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1536: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Minimalists by James Altucher on The Benefits of Minimalism & Simplicity

2020-02-24 | 🔗

James Altucher shares the seven habits of highly effective minimalists.

Episode 1536: The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Minimalists by James Altucher on The Benefits of Minimalism & Simplicity

James Altucher is an American hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster. He has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies and says he failed at 17 of them. He has published 11 books, and is a regular contributor to The Financial Times, TechCrunch, and The Huffington Post. USA Today named his book Choose Yourself one of the 12 Best Business Books of All Time.

The original post is located here: https://jamesaltucher.com/blog/seven-habits-highly-effective-minimalists/

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Real quick I recommend listening to the show on Spotify. We can listen to all of your favorite artist and podcast in one place for free without a premium account. Spotify has a huge catalog of podcast on every imaginable topic, plus he can follow your favorite podcast, so you never miss an episode premium. Users can download episodes to listen to offline wherever and whenever and easily share what you're listening to with your friends on Instagram. So if you haven't done so already be sure to download the Spotify app search for optimal living daily on Spotify or browse podcast into your library, Tab also make sure to follow me, so you never miss an episode. optimal living daily. It's a minimalist Monday edition of optimal living daily episode. Fifteen thirty, six to seven habits of highly effective, minimalist by James Altitude of James Altitude Outcome and I'm just a moloch happy day, welcome back to optimal living daily or the hotel de podcast. Where I read to you from some of the best blogs, I can I get permission from mostly covering personally
comment and minimalism on this issue. We have a bunch of other topics in the the more living daily podcast network, which includes other shows up. We subscribe to those of you like this one, just optimal living daily to fine. All of our shows brows get right to it, asked our optimizing your life the seven habits of highly effective minimalist by James Altitude of James Altitude. I come it's been three months since I, through everything out I've, lived in four different places. I haven't been rent anywhere. I was have benefited from the kindness of others that doesn't mean I couch serve, but after twenty years, being good to people. I realize I had never let people be good to me now I am, I was too afraid to be in their debt. Now, I'm not some people would say he must feel really free.
I don't I'm surprised at how little I feel about how my life has changed. My more productive, muddled thing think so, if I'm not interested in what I used to be productive out on my relationships. Better. Definitely, yes, my one rule now on possessions, since I've only one travel bag and one computer bag. I don't have much space. So if I buy something I have to throw it out. What is the good favor runs out and I have to rent a place. I won't run. despite an urban, be for a few months on never own or rent again about own a car, I won't buy books that dont go on my kid, I'll never own more than three outfits. What do I need a tense racket? Fair enough I'll, try to borrow one else. I might buy one button. It hasn't happened yet often you can buy
one many people think minimalism is about possessions. It isn't at all, having less possessions is a symptom of minimalism, but it's not minimalism itself. In fact, no more minimalism, let's call emptiness and apply to life. I can't her better or worse, but I certainly enjoy my life a lot more right. Now, every is either an adventure or an opportunity to observe and adventure. There's no in between anymore, the seven habits of highly effective minimalism. Her emptiness number one don't lie lying is the Is it a minimalism? He's been a complicated where, between people and imaginary worlds, that you have to keep track of four no purpose, the average person lies in every ten minutes of conversation, the Falada keep track of Keeping track of less is a better way to have emptiness when it feels good number. Two, no gossip or judging,
is hard enough for me to carry around my own self esteem. Let alone dragged down this team of another who minded If someone else's doing good it, just a ways to gossip or judge, Miss junk food for the brain number three be curious. already know about my life. I don't know about yours every one of the eight million people on the planet has been given one thing, at least for me to learn it's my job to watch, observe, ask learn that one day saw my job to lecture or talk number four eat less Almost all the major killers in life heart attack, strokes, cancer, diabetes, are often caused by diet. What do we know about diet? Nothing paleo vague in low carb. I garb all them seem right to me my daughter's high carb fruit envying. She super health Many of my friends are low carb high protein paleo. They seem super healthy
The only thing everyone agrees on processed sugars are bad. Almost everything we eat has process, sugars, soldiers, less of it has only thing we really seem to know I ve been doing. It seems to work number five, no internet. If I go outside not only to bring phone. I leave the entire world wide web at home. Then I enjoy. Whatever it is, I'm doing what friends I'm with what walk? I'm taking? What games on play? Man to go home I make real connections and sort of digital once the seams trite, but real is more solid than digital. I've even stopped now with people who look at their phone while talking to me I'll need to be with people.
or goes right in front of me. Did I miss something? Probably do I care. I kind of do makes me a little anxious to be honest, but will I get over it? Yes, I will can people with ninety five jobs leave the internet at the office? Yes, they can. In fact, breaks in disconnection are often Coralie with higher success at the office. Number six do something you enjoy, I to go out to Union Square Park and play chess. I play Paul who I've been playing since he played at Washington Square Park when I moved to the city and ninety. Ninety four I like to win. Sometimes I do he's very good, though I like the banter like the activity around me. I like this. To everyone making jokes makes me feel good in my chest and in my head I listened to my body. If it tells me I like something that I try to do more of it. If it tells me, I'm comfortable try to do less of it. What if I don't have time to go to a park? Ok, don't
that try listing ten things a day that you do enjoy see how much of them you can do. It do something for one minute today and figure out how to double it tomorrow and double in the next week. Then soon you'll find them. you're doing that, you love emptiness and life leaves room for them. things you enjoy. You'll need have an adventure every day. Sometimes emptiness leaves room for the adventures. I've been around you and you can watch and take delight in them. Number seven leave room for possibility. We do feel better only do things we are competent in, but when we are bogged down with millions of items in our class When we are bogged down with dreary responsibilities from a job we are trying to keep up with our tv shows newspapers and our meetings are coffees, we remove possibility from our lives, Are you interested in music? Does is a possibility, but campaign instrument? Ok,
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