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1453: 2 Quick Exercises to Quiet the Negative Self-Talk in Your Head by Marc Chernoff of Marc And Angel on Optimism

2019-12-03 | 🔗

Marc Chernoff of Marc and Angel Hack Life shares 2 quick exercises to quiet the negative self-talk in your head.

Episode 1453: 2 Quick Exercises to Quiet the Negative Self-Talk in Your Head by Marc Chernoff of Marc And Angel on Optimism

Marc and Angel Chernoff are New York Times bestselling authors, professional coaches, full-time students of life, admirers of the human spirit, and have been recognized by Forbes as having "one of the most popular personal development blogs." Through their blog, book, course and coaching, they've spent the past decade writing about and teaching proven strategies for finding lasting happiness, success, love and peace. Marc and Angel's New York Times bestselling book, Getting Back to Happy: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Reality, and Turn Your Trials into Triumphs, is a guide to spark sustainable action - and to return to whenever needed. It's available online at http://www.marcandangel.com/book/ and on Amazon.

The original post is located here: http://www.marcandangel.com/2016/11/06/2-quick-exercises-to-quiet-the-negative-self-talk-in-your-head/

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this is optimal living daily episode fourteen fifty three to quick exercises to quiet than negative self talk in your head march turn off of mark an angel dot com and i'm just ahmad local do an award winning podcast as things to you where blogs are an area to you for free with permission from the websites covering personal development minimalism self help and more and before you to the post like to tell you about l l that's the letter l is appearing an personal care company that is focused on giving you organic period care products without the organic prices you'll find l by going to your local target the best looking packaging on the shelf look for a clear canister with a gold lid or white bags with a lot gold circle on affront or get your l organic tampons paths in liners right now by going to this is l dot com slash old that's this is l dot com
slash oil d the words this is and the letter l dot com social now remember into our post answer optimizing your life two quick exercises the quiet it is self talk in your head by march off art and angel d come to give all the compliments you ve ever given yourself then think of all the times you as something negative about yourself which group of memories is easier to recollect if you like most of us sadly your answer is the latter as human beings our negative self talk often runs rampant we tend to ruminate thinking the same oppressive thaws over and over again in the more we think these thoughts the stronger they grow a frequently visited cod is like the path or sled leaves behind on its way down a snowy hillside the more we lay down that same path the easier it is
to go down that path again rather than starting a new one but with intent and effort we can create new paths that are just as easy to travel when it comes to our inner dialogue replacing well worn of negative thinking with fresh paths of positive thinking can be astound the powerful various positive psychology studies have shown that people who put forth the necessary effort to do this have health our minds and happier lives in the long run it is important to note do that replacing our negativity with positivity is about turning off all our negative thoughts thus nearly impossible to do because and negative thaws typically arise spontaneously and uncontrollably is also not about turning our false native thoughts into false positive once the goal is to refrain negative thoughts effectively so they are based in early in reality detached from needless drama and focused on the next small positive step forward that can be taken in the present
here are two exercises angel and i often cover in detail with our course students and live event ten days who are struggling with a backlog of negative self talk number one record and review negativity in real time to change her thinking you first they do have a clear understanding of what you're thinking when a troubling negative thought rises in your mind instead of ignoring it pay closer attention and then record it for example if you're sitting at your desk and you get yourself ruminating about something negative pause and write it down immediately get that raw thought out of your head and down on paper just ashore centres or two do that honestly to pigs the specific thought that's presently troubling you i'm not good enough for the job on applying for because i don't have enough experience then quickly identify what triggered the thought again be brief specific i'm new to the industry and therefore i'm feeling out of my comfort zone at the very least the process of recording you're troubling thoughts helps bring a healthy object
awareness to the negativity that exists within them which ultimately it helps you shifter mindset number two challenger negative thoughts by turning them into questions many you tell yourself when you ruminate about your troubles are completely and utterly false you really have to catch herself in the act and bring yourself back to reality how the key is a challenge your negative thoughts in one of the symbols ways to do this is turning them into questions so let me visit the example measured in number one i'm not good enough for the job on applying for because i don't have enough experience simply change this thought into a question i'm not good enough for the job applying for because i don't have enough experience then once you ve moldova the question for a moment ask yourself can i be absolutely sir written that the answer is yes think about it then find evidence to the contrary what successes have you had in your career that may be applicable to this new job wherein
and have you relevant efforts made a positive impact down a short specific list of sometimes when you absolutely have been good enough and then examine it do you oh sure sometimes we do everyone does we also succeed in a credible way sometimes too that's the whole truth and is worth reflecting on the ultimate goal is to see yourself in the entirety of your reality more accurately joan i dive deeper into this process at our annual conference check out think better live better practice positive self talk we practice these exercises you will notice you negative self talk anticipated as he gradually paiva deeper path for positive thinking of course you will be able to completely revamp your thinking over night you spend years navigating the negative thinking path your mind officially uses playing a habit of positive thinking in a relatively short time frame it just takes daily practice keep recording review
doing in challenging your negative self talk whenever you're able it can also be seventy just to have a few go to montrose so you can repeat silently to yourself when you need a quick mindset shift here five such montrose i personally use one positive thinking is about expecting the best to happen right now it's about accepting what happens right now and making the best of it and we're too used to these obstacles to motivate you rather than annoy you be mindful your income control of the way you respond to life angel discuss this further and the happiness chapter of one thousand little things happy successful people do differently number three effort is never wasted even when it leads to disappointing results for always makes a stronger more educated and more experienced number four
stop rushing breathe be where you are here where you're supposed to be at this very moment this present step an experience is necessary and over five feel the genuine positive power that flows from your decision to rise above the petty drama negativity that doesn't really matter anyway closing thoughts on negative self talk refused to accept any more nonsense refuse a subtle the same old unchallenged excuses negative thoughts and destructive self talk begin a new today does a quart of always appreciated that often credited to ignatius quote pray as if god will take care of all act as if all is up to you and quote in my mind that's a powerful way to live is about using your face is too few positive thinking and positive action day in and day out that is what i wish for myself and that is what i wish for you list
challenge negativity less choose positivity together and yes we're here to help if you need us your turn so let's go started with exercise number one right radiation her sentence or to the honestly depicts a specific thought has been troubling you then try to identify what may have triggered the thought you doesnt into the post title to which exercise is quite another if self talk in your head by march turn off of mark and angel dot com as i mentioned before l does the letter l is a period and personal care company that makes certified organic period products was more for each l products purchased one is made accessible to a girl or woman who needs it there are girls around the globe or missing school simply because they can't get period products by purchasing l product can be part of the movement that dramatically impacts lies of girls and women you'll find l by god
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