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1017: [Part 2] Your Excuse Is Invalid by Jason Lengstorf with Roman Fitness Systems

2018-09-23 | 🔗

Jason Lengstorf with Roman Fitness Systems shares why your excuse is invalid. This is part 2 of 2.

Episode 1017: [Part 2] Your Excuse Is Invalid by Jason Lengstorf with Roman Fitness Systems (Habits & Positive Growth Mindset)

RFS originally began as a personal training company servicing the NYC Metro area back in 2003. Through that company, Roman coached everyone from professional athletes to actors to regular folks. In 2009, John Romaniello started the site to more conveniently merge his love of fitness and writing. While it was “just a blog” at first, it quickly became much, much more. Slowly but surely, writing articles, blog posts and books became the priority. Today, RFS continues to be one of the most respected sites for high quality fitness and lifestyle information around.

The original post is located here: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/your-excuse-is-invalid/

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