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Tim Storey: The Heart and Soul of a Comeback

2019-03-27 | 🔗

In a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, acclaimed author, motivational speaker, ordained minister and life adviser Tim Storey explains why we weren’t created to live an "almost" life. Tim urges us to not let the inevitable setbacks in our lives push us too far off course, and shares how we can transform a setback into a comeback at any age. Tim mixes humor with heart, sharing his personal insights on how to remain the best versions of ourselves.

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I'm Oprah Winfrey welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now,. So I remember Quincy Jones talking about this creature who had a new way of teaching and then of my former executive producers who produce the upper Winfrey show for ten years. Diana Where are you in here that I have done. She was executives were ten years in produce for over twenty. She knew spiritual leader, that I needed to meet and it turns out there the same people so I enter.
Tim story on Super soul Sunday and I saw Twitter- was like all five hours, tweet tweet. With so much inspiration. Term story is here to tell us about the heart. And the soul of a comeback I was in Louisville Kentucky speaking to a group of kids, and I Then what do you want to be when you grow up one little kid said: Lebron James, a little girl said, I'm a princess. Another little boy said the present Because when you are little, you think most some say utmost.
There are three levels of living: almost most in utmost almost means not quite I almost with happy match dot com almost were almost lost away. I was raised in a almost family to start. My mother is spanish. Vessel data can solace and she had a sixth grade. Education worked at a place, called winches, don't catch up. Anybody ever been there. My father, steelworker, Bethlehem, steel, tenth, create education, and so when we want to combat,
Ten issues we almost got Converse Levi's, we gotta pee vice, so you almost start getting stuck in a almost life. Try that say stuck in an almost life, but then one day some people gave us tickets to go to a place called Disneyland. Also known a k, a as the happiest place on earth and as an eight year old. I want to dizzy land and my life change, because I wonder He landed. They had like tomorrow, land in frontier land and they had a bear that was sing in and then they had its small world. But when I went on its small world, I'm telling you my eyes got super giant, because I saw all these countries any connected made to the person that I was really.
The posts to be that, even though I was trapped in a almost situation, I am and most person. See the real. You will make a demand on the? U that you ve become you. Are ever created to be almost nor were you created to be most to be most means, there's a ceiling. If I was to let go of helium balloon today, even though the ceilings are so I there's a ceiling, but where you had it in two thousand fifteen, sixteen seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty there is no ceilings, But a clap, if you believe that I like that, by the black eyed peas. I'm a b b b I'm a bee. Come all right.
When you were little most kids thing ammo be imo, be they have momentum, see you can feel momentum. But you could also ride momentum. Little kids are always about playing. You got to go to sleep, but then can I play. But then you got to wake up and go to school, but then can I play yeah. But then you got to do your chores, but then can I play during what I call the discovery zone say: that's a safe recovery Zone discovery Zone is where you are. Life, not just going through life, most severe childhood was in the discovery zone. I was raised by my three sisters, my mother and I'm the youngest, and so when I was about five and it was around a day and my sisters were board. They would play the supreme and somehow
dress me up like Diana Ross, but I just went with it. Category the discovery zone, some of us at work. We don't even know we were po because we were ended. Discovery zone right. So we start this life with momentum, say momentum, it's a fort! It's it's! It's it's it's an energy in and you are thirteen and you had momentum and you tried hair styles and you got your first pair of George S genes. It's all about momentum, but then challenges start coming their description, the Bible. Says unrelenting disappointment can leave you heart, sick, unrelenting means it just keeps coming like if, if problems
Aim every once in a while, like if you're playing software watch like here's a problem. How me no ban, you can do tat in another decade. Here's another problem, but sometimes problems come one after another. I was body surfing one day I was twelve and I was sandy Beach in who why I was working on my suntan and body surfing. But I didn't know that Sandy Beach and who I and some of you ve been there the waves, the band they just come so hard and they come. One after another and so I'm twelve. I got my big ol Michael Jackson, Afro super big back in the days of soul, train come on somebody, the HIPAA. I'm sorry, I'm out their and our body surfing, And back a wave hits me Get up in Bam, a wave hits me then. Then I get back up in bed.
Am another wave hits me and then I got back up in one wave caught me watch perfectly and hit, and not my swimsuit straight off so picture Then I got a big afro and now naked and its people to be, And I see my swimsuit floaty, so you would think that the waves would stop like turned out TAT brothers neck it. Let me pick up his drawers, but the wages kept famine and bam, and so in some common action-
I've swimsuit right when I will get back. Another wavy is finally, after a long time. I found it in here. I am PLO today. Let's try that say unrelenting disappointment. Can leave. You are sick, see, see that's nice, because if your heart is sick, you heart is your core faith. Come from your heart, joy comes from your heart. Peace come for me, her right. It's all in your centre, so that's why you could be driving like in ay and as somebody can I get over and they flip you off could be hearts. It right. You gotta think
Given what your relatives everybody's feeling good and you brought the apple pie, just as they asked, but people are bothered with you, because your heart, sick. Jealous people come out of a place of being hard sick, envy, atta being heart, sick, unrelenting disappointment can leave you hard sick, but a sudden good break can turn your life around somebody. Your life is about to get so good. It's about to be we're. Come our crap like it's a possibility, so we I have momentum, said again momentum towards yet momentum. Look at me,
momentum, omby, Amby Alma, be momentum and in bam you get Eminent in Bam He's alive hit back and that many people have a set back, a setback could be a relationship who was looking so good for three dates. Now you gotta change in numbers right, a set back divorce setback, financial setback, fears,
Cosette setback in this setback. Somebody passed in our lives set back when most people have a setback watch they take a step back, didn't set back in a step back in a setback in a step back and now watch you find yourself so far away from the real you and people. Many times said in that setback. I don't mind you gone through a tough time and stay there for weak or a month or a year, but a decade, so some people say
say sit. Some people settled say, settle and that's what we're headed today, because a lot of you did a watching here today. You have been settling in your set back and you have therefore become a discount version of your self, Well, you know and understand what I've been through TIM story missed alive codes to the stars. Mr Quincy Jones says: oh really, we all been through hell, but to quote Winston Churchill, when you go to Hell,
Don't stop don't pitch a tent in Hell, don't build a holiday inn and he'll come on somebody. Don't even put a Ritz Carlton in your he'll say it say so, don't sit, don't settle, see a lot of people watch, they settle, they settle and then they feel sorry for themselves and their their voice goes down. Have you ever noticed that when we're going through things are boys comes down? If you only knew what he's been putting me through.
Little kids, when they start in life, they got a shout when Miss Winfrey with interviewing me for superficial Sunday. We talked about this thing that she liked about. Sometimes life will not the shout out. You see some of you, you started with a shout when you started in this life. There was a shout. You never see. Parents coming into the kids rooms pop up the volume up in here
pop up the bar you up here, because kids gotta come on, we played with a shout, we dance with a shout. We parted with a shout. We had a shout but live, can not the shout out of you and now you do to please sit sit. They settle to so many people settle in settling settlin feeling, sorry for yourself nurse in it.
Carson it every Hersant come on come on, come on, I'm Obi, AVI Bobby. I was in Washington DC and I was speaking at this conference in these two little girls came up to me and they look like Venuses Serena and they will do little to new versions of them and they they their braids in the here and they had white beads likes Venus. Three. They used to have back in the day, and so these little girls came up and I found out that one was five. The little sister was three and they came up and they were shaken their heads. What they were gone, You can hear them and their parents going I'm talking to MR story, and they just cable
So then, I said: shake your head, shake your head, he and they and there we are doing some adult talk and then they said, hey Sir, said Sandy As it shake your head here, take a hit. And then I noticed, as they walked away They said to each other, they said say: Lucifer that shape Check your here take what you point TIM Store, I'm trying to tell you. We cannot stay. Stop we gotta have those shake your head moments. Well we're not in the mood rigour get out get out back. Somebody clap, like you, gotta, get back
come on now. You don't know? What he's done to me? Shaking taking take your mom. That is a good signal Take a here too. That is the envy the other day, and I just went. I'm all shake my say, sit saddle and some people know people did have cemented themselves. In a setback has amended them there.
They are what I had a good life. Had it not been for your father come some people set. Some people settle some people cement themselves in seventy cut these are the world too. Sometimes, eighty thousand people at a time I tell them, while you're feeling The sting of your setback, God is preparing. You'll come back, somebody clap, like you have come back, is on its way come on. You're about to come back to you about to combat back.
See but I come back is not a go back. Ok seek, as some of you have had a setback, and now you're gonna try to go back and fix it all with accuracy. This then I'll be all right come on. Then, if I can fix this, no comeback is not a go back. That's pass! Forget about the former things and do not dwell on the password behold. God is doing a new thing. There are new things happening for you, you're alive about to be incredible, clap your hands like it's about them.
I got my attention. You got my attention to. How do I do it? A good idea. Come back is three things: it's God, it's God, Bree. Whether you meditate, whether you study, whether you like open you, go outside in your beauty,. Go home and you meditate, and you think I gotta. Come back. Is God breathe when the wrong? The breath of God comes into your soul?. I'm with prisoners, and I said you just meditate and let the breath come in with people. Back from war, I said: let the breath come in with entertained. Is it you know that are in trouble. It said let his rap come in sea. I'm back a comeback from God. Is God breathe? when he breathed into
Can these people they were, they were blowing up a balloon and it was at this carnival in that they blew up watching than the arm came out Bam and then the lake came out Bob. In that they blew up watching than the arm came out, bam and then the lake came out Bob Bam With a low and then they kept blown, a ban, the lake came out there and that's what's happening to you c c c d, I need to breathe new life into and you're coming back and you're coming back and you're coming back, clap your hands like you're, coming bad come on you
Chickenhead chickenhead, a comeback, is God breathed, say breathed got inspired, saying, fired its God endorse a endorsed, see if God be for you, who can be a not everybody's, going to be excited about your comeback. There may not be a portrayed, could also body there may not be a party, it does a man because gods opinion me makes man's opinion irrelevant metabolism. My life life.
We'll come at you, but it still good, there's two levels of living: there's the recovery zone and the discovery zone. The recovery is we're all being healed from something. How many of you would admit, you're being heal from something you better. Lift your hand or your life in railways, hall. Say that say: recovery. But you are never meant to just stay in the recovery so because that wouldn't be called life. You are to recover and discover at this, time. So, even though we are be healed, we are living life today, fully present fully feeling fully alive. I close with this.
I dont know how to cook yet so I went to this place called Chile's to get myself the old timer so go to Chile's to get old, timer and I was excited about it cause, that's not how are usually, but so I wanted to get it. So I got the old, Chili's to get the old timer and I was excited about it. Cuz, that's not how I usually eat, but it's so I wanted to get it. So I got the old timer and I got myself some fries and I got of a drink. But then I realized that had an appointment the next day and I haven't of gas. So I went to the gas station and there was a brother african american young guy. Here out there and he is asking for money and it was discussed, and I say this is called out here- I'm gonna give you a lot of money, but I gotta hear your story, so you have to hear speech so get him. A car I'm going to give you a lot of money, but I got to hear your story is so you have to go to speech so get in my car. Somebody say it's time for you come back here,
Little did I know that his mother had been praying for him because he had a problem with being skits frantic and he was off his medicine and he had come from Nashville to allay to become an act. But he was off his medicine and he had been wandering the streets for a month. The all better pay attention. So. Mother had been praying that he would get a breakthrough and so now he's asking me for money I'll bring them in my car and he's sitting in my car. So I start talking to him like where you from and and and he eat, he's a little off and then the first thing he says is he goes what's in the bag. I said that the Berger. He so I'm kind of Hungary, You got a member, I was hungry. First member, So I'm ok Your brother man, I'm trying to get money for the breakthrough. It are you up.
I give my hamburgers eat my hamburger in front of me and then he says what have I smell so amounts, as are those of some prize. You took my prize so watch this cause. This is ass, the kids in a setback, but the mother is praying for the come back, but it takes somebody who's, not just feeling sorry for themselves see if we can feel sorry. For ourselves that we cannot be an agent of chain for somebody else see God will always deliver his deliver ers. We are deliver earth, clap your hands. If you're here, they're coming. So I have set up somewhere It's a set up,
it's a set up, the mammoth praying and that for the kids out of it, no one paying attention that somebody's child. So I sent him what's the problem go on. He said I'm off my man, I don't know where I am. I said, given the number gimme your mother's numbers. I don't I don't know arrival I dont know thereby set. You said you from Nashville since one five and then he goes five seven eight they started give me number that was not by accident that that was not come on people.
That was not sit in. What do you care? Could I've been through my own here? Why did you care because I've been through my own pain, I can't leave. I can't leave that kid like that. Pantry was the number we call the mother and votes you God. I can't believe this is happening. She's IBM prayer, the family brain, we didn't know he was dead, he's off his medication. We get him to his aunts house, who was only three blocks away, see sometimes we go through stuff
But, thank God it did not. Leave you better. It left you better. It's time, for you come back. Thank you very much. Winfrey and you ve been listening to supersede conversations the pod cast. You can follow super soul on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you haven't yet go to apple pod, CAS and subscribe rate and review of this plant guess join me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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