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Wes Moore: The Difference Between Your Job and Your Work

2019-06-12 | 🔗

In a live appearance at UCLA’s Royce Hall, New York Times best-selling author, Rhodes scholar and decorated U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore asks a powerful question: “After years working at the same job, have you ever realized you've just been going through the motions for as long as you can remember?” Wes shares how he believes we can all discover and pursue our true life’s purpose. As a combat officer in Afghanistan, a White House Fellow and a Wall Street banker, Wes discusses his journey of self-discovery, which led him to walk away from financial success to create a more meaningful life.

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welcome to supersede conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gives you can give yourself is time taking time to be more fully Present your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper The round us start right now Our next session is with a road scholar away Ass fellow and a best selling either I first met west more seven years ago on the Oprah show a bit so many people there. I was so impressed by him threes, intensely a personal writings and so much of his other work. He shined and unflinching. Light on how environment and circumstance and personal will can shape the trajectory of our lives Where's the session is title: the difference between.
Your job and your work. Nothing less than thank guys. The mornin it is absolute distinct honour to be here. I am at this moment brings me back to normal that happened years ago, when I remember I was sitting on the New York Subway, the train, and for those yonder who know the New York Subway is kind like a sardine. Can you know whereby pack them right, but this time was actually really quiet. And the reason is really quite was because it was around ten thirty a night, and so they want that. Many people on this train.
And it's one thousand and thirty at night and was just coming back from my job that I just spent fourteen and one slash two hours working at that job was almost re. That job was as an adult why just come on board and I was learning about all this. Stop and learning about swaps and exotic derivatives and convertibles, and I thought that was a car and it wasn't- and I was so proud to have this opportunity- be there because it was a space in it was a place that everybody told me it was the absolute right place to be But everyone tell me: how probably were that I was there when they said you know. Amazing that you're doing all that working during all this stuff The wheat and even really understand what it was, and I remember once I had a conversation, my grandparents, my grandpa, It was a minister up in the South Bronx. My grandmother was a public school teacher for twenty eight years.
And I remember once a when they go see them in all these jamaican delicate sees. My grandfather was Jake. My grandmother's born in Cuba came from Jamaica, so we're eaten like ox tail and Aki insults, fish, Currie, GOAT. Right and I'm eating all this stuff of my grandfather kind of says to me in between my bikes, and he says. So. What exactly do you do? And my grandmother kind of save me and she stopped- and she said dear, you know, is a banker and then she says in fact I wanna go. Tell Miss Johnson to go to her checks with him, Miss Johnson was there are eighty year old, next door, neighbor, Miss Johnson and the checks that my grandmother was talking about was Miss Johnson, so security checks.
My grandmother didn't understand that, if Miss Johnson enemy her check, I won't even know to do it. My grandmother didn't understand that it miss Johnson came down in my office to hand me her check. Security when a veteran of the building. That was my reality. This place it everyone must. So Proud of me being there, because it was just so different, so foreign so excited for many things they had known before and especially why that matters is having understanding about where I came from and how far I came. How far I'd come exactly thirteen point two miles because thirteen point two MI from my office down a Wall Street with the neighborhood in the Bronx.
That I spent much much harder than thirteen point two miles from my office down on Wall Street was a community. There was chronically under invested in, and then Shame about it is for everybody who came up in a community, we knew it. Thirteen point two miles from our office was a place in a space. With this idea of hope, and this idea of expectation, completely paralleled one another and to place that I've begun, and I began to realize that we all of us from our communities that we are not products of our environments, but that we are products of our expectations. And at the expectations that we all have ourselves, don't come from nowhere. They come from the expectations of other people, have of us and we internalize them and we make them around. Thirteen point two miles from office was a place
we're at eleven years old for our first I'll, hang customers. So you have to understand, you know I love my mama more than words can even explain my mother raise three kids on our own she's. Actually here today,. And are not praise God, for her are really do nothing, and by my little sister, who I think is what my beautiful assessing hiking said it where she said our mother war sweaters, so we could wear coats moment of sacrifice everything Fergus. But even my mother couldn't keep us away from this reality of what we know and so on had this chance now to go work and I'll. Try to forget what I wanted to do, and
same as you have an opportunity to go to Wall Street son. Take that you a chance to go you all that kind of stuff and now is likewise a great opportune, because you know that pay me a lot of money and I could work really. Smart people And they pay me a lot of money and our we're at ten thirty that night feeling like first along, I felt like I was in a place and I was in a space. Wasn't like I didn't belong because I felt like it. Oh, I don't belong in this environment because, frankly, one thing I believe, deeply and believe in with all certainty is that I'm never in a room that I don't belong.
I'm not no room that I in my there, because someone's benevolence or because someone social experiment, I'm in that room, because I belong there right, but. I feel like I was in my place, not because this was a place that I didn't belong in, for whatever reason it was a place that I felt like I was in being fed by the environment that I was in more of this episode after short break today, The pursuit of supported by better help, if there's something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals better help online counselling, can help better help offers licence professional councillors poor specialised in issues such as depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, anger of family conflicts, algae BT, Q matters, grief, self esteem and more connected. Dear professional councillor in a safe and private online environment and get
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That was called random and it just play random songs, and I had like two thousand songs on it. So every once in awhile, you just hear song that you hadn't heard in a very long time right- and I heard this song that I hadn't heard in in like years and was by a woman by the name of Lorn Hill. And so for those who know loan hills a hip, hop army artists she put together called the Miss Educational Lorn Hill weights, May I ask where you can just just Lily just sit down push play and let the whole thing right right. That's how powerful is album was and am listen to this out, and it was number fifteen on random risings having to tell typewriters number fifteen and then candidate. There's a scratching record.
Comes on like what you wanted to feel Oswald, and then I don't know where her beautiful, beautiful voice comes over. The record I felt like at that moment, Lorn was singing to me like she's. My first celebrity crush right, and I'm way on the couch and Laurens talking to me, or I felt like I found myself so often trying to find my peace in my business card. I felt most of China find my piece in the fact that when I met people- and they asked me what I did that- hopefully the answer that would give them with something that was interesting enough for them to continue the conversation, better. Forget my name. Thirty seconds later, I found myself in a place where I was being called a tie.
Asked where I was actually valuing my worth by my employer. And every time I try to be what someone else thought of me. So shut up. I was unable to achieve, but deep in my heart answer. It wasn't me Swann my mind to define my own destiny, David Gravers, a anthropologists and he's an activist, and he once made a statement where he said huge, us of our world are currently working in jobs that they secretly believe should not even exist. The moral pain of that reality is severe a scar across our collective soul, or I find
I sell China find my value in my job. What I didn't understand was I needed to find my value in my work and there is a difference because a job was my occupation. My work was when my greatest passions began to start overlapping with the world's greatest needs, and I chose to do something about it. I chose to start going through the process of finding my work, and so the work that we do now is very much reaction to that process. The work we do now is very much reaction to that journey, because one thing I believe about the work that we do it. The work that we do is not something that that's not a conclusion. Our work is our journey
Our work is a process of understanding how why were we hear and how do we then fulfil that lane and fulfil that purpose, to making meaningful and worthwhile we're ever here in the first place, and so I've been started going through the process and started studying and understanding, and I but are realising that actually going in finding my work really came down to three different things. Every time I wanted to find my work, I had to go to the icy you, not the intensive care unit. First thing I had to do was I fine, then I had to classify and then I had to unify, I had to go through my. I see you to find my work. First identify identify the fact that your work is not someone else's work. Someone could give me the most impassioned speech about why this thing is really important to them, but if it's not something make, your heart beat a little bit faster.
It's not your work, you know how people, whether whether it is no veterans issues or whether it is reform in the criminal just. System a whether your issue is education or youth or seniors or the environment whatever it is, the identification of your work becomes a very personal process. I people come, it's means like Wes. Listen, I can really help, but can you help me. Take for the Eastern Bay Hour ago. Listen, I'm Eastern Bay. I need help and much respect if we believe in the Eastern Bay. May I think, that's a beautiful thing. It's not my work. I wish you the best love it's just not my work. The identification of that thing. That makes your heart be just a little bit faster and under training that your work is a very personal processes.
Not about the issue of the day. Is the issue of your life calcified that the goal is not to start something. The goals to end something more of this conversation in just a moment. Support for this episode comes from W g. You you wanted, Of working until you reach our goals and neither will w g you it's why they ve created an online university for people whose ambition never rests. Debbie achieves innovative competency based learning model was designed specifically to fit in the lives of busy adults. W G was non profit and surprisingly affordable, offering bachelors and masters degrees in business. I t teaching and nursing you can move through the material you already know Spend time learning what you doubt, which means the faster you demonstrate what you know the faster you finish its also. About half the cost of most other online universities? You can graduate with far less debt or none at all,
w G, you graduates, work in positions of responsibility for leading companies like Microsoft and Amazon and the government. Get your sixty. Five dollar application fee waved a w g. You don T, you slash super soul W G, you don t. Do you slash superstar, often far from people its main alike, listen Western! I'm I'm thing about starting now if the very first piece of Advice- I advice given- is don't start nonprofit organization yet understand. What's out there really do your homework in your diligence. To forget. What's going on here is the truth. There are currently over forty thousand organizations in this country right now that Sir Veterans, what we call the episodes veterans, bring organizations over forty thousand organisations in this country call themselves vs owes. I can tell you right now the person who worked very actively on these issues. They are not forty thousand issues of veterans face, but we
forty thousand vs, those who are all working to help this cause. My point is this: your goal should never be to start something. Your goal should be to end. It. And sometimes that doesn't necessarily mean founding something sometimes dazzling pulling something together, because the truth is, I know, people who bring their work to their job every single day. I think I'm a man Derek whose a barber overrun was born, more, who came up and is one of the toughest areas and less Baltimore who now still has its business and one of the toughest areas and less Baltimore. Now his his job. Is that he's a barber? His work is that he is passionate about education, particularly for young boys and
for young boys of color, so when they come into his barbershop in its all normal throughout community. If you coming to miss Derricks barber shop and you bring a book, you can get a free cut. I think about people like Yolanda who her job she's a make of artists and she's a beautiful make our borders, but her work is helping women who are victims of. Plastic abuse and what she does. She takes her talents and she takes her gifts and she will. Just physically help. Also, morally and spiritually help women who, at that time and at that might be the lowest point in their lives. And remind them of just how beautiful and worthy. They are when someone else to rob back from them. I think you're, like about women like LISA, who works as a corporate attorney, but her work.
Our veterans, and so she goes around her office and goes to all the big corporate lawyers who have suits that they brought hang warning years. She goes and collect suit, shirts belts, ties etc, she gives them and works with an organisation that are made. Show that is veterans and are transitioning out going to look for jobs that they can come out. Look the part when they're going for their job interviews that this is not about starting something. But it's about ending something, and the third thing: the? U is Fi, this idea that the people who you are trying to help make sure that they are part of the conversation and not just subjects of the conversation. Nonmember one's work with a university who is taught my all things are going do inside the community that they call home and they are like. You know we have all these.
People who are working on our advisory committee and they started put all these names they have, and we have the foremost experts in urban development, doktor, someone so and so, and so and acid Manna sounds great. So how do people from the community do having you're working group and they kind of looked at each other in their life But we have doktor someone soda. If you're not, making sure that other people are involved in a conversation, particularly people were Your work overlaps in your work aligns you're. All tourism will be seen as something else. Your ultra wisdom will be seen as paternalism. We know that when we go through this process of the identification of our work.
It comes with a space and it comes with an urgency. You know when I was coming up- and I was sent off to middle Harry school. My mother thought that was a good idea. For some reason. It was mama And I remember we had this colonel their guiding colonel Billy G Murphy, who is a threat on Vietnam veteran. He was come on cadets and is due as tough as nails. My plea Second, we only some small once and I think it was an accident. We saw a small, but we love because he loved us But one day he called the entire core cadets together for evening formation, which was weird, but it was eight o clock at night on a Sunday night and we notice that he was losing weight really quickly. In fact, the uniform that he was wearing. It will start to fit so big that it actually started even look like it was his father's uniform awesome.
Any tall call the entire cork it s together and we were all sitting inside the pews and he was standing up in the pulpit and he got up in the pulpit and he told us that he was diagnosed with cancer and that he had to leave school. So this, in essence, was his farewell address. But he said some does that day, that I will never forget. He just looked over us and he said when it's time for you to leave here where there's time we leave this school, where there's time we leave job when it's time we leave your neighborhood or when it's time for you to leave this planet. Make sure that it mattered that you were ever even here make sure that matter that you were ever even here, because none of us have promised anything. We're not promise more days or weeks or more years. No one is,
tat me on the shoulder was like you know it was. You got six thousand farmers fifteen days left you can pay for self right. When you see people like you, I'm a gets it at once I get promoted. I'm a gets that once I get tenure, I'm a gets it at once I retire. I'm a gets that what's my kismet about who is promised to anything. So the only thing that we know is that, while we're here, let's actually do something with it. The why we're here? Let's love, you must love a little harder. While we're here, let's push and let's put a little faster while we're here, let's give and let's give a little more and while we're here, let's get to our work,
Bless you guys thank you. I'm overwintering Been listening to supersede conversations podcast, you can follow super soul on Instagram, twitter and Facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple podcast, unsubscribe rate and review of this progress, me next week for another supersede conversation. Thank you for listening.
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