take our voice away because we actually do have a lot to offer. Absolutely What about the men, because when we started this conversation, you said it's about the women and the it is the beginning of the curiosity to maybe figure out who we are for men to figure out who we are as women yeah. Maybe figure out who we are for men too. You're out who we are as women, yes, and I think it gives hope to life, because I think if you respect women is the beginning to respect life itself. We are there. I shall lie right about that, and Take a lot of guys are confused, though we talked about this data, little bit Looking at what have I done, now I said some day and cross. The line, am I gonna be next year's once you start respecting life itself. You less violent You did seashells are not so good, basically only about yourself.
What about prolonging life? Did you touch of humanity, man that hit women have to hate themselves a lot because they are coming from a woman. It's a cycle, it is a possibility for us to look at life in a completely different way: men and women. What I always say try to look for different solutions to the problems that we keep repeating. We keep repeating the bad solution you know goes. All we hear about these days is how is it such a tough time for our country for the whirl or dark time, even a scary time? Do you agree? Do you think it's Things are as bad as a lot of people say. It seems I think him, maybe in some way, but I also think that something for the real change you have to dutch bottom. We need that America was raised by most people, they know to what degree the was coming out, helps us
what is the reality of things and start a process. So we are, we are leading in really hard times. I think we'll see, some glimpses of how hard it is, I think its civil wars and I'm really worried about the refugee crisis. I think people don't really have a grasp of how big daddy's millions and millions of millions of people and were horns of all of those dhaka. Children have to be removed from the United States. I mean that will be oh, my god that won't I really am optimistic. I aboard shocked every day,
Here again, I am shocked actually every day, but I do remain optimistic, because sometimes I find in the news really sad things and also things that really moved me like. When you see a natural catastrophe, everybody comes together, so some and feeding bottom makes people come together. I mean there will be a time when we're gonna have to come together, because when well worn, meaning and the ecological problems that we're going to confront if they continue to develop like they have been we're going. I have to come together because otherwise we won't survive. I hope with Martin up and come together before late. What's the lesson that taken you personally the longest to learn in your life
the lesson you had to keep repeating, keep repeating and it took you the longest to learn and very hard on myself and not long ago. I read I detect what I want to change a negative point later battle ain't it right away. You know, but it's time for change, and I have noticed that if you really look there are things that I don't even remember that I was there before and I didn't like doing there. Because I've changed so profoundly that I don't even remember I was like that anymore and when I'm hard on myself, I have to remind myself that if I continue to believe in me and to be positive and to be kind to myself and to others when they would come the changes that I want about myself one day, it would come if you disappoint yourself, something
do you have you practice spiritual practice, a daily routine, not a when I do develop some breathing things that I do and it's not necessarily a technique, because sometimes I go with the flow and I do see the energy I've experienced amazing things through it, but he was by myself that the strongest, once I've tried different things, the strongest moments and they have com. Lately, I have experience something that you can only for magic but I dont think I can't talk about it because it will make this one of its else. Magic in your life. Oh, I know listen. I I know I like I an inside me that has nothing to do with my life, because the life is just a playground for the magical part of you through
sometimes, but you can actually go away from it and go inside yourself and you couldn't really be with yourself when you are given to disappear. Your life because we see lies as reflections of your own image but you're, not your image and that's what I call magic. We have a moment in that part of you that has nothing to do with our other, see you or how you see here if it's that moment, were you just sleep? The presence of you without any relationship to anything or anyone, died on all the evening. It or you can call it God or you know, Hazel wherever you want to call it. Everyone everything disappeared. Yes, when everything else
appears. So I was fascinated when we spoke earlier and you actually talked about the power of being. Beautiful women and the expectations to hold that beauty forever. As you grow older, and you're beauty matures and you mature and are in touch with, as you just explain, these different layers and levels of the magic within yourself. How do you see aging and beauty I swear, I'm like. Oh, my god look. I don't look in the mirror a lot. I forget to look in the mirror. I think someone like always like so creatable and so busy I dont know, the mirror, and sometimes I look in the mirror, and my God, oh my god. What and I have those moments, but overall
so are you conscious of it? Are you conscious of getting older an maturing and what that is doing to your looks most of the time. No, no, that's what I'm saying. Sometimes I do I do I go well. Maybe I should do some research, but I can't really free myself from it, which you have to be careful, because you can go company. I mean the other direction and completely we'll get about that. Bargain is to do a little less for this part of self scaring and its part of the city. It's boot. Might my grandmother used to say that it is not. That bad boy that sometimes I wish I had little bit more vanity, but I
like a load of aspects of me that have nothing to do with the way. I look. You just have to be careful that you're not comfortable liking yourself too much in that way that you believe we give up. You know I'm ok to wage unto my bad. You know what I do age gracefully I dont see. I mean I know I have other things that I'm excited about much of me in the way. I look at the way. Other people, give me I'd, have enough curiosity for life and for things I have a lot of passions, nothing too by the way I look, and I feel I been really loved- I feel loved and that helps a lot. But again you cannot relax completely off. He loves me land and when I work
I like to keep. This is actually going a little bit too, because let me tell you I could go in that direction. I could let myself just go. What do you do, take care of yours. I could do more. I could do more. I do yoga. I like yoga, but like food and worrying. Miss Carlyle, I like my car, I like sure and I don't like that. I don't get my clothes and then Get really bad. Takes me long the bag, which I already so it's it's back and forth. With the love affairs of my life? You know I love,
things, but I share some of the things that I the to pay the price the bay and I sometimes the wool Sometimes I go down, and sometimes I'm really good, but I cannot keep it up forever. This one of the things that I'm waiting for that change took up then, and they stay ball Well, I don't even have to think about it, because I'm a discipline person that is always only great the things that are good for me I haven't arrived array of that, yet not gonna happen. I'm gonna have room for a period of time. But there were a period of time now, maybe it's gonna happen. Maybe it's gonna have so at this stage, place where you are. What brings you the greatest boy and sense of accomplishment. My Merrick, because that's a great place to be in- and I know that not many people have it, but once you get there
it's very easy in their relationship a hard and mine is not Lest I, why is it not cause? You found the right person because you were the right person when you found him, because I found definitely the right person I've. I think my soul make. I think if I had found him before or hear me it, wouldn't about the same, maybe we appreciate it. I don't know- or maybe we would also maybe we would have, but it is what it is. We found it. But what we found each other and everything is there in. We complement each other incredibly well, the chemistry's gray. We have, we communicate
eight we care, I'm everything is great, but I also think that the fact that either there is conflict which usually is outside of the relationship, but we have to deal with it together, but if we don't agree on something, if there is conflict, if somebody messes up, we both have one thing in common in their personality and I think I learned to be more like that because of him, which is all the effort goes into the sea. I think, the learning the moving forward and I watched the couples that they oppose the lukewarm to blame, whose fault is it and then there's the resentment, France or modified form before and the energy goes into a direction that it's not productive. It's never about trying to hurt the other person No, no it's about learning together, conquering things together, the impatient and loving with the other.
Making sure you love the other one when you are at fault, because when you make em, Did you need extra love is. If we make a mistake, I need extra love. I already feel bad about my mistake. I'm not like defensive, like No, I didn't do anything wrong. Oh my god, I did you known saying, so. I really believe that it's when you need it, So when you need a special is Gaelic used to say to her kid, you get a special mummy hug for that. Yes, yes, when you may stopped, when you need someone to love you the moment when you don't shoot Indeed, when you fail wing and then of course, but you have, are we able to appreciate that person doing that, for you and you do when they do, then you wanna be better because it, but I love this question. I read in a novel not long ago. Your life turned out the way you expected. Suddenly people get disappointed and are really disappointed that their lives in turn up
How's, your life turned out the way you expected no, but it turned out a thousand times better than I expected now. However, instead I surprised, because we're gonna be easier for me and the harder than I expected like motherhood, you know sometimes his little things. They sometimes people. Think that mean a lot more of what is not a little thing. It's the biggest thing ever is the biggest thing ever it's the thing that either makes or Briggs or ruins I still myself every day, please god I hope I said the right being a primitive. Oh, my god. I hope I hope I made the right decision in utero every nerve racking, a lot of respect for anyone who the mother and
oh, what has being a mother taught you about yourself? There was something so simple that we ve all heard this advice, it so common. Sometimes you take it for granted. You cannot make everyone happy and when you have, because I have my daughter and then precept, children and then everything of your life, you know the war where is my friends, my cell, going from middle age? You know every the exhaustion, because right now is the day they exhaustion becomes. That goes that you have to do it.
Thing, while you're tired all the time and this time were, I find that I really an and mother who taught it to me better than anything else. It's ok not to be perfect. You cannot make everyone happy it's time to really really make peace with that you can understand it, but not necessarily make peace with it, and I think a bit of I've had no other choice and will have to make do with it. Now you do your best. Stop doing you bet, but you can always make everyone, because I simply because they keep what they're not happy. They really lead to know because they live because they are smart. Is there anything else you wanted to say, because I thought that the story is that you told me that worth coming back to the enemy before that is,
it story went about the guy. Gentle William is doing yeah, that's dead, that's worth red! That's that's worth that one. I wanted to tell you. I won't tell you one more story about three that any they inspiring, though, when I wish I had these challenge to get all these actors that were at the top of their game, for no money to do a small part in my movie. It was almost impossible. The first person I call was Ashley and I was shaking it was I hate asking for things. I do too What is that about, as I hated to I just don't like The rejection. Is it the rejection with yours? I dont want to put any the out unawares by do think. I'm trying to take it then
edge now I had that thing. You have that thing, its doors and less and because I No one asked what the when I ask. I am every fight that they're gonna say yes out of a compromise, out of guilt or something I don't yeah. So if they say no, it's because of the rejection if they say yes, I think they're about that. I'm burdening these people I was also able to make the call. I was sorry buyers. Would you play a more binding? I will be as the job was the biggest star at a time it she was. She was every one hit after another, one of the highest day, women and she was shooting, but she was a good friend and, I are still very close- have always been very, very loving and appreciative of children. I called her- and I said the other minute because a minute about the call me on
than any second, and I said ok, I remember that we have been trying to view of our free that, yes, it is his. What do you want? I was gonna, ask you gotta tell Mamma. The answer is yes, nor what was given? you could be yet is the answer is yes, I already told you they're calling me now I could. Actually it's a small part is mobility. I have no money, he said I'm sorry. I have to go just tell me where and when I am there for you, you'll have to explain to me. How do I send you the script if you want it doesnt matter and therefore you tell me where and when buy up the phone Oprah?
for our thought, through the glow, what they think about it, and I began it. What was my boyfriend Don walked in the woollen crying a growing and dry, and he was also the firmware was struggling with depression because of the movie with really struggling with the present any goes. You have to stop these, I mean you, We really have to get some help. You could not leave like these in. He thought I was hiding dry, because those who would lay the prisoner was hiding not asking for help and no
I dont know I have a hard time without in any way. I can stop. Do I see any said at very good darkened he's it it's ok. Somebody else will do it said yeah, because that way are you call him, and I said to him, nor would I be self. Gratitude can be such a beautiful sensation almost too much too vague and silver. Well me so the body while to get it out somehow, because how do you pay them back? It's not people kind, but it's like you can be such powerful, beautiful, beautiful, euphoric experience. I feel for people who are not great.
They are missing one of the most sublime station in life and he said immediately. I play Rockefeller and right now and the next friend than the next amendment and poorly favours from the government in the good will also for all. I know I complained about the hard times, but my God, how fortunate I am always implausible things that only a miracle could have made it then, and they happen to me- maybe this also conditions me better to forgive, and that is why I would say I can accept his apology and move on live go. What is the next thing? You know, let's make the next thing.
Beautiful. How do we focus this conflict, like with my husband? How do we fix it? no, we move on. How do we make a beautiful I'm better, these life, this chance this chain? thank you Selma. Thank you so much trouble you so much for that that was beautiful, beautiful mobile Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations podcast you can follow. Super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, if you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review this podcast joy next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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