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1312: Closet Detox: 10 Steps to End Closet Chaos by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less on Decluttering Clothes

2019-07-15 | 🔗

Courtney Carver of Be More With Less shares 10 steps to end closet chaos.

Episode 1312: Closet Detox: 10 Steps to End Closet Chaos by Courtney Carver of Be More With Less on Decluttering Clothes

Courtney Carver was stopped in her tracks with a scary MS diagnosis after decades of debt, discontent, and trying to do it all. She had to slow down, prioritize her health, and figure out what was really important in her life. She discovered what mattered most by getting rid of everything that didn’t matter at all. In the end it all came down to love and health. She went from a busy, overwhelmed advertising director to spending 2-3 hours every morning taking care of herself, loving her work, and being present and engaged with the people she loves. Her family changed, too. They moved from wanting bigger closets, nicer furniture, and more stuff to downsizing into a 750 sq. ft apartment with no storage. Courtney has written books, courses, and hundreds of articles to help you simplify your life and work so you can focus on what really matters.

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it's a minimalist monday edition of optimal living daily episode thirteen twelve closet detox ten steps to end closet chaos by only carver of being more last less com and i'm just em together these guy to every single day of the year including weekends and holidays i believe a more meaningful and positive life covering personal development or self help inspiration and motivation minimalism and more and a big thanks to our friends our car bona do get obsessed with stubborn stain said just can't seem to go away i definitely do an carmona is just as us as with all things clean they ve developed a wide range of solutions from carbon care to laundry enabled delivering amazing results since nineteen o eight goodbye stains hello happiness live life on staying shock bona dot com was code old for twenty percent off that sea they are be oh and a dot com code el d for a twenty percent off pronounce your right to it as we optimize your life
closer detox ten steps to end closet chaos by corny cover of be more last i come when i decided to eliminate as much stress from my life as possible in two thousand six i had no idea that the clothes in my closet were stressful i knew there was dressing my diet in the way i managed money not well and that stress was in my schedule and in my job but my wardrobe actually thought my clothes and more specifically my shopping for clothes was a stress redo sir i rarely shout because i needed new clothes but instead shop to feel better to relieve the pain of boredom and working a job i didn't enjoy and because i honestly leave that new shoes would make me happier when i challenge myself to dress with less in twenty ten by creating minimalist fashion challenge project three hundred and thirty three i realized that all the shopping with creating more stress
in the form of spending time money and energy that i didn't really have an even more surprising i notice i had all kinds of stress and emotion wrapped up in the clothing hanging in my closet i'll say more about that later but first let's talk closet detox say it may take years to declare your choose a new career or did your way out of debt but if you want to reduce stress feel lighter and create more space time and money for yourself within a few hours or a few days consider this closet detox pre talks a few days but but you're detox block off a whole day or a few hours two days in a row stock up on snacks and make a playlist of your favorite up be music closet detox ten steps to end closet chaos plus what you must give up to be free number one take a picture to every closet this is your before pick your life
never go back here reminder if you're feeling brave post on instagram or another social platform with hashtag project three thirty three number two empty your closet he up the whole thing get all that stuff out of their fracture motivation to complete the price subject toss all of your clothing and closet goodies on your bad number three fine there are other wardrobe related items they feel like me you of clothes accessories or shoes and other closets drawers boxes or secret hiding places tried that stuff out too and added to your closet pile number four taken their picture this is your o mg i had no idea had so much stuff picture if you're feeling break post on instagram or another social platform with hashtags project three thirty three or be more or less take a good look at your pile of stuff and feel the weight and the shock this is really important
being offended by the investment of time money and energy i'd me on a pile of things i barely used helped me like go it will help you to number five sort all the things turn up music and break for snacks as needed during this step pile one love i love these items they fit me well and i wear them frequently pile too maybe i want to keep this but i dont know why this could include off season items to pile three donate these items don't fit my body more my life and pile for trash these items are in poor condition repurchase if possible number six remove all the things before you add anything back into your closet room
all the things in the piles you aren't keeping remove them from the closet the room and your home don't be tempted to revisit these items by delaying their farewell number seven store all the things if there are items you are unsure about them up don't give them away and don't keep them in your closet threesome some separation by hiding these items for at least three months revisit them after dressing with less for several months by then you'll have cut emotional ties you have with those items you'll have more information about what you really want or need in your closet number eight choose your adventure now you are left with clothes you wear clothes effort your body in your lifestyle hopefully calling that you enjoy wearing here's where you get to choose your an adventure adventure number one put off
all those items away and admire your lighter closet adventure number to try project three hundred and thirty three take things to the next level and narrow down to thirty three items including clothes jewelry accessories and shoes for the next three months box up the rest and hide it number nine capture the light take a few pictures of your detox closet inspire us in post on instagram or another social platform with hashtag project three hundred and thirty three or be more the last number ten let the guilt go to when you let go of anything in your closet let the guilt go with it the best way to let go of the guilt is to let joy replace the guilt love replaced the guilt remind yourself that you simply don't have room in your life for a gilt piazzi can apply version of these steps you any drawer com
knit closet or room in your home closet detox but you must give up to be free i share this list at the risk of sounding preachy but it made such a big difference in my life to give these items up that i thought it might be helpful to share i promise i'll not preaching you know what's that for you if you want to be free give up clothes and other items number one that don't fit your body to day hide all of the items that don't fit to small too big either way get it out even if he struggled wait fluctuation give yourself a break your tuesday our clothes aren't making you smaller and your two big clothes are making you bigger what happens when you accept the person you are in the body you have today in dress for that if that changes change your clothes to you want to be free give up close and other items someone gave you that you never wear except the gift with the intention it was given and then move on to something
never wear pass it on three if you want to be free do you give up close and other items that dont feature lifestyle are you holding not a clothes you wore for prior life or for life you assume to have dress for the life you right now and you will move through it with or ease and grace the rest can go for if you want to be we give up close and other items you spent way too much money on if you don't let's go now you will pay again and again and again you have paid enough in five if you want to be free give up close and other items that make you feel sad or bad if there are items in your closet that are dragging you down because they remind you of a sad occasion or a bad time or because they make you feel like you aren't good enough in any way know that allowing that to happen give the items up and you give up the negative emotions too you do
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that see a r b o and a dot com with code a well d for a twenty percent off believe therefore today hope you having a great start your weak and i'll be back tomorrow we are often more life awaits
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