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1016: [Part 1] Your Excuse Is Invalid by Jason Lengstorf with Roman Fitness Systems

2018-09-22 | 🔗

Jason Lengstorf with Roman Fitness Systems shares why your excuse is invalid. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 1016: [Part 1] Your Excuse Is Invalid by Jason Lengstorf with Roman Fitness Systems (Personal Development & Growth Blog)

RFS originally began as a personal training company servicing the NYC Metro area back in 2003. Through that company, Roman coached everyone from professional athletes to actors to regular folks. In 2009, John Romaniello started the site to more conveniently merge his love of fitness and writing. While it was “just a blog” at first, it quickly became much, much more. Slowly but surely, writing articles, blog posts and books became the priority. Today, RFS continues to be one of the most respected sites for high quality fitness and lifestyle information around.

The original post is located here: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/your-excuse-is-invalid/

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this is optimal living daily episode ten sixteen your excuse is in valid part one by jason like store with roman fitness systems dot com and i'm just a molly personal narrator reading blogs you mostly but sometimes books anything i think i'll help you after miser life taste post being from again author on roman fitness systems a bit on the longer size or read the first have today an unfinished best for you tomorrow before we get to a thank you to simple life nutrition for their support their company that provides organic vegas marina earlier for products which are super nutritious i'll tell you more about that after the article visit simple life nutrition dot com to learn more about the benefits and optimal being daily listeners get fifteen percent off their first order with the code old fifteen again the simple life nutrition dot com and the code o l de fifteen so get right to it as we optimize your life
your excuse isn't our part one by jason lengths dwarf with roman fitness system star come let's play game think about something that you really wish was different about your life does can be anything a new job a trip to europe better philosophy abbots now be honest with yourself here how many steps have you taken towards that goal to day this if you like my twenty five year old self to answer is probably zero wish in one hand a few years back adrian about freedom i wanted to travel the world without worrying about money i dreamed about what i would be like if i could just pick up and go and be on a beach somewhere probably my laptop against my knees sitting on ella drinks and raking in maths guerrilla brow and at that time in my life there was very little keeping me from doing exactly that
from wherever my laptop was and while i wasn't making an exorbitant amount of money i was getting by yet years crew to buy and nothing happened i kept wishing we're different life and i continue taking oh steps to get where i wanted all the valid reasons we can't midst not the right time i tell myself need to build up my emergency fund and work on systems of my companies so that i can travel stress free what if and get on the internet my business would fall apart i'm not sure how it works a traveller foreign countries what if i end up getting deported ike rattle off all sorts of reasons of the timing was wrong or that i wasn't ready to make a move yet i'm good to do it i promised myself but i can't write i'll have to consider the future right these reasons were valid to some extent my didn't have a big emergency fund i wasn't what would happen to my business if i can get online and i said
they didn't know our travel visas work for anything wanna do that's bigger than by new shoes there will likely be a perfect he reasonable argument for why we shouldn't do it thou reasons are invalid excuses i was very right to want to establish an emergency fund before i left but the proper solution wasn't just put off travel i should have been actively working to build up my emergency fund faster i could spend half hour on google to find destinations with dependable wifi another or to read through the basics of travel visas but i didn't i is held up my reasons to put off travelling as a shield against you know doing stuff when we meet challenges a reason i was an excuse as soon as were not actively working to overcome the challenge stating a reason and doing nothing we're making excuses and excuses as we all know are the fastest
you sure you end up bitter and unfulfilled how to avoid making excuses because no one wants to end a bitter and unfulfilled let's talk about how to overcome our excuses so we can not only make the things we want possible but actually start making progress on our goals look for conflicting parties in your goals if your excuses come from an actual conflict of interest my desire to travel and my dear but have a healthy emergency fund for example then it becomes necessary to weigh our priorities and make choices that either bring her goals in line with each other or allows us to come to terms with letting one goal go in favour of another bring your price it in line with each other if its bottom but try to find a way to bring your goals in line with each other this is obviously the best course of action because allows you to have everything you want i want have both a life full of travel and a fully funded emergency account travelling without the saving
this is a conflict of interests i need to bring those goals in wine if free sample i want have ten thousand dollars in the bank to give me a few months of living expenses if i were to hit unexpected financial trouble i need to solve this problem before i can travel so i need a start saving aggressively i'll put any unexpected income tax returns bonuses at work or any other money that comes in straight into savings i can also take on an extra project to create extra cash which could be a part time job running tutorials for site that pays or anything that can be done and spare time finally i need a pay myself first to make sure i'm actually building my emergency fund each paycheck when the emergency when his funded there is no longer a conflict of interest and i am free to start travelling assume haven't made other excuses choose the things that make you happiest there's always a chance as some goals are just not going to work together if i want to be a chef at a five star restaurant i'm in a face a big challenge
i also want to chase the permanent travel lifestyle if that's the case you have to make a decision about which go will bring you the most happiness and either let the other girl go or a list to be revisited months you have completed the higher priority goal if he goes on conflict and you're not making progress you're just hang around if you're not in a situation where your goals are conflicting but you're still making excuses not achieve our goals i've got bad news here either a coward or a slacker lack of action with no real obstacles usually boils down to one of two things fear or laziness to be continued doesnt apart one of the post titled your excuse is in valid by jason lying store with roman fitness systems dot com in today's world nutrition is something we often overlook is tough for me
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being feed malnourished children again a simple life nutrition dot com and the code oh well de fifteen i leave it therefore today or be emigrate a great day i'll be back tomorrow to finish up this post where you optimal life awaits
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