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1520: An Excerpt from Fear Is Fuel by Patrick J. Sweeney II on The Surprising Power To Help You Find Purpose & Passion

2020-02-08 | 🔗

An excerpt from the book Fear Is Fuel by Patrick J. Sweeney II.

Episode 1520: An Excerpt from Fear Is Fuel by Patrick J. Sweeney II on The Surprising Power To Help You Find Purpose & Passion

Fear, the most powerful force in our life, is the least understood. Every one of us experiences it. Many arrange their lives to avoid it. Yet, nearly every one of us needs to find more fear. We don’t have to be held hostage by fear – there’s solid neuroscience you can depend on to make courage your new habit

Most of us know fear as the unwanted force that drives phobias, anxieties, unhappiness, and inhibits self-actualization. Ironically, fear is the underlying phenomenon that heightens awareness and optimizes physical performance, and can drive ambition, courage, and success. Harnessing that fear can heighten emotional intelligence and bring success to every aspect of your life. Fear is Fuel can show you how.

Learn more about the book here: https://fearisfuel.com/

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Real, quick. I recommend listening to the show on Spotify. We can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic, plus he can follow your favorite podcast, so you never miss an episode premium. Users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on Instagram. So if you haven't done already be sure to download the Spotify app search for optimal living daily on Spotify or browse podcast in the your library. Tab also make sure to follow me, so you never miss an episode of optimal live clearly this is optimal, living daily episode, fifteen twenty, an excerpt from the book fear, is fuel by Patrick J Sweeney. The second and I'm just a moloch we're gonna optimal living gaily, the o elder podcast. Where I read to you from some of the best articles I can find with permission from the authors covering personal development or self help minimalism.
Anything, I think, will help Julieta more meaningful life and at some good thoughts for you every day. Occasionally I read book excerpts and that's the case today, although you by the. Patrick right after the excerpt, so for now, let's get right to it as our own, as in your life an exit from the book fear is fuelled by Patrick case. We need a second we suffer more often in imagination that in reality, Seneca Phil. Oh me, look down these moves. Green felt, the poker table in the middle. A mountain of ships were just pushed to the centre, all in said the dominion, characters in into helmings left. For a moment, how me is observed than oriented himself trade if his foe was using an intimidation tactic. Bluffing with this half million dollar bet or if he really had Hermes, two pair beat home use, would go on to the World series of Poker fourteen times amassing a fortune of,
twenty million dollars playing cards. He believes that the seat twenty eight poker is thirty percent reading the cards and seventy percent reading the opponents, every player has a series of tells their unconscious reactions to both good and bad situations, a great poker, can read those tells like a Hemingway short story solely. Is counted out, a half million dollars of his own ships preparing to call the bed with a minus fast They blew his statistical knowledge, told him what the card showing on the table and what was in his hand he had greater than in eighty cents two percent chance of winning. I mean the cars were only thirty percent of the equation. He didn't slide the chips into the center of the table just yet he wanted everyone to think he was about to. Sazen having second thoughts before choking the life, I was sleeping victim. His hands stalled before they lay around each side of the stacks re to push forward and call a bet his hands put enough pressure on the ships to admit stem ever so slightly the initiated the pushy
Durban stare at his opponents eyes. He focused again on his pupils in that split second Hermes notices upon his pupils, get bigger, he's all black flooding, beside the icy blue iris and realise that the other player was watching something he liked Hermes advantage was perceiving his opponents positive response to counting our chips to call. What's almost pupils get bigger and you see more black. That generally means there's something good happening when the people, is smaller. Something bad has just happened. How you folded the third pillar dint fold He went all in as well and lost five hundred thousand dollars to the full house that their opponent was so happy to have in his hand no not tell the change in his opponents. Pupils safe home is half billion dollars and powered him on his way to slang all the players in the tournament. Knowing your fear tells save your lifetime of mediocrity and senseless suffering. Poker players spend a lot of time. Looking for the reaction of their opponents, some unconscious react.
It can never be controlled. That's why I see so many players, including home, is wearing dark, glasses turn games. They can regulate the reaction. Other pupils, his ashes pupils. There are all sorts of different else. One player toys with our chips. One starts talking more another by her lip were, doesn't move those raw actions that poker players call tells you are going to use knowledge of, tells your own tells this time and the same basic principle to build your courage too. an absolutely extraordinary life. You need to know in fear, and more specific Medium Magdala, Limerick system it try to take over and make the choices and take action based on survival They may delay should be an early warning system. However, his maybe a rapid reaction force for humans living in a much more dangerous world. You are going to figure out your unconscious physiological response. Fear. Seal. Knowing your mail has been activated and wants to take, over two million, your old piece of software sitting at the base of our brains wants to run
the show when it senses a threat, even if the three it has a one in one hundred million chance of harm, you doesn't care was laser brain and primal survival network has sprung into action. Then he can make a choice, but most people never see it that way because they don't recognize their tells. You have the ability to use fear and the physiological changing your body as fuel or can be crippled by creating the subtle awareness to note. A slight changes in your physiology takes those who practise meditation years to master scary yourself. Everyday will shortcut that process by months and possibly years today, rollin are many times in your life when the fear response can be helpful. A burning building should cause you to flee. A gun pointed in your face, showed cause you to freeze I am not suggesting the survival. Instinct is always bad of saying. That is always bad. If you can't decide consciously, he'd the message or not, and getting control enough to make the best possible choice. sensing, something the amygdala thinks is dangerous, scary or threatening triggered
action in your body for survival. Depending on how urgent a threat is, the physical reaction guess turned up higher and higher if you step in front of a bus to reactions powerful enough to get you to jump out of the way, that's good when the amygdala gradually activated by an email or call or a conversation and cross the line to take over action. That's when we go from Russia, decision making to fear based actions. That point is our fear. Frontier. And often people dont know that threshold has been crossed on cautiously. We operate at less than full brain power when they make dilemmas reacting most people don't understand that the neurological process of survival, the fear responds, occupies precious processing energy in their brain You are going to learn to turn that survival effort and energy into radically decision making capability the first step towards it. If your dreams is hacking, your mind to make the best decisions he possibly can at that moment of a maid dilah activation snot easy nor
when you're Migdol is taking control on how to override it quickly to use the higher brain function is a cornerstone of all, More decision making that's the basis for using fear as fuel. I speak to more than Forty thousand people every year helping them learn to create the life career. The company of their dreams. I was in push a handful of unsuspecting victims to come upon stage and sing with me spoiler whenever actually enough, singing but public speaking his senior among the most common fears, even picking people from The UN's gives an immediate response without doing using remotely dangerous or threatening. I scare people in real time like being dealt a pair of aces at the start of a poker game Getting scared has the same effect of unconsciously, causing your physiology to change. You have your own distinctive physical tells when he gets scare. you need to learn what they are and recognize them when they began to manifest when you let your fear reaction, stay in charge, make a choice to survive reaction is the opposite of a well
thought out decision to thrive. imagine one morning, half awake, you open your front door and jumped back uncontrollably. When you see something long and skinny coiled in the grass had he stopped take a snapshot of what you were feeling in that instance, You, my nose. His shoulders are ten stop pointing toward your ears or your legs are shaking. Your mouth was suddenly dry in your palm sweaty, Another person might feel nauseous or clamp his jaw tight, though change in your body are examples of your fear. Tells You might also notice, when again email from your boss, his boss, or a call from your biggest client that your shoulders tens up when you feel tremble and allay, maybe not Just when you thought the garden hose was the snake, but is the same reaction. Your tells belong to. You you need to learn them and no one to jump back for a possible snake or take a moment to treat that upset client with carry a curious. you do
send to an exit from the book. Fear is fuelled by Patrick J Sweeney. The second, a real, quick thanks to anchor for hosting this pod cast anchor is the easiest way to make upon cast they'll distributor podcast for you, so it can be heard everywhere: Spotify Apple, podcast, Google, podcast and many more. You can easily make money from your bike ass to with no minimum listener. Ship anger gives you everything you need in one place for free, but you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools like recording, Eddie, you're podcast, so it sounds great download the anchor up or go to anchor dot fm to get started. Thinking to Patrick for the excerpt, Patrick contracted a rare form of leukemia, and as it happened, his life began all over and away he interview
three dozen of the world's top neuroscientists. He breaks down. What he's learned in the book. Fear is fuel and, let's just say, he's accomplished too many things for me to name so check out. Fear is fuel dot com to learn more about him. He's also find the book on Amazon. Again, that's fear, is fuel dot com, definitely check it out and check out a story or leave it there for today hope you have a great rest of your day. Thank you for being here and listening to me after subscribing to the show I'll be back tomorrow with a another new author and where your optimal life awaits
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