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1308: Packing a Life AND Go Forth, Under the Open Sky, and Listen to Nature by Ali Cornish of Everthrive on Simplicity

2019-07-11 | 🔗

Ali Cornish of Everthrive shares her thoughts on packing up a life and listening to nature.

Episode 1308: Packing a Life AND Go Forth, Under the Open Sky, and Listen to Nature by Ali Cornish of Everthrive on Simplicity

Ali Cornish created Everthrive as a response to the increasing pace, materialism, and detachment of today's society. Through words and photos, she brings awareness to the importance of living simply, healthfully, and authentically. Life can be better lived when we disconnect from distraction, slow down, and focus on what is truly important.

In addition to managing and contributing to Everthrive, she also helps others create compelling content for websites, campaigns, and social media ventures through The Media Acorn.

The original posts are located here: http://everthrive.org/blog/2017/6/28/packing-a-life & http://everthrive.org/blog/2016/10/27/go-forth-under-the-open-sky-and-listen-to-nature

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this is optimal living daily episode thirteen o eight packing alive and go forth under the open sky and listen to nature both by ali cornish of ever thrive dot org material personal narrator just a moloch reading to you from some amazing blogs and books toby optimize your life have to pose for you today before we get to it if you don't know your numbers you dont know your business with net sweet you save time money and unneeded headaches by managing sales financing accounting orders and hr stanley right from your desktop or phone and right now net swedes offering you valuable insights with a free guide seven key strategies grow your profits at net sweet dot com slash old that's net sweet dot com slush oil d to download free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits net sweet dot com slash old
now you're right to it as we optimize your life packing alive by allocating of ever thrive dot org one really doing when we pack our things in order to move someplace else the phrase pack our things seem so simple and straightforward monosyllabic three words action and results oriented however these words until something much more than putting items into boxes these words evolve confronting the past and setting a new course for the future just last week i officially move from chicago illinois to fort holland colorado movie myself physically was early on demanding i pack some suitcases boxes plans and a few other missile when he has items into my small hunchback before chauncey hopped into the passenger see with his tennis ball i left chicago at four thirty a m and drove away from the rising sun i arrived at seven
funny p m just as the last rays of light waved goodbye beyond the foothills having arrived six weeks prior josh waited for me driveway welcoming me into our new life as i mentioned the moving itself was easy i simply draw from point a to point b however the work done to make this move happen was a bit more calculated quote the question of what want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life marie condo before the real packing an josh and i went from room to room contemplating each and every item we owned we ve been living together for two years so by now his possessions had been my possessions and vice versa in turn we carefully considered each piece of artwork each kitchen accessory each pair of sheets and each clothing items
consciously evaluate our stuff using our own version of the marie kano method does this item spark joy has proven useful to us over the past year will this item have a purpose and place in our new lives have i warned that dress during the last six months will you ever where that he should again the queried while we owned by thinking about the life we wanted to share together when josh and i had been dating for six months we sat together and thought what kind of life do we want the answer to that question was easy we want a simple life and unencumbered life a life where we are not held back by the physical and mental clutter of things in order to achieve our goal what we have to allow ourselves to let go of the sentimental material goods from the past therefore creating space for a moral filling emotional life for our future eliminating the x is important so that we can move into the space beyond the spy
is where we will live should be a place for nurturing the people we are becoming instead of a feeding area for the spirits of the past it is interesting to think about the action of packing and moving alive the process involves just as much physical labour what does mental labour packing moving can be stressful and irritating people usually lowers the thought of moving however beyond every stressful irritating cloud there this a silver lining packing moving presents a special opera unity to evaluate a life lived giving us a chance to gave how we want our lives to be in the future contemplating the things we own deciding which things deserve to be carefully concealed with paper and securely packed into a box allows us to revisit the past is turning the pages the book of life reflecting on by young days while preparing for the future when considered out of context are boxes stacked in the garage ready to be terrorist into our pod are snapshot in time these box
is our representation of who we are now in a harbinger of who we will become when we pact our ally we examined our inner selves completing a right of passage into our new life together never the article from her coming right up our first thank you again to net sweet you dont know your numbers you dont know your business but the problem growing businesses have that you ve stem from knowing their numbers is our hodgepodge of business systems reducing net sweet by oracle the business management software that he knows every aspect of your business in an easy to use cloud platform giving the visibility and draw you need to grow with net sweet you save time money and unneeded headaches by managing sales finance an accounting orders and each hour instantly right from your desktop or phone that's why net swedish girls a number one cloud business system and right now nets we
is offering you valuable insights with a free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets dot com slash old does nets we dot com slush loyalty to download your free guide seven key strategies to grow your profits net sweet dot com site old go forth under the open sky then listen to nature by ali cornish of ever thrive dot org many of you know that in addition to a writer photographer nature lover and supporter of simple living i'm also an english teacher everyday i try and teach my students what it means to be moderate respectful and kind to them for and others through literature i teach show them that nature can also teach them these things the material doesn't always align but sometimes the units coincide perfectly and i take full advantage
currently my american literature students are exploring works by transcendentalists and romantic writers just yesterday we read this point in palm by william colon bryant in the following excerpt brian praises the nurturing mothering aspects of nature the poem particularly comforting to those who might succumb to depression boredom and loneliness brain thoughts of nature's causing healing process to the reader the poor describes natures voice of gladness ability to take away the pains of a troubled mind with our mild and healing sympathy quote to him who in the love of nature hold communion with her visible forms she speaks of various language for his gayer hours she has a voice of gladness and a smile and eloquence of beauty and she lies into his darker musings with a mild and healing sympathy this he away their sharpness air his aware end quote
in an era in india with instant gratification people especially children try to find the antidote to boredom anxiety disappointment or sadness in technology all too quickly they reach for their ipads computers or their remote control process a tiny remedy can be found there but it won't be a cure will be yet another distraction from an authentic chance to know themselves instead if they go outside and contemplate the natural world marvel at the change of colors in a tree in the front yard or simply take their heads off they might be able to give their raising minds a chance to relax and recharge studies show that even pursuing an analog activity such as colouring drawing or writing in a journal would either our ability to ascertain their true emotions and state of mind this all applies to adults as well as children i does nature have this healing power why does everything
get better we walked down a secluded wooden path at twilight when we contemplate the natural world we see the clarity by which we actually exist we human our secondary to the cyclical rhythms of the world we see the flower emerging from the earth unfurling skywards flowering than falling back us until the following year we see the sun rise every day when the moon rise at night regardless of the feelings that occur many are daily human struggles the stars were always shine the birds will continue to saying as long we care for it nature will always be there is a constant tom while other aspects of our lives coming go the s of nature's healing is in his everlasting recurrence we can trust in nature because nature always bears herself before us offering what she can if regardless of the season it is through this relationship of trust that we can all children and adults come closer to trusting and knowing our true selves
go forth under the open sky and less to natures teachings william colon brian you just listen to the post titled packing alive and go fourth under the open sky and listen to nature both by allocating i should ever thrived out or really nice oh i love those i'll keep sending nice and today's i have a great rest of your day and i'll see you in the friday show tomorrow where optimal life awaits
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