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Where Do We Go From Here? Part 1

2020-06-17 | 🔗

In this special conversation in response to the continuing civil unrest in America following the tragic murder of George Floyd, Oprah speaks directly with Black leaders, offering insight and tangible plans to answer the following questions: “What matters now? What matters next? Where do we go from here?” Featured guests include politician Stacey Abrams, journalist Charles M. Blow, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay, professor and author Jennifer Eberhardt, journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning founder of the 1619 Project Nikole Hannah-Jones, historian and author Ibram X. Kendi, award-winning actor David Oyelowo, Color of Change president Rashad Robinson, and co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign Bishop Dr. William J. Barber II. The group discusses the anger and pain they are feeling, the protests for Black Lives Matter and the generational impact of racism. (Part 1 of 2)

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we go from here featuring Stacy, Abrams, Bishop, William J, Barbara, the second Charles Quichua, Lance Bottom, either to renew Jennifer Everhart Nicole Hannah Joan Tebron kinda gave it a yellow, Shod Robinson. What matters now? What matters next or do we want our demands? Where do we go from here? Part one begins good evening everyone and welcome to own spotlight, and we come to you on this day, which represents the final memorial of George Floyd, this like in our own families, often we can't begin to process. What's happened. Until after, a burial or the memorial service. This is where we are now as a people and as a country talking on television, about racism. Now, for over thirty, five years and I remember was back in backing today in me,
if I was a host of a local talk show in Chicago before we have even gone national. I hadn't white, teacher on the chain Elliot, who created the famous brown, it blew wide experimenting which explores Prejudice- and I remember in that moment- recognise and seeing how little so many white people understood about racism and over the years of the upper show, I did overhead you chose on racism. I did a town hall Was a county Georgia where they had tried to ban black people and the whole city? came to away for the ride me king, beating and allay riots, and did our show from here and all had been heroes of the civil rights movement. The little rock nine and a room filled with the original remaining freedom writers. In all those experiences now I dont- we call a moment quite like this when because
We find our nation on a precipice, a true being point, I believe, and just All of you. For the past few weeks I've been talk in zooming with friends, and the same question keeps popping over and over. Is this the moment that will finally change Our country, where people recognise since gimmick, racism for the problem and the evil that it is an Those are the questions were talking amongst ourselves about. Where do we from here and what is it that we really want? I wanted to bring those conversations to the light and gather critical There is too much their words with their actions, because that is what We need next action and tonight we're gonna have an open conversation about. Where do we go from here, and I know from experience that we can't even
began until we acknowledge the hurt and the pain which we ve all seen as is and felt as visceral and just like your own family affair, that is our country. I dont believe you can move forward without calling out that pain, just like your own family. When somebody's done something to you, you can't for until that team has been called out and ignore so I want to ask this group about the collective anger. Be that the grief and trauma the tens of millions of people are feeling all at once. In this moment so I wanted to start with some of the band tonight because, for all of us watching them? the life Sheep from George Floyd's body, caused a kind of universal shock and pained
black people everywhere. We re nice that me on the neck, but I think that if you or a black man, I can only just imagine that it and more primal Charles blow. By selling author in a bed columnist worthy at times in trials, you recently wrote this and then times? You said we must recognise that to happen to live in a world in a society in which you feel that your life is constantly under threat because of the color of your skin is also a form of violence. You wrote it is a daily ambient noise vial. And so I want to know. How are you coping? your own anger and grief You have an interesting question because my Emotional reaction to these things has transformed.
It has become exhausted. I now see that the country, he's not responsive. And so to my continue, express in jail and wail of it does not get the real action that I think that it deserves, In so doing it becomes an issue is what do we do beyond because you just described the use of energy, put into this conversation, I think about all the years of Georgia this conversation, I think about all the use of all the heroes in history. Into this conversation. I think what you an image of passion or limited commodities which could I have created what what what could I do How much deeper could I have loved my family, my kids,
having a transfer their pay and tell them that today has up until now run of their friends run. So are you saying that that there is I ended numbness. That happens, I Jim, Item number. So when you saw the video for the first time police officer. Children's needs on his neck. He, what was your reaction or are you just last week? I writers, I recognise in immediately wanted document the casualness epicure signed last pushed back on his forehead he doesn't using a movement to disturb his unless some sort body that now, I noticed that, yes, there is one of their hands in the park in noting that bit where you said in never move the idea Also in that moment about the depression,
that we have a report that we're people's able relates She hasn't everybody. What take that may be helpful, but this man knew TAT he was being built before the cell to with, again and again, and she did not hear there was pressed elaborated at me. I don't believe, there's really necessarily a technological fix to a cultural problem. I think I do we have to start looking, but much bigger, then at least inflammatory moment. This is about about power. This is always about how it is just that the police, low with colleagues in this machine at the one that touches you, but they were out of the need to protect property control bodies the plan to be agreed in the beginning was this Why? conversely, the jewel
Never really recuperated from this idea of protecting the powerful property. I can fall in the bodies of people who were subject to the system and they feel that present the and they want to control the don't let it get out of here. What David, I always an actor until may: grow portrayed doktor, Martin Luther King and in the US Oscar nominated film Summer and David, I know you had a strong reaction when you saw the need on the net. He posture and emotional video tell the story of your own father and abuses against Salman, then passing signs roman hearing, cry over this when you want to say, tell us why wanted to share that view, cause of the cycle and shower it being perpetuates it penetrated and perpetuates. I am of nigerian descent. I spent a decent.
A man of my life in Africa was born in the UK had spent a decent man in my life Europe and I am now an american citizen announcement setting is here and in every way of those continents, as it retains the black people, whether its living in a post colonial Nigeria, all who were one of the creators of this evil? In my opinion and then find it out to the world of marginalization, enslavement, rape and stealing from that continent and America where this has been A four hundred year saying that ye are perpetually being victims of ice
posted it, because I had made the mistake of thinking that things would be different for my son, I say mistake because I had watched things programme in some ways and then, the knee on the neck is so symbolic so much is said Think I didn't realize that I had internalized in a way that makes it difficult for me. Function? I didn't realize how deep the wounds were. I have spent so much of the last two weeks, crying and One of the moments where that began was when I where to speak, to my son and I didn't have the words the cause. George Floyd wasn't resisting arrest.
So it's not like saying to my son, put your hands on the dash, don't become protection. Those conversations are already emasculating to basically say forget. About justice in an interaction with the police. You come home alive and everybody was watching. Who is not black? That is the information. That is, the talks at every black parent has had to have with their. Children, particularly their sons. I want to ask, but some are our leaning on the general here Yale. For centuries, women have been watching their men being hung and killed let's have a devastating impact on generation. So would you speak to that? Nepal yeah, I mean I I just want to say. Women have also been lens thinking old black women in this country and Rwanda, Taylor
killed in our own home prior to George Fly being killed, so this is bad, a collective racial eyes, terrorism against black I can see no matter their gender and really no matter their age. It is they enduring legacy almost all of us have a story of an ancestor having to escape the south for fear of being winced or an ancestor. Having been lent stormy remains. So I guess what I tried to explain that some of my writings is there. They a collective grief that black american steel where White Americans have often viewed these as individual incidents. Black Americans understand that this is part of a collective history and when we see that we always know that this
can happen to our own communities. I think that the thing that Charles is really speaking to is this weariness with the fact that it has to take something so absolutely horrified. Like watching a police officer meal on someone's neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds until all of the life is literally seek out of him or White Americans do decide, they can't tolerated any more that this is what happened with Emma Chill. This is why Doktor king had the brain children to the children's March, because they are the sense that White Americans will tolerate so much pain, so much suffering the lack of black Americans having their civil rights and for that then ship until something so agreed as horrifying fine occur that they can no longer be in denial about that, and I think we're just tired as black people, of having to prove our humanity. Only
and the most inhumane thing happens to us. If I see you nodding, my thoughts this week have been around. You know been sick of this, conversation, as you know, the ask or demanding for you now trying literally being conversation about this not from a place of I don't know black militancy and from a place of personal Exhaustion generational exhaustion with the idea that Our attention has to be on. Problem solving this inside of a framework that was built for this very very moment, broken system. We built this way is built to function. Exact
as it is. So I built disingenuous for us as a society to act as if we are suddenly horrified when you know everyone has participated in this benefit from it, not for years decades. Centuries younger generations, and so what I've been trying to interrogate for myself is how, we do not protect ourselves survive in thrive without having to engage in the same conversations, and that's what I'm hearing everyone say these. Conversations that our ancestors are elders have had. I think so. Much of those conversations are centred on money. Educating caucasian people to the trauma you don't blocking after what it is you know, making sure that they feel and sustain that outrage. All that has a place in its valuable, but
we look to history. We know that their actions to take, I can sit outside the framework of permission outside the framework of scheme for that outside the framework of handholding folks through a process that it seems. Never quite takes hold it s. My we're all. My own work is to try to break out of the car, dense education of folks into really ass white folks, who feel deeply about this issue to take on that labour where themselves. I know a lot of us have gotten called emails and texts and comes be here and interviews in that kind of thing. The bats taken to Charles wait: that's take in time away from work that way it could have been doing another area, and so I just don't want to, all into that mistake- and I feel like this is a moment to to refrain it into our energy in a different direction. He's episode is supported by ivory.
Ivory has been caring for families for over a hundred and forty years, using pure and purposeful ingredients to make products. You will love and trust. Their new moisturising body, watches and gentle deodorants are free of aluminum baking soda caravans and violates their effect of affordable and gentle enough for everyone, you can find both the ivory moisturising body wash and gentle deodorant in stores or online from your favorite retailers. Jennifer ever harder, Professor Cicalas Stanford University answered the book biased. Uncovering the hidden prejudices shapes. I see you Your beer view you wanna get in this conversation, hello hello, hello, yeah. I just want to get into the conversation to talk about pain. We feel paying more, but researchers have shown that our pain
there is less to other people, and so no public health researchers, for example, have shown that when the police, a chill and unarmed black person, it takes a toll. The mental Health of African Americans, not just in that community by across the state, and that mental told can be felt up to three months later and we also know from research, tat, black people, young woman. You suffer eel, others are more numb, do our suffering in n. Even medical professionals actually are more. None too are suffering, so I wanted to get anywhere tat ever Iraq. Isn't it- very much like in the days and Jim Crow, when black men would be launched and dry through the town as an example for other people to see why
watching black man be shot on camera and nothing happens is is it? Is it triggering thing? It's like what David was saying and watch. I was saying it- you know, there's this there's this memory that we have a of of everything that gone on in the past, and so when this keeps a courier, it is re traumatized. Is it not? It is, it is definitely and the fact that the brutality right that were exposed to that we're targets of just leads to more brutality, because the numbness comes from thinking African Americans actually can withstand more pain than other people, and so on and that's dealers, research by us off each other from water and other, is showing that this. This idea
of you. No black people up having a hard life right. It makes them more hard and soul when there's paying visited upon us or our bodies, people don't feel that we are as follows: pain as as other groups, when you when a black mother loses her son it was the same as someone else was a person who is not of color losing their son? They can't remember what you're saying they can't and when it happens over and over it. Actually, the numbness rose, son or daughter. I want to say, son order for pressure Abraham Ex can be as director of the Boston University Centre for racist research in the best selling author of how to be an anti racist which I hear all the books are sold out. I tried to get some descended from he's from Amazon, you can't get it for three more weeks, it's out of print. That must feel ok in this moment, but you say
you're both enraged and energized. Now why aged because I'm a human being a black. You indeed I know that people are dead right now, simply because of the color of their skin, know that people view of black. People as dangerous, which is quite possibly be most danger throughout this time. I think we're seeing precisely why, but I am also I am also being fuelled by the resistance by people of this country. My people all over the world who, declaring that black as matter and hopefully, who are also seeking to push for transfers. Policy change so that black lives can't report even so, whenever people resist it all, Excuse me always brings me a shy.
Robinson, is President Cholera change its the name largest online racial justice organisation, and I know but you are accustomed to deal with injustices, but when you first saw the need on the neck tape. You must have felt that not what has changed its it's complicated. I you know: there's a mixed feelings in all of this is yes, we continue to do But these issues day in and day out, but I do recognise that as someone who was not alive during the civil rights movement, there are phase in which things have changed- and there are ways in which our engagement in reaction to these issues have changed after the matter is that we are not going to change any of these things. Our changing the deed, underlined structures, the ways that count journalism and corporate. Our work in the ways in which so These systems are designed to protect systems and black people in their being I'm sort of part of
the tools of this being being at the end. The tools of the state if we believe that this is an inflection point, when we actually have the two things to up end those structures. Then we actually happen. Asked in demand that get us to that. As a part of all of this is putting the energy on the systems that harm and hurt us and the thing about paying the thing about this sort of moment of paid. I do believe that it will be- searching for what to do when people are searching for answers I'm activism can give people an outlet. It can give people sort of that ability you want to get in body, can help people answer questions We can never mistake the presence of visibility for these moments for the power to actually change the rules and far too often we yet these moments, where alone, of attention on pay some newspapers shout out from politicians in the social media age, lots of retweet. We mistake all of that,
this for actually getting to the place where both the rim anyway, it was changed but being able to start getting more people in motion around that will help us, as part of this, is continuing, will the ball about what is acceptable and what is possible. Leveraging the sort of deep engagement of people to actually make good on this, with that were in. Thank you for that mere bottom. The mayor of Atlantis sitting where the population is over fifty percent black We saw you at that press conference and I know every black whether watching was feeling you and that moment. Let's take a look, a few minutes that, above everything else, I am a mother. I am a mother to for black children in America, one of whom is eighteen years old. When I saw the murder of George Floyd
I hurt like a mother would hurt, and on yesterday, when I heard there were rumours about balance protests Atlanta idea. What a mother would do. I call my son- and I said where are you I said I cannot protect you and black I shouldn't be out today. Well so let's be, about the anger in your own family in your city, mere bottoms welcome, thank you and, as we were Perry to come on I reached over and my dear store and I pulled out some papers that I keep nearby by my grandmother's grandparents, and these are their slave records and document and I've been calling on their strength a lot.
Sweet, because a question that I find myself compelled to answer not just for my children both for our city is how do we get past this anger and I keep thinking about grandmothers grandparents and they were freed slaves in how could they get path here? radiation and hurt and anger and the only thing that I keep coming back to is that they believe there were something better for their children and their children's children, and that's. Where we are in America, we ve gotta, believe in word, and indeed that there's some. Better for our children and our children's children, and it's very simple for us to look at what's a very simple problem. When you see a man getting killed and murdered in a street, that's a it's! A simple problem
that we're looking at someone was murder, but then that solutions are equally that simple, theirs though much more layer and uncomplicated, and so I think it is incumbent upon us as leaders we ve gotta- be able to give quick deliverables to our communities, but the longer term solutions are really. Where do we, or from here. How do we undo this systematic racism that we are having regard repeatedly? Having conversations about and it's very frustrating to me because it may. I feel as if I'm supposed to have some answers right now today, because that's what our communities are asking for, but as a mother and as a mayor, I'm I'm I'm struggling. Was with finding solutions as well, and I'm feeling
a whole range of emotions, just like the rest of America, but something else. I've called upon this week. Upper wishes goin back to the civil rights, man and looking at how did they move forward, and I pulled out the appeal for human rights that Rosalind Pulp and me an Smith and students when their landing university centre created an they created a framework in the document, and it said these are our grievances, and these by their solutions that we are looking for. Another conversations we ve gotta have going forward Well, you know I started having those conversations is weak with friends, EVA David, about exactly that, whatever grievances. What is the asked, which is what we want to get too later in this programme, or certainly by to Morrow, and I think that is
the conversation really literally. Where do we go from here safely? Abrams is the founder, the Voter advocacy organization, fair right? You just released her new book today. Congratulations on that and what a pressyur title our time is now and obviously you were writing that before you knew we were gonna be going through this, but what your perspective on the anger and the pain, and this moment I call back to both Asia and Russia. This is about power. These are structures that are doing exactly what they were designed to do to create and protect power. The challenges is Charles, pointed out grindin. Action point where the those who should own that power is changing, and I think that we have to recognise that regional differences that are in this, with us there are those who fought simply in the conversation there are those my generation, you watch, expand the conversation and vision,
people, don't even know what the conversation is, because it's been had about them and not with them. I think one of our opportunities is to think about the rate, and the anguish is real and region give them space to feel it. What we are grappling with is the fact that these all confluent moments happened at the same time- and I want it- we'll find not only what Nikkolon Antigen said about Guyana Taylor Let's bring in a mud armoury, but let us not forget that of the hundred and ten thousand people have died in this Read this year from covered. Nineteen, a disproportionate number of black- when we talk about forty million people losing their jobs, a desperate fortunate number or black talk about access to health care, a disproportionate number of low, who are suffering in their homes from covert nineteen or worse,
we're going to their jobs being exposed to people who do not care about their lives, are black people, and so I think we also have to recognise that wall. George Floyd's horrific murder was a catalyst we are dealing with it a conference of events that all demand action and I think, He saw in that moment of that b on the neck when ice. Video where I was reminded of is when shows go in four dear, if you ve ever gone Things are seen hunting up and I know how to shoot. I don't do it, but I know but I know what you do and that's good. That's what a hundred as on the neck of the deer waiting for the life too, about waiting for the fight to about and our moment right now, is the power is shifting, the demographics are shifting and the he's in for our time is now being the title of the book is that these are instruments that are putting being put in place to put us in our place,
and our responsibilities to understand those instruments understand the levers of power They won't give them to us to rest them from. What use them against us, because this is our country to end it taken over four hundred years for us to amass the numbers and the allies shit make certain that we don't have to sit with the systems we have, but can build new systems that do what they should. More of this episode after short, break he's episode is supported by better help if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, isolation or depression right now, you are not alone better help offers online licence professional councillors who can help better, Help counselor specialise in issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, relationships, sleep trauma? Anger fan way. Conflict elgiva! take matters, grief, self esteem and more connect,
with your counselor and a safe and private online environment. Anything you share is confidential simply fill out a questionnaire to help assess your needs and get match with a councillor in less than twenty four hours is please schedules secure video or phone sessions with your therapist ploy. Us exchange unlimited messages. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your counselor, you we request a new one at any time, no additional charge better help, is a truly affordable option and listeners get ten percent off your first month with the dust count code, superstar, that's better gee, LP, dot, com, Slash super saw talk to it there best online and get help. William! Thank you. So much the Stacey Abrams, you Bishop, William Barbara seconds of president of repairers of the breach and I share the poor peoples campaign. Oh, that, when you, the minister in charge of trying to com
Nobody else. His heart people often don't think to ask how you are doing you have seen a protest or two in your lifetime in how do you think this one is different? Thank you so much open to other other guests to hear. I think Just rage is a part of what was supposed to have rages their despair as their hope is there the midst of all this first of all Some points I just like to make racism has always death in it that racism, CS without death in this debate. Where did the genocide native people or the right says, omen of slavery and the way in which people were cabinet place, while the racism that was caused put the constitution. The second amendment that a militia was all about there. It was about using death to to control,
but in John crawled in there in separate but equal the death in what would people suffer in school We ask the screaming and there's anguish. This pay when I first heard of it three times a quick. They happen to me number one. I saw it same thing. Stacy saw the poles of the debt I'd seen at a hundred times into south when people I've seen it posing an animal was it was here with the other thing. That happened was my son watching him cry and holding him and cursing with you and Johnny because my script just tell me the more with those who, more and crowned with those who crap landslide liked to say. I think the whole country is in, because we have to look so as long as there is in scripture does tat. We call it is its and leave it to sit
the time in tuna possibly followed the so think about. Before call became, we had over two hundred. Fifty thousand people die every year. From poverty called the Columbia University and her black focused sixty one percent of all poor lower people die from part. We have thousands of people die from the lack of health care, then call the kids. We have a hundred times, people. Then we- now most of the big dive, because the state didn't protect. The first thing is opposed to it. That is, life line is the first thing the state is about and then we see this public launching this officer who operate in the main, the states, nay, literally, nothing, we're just pause and push there and take the life of those four. It is almost like In that moment, we had so much death. That was George Lord says I can't read is like a collective gas. That's why? I think we can't miss this moment
black and white brown lobby work in the last three years, the poor peoples campaign, and we can organise a volcano out of Kentucky and we ve been going out of doubt of Mississippi and one thing when we start with what racism we say, there are far too locking justices without what have we got may be mentioned three. We talk about fast, systemic races of systemic poverty, ecological devastation, Now, if you have terrible war, economy and militarization of our community and this false, more out of a religious nationalism that debt that traffic. During all this evil, and we Working with people all races, trees and color, they have decided to fix America. You have to deal with rays on cabin the black. Why brown whatever and it has to be a multi cultural coalition that Doktor king it at the end of the self Mountgomerye March, you say: avatar black and white people have the possibility of coming to gather the aristocracy end of bourbon plans
this law division to keep that from happening, because they know that the hope to break this thing. That's happening out on the streets, I think less, about these historic protesters been continuous marches and pro ass in cities all across Amerika that turned even more peaceful as the days went on, and we never seen anything like this before in our lifetimes of people around the world, joining forces, arrested, Monday in birth, Berlin in New Zealand. I don't you saw this video that went viral this week. I just want to pull a clip of acres Kimberly Jones, who just let it flat When I say why did you burn down the commuting, why are you burn down your own neighborhood? It's not ours. We don't want anything, we don't own anything.
There is, however, no, I said it's so beautifully last night, there's a social contract that we all have that if you Theo I steal, then the person who is the authority comes in and they fix this situation with the possible fixes. The situation is clearly not so the social contract is broken. You broke the contracting for four hundred years. We pledge again, I built your wealth. You brought the contract. Will we built our well again on our own? Our bootstrap thing tell such a new draft bombs on We built it and ways wood and you can and scattered us The contracts and they are lucky that were black people are looking for. As a quality and not revenge. A dna semi there today talking about lucky that one black people looking for is equality, not revenge and all
indigenous people, looking for equality and revenge. You say that so many people have been side tracked by the looting and have little regard for. True the what's happening EVA you want to speak to that tape. In this moment the sent? I sent it to you- and I I said I don't know if you're going gonna like me into this tape, but maybe you'll find things on the inside that you like, she gets a little rather badly. And I said I love the whole thing, and I was surprised It won't be back here like I like the end of it. You can do it, I'm glad you realize what you think I can handle a couple of cost carcass works to handle a couple. A maps in their allocated can handle but now I know what I like what she says. You know she has a whole and it puts haven't, seen a tape you can go on and Google has gone by, not a lot about. You know this idea four hundred years and sheep brains in this idea? A monopoly game
That's unfair! Folk! Spanish! Haven't you I won't understanding, you know the whole idea of where the rain comes from and where their privilege comes from. The disaster in capsule encapsulates what a lot of work then documentaries talk about in in in a five five minutes. I think the thing for me that around the whole idea of protest There's an rioters and looting is this: are you Toby inflated. In the mainstream media, and and some books have been trying to be cheerful apart it out. I know that, as I watched are ok, news, your LOS Angeles, it's kind of all mixed together when they are very separate things Certainly, you have folks that have said you, no gas they're losing the message there watering down the message, because you know that
protest in the day, and they looked at night. This is gonna taking esteem away from them. What the mission could be and is really invite people to think about you know if your Concern where the murder of black people by police can we did heard or shifted, because someone is taking their genes from a target. Then you gotta, look How much you cared about the murder of the black people by the police to begin with? It's as if I was gone, I care about black people being murdered, but that guy guides those shoes. So I don't know now that's ridiculous. It sounds to me So it's really about forward thinking people, people truly believe in justice and dignity for all. I know that's all kinds of feed Where do you feel that way? watch yourself, azure, azure, playing this game of respectability pilot because you're getting into a place that really
isn't bearing way off the path of what the point at hand is which is which, which starts from a place of the murder of black people by police and really opens up to an interrogation of a whole system in an omens talking about. You know that be economic inequalities that may lead people to want to go through a glass door to get a pair of shoes. No one is talking about this the sums that encompasses all the actions that were saying the truly. What sticks in my cries that a idea of If only they they didn't break that window. I would have continued to care about the staff I you shaking your head. Yes, yes, and I mean I think I couldn't not agree more- that this really does sort of yours me too, but how do we? How do we get there? How do we move because contained We have all of these forces back at you to stand in the way of progress. We will bring people together. We were
people on our side. Today, I will say: seventy million people have taken action with us in the last eight months. Over five million people are taken. Action with us and sms people always something that the folks who are coming in our alot wider than the people who come in during previous moments, like Fergus in language, remain largely, was killed. It The plan committed suicide in a water county jail when those moments happened that the influx of people of different- that's all I want is to all be clear. Gotta to be aspirational about what we want, and we have to deal with the fact that we cannot continue to reform a system that was built on faulty ground, and that was it is acting an operating exactly the way was intended to operate. We have to just rocket, and we have to do everything we possibly can and I'm hoping the political leaders will use all of their sort of night in intellect in understanding to join with us
during that out, we ve known for decades that police just report, fortunately or killing black men- and this was just the first time America and the World- saw it unfold in front of their eyes. There is a video. I know you ve all seen of that little bit by girl who spoke to a police officer and asked him if he was going to shoot her and a lot of people were astounded that this young girl, this itty bitty it'll girl, thought that she was gonna be heard by the police, because, if you are white, the police are protection. But for so many black people in this country its ingrained, not to trust the police I remember ever you, when we had a conversation and when they see us, you were telling the story of police Bing into your yard, and that left a format. Impression as a young girl, you once share that yeah they came into our backyard and would go up in the south cities. Of LOS Angeles,
they came in and I remember, coming out of the house and see my father might shroud beautiful Father on the ground. In our own backyard go to the ground by by police? tat even the description of someone who is running through the neighbourhood. He was in his own backyard and so saying now is traumatized as a young person but fit in with all the police. Aggression and I grew up with living in Compton long region than word here and away just a continuous process, it's always around. When I see police, I do not think there here to protect me, as I can work, We do not call the police if there was an issue call each other. We dealt with it as a police. Car polices is the shore away for something to go wrong more often than not or a lot of work to do in this country. Now what about black death for moments? Yes, is the police? What but but we will look back by thousands of people die every year.
In our communities from the lack of health care, one way to call it conversely, mass murder from the left living wages- and we have the money to do this if we provided help everybody thousands of people Blackfoot, would live every year. If healthcare was coming, but she got body and your humanity, but not too job well. Why is it not remember when the fort acres under meal. But remember the three most bureau hospital. It was one of the first it was after slave, rich toward the end of big business. Reconstruction. Why? Because they did not want to find something that would cheat black people. Alas, we ought to look deeper into the Stop fifty four percent of all african American make less than a living wage. We must Make sure in this moment of all these people that we don't ask what you learn, that we understand we talk about black death and west,
also and the policy solutions to that debts that debt, that that can, right now. Lastly, I heard someone the other day say What we need is to start choke holes and that destiny, we need now. We also, tat, love their people can be charged. Under foul murder that were Gayety apprehension, the prosecution and incarceration thank you bishop- I think this point by reverend. Barber is really critical and it's a point I really want to get across, which is the thinking too small
because this is really a time where we can expand on black economic inequality and that fundamentally, what we need to be addressing there was some devastating data that came out of earlier this week. That said, black Americans wealth has been stagnant for seventy years, that it would take a combined wealth of eleven and a half black families, the equal, the wealth of one white family, and that attending Carl is does absolutely nothing to mitigate that welcome. So black people will do everything right, get a caused. A re have less wealthy white Americans who have now been completed Highschool some. We look at that type of get so much of your crime at work
find us all, is the issue of poverty. So much of the societal issue that work having to deal with our issues of poverty. That very reason we had racism and the international slave trade with economic exploitation. The period of Jim Crow, the hundred years of racial terrorism with a period of economic exploitation and black people are dealing with a gap.
Where our professor Sandy Geraghty an Derek Hamilton, say there is nothing that black people can do on their own to mitigate the wealth gap, and we can do everything right and it will not change the wealth gap one bit. So I hope that, as we are, the most appalling came up. My Mama University that show seventy six percent of Americans believe that racism against Black America's is widespread and systemic. We have never, in the history appalling seen numbers that high article seventy one percent of White America's who actually believe that systemic racism is a major problem for black Americans, so we can't just be talking about policing. If I want to talk about that, we also need to be trying to put more than economic agenda
We have to include reparations, because there is no way with out actually pay reparations to the descendants of those in slaves that we can deal with the economic gap that black people perennially have seventy years of unchanged well, even as like people have become more middle class, even as by people have become more educated, are wealth gap remains the same. So I hope that we can use this moment a kind of unprecedented reckoning, other ongoing legacy of slavery, to demand not just please reforms but to demand of economic reforms that are so critical for equality. Doktor king said that the city for civil Rights ACT in the sixty five Voting Rights ACT was civil rights and equality on the cheap that why you didn't have to give up anything to allow as the right to sit in a cafe that a hard it's battle was going to be
and I'm a redistribution that actually allow black Americans to have a power that comes with well. He said that it doesn't do any good to have the right to go in a restaurant or by hamburger. If you can't afford to buy the hamburg- and that's it we're saying in America right now, and I hope that we will fundamentally be able to address that in this house, and you know what I think it so important on going in there for this hour, because I think so many people are focused, as should be on this moment and work, is going on in our communities with the police, but what you all all said here tonight is that it's a much broader issue and allowing people to see that in a way that their willing to work for systemic change is where we want to go from here. Our conversation will continue tomorrow night, and we are asking this isn't question of. Where do we go from here? Thank everybody.
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