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1072: [Part 1] The Longest Day of My Life by Matt Madeiro with Rowdy Kittens on Minimalism

2018-11-17 | 🔗

Matt Madeiro with Rowdy Kittens shares the longest day of his life. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 1072: [Part 1] The Longest Day of My Life by Matt Madeiro with Rowdy Kittens on Minimalism

Tammy Strobel is a photographer, writer, teacher, and founder of RowdyKittens.com. She loves morning views, tiny homes, reading, and everyday adventures. She started Rowdy Kittens to share her story and help you go small, think big, and be happy. Every week, she shares new photos, writing, and a roundup of happy links on the blog.

The original post is located here: https://www.rowdykittens.com/blog/2011/03/the-longest-day-of-my-life

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this is optimal living daily episode ten seventy two the longest day of my life part one by men oh with rowdy kittens dot com and i'm just a molecule personal narrator reading blogs you mostly but sometimes books anything that i think while help you optimize your life that's always with permission from the websites before we get to the boughs this episode sponsored by better help better help offers online counselling and therapy with licence therapists from wherever you are and around your schedule but our help is not a crisis line it's convenient affordable therapy through text that phone or video and we ve got a special offer for or listeners try better free for one week and start communicating with a therapist in under twenty four hours visit better help dot com sash optimal to get started that's better help dot com slash optimal and we think better help for sponsoring this episode for now get right to it
as we optimize your life the longest day of my life part one by mammie dear oh with rowdy kittens dark come my friend commie making faces at a stand of purple yams you know you can buy them right they have a price tag in everything she said gaze unwavering i'm thinking and i was i've been searching for this part regular variety of young for six straight months don't ask i had expected to find them at the farmers more that sunday morning and surprise joy the discovery i left me flailing about four words to fill the perfect tweet purple potatoes discovered purple learn prose incoming something like that my first since it was to inform twitter of my success and i dug around from my phone until i realize i pockets were missing the familiar wait my heart skip to beat but the feeling pass pretty quickly as i came to my senses see minutes
something these gleaming purple potatoes didn't i left my phone at home on purpose call it an experiment called a digital sabbatical moreover more call it my personal favor way to style it one of the longest days of my life i mean that of course in the best way imagined going tat light for a day isn't a new idea tammy then her weakens away from the laptop for over six months now and written extensively about the benefits of doing so taking a small came from the internet has been something had toyed with half heartedly closing laptop for a few hours at a time but i decided that morning to go all in and give it a serious attempt to experience frankly was an eye opener what i missed that sense of next there is the literal side of eta giving our phones let us tap into the internet every hour of the day but also the less tangible that since it
involved in my own digital world my friends were tweeting without me i was out of the loop does estrange feel playing but a common one in a world that has come to rely on a constant line into his virtual counterpart we ve grown accustomed constant feedback to constant interaction and constant overload every tweet every update every single thought from every single one of our digital circles overwhelming it's exhausting but is something we rely on and something i fell panes of regret every hour that i passed without the first half of that day became an exercise in distraction a stream of activities farmers it included meant to keep my mind off every exciting event i was missing in the virtual world but something changed i can't pinpoint the cause but something happened right around the half way point of my internet exile i changed i like
of the digital line bit by bite and started connecting on an entirely different level different yes better to what i gained that sense of connection not the same one as before of course a new connection this time with something different something smaller and something breathtakingly real life i connected with life that's cheesy dramatic in a little too new age for my own taste but here's a counter it's true every hour spent away from the computer every hour spent writing walking or struggling to get the seas out of a big stupid pomegranate became an hour to live wholly fully and simply mindful and happy to be so absorbed in the moment maybe that's the great big appeal digital sabbatical is a chance to peek into world every bit as colorful as the virtual one but also one infinite more manageable unlimited too my eyes
there's a nose can experience but that's a limitation of the best possible sense of the word i focus on those three alone i am left with one thing life i am left with the real world the richness all around me i am left with an experience i can really truly ground myself in theirs overload does nothing to over i'm here when i break it down to the basics the chair on perched in the cup of coffee a breeding steam beside me that girl nick regrouping in her seat like nobody's business online i know what she was thinking i know what kind of mood she was in what sort of music she was listening to and i probably know it a more facts about her that i didn't even care to know offline i know one thing she's having at the time i can fill in the rest of the blame myself but here's the twist i dont have do i can easily switch gaze over to some one else if i want or even start my own coffee shop solo act i can think about what i'm seeing
ponder what i'm not and generally just be where i am a corky local shop on a sunny sunday afternoon is a small perspective and it's a simpler one too it's easier to navigate easier enjoy and so much more fulfilling when i take the time give it every ounce of my attention we forget now that the real world is every bit as fascinating as a virtual one but on a scale that we actually manage that we can actually embrace and when we do when the closer laptop in other words and keep your eyes off the screen we create the things that life is made of experiences memories friendship don't get me wrong being online doesn't automatically preclude any of those my twenty four where's offline drove home though how much more vivid those things can be when you take deliberate steps to unplug step away from the screen and fully immerse yourself in a big bold bizarre world beyond those offline hours prove too that added
sabbatical doesn't have to act like a light switch off or on with no state in between the next they saw me back in my usual routine my squinted at a glowing screen but with one question can you around my school can we see the bene it's a digital sabbatical the sense of connection on such a richer smaller scale without having to upload the router for hours at a time can we immerse ourselves in the real world we have to keep our phones hand before every minute of the day can i re live another sunny our the farmers market in other words even went in average day keeps me change my desk i think we can here are a few ideas how number one leave your phone in your pocket leave it at home even the next time you step out whatever you do make it conscious effort to keep the phone in your pocket not in your hand and not glued to your eyeballs whenever you need an easy convenience to kill a few three minutes my adventure the farmers they left me little room for distraction with my phone missing i found myself carrying
usual focus on the world all around me stagger rows of colorful produce the scent of freshly bait bread sweet music of some hippy check rocking out on a flute near by one i stood in line i just stood in line standing thinking and listening making conversation with my friends and eavesdrop just a tv bet on the heated conversation behind me compare that to my usual routine i check twitter i d got my phone stirred little screen and shovel forward in line with our really thinking looking up only to make my purchase which one sounds better which was sounds more lively try it keep your phone in your pocket the neck i mean strike up a conversation with someone or when you're writing in a car we live in range world i think when two people at a restaurant phones out heads bowed can hold a car decision without even looking at each other number to hear that in tomorrow's episode
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hearted that's better help dot com slosh optimal and we think better help for small during this episode alida therefore today i hope you having great weekend if you listening in real time and i'll be back tomorrow to finish up this post where optimal life awaits
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