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1271: Why I'm Not Waiting on Perfection by Melissa Camara Wilkins with No Sidebar on Minimalism & Healthy Habits

2019-06-04 | 🔗

Melissa Camara Wilkins with No Sidebar shares why she's not waiting on perfection.

Episode 1271: Why I'm Not Waiting on Perfection by Melissa Camara Wilkins with No Sidebar on Minimalism & Healthy Habits

No Sidebar was created by Brian Gardner and is all about designing a simpler life. He and the contributing authors want to help you figure out what's getting in your way, at home and at work. They want to help you let go of distractions, online and off--to turn down the noise that disrupts the quiet of your heart and soul.

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this is optimal living daily episode twelve seventy one why i'm not waiting on perfection by militia the commercial wilkins with no sidebar dot com and i'm just a personal narrator reading you every day including holidays in real quick we need to talk about something constipation nominal pain and bloody if these symptoms come back again and again then it may be time to seek help go to oh my god dot info slash pocket asked regular more by your symptoms for nausea get right to it as we optimize your life why i'm not waiting on perfection by most the camera wilkins with no sidebar dot com quote i'm talking about live your life that has driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear elizabeth gilbert from big magic i drove into elizabeth gilberts book big magic this week have you read it
it's a book about creative living and there's a dare in there that i think applies to all of us whether we think of ourselves as artists or not gilbert rights quote i've watched far too many brilliant and gifted fee oh creators say i am ninety nine point eight percent qualified for this task but until i master that last mission of ability i will hold myself back just to be on the safe side now i cannot imagine where women ever got the idea that they must be perfect in order to be loved or successful haha just kidding i can totally imagine we got it from every single message society has ever sent us thanks all of human history and quote now thanks i bet some men can relate to see even if you don't paint or write or sing you are a creative person you are the designer of your life that is agreed of project so for designing our lives but we hold back until we figured every last thing out wendy
the actually start living if we try to be perfect you can't experiment you can't play you can create any because you have to stay inside the lines you can only consume choose your labels i'm a minimalist i'm a homesteader i'm a writer i meant entrepreneur imo yogi i'm a musician and try to apply them perfectly you make sure to stay within the bounds because if you don't you might get called out on your point two percent but your life is not a thing to consume your life is created project i don't know about you but my life doesn't fit neatly into labels and boxes i feel we are doing i myself a minimalist because the word means different things to different people some definitions don't apply to me at all some definition i'm nowhere close to ninety nine point eight percent and i dont want to be there are enough dishes on my kitchen shelves a feed my six kids
was another whole family all at the same time because we do that i've got family photos on the walls and i like them there and what's more my kids have legos my goal life is not actually to be a perfect minimalist and yet i still sometimes feel like someone is going to walk up to me with a checklist do you live with colorful not white furniture or paint are there more than two wooden spoon in your kitchen dear kids have toys with pieces or heck maybe even do you have its sorry you're out please turn in your men was credential at the door and others missing the point the point into achieves a supreme level of minimum living designing a simple life is about the details of what's aloud and what isn't how many sheets in the linen cupboard weight are you allowed to have they cover the point is to design a life that's right for you one that majors and the most important stuff and let's go of the less than essential so
well how about we decide to be more drew my curiosity about that ninety nine point eight percent then by fear about the point to what if we spent more time thinking about the good that can come from that ninety nine percent or sixty percent and less thinking about the embarrassment that might come from the other side when you design a life is driven by curiosity not fear number one you can create a life that works for you fear tells us we have to follow the rules to reality leads us to question everything you can let go of expectations for about other people's opinions and get curious about what really works for you it may not be the same as well
works for someone else but curiosity doesn't care whether you match up to some ideal deal red imaginary definition of how to live your life number two you can make true connections when you stop trying to be perfect you can be a person nobody's perfect and being ok with your own imperfection is one of the fastest ways to connect with other people because their imperfect to number three you can celebrate other people when you let yourself off the hook for not following the rules even the minimalist rules you can give that sir grace to everybody else you can celebrate the people round you in the past that thereon comparing to see how you each measure up number four there's no shame in your game fear comes from a place of not good enough but your worthy of belonging and connection no matter what labels you use or don't curiosity move beyond that whole fear shame spiral into a new way of being you not to worry
whether you meet the criteria for being a real minimalist you just get in deciding what is essential and what's not for the real you a number five you can approach your life from a place of ease keep what you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful keep what brings you joy in your home in your schedule and in your life let go of the rest and worry about whether you more cookie sheets than your neighbor sure that means that labels might not fit a museum i try some things out and let go of them later that means my man amazon may not be as haiti is yours may mine is just messy manuel creating is messy and i'm not waiting on perfection anymore you just listen to the post title why i'm not waiting on perfection by most
the camera wilkins with no sidebar dark come again we need to talk about something constipation abdominal pain and bloody you tell yourself is not that bad you take laxity send modify your diet and exercise routine thinking all the time is frustrating do you feel yourself making excuses instead of admitting that you don't want to go out because you're worried about leaving home despite your best efforts to feel better your symptoms keep coming you might have a real medical condition called irritable bowels syndrome was constipation or i vs to get more go about your symptoms and i b s go to oh my god dot info slash podcast and if you're ready fund i want to talk to your doctor or axis one online that's oh my gut dot i the an f o slash podcast oh my gut dot info such podcast
i love that line if you're trying to be perfect you can't experiments you can't play you can't read anything because you to stay inside the lines you can only consume inside the lines is a perfect analogy because it's literal for me it reminded me when i was probably ten years old or so i got easter coloring competition thing in the mail and i dwelt on it i wanted to win the coloring contest suspend all this time china think have how i should color it and i started totally mess up and says this came in the mail back then scanners weren't a thing there was no online plays to download a new she'd or any things i could make a copy so it was totally messed up i done the worst possible gone outside the lines and that's when i realized you know what i should just experiment god outside the lines around the easter bunnies legs so i turned it to the bunny wearing baggy pants i decided i make him
since the music so i had him where headphones and then connected that to a walkman non ipad or iphones as those in exist back then and then i drew little music symbols outside and around the sheet because it's not all about drawing inside the lines there were no rules for this contest and guess what i won that contest so literally and metaphorically dont worry about coloring inside the lines that should be a blow pose may go get that red one day but i should do today hope you having a great day i'll be back tomorrow the usual where optimal life awaits
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