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1270: How to Build Self-Care Habits That Stick by Vironika Tugaleva of Vironika.org on Improving Health & Happiness

2019-06-03 | 🔗

Vironika Tugaleva shares how to build self-care habits that stick.

Episode 1270: How to Build Self-Care Habits That Stick by Vironika Tugaleva of Vironika.org on Improving Health & Happiness

Vironika Tugaleva was born in Donetsk, Ukraine in 1988. Her early years as a misfit began her painful struggle with mental health. As she struggled with self-acceptance, anxiety, and identity, Vironika found solace in words and music. Her first book, The Love Mindset, won the Readers' Favorite silver medal for Best Self-Help book of 2013. Driven by an urge to spread light in the world, Vironika began to do life coaching, speaking, and writing in the personal growth field. In 2014, Vironika sold her things, left Toronto, and became a digital nomad. She launched her 2nd book in 2017, The Art of Talking to Yourself. Currently, Vironika is working on a poetry book, writing and performing spoken word, and planning arts-related events.

The original post is located here: https://www.vironika.org/self-care-habits-that-stick/

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this is optimal living daily episode one thousand two hundred and seventy how to build self care habits that stick by veronica to go of veronica dot org and i'm just a moloch together reads to every single day of the here including weakens and holidays toby live more meaningful and positive life to his post being from verona of veronica dot org and we give away the first chapter of her book to my weekly newsletter family this week so if you're not part of that yet you can join for free at old podcast i come in a big thanks to our friends our car bona do get obsessed stubborn stains that just can't seem to go away i do and carbona is just as obsessed with all things clean they dwelt a wide range of solutions from carpet care to laundry and they been delivering amazing results since nineteen o eight goodbye stains hello happiness live life unstained shop car bona dot com with code old fort
when you were sent off that see a r b o and a dot com code oh well d for twenty percent off flowers get right to it as we optimize your life how to build self care habits that stick by veronica to deliver a veronica dot org quote good habits once established are just as hard to break as bad habits and bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow lucas it's wall i cannot tell you how many emails i received that say i understand they need to do but how there is this frustrating stage between knowledge and practice called changed that most people fear misunderstand and make up excuses for avoiding without change knowledge is simply here
without walking the walk talking will never be enough till you get some direction of rounded up seven powerful important tips that both practice am preach please take these steps as guideposts rather than commands find a way to make them fit that feels comfortable like slipping the right puzzle pieces into the perfect spot without further ado some guidance on building habits tat honour respect and fulfil you number one don't do things you hate to seems obvious but there is a reason i put this one first every single client i've ever had who hated exercise simply hated the kind of exercise sheer he was doing every person i've met who claims to hay people has simply been interacting with people who were critical disrespectful and even abusive each self care habit you engage in must be customized specially for you and the first step is to stop imposing upon yourself routines and activities that make you feel like you're done hang inside number two
find out what you love this also seems obvious and there is also a reason why put his second i have first hand and third person experience this is good for you it feels bad mindset we ve been the conditioned into this belief system help sell more diet and exercise products that's why nine out of and died and exercise plans fail within the first year when you're not doing but you love you lose determination and when you lose termination your back to square one and ready to buy more product get out of the consumer mindset and into the love mindset fine healthy food that you love to cook and love to eat finally your body that genuinely feels good finally make money that serves your talents and serves the world don't settle for any in less than raw pulsating passion number three recover from expert addiction there's a curious and toxic
trend in our society to trust outside sources of advice and approval more than we trust our own selves if you want to build lifetime habits the only apply all you need is your own if you do take advice from experts take it as a suggestion pick through it find what feels authentic unhelpful and discard the rest do not allow your pants to be dictated by others find your own way you are your own expert number four develop a daily self care routine speak kindly to yourself every day move your body every day connect with your spirit everyday eat mine every day it is much easier to do something every single day than to do it three times a week or five times a week when you do something every single day you easily well the habit that goes for exercise just as much as it does for watching television when a good habit is formed you'll feel the same urges to do it as you'd feel for a bad habit number five play within your routine
commit to the structure of the routine while allowing yourself to play with in it if you try to impose a rigid structure was rigid activities you will soon feel suffocated if you try to play with structure and play with activities me you will get off track in order to feel free as well as fulfilled you must allow for structure as well as play in your habits allow for your routine of a basic structure like every day i'll work out cook red meditate allow yourself to play with the activities within the structure like from day to day i allow myself to change what i do for exercise what i eat where i am that aid etc number six wake up to love the first hour after wakening is the best time of the day to build your mind
set your perfect opportunity to fill your mind with thoughts of love compassion in peace after practising this for only a short while you'll find yourself waking up to automatic thoughts of love compassion in peace don't underestimate the power of starting off on the right foot and number seven rely remember that the feeling of peace awaits each time you like go the purpose of caring for years of his due in a way that is graceful flowing and kind yourself if he be any get stressed find a way to relax if meditating is difficult to a guy meditation or find some other way to losing your thoughts like painting or playing music if intense activities he was unfathomable go for a walk or do some light stretching if on motivated watch an inspiring talk or talk to a friend who understands remember that building your mindset and your relationship with your body mind and spirit is something
we doing for the rest of your life there is nowhere to go i'm too or any finish line to reach allow yourself to enjoy it and be grateful for the opportunity life is an opportunity and of course again and always combined these steps in a way that feel write to you you just listen to the post titled how to build self care habits that stick by veronica to deliver a veronica dot org and a big thank you to our friends at carbon are you tired of stubborn stains and horrible message in your home like i was carbonic first product a cleaning fluid was launched in nineteen o eight two great success since then they have turned their decades of cleaning expertise he's into a range of products i get the job done easily and quickly believe it or not i at seven animals in my house on one point so i was super excited to hear about their pet stain an odour remover it comes with active phone technology too
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